The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on January 26, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1918
Page 2
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I 3 AGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. SATURDAY, JANUARY 2G.-191S. t JfOVJBL-SATES 1 .'COAT · j; -A3HI -CHIFJ?.0* SKIKTJ .Rer- Biickner told of the ity'orlhe American Endeavor wotEfcTairS. Srir~SnMtz;Xent. : tb;;p.ittsb.tirg .and_a2so of the_vast benefits that-were [ thls'.-morhinsP'.tor'.ilslt.'jr.elatives. - .. resulting- by the interest whicb?~the · ·-; Williani'.'" PitliSmrg soldiers'.-were manifesting phas«: of-.-church work. Rev. Buckner*-~Seo Mar: brcroght. with him greetings of the Britain .Endeavor society, in the fulfill-' ment::ot.the promise which was ex- actedtfrom the South Port .pastor just a dayioelore he sailed for America. ReTtrBucSner s«nt a letter in detail from'rbere concerning the work which is i'hg-done in the Christian Endeavor ~wbrld. Mr. .Macrory gave a ' e f e a t i n g - illustrated lecture. Helen, was elected secretary of The county asosciation. G. W;;Qreenwood, of Dunbar, mission- ary;srjtperintend!nt; spoke on the state paper, "of the Christian Endeavor society'.and passed copies as well as subscription-blanks among the audience. lief. Libert N. Slayton, of St. Peter's Episcopal church, of Uniontown: Rev. M. Sj'-Kanaga. vicar of-'the ".Trinity. Episcopal; church' of this city; Rev. J. ItfamJeville Barker, vicar of St John's in tie;'jyiiderness Episcopal church of today T '.MaryTMElizabeth. Clark, tqe dancer, at "tfie^Arca'Se, Tuesday. Janu- ary.29. Benefit Jewish war. sufferers. --Adv.--26-lt. . ' · . : . ' 'Jfrs. G. 6. Cochran, Jr., .and son, Jack, left this morning for a visit with relatives at Homer City. . . Women's black kid lace boots with white kid top and leather Louis | heel; $5.50 values, now ?3.50, at j Brownell'E.--Adv.--2S-lt. The Misses 'Wiley, o f " Scottdale. | were shcipin'g..ln town, yesterday: ! We, have'jromen's patent.colt ciqth j and leather."to-button shoes rwith.j high or iqw ; -heel, air $4:00. values,; for 52.00,' -at · Brownoll's'.--Adv.--' 2«-it. ,,_..-..!» . . : : ' : · - . " '. Funeral Director "W. H. Par.khill, of Dawson, was iii Pittsburg today on business. , All size, men's cloth storm .'rubbers, ?1-M a t . Brownell's.--Adv.-- 26-lt. ' ' O. S. Connell. of the department ot j returned from -Pit ts-j public safety, and V.-N.. HDrleman o f ; tho- attended; the. con-j-the Central Motor company, are ia j . venHoit.of the Diocese oS, Pittsburg heldiCtte Church'of Ascension, R. "W. .Xia-wsbn, of Uniontown, v:as made an -honorary mtiniber of -the missionary ^committee and Charles" K. Snb-w- don^^a-^yestryinan of the".- Christ's church^Brownsville, was appointed on the-gtatHTing committee of the diocese. THS; sec-end annual banquet of the Fayette.^County Christian . Endeavor Association was held last evening at Hagaii's'.restaurant, Uniontown, and not^as^had been intended, in the so- cial^pjijm of tlie Third Presbyterian Greenaburg on bus-ihes .today.' C. F. Critchfleld, Sn. of Columbus, Out of the ordinary, like none of the many combinations that come and go, this novel costume of satin coat and chiffon skirt has a dainty charm. 0., is visiting at his home here over The coat is of navy blue satin, with Sunday. . . · . . Miss Loreen 'Stnible left today for collar, bottom and armholes. The Warren, Ohio, to. enter Dana's -Music i skirt and sleeves are : of blue-printed Institute. Her father, J. E. Struble, I chiffon, and the combination is ei- accom-panied her. . · ' " · · j tremely attractive. F o r afternoon Miss Pearl Thorn fell last evening i wear on spring days tbero is nothing on the ice in West- Crawford avenue j niore suitable. The sash effect ia an- other.,ot tbe'little features that go to COCOK lias $reat ·food, value '"PHE food value !·*· of cocoa h i s been proven by cea- .turies of\usje, and jdietitians and physicians ,the world over are enthusiastic in their endorsements of it. It is said to contain more nourishment than beef, in a more readily assimilated form. The choice, however, should be a high-grade cocoa,-"Baker's" of course. Itia delicious, too Trade-mark on every package Walter Baker if Co. Ltd. '. Dorchoator, Mmot. \±^^^^^ s ^\ DUQUESNEaiMINATED church--- -Fbllov.-lng the banquet the guesw-jdjourneil to the church where, an ^unusually interesting program, with-Rev. G. - V. r . Buckner, pastor-of | the Jpcjil Christian church and H. B.) Evangelist Macrj3rjr,;ot Pittsburg, field secretary j of the-srate, as the principal speakers, j was'icarried out. ·while on her way home from church and suffered severe bruises. .Mrs. Howard Beegle, of Scottdale, visited yesterday with Miss Erne 131- lenbergor of the West Side. TO TEACH ADULTS Will Speak to Combined Classes: »t U.. P. Cb.nchl.. · Evaneglist Nairn will -be at the United Presbyterian Vchurch tomorrow, preaching both morning "and evening. At .0:46 a. m. he .will teach the combined adult Bible classes giving them society^ of the First Baptist church j a study in personal work. That Dr. helii^last ^evening at the home of Mrs. | Nairn is well qualified to lecture on 1 make the costume so presentable. PUNCH BOARDS AND SLOT MACHINES ARE llaltimnrr £ Ohio Flyer from J'itts- bnrg Becomes Accommodation. Changes in the schedule of the Baltimore Ohio railroad, effective Sunday, have completely cut out. the Largely attended was the semimonthly -meeting of. tbe Ladies* Aid "Duqesne Limited." No. 18. the fast evoniug train from" Pittstours. Th; train will leave Pittsburg 15 minutes later, and win be'made an accommodation between Pittsburg and Cumberland, Md. It will make all important local stops and arrive her.e al MVQTBKIfilKI V fftf'Iii 9:25 o' clocll: - At Cumberland the train ITHJirJUUDOLI UUuC; W in majce connection with a-fast train I for the east. The new arrangement Business 3I'i»n" Evasive as to IVhat Resulted in Apparent General rmn 01 Them. ·Something is causing' puachhoards and slot machines in the city to be disappear! ug in a mysterious way. Whether county officers are back of "The Store Aliead" Butterick Patterns Hosiery Ladles' fast black Cotton Hose, 19c values,. Special 18J4C. Ladlos' fasjt black Cotton Hose, BOc values, Special 2»c. Ladies' Fibre Silk Hose, 75c values, Special 59f. Our hosiery stock is one of the most complete stocks in town and ·we will match our · prices with every one. Under Muslins On moving our Muslin Underwear to the second floor we gained considerable more space and our stocks therefore are twice as large and the assortments are ranch better. We are showing everything that can be shown in Muslin Wear at the lowest prices obtainable. Furs All our Fur stock One Half Off marked prices. This includes our entire fur stock. We ·will not hold one' garment back and everything must go--and from the weather we have been having It looks » if you will still have plenty of cold weather to wear furs. And you can consider these wonderful buys. One Rack of Coats, Suits and Dresses These garments range in price from $22.50 to $37.50. but they are broken sizes and mostly large. The colors are, Navy, Brown, Black and Taupe. Special while they lut $»J5. Infants' Wear All our Children's Coats, sizes from 1 to 1! years, One Half Off. All/our Children's Hats, styles to fit girls from 1 to 13 years. One Half Off. All our Children's Furs, suitable for all ages, One Third OH. We carry the largest stock of infants' wear in this section of the country and you will be sure to find anything you are looking for here. Ladies' Hats 1(1 Pattern Hats, values to J20.00, Salo Price $3.95. 15 Pattern'Hats.-values to 512.50, Sale Price $2.05. 30 Hats, values to J7.50, Sale Price 11.85. 20 Hats, values to ,K50, Sale Price 95C. These Hats are wonderful values and will be sold quick--so come early. All Ladies' Skirts One Third Off All our complete stock of Ladies' Skirts in every size and all the leading styles, and ia materials you will not be able to buy for some time to come at any price. One Third Off this is a wonderful offer as we have all sizes in these. 25 Evening Dresses at One Half Off These range in price trpm.?18.50 to $40.00. In all sizes and shades and in the latest up to date styles. All strictly clean and not .mussed. 2,000 Yards of Ribbon A special purchase from a large mill enables us to sell you this large assortment of the newest up to date styles*-and colors in ribbons at 21 ^c. Most of these ribbons ~are worth 35 cents. Blankets Do you realize that Blankets have advanced for next fall more than 100 per cent That means a Blanket we are selling today for $2.50 will be $5.00 for next Pall. We have a large stock of them on hand all at last year prices and wt would advise you' to fill your wants for next year. . Domestics Devonshire Cloth, 32 inches wide. Special at 23c, 25 pairs of i Lace Curtains, ?1.25 values. Special at 89c. Turkish Towels, wonderful values, Special at 11 3-4j, ^Turkish Towels, wonderful values, Special at 35c; 3" for 5LOO. Bed Spreads,' full size, values to ?2.00. Special at TOO WEAK will give patron's of the road a night local out of Pittsburg, something thai has before been unknown on the Pittsburg and Conncllsville divisions of the Baltimore Ohio railroad. Time of ten other trains which hay been changed follows: No. 6, arrive at} TO FIGHT The "Come-back" mm» was reaijy never down-and-out.. His weakened WIULABD H. BARNES. Friday evening. February 8, at home of Mrs. S. B. Dull in South Cottage avenue. F.' Or Rose in North Pittsburg street. | this subject is evidenced in the fac BustneS5.:o.f..rouune.n^ture_\^as trans- I that-he--was-employed', for- a 'week' at. r acte'difollowed.liy luncheon. .Music by j'-pittsburg TSeol6gical"^Seminar''- to;. 0 , a talking machine,-was gjeatiy"enjoy--.give -his .lectures : on";"S'6uT'Winning"'. ,,"' ed. ' The next meeting "will be held to the embryonic preachers of that In- 8, at the stitution. The audience is not limited to the members of the Bible classes. Anyone may come. -- . - i By cartoon and with.thrilling tales InvHations^are out for .a dance to · from real'life Rev. Nairn gave his lee- be given hy the New Haven Volunteer ' ture on'"Essentials" to . Success in Fire department, Wednesday night,'Life" last night." ' They were briefly: January 30, jn the armory on Wash-i One, start right; second, have a pnr- ington avenue. The dance wasj to the movement or whether the locati g : 35 instead of 9:56 o'clock a. m.; No. \ police, have started a crusade seems j 10, arrive at 11:45 p.-m. instead of i a guess, Storekeepers who have J2;12 a. ui.; No. 42, arrive at S:20 h running slot machines and using chancu boards in profusion are not entirely rid of them and no one seems to know 1 why. The boards were not in use Thursday night and slot machines disappeared the name day. Inquiry of proprietors of stores where they were in use only bring the casual reply tha'. they are ''being repaired!" In one store a clerk denied knowing uny- ous; fifth, be loyal; sisth, persevere. He told an Incident from the life ot Henry "Ward .. Beecher. - Dr. Beecher as he was hiring a horse at the livery ' a good live one. The 1 hostler brought oirt the Horse: "There he is, bossv. he's a single footer, a double footer, in fact have been held in the Elks hall but it was later changed to the armory. · The congregation of the Methodist Protestant church will hold'a cottage prayer meeting Tuesday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Shaw -in Tenth "street. West Side. Service's preparatory-to.'communion fo be celebrat'f d. tomorrow. morning, were held last 'evening in the First Presbyterian church. . . . -- '·· (above work", said the evangelist. Miss Phoeoe Dunn will entertain j "Mary", said her mother. "I need the Outlook club Monday afternoon at | some vinegar,, will .y»m take the jug her home in "South' Prospect street, j and get me some". "Oh, mother, "she -- - - - ;cried."--I-wouldn't-be. seen on the PERSONALS. i street with a jug." Yet that night J. Donald Reid was in Uniontown you could 1 hai^T seen her jrolns down yesterday on business. ^?^«l rdf J"TM/°"^ b6 JTM S .r fing about the disappearance of the machines and chance boards. "They were moved out last night and that's j all I know," he said. · i f o'clock instead of 8:40-o'clock a. m.: N'o. 8, arrive at 1:30 a. m. instead oT 1:55 a. m.; No. 7 arrive at 2:50 Instead of -:27 o'clock; No. 9, arrire at 7:35 a. m. instead of 6:43 a. m.; No. 41, arrive at 5:45. p. m. instead of 6:35 p. ra.; No. 5, arrive at 7:05 p. m. 5nstf-ad of 7:55 p. in.; No. 44. leave at 4 o'clock p. ra. for Cumberland in- strad OL 4:25; No. 43, arrive at 9 am. instead ot 9:30. WHY IT SUCCEEDS e It's For One Th!ng / 0i Largely attended was the Cimeral of rd Hamilton Barnes, held yes' a(terDOon from the home °' a minds stimulation to satufy the cry for] Drother-m-law or the deceased. Dr. J. a heaHti-Biving: .-^petite and the re- i C. McClenathan ill South Pittsburg f r w h l n e alSen essential lo strength. | streel . Rer. Wilbur Nelson, pastor of Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules, t h e i . .,,. - ^ . . . _. . , N a t i o n a l - Rem«oy of Holland, will do the First Baptist church, officiated t h e work. They are wonderful."e | and Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Dull, Mrs. N. of these capsules each day win put a - T Hibben and Charles Bailey with 5Ku,°.", "Ur°c r o e ± SSMlMI" Lulu Bailey, pr^idJns at the acW pofHonins, the kidneys, ffravci or ; piano, sang. The floral tributes were stone in the bladder, ptomach deranpe- ; numerous and handsome. Interment ment or other alUncnts that befall the j j Hm Grove: cemetery. Out Of town · til you otjp American. Don I wait un- 1 · -,, j i, arc entirely down-and-out, but persons attending were Mr. and Mrs. take them today. Your drurfflst w i l l Kl.idly r e f u n d y o u r money if they do not help you. .Accept no substitutes. Look for the nnrr.e Gold Medal on every box, t h r e e Hizes. They are tho pure, original, imported Haarlem Oil Capsules.'--Adv, , ao,. MONTAGUE SINGERS GOOD to get a whole lot more nickels-sometimes. In one place a halt dozen of these "attractions" were aet up in I they were always running he'll- dj anything you '-want him to.," j ...*, "My.", siaid.Beechcr,.';How I wish that: Most ali C0utectlonery stor e s ' and horse was a member of my congrega- I , rooms nad chancc board , i yin g on tion." "Some people now. adays feel · the cour)tcr wilh an altracllTC arrny Performance at High School A large crowd of people were-ii i pleased with the. program offered hy Nothing can be good for everything. I Doing one thing well brings sue- i cess.' Doans Kidney Pills are for one i the Montague Light Opera Singers, of prizes near it. There were generally between 25 and 30 prizes on the : board and probably 2,000 \fa cent I chances. ! Crusades against these slot ma- st.arted before and although the ma- The best place to shop after ail. '' street hanging on tbe arm of a derai- for John, or. a smoke stack, gazing up into ^ were pul back of t h e colmtBrs tlmc For'wealc or disordered kidneys. Here is Connellsville evidence to prove their worth: Mrs. H. C. Oilmore, 247 E. Pairview Ave., Connellsville, says: "I am satisfied that .Doan's Kidney Pills are a fine kidney remedy. I have never used but one box and that was several years ago, when my kidneys were Brownell 5'tibfr Co.--Adv»::: ;.'._'vr hi?:face .with.a look;that would melt Mr. and Mrs. Albert Ream, of South'l butter." Conne-llsville, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey | ' : Shipley and son, Orran, went to Con- j "BlilTISH ESDEAVOKERS i fluence this morning to attend .the;. , funeral of Fred Koontz. ! Send Message Through Her. Huclincr Comedy-farcr. at_the.jUcade Tues-.] . .. to Co-Workers in America. flay,- January *). Kiferle's-orchestfa'.'j ' Rev ] ,, , iU . i weak. I found this remedy to be :ey eventually made their j L ,, , , , r ,,,, , - T ·· i ,1. . ,, - ' beneficial and I willingly recommend appearance again. Lately the owners ,, have not ^^ G0c ^ a( . aU d calcrs _ Don't of bc( , n . mo | estet j i BAR ELECTS OFFICERS Fnyette Count}- Association Holds ....... _ . - , JVC ,. ,,. \v!'Buckner, pastor of the . . Meeting at i'oon Today. Benefit of Jewish Var sufferers.--Adv. jxhristian .church, .-was the principal; At the annual meeting of the Fay- ~t speaker at the second annual banquet ette County Bar Association held at --26-lt. J. 'Whitney rtoisson. left yesterday j of , he F a y e tte County Christian En-i noon today in Uniontown. officers for morning for his home in Cleveland, jjj eavor association, held in Uniontown' tb6 coming year were elected and the presented at the high school auditorium last night t The number was tho fourth on the entertainment course. The Light Opera Singers, having played to a Jarge crowd at the Chautauqua here last summer, drew a good crowd last night and the performance, given in three parts, drew much applause. The next number of the entertain- simply ask for a. kidney remedy--get j Doans Kidney Pills--the same that j Mrs. Gihuore had. Poeter-Milburn Co., Props., Buffalo, N. Y.--Adv. :ent course to be given February S is | G vmce of certain to draw a large crowd, Gay Zenola MacLaren, a ventriloguist and imitative .'genius, giving recitals. J. W. Dawson, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Nixon, Mrs. Laura Brown and daughter, Mrs. Frank Dawson and daughter, Mrs. Colborn, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Daw-son, Russel Da-wson, Mrs. Julia Porter and Mrs. Ray. Golf of Uniontown; Mrs. Homer Lewis of Masontown; Mrs. James Dawson, Mrs. | Margaret Lancaster of % Charleroi; ; Thornton B. Barnes of New York; j I Mrs. Mary Calwell of Indianapolis, llnd.; and Miss Ruth Barnes of Chicago. The pallbearers were C. H. Kennel, S. C. Clark, P. Bufano, J. C. Armstrong, S. B. Dnll and J. L." Evans. WALTER HOTTER. The funeral of Walter Rutter. who was killed on the railroad track' at Irwin, was held Thursday afternoon from the Rutter home at Vances Mills. Rev. L. F. Ringer of Fairchance officiated. Interment was made in Upper- middletown cemetery. Deceased is survived by his father and a brother, jrrrs'r CLEA.N JTTJTET OPERATORS. 0. "He was called here by the death of last evening. -date for. the annual banquet sc-l for his grand-moth*r, : .1Irs. .Mary..A. .TVhit- ' . He . recounted his. experiences in i the evening of March 7. Ex-president ney. "Ye Old Timu Fes.tival" man's Guild, Trinity Episcopal Church England and pointed out the superior-, w. H. Taft will make'the principal ad- ity of'the work-being done by the j American Endeavorers,, and delivered Wednesday evening. February. 6th, !.,,_ mes sage from the British society to Odd Fellows Tomple, South Pittsburg ; co . wor k ers i n America. . - strcev-Kiterle's-Orchestra., fine .pro-t - - - - -_^.--ii_.__,_^.-- · gram. AdraissJon^lDc.--Adv-26-3t. ; .Lost. This-morning on Vine'or Lincoln avenue,' between H. E. Schenck's and Dr. Uniontown Thursday night. _Kerr'3., 32-p.iece luncheon set. Re' Hatold: Wr_'I Jftle.; of -jjnionfowD.- - warj £ : Dr; Kerr residence. --A'dv.--26-lt. - -- · ' Miss^Mary Hyatt and-,.Miss ..-Irene Port attended the Elks ministrcl in was m:t6Wh last- erening turn to Camp Hancock,. Augusta. Ga. ____ MrsVkittle accompanied home to Con-_ f ....patronize those . who advertise. · · Six different shades of gray~-kiHace-ihbdls, alTJS.OO 3^1ues, EQC J5.QO U at y r o w n e n . ' 3 - v - 2 - . KuSns. dress of the evening. Attorney Thomas H. Hudson suggested that a service Qag he made in honor of the meintoers'Of the bar that are 'in the sen-ice. Count}- solicitor Linn V. Phillips then announced that In Ke«n KiT»lrr for Line From 3la. sontown 1« Mount Sterling. 'Keen rivalry Is on between jitney owners in Masontown over the astab- llshment of a line between that borough and the Mount Sterling coke works. Five persons, Charles B. Taylor,, Tlxanas -McWillla'ms, W. L. McCann, Homer E-iuery and Ilichard King, have made application to the Pennsylvania Public Sen-ice Commission for certi- . . "^is a new. bookkeeper _in~lhe "offices of j ~T. Zfhe WeaRPenir RaiUvays comptiny. '".' f" ' ' Hear Sarry; - Tuesday,"-Januarr 29.- -Benefit of Jew- j -"ish. war "sufferers.-- Adv.--26-lt. : -]· j ·- See" Downs' :shoe.'.store for war-sav- j - ing-and-'tErift stamps.,.. Save .money i ''·· andVyou save liresjf^AdT. -- 23-4J, ; j ' ^Mrs. 6. L. Enton went .to .Pittstmrg : _ : . this mornmg to see Mr.-Eaton..who li _ "~ a -patient -in- tlx^ West Pennihospital. · ^. Mrs. W. O. Schoonover is spending . - the. day. in Pittsiburg. . - - . - . · r : ;j ____ vfomen's.. brown lace hoots 9~ inch tops, neolin soles 'and'"inllltary heels; $6.50 values for $5.00 at . .BfownelVs-- Adv.-- 26 : lt.,- .- - ; · Miss Anna Mary .Marshall, of ilbr- gantown, who was called here hy the : - death- of Edward Hayes .Marshall, returned home this morning. ' . Mrs. "W. J. Hsihktns and son. Robert. · '· of Royal, are juests of the former's . pareirts, Mr. aiid-.Mrs." P. W. Leibei-- : g*r;' of \Vest Peach street. - : There' will be a dnnce in the Slav-" ·-Jin. Halt on ' Saiurdayr'JaD.n»rj- 26, | PerKapa if your bead w ·a. clear, as*, a whistle, it- would not acke -- TfyKoiiddii's ·for youi- - .(at-no cbst-toyou). 50,000.000 haTensed tbis29-vear.old remedy. Forchroniccatarrh/sorenose. catdzr Ttjme* -. you more than it costs,or w«pay . back; Fo^trialcanfreewrlteto ·' aHuum.ll.lhM. ; county commissioners had already | ficates of public convenience to give ordered a large flag made, which will , them the right to operate bus lines be hung in the court room. The officers, elected, follow: H. L. , RobinBon,\presid-ent: W. W. Parshail,; vice presider-t; E. T. Chamberlain, sec- j j between the points named. lied Cross Dleetfng. , The Vanderbill Red Cross society retary; J. E. Sherrard, treasi:rer. W. | D . e i,i an all-day meeting on Wednes- J. Sturgis, R: F. Hopwood and W. J. ; day and much sewing was aceomplish- Johnson were elected members ot the ' g£'. i t was decided to hold, an. all-^day executive committee. A rising vote i meeting on every Wednesday. The of thanks was extended to Attorney I "west Side have organized a branch as E. C. Hip-'iee .(he retiring president·! | t is more convenient to the people of. the association. Principal Has Qninsy. Prof. J. O. Baker, principal of the Pechin school was off duty this week on account of an attack of quinsy. He who live on the hill. A meeting place has not jiet been decided upon. Card ot' Thanks. Mr. and Mrs. JSdgaS- A. JfcCoy wish , to thank their many friends who so expects to be able to resume his duties j lcilld y y assisted thern during, their be- next- week. . . . . . . | reavWient, the death of their soil, Allan. They also desire to extend their thanks to those who sent many 'floral -Son liorn. A sou was -born 'January 18 to Mr. : and Mrs. Raymond : Vanderbilt.. White at their ; I'eehin Woman 111. I Mrs. "Catherine Cope, 68 years old, i is seriously ill at her home at Pechin. Classified Aflyertv.-Tnnr.ta \Vhen used in The Daily Courier al- v,-ay?i bring results. Try their. j Don't knock Conr.eUsville by send! ing your money out of town for your I job work when^ The Courier company lean do it hero at-home. Let us give you prices. ' tributes.--Adv!--26-lt.' For Presbyterian Fund. An offering will be taken in the Presbyterian church tomorrow for the National Service comiaission of the church. Police Say 3f«xtt Notice "ffhl Be Made With Warrant. The police declare that for the last time they havA notified merchants to clean their - sidewalks .and that if it is not done immediately the next .notification will be made with a warrant. The police say that the sidewalks could have been cleaned' off yesterday when the snow was soft, but instead some left the slush lay making walking very disagreeable. The cold last night froze up the streets again but as soon as a thaw sets in the police declare they are going to.get busy. __ , ARRESTED FOR TARCEJfY. MRS. PATJLD-,"E SWEARER. ' Mrs. Pauline Swearer, a former well known resident of Brownsville, died at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Kate Braden in Wheeling, W. Va, The body will be brought to Fayette City for interment _ MRS. KATHERINE NICOLA. : The funeral of Mrs. Katherine Nicola was held yesterday afternoon from the Mount Olive church, with inter-j meut in Mount Olive cemetery. The j services were attended by a number I · of relatives and friends of the do- When l"on .Want Anything ceased. - I Advertise in our Classified Coltti . Chas. C. Mitchell FUNERLDffiECTO 119 Suiulj i'iuatmrf Street. Botb Phones. 1 employ no agents or solldtc Am doicg business s:rtctly on my o merits. I* years practical expcricr Xutor Funeral Service if Deslrei NIGHT CAMOS ANSWERED AT OFFICE. SERVICE FLAG. To b« eiled at Diinbor M. Church Sunday. In honor of the so'Idier-hoy m hers of the church, the dedication a service flag, containing about 21 22 stars, will take place tomon evening at 7.30 o'clock at the ilcth is-t Protestant church at Dunbar. ? sic will be furnished, bx the orches of the local Methodist Protest church. Veterans of ttie CivH War, 1 Scouts and soldiers home from trs ing camps-on furloughs, will take p in the services. The^e will be a ceptiou of anny boys into the chui JOHN THRASHER. John Thrasher, 57 years old, died mm ILL,! today at bis home on the Narrows, ConaellsvilJe township. Funeral Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock from thei People Notice It Drive Them i residence, with interment in Cochran i with Dr. Edwards' 'cemetery. Deceased was a. son oil thei Olive'TabletS late Mr. and .Mrs. John Thrasher. He! is survived by his widow. I A pimriy face will not embarrass : ' much lonser if you get a package of ; Edwards' Olive Tablets. The skin she i begin to dcar gf-e,. bare ^^^ Funeral services for John M. Dorn ! tablets a few nights. nnn . DO.M. Kcll Harvey Locked lip On Information o' Ernest ISredlun. Kell Harvey was given a hearing before Mayor John Dug-gan this morning and sentenced to 48 hours in the lockup. He will be held on a constable's warant charged with larceny. Harvey was arrested at the Baltimore Ohio station at -4:15 o'clock this morning by Patroknan Em.'nons on information of Ernest Bredlau of Broad Ford. Harvey is alleged to have stolen a diamond ring and a j special street cur for Greensburg, No one who takes Olive Tablets will be held tomorrow afternoon at j 2 o'clock from the family residence . Clcansetheblood,thebowelsandtheli ^l 1 Dr- Edwards' Olive Tablets, the i near Dawsou. Ruv. W. B. Purnell · cessful substitute forcatomel; there's M pastor of the Presbyterian church of Daw.on. wil, officiate. Monday .««r. noon about 12.15 o'clock the funeral ' but their action is gentle and safe inat party .will leave Dlckerson Run in a of severe and irritating. stickpin from Bredlau together with two watches. The ring and stickpin, and. one watch were recovered. Kennedy .Roco-pei'tug. Attorney 'R. V. Kennedy of Uniontown is' slowly recovering juries siiKc-rod by n severe fall two days aso when, he foil heavily, on tlie where the interment will bp made. ever cursed with "a dark brown tas ; a bad breath, a dull, listless, '^no go Community Prayer 31,-cUnss. o^tio^of ?fmp faST* "'"' ' . Methodise Eii:scona!- prayer meet-; Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets ings will be held next week as fol- a purely vegetable compound mi lows: Monday, N'urth silk', at home "" plive oil; you will know th by their olive color. % Dr. Edwards spent years among tients arniated with liver and bo from ia- of !!«. Rutherford Be1ghUy. 812 *"" ' - F.ighih street; Tuesday, \Vi-si Side, at of Henry Rliodes, on Morrell Ji:y 'navsinent ia front of. his home in avenue: -\Vednesdar, South Side ai immensely effective result .PonnsylvRnia avenue. In. addition to liorai; o£ Mrs. Orpah Sligcr, No. 2H __ Take one or two nightly for a wt Pattiirson avenue; Thursday, East See how much better you feel and k - - _ - _ lOc and 25c per box All druggists. snirje slight injury to the spiile Mr. Kennedy ir fiirftring from a liadly sprained right wrist. ' . O L D S Head or chest--are best treated "externally" IC8SVAPORU Cottage Prayer j A cottage prayei- meeting will be held at 'tlie home of Mrs. 'j. W. Bisel at 1206 South Sycamore street, Tuesday evening at 7.30 o'clock, prayer meeting is not bi»ing hel connection wilh any church everyone is invited to attend! The d iii Side at home of C. 0. Bane. No. 506 Murphy avenue; Friday, Poplar Grove at home of Mr. Kuhlanan, 6ns Hull's Increased in West Ta. The West Virginia Public Service T Commission has nuihorffcRd an in- Jf^ creuiie in the rates of natural gas to consumers ranging from 12 and I to 20 per cent. . The companies asked I for 25 to SO per com increase. LADIES irreyrular or delayed Pills. Safe and always Mot sold at druRr storos. not txporimcnt with others; saVb · appointment. Write for "Relief particulars: It's free. Address NATJ Al. MEDICAL INSTITUTE, lillwanl "When .Um])h

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