The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on August 10, 1964 · Page 28
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 28

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Monday, August 10, 1964
Page 28
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) 28 ' MONDAY. AUGUST 10. 198 THE OTTAWA JOURNAL 101 -AUTOS fOt SUE iCeot tram Preceding Cnlumai im ford SEDAN, i IHI fOX. , UK hardtop; 131 Plynteuth K4u, 1133: 1S3I Pentiae station ' wagon, II II'- 133 Meteor roach. , SIS- S Chanter. Hull, m-mi ltM FALCON FUTVRA. LOW ' mileage. BecrUk. Sl.TSS. 130- l 1M ACADIAN ' 1-DOOft V AID-. bo. bucket eeela. autornauc. A , reel beauty. Maurice Metero, 110 Bldeau, 13e-4tM. IMS CUTILU HABOTOF. TO eettla aetata. Like new., PAt- S1SB. ... , " : tBU OALAXIE SEDAN. TRTJB , mileage 11.000, automatic, pow-... ar eteertng, whlurwelle. radla ; Must Mil, slrkaess la family. - PRi-wrt. IMl FONTIA6. CYLINDER. f euleasatte and radio- BHWI UN PLYMOUTH SAVOY KOAN. I ayct'esc eonelttoa, private salt WW- S20-3331. IMS RXNAITD teORDIXl. 13 000 aulee, excellent condition, steel aaoend eat. Must sell, beat oiler Tii-iMt. IMS CHEVROLET IMPALA 1-door hardtop cylinder, auio- . annuo, with pewer eteertng. ra . die, whlUwalu, wheel disco, ate . Only 13. ISO at United. .Cor ' Market, Ml Sana Street za- IBS! i do CK SVKOLST - IMPALA 4- ir hardtop. M condition - TU ' IMl ; COMET. U.M0 MILES. PR1-votely nut ataed ae second . ear. muat ha Mat. Sett after. . SM-STO- i IMl SM MEXCEOES BENS. tA-dla. exce Ileal condition. Otte'e hikt Boae. 101' Carl in Ave. :- no. T-aT. Your Mercedes , Bans, veire sea reugeat aapen. imi voLKswAbtit coach. road eoadlUeo. Mil ar hesl carer 1 TT191. IMl OUaSMOBILS. EXCELLENT -, eeadtuoo, , SIMS. - Or . alter ie-ait. - - y . . ISSI CHEVROLET, STAROARO. S ' cylinder Blscaync -Must' T33-UM ISM FALCON . SEDAN. M.SM wnar driven niiiea. radio, auto-4. awria. rrasonable. trade or haaa tcrma. -: 03, TtS-llM . ' IMl - " CORVAIR. " DELUXE fct. autamatle. radla earner b-aoa- - Tarred chraaah TTS.OTia. , , ARCHIE McBONALB -.- ---SM Uautar Aeearaa W. ( tSS-SIU - i t3-ttt BRAND ' NEW ISM AUTOMO-hilaa an at crtracuv dueowia. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY 1 lt3 MONZA CONVEBTTBLS: IMS Chevralct. auper apart con-' eerualer IMl Ford- eoerrertiaie; ' ISM-Fard aedan: ism Falean.1 autaoMtie-, ISM Paotlac hardtop: - IC3S Poatlae Laurentlsn aedan: , ISM CHav. Bet. Air. Soar hand-; top: ISM Plymouth eeeoh; Itss buicc aoor - hardtop: IMl Malaor: 1PM Ford iklfee newt LOW OH KO DOWN PAYMENT. V .- rUU30-OAT ' .WRITTEN GUARANTEE . , WI GIVE GOLD BOND STAMI'S RICHARD .483 RiiiBStt St. 233-3T93 $2,295 ; IS THE PRICE OF THIS !v '-:'" iuxurious 4963 BUICK LsSABRt 'r . 4-DOOR SEDAN , ; EtiuippesJ wik Dyrufiow irtn. , BtiMlon, rsdio. betur, nowsr stMrinc . power , btsIms sntf nurty eihsr extras. Finished -fat Buick't tovtly silver (rey , metsllie with maroon interior. V Reduced by (400 under mr- ket this is sb exception ti buy. ' (.. ; -n - : -. .; - '- AT , CABELDU'S ; Your Authorized IuUl ontiee, Acadian. Vsiulis!) r ; . 'BO. GMC Truck Deter ! ALBERT at BANK 235-4371 LEWIS. MOTORS 'Station Wagon SPECIALS 1961 METEOR Csitoa waton, a cylinder, stau ttsrd tTtas mis sinn, J1963 MERCURY - subott " "wsioo, 390 h p. motor, k - f fully equipped. ' Black $2595 1961 METEOR 4 door eta-' tion trafon, t cylin der, hiUy BBHlpped, $1795 19SS FORD Ranch Wto. t -aS$5?t5; A FtM Selectieal ef Other Used ". Cars at Vartaaa Lew Prloaa, f OtWTIUB Jal ; SATURDAY I FJal. ' LEWIS ' ; .MOTORS ' tottawti tMHed V , Maroarrr MeteaA Coatat - . BrKtatj pards ;. . ' BANK At CATHERINE , .. , 3354377 , .....J.;; tot , AUTOS rot SUE i Can) fro Preceding Celumai IMS RAMBLES DELUXE. . RA- did. standard transmission.. Tele phone HMin IM0 STUDEBAKER. GOOD CON , diuen. TA3-1JI Iter, RIDEAU SM. SHOWROOM shape, guaranteed. tUTS llt- ii cvcniaM. . ISM PORO OALAXIt SEDAN. V-S. aulomaua powered, redie. T40- - SM?. - IMS BUICK SEQAN. Ofll aicenna. power areaee. ee IMO Wellington. I MO 3-DOOS HARDTOP IMPALA. equipped, lop condition Private-133-1331 lM NI.U. PR1NZ. 1171. ' IU-SM eventaga- fltO CHEVROLlTiMPALA 'cbifr vertible. a, automatic. 1.31 Tes-nar. IS0 KARMANN CHIA. PERFECT condition, leaving country, aux-eU. SM-SSU. ISM MORRIS 10Ot. CO MP LET E- - is -reconditioned, excellent sec-and car. 1130. 730-M14 evenings IS5I STUDEBAKER LARK, BEST cash otter. 333-S031 evenings. 1 13 PORD. AUTOMATIC. RADIO. aooor. eeeo. rnvair. e M. - " ISM CHEVROLET BEL-AIM SE-een. 4. alaadard u-anemlMlod. Immaculate throughout. . T2S 3141. - I03S PORD CONSUL. EXCELLENT oendltieu thraughout very eca nomlcal. SIS tma. SIS aaoothly T2S-U1S. tS RILEY 13. OOOD MECHAS-Ically. radia SSM M4M1U ISM FORD FAIRLANE. S C Y L-Indar. ladlo. heater. PAS-TiSS. IS3S CHEVROLET AUTOMATIC, radia. new paint. M3 T1S-TTM. 1C3S FORD RANCH WAGON. Excellent condition T3S-1JM. , lt3S FORD. S-DOOR HARDTOP. cutomatK. radla. Mt3. Qua, MI ' Richmond Road. 71S-1041 1S3S OLDSMOBILt SS. AUTO matlc. radio. SIM ar heat atlcr. Ttt-dOSt. ... I IS3S FORD FAIRLANi. , LADY must sad Imrmodlataly. S-door standard shut, A-l bad .and rotor, clean, law snlleadd. Will acrifloe. oargalo. aahios MM. ZM-3VM. IS3S FORD.'- MUST SELL AUTO matte, s, power steering. XJa- 1JT YOLK9W AOEN, -OOOD BUN-4, lag eondiuea iss-TTM. IMt' CHEVROLET "t. STANDARD 1-door hardtop. aJM 711-1101 1SST OLDSMOBILE AUTOMATIC. radio.. SMt ar heat eaTer. TeS- 1037 OLDSMOBILE ' M. OOOD condition, -ae. sit-OTM. ISM TRIUMPH TBS. OOOD CON dittos. S340; IIM Chevrolai S door, rerr anapc. good S1S0.V M4-M1S, after 0. ISM RAMBLER CUSTOM . Automatic, til. ?4t-tt03. 1031 V-t MONARCH SPECIAU 4- door hardtop, radio, tn paarcr. 7 Kl-kwaod. 7M-S33I 1S3S DO DOE. OOOD- CONDITION, radio, goad urea. ezoo. 74e-Jl. ISM DO DOE CORONET, t CTL- - mssr. rAaaea. - ISM CHEVROLET COACH ONE owner, lew . overate mileage Reasonable price. T44-4T03 1039 SASH METROPOLITAN. .- OOP miles. SITS. 713-1114 after I MOTOR SALES iTD. . 707 Main St N, - ' . Strttsvillt, Ont j ., ): ' it Mieotat Pact BeUs Carat re ; O" Bigowajr II i ir -. Tetrphone S2I-912I ' or 628-9122 ' ; GUEST : MOTORS 'GREAT-:: :. SUAAMER SALE CONTINUES - outstanding Rvalues - ' BOTH .NEW ; and USED . ; A Fw Examples: - ' -ri. Of August Specials , ltt CHEVROLET Impala' 1-, i door herdlop, radio aid , ,..,, - .-;,,.,; V;' ' '-' , IMS CHEVROLET : Biaca no . s-daer aedan, radla. h.-st- - $1995 IMl CHEVROLET Bel Air 4-daor aedan. radio, aetrer, : ; C' $1795 . ' , - .' ' V ' ' ISM OLDSMOBILE Super tt Odoor hsrdtop. ewelro ' recta. Sbdramatia Irsne-' aA.asieei. power etaerlng 2L. $2695 TOP TRADE-IN , ! 'I AUowANcti;f !;,;,, 'i Ontario Residents ' Do Not Pay -: ; Quebec Sales Taxi . 'GUEST ' MOTORS LTD. - v ; i : r Authorised OierreUI. ChrdtaV,! OldemahUe. taroy and . - Chtvrolet True Dealer Y .... .. ' 72 U0UC STREET '" HULL 7771733 1 1 - . .1 . . : " tot autos msiu. .v.' (Coot, from Preceding Calumck l.u PONTlAe vj. luimriv S-doar hardtop, red'wtite. looks yiae nsw . no hady Riling Pander skirts, whip aerial ale. Andy. T4S-4404. . Hit FORD, BEST OFFER.. PAt- ISM CHEVROLET. ALL FRONT ens perfect, parts vary cheap. Tia-31S. Nell. cvcaJnga. It3l PLYMOUTH STATi6n"WA. goa. 173. 7SC.TM7. after I. lt.11 CADILLAC. BEST CASH OF- vr im-h.j oveninga. ISM HILLMAN. HEATER. OOOD j running, lu. 7H-104I Isto FotebuPaTTniHissi siiar a. - ,. . IS3S DeSOTO. OOOD RUNNING aroer. new urea, sea T1S-S3M. -r rt.vri'RY motoss ttt SMadataw II Baal 113-4144 I ll-lllt NO DOWN PAYMENT. ISM COMET CALIKNTS BARD-. top, I spaa floor thin. Full new-car warranty. It au. 1S41 METEOR COUNTRY BOUIRE station wagon, ruuy powered as - arend haw. U.7t3. IMl RAMBLER SEDAN, HEAL snarp. ai.eva. -IMl CADILLAC FLEETWOOD. every possible extra, I owner. ' low mileage. SS.Stl. IMl OLDSMOBILE 4-DOOR - hardtop, fully powered. . very ' clean. 0I.M3. -IMl CHEVROLET. I OWNER. spotless. I1.H3 IMl COMET DELUXE. ' AUTO- anattc and radia. perfect cond ' tion. tl.t3 MANY MORE TO CHOOSE FROM NEED CASH FOR - A NEW CAR OR ANY OTHER MAJOR PURCHASE? , SEE ROYAL BANK ,r V -v r ' j, FIRST AND FINANCE If) ADVANCE WITH a' LOW tOOTfiNOTREC termPlan LOAN -TV:. Aetaeurte S tt SI.M0 Pith t teat as m aaeetht to aav at a (eat eftea tat leea'flMa raa tup par atae where. Na hidden csarget. "eauas". . LUs saaajtaSX - Far Setelle tec Fear hsarsal Bar el Beat hraach. ' ,i-i- . SPIXTACULAR. ' ' SAVINGS 5 . ON THIS OUTSTANDING OLDSMOBILE STARFIRE '' From "The Big Deoler" - BEUSLE , IMS OLDSMOBILE Surfh-t t-V ..... .dear hardtop, cemplotelr i - power eauippad end u r1, eludes General Motors Friavdatre air-condition-. Ing. one vareful owner. . Balance ef sew ear war-" ranlj. BELISLE AUTOMOBILES LIMITED - Your Chevrolet. Cerveir. : Oldemoblle. Bavejr and . . Cberrolet Track- Dealer 4 MONTREAL IAD. OTTAWA Evenings ttt-M4S. 14t-t41 102 s AOTOS WalTO ALL MAKES OF LATE MODEL used care created. Pa eaah ar trade, up ar daw. Ceoturi Motors tts Oledatene al Kent SU-ITTt BETTER SEB BIO S. FAMOUS far fairness, aaytna aash tradeowa. Bif S AatentoMlaaJ 134T weiunston. pao-mio. IMMEDIATE CABS! FOB ANT snake ar modal la perreet eeodl- naa. na-eeia. LET MI SELL YOUR CAB FOR yom i aarc toe a ma. place. rxaertence and can arrange a ina racial transact ton. Cell Joe Marduic, ni-ijae, - NEED CASH? HIGH PAYMENTS! Archie McDonald will ouy your car I or top easn price ar sreoe dowa, far cheaper car end eaah and Bert credit on car at later date. Archie McDonald, too Leaner West. sso-072t PRIVATELY OWNED AUTOMO bile, it perfect condition. Par r - k at. ttu PRIVATELY OWNED AUTOMO. - kilea m perteet eooalllan. Call 130-1CBT. - PRIVATELY OWNED CARS PER. feet condtKoe. Cash. 721-1: it aee-oioi. .... WE BUY LATE MODEL CM ABO rare proaucte. f-f iM WE BUY CLEAN CHEVROLETS and Pont is cs. pay top cash prices ar trade dewa at Dtnlalti Automobiles ia4 caruna Are hue. T11-330T. PAi lwaa't AVI WBSCBPBS CtRS AND ' TRUCKS WANTED for wrecking. S3! lnl. . Alblun oaa NEVER ' -'i.. SELL 'i-VvVj YOUR CAR V". 'V UNTIL . - . . . " YOU SEE ; . archie Mcdonald 280 laurier Avenue W. 3--WAYS-3 : TO HELP YOU Wi Pay Top Csth Prices We Psy Off Exlttlrn Urns ' Plus Chawper Csr , -rOr Credit on New or Used " Xsr-st Latar Ossi'--'-; 233-6723 235-6724 ' 102 . AUTOS WiRTtB . (Cont from Preceding Calumnl WILL SELL YOUR CAB ON CON-eigfimeat far lop price. 713-347 3 103 UUCC iW TlilUK NEW AND USED SCHOOL BUSES Elliott Motore iBellevillei Ltd.. oeiievuic ont. Phone WOI-43M SCHOOL BUB. 10M OMC. aO-asasanger. I owner. Oneida body. V-S engine 033 a M 10-pir Urea and tubes Fullj reconditioned with warranty, an. ..ctllent condillon Parkins - Motors umitoa, porta, ont. c. : R ; - Dewdell. Salae Manaaer. Pwone 147-1330 . TRUCKS. PICK-UPS. ALL KINna ana makes. Cafl Ken S a mour Motot Salea, KamDtvUie 13a- ItMjpHEVROLET t-TON. STAKE , . iiHu. p. in, mm , dition. Mt-liot ISSI .FORD PICK-UP ' TRUCK. 4 plataa. running. . SU. aa special :; r, OPPORTUNITY 10 Brand New CHEVY VANS - IMMEDIATE DELIVERY " ' AO Colors " 5iM Doors '.v' 6 Cylinder Encines ' , Heavy Duty. Siisptntion ResJy to Work for Yi. HlOHEST THADE-lW -, ALLOWANCE . ' SALE PRICED -! )-:'- TO CLEAR' Csll for a DetBOoJtrstiOB MYERS .' rgin at Cstherin , , 10a UMf Qucenawajfi . , r j. Aim 6. 233-3629 , - . Truck Specials . IMl CHEVROLET t,-ton pick- IMl FAROO otcpea. 04M , reauetiast. A seal hup ,.$W5 IMl CHEVROLET on . panel, ajee Falls- racondltloncd Hon. $12955 ISM CHEVROLET ate . vwi. .. S4M raduetloa. ttOOc: 1 BaanlUtag JIM TUBMAN ' MOTORS LIMITED Poel lac. Butrk. Acadian. : Vauahall and OMC Tnerke ,.- 1770 BANK STREET ' at Alts Viris 733 4010 ; tos HOTOKTUd MOTORCYCLE tjB.A. IMl. SM cd.'"0 tlable la any peraoa of taainf aus. TtP-oei after . TLBS AMD CO. WB Sn.L 'AND St S VICT HOf. da -BSA. aad HarleT-Osvd motoreychrsi else Vaspe and MSU eeootere Sol and lot Bans a treat. lie-M.I. . . . tot LEUl . CITY OF OTTAWA , V DEPARTMENT OP V PLANNING AND WORKS - CONTRACT FOR SNOW AND ICE CONTROL ; The City of Ottawa la eeneldar-Inf ealllnf tenders for a Winter maintenance contract far snow and ire control far a eactlaa of the City. a pacifications have bean prepared but before eny actual temftr call la made, n la felt, desirable to ftve interested parties an opportunity to review the apeclftca-tlona and to he able to meat constructive obeenrattons. t The draft sneclfleatlone mav be obtained from the Raadwaye Bfsnrn, nnm fvf. i.ny natl. Written comments ere thsrrfore Invited on those draft specifications and will be received by the Secretary of tha Board of Control by 1JO pm.. idaylitht to v las timet August 13. ia4. ,,, j J OORMAX. - . Secretary. V"" - Board at Control. TENDERS SUB TRADES SHOPPINO CENTRE FOR A. L. RAYMOND LTD. HULL Tenders are Invited from the sub-trades and will ha received until la noon. Friday, Aufust 14th. loot for tha above .noted tea, at the ofdcea of J. o bisson wrrucTTON A.VO CNOINtr.RINO LTD. M FRBCMETSB ST.. HULL, PCj , .v- TIL. TI-M0I " Journal Want Ads bring quk results. -' . SE YOUR. INDIVIDUAL. otoscope 1 FRANCES DRAKE Look la the lection la which your birthday coma and find what your outlook It, sccordin tn the star, rw Tuesday, Aug. March II Is April (Ariet) Weave together all f a c t s. useful InlormatkM you have received and well grounded Iheoriea. Thus you 'will have S sturdy frame for day's Involve. menu. Planets tUmukue. competent, high-powered action. April 21 te May l (Taurut) Good plantury aipects. Especially- . favored: cultural ex changes, pursuit n higher learning, artistic endeavors and conferences with associate 10 further mutual interests. May n m June 21 (Gemini) Concern about complex busi ness matters may tend to make you forget tome personal needs and desires for the moment. But if the former DO require extra attention, give it and willingly. It will help you to carry on better as the week progresses. June 22 M July 21 (Cancer) Mild planetary influences. However, day hat a lot going for. It, If you will look sharp. be keen and are careful to avoid drawing hasty conclusions. YOU can find openings others mist. July 24 August U (Leo) Situations complicated? Con fusing? They don't have to be if kMt will look straight into the -beari of matters instead -of trying to skirt them. Avoid extremes. - ' . ' V"- August 24 t SeptetTaber 722 (Virgo -Tro-tnay rtwi in-w some tonnivtrt and tchemert sow.- Give them short s br If Li The highly astute V I r g o s n stually recogniMs such persons i for what they art), but some timet even the most perspicacious person can. be 'taken in by a smooth uiker. Be alert! '- Septeaiber 24 M OeMbar 21 (Libra) A potent Venut day ttimulatet your artistic talents, ingenuity and general mental alertness. Mala the best use of helpful trulutmcet by co-operai- ing and it will pay off shortly. October 24 te NtmaAtt V (Scorpio) Do not undertake enterprises which you c a a a o t pottioiy handle nor make promises which you can't fulfill. You will probably have an ex tremely active day. so It would be preferable to handle "musis" before taking oa new obliga tions. . . November 21 so Deceaeaer 21 (Sagittarius) Insure results by capitalizing upon your fine for UGli N6T1CE TO CREDITORS la tha tstas 'inij.e VIAJUS McKKMMA. lau o She cite at otuas am ,Ko rsiMi mi Carleton. Widow, daceeaad. All persona havlnc eialme aaainal the Estate Of LILLIAN 34AR1B Mo KIMNA. late of the Clip ef Ottawa, in the County at Carleton, wha died on or about 17th dap of AprU. 1004. are hereby notified to send partleulare of same to the underelaned en or before the Mih day of Aiscust. leea. after .hL-h date the (state will ha distributed wim resaro only to the clauns al which the underatfned ahall here notice and tha ndaraicnad will r.'iT w "Mu Dated at Ottawa thai Sth day at AlijjTMtl. 1S4 ... BtAHrw end COLLtCA!. i i ; M Soarhe Street. ... v Ottawa 4. Ontario re lor tha Administratrix ansa win NOTICE TO CREDITORS V AND OTHERS ; All per tea 0 havtns daime acalnat the aetata of Maud Beat. rice Jenninsa. of tha City ef Ot tawa, Married woman, ureses, n. who died on ar' about May eth. 1004. are reaurred to Ala proof of same with the annerelrned en or before AufueK Sth. I0C4. - after which data the aetata wUI be dra. tnnuted with retards only to the claims of which the undervtfned ahall have notice, and the under. Mined wilt not be liable la anv person of whose claim they ahall not I hen have notice.-DATKD at Ottawa, tha tih day let duly. ISM. v.- v-n . . WILLIAM JCNNIKOS MURiri. THSCOON . -'' jsNonosi t.x - "'Peecutora ' ' By Their tollettori '- " - SIDNKV A. OILUCS. :,; 4M Kant Street. . Ottawa 4. Ontario. NOTICE TO CREDITORS la the Estate of PAUL L. BON CARl. late of the City af Ottawa. In the County of Carleton. deceae. ad. All aereone bavins, claims aaalnst tha seta 'a of PAUL L. RONCABJ lata af the City at Ottawa. In tha County of Carleton, who died an ar about 1 3th day af Mav, IMC are hereby notified ta asnd particulars of same to the undaratened an ar before the SSth dav of Autuet, Ifatt. after Which dale the Estate will he distributed, with rcssrd only to the clems af which tha undcrsHned shall have notice, and the undaratened will not ha liable to env person of whose claim they ahall . not then have notice. Dated at Ottawa this Sth' day at Aucust. loot. BCAHEN and COOUOAI. M Sparka Street. Ottawa t. Ontario. " ' Ballellnrs far the Administratrix with will annexed . -SALES OPPOIITUNITY Theodorut Nlerneyer Canada Limited, manufacturers of Sail Pip Tobacco tince 1819, hive an Immediate opening for S Mies and promotion representative to cover , tha Ottawa Valley and pert of Eastern Ontario. Carvrli-' data must have proven Hies ability. Experience lit It tobacco trsda IS desirable but not esMntial. Age group , 23 33. jvreferably married, must be bondablr, focal ion Qttawa. Excellent starting salary with scope for advancement Company tar( supplied. Pension plan and other fringe benefits. ' " - - - :- - " apply toi -:-'" BOX NO. E-463, OTTAWA JOURNAL . " rti energies, and keep your pace con sura but not hectic. Scrutin- Ite all propositions carefully. December 22 la. January M (Capricorn) Do not be in different to the jutt demands of your work day and the added obligations that- ao with life. Emphasiie constancy, common sense, flexibility. Jaauary 2) to February ; II (Aquarius) Planets benefk. generally sponsoring new ad. vance. -A chance to exercise your talent for enterprise, which Is considerable. Keep your prac tical aid to the fore. V February Is March 2f (Places) Demonstrate y o u r persuasiveness, your gift for presenting facts Intelligcnlly. Even' though you may run up against some unexpected tnua-tioiis, you can mold .things pretty much to your liking if you TRYI ; 'YOU BORN, TODAY are a vibrant, Ufa . loving person, vigorous, enthusiastic and dynamic of personality. If you will harness your " tremendous driving power in the quest of worthwhile goals, there Ji no limit to the heights which you can attain. You art) well supplied with common sense; are attractive to the opposite sex. Your, wit and tense of comradeship make you a delightful Companion. Jutt, one admonition: Control a .tendency toward com-bativenest. ' .''' t!R. SERYU SAYS: TRAKSISTOlR lONITrOM KITS. Manollrk Motors ISportt Cor . SpocialtslaV S13-1MS. , .' , PARTS AND SIVTs ' AU Baelssh cart . BasMah Meters ua. - I11-C3M AUTHOmCBO BALKS AMD SISV- ice. asarrss. jbvj. ruler ana war BBAIIPBB AUTOMUTIVB Service Ltd. .' Sit OUdstaae. Sll-MM : oput oat. moirr. ALL tXCMANCK UNITS AVAIL-i able. Also foreign parts, service weiairte tea. an .t'inatra.r FBONT BNT3 ALIONMINT ajrake specie usls Hoffman Brace aad'Alltrouent. 331 sung adward ( aa-asia ftadia'rr Servtce , ,...' fkit TtsTiMO ' Tsirt; .' ts-rt-matee. free checking on tha vehicle His Radiator Co. Clean ' Ins. repatra. recerea. SM Weill ne- - ton. PAS-3SM. ''phtefatdr - . RtpAIHIMU ttlCI SUAT - cuahlana Comber Atttn Tap Up haamitu Ml Quean C3-1443 . F. CLOST. AND LAWNMOW - era, aenerat re pa Ira. lal Wood- roffe. 131-4040. . RECREATION ROOMS RCPAIRS parade, free cellmates A Bruce Benauo umltad. nLS-OS3S. . " C. A. SOHANNtSN , " - and soaa Ltd. .- 1ll-441t ' VERtNOAHS. ALTERATION B. etare tronta and addittetie.. re pairs recrealloM rooms, roof Inf and ahmalea. Yod name It. what- ' ever U at and We ll do H Just dial the BIO "J" and we'll see it today. . , ; - , c DDITIONS. A LTt RATIONS KE- palri, alumintaun eWflnf tupplpct and Imfalltl. all work guariiiv tan us loaa fo an mi . tnata Arrnatrotvg ConBrticttan. -imi CBMENT pailoe i WALKS. STEPS Free e ssatee. 7as-03es. ALL CEMENT WORK DOVE BY Terry contractors, euaranteed I - ta 3 years. Alwaye check with i rasratared canlractar Free eetf. snstea. It months, ta pay. 333- ssve.- ... - I,, a ..- . ALL ' TYPES PATIOS, WALKS eurbtni, euaranteed. FiM eati. males. 7 is-4 1 13 t AVI STROUOHINO. REASON- . able pricca. Free eatlmatcc. J. O. Oervln piumnina and Haat las 1311 Band 731-0301 I A V t STROUOHIMO SUPPLIED and metalled; solder Wis tetnte, aiiereateed workmanahlp free estimates. Any time. ZJ3-44S3. rtVOT BBOtNIBS - 131 Beat street ' . ' i .. - tsaVtttt '-. ' BSTABI -IBHS9 1U. PARKtNO For information on ) MR. SERVU coil jt jb -ar it'ii'jt -jtLJt jiA jt 500,000. D6LLARS HEAVY CONSTRUCTION ; EQUIPMENT :, ' FOBMEBLT OF , . PINACLE CONSTRUCTION LTD. . TO BE SOLB BT - PUBLIC AUCTION BY INSTRUCTIONS FROM ; THE PRINCIPALS OP PINACLE CONSTRUCTION LTD. ON WEDNESDAY. AUGUST 12. IM4. AT II A-M. INSPECTION TUESDAY, AUGUST II, IHt,l A.M. TO 1 P-M. ON THE PREMISES AT ; , ' IB3S BELFAST ST. (off SL Laurent Blvd.), OTTAWA, ONT. - i . EQUPlMENT :, ,.' '.' ;i Ba'rrat Brie til. A ass r Use tts. fiarthwest 3a, OSGOOD Medal, lit' Kxeatatets, Bae aad lily Sxrataters with eraae eo InnaUonaJ TO-13, TO-14 Ballstadera, Inleraslleaal Ts-lt. TO-I Breu saavets, 1 aaedrl tit taclld scrarers M1rhlan 111 rahhef tired front end loader. 1444 Aiellac Borford ST O I ton roller. Calllea lt read grader. Gardner Orairr Kt CSI Ceaiprrsaors. 1 Case .310 trartara with front ead loaders aad hark hoe allaehetente. lie relt 10-11 aasp. Pertahlr IKhtlni plant. u". t" jn" water pamna. thor paraassUc pavraaeat hreakrrs aad sfaher drills. Hlasllnf aaala. d,lU rods, aares. side Irsilrrs with space healers, apprex. IO.M0 Invawtatp parte lor trucks, traders. thaelt. elr. is loo portable sralr. elaelrle hand loots, aorket wrenches. drIU press. Batlvry cha't". Air . presaat, Warh hrnrhoa. .',':-. ..w .: :-' ';, . '., ' TRUCKS":C -''" lat paid rise Dame track 141 1 Tea Ford ptrk-ap track list 4 Toa raid ptck-ap uark -.'-' v , MATERIALS Mew aperea. Ito lenetht AlUs aewet S' transit pipe. Jtew a'ppreit. SO 34" 10" .sera aewar pipe, t Mcavlle valves end realMlats It leatlh 0" water aunt pisw eansinsrtioa laniher I i I. I i I, ead 4. v 440 steel cart lenas aad steel rods.. - For mfortnatlon and Free Catalogue ; Phone, write or wire the offices of the Auctroners , ' ; " OUR REPUTATION IS YOUR GUARANTV r, ! J. SPADAFORA Apptetters MONTBBAL. qt'SBKr 4M Craig Street Weal I'NIveislty 1-tllS , ' ' ' Canada's tarpesf Aailon.Widd Auctioneer l. tlltrpn teftlMS l ull w ft Ifdf to teTTt 1 HUGH M, GRANT 322 CatUcfine St. " 238105 v rkniXl service f. -J FLOAT SERVICE ' FILL FOR SALE -.'' FRONT END LOADI KS I ' , - COMPRF.SSORS " n . dump rnvi KS SIH)Vtl4 BUI i.l.r'lf SUAM RUSBLR AND POLVF'JM lahrlcalma Beaita FHim Ryu her, 431 Jtouecvell. PAS-tuul. ' ' ' ' '..'.' :f'. - vl ' UP TO 10 TEARS TO PAY-. lav tha haat n warm air heellna call Hubert Stove and Furnace Ltd.. 12C-I7M. . HEOCKS TRIMMED, YARD clcanllif, remeiM wsrk. c It im hes, suarantccd.a TI3 ;. . , - GENERAL REPAIRS. -FOUND A-- tlotia. poiniina. ex-avat 1 n 1. , cement work. Free catenates. . ItST.tT. . .... . UISCARUCO FURNITtR cl.t.AB up - refuse, removal to ett . dump. Moderate rates. Rtu ; S7M .- . . i y ,. , TOWER PRODUCTIONS, aperk- Street, ait-1311 ill n"Ii aturda. lor July and AuausL in Idlk MohLHERAIC VOllR LAXDHCAP. ar. garden loam Free of - sod stone or clay. Prdmpt delivery ' 134-31M. ... , t,; TOP QUALITY FIELD SOD. lie per sq ,9 ts-3413. North (.Cower, collect. v..-, ,1 FIELD ! BOO. ISc' PER -1 - aver IM yards. 021-1040. YARD M ANOERLEY SOB " TOP QUALITY 311.R10N BLUE atraaa and mixed blue Sraas, our. eery cod.: 131-3000. , , . TOP QUALITY FIELD SOD ISc a sej yard delivered P h d a c coiieos-n-vmptviiie ZAe-aim 1 a IPPClAL LrMESTONC. REGULAR aoc. reduced 10c. cedar trees, walluone. cade. 740-1331. MAHN I NLRSMIY IOD TOP QUALITY , MERION AND nanns Blue Also No 1 Nursery Sod at reduced price. Phaae wr-:i. ureeiey in . SALE. PATIO STONES. WHITE. red. sraen. Mack, rejects. 13- OLSN ACRES SOD USE OUR CtRTiriED MERION Blae nursery sod and our Glen acres Blend, S13-I3M. INDEPENDENT TRANSFER. 14- hour service open lor monthly contracts Also piano moving Fully Insured 131-M1I ac 114- Jrc-a.. ii iijcJ Ml 4, Tea Metrarjr ph-k-ap trart-i IS4I lj Toa Mrrrurjr pkt-up trorh IMl CMC Israel with winch a - ... t : & CO. LTD. Usuldal" - TORONTO ONTARIO IIS Adelaide street West . BMpire Mttl tl rpsllbl. Mf InlstJJt! tl. trtt'l atllT a ClH stiff. r SATIOHL PRINTf.RS LtMITED, . .line quality commercial prinu ma 40 Preelim. Cie-1441, . I.O-MOR PRINTERS 80CHL. Cnmmerrial prlntinc. phole, off. "set. - weddini inviiailoiia., Sol Gloucester CEO-KVS.' 1 .1-1 MSB1M ABSOH'TE ; BATBrACTION. , paperhaiiVne; Inside. - sulsida paintinc Xrasonable. : McCallaa . ros . IU4KI COXNOR PAIMTINO .AND DEC aratinc. Inlarior. Nexlerior spa rtallret and eauippd In ftouse rcpointlni Cfukk cliMiient esrv. ice. r roc callmalcc. r A4oJd. . a HOUSE PAINTINO. C.UAt). jeeo woramsnsmp Brwcat prices, . oetoe,. aes-aear , - i'-. - a p . !.,. . mTThlOB EXTERIOR PAINTINO. paprrhancln Free estimates, workmanship fuaranleed. 114- Al:-!.iiV . aisU AM, PA VINO JOBS OON1 BT . Terry Contractors, sasrenteed 1 to 1 sesrs A:,)s check , with a racists red oanlraclar. Free ea- iioi"' ' maa Pe- 133- ..i':-..,--V.'- FORREST BRtiS.,PLUMBINt ; and hetm Free 'esllmeles. ' work uaranleed Time par' menie. Repairs our specially. Niht and day orders Invited. Ckl-UM. -' . - - it rHIGKRVlloS. SALLd A.vD crvio, - all hrenrhee Mir-r 1, 011 a. 331 Praatua jsl.-ect. 3 sstkt all ROohno And ripaihs domM- Terr Coniradora. susr. anlscd I to 1 years. Always check with s ;esl,tsrsd contractor Free estlmatea. St' mouths la pay. 133-3104. quinTTIniulaTion complete roofing skrvices. all work cuaranlced Free call, mates Telephone day ar eve-. muss PAl-MJl. 3 . ')(njt .'aNAUIAM CRYSTAL POOLS BY" Br"f' BenaoB Uaulrd.. RSI. 0333 . v SVEU.MAN CONCRETE LTD . FOB reinforced poors and Serv. k-c. 71S-O403. S-17tt. BLU1LINE TAXI. It ''. HOUR prompt asrvkc. Call CI!4-3U3 RED LINE TAN LTD, 14-HOUR service. Call Ill-Mil., -a-X. tli7J!C'i. TANOARU AND In mlil """'""'on ivpewrliera. and - " - w. .'tMl"' a. at. Hill Ill O cannot . CU MM. i PORK EATERS , -In (he five reart from I9S4 to lJ. Canadianf sack ale about pminrli of nortt. Ar II per cent of all the meat ealen at mat time. .' . V . If..- n- 9Qfi7C11 . x V

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