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January 26, 1918

The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, January 26, 1918
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ttrteu ' Connellsville'* Biggest and Be«t Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,424 'OL. 16, NO. 65. CONNELLVELLE. P.A., SATURDAY-EVENING, JANUARY 26, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. SMANY REGARDS HERSELF AS VICTOR, IS. VIEW TAKEN OF CHANCELLOR'S SPEECH 'spapers Attack So Import- uee te UM*r»mees o( Co«nt Cs«rnli. JTARBTS STILL RULE n ·*[ Bis War JUrfe Beit on ·ante P*«e« With Eaefc A.Uf o«- ) KiulM Congress Orgmdies Ik l«mine ud Tntakj U ' By Associated Press. NDON; Jan. 26.-- The view enter- id by; a majority at the morning ipaptn ot London respecting the cbea of Chancellor von Hertiing Foreign Minister Czernin is that aany 'regards herself as the con- or; that she is determined on ewuon. and is determined to lis- :o no' peace terms except her owii that the war must go on. is admitted that the tone of the To-Hungarian foreign minister is 2 conciliatory than that .of the oan chancellor, but this is attrlb- ·largely to the pressure" of inter- c'ondi'tions in ' Austro-Hungary- it Czernin's respectful reference ·resident Wilson's address are read coolly for the most part be-e of his declared fidelity 'to the nee with Germany. White House tonight for publicaUon in Sunday's newspapers.' XcKIESPOKT SOLDIER DIES OS FR12HCH" SOIL WASHINGTON, Jan. 26.--General Pershlng today reported the deaths of fire soldiers from natural causes. Among them was Corporal Clarence Osoorn, of McKeesport. ' BERLIN PEACE RIOTS ARE PUT DOWNBY POLICE Humors of Ctraye Disorders Continue to Filter Through the Censorship. CONFIRMATION IS LACKING But Fact Tliat Newspapers H»TC Bce» UeU Back 'on the Border and That Telegrams Are Konted · Oter Long Distance Arouses Coiunent By Associated Press. LONDON, Jan. 26.--The Amsterdam correspondent of the express says that extraordinary reports* are cur^ j rent concerning revolution in Ger- COYIROL, PisiS VIEW' many and that there have been.rumors UUS;i; JaiL.2e.-Chancellor von I £ ^^^"TM fa ** Mn U TM S tling'3; speeches considered in of- . ,,,·* . _ ' . rineforoeace l.clrcies as confuting-, the sup-1 He ^ - ^ports bread riots which CEKXAXS lion .that General'.. von Lunden- f, FJild Marshal! "Von Hinden; and the pan-Germans are lic- ig' Germany's government policy. were ruthlessly repressed by thu police, many men, women and children being wounded. The correspondent admits that con- chancellor's 'remarks concerning; firmatlon of the rumors is impossible liunvare. taken as confirmation of j but thinks that it is remarkable that t i'6rmer t Ambassador Geraird said I no-telegrams either press or commer- he former. German cnancellor,. Dr.i.'cial were received in Holland Friday ^Bethmann-Hoilweg's' declaration! direct from Berlin, all coming by tie stuneWWecC ' ' · · ' j roundabout routes; ' a* 11 intention- appeared clearly o n l " None of Thursday morning's Berlin Ipart of the- Germans to -seek to j newspapers have arrived, i. separately, vfttn each .antagonist. j-ta^tsSlcated.bryjhr 1 *"~ -- -*U4£2^ ·*£S5^7T-*fr?~:^*'~f,T^ - . i ' %;. ; occupied, territory j . 'bland which Ger-i .· wants to consider as a question j veen Poland and the Central Pcw- with which no other power bas thing to say. A5D TROTZKT PROM IXE5T IX BUSS COXGHISS TO HALT PROBE INTO THE MEAT BUSINESS I'.iTorts Extended to the Wilt* House, Trades Commission Counsel Testifies. By Associated press. - · "WASHINGTON, Jan. 26.--The big LOCAL BOARD NO. 5 WILL HAVE 450 MEN LISTED IN CLASS 1-A final Classification for All B«t 125 3lea WH -B« Sont On Ont - Monduy. Word hOB been sent out to local draft boards to rush -work on classification of registrants "who htve filled out their questionnaire blanks, as it is urgent that tho percentage listed be wired to the war department at the cloee of business on January. 25. From this telegram it is evident that the call for the men in class one to appear for examination will be made soon. The telegram was received this morning and the percentage will be wired In today. - Tfce present there are 569 men listed in Cioss A-l of District No. a. Of this number there are 125 cases before the appellate court at Greensburg. It is estimated by the board that there will sUIl be about 450 or more left in Class 1 after the district board has .reversed whatever decisions of the local iboard thot it sees fit. . The final classification cards -will be'sent out by No. 5 board on Monday, to "all the men whose cases are not before the Greensburg * board. The cards. are being prepared today and ·will, go out in-Monday morning's mail. Then after the 125" cases before the Greensburg court are returned to the local board it will be through with the questionnaire classification. 'Board No. 2 has not , yet .entirely completed the classification, of men in the A-l class, but erpects-to be ready with the final classification'by .'the middle of next week. , naming Nicholai Lenihe. Leon vestigation into the meat packing ttlry and. Marie Spiridonovo honor- builiness ; v , itfi havi - ng atte m p tcd to .presidents. It also designated an| b r i n g influoncc to bear on Presldent = utiv e committee of, !,, memoors, wnson t ' 0 have ^ invc . s tigation stop- i of whoci will act in turn as chair, i .of the Congress. ped. Statements by Heney that Armour Company had been found to control the street. railway of Kansas the first indication of finan- WTLL STOP AT 50TH1XG, SATS CDMXASUER ETROGRAD, Jan. -26.--Addressing j ^ r^ifcltton' o'f the "packers to eeting of the Keksholm guards to- i n^j-y strect railway systems. Ensign Krylenko, the Bolshei iki; ,. Tne . influejl( . e ^ tbe packers in ..mander-in-chief, declared that Kansas Cit} . is more .widespread than le he believed in the freedom o.. at any olbe[ . city ot ' ase u nited stat | s 3 ch all liberty.must be set aside exoept i Q g Chicago," Mr. Heney said. ISSUE COAL RUIJNGS Xew laws Bep-irding niveriing of Coal Are .Laid Down. By Associated Presw. ·WASHINGTON, Jan. 26.--Confusion arising from unauthorized diversion of coal by local fuel officials prompted the fuel administration today to issue a definite set of regulations governing- the practice which provides that: : Coal intended for destination, outside of a state must not be diverted by state administrators without approval from Washington. Chairmen of local fuel committees, roust, not divert coal "intended .for other communities without the approval ot .state fuel "administrators. Coal must not be diverted from one preferred consumer to another except; jiH S rti«jjra'oj*itiiC3:* f ^ Hl .^' : * 1 --- ; --'- - -'' ; · Coal destined to by-product coke' ovens must not be diverted eicpt in emergency to relieve human suffering. Coal destined to tide-water must not be diverted except with the approval of Washington. Coal'must not be diverted until^ir- rangements are made to pay for It.' ing the struggle with the Bourje- W« uphold the power of the Work- ^,^ u I's and Soldiers' delegates." said er*MurdocV _, lenko, "afld shall shrink · from , pha ^ e Q[ ^ j' n '^ Iryi Mer remark i n g jing. not -even from.' spreading ttat t ' he packers werc ilesale terror and woe to.all who mpt to cross our path. Vengeance Evidence of the packers' influence in the tin industry also has been discovered-. Mr. Henry told Commission- about that them to the' end ·cy." and without re broadening their activities"'in the production' of canned food. ACTrrm The control by the packers over financial institutions has readied j such an extent, Mr. Heney said, that itly when an independent packer _ , . , - ' asked for a loan from one of the big OOT.O-\-, Jan. U6.-The official, New york baQks ^ bank wfflte to emeat Issued'today by the British; Thomas E wilson of Wilson Com- · office said: "We took .a few pris- I a jf the creait shonld be - rs last night in patrol encounters g rtended . theast of Cambrai. Hostile artil-! · was active early in the nijjht inst our positions in the Scarpe cy." SHOT JfBOX THE AIR ONDON, Jan. 26.--The admiralty ounces that naval aircraft bombed German airdome at Varssenadre STiday, making direct hits! All the ;hineV returned. i natrol flghting ·Wednesday the liralty's announcement says fur- r, two enemy aircraft were de- yed and twt* were shot down mt control. sing,. One British machtae is K PIRE SA1 BE tVOKK OF (.TIBMAJf SPIES ;EWARK.' N. J.. Jan. 26.-- Mure n Jl, 000.000 worth of property nas iroyed today in a fire believed to be work of German spies, which aed up oil barges, a pier, ware- :j«6 and freight cars on Newark · close to the plant of the Subnia- DEINQUENTUST Sol Intended Draft Registrants Shonld be Called-Slackcrs. Owing to the numerous calls' that have been received by the newspapers and the" members of the draft hoard Secretary Harry Dunn of District No. 2 asked The Courier to state that tie list given ont a fcrr days ago containing names of men who had not filed questionnaires -was intended to be one of delintrnentii and not slackers. On the list were the names ot some men who are in the service and there was no intention, he said, of having them classed as slackers. Through a misunderstanding the names -wore .published as lacker list Boat Corporation and stiire during the flrst two years of his ad- · : ;cs of the Quartermaster's depart- 1 of the army. 'suttJ«'rs roou SAYIHC :· rUOClAJtATlOJf 18 FDT1SIU!J VASHJfNGTON, Jan. 2*.-- P««ldmt :oa. today completed his proclania- T calling on the American people j greater food savinf in order to re- j.- more food for the army and the U, " be IJword as Jfaror. A. D. Neuron, a former rosident of ConneLlsville, ntnv mayor of the city of Now Castle, has ma*! a raraark- abie record in the police department miniutration. The receipts of the department, and value of work done on the' s-ireets, amounted to a trifle under JJ3.000. Returns to Camp. Powell, a member of the 110th Heganent Hospital corps left this morning for Camp Hancock, AUT gusta; Ga., .after spending a furlough at his hsrne here. J2 ENGINES AVAILABLE 'iVlifire 100 Are Seeded In Pennsylvania Yards at Pitcairn. By AH3oci;ited tress, ; "SVIASHI-N'GTOM, Jan. "-26.--A marked example of the engine shortage was showr by reports from Pitcairn yards, east of Pittsburg on the Pennsylvania, where one tiny Oils week 91 heavy trains were in the yards, requiring 160 heavy -locomotives to move them. Only 12 engines were available. The yard held whole trains of empty coal cars which could not be moved for lack of engines. . Ice and snow partially filled the engine pits and the place was so cold that repairmen found difficulty in working. Gross negligence of-railroads under private management iu care of locomotives is a -principal cause of the present congestion, according to a re- SEWER GASJINDS WAY INTO CELLAR; ·WOMAN is INJURED Ignition Wrecks Kitchen in Madison Avenue Home at Early Hour Today. \ FIRE DAMAGE IS SLIGHT RIDING'SEAS MOUNTAIN HIGH IN A LEAKY SHIP GAVE LOTS OF THRILLS To Bert Howard Jn His Third Trip in "Old Bhie Goose of the Ocean." GLAD TO SEE PORT AGAIN VOCJl'J)El) IX I'EAKCE ,,, ,,. - (Continued ifrom. Yesterday.) Blame First, Since IVater lanes Froze,, DecBmbcr 16 ._ At . 0 a . ,,. lt stopped In This Case tity Supply Vas Jfot| snowing and we picked up the Texas' Seeded; Fire Hydrants for Domes- -'survivors, almost dead Irom exposure, tic Snpply Vanned as Dangerous.; UQti we iad »a awful Ume in getting i them aboard. First their boat would ,, , , be riding sea above us, and the next ·Erosion ot gas this morning to j mhmu s - nc wbuW be undcr the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. W. j a8( b u t wku sW , J Uard worfc and Kern in Itadison. avenue _ painfully j many a tQriu w { M ^ · but not seriously burned' Mrs. Kern j !lboard ^4 w · t]]e sjck bay where ^ ey . , U ^ , e e and . as an i e n , are now We started scouting around s.deratle damage to ^ the tot*«a__ta j £or ,,,, own boata ^ Ioun / lhem at 9 a. m. "We were battling with a heavy us being 1 in. n sinking coiMiition. Af 2 p. m. th« weather cleared up and 3own a little and we turns · for we Q.TQ tJik- tages of the calm siiGll. There Berlin Toutli First in Somerset County to Spill Blood iu War. Daniel Millhouse ot Berlin has received word that kis'soii, Dauiel;~Jr. t i-who is serving with General Pershing's forces in France, v/as shot in the shoulder during an engagement with [.he enemy. TO Millhouse belongs, the honor of being the first or the patriots ot Somerset county to shed blood in the battle for democracy. He has been serving in the Heavy Artillery 'for two yearn. which the effects of the blast were kitchen dislodged and scattered about Gas cotapany after caniiuctinjj an in- vcstlgcitian decided U was not natural gas which exploded and caipe to .the conclusion that gas Irom the sewer had found its' way through a trap located inside the cellar wall. Tests i tho sea cal: arc making ing a is a predicted storm a. few hours ahead of us, so we are making what we can before we hit it, for the Lord rf tho gas. lines showed no 'leakage !°»° w s what wi iu « we are hit there. In -the absence from home of Mr. Kern, SuDerintendent J. E. Angle, of in the shape we are in. There are mysterious things happening and it seems queer to me that we are Afloat the gas com-pany, made arrangements i n £ht new, to have the sewer tapped and the gas j At 9 P; m - we Ut a'Sflimlle gale carried off . from; a point iuiide the j attd w ° house. Street manholes are frozen | but · been doing .everything down ever -since. We pitch- WATER TO BE DRAWN FROM FIRE HYDRANTS FOR DOMESTIC USE Firemen. to Be On Hand at Plugs in Hill District Tomorrow Between ' i) and 11 A. M, Superintendent of Public Safety M. B. Pryce announced this afternoon that persons living in the hill district will be supplied'with water from the flre i plugs tomorrow morning^ between D and 11 o'clock. Firemen, who understand the plugs, will be on hand to see that the, people are supplied with water and to 1 shut them off properly so thM they will not freeze up. 'Firemen will be at. the following plugs in ibe morning: ' Corner of Park and Edna' streets; corner of ·Murphy and East Crawford avenue, CLOSEATNOONON MONDAYJS RULING Begalations For Observance of the IVeekly Holiday Are Again Bevised. COOPERATION IS URGED Fuel and Food Administrators of tlie · County Believe That Business Hen Take Kindly to G«rfield Conservation Plan and Urge All to Obey. over and this -is said to account for j cd - rocked and tossed about until I the extra pressure and the probable j thought we would.split in two. All leak in the Kern line. . j ot ·** on top of what happened be. The explosion set (Ire to paper i n ; fore. " The seas are running moun- tbe cellar and scorched the wall paper''alns which they estimate are from in the cellar way. ! The.Arc depart-! 15 9 to 25 * feet high. Oh boy! -talk nient was'called, but tlie Maze was ex-j al) out the "Shoot the Chutes"! tinguistied by neighbors when the flro-i w " e are wearing Itte preservers and men reached the scene. The fire was! there are two ships standing by ttie first since, the general freezing of | ease we go clown. The captain sent have been, carrying from neighboring water lines and there was. some ap-' rr. n ,i,,,,»* ,,,, i^TM TV.TM Q corner of Crawford avenue and Council alley, and the J. A. Lyon plug in .Hast Crawford avenue. ., Nearly eycry house ill the sections affected by the order'is-without water, due presumably to the freezing of service lines. The Third ward school i ; building has been out off and children prehension as to. the utility of Qre hydrants. _ Fire Chief W. E. DeBolt and employes of the Connellsville Water company were engaged today in an inspection of hydranta to deter- FOREMSLIABLE They Most Pay Income Tax. Notice mine if they are open. , Sent Out. Today Indicates. - In some parts of. the city, according! Foreign born residents .should ap- to reports, hydrants have been open-'predate-:.the fact that they are liable ed, for domestic^.^ater supply in thei under the income tax and nle returns, absaauce\ct:. tha.-Jidmc -K«pp]y.i^Uti-v toj..i£4thelrV. riicooiefi ^frotn?--Vall^-i3butces frozen --service lines. Superintendent!aggregated $l,tWO during 1917 for un- M. B. Pryce today appealed to the j married persons of either ser or those people to immediately discontinue-tbis'H v i n S apart from husband or wife or practlct for- the. reason that after be-1 ' c £ne income from all sources reaches ing opened the hydrants are sure to I? 2 ' 01 ? 0 £or the. same period in the cases home:!. DR. COLBORN FIRST LOCAL PHYSICIAN IN ARMY TURNED BACK Is Given I)iscliarg« from (lamp leo. freeze unless tliey are properly drained. x . · ' The water situation was not improved today and will not Improve until there is a thaw. eral McAdoo by Interstate Commerce Commissioner McCord. DISCUSS.INCINERATORS City Conncil "Will Take Up Xatter on Monday Jfight. Members of council last evening conferred at City. Hall with Representative Osborne of the Roberts Garbage Incinerating company, Pittsburg, relative to incinerators his concern is putting on the market. : The company has been making furnaces for home garbage disposal and is turning its at- tition to outfits for municipal use. A representative will be at the meeting of council Monday night at "which time some action may be taken look-, ing toward, the garbage removal, the contract for which is to be relinquished January 31 by M. Derencln. No action ot any, kind' was taken last night- Attending the meeting were members Duggan, Pryco and Hoover. PLEADS SELF-DEFENSE Cole Bowers Claims Dr. Goodwin Threatened Hl» Oim Lil'e. - Ip the trial of A. Coleman Bowers, of Cheat Neck, for the killing of his brother-in-law,* Dr. Janies R. Goodwin, which'began in Morgantrwn yesterday, the dafendant asserted that he had fired in self-defense only after the physician had made a motion with his hand towards his hip' pocket, in which be was known to have carried a revolver at'times. Bowers' testimony was corroborated by that of his wife who related that her brother had hecome very angry because she and her husband would not accept his invitation to eat th'oir Christmas dinner with him at his home in Bowood, Nicholson town| ship. He left the house and returned j in about ten. minutes when the shoot' ihg took place. " A motion-to iruash tbe indictment against Bowers, made after the commonwealth had rested 'm the case, was overruled and the court ordered that the case proceed. It is expected that a verdict will not bo .reached unta Monday. ", of married individuals. The law applies to "individuals." not to citizens and includes all persons resident in the Xini.ted States, native, natural born anrl naturalized citizens, resident aliens and non-resident aliens of both seies. Collector C. G. Lewellyn .is endeavoring-- to afford ever}' facility to taiailes for filing returns and payment of tax at an early date and for this purpose has assigned Depnty Collectors J. T. Callioun and H,-W. McConnick to assist Division Deputy John Irwin in the work of giving instructions and receiving the tax. They arc located in rooms 1 and Z at the federal building over the postoffice. TAIiUABU! TEAM KEtLKD. Horses Worth $1,000 Go Over 500- Foot Emlionkmcut. "Wlhen wagon loaded with heavy mining timbers slipped over a 300- foot embankment Thursday afternoon near Tippecanoo two horses, varucd ANOTHER CONTEST Between the Spellers of Johnson and Jli*e Schools: Former Scores. On yesterday afternoon the pupils ot room No. 3 of tlie Johnson school in BuJtokin township, under the supervision of Miss Eva Coffman, teacher, enjoyed a very pleasant sled ride to the Rice school, taught by Miss Hazel Bowser. A spelling contest tcwk place between the sixth, seventh and eighth grade pupils of the two schools, Miss Coftman's class being victorious. On :i former occasion the pupils of the Ifc'ce school held a contest with the pupils of tne Johnson school. The pupils of the latter {nought the contest a trifle unfair, therefore they decided to visit the H-iee school for a return contest, the result ot 'which was another victory. 'At the end oE the contest the following pupils remained on ' the floor: Bessie merman, "Walter Zimmerman, Kate .Colborn, Itay Herbert, at n.OOO were killed'and Henry Hac- i Kuhns kett and. Ediward Craig, narrowly es- | ^ we ^ caped death._ Th-e' horses and wagon ! were owned'by the Brownsville Con-! strucrion company... · j Fntafc Kuhns and HEI) CROSS ESSAYS. Zim- Anna need Ethel . Greenaljnrg Boyn Home. Norman Ritenour, EUle Nedfow, Charles Boute, Hugh Wylie, Lloyd Luta, William Porture, Stanley Otto, Smith Prinkoy, Jesse McManus, Edgar Gordon, Howard Grey, Edgar Crou- shpre, -Frank Freed, Albert Anderson and Dominic Pranso, ail of Greensburg, went through Connellsville this morning to spend a live day furlough from Camp Lee, Petersburg, Vo, for Call. ' T-om Davidson, of-South Pitisharg street, irtio recently enlisted in the avlatrnn corps in now at homo, awaiting a call. IVed in Cuinheriand. Edward Albert Mitchell of i Mount Pleasant and Virginia EvangelLne Long of Woaddiale were granted a license to wed at,Cumberland. ar Borough Hiffh Scliool' Students Complete for Prize. The -Y. B. C., of the Dunbar High Trains Temporarily Annulled. In order to expedite the movement of coal ail passenger trains running} school met in the regula-r class room on the C. L. W. Division of the Balti- yesterday afternoon at 2 p. m. A more Ohio rajlroad, running be-i prize essay contest was he4d, the sub- twoen "Wheeling and Cleveland wJllbejject: ""VThy v/e should join the'Red annulled for tomorrow. Word to thin'. Cross." effect'was/received yesterday from- A very interesting group of essays Baltimore by City Ticket Agent -iL E.' was given by the members of the class Shaw. I The prize was. not decided upon by ' ___ l -the club. Improvements are to he j made by -next meeting. Suggestions S were offered by Miss Baker where improvement could be made nnd mater- Snow tonight / and Sunday, strong northeast to north winds IB the noon -.wea'thcr forecast for "Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Record. ' 1018 1017 Maximum 4S 41 Mini-mum '.--^ :22 20 · Wean --- J6.- 34 The Yough. river remained stationary dirrins the night at 1.30 foot ial secured.' Knitted Articles Wanted. Persons knitting for tbe Red Cross are requested to complete their work as quickly as possible as a shipment to lied Cross headquarters will be made next week. Miss Harriet Clark, chairman ot the knitting committee, asks that all completed knitted articles bo turned intn the local Red Cross headquarters at as early a date next week as possible. J/c.Uer Says. Dr. A.-J. CoHorn has been honorably discharged froih tlie army medical service at Camp Lee, according to a letter received by The Courier today. The letter states Dr. Colborn has been relieved of duty on a surgeon':3 certificate of disability. He plans to resume practice in his lor- me-r offices here. JKBE! BOTTHAJf WRITES HE'S SATE Uf FRANCE Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Boivinan, of Bast Cedar avenue, received a card from .Revised regulations for the second weekly holiday Monday in .the interest of fuel conservation were compiled at a conference yesterday in Un- jontown 6C' members of tie Fayette County Fuel Board with County Fuel Administrator John G. Barbour and County Pood Director Charles L. Davidson. The specific orders made up at the conference are designed to correct inequalities attendant upon the observance of tbe first holiday last week. Stores dealing in foodstuffs, will be allowed to remain open to noon, instead of, all day as was the rule followed last week. It was ruled that cigar stands in hotels and' restaurants must remain closed. Theatres", pool rooms, bowling alleys, hilliard rooms and dance halls may open Monday but must close Tuesday. The following formal statement was issued: * "General closing of stores and merchandising in Fayette 'county will be undertaken on the next nine Mondays as a reiiult of a formal interpretation of the Fuel Administration's 'heatless day' rulings made by the Fayette county fuel committee today. Chairman John G. Barbour and his associates expressed the conviction that public sentiment is in favor of a general closing, as requested by- Fuel. Administrator H. A. Garfield, and 'the hope that, £or patriotic reasons, if for no other, there will-be a hearty response. "In bespeaking the cooperation of the community, the fuel committee trusts that it will have the support of aTl good citizens, and that this support will result in a concerted effort on. their part to discourage-any . at-'.. ,t«rApt'.t9^violate:theJ3-a'rl6uB ? i»rovisidns. ; of the closing orde 1 -. "In the control of the sale of foods the fuel committee acted upon the advice of County- Food Administrator Charles L. Davidson, to whom was delegated from state Headquarters the authority to determine whether it iras necessary for. food' stores to remain open all day on Mondays.or only until noon. Tlie following statement was issued by Charles L. Davidson, Fayette county food administrator: " 'All bakeries, wholesale groceries, retail groceries and meat markets may remain open on Mondays until 12* o'clock, noon, and shall confine all their son, James, last evening an- sa ] es to articles of food alone' Bouncing the safe arrival in France | .. Tnc , f 0 ii owing rn iings have been of the regiment of Forestry Engineers | made by j^ Fayette connrr fuel ,,,,,,. of wMch he is a member. "Arrived j mjttee regarding the closing rule in Safe. Some trip," was the -brief but | efrect for ^ e nej:t nine Mondays . expressive message. 14 HAVE SMALLPOX Diseioe is l*remlent at Nilan Station, Spriiighffl Tuwnship. Drug stores must confine sales to drags.and medical supplies only. "All bakeries, retail groceries and meat markets inay remain open until noon; for the sale of-food only.- t "Wholesale*sroceries; prodnce, establishments, . etc., should not trans- Fotirteen cases of illness in Sprtog- j act OU 3 ines s' :afte V. nooa on Mondays, hill townshi!.were, toBnosed yester-j but noQilas . in ^ order is to b£ m . day as smallpox by Dr. 0. H. Altaian, representative of the State Board of Heakh.'. AU. the victims live about, the village of Nilai. -..-' Four- .generations.are victims of. the hom« of.Phillip .Richards, : where;the epidemic in ^.ihis^.sec- tion is said ; to 'hare, had'J-its"-origin. Stricken -with r -the plagcie 'artMr'.;and. Mrs. Richards;--her..mother, three hoys. Mrs. Levina Paul,. r a; "daughter, of.'Mr. . ... _. .-. -,-..-·-.··,,, ··,.__.: j iltl 3 terpreted as discouraging, the prompt removal of freight from, railroad cars or warehouses, at any 'time, during the day.'- - . - . ."'Cigar stores, confectionery and fruit. stores should remain closed throngSi the flay. - ''Garages: may maintain necessary heat to protect property from damage, but should eoajiiit! shop wort to emergency repairs. "Cigar stands in hotels, restaurants and 'places of amus^mrat should remain closed on Mondays. "Bars must be closed on Mondays. "All other stores should remain closed. v "Pool rooms, billiard rooms, dance and Mrs. Klchards.'-.-'aiid^. her dnglitcr. Mr. i and their two boys ara ;s.ui?ering with th« disease in a nearJjy house) and so far only Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hartman hare been stricken in the third bouse ·where'smAlVpox; exists. Shortly after MJS. Paul returned j . _ . . , ,,,,,, . .. ,, * " j^ j halls and bowling alloys must remain : . . cl ° 5ed from. Cleveland, 0., where she beoii visiting, she and her daughter i wore takon ill. Physicians were call- | ed who diagnosed the ailment as i chicken pox and the house was quur-, ,, . ,,-,,,.,, . , ,, _ , , . ,, ,..,.. antined tor that disease: Other «iem- ! Jtjrk ^""^ A TM. ted Fnr Violating; instead of Mondays," S HORSK OX SIDEWALK. bers of the family contracted the disease and it spread to the two oilier nearby houses. TIME LOST City Ordinance. - )Mark Kcrfoot was arrested yesterday aflcrnotm .by Patrolman p. ji. Rulli charged with driving on the side, walk with his horse and wagon. Kcr- foot is a driver of a coal wagon and p lay-off ^foudays 3lust Xot Be i s t ree t residoncu Jlmle Up. Says CariK-lu. ^ H u waa ^^ (o ^^ .^^ According to a message sent to t he f Mayor John Duggan this morning but did not. show up. DAVID 1VOKK2AX STBICKKX. Pcunisylyania Department of Jjibor and Indiiulry by Fuel Administrator Garfield, uny increase in working time by industrial establishments on other' days of Uic week to mnke up for lost j BnllsUio To)vnshi]i 3fan is Victim" of time by tbe Monday lay-off, will -be j Paralysis. considered an evasion of tho closing, David L. Workman, a,well known order and a violation of its spirit. j resident of Bullskin township', suffer' '.-- i ed a stroke of paralysis Thursday Will Address Yanilerblit S. S. Workers j evening about 6 o'clock at his home at D. M. Hertzes a"d Joseph Forsythe ! Dellviinv. His left side is partially of the Payisttc County Sunday school i paralyzed. association will address the district i He suffered great pain yesterday convsht'ion to be held is the Christian i i )u t today is resting much easier, church ^.t Vandrnbilt tomorrow after- I . . ' ] noon and evening. | Snfe In France. I ~ ' Mr- and Mrs. James McFarland, ot ! Services fit toEnly Home. ; Somerset have received a cablegram Rov. D. 15. Minerd ot Dunlrar 'will announcing the safe arrival in Franc* cond-ict services at the county home of their son. Lieutenant Fred Mcfte- tomorrow afternoon at. 2.30- o'clock. land

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