The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1931
Page 8
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SIX I BRUSHING UP SPORTS Phillies Slon Re/I Hi.-, •Streak at FJohl Straight; Bucs Down Docluci'j. The St. I.o':ls 0'jrdiunls ran into o strc-nK rbilly dcfen-e nml IK-.S- t°rful pitching liv Phil Colllu* Monrihv ami the Na( ; o:ia! cha-nn: nj>d leaders' rrcorrt of roii^erutK-' 1 \vlns ended at eight pame.s. Cclrl weather and rain resulted In the pcsiponincnt o( five fames in two "iniors. • j Collins limited tl'c Hc'l Write to' F':ven Mis while (lie PMK mail?' the most of their five off I!nlh- : ban. A liot"er bv Klc!n' nnd dou-! ble bv Mallon in the sixth pro- \ vlded the wlnim mnrpln of the 'i to 1 victory. Tlv> Cards' run wits counted on Orsntll's Irlplu and FrisctTs double. Dazzy Vanee failed to stem the tide of defeat lint lias been sub- merglne the Robins rnll'.cr insularly this season. The I'll (sum Rh Pirates beat Oa/zy and the Dmlscrs 4 to 2 yeslcrriav with Heine Melno llmifi-'d the Drooklvn ehilj to live hits. The Bucs counted throe KCOITS in Hie fourth on four singles nnd a sacrifice. The Washington Senators ami Detroit Tigers played the only gan-e In (he American league. Tlie Senators won in walloping fashion, 14 to 4. The Senators pounded out 18 base hits and the Timers 11 iluilns the encounter. Cronin and B of the Nats hit homers. Fischer went the route for the Nnls while they took tbclr heavy lillllng mil Back to Hi? Old I asks Moon's Helper from Mul- h^im G^ts Pretty Good Piirsr. (or Labors. HOLB-T^-ONe THE FIRSTTlMe" —HE EU6R. PLAYED - SuTuuecifj-ig; Jack Dale Rivals "Frank Mcrrhvell" of Alga- Fiction Fcurtctn In One. There arc H golfers from the United States listed (is contenders for the British Amateur championship May 18 ill Westward Ho! Their.names arc George Volgt. The Card Intlci. The Illinois Athletic Commission has started on cxtsnsivs card index on the wrestling Industry, Including complete information on j past performances ami present af- ' filiations. That will Iw very fin:. Indeed, If none of Ihe wrestlers steals the Index. * « « Notes on RotfenMs. Gus Sonnenberg butted Bill Dc- metral-through the ropes the other night Injuring a couple of spinal vertebrae. Stranglcr Lewis \va) shorn of his championshlo in Montreal by a -commission which sustained the charge that he bit a hunfc from the wrist of one Henri De Glanc. The mean things! The Best RiKht-Hander. Who is the best right-handed pitcher' In baseball today—Ferrall or Earnshaw? Bill Dickey of th: Yankees says Earnshaw. Earl Combs of the same team says Perrell. .Sam .Jones, who has been flinging' t^e apnle rtnwn there fnr 20 years, says Pcrrell is nol onlv the best right-hander but the b?st pitcher .in the game, inclnrtlne Grove. The score 'slands two to one in favor of Wcs. But that leaves out the vote- of a whole ball team that would be cast in toto for George Livingston Earhslia\v. The team Is Ihe Cardinals. . Waleh for Jameslown. In Ihe flurry and bustle over such -Imposing three-year-olds a? Mate. Twenty Grand. Fx)»lpol<r Vanderpcol. etc., do not overlook Jamestown, who may establish record this year as the best of the lot. Eleven years ago Man o' War did not lose a race, bul he d!rl not compete In Ihe Kentucky Dorby As Ihe tipslers say: Tab Jamestown. * • * The Blf cinys. Jack S'carkey. of course, should slay Primo Camera in very shor order. But whether he will or not depends unon whether or not h- grows tired, a oiniut old Sharke custom. Jess Willard was sevei times faster than Camera cv< could be even at the dinner t^Mc Yet big Jess was slow. If sinrk»v docs not knock Camera kicking h- can have tbe eight-ball, as far as your correspondent is conc3rn:d. HOW THEY FAYETTEV1IJ.E. Al'Jc., (UP) — Horatio AlRler. Jr., fan:.?a boy writer, would have to give considerable tlicmulit Ivfore he could' Binnlnglmn writ: a fictitious story equaling ' Little Rock the (rue one about the life of Jack Atlanta Mc - i New Orleans The life of Dale, all Southwest! Memphis conference foot ball player from! Nashville Aikansas mid coach elect of Ar- i ^foblle kansas Slai^ Coliese, Jonesboro, Cbaltano'-L-a reads like "Frank Merriwell." Since coming lo the University of Arkansas in 1927, Dale has been a rcijnlar on tlv football nml truck teams for lliree yoara. He is captain of the (rack team thLs year ami has never been defeated In (\:c pole, vault event in n dual meet. He was a unanimous choice for a fullback on the mythical all- Conference team lust year. He 'as also chosen captain of the ll-star Southwjsl conference grid levcn which defeated a picked eam of Big Ten players al Dallas _. ,. . , . . New Year's Day. At the close of' J, lllj lc ' ! 1 ' lln cotball season lasl year Dale was] „ "T. . ' slrong candidate for the -mosi I ^ ashln S lon .Southern W. 19 13 13 13 13 11 II National League \V. St. Louis ........... 14 New York Boston Chicago .... Pittsburgh .. Philadelphia Brooklyn ,.. Cincinnati .. 14 13 n 11 9 . a Pet .G7fl .0-52 .550 .510 .-IS1 .•150 .-121 .360 NATIVE HORN' JAVS SIIOKTEI! TOK10. (Ul>)—Japanese children born in Hawaii and tile United States are taller and stronger limn those born in Japan. Dr.-F: Ishihara. of (lie Medical School of Tokio Imperial University s:iid on rctui'ii frojn an America]) tour. The physician Warned tlie Japanese cus- lom of squiiltlng on floors instead of sitting In chairs as partly responsible. American League W. 12 10 13 12 •nioble player to his team" [ro- )hy given hy a Texas newspaper.' ! Five medals, two trophic.", six' clters. two minerals, a nicir.ber ol .wo intramural championship! earns, one university track rcc- • ord. and ine:nuerslii|i in prastira!- j y prominent campus organisation. | comprise the lisl of honors wen by i 3alc during his four yenrs al Ar- k'anras. He will get his B. S. E, degree this spring from llic C'ol- leje of Education. Detroit 12 Chicago <i Boston I) St. Louis Q Pet .776 .700 .COfl .570 .473 AW .a-m .111 Pel. .600 .538 .545 .523 .5'JO .•\:a .•151 .31 j IVofcssnr Given High Bench BOSTON. (UP)—Two days bc- jforc his 30th birthday anniversary. Professor John J.' Burns of Harvard Law School was appointed by Governor Joseph B. Ely as n Superior Court judge. Ilurns, a- Boston College graduate, is Ihe youngest man ever appointed to the superior tench in Ma=sachusetls. 11Y WILLIAM I!KA!JCHi:U NKA SiTvlri- iiporib KUIlnr CJLBVKLANn, May 1!.—Blgh' -.'irs a^o a strug^ltn^ circus expired In Cologne. Germany. Creditors allachcd, the. to-H':!?.^ li")r. and tlic f.".v wretc:iej -A'-igans. 'Ill 1 ; il: of Ihe circus v.erc o'.'.l o'. jobs. One of Ihe circus pcopb was t'l: filrong Man. Anolher his un- dcr.s'.udyr ft Htrapp'ng young fcUo'.v frcm Kleln-Utcl:ow, who had wcik- cd up a trick of letting an automo- :;i!e run over his milging c'.icsl. The Stroui; Man had enough pfennigs to see him (o Berlin. The undei-sliidy had no pfennigs al all. sy he hunter) a joij. At Mulhelm, a suburb, he ran across a b'lilciing tig, and applied for v.-ork. Vos dein name?" asked tho foreman. "Max Schmeling," l!:e young man replied. So he was handed a bricklayer's luxl and told to hustle. in the n?w stadium on the lake front In Cleveland the oilier day. photographer handed the same young man a trowel and asked him to lay a few bricks. The photographer's idea was nol parliculaily original. II is a quaint old photographic custom to ark pugilistic champions to pose in quainl ways. A Philadelphia photographer almost ruined Jack Dempsey during the war by snapping him at toll in a Philly shipyard, the sll^hl inconsistency being that the young rlvelcr svas wearing patent leather shoss. Bul the Cleveland photographer's Idea unconsciously expressed a sym- l>ol of opportunity. The young man who eigiit years ago carried the hod for bricklayers a', TUulhelm. now a.s heavyweight champion of tlie world, will fighl Young Striblin? in lhal stadium July 3 for more money l!:an a battalion of Ci3:miui. bricklayers cosiltl earn by building a cily. When you stop lo think about it, it's stupendous. The new stecl-brick-concrelc- duralnmin stadium on tbe lake ronl in Cleveland, buill as a home or the .Cleveland American Leagu? baseball learn and for such bl .ports events as the fight July 3 ind football games, may nol be illetl to its 120.000 capacity for th? IUTZ THEATER Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday Through the (errors of sav- :iKe Africa they fought (heir way — to romance! GAMES TODAY Ronlhcrn I.carnc Memuhis at Birmingham. Chatlancoga al Now rlcans. Lllltc Rock at Atlanla.- Nashvllle at Mobile (two games). American I^easur. New York al Chicago. Philadelphia at St. I-ouls. Washington at Del roil. Boston at Cleveland. National League Cincinnati at. Boslon 12 gai I'lll.sturuh al Brooklyn. Chicago al ^ew York. St. Louis at'Philadelphia. The left heel should never be ccnsciou^ly lifted in Mir b.ickswin ;. It is U-e turning of l:u: hips Mnxtc Rosenbloom wen n fisht : iTccnlly in Portland. Or,-. Far ! enouirh away from the niuhl clubs !of Manhattan lo make fijhting safe i for Miixie. . tau;es the left knee lo biMid sulli- cltntly to pull Hi: left hejl oil the ground. In iron shots where less hip ac- lien is required, the kne2 action Atittafcr's Death ..,..„, PHILADELPHIA. (UP) — Th; death of Ihe giant anleater remains the unsolved mvslcry of th» Philadelphia ZOD. The sntcaler. one of the largest In captivity, died suddenly and the palholoslsls al- tached to the zoological garden have been unable to determine what caused dealh afler the animal had been there for four months antt was apparently Ihrivin?. MANYJTRTPS TO DKNTISTS D. (UP)—There are 431.-ilifling the ;',! lECW SIOTS WHERE LESS HiP ACTlOSJ is ACTlWJ 15 WOT GREAT ' EMCXXiH TO UFT THE UEFT MO of Chicago's 600,000 fchool children suflering from dental de- feck and they have a total of 2- po.000 cavities that nerf flllin? feccorting to former Health com- jmlssioncr Arnold H. Kegel and Dr enJan j"Ju S V Partrids °' past prcsl of the Chicago Dental Socie- not be enough la lift the left ll;cl olt "- c ground. Coii'.cicusly left heel will cause n j swaying aclicn of the h:p-, which must be avoided In th? put s T05IORIIOW—How aors i,nc execute a pilch sliot uitli haok- ipin? cd Some cf Ihe wrcsllers have start- j wearing beards, makiu- ,!,,.„ 1 eU- rppnvcrrd frnm lumbagt, and Tucstlnv-Wrclnesdiiy Thursday f liicks S-ffe,- Fifth SiraJglit '---• Trai'pln-s n. Second F?r Rcpiiul Barons. Rut ilcivyuhighl Cli:iin;>iun Jlax SrJimeliiig lco!<rd in at Ihe nc« stadium Cleveland Iht' clher tlay when*, on July ;t, lie will defend his lilte against YULMIS Slriulini;. Srhmdlnj is slionii us lie was nsktil In IKISC by a Cleveland jiholograplifr. heavyweight championship flijiit, but Madison Snuine Garden officials here are hopeful of a Sl.oao.OOO gale. At the scale of pric.'s for the bout $25 down, a scll-O'.it \voulcl spell o $1.500.000 KtiUv Already, with the fight more than a month mvtiy. mail orders from Clevehnd and parts of Ohio liave reserved more than S250.000 worth of ringside seats. Echmeling'.s p'.irse a.i a champion ought to'be pretty' £or)d pay for a bricklayer's lidiM: 1 from MulL:elm, at that. I Pefer Direct Sold R. L. Walker. Elyria. O.. horseman, recently sold Peter Dir;cl.'• 2:05 3-4, one of the lirjMy-loiilsil j stake candidates for the coming season, to a York. Pa., sportsman for $7.500. Rogers Hornsby says Charley Oriinm will rest, until he has complete! yrccovcrpd from lumbago and mnybe longer T. you were Charley Grimm would you worry a little atout thai? Oil) YOU KNOW THAT-Mi!:? Gibbons jr., son cf the old St. Paul middleweijht, won Hie handball championship of the University of Detroit in a resent tournament . . . Jumlio Elliot;, Ir.e Pliilly southuaw, wcrks cross'.vortl puzzles with a fountain pen. the brave big bnttc . . . Rabbit: Maranville snys Shekel's slowball is "a z;phyr tiiat s-i:ls np ID t!;e plnte ard ilien tain's from sherr in- eitia ns it passes the hatter." . . . Georgo Voict took along to the British golfing wars n rabbit's foot that Jess Swee!s;r carried when >-o won the championship at iMuirfield in 192C. . . . During production work Jn (h( llnuby Joi!':. novlcs. \i_ director afked Bobby to make a midiron shot straight at the camera, about 25 feet in front of him . . . Bobby did, and i!ie ball broke the lens. '• Tit' ^•••mnhi'i ciilel's continued : t"'l!r\vr> in-i"h poinc on their voad i l- : 'i yt'Tdav invadint trn home ! r-'rk of Ihe p^^e f-eltin^ Binnln^- i I- "n H-irons, '.viirj 'iwillslicil off an- I r'l-fl- ''ictorv fKr themiflvi'5 mid i IV' ^fifth straivlil ilefeat for Ihe Pn'-i H:\'tv l'i-i]tc-d Hie Mcinnhi- ••^ in six hiirjV.s ,TTl hit; nialCH • '|"li'd nhi- hit^ rff Kelly fur n j i in ?. i>'nr,inii. llutchc-nn of Ihn | r-'-i-k- and \Ve:s of the Barcns hit h—i~. f'he TJKIe Rnck ^Yatvlers Irav' ri:i«T «-tv down in Oeonjia won a : i'-'"e frotn the Atlanta Crackers 1 "'-tcrday and Inancd over the - C. — x nnd into S'-cond p'nce. Init jl'li ri-'vorsl laps behind the Bari r—s The scere was ?. In 1. Newsom m , limited the hard-hitting Cracker:-. •* '. to lluee hin".le<i while the Pehs cot I revcn off Morrison. All runs were sen-eil in the sixth inning. ^he N"',v Ovleau^ Peliciin could !>"> 1-nM Hie Loik-ouLs off In the run', Inp'nrs nnd (he Chriltntwa l n nm finished w^th a rush to score i fiv,: rnn<! and beal the Pelf. 5 [n ! 3. /indrus hit a homer with on- i c.n in Hie nintli. Barefoot was the. winning hurler. B'ack M^gic to Flourish At Columbus Convention j COLUMBUS. O.. (i)pi_Tf there I ore any new creation'; in the world ' if deception they will be disclosed .hew on June 2. 3. •) and 5. al llic cninal convention of the Inlcrnx- ; Ucunl Brolherliood of Masicians. ! 'J'iie convention will bring to| pet.her professional masicians from ; nil over Hie .world. According to i those In charge of arrangements ! for the gathering of "black art- j ists." there will be delegates from Berlin, Paris. London, .pidney. Australia, "and hundreds of cities of Hv> United States and Canada. The brotherhood wilt pay tribute lo Howard Thurslon. Inlcrna- lioncilly famous magician, a native nf Columbus. . i ._ There will be daily free shows i-, rt : theatres and in Ihe yards of the ' I 1 Courier News Want Ads Pnv. Ohio state houfi" 1 during the con- Paulino Uzcudun says !i? is will- vention. There also will b-j a free nuj to BO 25 rounds at Reno if the performance for Ohio's crinpled I'.^otnoters want him. They probab- children. !y want him to go—but- not 25 ; \V. W. Durbin of Kenlon Oo is r <™>ds. | president. THAT CAN'T v OfX and a lialf ounces of liquid is all one small tummy can hold. In each bottle of Dr. Pepper are five and a half ounces of pure sparkling water, little bodies need; and one ounce of pure cane sugar, in prc-digcsted form. That odd alluring flavor of mingled fruit juice, extracts and essences adds pleasure to nourishment. . . . Modern mothers have learned the new knowledge of sugar and its place in the diet of children. Hundreds have adopted Dr. Pepper as the happy solution of uniform sugar-balance, necessary 10 health. They give it at 10, 2 and 4. Dr. Pepper satisfies the sweet tooth. There's nothing in it can harm the delicate digestion, even of little "kids," 2 Sliows—Malmeo—1 ::',n and .'}:•!:> Admission—10-2."i ;u-.ii :;.v. 2 Shows nt Nivrlil -!i-:;n and 3:-15 Adm. Night—25 ami .";tv. All Children Admit;<>,i M I Have Tickets. KEEP A CASE ON THE ICE AT IO-2 AND 4 O'CLOCK

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