The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 15, 1955 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, January 15, 1955
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. L—NO. 248 BIythevllle Courier ' Mississippi Valley Leader Blythevllte Daily News , Blythevillo Herald BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JANUARY 15, 1055 EIGHT PAGES Except h |un D day y SINGLE COPY FIVE 'CENTS US Pledges Support In UN Quest Ike Promises To Back Bid For Airmen By JOHN* M. H1GHTOWER WASHINGTON (AP) — U. N. Secretary Genera) Dag Hammarskjold was assured to day of full U. S. support for his further efforts to obtain the release of 11 American airmen imprisoned in Red China. The assurance came from President Eisenhower whp said the "fundamental thing" Is the safe return of the nirmen, and added in a public statement: "We must support the U.N. in its efforts so long as those efforts hold out any promise of success." The statement was issued yesterday In what was reported to be a movo to forestall tough talk from members of Congress and others, lest this in some manner endanger the safety of the imprisoned men or their chances for freedom. Way Opened Administration officials are privately hopeful Hammarskjold's recent mission to Peiping will lead eventually to the • release of the airmen and possibly other U. N. personnel held by the Chinese Reds. Hammarskjold told a news conference in New York yesterday his mission had constituted a successful first step and. the way for further negotiation was open. But he gave no details. Hammarskjold reported, presumably In detail, to Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. at U.N. headquarters and yesterday Lodge reported to Secretary of State Dulles at Omaha, Neb., where both had gone for a briefing on the opera- lions of the Strategic Air Command. Dulles talked with Elsenhower by telephone and the presidential statement was released after that talk. The President said first reaction to the failure to obtain immediate release of the airmen "quite naturally ... is disappointing." Won't Foil Into Trap "All of us are rightly aroused," the President added, "that our airmen have not been long since released by their Communist captors In accordance with the clear terms of the Korean armistice." The men were taken by the Chiaese Reds two years ago during the Korean War. Last November the Peiping regime suddenly announced they had been sentenced as spies on charges the United States denounced as baseless. See FLJERS I'nfe 8 Pres. Guizado Charged In Assassination Plot Panama Assembly Votes Impeachment PANAMA (AP) — The National Assembly today impeached President Jose Ramon Guizado and ordered his arrest and trial on a charge of plotting the assassination of his predecessor, Jose Antonio Remon. Then, after almost four hours of; er the killing. Story Called "Senseless" Under arrest since yesterday, he assailed Miro's story as ".senseless." Guizado had asked the Assembly executive of this strategic central j for a leave of absence pending in- American republic in two weeks. ! vr-.stigation of the charges against The Assembly was summoned 10 \ hear the sensational confession of i special session which started at: 3:30 a.m., the lawmakers ,wore in 2nd vice President Ricardo Arias Espinosa as the third chiei •8PECIAL OFFICERS' GET INSTRUCTIONS — Chief of Police JoKn Poster (far right) lined up this group of special officers in Blytheville's Police Department before assigning them to duty. Vol- unteers of Dud Cason Post and Junior Chamber of Commerce, the men set up a toll system at Main and Division today and collected money for the March of Dimes. {Courier News Photo) | Remon at a race track here on Jan. 2 with Guizado's full knowledge. Guizado, as 1st vice president became President immediately aft- Bombers Strike China Mainland 2 Waves of Planes Hit Haimen; Little ' Red Resistance Met TAIPEH, Formosa (<P>—Chinese Nationalists four-engine bombers But No Blame Attached Commission Fingers Nicaragua As Source of Costa Rica Invasion I Blytheville's Junior Chamber of ; Commerce will observe National . . . . . . . ! Junior Chamber of Commerce week WASHINGTON (API — Without blaming the government of Nicaragua, the Organtza-; begimling tomorrow when mem- But the la'A-makL'r.s turned down the request after hearing a cham- ! ber clerk read the confession from ; Miro, wiio said he was the man ! *,yho fired into a lighted enclosure [ at the race track, killing President I Remon and two others, i Arias, who also is the foreign i minister, was. sworn into office at | 7:16 a.m. | Miro's confession said the mur- j der plot was carried out at. the in- j stigation and with the knowledge j of Guizado and the hitter's busi- _- . ; ness partner, Rodolfo Saint Malo. Church Tomorrow, UiA|i t fji ^ Guizado's son Jose Ramon Banquet on Monday | JrTnaels ^^/Gulzado.'saint Maio and Tomas Nieves Perez, another member of the construction firm headed by the president, were arrested yesterday. Miro said he had been prom- Jaycee Week Observed Here its border into Costa Rica. Then, it will honor Blytheville's . . . .... ..... ..... ... . . Meanwhile. Costa Rican forces ernmcnt to act more decisively to . towns. Nicaragua has denied anyj young man o f the year, five Jaycee struck at the Bed China mainland were reported closing in rapidly on I choke off war material today for the first time since Sep- [ La Cruz, in the northwest tip of j across its southrn border. tembcr and, for the sixth straight j the beleaguered country, where an | A t the saftie time, the Council day, blasted Tienao Island. } enemy band has grabbed a small The Defense Ministry said two | ar ^ a - Osceo/o Lads Finally Get Out of Memphis MMPHrS I/Pi— Two Osceola, Ark. youths were returned to their parent* by Juvenile authorities yesterday—but not before the two couples spent an anxious two days because the Juvenile Court overlooked telling them where the hoys were. The two—Jerry Vaughn. 14 and Clay Eatmon, 13—were picked up Wednesday morning by police. They said they left Osceola Tuesday ^to see how far we could hitchhike." A Juvenile Court spokesman whn wouldn't let his name be used, said the court neglected to notify the parents. He called it a "mistake which MS our fault" that had "never happened before and won't happen anain." The spokesman blamed "press ol other business" for the slipup. Before getting word of their sons' whereabouts the frantic parents and Arkansas officers had begun to organize a search (or them. Three Escape Any Injury in Crash Three persons escaped injury last night when a 1951 Oldsmobile driven by Floyd Ollison smashed into ihc rear of a Dodge panel truck driven by Buddy Miller on Highway 81 south of Blytheville. Both vehicles were heavily damaged in the accident, which occurred arount 10M5 p.m. In Municipal Court this morning, Ollison forfeited a $10.75 bond on a charge of failure to yield the right of way. Hearings on DWI Charges Delayed Hearings for two persons on charges of driving while under the Influence of liquor worn continued until Monday in Munlcipitl Court. Charged in scpnrnte cnscs nrc Joe Qreeson and Willie L.. Brown, Both were arrested last, night. In other action, Doyle Turner, Veterans Housing Quarters, forfeit- fid fi bond of $l!).7f) on n charge of operating ft motor vehicle with Improper stat* license. waves of bombers hit Haimen, 175 miles south of Shanghai. They were met by antiaircraft fire, but no Red fighters challenged them although jets are based 80 miles to the north. The Ministry said huge fires were visible at Haimen after the raids. Nationalist bombers also struck at Tienao, 15 miles north of the Tachens. The Ministry reported that despite heavy Communist antiaircraft fire nil the planes returned safely to their base on Formosa. The raici was made m darkness. The Ministry did not say how many bombers took part. Crews reported "excellent" results against gun positions and other military targets. Invasion Point Tienao is a possible staging point for an Invansion of the Nationalist-held Tachens, 200 miles north of Formosa. The island has been a daily target since a relatively heavy Communist air attack on the Ta- chens. The Defense Ministry reported also that Nationalist warships routed two speedy Communist torpedo boats near the Tachens late Friday night after a brisk exchange of gunfire. Chinese Red torpedo boats were last reported in action when thev sank the 900-ton Nationalist destroyer escort, Taiping, formerly the USS Decker, near the Tachens Nov. 14. Meeting late into the night, the OAS Council adopted a resolution In which it said its on-thc-scene investigation commission had reported "a substantial part of the war material was introduced over the northern border" of Costa Rica. Nicaragua is Costa Rica's sole neighbor to the north. The commission also reported to OAS headquarters here that a large part of the "military elements" came nto Costa Rica from Nicaragua Attack Condemned The Council — representing the 21 American republics — formally condemned the attack on Costa Rica. It asked the Nicaraguan gov- ordred its commission to send observers to "any place which might going; responsibility for the trouble, contending it Ls an internal uprising by Co.sta Ricans. "Firmer Stand Needed" Costa Rican representative be utilized for transport of troops George Hazera told the inter-Amer- military equipment toward j ican g rou p & "shouid have taken Co.sta Rica." In this connection,' a much firmer stand" and called j principal the commission was instructed to i "things by their true name." Ha- •Key Men" and present a good government award to a local office holder who, in opinion ,of a panel of judges, did an outstanding job during 1954. Jim Hyatt, former deputy prose- According to the confession, made to authorities yesterday, Miro carried out the killing alone. He said he borrowed the machine<?un used in the shooting from a Panamanian who formerly attend- i ed a technical school in Guate- Jose Ramon Gutzado mala. Cnn/ession Read Miro's confession was read by the Assembly's clerk to the special session, which began only a few hours after Guizado sent the chamber's president his request for a leave. Guizado acted after Cabinet ministers called at his police-guarded j home to inform him officially of ident reportedly asked to be given until 9 a.m. to decide his next step but authorities apparently were determined to press for his removal from office. In his message to the Assembly, Guizado said he was asking for the leave "until the acts imputed to me through the senseless declarations made by Ruben Miro are cleared up." A lawyer in his early 40s, Miro is widely known as an "official defender"—a legal officer whose duty it is to defend persons too poor to afford counsel. cutor and Osceola atorney, will be ] hiwe its observers visit all airports "in the region affected." Council President Jose Mora said this "of course includes Nicaragua." The five-nation commission announced in San Jose it had accepted an invitation from the Nicaraguan government to visit that country today. Costa Rica has accused the Nicaraguan government of having a hand in the invasion, which has been accompanied by bombing and machinegunnlng of Costa Rican US Says 'Show Me To Soviet A-Plan WASHINGTON (AP) — American officials — in a "show me" frame of mind -— waited today for the Russians to prove good faith in their belated offer to share atomic know-how with other peoples of the world. The Soviet Union announced yesterday its willingness to share with the rest of the nations the experience it gained in operating an industrial power plant. Chairman Lewis L. Strauss of the Atomic Energy Commission commented the Moscow offer goes only "part of the way" to\v<-ird President Eisenhower's atoms-far- peace plan. He also noted the Rus- .siajis "allowed more than a year to elapse" after Eisenhower made his proposal in n speech to the City Gets Its Tax Turnback The City of BlythevilJe's General Fund was $11,071.75 richer today after City Clerk W. I. Malin deposited a check for this amount from the State of Arkansas which represents the city's share of the state sales tax turnback. Mr. Malin stated that this year's i sign," but he c check is approximately $309 less Kremlin's record, than the sales tax turnback check straining on our part, nd we should received last year. wait for positive deeds benore a wait for positive deeds before allowing our hopes to rise." Neither the White House nor the State Department had any official comment on the Moscow announcement, but it was apparent that government officials concerned in the matter shared the reserve demonstrated by Strauss' use of the phrases "if the report is true" and "if the report is anything more than propaganda."' The Elsenhower plan calls for international atomic energy U. N. on Dec. 8, 1953 "before giv- j agency to be set up under the U.N.- ing this much of an indication of J and to act as a clearing house for " their attitude." Sen. Anderson be chairman of the Senate-House atomic data and material which D-NM), soon lo, would be u>>ed for peaceful pur- Atomic Energy Committee, called the Russian offer "an encouraging nitioned: "The counsels poses. Russia voted for the proposal after losing an attempt to McCarthy Asks Probe Of 1952 'Mail Cover' WASHINGTON Iff) — Sen. McCarthy <R-\Vis> said today he is Inking up with the Justice Department for possible prosecution the case oi the "cover" Senate investigators placed on his mail in the fall of 1952. A special put the agency under the U.N. Security Council where its veto re- power could be brought to bear. Strauss told newsmen at the White House yesterday the Moscow announcement goes only part way toward the goal of the Eisenhower plan because no mention was made of putting up Russian nuclear materials. He recalled that the United States last Nov. 15 "translated the President's words inlo action by allocating 100 kilograms of ura nium (220 pounds i for a world pool of fissionable materials for peace- lime purposes." Britain followed the next day with a pledge of 44 subcommittee composed of Sens. Ferguson (R-Mich) and George (D-Ga) investigated the incident early last month and recommended a. Justice Department study of the circumstances. They snid they found that an investigator for n Senate elections subcommittee, without gelling permission, had used ft rubber stamp to affix the name of Sen. Hen- hlngs (D-Mo) to ft letter requesting the "cover" on McCarthy's mail in the fall of 1952. "Mail cover" .Is the police term for gelling a report from postal authorities on correspondence lo nnd from someone under Investigation. It discloses only information on the envelope—not the contents. Pc.'tfiuson mid vesligation of McCarthy. They snid it is n device designed for use only by police to apprehend fugitives. Ferguson was defeated for reelection and no longer is in the Senate. George has announced he has no plan for further action to call the lo the Justice Department's allcnlion. McCarthy told reporters today he l.s writing the Justice Department to ask "what is required to bring it to their attention." He said that if they reply that "It take.s the Senate as a whole, then I'll make the necessary motion. This should go to the Justice Department and pounds of its nuclear material. The Russians will have an early opportunity to show whether they are in earnest. Comintr up Monday in New York is a meeting- of scientists from the Soviet Union, the United States. Britain, France, Canada, and India. Purpose of the meeting is lo recommend to U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold n lime, place nnd program for nn inlcrnn- llonnl technical conference already authorized by a U.N. re.solution. This same resolution, adopted Inst month, indorsed the atoms-for- pence program. American officials -said privately one rca-son for skepticism about Ihc Russian offer Is it seems en- th« propriety of Ita use in the in-|of a mail cover. a grand jury." lirely early for the Soviets to have Sen. Langer (R-ND) yesterday developed any substantial knowl- Introduced a bill to impose penal- odge from their experiments in relies up lo $5,000 fine and I'-rpc I "i-tor "-crk. American vcs^ je.'-.r.s in pit,.on for improi^r u,.; '.1 h. Today, sued a proclamation setting forth j Jen. 14-21 as Junior Chamber of i Commerce week in Blytheville. j In his proclamation, Mayor Jackson said "I urge all citizens of our community to give full considers- j tion to the future services of the ; Junior Chamber." ' zera renewed a Costa Rican plea for "arms with which to defend ourselves." But Nicaraguan Ambassador GhiHermo Sevilla Sacasa reminded the Council the investigating commission report "does not in any way involve my government which has already announced measures to avoid any intervention in inter- il affairs of Costa Rica." Mora told newsmen that United States and Ecuadorean planes have been flying "peaceful observation missions" over northern Examination for postmaster Costa Rica 1 Luxora will be open for appl'cs'.ioi In San, Col. J. Garcia of j until Feb. 8 the U. S. civil Service the Costa Rican general staff said Commission has announced. Postmaster Job At Luxora Open Demos Say Search For Reds to Go On WASHINGTON (AP) — Democratic senators said today their party's future, activities in ferreting out Communists will answer a bitter challenge flung by _ Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) at their leaders' sincerity. speech and be seated, on grounds he knew of no major battles brew- and that there were no reports at"his'headquarters of any military action except in the northwestern Complete information about the examination requirements and instructions for filing applications may be obtained at Luxora post office, the commission said Application forms are to be filed with the Commission office in part of the country. Garcia said it was difficult to make contact with the enemv because the invaders were scattering rapidly in the face j Washington. of advancing government units. its resolution, the OAS Conn, cil asked the governments of all 211 American republics to consider a | WASHINGTON l.fl—The Nautilus, ! Nautilus Trials Set The Senate by unanimous 84-0 vote yesterday approved a resolution denouncing- communism and endorsing continued investigation of the Communist conspiracy. House action Ls not required. The resolution, sponsored by Sen. Daniel iD-Texi and 53 other senators. was approved by the votes of 37 Democrats, 46 Republicans and one independent. But McCarthy questioned some Democrats' sincerity, saying he thinks some voted for the resolution to cet "the stench from their hands and the mud from their .skirls" resulting, he said, from date and place for a meeting of j world's first atomic submarine, i prlorcn ' their foreign ministers and secre- jwill start her sea trials on Mon- 1 tarif state to consider the da, vo months earUe Iwice rthy was required (D-La i, the tempo- officer, to halt his I least three years. EARTH FKOM 100 MILES UP — Tills photograph of the earth's surlncc from 100 miles up was made with a camera mounted in a Navy Acorbee Sounding Rocket during a rccord-brcak- Itjg night from While Sands Proving Ground, N. Mex. Camera looks almost due south, showing Rio Oi-'iHlp V "-y ••' l°w(-r bit. Dark streak at upper right 'is the Gull of California; black space above horizon is sky. From bottom to top the picture covers approximately 900 miles with the distance across the horizon estimated at about 1,700 miles. The photograph is an enlargement of a single 16mm motion picture him frame made by a standard gun turret camera modified for rocket use. (U. S. Nnvy I'lintn via A I' \VlrP|lluiliil he had violated Senate rules against imputing - unworthy or unbecoming" conduct to other senators. Each time he was allowed to resume. Hen. Kuchel (R-Calif) challenged McCarthy similarly on another occasion, but Long did not halt the Wisconsin senator a third time. McCarthy's speech was his first in the Senate since that body voted 67-21! last month to condemn his attacks on two Senate committees and some of their individual members. Lons; told reporters today "there is a determination among the Democratic leaders to expose communism wherever it might be" on the American scene. "The record will speak for itself qn the efforts to investigate and to ferret out subversive activities." He said he hopes and believes it will be a good record. Sen. McClellan <D-Ark). who has just taken over from McCarthy the chairmanship of the Senate Investigations subcommittee, said "the record the subcommittee will make in the 84th Congress I hope will be a sood one. At any rate, it will speak accurately when made." After the vote, McCarthy lashed at House Democratic leaders. Hs accused them of refusing- Rep. Martin Dies (D-Tcx) a seat on the House Un-American Activities committee, and said the refusal shows the Democratic party is controlled by "the Truman- Acheson wing (which) certainly has coddled, covered up and nurtured treason. Dies, a former chairman of that committee, has sought unsuccr»ss- fully to regain a seat on it since his return to Congress two years ago. The place he sought this year went Instead to Rep. Willis (D-La), who outranked Dies in seniority. Weather ARKANSAS— Cloudy, occasional rain mostly south portion this afternoon and southeast portion tonight. Cooler with lowest 28-38 tonight. Sunday partly cloudy and cool. MISSOURI—Fatr and cool thii afternoon; mostly clear tonight; colder southeast; Increasing cloudiness and warmer Sunday; low tonight 20s cast and 25-32 west. Minimum thlh mornhiK—28, Maximum ycstcrclfiy—40. Sunrise tomorrow—7:06. amidol today—5:13. Moan tc;mpf!rat\ire~34. Precipitation Inat 24 hours to 7 a.m. —.32. I'rcclpltntlon -Inn. I to dnt»— .9. Till* Date I,a*t Year Maximum yMterdny—50. Minimum till* ir,orrilnn— -13. ! wipiutiwi Janunry 1 to dato — i 4.18i

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