The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1952 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 16, 1952
Page 4
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PAGE RIGHT R!.YTHEVTT,I,B fARK.) COURIER XEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Minimum char** I tim* pti lint Z tim*« prr I'nt p .1 111 t limrs prt line pn Atr .......... lc I! limn per lint p*r d-if ....... 5<- Monlh p^r linr . . .- »"c Count fir* aTfrasr wofrts tr> lh# Vint. Ad ordered for Ihrrr or ii* (1m« anrt Hoppfrt hrforr rip) rail on Hill hr rlurjtfri fo/ Ihi 1 niHiihf o/ limM thr ad • rtrtf>trcd and arfJiiMmeiil nf hill m All rlaisUlrrt adirrllslnp; ro|.v niilt'd by prr^nns rc&Hhii otn sid (he tilj- must hr arrompamril by r QiiBMntred pinno Inning »nd repair. Call 2071 rinys. 2059 night*. A 2« tf K. R Alter—All conrtUKmlnK rf/tlS- trallon iwvlre. Pti, 247S. 102 K Ml*- wnirl. BlylhpTllle, Ark. 6« p* 76 Watch and Jewelry Repair I.DHI rutfhr* o,,! "PAT O'BRYANT Main & Second LO 3 r* t! J * " " " cb. i ,. I COMMHROIAI. nfiFRKiflnA'nOI * t A1r Conditioning, coninif-n lal hri' . fifl-isrhold rrfitKeriulnii /i-ivl.-r Phon „ 8351 day. 3175 nlpht 4l« 15 Main i 5 S3 rk 6 'J Artirrlivn* nrrlrrfrf l«r irrrcnlar In trHon* inkr Ilip» on* IUUP rahTr No ri-5nnn«ihMi( v mil h* lahrn f All rUMU rrviiri'r 01 rrl Bus/ness Apartment for Rent Un'tirn'^hpri 4 inoni i"if V*I(T -i-i- j "•> huh P n't oli* t ' i <1-in hirk pr^; -h •inr-irlf hnf vi'3»r-r hr-^i^;. ^rr *' :n 1 I ir 311 N. fi'h P1 ' H pk ?l ; I f. 1.1 pis ?1 . ? ,S rni film up:. prU-jstp r>-^h mi-'i private- fprrnnrr r?ll 2'.0'< f> It pV l=i ; ' b'tll I'Till'I PS (iiriil^lifd ri?i \V^i*ui f j - 1 ph 320?1. fi 10 p* 17 j Duplf.T iin/iirrjJ.'hc''. .1 loom A p prJ • j jKtf btuh. Electric W El N' il-r- j fnrnlyrTrfl. All F!-r Kitchen rii>:m Th<X 2611 riflpr A:^0. 34,15, 610 pV, 71 KQUIPMKNT .=1 srl four own Hiislnrs^. nr Sun ^A^' 1 pour prf'spnl linjiini-RR wllh F'inrrn Custard nr FrefVf i Frrsh Ire Cirmn. For full d«a1h «or F. K Van BthbT. P O Unit SR4 Chon* fi30n Rlvlhrrni", Ar^, fii [ik 1 6 for Sale, Misc. alfalfa hay OM1 DP I! ! * IS pk 27 I P-.l,r>>i.-;, flres^cfl f^ •noY. I'hoii'' ^n.*iO, Ruslii rill. Barley slra-.v by to bale F'h WA. C-10 |>^ 17 Dnt 3 ronm apt Apply M U? F. Cherrr, ' fi P p>; 7 fi n room unfurnished airt'tmrnt. Cln^« la. Fhon« 253S. O ck tf PIANO STORAOK PA1.F1 PlfWd plHTKM MUM hrll riMH- prH'r for rn.'h 10 s*vr- Ainra I-V) .- (7% - (05 Ph, 37-1074 Memphis. Tenn " hot TTiit*!r hfrttfr. Ph 3325, 5,19 cfc fl 13 Modern 2 roam fur »pt Pti 259% or M& 2;H ck if Modern upt., .1 rooms nnd b^th. n^w- 1? decorated, rood furniture, K** ^qulp- »fn», Ph. 3S7S. F. Rlmnn. P 21 ck tf Small Apartments, furmsti- trf. |8 up per week. Bedrooms f4 up single. 114 \Vest Ash, Ph. 2833. 8-4 ck tf Auto Supplies and Services Don't endnngur jour family with Hulty «lr«o—BUT L1TT5 TIRES CTIAPMAN SKRVICB STATION Main »nd Dlvulnn Phone Z.^SJ 13 n c)r if Services Expert Watch &. Clock Repair All worfc ?ud ran teed »t towes prices. »5 P. wrh St. ph. a*>2. • «;M pk as » IIIHCTV PHOT OSTAT10 SRHV KM. o-a-nntw's STUDIO, iii w MAIN 1214 ck tf Hljther prlcwi pold for old «i~r«. »cr»p*lron, m«t«ln. battrrlex »i>d ruil- iRtors. NO longer connecltcl with B!r- ther»r« Iron A Vftnl Co. For ptrlt-np »nd R «]imr« dwi; cull 1909. \\'. A. Allensworth. A 9 pk aa I »ell »nd Install rompl«t« wntfr *«lem »nd no money riown Sm»]) »rmfnt«. Ph. 6349, H. Mtrpra. *13l pk 1(1 Plans-Estimates for BSW construction. remrHaeUnK o *HA 03 o. I, LOANS NO OBLIGATION Phonit 20M Frank Wagner Builders Supply Co. Moving & Hauling Clewed Van trucks. SnTr-'Drpcn Experlencecl hc-lp W W. BprVbnt West Rose. Phnn? «92R. »r> R KFU1G ^RATION «<frlgeralloii T«Eethofr R 6Pfi6— If no re nu Alr-ConctltlunlnpT. am] AppDnnrr* Bill \lntrr nrooV;.T riionc .iwcr. f*|] fl(lfi^. BROFF ON CO,. 2337 Birch We hurt fresh lally. hi\rnrrHPrt rlh* flntJ /J?'TA rhlrkco ^al»r1 ham R^lntl. plnilrnto ''hi-p?f potato njilail atut home hnKcrt hnni Crcll IXIVP f.rcr.-ry »ncl M»rVM. ph «tr> 5,211 <-k fi JO Npw f»nn^i powei OIO-ATTS nl-y- rl^ parts fttld rrpalrR Also pow el .on.v- ttt- for rrnl. Wcsllirook iMiichine Sliop Acro«n trom Ktnsrr 5.M e't IT Save Money When You Buy — Soil — Trade Used Furniture GUN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V. Ash Ph. 2Sf»^ s &~1 rk If TYPEWRITERS" DON EDWARDS GO in w Wrilnni Phonf rin Plenty of Parking Space MONDAY, JUNE 16, 195S Read About These Six Hot Specials! KM8 MKKCUKY ?7-l. r > A mlglity fine car nl a valur prlff! Tliis .\lprdii-y l-dnor ami he;iler, Ion. .lust $715. HM!I KOKJ) $(«».'» A hip valnr nn A !^IP morlfI rnr, This jNjpuUr Club (,'nii|>« er. A n (I only $ I Oy.l. IH-lfi KOIU) $fM5 Wifh a rrfonriltfonrd mntor, lhl» '*6 Ford Js hffun/f (o ^h'e you nVfwnrlnhle s^rvlre. Club Coup*, Only J«9fj. MUfi FOKI) $li!»f) Tnkp A Hrmimslr:ition Hrlvf In tills 'IB Ford Tiirtor. Vnit'li likf Ih^ way II performs. K»- rlln, hi-^lfr. Jiisl 16S5. PHILLIPS TRADES RIGHT ON TRUCKS! !!)((> CHKV $(i!5 Horf's ^ Lj-'I'r,/] l'irkil|i Hint's Rciiii^ In !>e a inoiify-iniikcr Tor siimrljixly. Coriif HOMII nnd ilriic || Imm.rroK. jatj. I!) IS KOItl) $795 Tills Pi-Ton C'liiifisls :md Cliiserl C;it> is a real Ijurgain, 'flip motor has liri'n r<uii[i[etK- K ovcrli«ul(Ml, Trmle at I'lilU or bompanu art.^Jf.rr.f jv» • •* 300 Broadway P)ion« 4453 JUST THINK The ti'iielor tliat mfiets MORK of'tlie needs of MOHK of the farmers MORK of the timfi. FERGUSON Jack Robinson Implement Co. Bl.vlheville, Arkansas — Phnnc 2.17L For Sale, Real Estate 60 »crps or cholre Pemlscol R~y*iil liiiul noar Numhcr Nine loral.-u in Src. 20. Hii>p. 16. I(ar);;fi 12 .ciiovd /.* M. F' nhoarls KSIMP. Panics inH-^n- »<1 In this hvnrl |>lr,i*« .Milimll .icalf'l hlrls (u II K. Rhone)* Jr.. ROII'I- N'o 1 llox :!fi2, Ulylhrvlllc. Aik. Bids u'll Me: nrccjitrtl until n o't'Inc-k noon -i.iiv .% Ifl.'ia SMIiv if^rrvrs rlRht In rrjrri any or nil Ijlds TrrniR -A-IU n* r^sh on romiilrllon tit lpf;p] rrr|iilrroli'li1s. 1 111 i'k 7 fi .lo-An nncl i;<5 x month Al-'o cnf. lo- rjitpd HI Bifjjulway and A%h phoiip 1)612 C Abmhiwii ft 311 rk tt Lucmn Games Furniture Co. Trnde your old furniture /or new. I will nlso liny your old fiirniltifc. Kartrifli's lerrns M» down, li;il;iMfc in I he hill Formerly Arnold & fininca. Ph. 6357. 4117 ck l.f DSKD rtANos ron SAI.R—» to* •-• 190. On»ri\nlcpil rnndltloii Ph J07I or 5050. ' S'Sl rk (I J2 Cftll n« tor jn'ir nf<l (ilrnlc nr pur- tT. W»! cnn Mfr you (Ime nnil ruo- nejr Cecil Ixiw* Ornr*ry find Mrtrfcrt. ph 4S137 5211 ck 621 Full lilooded PAlinftiion punnlr^ SU pftch. Ph. 31.SI. 611 py 18 "RIG STINKY" KI.Y THAI' Nationally known ard advertised. Will positively rid ytmr iioiru 1 <if flics ov ymtr nunioy luit'k. f ! l.{)5 post paid. JIUGH \V T . At.I.KN Osteola, Ark. 51!) nl( B'.l!) •I room lioitse and lutlh on corner lol on Ijl Highway N. niitl Lnnifrale St. A home or t;u<i(l IniKino.^.s location, ItiL 75 x 75. Priced for tuiick sale ?<1500. Modern and extra roomy >l room house and hath »» pavetl stracl in norlhensl part of town. Same as new — lip-top condition inside and out. Large lot f 11250. cash, if.l't.OO total monthly payments. Vacant, move in tomorrow. Modern 4 room house and tiath 111(1 lleanr .SI. Choice nelicliliorliood, beautiful hat'k- I'sinl, newly dci/orali'd in.side. VfiL-iint, iflSOO. wish, ^'I3.1G a nioiitli. ll's a tfood For Kent 4 roorm and bath tnnnlh call R34S. ponleA hj- Ihe day. week or •livery Kprvice. 'John n. Mr- i. nftl. S3 pic 1,6 imlnrnlsTirrt house. f.M insurance Coll 4553 For Complete I'roteclion W. J. Pollard Agency Plan nod Protection Ol.K.VCO*' HOTK1 nun.OlNO Notice FULLER BRUSH JAMKS I.IGHTV. DRAI.KR Fm KFrvlcc fit /our rffjor. call 6.TOH Private Rooms Rfflroom convenient In hAih. 611 W Main. Ph. 3325. 6 fi pfc 76 Nlci* binltooni tor rent nf-ar high M-hool. (Jornrortable unrt cool> prU-^tr inent. Hjt_ve several that will rent it. • JOHNNY MARR Rnnltor 1 1.2 So. 2nd. Phono ^1111 Rosidence Pliono 250f> ft;LO Ck tf :i liodrontn home on I lolly Slr.'i'l. liclloi- lli;m new, Innll lu'l'in-o llic \vitr. I-'IIA loitri availiililo. l.;iV);i' Kit ami si'rv- iiiil's house 1 . IVir/i! ? IS,500. Terms. Personal 4 pn 'ncerj; to rldp to Calif H9 riymoiuh rtr1nl!lni;? Wnnld you UVie lo quli ? Lot il^ =Tuiw you Ik wny to hiipplnr^K. Write. Alcoholic* Annnymnns. EOT R73. Bly- Ihpvlllp. Ark. i 27 Dk 6 11 HKOHOSKI) COS'STI'rilTIONAL A>II-:NI>MI:NT NO. 43 j BK IT HKKOI.VEI} Ijy the House o( j Representatives of tile State ol Arkansas and hy the Senate of llic Slate of Arhnnsns; » Majority of All (he Members Elected tfl Kach House Acieelng Thereto: 'Iliat Die follov.'lni' is neroljy pro- pnspd as an amriirtinont to the Constitution of Hip Stale ol Arkansas, :uio tipon hc-in^ .submitted to the ('lectors of the Slate for approval or rejection at the next n*<uer:i1 flecilini lor Krpn'-vnlallves «nfl: Ki'jmtdr.i, If a majority ot (lie electors voting thereon, at .such an election, adopt such amendment, the '-lime .sr.r.i! become a part of the Cnnaiituiion at the State ol Arkansas, to-wlf. Amendtnfnt No. la to Ihe Cont it lit ion of the State o[ Arkansas! nrf'ipterl by the eleelois or this State! at Ihe General Election held and 1 romlucted on the 6th day of No- I vernbrr, 1928. | s hereby amciuk-d to I mill us foll.m-s: ' I SKCTION 1. it bi-lni; most a]ipar- [ en! Unit privately operate<l factories, imlustrie.s and transiiortatioti facili- lie.'i nre necessary tor the rtevclop- menl of a community and for the welfare of its Inhabitants, an annual tax ol not exceeding one per cent of the valuation or taxable property within the cor- pornte boimdnrles thereof may be levied by cities of the first and'sec- ond cbiss for Die purpose o( pro- vitilng funds to be used for the ac- omsition of sites a-lthln or without such cities and for the construction of .snnh .silM of buildings and oilier facilities, [or lease or sale, for the aforesaid purposes, or for the nruortiratlon of bonds bearin? Interest at not more than four per! cent per annum Issued for such purposes. j SKCTION 2. When petitioned by; not less than ten per cent of the' qualified electors residing therein, the Cily CouilL-i] or. other gm'crn- body o! any sucn city .shall call for an cjfftlou lo lie helil not, nu;re than ninety days thereafter for the purpose of having the qualified electors vote in the proposition. SKCTION .1. The General Assembly shall enact such enabling legislation as shall he required to effectuate the purposes hnreof. APPROVED: Afarch 20. 1.951. Secretary of Stale C. O. HALL, rKOPOSKl) CONSTITUTIONAL AMKNDMKNT NO. 41 I!K IT HtSOI.VKD hy Ihe House of Representatives of the Stale of Arkansas and by the Senate, a majority of All the Members Hooted to Each House Agreeing Thereto: That the following Is hereby proposed as an amendment to the Constitution of the Stale ol Arkansas, and upon boirig submitted to the elfi-tot.s of the Slate for' approval or rejection at Ihe next general elec- li"U fur llepi<-.-*ent:i!ives Hint Scn- lilors. If » ijiHJulily of Hie rl<TlOrj; voting thereon In sncli election adopt Mich amendment, the same shall become » part of the Constitution ot the State of Arkansas, to wit: SKCTION 1. That the CnnMllll- llnll of the State ol Arkansas be amnnded mollifying Section 19 of Article 7 and Section 3 of Amendment No. 24 of said Constitution. so as to provide for the election of a County Clerk In nil of the said counties of the state, us follows: "The provisions for' the flection of a County Clerk upon a population basis are hereby abolished and there may be elected a County Clerk In like manner as a Circuit Clerk, and in such cases, the County Clerk may be ex officio Clerk ol the Probate Court of such county until otherwise provided by the General Assembly." This Amendment shall be In full force and effect upon and after Us adoption. APPROVED. March JO, 1051. Secretary ot Stale c. a. HAr.L Urjht travels annul, 186.000 miles a second. OLD SHOE let us make'em GOOD AS NEW! H-flLTCRS }UQLITY SHOE SHOO « 21 W. M « « N ST. RADIATORS are SCARCE! As yo« k*4iw (if you'vt tri«i lo find one) 'radiator* »r« mighty scare* thes« days because of (h« copper shot-tag*. And expensive, too. Th»('« why it's import»n( (« keep .vours in the bfsi condition. IF YOUR CAR'S BOILING LIKE A TEA KETTLE • Check This COOLING SYSTEM SPECIAL 500 Sullivan-Nelson will flush the radiator, check for leaks, adjust the fan bell and tighten all hose oon- nei-tioiiH. And this low prii-e includes th« cost of cleaner and rust inhibitor. Driv* your car in thi« week! Complel* Job SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. L 301 W«M Walnut — Phone 4578 American farmer* lose more hogs j to hog cholera than to any other tlivas*. | Wanted to Buy We will pa> CASH lor ynnr old Ko- divk'. TKHirrnK null Irnsc-A (or parts CJ'STXEN'n STUU1O. Ili Wen UitUi. 124 <fc ir Shop In Comfort In Chamblin's Showroom Cool---Air Conditioned mn STi'DK. ... 7>i:!!i.i inm STU>K. ... $ttns Green Business t'oupr—e,\cr- .Miiruon ri^I'Livsenirer Cnuiir— ilrivc, n.OOO miles. ovcrdrnr. r.iriio A heater. itisn sTriiK. ... sn<i:i innt KOKD v-s juns Orry i-door— nvcrdrive, radio .Maroun Kortlur—ofTcrini; very «nd heatrr. |,m mileage. CHKV. ... $isns in is CHKV $ni5 T\vn-tonr erpj 2-dour—radio Hlack '»-<lnor Sedan—heater and healer. and rovers. Orren 2-duor Sedan—over- Red <'onvrrlilitp—nr«- motor, drive and heater. top ami palnl. June 30 is the dote when new truck licenses qre due. Now's the time to trade for o brand new Studcbaker Truck. Come in. Authorized fjBK Service • 2 Bif L»tt «t Railroad & A»+\ Str*«t«. • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Ywir Fmndly Stud*kok«r D*«Ur * HIGHEST PRICES PAID For (in. wire ant! all kinds of Mavn (lirre nr four nice SCTH !' metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co. WE MEET ALL PRICES WHOLESALE OR RETAIL HOT or COLD! A Slice or Tructdoad! SPECIAL PRICES £FOR PICNICS AND PARTIES BLYTHEVILLE CURB MARKET Alain Street Hlytheville FAKM LOANS You Con Pay ANY AMOUNT at ANYTIME from form intom» without p«nalty TiVif Fflmowj FIIMH 1NC0ME PRIVILEGE itito your note ' arr tt trmn from TERRY Abstract & Realty Co. 213 Walnut Phone 2381 Mortgage i,oans of All Kinds Even » gre:ise job IK given exlrn attention when you bring ynur car or truck to T. I. Seay INIntor Co. IV* hit ALL the spills. \Vhat- r v«r service your car needs, yoti'II %e.i innrc For your rmnuiy here. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. 121 F.. Main lh Dealer Phone 2122 linv priccil (J.I. homes. (.';tn i>e sold for closiiip rosts, F. R. ,!OVNKK II. C. CA.MPBKU, will *,.n ho,,,; „„ i 1M sirrot No! vtn-v flf-n t:\ ^ niniHh Wrllr .Mrs ' "•[r'-ini 'rliotlias. Iflfl N. BK<.rll SI HK-JSD, 111 6 12 ok 13 -V. Bdnv.y Jt iMoulh'ie Drive riione 8!)(>2 J.:i5 ck tf Real ESTATE I'anns— -City Propcil}' I.ONNS If Infrrr-nirrl In or srlllnp Noble Gill Agency INSURANCE (rlrncne BUlg. Ph. 6868 * in e-t \t Female Hefp Wanted FARN EXTRA fA^tl '."t.iU nt liorne. \VrUc jvodl.lhlp. Hollvvooil' Xtr-i TO'vA.nfi ^ c.ilir s ifi pv i: At 1KNT1ON 1 AniKK tt vnti wonU wiUr Til" \V. T Rn\vV| C Vi Co.. H«-pt AKF-JLO-HP-l. Memphis, Tr-nn H If pW IT AND TRUCKS Tor ymir o« (t sn fc (y. f<ir iIic vifrly n f i.thcr.s. l»o surr VIMI knmv It.nv f:ist Miu'rc ilrivtn-;, \\> c'vc I -t».\y st-1 virfi »i^ S|KT(l ( nnrli r Hrpnir fur nil nrxKrs »f rars unit I r ticks. C'oinr In tomorrow ! T.I. SEAT MOTOR CO. f'hrT5trr-rivTiift»th l)f j«lrr HI E. Main Th»ne 3122 FOR THE BUY OF YOUR LIFE- See Us About OVERHAULING YOUR ENGINE Blytheville Motor Co. KILL JOHNSON GRASS wHIi SrHlinm CWnratr. 9fl'> purr! t'lnr trralrd (nr dry appliratinM. 5VJ.SO ptr 100 Ihs. A. H. WEBB m.VKRT TIl.F. CO. Iliwar Rl. stitf l.lnr— I'linnr Kll* DANCING NIGHTLY! 24 HOUR SfRV/CEf FOR RESERVATIONS PHONE HOLLAND 3241 or 9411 COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED ALL BRAND CIGARETTES $1.60 CARTON All popular liramls of liquors, wines, gins and cordials at popular prices. HUBERTS CLUB Hubert Utley and Wert Akiru HIGHWAY 61 HOLLAND, MO. u) 3) u) SAVE AT HORNER-WILSOM! 4) 4) ISM CMC 2 Ton Short Wheel Bass. Brand nrw tlr**, deluxe rah and very low milf age. Bargain! $1645 I9M STIU>KBAKF,R Long Wheel Base, Very low milrajLe. .Iu5t llkf nrw! See It loday at H om f r - W i I so n. $1195 1050 FORD cns(om Club Coupe. R.T/)io, liraltr, while sldnunll lirps. Dark Mne color. Cleanest car in Hlytheviilc. $1295 IH18 PONTIAC 2-rtonr Fisi>t- line. Radio A Hratrr. WS\V tires, light hhic color. 5-cyl- Uidcr T uilli standard lr:ins< misslim. Priced at $995 0 19SO GMC Plrk-Tji with practically new lire*. Deluxe Cab. Priced e.srKd'll.T l<iw. SF.E IT! • SAVE • IRSI CHEVROLET J Pnor • ilh lirht trren finl<h. H;JJ radtn, hcAtcr and while aide- wsll tires. Clean! $1695 .19U CHKVROI.KT 2-<lonr SctJ.*n, ^uoiT niotnr and HOT lircs. Drive il. . . yiiu'll Iniir It al Ibis low, low tirirc of only $295 only \,\ S n Ambassador or Srrt^n with npvr UrPs, rarlin nnil hratrr. Sp«- pricert for quirk sale... $845 HORNER-WlLSON EAST—: MAIN Rocket Olttsmobiie — GMC Trucks Phont 2»5J User! Cir Lot — Phone 6151

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