The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 13, 1955 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1955
Page 11
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 18, 195B •LTTHBTILLI (ARK.) OOUKIE* KIWI PAGE ELETEN THere's no p for CAULIFLOWER 10 Never have you seen nicer cauliflower than that which heads up our, produce parade'this week: Superb, compact heads with deep developed curd». Tight green jackets holding the tre«h, tender flower. Each one fresh from growing-fields, lively with flavor, free' of bruises and spots. All your money back on any produce that doesn't please you ... at Safewayl __i—;^=-—~_x— f~^*7i irurv*^ _J**>Carload Cookie Sale With Jane Arden "Cocoanut Cookies 12-oz. pkg. 30c Sugar Cookies 12-oz. pkg. 30c Lemon Cookies 12-oz. pkg. SSc Vanilla Wafers 7-oz. pkg. 23c Butler Cookies 10-oz. pkg. 27c Ginger Snaps 9-oz. pkg. 23c Assorted Sandwiches .. 11 M-oz. pkg. 39c Chocolate Sandwiches ll'/i-oz. pkg. 35c Chocolate Sandwiches S'/l-oz. pkg. 21c Vanilla Sandwiches 11 w -oz. pkg. 35c Vanilla Sandwiches ... 5«-oz. pkg. 21c Fig Bars 11 M -oz. pkg. 27c Chocolate Chip Pecans !)-oz. pkg. 33c Chocolate Bars 8'/i-oz. pkg. 23c • • • Cold brook—' A 1-lb. AAj margarine Quarte, Z 390 ••• • Blue Bonnet 1-lb. AA ^ Margarine -p-** &* 290 Shady Lane™ ^670 Shortening ££ ^ 830 •• *l fl Kitchen 4A ">• ACx Family Flour *.«.... 10.,950 pi >| 1*1 Kitchen AC Ib. 498 Family Flour c r ,,.... 25b.t 1 Pancake Flour «" tr 350 • • | • Pancake . 40-oz. A"f j Aunt Jemima .-:,„ Pke 370 Avocados Butrtry, ripe and rtady to «at—highly digestible salad fruit & blends with any food— "CAVALO" the king of avocados from California priced low at Safeway. Safeway is the best place in town to buy produce. Peanut Butter Jell Well Bev. chunk 12-ox. or regular . j Desserts Prepare In an Instant ... la? 340 3Z200 Gold Medal Cane Sugar Sweet Milk Sleepy Hollow From Local K gal, D. W - «, Pancake Syrup .. 10::, 950 10,89? 400 270 Sunnybank Margarine Save lOc on Sunnybank Coupon appearing in the Arkansas Gatettc ib. & Arkansas Democrat Ctn. 29 C Sweet Peppers Green Onions Selected for stuffing California Wonder - Lb. Long white Shank - Crisp Tender Mild 2 Bchs. 23c 19c 12-M. . bat. Breakfast Gem Eggs Large Grade A 49p Medium Grade A *». 450 Strawberry Shortcake Made with Fleet Mix 2 :: 250 Bel Air Strawberries 270 Lunch Box ™ ........... £370 Busy Baker rJT! ^230 Salad Dressing — 1 490 Oven Glo r c r h ......... £ 210 White Meal ~, .. 5£ 430 Premium SJT -23d Cake Mixes £L.... 3 2 r980 Quaker Oats S Sour Kraut ^ 2-250 Instant Coffee^r ^570 Instant Coffee H:r" £590 Scottowels hl h Z 2^390 Silk Napkins 8 Z th 2 £ 270 Detergent £"! £300 Detergent iT" ^590 w . * n I* Bel-Air chop- 10-oc. -lA^ BrOCCOll pedFVosen W 190 June Peas n r ri90 Yellow Squash r^.190 Red Potatoes Fresh Beets r £T *„ 100 Florida Oranges Tender Corn SZT. , 210 Crisp Carrots CrispCelery :;:': , 120 Radishes U.S. No. 1 well shaped 10 Full o' Juice Vitamin Packed ... i 8^ Lb .. eeUo 390 490 Clean Sound Lb. Topped from Florida ..cello 120 CORN Gardenside White or Yellow 303 Tin 100 CHILI Kingan'f with Beans 16 01. Tin Pork 'n Beans Taste Tells 300 Tin L" Prices Effective Thru Saturday Royal Satin 6 Lb. Shortening Tin I 51 OUR PRICING POLICY: SAFEWAY will meet the lowest advertised price of any competitor — item for item—day by day—area for area — quality and the condition of the merchandise considered . We reserve the right to limit quantities & do not sell to other merchants Cube Steak Chuck Roast Ground Beef U.S. Choice Aged Tender. Beef. Excess bone & fat removed before weighing at Safeway. Save U.S. Choice heavy matured aged beef. Guaranteed tender or money back Ground from lean, fresh graded Beef. Serve many different ways. Save at Safeway. 89c ib. 49c ib. 29c Small Slabs under 3 Pounds Fresh Pork Lean and Meaty . n Standard Pork Sausage "L,. ". b 630 Spare Ribs Fresh Hams £*." i*. 490 Sliced Bacon =r ....J^T Sliced Bacon r;r:: ,490 Oysters Beef Liver ---" ' 230 Round Bone Roast, >n an Ib. .. Lb. Pt. ctn. 390 160 830 Apple Jelly ru l V% Empress 20-o r reserves ?.»<* i» Applesauce " 2 "290 Pie Apples r:Z T290 Peach Halves "^*I ...* n '. It 270 rear Halves with s^« P un Pineapple ST N ^ |k* I Lalani No. 3 rineappie c^™ xm Ik* I Llbby Sliced No. 2 AAj rineappie OCHCIO,,, ^ oup Grape Juice r Z4b « 390 Grape Juice r; 1 : ^ 350 Orange Juice ±T.... 2 6 :r290 Grapefruit Juice,:: r 19(5 Fresh Coffee AIRWAY 90? NOB HILL 2920 2 t g EDWARDS ^970 w i 2-lb. bag 93 Have ijou fried .CAPTAIN'S CHOICE 10 ox. Pkg. Tomato Juice ££ V100 Tomato Juice D Z 46 r 270 Tomato Sauce : 3 290 Lima Beans Cheese Food dlL c';! 690 Cheese Food m 2 :: 870 Armour TreetMr*. ....... .""^ 390 Green Beans S?Z 2 " 290 Lima Beans GT^LWM^ 2 *• 290 Bel-Air 10-ot Fordh«, k ....... P k K . Gooch's Long 16-oi. Of Macaroni ....... pk K . Fruit Cocktail Ice Cream SS .. T ^' Chopped Greens "S - 190 White Corn I;;:,,:'" 2^290 210 White Corn:":' 2 1 290 250 Sweet Potatoes ~ 21330 690 Banjo Hominy r, 3^230 590 r Do you (eri on fuard »nd unrnsj when jou buj beefT Do yon have lo look out (or touih meats where you shop and dry, UsteleH iteaks and riwiti? Come to Safeway where there li no low trade beef. Only top »r»d« of heavy matured aged beer (uaranteed to nleam you are Mid at Safeway! You m, Natura oan't make all meat perfect, ao beef U traded by meat expert*. Your meat man can buy the low trades or top trades ... Safeway buys only top tradu of pork and veal, too. What a bit difference of satisfaction eatint awell taatlnf meat that Is tender and juicy every time. Get Safeway meats retularly! f Revolutionary new kind of soap INTRODUCTORY OFFIft b .'i«oiOQd«i*Ntj Dried Beans and Fruits Pinto Beans Baby Limas G' Northern Beans 3! o>. Pkf. M ot. Pk». 29c 29c 29c Glenview Peaches 1^0.. 35c Glenview Apples m* 37c Rosetta Lge*. Prunes "k! ^^^^Mav^^^^ Kach * Every Cut, 01 ,nc«l Musi conk tender or your money back.—— ! \ Loin Steak Round Steak U. I. Choice a(td Bc«f Tender .................... Ib, V. «. CholM

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