The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada on November 4, 1994 · 28
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The Gazette from Montreal, Quebec, Canada · 28

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Issue Date:
Friday, November 4, 1994
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D2 THE GAZETTE, MONTREAL, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4,1994 i iraue is back with its ti PAT DONNELLY GAZETTE THEATRE CRITIC For the first time in the Cirque du Soleil's 10-year history, Montreal isn't just the burg used for the try-outs. And the tent has been traded for a warehouse. Although the Cirque's big top is in California with its latest show, Alegria, the 2-year-old Saltimbanco spectacle is back in town, after playing to an audience of about 1.8 million in North America and Asia. The magic begins as soon as you step into the old Canadian Pacific Warehouse best known as the Angus Shops. In the building's gigantic lobby, the two Cirque du Soleil merchandise booths are crowned with a moving track ridden by ghostly unicycle-riding T-shirts, caps and umbrellas. I Once inside the gigantic theatre with its 2,063 seats et on a slope like a ski hill, Pinnochio-nosed clowns break the stranger barrier by flirting and teasing - and polishing bald pates. Saltimbanco may not offer the thnll of discovery ot a Newborn work, but it has the sophisticated polish of a Inature, road-tested show. Although the riotously multicolored costumes, flashy decor and mystical mood of the show remain essentially the same, the transitions are slicker, the choreography more focussed, the lighting jnore refined, the visual concept more unified. Musically, this is one of the Cirque's most variegated and delicious shows, rich in Latin rhythms, upbeat jazz iiffs and haunting operatic interludes. I Lead clown Rene Bazinet, who transforms from a caped ringmaster to an overgrown child to a wizard, is 3n top form. His technique is best described as mime jvith sound effects. His routines have changed considerably over the past two years - but only for the better. '. At Wednesday night's opening, his intuitive jungle-Stalking improvisation with volunteer Robert Dagenais mc-tGsted magic drew a standing ovation. Granted, Dagenais was an exceptionally responsive volunteer. The group act called the Chinese Poles, featuring multiple acrobats clad in blazing Technicolor walking the perpendicular with reptilean ease, is still a showstopper. Montreal's Steben sisters, Karyne and Sarah, still Water-theatre casino to be Cirque's second Vegas home ' Make that two casinos, please, for Montreal's Cirque du SoleiL Las Vegas mogul Steven VVynn, chairman of Mi-; rage Resorts Inc., recently announced the launching f, of his next multimillion-dollar casino in Las Vegas, with the Cirque as regular headliners. ; . This spectacular casino-hotel is to be built on The Strip oo the site of the former Dunes Hotel, and will be called the Beau Rivage. It is being designed as a 15-acre island resort, surrounded by a huge artifi -s ctailake, ! j The star act of the Bean Rivage will be a new work -by the Cirque du Soleil, featuring watery acrobatics and fireworks, presented in a specially designed, s 100-seat wter theatre. The Cirque's Mystere, installed in a made-fo-... order $25-million theatre at the Treasure Island Hotel, also owned by Wynn and company, is cur rently the top-selling show in Vegas. ' Completion of the Beau Rivage project, which will ., employ 7,000 people, is expected some rime in 19. Its estimated cost is $700 to $900 million. -Pat Donnelly do a sensual trapeze duo, perfectly in synch, which garners enthusiastic bravos. The show's brother act, a hand-to-hand balancing number by Marco and Paulo Lorador, remains one of the most poetic, awe-inspiring displays of masculine muscle ever staged. And the daring grace of the bungee-trapeze ballet never fails to elicit audible oohs and aahs. There are several new performers in this Saltimbanco. Singer Francine Poitras has been replaced by Law Fugere (on Wednesday) - or Chantal Hamel. And the Chinese tightrope walker, Wag Jingmin, is new. Her finale was marred on opening night by a technical glitch that forced her to descend by ladder rather than speed-slide by wire. The only completely new act is a boleadoras number performed by two very Latin-looking Quebecoises, Anne Bernard and Helene Lemay, with Francois Beau-soleil on percussion. The warehouse itself has its advantages. There's a huge parking lot, real washrooms and a spacious lobby that offers winter circus-goers a place to mingle in warmth. However, there are disadvantages, too. The aerial acts had to be adapted to fit the roof and they don't show off quite as well as they did in the tent. Because of the shape of the warehouse, much of the seating is high up the slope and not to be recommended to the near-sighted (fortunately, opera glasses are available in the lobby) - nor to those afraid of heights. And on Wednesday night, even the lower levels were a little overwarm and stuffy. Don't be cheap. Buy the good tickets. They're worth it. Saltimbanco, presented by the Cirque du Soleil, continues at the Angus Shops, 3195 Rachel St., through Dec. 11. Tickets ranging from $15 to $37.50 (taxes included) are available at all Admission outlets. Call 790-1245 or 1-800-361-4595. Si f ft , . It f! w " i -- -"7r. "-1 PIERRE OBENDRAUF, GAZETTE HfilSne Lemay performs new boleadoras number. Ix-iViontrealer Pennefather jumps from to National Arts Centre : r- y.-3 : m ', W I ' v . -2 ; i 4 li ... , j STEVEN MAZEY OTTAWA CITIZEN Joan Pennefather New boss of NAC OTTAWA - Joan Pennefather, head of the National Film Board, takes over as executive director of the National Arts Centre next month. She begins her new job Dec. 19 for a three-year term, the NAC's board of directors announced yesterday. Pennefather, 51, says she is excited about taking on the job. "I believe that the National Arts Centre is one of Canada's premiere cultural institutions. I was thrilled and honored that the opportunity was offered to me to get involved," she said in an interview. The Citizen had reported Tuesday that the Montreal native led a short list of candidates for the post. She replaces controversial direc tor Yvon DesRochers, who was mysteriously fired by the board last January. No reason for the dismissal was ever publicly revealed, although there were suggestions the dispute stemmed from opposition to DesRochers's ill-fated proposal for an NAC-run performing arts television network. Since DesRochers's departure, board chairman Robert Landry has also resigned, after serving for more than six years. The prime minister has not yet named his replacement. Pennefather, who has lived in Ottawa since 1983, said she will need time to get to know the job before she can comment on what her priorities will be. "I want to talk to as many people as possible both in the Arts Centre and outside to get a sense of what the suggestions and expectations are, and then articulate that into a vision." She said the problems at the NAC during the reign of DesRochers, which included budget cuts, reductions in artistic programming and layoffs, didn't discourage her from taking on the job. "What is happening here is so important. ... I have always been proud to defend the importance and value of cultural institutions." Challenges at the 25-year-old institution include funding cuts expected after the coming February budget. The Liberal government is considering cutting the NAC's grant to as little as $14.7 million in 1998-99 from $21.6 million this year. NAC officials have already been discussing various financial scenarios that could result in a major re vamping of the institution. NAC Orchestra bassoonist Michael Namer, who represents the orchestra in its dealings with management, was cautiously optimistic about Pennefather's appointment. "With a number of years of experience with a national cultural institution, it stands to reason that she'll bring a certain expertise and knowledge of the arts with her," said Namer. "Now we're waiting to see who the new chairman will be. That will be key." Pennefather, who studied history and communications at McGill University, Concordia and Oxford, has been chairman of the National Film Board since 1989; her term was supposed to last until September 1995. She joined the NFB in 1977, pro ducing films for government departments in conjunction with private companies. ' She prepares to leave the NFB as the government studies a recent report recommending that the board transfer its production work to the private sector. Gerry Flahive, who worked closely with Pennefather as a communications manager for the past four years, describes her as a "warm, open person who likes to get to know everyone, from the artists to the administrative staff. She isn't a faceless bureaucrat. She's known as Joan by everyone at the board." Pennefather "was seen as an effective spokesperson and ambassador for the NFB and for Canadian film-makers," he added. Up where she belongs Singer-songwriter Buffy Sainte-Marie to enter Canadian music's Hall of Fame CANADIAN PRESS : TORONTO - Buffy Sainte-Marie - poet, folk singer, songwriter and native-rights activist -js finally up where she belongs in the Canadian music industry. I Sainte-Marie is the newest member of the Juno Awards Hall of Fame, it was announced yesterday by the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. She'll be formally inducted !March 26 during an awards show at Jlamilton's Copps Coliseum. Sainte-Marie joins such other ball-of-famcrs as Anne Murray, .Hank Snow, Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Gordon Lightfoot. " "It comes as a total surprise," Sainte-Marie, 53, said in an inter-view. "I'm not like a big star or huge Jhit-record-sclling artist." But Academy president Lee Sil-A'ersides said Sainte-Marie's induction was overdue. "She's had a ca-"reer that's extended over 30 years and touched on all elements of 'Canadian culture." Her international hits include ;Universal Soldier, Until It's Time Tor You to Go and the Academy "Award-winning Up Where We Belong, from the 1981 movie An Of-'ficer and a Gentleman. ; Sainte-Marie - a Cree bom on a mall reserve near Regina but "raised in Maine - is as meticulous labout her appearance as she is bout her music. At the interview, Tshe was all in black - from her long ihair framing her face to the cotton shirt with Indian-inspired fringes. I Her sturdy build, at about 5-foot-;4, is a result of an intense exercise routine. Flying to Canada from her ."Hawaiian home, she packs Evian ater bottles to use as weights. Her approach has helped give her !the stamina to work diligently on various projects and causes, including producing computer art and "music and furthering the rights of 3orth America's First Nations. What's amazing about Sainte-Marie's Hall of Fame coup is that She took a 14-year break from Tecording. The latest of her 13 albums is Coincidence and Likely Sainte-Marie Movie theme won Oscar Stories, released in 1992. During her album-making hiatus, she appeared for five years on Sesame Street with her young son, Dakota Wolfchild, and played mostly Indian benefits across the continent. Dakota, 18, is now a university music major, with his own rap band and an apartment near his mother's. These days, Sainte-Marie is involved with Cradleboard Teaching Project, which links First Nations kids with other youngsters in classrooms across Canada. She's also compiling an album of grassroots music - including rap, pop, country and aboriginal sounds - with several Saskatchewan and Alberta artists - and is working on her own package of love songs. "I've spent my whole life playing the wonderful stages of Canada in grassroots communities like the small towns in Alberta and Saskatchewan," she said. "Places that Madonna and Michael Jackson would be insulted to be invited to have been my privilege to learn from, and boy, have I heard some great music there. "The thing I like best is I get to pick and choose what I'm doing because I'm not trying to be a millionaire or outguess the pop charts, and that line of thinking has enabled me to become an artist, not just a singer." Sir Mortimer B. Davis Jewish General Hospital 3755 Cote St. Catharine Road THRESHOLD 2000 A SCIENTIFIC LECTURE SERIES Eugenia Wang, Ph.D. I lrct or, Dloomflclri Ccnliv for Kt-wort-h in Aginx, .Jewish I icncml I losjiitiil Pnifiiwir, Drpartmrnt of Anatomy and CvIl bioloRy hiiiI Mcdlolm' McCIII I'ntventlty PROGRAMMED CELL DEATH FOR LONGEVITY Thursday, November 10, 1994 5 P.M. BLOCK AMPHITHEATRE -- - - TRUST NO ONE ttiepuppel" .'masters 13 NS ttMirnnrinsmi (jb THESE LISTINGS COVER THE PERIOD OF NOVEMBER 4th to IQth mmmfMm UN-I.ViVYA'it m um mm f IvllINi llf mi JTPl STAHGATE (0) DOLBY 1 20-4 10-700-9 50 LateSfcmfn-S 12 30 LOVE AFFAIR (O) DOLBY 1 45-4 45-7 20-10 00 LMeSIWFn-St1210 WHALE MUSIC (G) DOLBY 12 25-2 40-5 05-7 25-9 40 Late Show FrvSat 11 50 EM)TICA(1J DOLBY 12 15-2 3CM 55-7 10-9 20 Late Show Fn-Sat 11 JO FORREST OUMP (O) DOLBY 12 45-3 454 45-9 30 LateShowFn-Sat12 05 mm LA PORTE DES ETOILES (O) DOLBY 1 00-4 00-7 15-9 55 Late Snow Sat 1? 15 INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE (STC) DOLBY Late snow rnu 12 00 THE SPECIALIST (13.) DOLBY 1215-2 30-4 50-7 10-9 45 Late snow Sat 1200 IE CHANT DCS BALEINES (O) DOLBY 1230-2 45-5 10-7 30-9 40 Late Snow Sal 11 45 SILENT FALL (0) DOLBY Fn-Sal Sun-Moo-Tua-WM 7 05-9 30 Tnu 9 30 Fn-Mon-Tue-Wea-Thu 12 10-2 254 45 Sat Sun ? ?5-4 45 Late Snow Rat 11 50 BLACK BFAUTY (SPECIAL) G) DOLBY Sal-Sun 12 30 DOUBLE DRAGON (0) DOLBY 12 20-2 20-4 40-7 00-925 Late snow Sal 11 40 PUPPET MASTER 11) DOLBY 12 35-2 50-5 15-7 40-10 00 LateSnowSal 1205 PARFUM D'YVONNE (13.) 001 BY 12 15-2 30-4 46-7 00-9 15 COLONEL CHABERT (0) DOLBY 12 05-2 36-6 45-9 15 REOAROE LES HOMMES TOMBED (1)) DOLBY 12 10-2 40 4 56-7 05-9 20 NOSTRADAMUS (V F I 11)D0LBY 1 00 3 454 5S-9 35 OUANO J'AVAIS 5 ANS. JE M AI TUE (0) DOLBY 12 45-3 00-5 10- 7 25 9 35 SOLFIL TROMPEUR (Q) DOLBY 1? 20-3 15-8 15-9 10 OCTOeRE(13)OOLBY 12 25-310-5 20-7 15-9 30 STAR TREK V THE FINAL FRONTIER (0) THX DOLBY Late snow Sat 12 00 RAPA NUI (0) DOl BY fc venmgt 7 00-9 1 5 SOLEIl TROMPF URIS T F ) (0) Fvtmngi 1 00 6ROWNINQVERSION(a)FtfnA4t M 5-9 20 LOVE AFFAIR (O) Dot BY Fn-St Tu 12 15-2 40-5 05 7 30-10 00 Sun 12 35-3 10 540 8 15 Moe Wed-Thu 5 40 8 15 PUPPET MASTER (1 J.J DOLBY Fr.-S4l-tut 12 00-10 00 Sun 1 00 8 15 Mon Wefl.Thu 5 45 8 10 SOUANTOWARRIOR'S TALE (0) DOLBY fn.baMue275.4M .7 15 Sun325-5 50 Mnn VWed Tnu 5 50-8 15 FORREST OUMP (OID01BY rn.ftat-Tu 1 154 15-7 15-10 It Sun ? 30 5 25 8 75 Mon VWK-TNi 5 26-8 25 STAROATE (0) DOLBY Fn Sal Tu 1 304 15 7 05 9 50 Sun 12 30 3 10-5 50 8 30 Mon-Wad-Thg 5 50 8 10 LITTLE OIANTI 0 DOLBY l-ii bal tu. 12 30-2 25-4 50 Sun 17 45 3 10 WES CRAVEN'S NEW NIOHTMARF () DOt BY Mon YWKI 1IH) 8 10 Fn sal Tut 12 00-10 OS Su 1? 40 8 10 SILENT FAIL (O) DOl BY Fn-bet-Tua 2 30-5 00-7 30 Sun 3 15 5 45 Mon YVetf Thu 5 45 OOURI.E OHAOON (0) 001 BY Fn bjMo. i; 102 10-4 507 109 30 Sun 1 10-3 30-550-810 Mon WJ Thu 5 50-8 10 THE SPECIALIST (1jDOI BY Fn-Tua 12 10 7 3i-5 00-' 25 t 50 Sit 1 J5-5 00-7 2S-0 50 Sun 3 05-6 35 8 05 Mon Wed Tnu 5 35-1 05 LACK BEAUTY (8"tCIALI(0 DOLBY Hal Sun 13 30 m LOVE AFFAIR (O) DOLBY Daly 12 10-2 30-5 00-7 20-9 45 Late snow sat iuu LA PORTE DES ETOILES (S) DOLBY Daily 1 354 20-7 05-945 Late Snow Sat 12 20 REOARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER (13 ) DOLBY Daily 1 45-6 30 OCTOBRE () DOLBY Daily 410-9 00 LITTLE GIANTS (0) DOLBY Daily 145415 STARGATE (G) DOLBY Daily 130415-7 00-945 ' Late Show Sat 12 15 SQUANTOtWARRIOR'S TALE (0) DOLBY Daily 12 30-3 00-5 20-7 30-9 50 SILENT FALL (G DOLBY Evenings 7 35-9 55 Fn-Mon-Tue-VVeo-Thu 12 30-3 00-5 20 Set-Sun 3 00-5 20 BLACK BEAUTY (V.F.) (SPECIAL) (0) DOLBY Sat-Sun 12 30 FORREST GUMP (V.F.) (0 DOLBY Daily 1 20-4 10 7 10-945 Late ShowStt 12 15 PUPPET MASTER (13.) DOLBY Duly 3 40-9 10 Late Show Sat 11 30 FORREST GUMP (O) DOLBY Only 1:00-6 10 DOUBLE DRAGON () UULHY DaiW 12 45 3 00-5 15-7 20-9 30 Lite Show Sat 11 40 THE SPECIALIST (1JJ DOLBY Daily 17 15-2 40-505-' 15-940 Lata snow Sal 11 53 NOSTRADAMUS (V.F ) (13)OOLBY Daily 12 20-245-505-7 30-950 FORREST OUMP (V F ) (0) DOLBY Day 1 304 05-8 45-9 30 QUIZ SHOW (G) DOLBY Osfy 1 30-650 ED WOOD (O) DOLBY Da 4 10-9 25 NATURAL BORN KILLERS (18) DOLBY Daily 1 454 15-7 06-9 25 DRAOMOULA (1 J.) DOLBY Daily 1 45-3 45-5 45-7 45-9 45 SOUANTO WARRIOR'S TALE (0) DOLBY Oariy 4 304 30 LA HEINE MAROOT (13.) DOLBY Daily 1 35-8 30 WES CRAVEN'S NEW NIGHTMARE (1t) DOLBY Daily 4 45-B 30 NOSTRADAMUS (IK) DOLBY Oaily 140-7 00 STARGATE G) DOLBY Evening! 7 00-9 30 Sal-Sun 1 304 oo FRANKENSTEIN (11) DOLBY EveWnga 7 10-9 40 Sal-Sun 1 454 15 THE SPECIALIST (13.) DOLBY Evening 720-945 Sal-Sun 12 40-7 50-5 05 BLACK BEAUTY (SPECIAL) (0) DOLBY Sal -Sun 12 30 PULPFICTION(18.)0OLBYEveningt 820 Sat-Sun 2 20-5 20 LA PORTE DES ETOILES (0) DOLBY Evaninga 7 00-9 30 Sal-Sun 1 154 18 SQUANTO-WARRIORt TALC (0) Evtftmgt 710 Sal-Sun 1 50 THE SPECIALIST (1J Evanmgi (15 Sal Sun 4 40 FORREST GUMP (O)tvenmgl 7154)50 sat-Sun 1 304 15 mm LA PORTE DCS ETOHF8 (0) DOLBY Eveninjl 7 00-9 40 Fn-Sel Sun-tue-Wed 1 00-3 40 Late Show Sal 12 16 STAROATE 0)OOI BY Evamngt 715-1000 Fn Sal Sun. Tun Wed 1 204 05 tale Show Sal 12 30 NOSTRADAMUS (V-F ) 1)OOLBY Evantnaj 710950 Fn Sal Sun.Tue Wed 1 15-3 50 Lata Show bat 1 2 20 FORRI ST OUMP (V F 0 DOLBY Evamngt 7 00 9 45 Fn sal Sun-TueWndl 104 00 THE SPECIALIST (131 DOLBY Evening 7 30 0 55 l n-Tue Wed 12 30 2 50-6 10 Sal-Sun 2 60-5 10 l ate snow Set 12 10 BLACK REALITY (V P ) fSPECIAl) (Q) DOLBY Sel-SK1 1 30 OCTOBRE 113.) DOLBY I venmgi 7 25-9 36 fii-bal-Sun-Tue-YVM 12 40-2 45.5 00 Late snow Sal 11 46 srrryirrrTjjnTn-g "f 1 G ' m PICTURES presents lbOVllM A WARRIOR'S TALE PrCnjIliA DtstrtoM&jBwra 0 The Wail Disney Company i m 1 1 1, nil i.i.i "Hopelessly romantic... intelligently acted." - Valerie Gregory. EDMONTON SUN "Bening's performance is a pleasure.' - Liz Braun. TORONTO SUN 'Two thumbs I ? 'A r up! Sweet and moving. A good picture.' - S1SKFI A FRFDT warren beattv annette benina "A beautiful love story that brings romance back for the 90V - Deborah Boland. CflO TELEVISION 'Bening is requistely graceful funny and smart.' - Gemma Files. TORONTO EYE WEEKLY Love Affair gotiy- shondling (hloe webb pltni brosnon kale (tpsho .1 IIMI ... f katharine hepburn wofnet bros. prw waen beotry onnette benmg kcttiorine hepbum 'love offmi" gorry stiondltrtg chloe webb pierce biosnon kotecopsbow ennio morricone "orient S "love oh" tdebcf deves and donaM ogtiefi stewmt "mildred cram ond !eo mrtorev ""Robert towne l warren beotty "Iwtien beotly "i glerm gordon to !,:-::: 3 mmm na mmpm Saturday Nov. 5th at MIDNIGHT! mmm dim iiitai v g 53 THE FINAL FRONTIER

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