The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on May 29, 1963 · Page 12
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 12

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 29, 1963
Page 12
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13 i' WEDNESDAY, MAY 29. 1963 ' 1 1 j . THE OTTAWA JOURNAL Sports of the Times By AkrnfUR DALEY r CO istl Tart Ttmmt Urn i i m. . - KfA LA.. J NEW YORK Being a itub-born man, Philip K. Wrigley has persisted with hi newfangled idea (or running a baM club even though It would teem that hi theories have gummed up ha Chicago Cub of recent year. The most radical move wa tha elimination of the lob a manat er la "77 It itead be ia- f sututea a rotat- tnc nanei ot :o a c h e i who flitted in a n d out, up and ; down, whisking interchangeably from varsity to lowliest minor league team. The more cam- Arthur n.Uv tic critic re ferred to It a the Headless Horseman System. But tne aimless bruins have suddenly acquired a new sense of direction this season and have begun an ascent toward a respectable spot in the stand ings. No longer are they regarded as patsies as they make their New York debut against the dear, old Mets. Some observer hold thatthis rise is in spite of the Wrigley unortho-doxy.. Others say that it is the result of it. ATHLETIC DIRECTOR In that latter category stands Bob Whitlow, a giant of a man who once played tackle to West Point, and then became a colonel in the' air force. At the moment he holds the novel and amorphous designation as "athletic director" of the Cubs, a sort of combination graduate manager and head cheer leader.' He's enthusiastic and dynamic. Whatever his Job is he'll do It well. ' ; i "Three major factors are i responsible for our improvement," said Whitlow yesterday. "The first is that the young talent, force-fed in the minors by uniform major league coaching, has finally matured, there by proving the soundness of thel P. K. Wrigley system. "The second factor is the shrewd trading operations by John Holland" and Charlie Grimm. . They've brought us such players as Harry Jackson, Bob Buhl, Andre Rodgers, Lindy McDaniel, Jim Schaffer and Meritt Ranew. . "The third is the 'leadership Because of that last: item Whitlow undoubtedly has earned his. varsity, letter. It was the athletic director who picked Kennedy' and promptly gave him the lemur that all the rotating predecessor had lack- ed, hamstringing them dread fully. Kennedy is the manager even though Wrigley, protecting his semantic illusions, prefers - to consider him the head coach. The new skipper does not have to worry over the prospect of being switched next weekto Pocaleilo or Wenatchee. He's firmly anchored where he is "Kennedy I tha head coach for the rest of the year," said the athletic director, "and probably will remain there tor many yeaxs to coma." This I a young team that was about ready to pop any way. The concentration of authority in one man, Kennedy, has hastened the ripening process. The dean of this rah-rah collection is Ernie Banks at 31. Then comes that one-time Giant failure, Andre Rodgers at 2t. ("Rodger is now the best short. stop in the league," says Whit low, "and I've seen them all." The other two infietder are Ron Santo at 22. and Ken Hubbs, rookie of the -year, at 21. In the outfield are Billy Willi; the 1961 rookie of the year, at 24; Lou Brock at 33 and a prize newcomer,' Nelson Mathews at 21. "We've been moving cautious ly with Mathews," said big Bob, "and platooning him so as not to rush him. But I suspect. he'll be going all the way before the season is over. 'With him we probably will have the fastest outfield ever assembled. Young Mathews is only a step slower man Brock, real Jackrabbit. HAS GREAT POWER What makes that so impres sive is that Mathews is t-feet-4 and weighs 210 pounds. He has tremendous power. He almost punched one through that dis tant lert field scoreboard in St. Louis. What a shot! He just missed crashing into the elec trical network that lights up a flying eagle when Cardinal player hits a homer. It' a variation of Bill Veeck'i explod ing scoreboard. That, intricate wiring set-up is unprotected by of Bob Kennedy as our head i f"""'" because no one ever Weary. Killer Buddyiistin Wins CanadiahTMat Title coach." GILEEV'S GIIBEY'S GILBPS GIIBEY'S GIIBEY'S rrnnrwi biLDtl "Mia IP V W Ikmemr aa U Gil A - m. before came elose to reaching it. I was sitting with "Bing De-vine of the Cards when the hit was made. Bing grew pale. - 'Three feet more to t h e left,' said Bing, 'and it would have cost us $23,000 for new electrical system. Maybe he'd have short . circuited the entire ball park.' "Another department in which we've unproved is our running. We've abandoned our conservative ways of the past and become a daring, running ball club. Wait until you see Brock move. Last year he stole 16 bases. He has 13 already. The most exciting plaI've seen all year was when Rodger hit a routine liner to centre in SaiuFrancisco and stretched it into a double against Willie Mays. Maybe Willie got careless but you could hear h I m tequeal when he saw what was happening. It ,as to mean a key run. What trapped Willie was thatthis was not in the pattern of the past.. We've become an aggressive halt cfub." The athletic director of the Chicago Cubs -looked pleased. He ran hi finger across his shirt front, almost as it he could feel the upraised outline of his varsity "C". By PHIL O'REILLY of The Journal - . -Spattered with Mood and barely able io maintain per- pendicular position, an ex-Ntvy l man from the U.S. won the vacant Canadian .professional ' heavyweight w resiling championship Tuesday night at the Coliseum. Killer Buddy Austin, a man who give no quarter and expect none, xws, to say the least, a phyiicafty weary individual when promoter Howard Darwin stepped into the ring f to present him with the cham- I pionship belt and the key to a I new Chrysler car. -A crowd of, L 2.500 took in tha tourney. DEFEATS ZORRA . i The "Killer," despite the fact p h was bleeding profusely from a head wound, and just able to " keep hit1 balance, outmanoeu vred Tarzan Zorra in the 15th and final bout in this knock-out tournament Both grapplert met at centre-ring and both west down. Austin got to his feet first just in time to apply his finishing Indian death lock. And in addition to belt and a new car Austin alio takes home with him $1,000. And to the 14 or so pounds he lost in four, bouts, didn't go in vain. With only 11 years in pro wrestling Austin could hardly be considered a veteran. Yet he holds a number of champion ships Including the Pacific Coast Fleet title, Pacific Coast pro title. S o u t h e r n Heavyweight championship. Central States title and All-Asia title. That Central States crown earned him a new car plus $2,000. DOESN'T LIKE COLOR "I burned the motor out of the car in the first month," said Austin. So he has another new car. but he doesn't like the color and wants that problem corrected right away. He was a winner but be look ed as though he had been through a meat grinder. ' I'm cut stiff and tore. I think I'll play golf tomorrow and iron out the kinks," said Austin. He shoots in the mid-80 after three years of limited experience. 1 The new champion promises to fight anyone anywhere. Ottawa has been a successful stop for Austin. Going into last night's tourney he has 11 straight wins here. Last night he won another four. And 90 per cent of the wins have come as a result or his deadly Indian death lock. He won three of four that way last night including the mainvent . . Despite his championship win, Austin very nearly met his match in the semi-final when he took on French-Canadian star Larry MoqUin, who came out of retirement for a shot at the crown.. MOQUIN DISQUALIFIED The pair met in the semi final and Moquin absorbed a pounding that resulted In a head cut. that covered his face a sickening red. , - Eventually Moquin "explod ed." He flattened referee Omer Marchessault and hurled the official out of the ring. Mar chessault was quickly followed by Austin and the latter lay flat on the floor and he top was bleeding heavily from a head wound. . . Marchessault had no choice but to disqualify Moquin. Referee Barney Tucker was t uncomfortable from the outset. sporting a broken nose as the result of a stray, elbow. And Ox Anderson, a tough i from below the border who reached the semi-finals, bowed out early to Tarzan Zorra. Anderson landed heavily after being tossed into a corner and tore some ligaments in his knee. Results of bouts follow: - . ' OPINING BOUTS Ox Anderson dslealtd Bob Boyer at Larry Moquin detected Sailor Michaud at 7 35 Tony Napollllan defeated Argentina Apollo at s a. Ron Reed defeate Cena Kelly at s.l. Dory Dixon defeated Ovila Aate-lln 4tdaw deciaioni. Killer Buddy Austin defeated Bob Sedajd at 5 IS Tarzan ' Zorra defeated Yvon ftacicol at 07 , Cbet Walleck defeased., Moaee Benmurct al SS3. qitAaraa-riNAL Larry sloquta defeated Tony Austin will make his first I Napoiitian at t 13 title defence next week and 1 if i. .TTa c,maor defeated . ,t M"-k..Ui BUDDY AUSTIN Ron Reed al l 12. Killer Buddy Aiutln Dory Dixon at IS 44. Ttrun Zorra defeated Chet Walleck at S.17 (disqualification). SEMI-FINALS I Larry Moquin TtlT""KiUr Buddy Auetin defeated urn 1 1 j jmiuii m ja.we (quiuaui. caUonl. Taraan Zorra defeated Ox Anderson at S 4a FINAL . Kilter . Buddy Auitin defeated Taraan Zorra at 1S.3S. Moquin is a good bet to provide the opposition. Leading' to the title Austin defeated Bob Bedard, Dory Dixon and that order. Argentina Apollo, a pre-tournament favorite, broke two toe in his opening Watch with Tony Napoiitian. Player Ties Nicklaus In Golf Day Match DALLAS, Tex. (AP) U.S. PGA champion Gary Player sank a 15-foot pressure putt on the 18th green Tuesday to tie National Open champion Jack Nicklaus with a 68 m their match headlining National Golf Day in the U.S. Player was lighting from behind all day. He sank a 30-foot putt to pull even with Nicklaus on the first nine holes as .each came in with a one-under-par 35., Then Player had to come from behind with the pressure putt on the 18th tq gain the tie. The three-under-par rounds were played over the 7.037-yard DAC Country Club course, which will be the scene of the U.S. PGA championship July 18-21. lONDOs) DRY V V V 290 SPUQ ST. THE VULCAKIZER LTD. HOME 2264511 tOOC MM TM - - at user o ouAirrv SAVE ON GOopvEAn APPROVED TRUCK TIRE RETREADS V i : coooruc IOAMI6 IdaJ for trucks on cattle baula, milk FOsjtaa, tarai trucking. ExosOant traction ia heavy going. -leag highway mOaag, tooomt m-tuuittt Economical, V pendabl retraed that will tak tha hsatrtf loads at kigh pood long djatsukoaa. saswsfvv vpswrw aexervvvv eieexw eaev newe T)5 rest popular 5ln tffvorid Cfjnw in fta femous tuara frostsd bcttia THIS WUK'S SPECIAL! TIIRO-VAY OAR-B-Q 32) tight and Cook ... No Fas or Muss ONLY FKISBY "TKE YULWKIZER ITU." 2 SPARXS ST. (ketweaa Baa aad) lm OPtTI FRIDAY MGRTS TO. ' Cycling Club Elects Executive Jim Cross was elected president of the Capital City Cycling Club at their recent annual meeting. Other members of the executive include Ian Douglas, secretary; Jim Cuthbert, treasurer, Peter Tyler, vice-president. Jack fyamie, road captain. There will be a 10-mile time trial at the Gatineau Pafkway June 5 at 7 pn Uplands Club Tournament Saturday Tournament action begins Saturday at the Uplands Golf Club with the Mens' and Ladies' pyramid. Thirteen green will be in operation at the course this week, and work Is rapidly pro-greasing on the rest; A few membership vacancies for Air Force, Army, Navy and Air Force Association personnel remain open. Eligible persons are invited to inspecUthe new facilities. t 1- 5-Pin Tourney Finals Tonight City five-pin bowlers will have their champions tonight Dustbene, winners of the first half title In the City flve-pmlD. Davidson, E. McConnery, tournament, will square off in a home-and-home' tilt with St Jean Baptiste, second half champs. First game will be at 7 pm in Eastview, and then the boys will return to St Jean for the second, and final game. Dustbene finished third in the second-half standings. Chaudiere Picks Sectional Team The golfers at Chaudiere are half-way through the qualifying rounds for positions on the intersectional team following test weekend's play. Only-10 golfers make the team, and right now the leading contenders are: , R. Pollock. J. Galon, C. Mc-Cormery, J. Cowan, H. Holmes, Chabot, J. Elliot and B. Gillesi. Saturday's Class "A" ball sweeps winners were: H. R. Holmes, R. Pollock arid J. Cowan. In class "B", D. Coxon, L. Fitzgerald and A. Trevor were the winners, and M. Lottie and J. B. Watson won out in Class "CV Etfsketball School Set Up ait Carleton Carte ton University has scheduled a basketball school for fledgling floor artists, and they're looking for applicant. The school will run from Aug. ! 12 through the 24th, at the Carleton Gym, and will be open to 40 boys from 12 to 15. i Coaches wiH be Norm Ferm and Dick Brown of Carleton,' and Bruce Campbell of Fisher. An entry fee of S10 will offset the' cost of tha school.' AppXications wiH be received by Fenn at 233-4265. STOCK CAR RACES (Ami (itt roown I fane frees ettttrrffie lernerf wm lea way $2,400.00 - - as Met SSeaeF TONIGHT .ISP.M. 9 RACES ADCXTS tXM , CHILDREN Mc RAIN or SHINE Coma tariff strta ttoAtma a-i-ap rmama . Im If E (j S : Feir lost Scalectieiii OVER 1CD GOOD USED CARS TO CHOOSE FROM 1831 CHEVROLET ; 1895 -door sKUn. haUr. auto, traiwniftxl on. A vain packed car at only. 1SS9 OLDS. Super 83 1444 4 -door edan, heater, i auto, trt&iffll wion. Interior. A Myers 3-day ' epectal. 1981 CORVAIR Delate 1UI u 4 -door aedan. heater, aulo, tranwniwlon. tone. This dodu model offers hith value at only. 1862 PONTIAG Parisiesne $3295H Convertible, heater, auto. transmission, i . radio, turquoise with ' - 2-1 one matchinjr In terlqr- One of the best In convertibles. 1953 CHEVROLET 1345 4-door sedan, healer C anJ aaetlira A W.ena le saiiu i aij. n uaisjaiii hunteri dream 1957 VOLKSWAGEN - 795 2-door. beater a f rostetW o n d economyxat only ,'-r rJ--. 1S58 FORD Ranch Wagoo 1495 3-door. heater, radio, 3- , tone Ivory and red with . matchinc interlnr. SLx- perlence tha thrill of station wagon driving t only. 1955 CHEVROLET Bel-Air 777 4-door aedan, heater, auto. sranamiMton, radio. 2-tone. A stylish car offering superb value. ..... .1: " ' i. ",.- 1SS1 CHEVROLET Delaxe 1SS2 CHEVROLET Station wagon. 4-door. heater, auto. , traiumiasson. radio, power steering, power brakes, excellent con dltlon. 1-door aedan. heater. (t areen with match In t Interior. Sea It today at only. 9QQk a40yD ,y Loud i -KV Mir 5r ;' 1SS3 CONSUL Capri . 2 door hardtop. ica 124 saiiu uciivatt See it today at onlyT" 1995 1953 PONTIAC Delaxe 1395 4-door sedan, heater, t II t A Innimiuinn '2-tone. '' 1SS1 AUSTIN A-O 2-door . MAP with heater. ! 1953 KILUIAN 4-door sedan, heater, tf JAf" 2-tone paint 185? BUICX SUPER $745 4-dnor. basitee. atrto. fnmi misasrm. radio, vower steer ing, power iMites. 183 VOLKSWAGEN W Heater and rarlfo Cnm ktl 4 aj V L) pp'.n.',ul,pd ,,rJafc 1 D 1831 ZEPHYR - 4-door sedan, heater ffd 4 Q C and defroster. X 193 1959 CADILLAC us 4-door hardtop, heater. aulo. t r a n am t asmn radto. powrr ateertna. power -brakea. power windows, 4-way power seat. . $2875 METCALFE"-" ' ul Z 3 r1 hi 0 te LZii ISI I 1 ::, ELGIN LU Us - tt i XTCMI0W j - - - MYERS MOTORS CO, LTD. CE3-5633 CE3-8411

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