The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1931 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1931
Page 7
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tUESDAV,J[AY 12, 1031; (ARK.)" COURIER NI5WS CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents » word for ftr»i tUienion and one c«nt » word 'or each subsequent Insertion. No advertisement taken [or Jess ihuu f>0c. Count the words and «eud I'Jione 306 FOU SALE PA(Jft WE DEWEY GROVE& AUTHOR OF OUU BOARDING HOUSE By Ahem FOR SALB—Baby chicks. Fay thAs lull, bee us about plan. Marilyn Iliitclicry. uC-'i'F FOK SALE — Several nice fresh Jersey cows, til my bam. E. O. Adams, Phone 135. 'i'i-' CORN FOR SALE—Good white ear com. W. T. Kllcy, New Madrid, Mo. 12P-K2U FOR SALE—Cheap. -'G5" Chrysler Sedan, In perfect condition. Phone 395. Mrs. Bisk. 12C-K15 FGU RENT FOR RUNT—Apartment Ui Ingram building. Sue Parkhurst Company. 9C-TF FOR RENT—5 room niojcra apart- incjit on West Main St., Arcola heat. Phone 417 or 4TO-W. 9ckl3 FOR RENT—Newly furnished cot- luyc, 4 rooms and bath ou Davis sired. Call 958 or 050. L. L Ward. FOR RENT—Three room apartment, BIO West Ash street. Call 510. C-K-15 WANTED DEPENDABLE person wanted to handle Watkins products in Blytheville; customers established, excellent tarntngs. Write in own handv.riling, J. R. Watkins Co. t)0- 15 Kentucky St., Memphis. Teiui. POULTRY WANTED—Market, pri- tes, any quantity. Marilyn Hat- Ocry, ill) S. Fourth St. UC-TF Y.'/.Nl'ED — Family washings or general housework. Mrs. Dora JOzell, 2207 18lh St. TP WANTED—Girl (or oil company oflicc work, short hours, easy work. Apply Marathon Oil Company tomorrow, 10 to 12 o'clock- 12P-K13 LOST AND FOUND IIKKK TODAY BEIIY'. BimilKN, ircrril; !• »!<• TOHNV WILSO.V, prt- Tenli Ml attempted *luikfmrnc wllb iirt knlf-Klilrr, 'III^M-: EvitHi-rrr, bj kiiionr,iati MM %»llb lar acftlMlnnre of krr *ca9[r.." VatHns IB coBvJncr MM or hi* Aulr ID flatih coNtra and »ut di»- apBolal kl. null, ntrrl Itu TuiMMr return lo Irene who, rn- at I|,F refnir. ic cliil'f nllk aim. l.ntrr TOIUMT rcci-ar* one ol Urr}l'a «anjr limit druivntui;. "The Ctrl If hlaaird by her family. Irene receive* ibc «Rrr of aa autlllluB o>er rndlo. aed riRi.lo refute* |o inarrr Toitmy. She i-iin- dtjecniU o tel Uerjl nrromp.injr ker to (he «1adU. U'Jritr najlluir In 3» *n1«*-ru«iM1, Iltrjrl *ltm <JOUM *r la* plaac iind rtrruwlLr CMOMH ™p:u*frd I- ib*» t-i»rr who died ao IODB ago. Accidentally hearing ker, ••<• ol ike dlrrrlnn I. ebnrmrd and clvrM ker a prlvnlc te*l. Tkey like tke rclvety lnnr» of lier vulee nad HMIUTV hrr nf n euntmel nilk Hit. (lAYI.»!t!>. \Yhcn Herri tell* [rear, ivlnne. *e«t Ik a failure, ,ke Intlrr nlra In n race mid Biiya Herri 1ms nirtJe a fnul nt ker»elf. SOW CO OX WITH THE 3T01IY ' CIIAPTKU XII A LWAYS tual thrust trom Irene iicryl winced Inwardly CijulJ lic-r staler liavo sucsscd how alic felt aljuut Tommy Wilson- how he was the yrcatcst tiling in the world lo her In spite of her appreciation ol bis limitations? * Well, whatever Ireuo Iliouglit she'd never get the truth from her lips. Fiery 1 decided, and remained Eilent. Irene stormed on null] they reached the Feousylvaula station, then verbal exbaiiblion forced her also Into silence. Flut once they wero sealed In the LOIIK Isiaud train she took up her firievance again, impelled to Questioning by her curiosity. Beryl would not tell her ot ine chauce she was to havo to Bins for Mr. Gaylord. the eoap inaiiiifacUir- i er. After all. she liail her own pride and some Eense and If Mr. Oaylord did not like her voice Blie'd never hear the end of it from Irene If she told her ot the trial beforehand. Irene was still talking angrily when they arrived home. The scene that ensued, with their mother Inevitably siding with Irene, finally Bent Heryl lo her room lo save herself from crying before them. oys she was JJJt us eager lo share ier own. Mrs. Everett felt no such com- forlablo acceptance of her daughter's flret fr)lluro. nut she was nblc M RS. EVERETT had warned j to liiilo her disappointment from Irene to kc<-|i quiet before, her[her husband because of lier belief atlier. He'd had a trying day ntjlliat Irene lind been dealt with un- ho store, without Beryl's help and I fairly. She sllll believed what Irene lis wife knew Ihe Instant he en-i had lold licr—tliai Ueryl Inui cot .cred tho houso tl'il he would not I Ilictn uulh laushed Bt at Ihe slmllo .ako part with anyouo who Flailed j UeO'l liatl not denied it. Anolhcr ^ i row, regardless of Jusiice. Mrs. lime aud liono would succeed. Everett dreaded her husband's <Us- •)•],<, dinner llnl Mrs. Kvorell had pleasure for, like many mild bul prepared as n fcasi lo celebrate strong-minded persons, lie was Irene's u tumuli tvjUKcaion In el- loud In ualllc and s!io feared his l c -nce. Irene was Ihe ll.'st In leavo words would be overheard by thc!u 10 taldc-lo \viilt for Toniuiy ou neighbors. Next door a family had I the, front porch, built up clo3o lo the properly Hue, and 111 summer lime, with the windows open .... "Don't get your fullier Marled," sho had wliisirercd In ail nsido lo Irene Just before the family galli- crcd for dinner. Irene had been upstairs taking n shower bath and dressing for llr~ orcnlng. She had K'leiilioned Tommy lo conio over afler dtimer — lieryl had heard her— and when she came inlo the dining room sho 1JK ~ h realizing that 11 was s lo c.vpecl nsslnUinee from Licr, washcil Ihe dlsj:os In luislo for she, loo. had inndo plans for ilie evening arter slie'd heard Irene telephoning to Toiiuny. Irene lirnl 111 i! led broadly to him at Ilie lime lhal shu had SUULQ trouble to IJOur out lo him and lieryl had guessed ilmt slio meant to accuse her of everything short ot murder. Well, she wasn't going to stay They did not BCD her as idic np- proadu-d In the darkness, nor did sho seo them until Elio was close, cnoush to llielr conver»- Iton. They wero arguing and wlmt Ilerjl heard Tommy say Bet her heart sbglns wllh happiness, lie did not. apparently, ngrco vrllli' 'Irene ilnt also had ruincil' her slslei-'j ;!i:iucc3 ai llio broadcast- EIII; Elation, Ho ECOIIICI! to think Irene's surmises wero alisurd. "Gosh, licue," he said, "Ueryl wouldn't deliberately do n ihlus Ilko Him." It \\a:-2i't a very warm defense, nnd Ii was made, wllli u bli ot reluctance, as though tho defender were forced lo make- it hy an emc- ilon «| which 1,0 was nol proud. Beryl kutv lhal ho was taking her Iiait acalust hij will and for n mo- uienl nhu loved him without reservations. "lie has to bo fair," she exulted. "Ho can't belli It!" '•Vli.i: Irene wns thinking of him was distinctly different. To maka sure »r his allegiance Eho had made heri-ulf as Irresistibly uttrac- LOST—On Thursday night, brown leather bill told. Finder return lo W. D. McClerkiu, Oil Ash St. Reward. 9C-K12 1'KKSONAL CASH FAIL) for second hand lur- niture. A. L. Hovers, center Main &. .late Sis. CC-TF Oil STOCKHOLDERS MEETING of The Blythcvillc Cotton Company The Annual Meeting of the directors and stockholders of the aoove company will be held Thursday, June 9th at, 10:30 A. M. in Hie offices of W. A. Gage & Co., Falls Bldg., Memphis, Tenn. 4C-KG-; Closing Stock Prices dninty us a daisy In dc\v. Beryl, who had been helping her mother In the kitchen, was more like a [lower beside a dusty road. Mr. Everett, too, looked the toll- er, lieryl offered to make htm a tomato ccckiail and when she brought i(. filled with lino leu, be thanked her with a graieful glance. ;\ , . . • . -.i He was too tired to sense tBt> undercurrent o! Ill feeling lhal his wife iiud daughter shared. Otherwise he would not, perhaps, havo Ijceu so lactless as lo ask Irene how her audilion had come out. "It was a flop." Irene- answered, "nnd It's all . . ." Behind her father's back her mother shook warning bead at her. Shu chcckcil her speech but her eyes glarei daggers at Beryl. 'Why, that's loo bad," her father said sympathetically, bu bo did not question her 'further To a man who Imd ueen »u hla feet all day atlcr sweeping oul Grocery store—lifting, beavini stooping, dragging, weighing and wrapping packages, trying lo give "The' hard-boiled ingrate." Irene I service to make up for lack o characterized her as Beryl disau- superior stock, a daughter's aspira lions were less interesting Ibau 111 prospect of rest. Especially vhci be could molher. peared up the stairs, her head high and an air of jauutiness disguising her heartache. Sho wanted someone to share her unexpected good fortune—to thrill with her over its possibilllles. leave her fulnro to he ills wifo could handl these things better tiian be couU he'd always argued, and so bo ha Beryl was not one to enjoy happi- been inoro or less left out of con nesi elone. As Eas was easer to | sWeraiion when Irene's carctr waa start other peoyls'i lorrowa aud j being discussed. omniy ihought ahout it. Tommy Irene's man and she could cx- ect him to sympathize with her istor. For her part she'd go to her ang and lell them her good news, iio kids would appreclale it. Whpn she got them all together bo swore them to sllenco and then onlided that she was going to gel a chance to sing on Ihc rndlo. "And ve'll make up n code," sho said ex- Itcdly, "like sumo ot the radio announcers do so they can tell'thiilr lives >S'hcn they'll bo homo and hen 1 can send messages to you.** "Aw, yon'ro gonna fiiug; not alk. It you talk nohouy'll listen :o you." "Well, 1 can cough." "When you going to do Itf "I'll let you know as soon OB I'm aired aud don't forget uot to breatho a word ot It." They asked her a lot ot questions but sho wouldn't keep thom out-late enough to givo all the- an swcrs. It v;as Bllll loo early lo go home, though. Tommy was sure to bo there. • • • CUE dismissed her sang anil wen' ^ for a walk.alonp tho beacli. 1 was practically deserted »ud llery loved It when gho had It alone Thcro wero big boulders strewn along It—one In particular upo which sho liked to perch and atar at the lights twinkling across to sound. But tonight she T (Kiuplai, aud by Irene and tlvo as sho could. Tommy hud been Impressed—alia had seen thai at once—and ho had begun again rgir.i; her lo marry him. Sho had elt certain that ho would ho 83 urlous with Oeryl as sbo was. And lie had dared to differ with er. As her hot words poured out Inlo he night Meryl lurucd away with a tender smiio In tho corners ot her mouth. An Impulse toward oyous expression ncnt her carl- vhccling down Iho beach wticro he Baud wns smooth and hard, from (hat night sho did not mind lie altitude ot Ireno aud her mother. Nor did she tell them of prospccls. But they felt a sup- iroszcd glow about her and Irene resented It as » manifestation ot eiivlous satisfaction. As the time Ueryl expected Bho must bear from Mr. Qarnhoff drew near her eicltemcnt grew until 6ba found It difficult to keep from speaking of. her secret. And then suddenly one day sho realized that ll bnu been quite n while that she'd beep waiting. After that, as day after day went by and no word canio from ino studio, slic began to wonder If Irona wero right and someono had been fooling her. That didn't Eccm like Mr. Darn- lioff. Eho lold hcracll. "1 guess they didn't Ilko my voice so much, after all." she decided. From that moment It becam» hard to cuduro Irene's contlnuoua taunts about the rwult of her test. (To Be CoatiBncQ) SPOOK "FOOLS, V/ISlU ALL FAMOUS OF OF CASES VJAS Trie SIAMESE SPooK DO rtlS F6R ME, He SEEMS To FOR EA/ERVQrJE ELSE.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WHY MOT? By ' SUNDAY DINNEll Italian Commerce Makes '! Soviet Russia Guards T r> i • n * i T~k i ii n t 11 ! 15Y OSCAR OF THE .WALDORF A. T. & T Anaconda : Copper Auburn Caterpillcr Tractor! .-.. Chrysltr Cities Service Continental Baking .. General Electric General Motors Montgomery Ward ... New York Central ... Packard Radio Corp 182 1-4 27 1-a 242 1-2 •2S 7-3 20 1-B 14 3-1 13 43 1-4 43 1-2 20 D3 1-8 1 1-f 13 5-i,' Simmons 14 1-i Texas Corp 41 1-2 U. S. Steel Ill <. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, May 12. (UI'J- Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close May 076 978 ... 0141) July OD5 898 902 932 Oct 1032 1034 1027 1023 Dec 1053 1057 1050 1051b Jail HXi7 11X1 1001 Mar 1087 1087 1082 IVS2 Si»ls i|iiict at D50, oil 5. New York Cotton NEW YORK, May 12. (UP)—Cotton closed barely siciidy. Open High Ix)w Close May 976 978 971 975 July 031 SSD 992 931 Oct 10W 1034 1027 1029 Dec ICd3 1058 1M9 1053 Jail !0«5 10C7 1061 10G4 Mar 1083 1087 1081 1082 Spots quiet at 985, off 5. Celery. Olives and Radishes - Tomato Bisque Broiled Lamb Chops Rice Baked with Cheese Spinach, buttered Alligator Pear Salad (French Dressing) Ginger Cream . Coffee Broiled Lamb Chops Trim the required quantity of chaps that have been cut from ii loin of lamb, put them on a healed gridiron and broil them over the fire. When they are nicely browned both sides, put Headway in Russia! Drunk 'Gator Fights Atujlcrs I NEWDKRN, Tcllll. (UP) — Dardanelles CareiUllyj tiru nk alligator weighing 17 pounds and fighting like a "Firpo" was GENEVA. (UP)—Italy is steadily' GENEVA, (UP)— Scvict Russia pulled in here recently hy two uuming a iiu 1 ]:*!!!^ "aac^ of coin->^ s keeping its side dsor entranfoj lislicrmcn. Earlier in the day the incrcc with Turkey u'n Soviet R;ia-1 t!![ u : '•;!> tile DardeiuUes Ihoroush-1 sheriH had emptied Hit: contents :ia F.rcordins to tile annual re- i'/ wc ' ! giiatdcd. | of several srills In tlic stream and i:or't oi ii:e Inieriwiiqnal Slrnits' According lo the anual report, it, was Ihonsiit tile alligator Ccmn:ss:on to the Lea'gue of Na- j Just made to the League of Na-jcntcu some of the mash. [j 0 ,j s ~ = j ticr.s by tiie International Straitsj With the toHl amoliBt of com . : Commission at Constantinople. the| 85 Years Old, Walks 11 Miles ™- RuEsi:1 " n " (s rcm » !lui al a " t! - nlc ? j d.inelK.! '^'i year <i6 per cent liiah- . i er thr;i! Ihe year he/or?. T'.aly led ' I all of the rations of the world 'with a tu:.\l of -1.D5I.CPO tons. Her : fast dci.iiopins commercial rela- j tiDi:s with thu Suuets is believed i to account largely for this. i I£ncland cam? next with 3.G99,-: OCO loi.s; Greece with 3.100.000 : Norway with l,108,(W!j. the moat powerful one in the Black mound of ' i mi , and mashed potatoes on a hot dull, j tons. | lean the chops against, it, and Tile unjuui States is last en tl'-o i 1 »D icare OKI, wi GREENFIEbU, Mass. Henry Hayden of Ncrllifield cjlc Efa- ! brated his 85tli blrllulay .-iimu.^r It consists at the present time 5a ry by walking 11 miles to Green of one cr-pital sliip. formerly be-; f lc ]d and dining at the .\Lmsioi lonein:,' lu the Baltic llcot; two I House, where his parents wen ctuisc-ri. one ot which also cnme cooks Hi) y»ars ;i"0 fioni Ihe Baltic f:a; five torpedo! boats: five submarines; four mine - _,. sweepers; ri--'f-n f^it-ni im-.r<:- i^-n" ir - c pencn is auxiliary clc\rn patrol uor.ts: two vessels; three training; twenty-one iraining hy- j Ginger Cream Put three-quarters of an ounce of gelatine in a teacupful of toiling milk and let, It soak. Take au ounce and a half of preserved ginger and cut- it up very small, rut a half-pint of double cream in a basin, whip it until it is slid. Add two ounces ol powdered sugar, a little at a lime, then a tablcspoon- fnl of syrup of ginger, and half n teaspoouful of csscnuc of ginger. Mix thoroughly I'.nd tnen add-. the milk and gelatine, and lastly the preserved ginger. When cool, put 11 inlo a rcck-shapcd mould 0:1 the ice to set. list with only 4GB.OCO tons. anclem I'rui vc«cls- three iraimii"' Rlut " sc;ms sinsiilar lhat no men " '' ' v!i lio11 is rnaiie of it in the TJiuh', fa | it Is knov.n to have been Intro - dncerl into Italy as early as th Read Courier Kcws want lids ! time ot Claudius, 50 A. D. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS O CHEAP BUT- ..... SOME PEOPLE use •"•EXTRAVAGANT U^OA^E- For a limited time 1 have rc- dureil my prices on prime lea- Iher hnlfsoles Men's hglit hallfolcs with Goodyear rubber heels — $1. Men's medium liallsolcs wiili Goodyear rubber heels .. $1.W Mcii's heavy halfsolcs wllh Goodyear rubber heels .. $1.50 \V. J. KNOX WASHED IGRFASH) EATON AND SON Fbone 700 Mala * 5th St VOICES _X>ST Ago-jE A VJU1SPER-, ivi A BACVC. e of A PAOLOC., \MUSBE U£ STOPPED IU tea A SCDA, CHO HIS TO MB OJUEK'S CMS OF TUS VJ01C6S AS TWT cf FARBAtt'S WASH TUJ5BS .TUG AT TEWTH AMD KOBlbW STCESTS... ^ THIS IS A 8£AOry.._o.ld EL6VEM O'CLOCU 1 U!SHT._. UPONjrn£M. THROW -EM UP, MO OOCYiN CHWtWORG CVKS CHERBOURG'-, "TWVJGW — Tft' 6PN6 " A DONNO T. TWO06UT \T 91CKED 09 , 0\W(s ? KAKlsAU'S HAN(i-OUT!! ! THATS FARBARS vfoice I! re [oJcwj rr /kNVPiA c S...-UG , £0 I'LL JUST oar, AS IF L N6VEK HEARD AJ4' TD TWIsJ^ MOBODY •VD ITCOAOBE? SEE T^EES BY "WE \WAU--TWAT5 AW \jjcn pyz MX)!J RKCOGMXKI)! -\ THATSAl Irtf S'RE ToBSS ftMB EASY. I TWEW, MN NfWE 6RWJM, EM OESE OEY EN OOtttS. HiV. CMJ&W ^ITO Trtt BOOZE, crnef. HE RCST CXER30ARB M1SHT CHAMSE HIS UOOl^S AH SO 'ROOUD sreftUIW' RU816S, &ST HIS VD1CS CAMT Crane \«\!ER SEEN TH\S BEFORE—Stf VkE, Kr-XWiS trtEM.

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