The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 12, 1955 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 12, 1955
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLITHEYILLB (ARK.y COTOIBS KEWB WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1958 Ike's Trade Gets Good Reception Better Support From Demos Than From GOP By JAMES MARI.OW Awoclatod Pre« New* Analyat WASHINGTON (A P..) — President Eisenhower's foreign trade program seems headed for better treatment by the Democrats, who run Congress this year, than it got from his fellow Republicans who controlled Congress in 1954. £iHnhower'c message to Congress this week, asking new Authority to cut tariffs, revives an ancient fight with some new twists. Tariffs protect American producers from the competition of foreign imports which might otherwise undersell them in this country. Traditionally, Democrats have been for low tariffs, Republicans for high ones. There Js divided opinion among American _ businessmen whether tariffs in general should be reduced, kept where they are, or boosted. Eisenhower wants ,to increase foreign trade; tariffs restrict It. There Is now the bugaboo of Russia seeking trade, which is one device for winning away American friends, with foreign countries which will certainly trade where they can to keep alive. Colled "Moderate" Just how much of Eisenhower's program will get through Congress —and Just how effective it will be in increasing trade if it does get through—is something for the future to disclose. He says he offers a "moderate" program. Just as the depression was getting started in 1930, the Republican-run Congress passed the Smdot ,-Hawley Tariff Act. President 'Hoover, over the protests of 1,000 economists, signed it. It created the highest tariffs In American history. It was the peak of American protectionism. Within two years X foreign countries retaliated by biking their tariffs against goods Americans tried to sell them. In the depths of the depression, when the Roosevelt administration took over, Secretary of State Cordell Hull thought a revival of world trade was one way out. Under Hull's prodding the Derno- eratlc-run Congress in 3934 passed the Reciprocal Trade Agreements Act under which the President could reduce tariffs on certain goods from other countries provided they reciprocated by reducing their tariffs on American goods. That was 20 years ago and Congress has kept the act alive, renewing It sometimes for three years at a stretch, sometimes for only one year. The last time it was renewed was in 1954, for one year. It's due to end in June. Every time It was renewed there was grumbling or opposition from those who complained American producers were suffering because of it. When Eisenhower took over In 1953, with a Republican Congress, he asked merely for the act to be renewed for one year so he would have time to study the problem of foreign trade. Commission Report To help him he appointed in 1953 a 17 • man commission which included members of Congress. Its SUDD'NIY YOU SEEM TO Begin again with a brand new skin! STARR GAZING By BETTVE NELLE STARR Courier News Staff Corretpondeoi On this day, 1803, the General Education Board was incorporated. John D. Rockefeller supplied the funds' ( a n told more than $50 million) for this board to promote education In the United States regardless of race, color or creed. On this day, 1901, three-cent carfare went into effect at Cleveland, o. I .wonder If it has increased to 15c as it has done in Memphis? On January 13, 1836. Stephen Collins Foster died. On 'January 14. 1184, peace with England was ratified. To cap it all, the first railroad honeymoon trip was taken on January 15. 1831. It was part of the wedding journey of Mr. and Mrs. Henry L. Pierson, of Ramapo, N. Y., while in Charleston, S. C., they traveled the six miles of the South Carolina Railroad then in operation. Remember when men wore celluloid collars? Them were the good old days, so they say. chairman was Clarence B. Randall, chairman of the board of the Inland Steel Corp. The commission reported to Eisenhower Jan. 23, 1954, In general it recommended extension of the act plus congressional agreement for the President to reduce tariffs further. Some of the Republicans on the commission balked: Sen. MJIlikin of Coforado, Rep. Reed of New York, Rep. Simpson of Pennsylvania. Republican opposition in Congress stood firm. On March 30, 1954, Eisenhower sent a special message to Congress following the line of the Randall commission recommendations. But on May 20, under Republican resistance, he said he was willing to accept a one-year extension of the act without further authority to cut tariffs. That was what he got. On Monday Elsenhower sen another special message to Congress, asking for a three,-year extension. Since much of the President's present power to cut tariffs to 50 per cent of what they were in 1945 has been exhausted, Eisenhower asked permission to cut another 15 per cent for the next three years, at the rate of 5 per cent a year. He promised there n-ouJd be "no sudden or radical tariff reductions." 406 W. Main Before my time, so I wouldn't :now. The product developed as a substitute lor ivory in billiard balls, so you can see why celluloid collars' popularity was short-lived. Imagine the neck-cricks! It has been said that the first half of our lives is ruined by our parents and the second half by our children. What about the grandchildren? Definition for a bachelor: "One who enjoys the chase, but does not eat the game." Beauty Is the first present nature gives to women, and the first it takes away. Business is like oil. It won't mix with anything but business. The Hungarians have a proverb that says: "The wife of a careless man is almost a widow." Some folks, like small boats, should stay close to the shore. The defects in a preacher are discovered sooner than in any other profession. I have never envied a clergyman and Worse than that, his wife. If she tries to half-way keep in style. she iB sometimes criticized and if she blossoms out in an out-moded outfit, heaven forbid! Those two are really on the spot and if I were either, I'd feel like I. was being auditioned every time 1 opened my mouth. I just wonder how they feel! Probably likewise. Dave Garaway sure looks self- conscious in those Bermuda shorts and I imagine he Is. Nell Owyn was just an orange- seller at the Theater Royal in London unitl she became the (or one) mistress of Charles II. She then became an actress and by jove. a jolly good one at that even though she was only 15 years old when she made her first appearance as Montezuma's daughter, in Dryden's "Indian Emperor." She retired from acting at the ripe old nge of 20. Haven't found out why the rush, but when I do, I'll let you know, until that time, draw your own conclusions and I'll do the same. I sure am mad at the University of Arkansas Coach, Bowden Wyatt. He can't do that to us, just when folks up nawth were beginning to respeiSt Arkansas, he would resign. Cadillac or no Cadillac, what was the big idea? The pasture at the University looked pretty green from where I'm sitting and there just ain't no finer folks on earth than them of us in Arkansas and I'm i aiming to put my two cents worth in »nd I know a few more 'round here what feels the same way.. I hope my ex-English teacher iin't around. 1 guest I'm not a Rosemary Clooney fan, but didn't realiie it until I saw her In "White Christmas." She's gone a fur piece with her records but I don't predict she'll win an Oscar for her acting. Two men sat behind me and one kept talking about how fat she had gotten. Wonder if he hasn't heard? Sure was evident, to say the least. And for the man's information who sat behind me and my grand- chilluns (he is from Blytheville and I happened to know him, but he probably doesn't remember me) Rosemary is expecting in April. So that's the reason for her not having that Dior flat-chested look. Q\iess If the movies, the television and radios emphasize such conditions 'lil pie me can, too, seems the ones who are "that-a-way," or as my grandma said, "in the family way," are the ones who have a better chance to get on some, of the quiz programs, too. Had you noticed? Now that your Christmas bills are paid (?}, what ever happened to all of those plastic toys you walked down a pair of heels to find? nnouncina . a Change of Store Names: HI-WAY DRUG Main and Division (Formerly Hughes-Brogdon Drug Store) _ A _ ^ — j STEWART'S DRUG Main and Lake (Formerly Hughes Drug Store) —Licensed Pharmacist on duty ot both locations— OSCEQLA NEWS By Betty* Nell* Starr Miss Karolyn Rose Speise has accepted a position as airline hostess with Continental Air Lines. Her flight will be from Denver to El Paso, Tex., with El Paso as her home base. Mrs. A. F. Speise, mother of Miss Speise, will fly to Denver to pin the wings on her daughter upon the completion of her training, which is scheduled to take place in about ten days. Mrs. A. P. Williams received a telephone call Saturday from her son, Bobby Williams, that he had been promoted from first lieutenant to captain. Captain Williams., a jet pilot, Is stationed at Shaw Field, S. C. He is a brother to Mrs. Ben Mac White in Blytheville. Dr. Alfred Williams and several friends 'of Latham, , HI., stopped over In Osceola to visit Dr. Williams' family enrotue to a quail hunt in Durant, Miss. Mrs. Charlie Hale is a patient in Osceola Memorial Hospital. Mrs. Roy Ambel is reported to be Improving at the Osceola Hospital. The Rainbow Girls held their Installation at the Masonic Hall Monday night in a public Installation meeting. Following the meeting, refreshments were served. Robert Hershel Herring visited friends over the weekend in Columbus, Miss., and Oxford. Miss. Mrs. S. J. Cohen of Blytheville was in Osceola the past week to call on Miss Blanche Cleere, who is 111 at her home, and a visit to the Osceola Hospital for a brief visit with Mrs. P. J. Semmes, who is a patient there. Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Johnson complimented a recent bride and groom, Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Dillard, with a dinner party at their home on Friday, night. Mr. and Mrs. Dillard were married recently in NebrasKa. Mr. Dillard is a nephew of Mrs. R. C. Bryan. Mrs. William Edrington entertained her daughter, Shirley, with a birthday-picture show party Satr urday Favors and noise-makers were given the children. Birthday ca^e and Ice cream Were served. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dillard of Lexington, Nebr., have returned home alter a visit with Mr. Dillard's sister, Mrs. R. C. Bryan, his mother, Mrs. Mattle Dillard, and the family of Mrs. Bryan. Bobby Ware of Quincy, 111., was in town Thursday for a brief visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Ware. Mrs. Henry Carney of.Texarkana has returned home after a visit of several days with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Allan Segraves and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Colbert drove Mrs. Carney to Memphis to catch her train to Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Tim Bowles entertained the couples 1 in their canasta club over the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mann were special guests. The mangisteen is a fruit of the East Indies. It tastes much like an orange and cannot be grown In the United states. If ever you have looked into youi mirror and longed to hnve the ex. • quisitely soft, smooth, supple skin of youth, you will welcome this most amazing of all beauty treatments. Not in 30 days, 14 days, or even 7... but overnight you begin to see a miracle happen. From the moment you soothe on LANOLIN PLUS Liquid its superabundance of pure, gentle cholesterol-esters begin to penetrate. As you sleep, akin dryness goes-dry akin worries never return a* long as LAHOLIK PLUS Liquid it used regularly. "Crow's Feet" and dry skin lines soften and appear to blend away. And suddenly you sttm to btgin again with a brand new skin. Your friends will be green with envy. For only $1 plus tax wherever CMfltttkl art sold. Phone 3-4591 ' cr~ APPLIANCE-FURNITURE CLEARANCE DRASTIC PRICE CUTS ON HUNDREDS OF ITEMS! SPACE HEATERS Dinettes - Living Room 92.95 OIL SPACE HEATER Large 70,001) BTU oil burning heaters. Just a few J ft floor samples at this low price • • $82.95 OIL HEATER 55,000 BTU—heats -1 average rooms An unheard of price. Floor sample 111.45 GAS SPACE HEATER WITH BLOWER These heaters used only 1 day as demonstrators. Complete with blower, 70,000 BTU |77 74 77 REFRIGERATION 114.95 Five Piece. CHROME DINETTE SET Plastic top with matching chairs Choice of yellow or rose 189.95 TWO PIECE LIVING ROOM SUITE Green frieze upholstered davenport and chair. 1C7? 7 One floor sample only \vl - 209.95 LIVING ROOM SUITE A fringed frieze suite to add beauty and comfort to any living room. Save now at Wards 30-1.95 UPRIGHT HOME FKEEZZER Spacious 12 cii. ft. home freezer stores large quantities of food and meats, 2 floor samples '399.95 HOME FREEZER Large 18.9 cu. ft. freezer. 5 yr. warranty. 2 separate compartments. Slight warehouse cabinet damage 234.95 REFRIGERATOR Deluxe 8.7 cu. ft. ref-i"crator at a big savings. 5 vear warranty on unit. 2 floor samples only BEDROOM 279 77 senaral 329" 184.95 MODERN BEDROOM GROUP Beautiful blond double dresser, chest and panel bed. Attractive black drawer pulls 1G6.95 TRIPLE DRESSER & BED An unusual styled Harvest Oak design bedroom group. Well made 59.95 PLATFORM ROCKER A sturdy comfortable rocker upholstered in Dupont "Fiber E." Long wearing. Choice-colors MISC. APPLIANCES JUVENILE MISC. ?? Cfi Ww 77 112.95 WRINGER WASHER Deluxe model demonstrator. Lovell wringer. Full warranty. Hurry now and save. One only 84.95 STANDARD WASHER Full size standard model. Gets clothes as clean as the highest priced models 42.95 TANK CLEANERS Brand new tank cleaners ice are over-stocked on. Let our mistake he to your advantage. 97'^ See them today! •» • ' 13.95 TANK CLEANER CART -Handy cart for any tank cleaner and attachments makes your cleaning. T77 job a pleasure * 139.95 CONSOLE SEWING MACHINE Rotary head machine in a beautiful walnut QQ^' cabinet. Full guarantee ?»D 34.95 TABLE RADIO Beautiful Capchart plastic AM radio. Full warranty. Get Fine quality at this unheard of 1777 Price! i7 7 189.95 BED DAVENPORT A comfortable sofa by day, a full size innerspr-ICT^ ing bed by night. Choice of grey or brown .-. Iwl HOLLYWOOD BED FRAME Adjustable angle steel frame fits any standard size mattress and spring to make a Hollywood outfit , 6.05 CHILD'S TEETERBABE An exercise chair for baby, with tray for toys. Safe, practical 12.1)5 HIGH CHAIR Well built sturdy chair in wax birch or natural 1A77 finish. Plastic (ray 7.98 KITCHEN STEP STOOL All mclal with back. Folding step makes it quickly usable as stool or step LINOLEUM REMMNANTS " Variety of patterns and sizes. .lust IA'7 AFP the thing for small or medium rooms VV/fl VII 777 |J77 ID 7 g77 ASK ABOUT WARDS CONVENIENT MONTHLY PAYMENT PLAN CLOSING OUT! ALL FIRESTONE PAINTS PRICE ALSO MOST FIRESTONE HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES Dishes - Housewares - Aluminum Ware Auto Accessories and Many Other Items PRICE Don't Miss This Terrific Sale! All This Week at Firestone FIRESTONE 207 W. MAIN 0.0. HARDAWAY Phone 2-2102

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