Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 10, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 10, 1895
Page 5
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New Spring |» Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at BE WEN TER, THE HATTER and FURNISHER. There Is Reason For It! "We have told you about receiving our new Spring Goods, but we want you to know -what others say about them. If you. will drop in a few minutes perhaps you won't blame us for "harping" on this subject. Most people say: "Mo're beautiful than ever," and a great many say; "Not expensive either." We are receiving a groat many orders for suits to be made up for Easter and would like tojput your order down. TUCKER &YOUNG, TttB PEflRL STRBET TfllLORS, MONEY TO LOAN. Personal, Real Estate or Collateral Security. An/ Amount. Any Time. E. B. Oycntblncr, 327 Fourth Street. DAILY JOURNAL SUNDAY MORNING, MARCH 10. Drink McLin's Kolatona. The handsomest line of spring capes In the city at the Trade Palace. An adjourned meeting of Typograph- ioalUoion this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Logansport cportemen are preparing to go gunning for ducks on the Kankakee. New carpets, mattings, linoleums and rugb, at lowest prices, at the Trade Palace. Too Fortnight rovolore will give n grand ball at the rlak, Monday oven- ing, March 18th. There must bo absolute truth in an advertisement; that's why Otto's sale is such a success. Otto sells the finest shoes, and you can select them from stock; $1.98 is the price for choice. The Maudy^Ynkly Club was enter- talced at the homo of Miss Bessie Hauk Friday evening. Mrs. Sam Grafflln entertained the M. C B- Ciub Friday evening at her home on Market street. Now is the time tD contract your paper banging; do not wait for the rush—Loganeport Wall Paper Co. The gooae that laid the golden egg hat made her nest at the Boston Sample Shoe Go's store, 322 Fourth street, east aide. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. L>. W. Smith of Adams township, was burled Friday at Corinth cemetery. The R=iv. Swlhart conducted the fuceral services. We Feel Flattered—A lady told us that she was so glad that we have located here, that she felt like kissing us Wo had sold her two pairs of shoes for what she had been paying for one pair of the same kind—Boston Sample Shoe Co., 322 Fourth street, eait side. Fo?Rent—Dwelling 1 on Linden avenue, inquire of Edith Matt. A late wedding near Royal Center was that of Elmer Bornell and Miss Effie Lytle. The only child of Mr. and MrB. Frank Hooks of Onward, was burled yesterday. Call and see the new line of carpets ani draperies juat opened at the Trade Palace. C, W. Flsk of the University of Chicago will preach today at tha Baptist church. Special this week on ready made walste, skirts and wrappers, at the Trade Palace. Fancy lawn grass seed, fertilizers /cr lawns and plants—Krels' Mfg. Co., 414 Broadway, Logan Chapter No. 2, R, A, M., will meet Monday night to confer R A. degree and banquet. Ihe display of dress goods at the Trade Palace this week ia enormous, and all beautiful styles. Neighbor, you can't stop Otto's run, you might as well try to turn the great Nbgf^ra from Us course. .The Rev. D. Mam will conduct the regular quarterly meeting services at the Evangelical church today. $20.000 worth of silks this week at special prices for dresses and waists 20 cents a yard up—Trado Palace. If half price for every real elegant shoe I send out is not a lasting advertisement, 1 miss my guess—Otto Kraue. Judge D. P. Baldwin will lecture tonight at the Broadway Methodist church, his subject being "Conetanti nople." Slate Keppinger will hang paper at 15 cents a double roll. Give him a call over Lelnenoman's tailor shop, 504 Broadway. Thousands of people are buying shoes at the great sample, and his $1,98 choice of entire stock that never before had an idea what kind of LE6I8LATIYE NOTES. The Conference Committee BI«JEesJt» Re part on tke Xieholson Bill Indianapolis. March 8. The conference commutes on the Nicholson bill reached an agreement ihortly a'ter 2 o'clock this afternoon. The agreement IB a compromise. It relates entirely to Section 9*, concerning drugstores. The section is changed BO as to allow any reputable practicing physician to give a prescription for the purchase of liquor, although he is connected with a drug store. The drug-gist Is not allowed to sell any quantity lees than a quart. The word "shall" is stricken out, and "may" la inserted. The object of this is to leave it discretionary wilh the court whether imprisonment shall be Inflicted o$ a second offense. The fine for the first offense is $25, and .'or the second offense any sum not exceeding $200 nor less than $25, and imprisonment, 'or not more than six months. The report was signed by all the members of the committee, and was read to both Houses late this afternoon. At 3:05 o'clock the house unanimously agreed to the report of tbe conference committee. It Is predicted generally that the Senate also will concur. The Nicholson bill will then become a lavr upon the Governor's signature. * * * The House Friday afternoon passed the following bills: providing that the effects of alcohol shall be taught In the public" schools; to prohibit the publication and sale of pernicious literature; prohibiting the blacklisting of employes; prohibiting county coin missioners from appointing justices of the peace except to fill vacancies. # * * The Senate concurrent resolution, ptepared by the Indianapolis Com mercial Club, providing for the appointment of a commission to inquire into the advisability of holding a centennial celebration In 1900, of the creation of Indiana territory was adopted by the House. $3, $4 $5 Shoes For $1.98 AS DAYS. The bill to regulate .and prescribe the purity and manufacture of drug's and fixing a standard of purity passed the House. * * * The compulsory education bill failed in the House for want of a constitutional majority. Vote, yeae 40. nays 38. _ . . . • • • SERIOUSLY ILL. Monday, March llfh. Tuesday, March 12th. Wednesday, March 13th. Of $3, $4 and $5 Ladies' Fine Shoes, Choice $1.98. Thursday Opening Slaughter of Men's Shoes and Samples on 2nd Floor.-~OTTO KRAUS. P. S.—Sizes in Finest Shoes up to size 4 above badly broken. still unbroken. Sizes JOHN MEDL4SD, CONTRACTOR, Awarded Highest Honors—Worid'j Pair. DR, a shoe drpartment Otto keeps. The sale waa to have been a one day sale, but Quo says it looks eo much better to see all tbe clerks employed Instead of standtng'aronnd idle, that he decided to let her continue and take chances in tbe future for profit. CREAM BAKING MOST PERFECT MADE. A pure Grape Cream L r Tartar Powder. Free icm Ammonia, Alum o. -»ny other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD, Impurtuit Facts. If you have duil and heavy pain across forehead >nd about tbe eyes; If the nostrils are frequently stopped up and followed by a disagrteable discharge; if soreness in the noee and bleeding from the nostrils is often experienced; if you are very sensitive to cold in the head accompanied with headache; then you may be sura you hare catarrh; and should (Immediately) resort to Ely's Cream Balm for a cure. The remedy will give Instant relief. "SnHki-M" Walker Grts Two Years John W. Walker plead guilty when arraigned Friday before Judge Cox at Peru to tbe charge of stealing two sets of harness and two robt» belonging to Silas Keating of Miami county. Walker, who is the • snake" man who has been collecting horse furnishings all through this section, was sentenced to two years in the prison north. Other charges ag.- inst him will be pressed after his term expires. J. T. Dryer Wlille on Dntr Imnrp LoNfH Hit* Ullnd and ia Apparently In a Critical Condition. J. T. Bryer who has been acting as doorkeeper in the Legislature waa taken sick yesterday and It is feared bis condition la critical. He reported for duty at 9 o'clock but It was soon discovered that he was not in his right mind and bis friends were called in. He waa able to recogolze them but was incoherent in his talk and apparently suffering from a complete collapse of his nervous system, being unable to sign his name or to answer questions. Assistant Doorkeeper Sutton who boarded at the same hotel stated that Mr. Bryer had been talking to himself at the breakfast table and was apparently very sick. He offered to accompany him home and brought him here yesterday afternoon. He was able to recognize his family when he got here but could not talk intelligently to any of bis friends. He became very much excited over the Cain matter In the House Thursday night, which was prolonged till midnight, and it is said was unable to sleep that night or Friday night and that feeroed to be the subject of his wanderings yesterday. It is hoped that rest at home will com pletely restore him but his friends are fearful that there is a complete breaking down. He is now in his 67th year. ACTS LIKE'A MANIAC. Will Erect the 3icw St. Vincent School —Work to Benin at Ouee. Work will begin Monday on tbe proposed school building on the lot adjoining the property occupied by St, .Vincent's Catholic church. Tne building committee, after rejecting twelve bids on the work, and making numerous alterations in tho plans, principally In tne height of the ceilings and the interior furnishings, Friday night contracted privately whh John Medlaod for the construction of the building, wbich will be a credit to the city, for the sum of $15,000, which sum has already been subscribed. The building will be of brick with stone facings, three stories in height, and without a basement. On the ground floor will be located the play rooms, closets and heating apparatus; the school rooms will occupy the second story, and on the third floor a hall for meetings of the church societies will be provided. \Vm. O'Connor. Who CUlms to b» a Lecturer Arrested after TlKoron* Resistance. William O'Connor was arrested yesterday afternoon on a charge of drunkenness and disorderly, conduct He bit tbe hand of Patrolman Lunaford and otherwise resisted the officers who arrested him. He raved at the jail like a maniac. In his pockets and In hla valise were found manuscripts of lectures on Romanism from an A. P. A standpoint and much A P. A. literature. O : Conuor hat been confined at Long Clio' and the Central Hospital ft,r the Insane. ONE YICTIM DEAD. Dread Dlptherla Carries Aw«y One of the Jiiwtice Children at Burrow*— Another Case Reported, Dr. C. Souder of Burrows, reports another case of diptherlain the family of William Scott of Burrows, and that he will operate on the case, a girl, with the anti-Toxin, gaining a fair test of the famous antlcole sad specific. The remedy Is also being used on the three Scott children that have not been elricken with the dread disease. The afflicted child was only sick about twelve hours before tbe physician began operating on the case and it is considered a good and fair trial. In tbe case ol the Justice children, the boy whose illness was of fifteen days' standing, with a week of croup, was wo far gone to recover, although the remedy had for a time a good effect. His death was reported yesterday. Tne girl was still living yesterday afternoon. WICKER PLEADS GUILTY. YOUR SAME L> PRUT. ICemn of a Person ul Character Cun- cernlujc JJotciuNporter* nnU Their I'rleutlM. In the city yesterday: J. B. Goodall of Peru. J. G. Davis of Keniland. John Spangler of Winamac. John E. Wilson and Charles Fraser of Remington. Simon J. Carroll aud J. M. Grimes of Royal Centgr. Mrs. E. E. Clrflknu >ind Mil's F. Letter of Ks ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Pat Sp'irrotf will spend Sunday in Kentland. In Tke loiter* W«y Commends itself to the well-informed, 'to do pleasantly and effectually what wa« formerly done in the crudest man. ner and disagreeably aa well. To cleanse the system »nd break up colds, headaches and fevers without unpleasant after effects, use tbe delight'ul liquid laxative remedy, Syrup of Figs. To the Charge of Grand Larceny tbe Miami Circuit C->nrt. When Joel Wicker, tbe baker, arraigned before Judge Cor in the Miami circuit court at Peru, be entered a plea of guilty to tbe charge of grand larceny, upon which be wan some time ago arrested in Lo^aneport and taken to Peru. Max Vbigbt, who is alleged to have bought of Wicker a cote for $Iou signed by Voigbt to H, Herkomer, u* part of a business tmnt-aciioo, hat also been arre-tcd, and Wicker win •be held until Voighi baa been given a. hearing. The-Rev. W. R. Lowe went to Wnv. erly yesterday. John Craig of Kakomo, »ili spend Sunday in tbeolty. Mrs. Rachel Siial is visitloc relatives in Adamsboro. Judge Tulay returned yesle.'day from a trip to Edluburg. Mies Anna Jones is the guest of Miss Mary Powell of Marion. Will Swigart will spend Sunday in Eokomo, the guest of friends. Mrs. Davidson of Kokomo was the guests of friends here ytsterday. Horace Stanley returned ' yesterday from a two weeks' visit at Muocie. Miss Maggie Cunaiugham is visiting a sister, Mrs. R S. Gloason of Peru. ' J. B. Stanley went to Crown Point yesterday to bold a series of meetings. iMiss Eva Ferguson is here from Peru to spend Sunday whh her father. Fred Munson of Chicago was call, ing on friends in the city yesterday. J. M. Overshlner of El wood will visit his son here today on hia way to St. Paul. Mrs. Morris Borden and daughter of Chicago, are visiting the family of I. T. Emmeti. Mrs. Joseph Patterson is at Delphi at-the bedside -of her mtther, Mrs. Mary Brough. Andrew Stevens and wife returned yesterday afternoon from an extended tour through Europe. Will O'Day, bookkeeper for the Standard Oil company at Lima, 0., Is visiting his friend George Boyle. Mrs. Mae Wedtlake of Muncle,- who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. H. Tbornton, returned to her home yee- lerday. Dr J. G. Rogers has returned from Richmond. Ind., where he has been for a week, giving expert testimony in a will conte*t cause. •' Boyd Walch, Harry Hoilis. and Phillip Biehn of L-fiyette. are the guesu of John 3. Wilkin. TLey wiil return to Lifayetie by boat. A -!IO'»n Kc,ii>*- T.jnl«li-. There «itl be a. total aclipte of tbe moon about 8 o'ciuci p m :oday if the solar system moves as advertised. The ladies of tho Ninth street Chrlt- tlan church cleared $ 125 oo their fair at the Justice block on Broadway yee- 1 terday and Friday. It is said tbe case of tbe alleged. assault by Larry Dooley on Joehu* Klstler at Royal Center, - will be settled out of court. A birthday party in boner of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Ralni Kuhn was a pleasant ovont on the South Side, Friday night, Jacob N"ichod(-'mus of Washington township, has been notified of an la- crease of pension to $6 a month, dating from October, 1S9L A suit for $1,100 on account, hac been brought by Daniel B. ClaQin, ot al., by tboir attorney D. D. Fickle, against Eg-iubardt SchtnHt. Frank Smith, the hardware nun h*d about :?-!OOin notes and accounts IR, t'no hands of attorney Poguo of Flora. The papers were destroyed in the recent fire at that place. "Self preservation is the first lar ol nature," nod Otto eays he don't blumo hie competitors to try and stop tbe most succer&fol shoe run in the history of the city—but they cannot do it by bluff Oar success haa been phcnomina-X far beyond our expectations. Whf shouldn't it, be? Money don't grow on trees these days; our low price* OB. good shoes and slippers is what did It. —Boston Samp e Shoe Co. 322 Fourtk street, east elde. A Dinp:a3- r»r the Ladles. At the annex of Wiler & WISC'D Be* Hive yesterday, crowdi of ladies wot* entertained and pleased by tbe display of a fine line of imported gownc from Paris and Berlin, exnibu-d by : Ed. P. Rowe, representative-of th« New York agency of the foreign bouee. Tne enterprise of the firm of Wiler £. Wise in bringing the lice here for th« benefit of the Lcganeport ladies. If worth noting for commendation. Th«' dinplay will be continued Monday. D OLAN'S OPBKA. HOC*B S. B. Patterson, Manager. Wednesday, March 13 Appearance of tbe J. C. Stewart's 2 John's Comrdy Co! wjtfi rne orltfnalu, J. C. S'ewart »Dd John Manas tiir C-juMn^, PbJUj J.ijio* a d rt*« Joan , In tbe fimolest of uu> Ontury. 16 peopls in tue cast. • , A lanifhabla f-reitat from stir: to flnlsb, wlta special IVatures Introduced. Advance Sale opsns Monday. jc. SOc, 75j

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