The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1955 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1955
Page 5
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TUESDAT, JANUARY 11, 1955 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE Revolution in Architectural Design Hits American Home By WARREN BENNETT NEW YORK (AP) — What is happening to the American house? Plenty! Today's one- family house is a far cry from the one in which you grew up — in size, in shape, in color and in character. You may not be aware of it but a revolutoin in architectural design has been going on. Some new developments include: Warrants Issued : or 13 Convicted Red Leaders Living: rooms are moving to the back of the house to take advantage of outdoor-indoor living, forcing kitchens forward to a more strategic location. New kitchens have built-in equipment instead of cabinets extending out into thft room. The ranch house, once the "hotr test" thing in housing, is taking a back seat to the more efficient split-level wherever plot costs are high. Demand ii rising for 3'/ 2 bedrooms. There is a 2-1 preference for basements over concrete slabs.. Here to tell you about these trends is architect . Rudolph A. Matern, of Jamaica, N.Y., who has been compiling statistics on national housing preferences for eight years. He and his staff have designed blueprints for more than 70,000 homes since 1945. 77 Elements To measure the popularity of various design features, Matern broke down the typical house into 11 elements. Every time a reader' indicates interest in a plan that includes any of- the 77 features, it gets a point on the chart and goes into his unique statistical mill. The information that comes out enables him to concentrate on popular trends and eliminate (he bogies nobody wants. Here is the statistical score, based on Matern records, on what the nation wants in new one-family houses: One-slory house leads but the split-level gaining fast; l'/2 and two-story far back. Bedrooms — Three and four preferred. New development is the one-half den-bedroom with in-wall bed, separated from living room by sliding wall. Dining room — Few want separate dining rooms; on the other hand, no one wants just one room for both living and dining. Dining "L" popular in all size brackets. So is sunken Jiving room (down one step, creating a definite division without erecting a visual barrier like wall.) Dual Bath Bathrooms — One acceptable (economy) in houses 'up to 1,100 square feet but It should be a split-bath, permitting dual use. Closets — Six to eight acceptable in houses up to 900 sqyare feet, 10 or more preferred in all sizes. New type is walk-in closet. Halls — Cross hall at right angles to line of entry is strong favorite in all sizes. Center hall, once prime favorite, now desired only in formal houses of 1.500 square feet up. Fireplaces — Still strong favorite in all brackets. New developments are corner, two-way and barbeque fireplaces. Porches — Leading'the parade to back of house for indoor-outdoor living. Front porches only big enough to provide protected entry, • Shutters — Once highly popular, now squeezed out by picture windows. Television — Challenger of fireplace a few years ago for living room supremacy, now relegated to recreation room. Return Engagement NEW YORK 1*1—Three gunmen tied up the night manager of the Alrae Hotel and cartod off a 900- pound safe containing more than $35,000 in cash and jewelry. The night manager, Anthony Balaban, said he recognized .the trio as the same men who robbed the hotel of S4.000 last October. . Mgt the Kitchen Sink? NEWARK, N. 1. Wl—Burglars entered the offices of Phillips Products Co. .and took two typewriters, a check writer, $37 in cash — i the burglar alarm. RARE TREAT—Members of the 4-H Club in Taipeh, Formosa, seem delighted as they examine rabbits sent to them as a "goodwill" gift by Japanese 4-H Club members. INVITATION FOR BIDS The Housing Authority of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, will receive bids for the construction ol the Chickasaw Courts, Housing Project Ark 5-3, Blytheville, Arkansas, until 2:00 o'clock P.M., (C.S.TJ on the 10th day of February, 1955, at the Administration Building of Chickaiaw Courts, Blytheville, Arkansas, at which time and place all bids will be pub- idy opened and read aloud. Proposed forms of contract documents, including plans and specifications, are on file at the office of Housing Authority of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, at Chickasaw Courts. Blytheville, Arkansas, and at the office of Uzzell S. Branson. Architect, First National Bank Building, Blytheville, Arknn- as. Copies of the documents may be obtained from the Architect upon the deposit of S50.00 for each set of documents so obtained. Such deposit will be refunded to each person who returns the plans, specifications and other documents in good condition within 10 days after bid opening. A certified check o; bank draft, payable to the Housing Authority of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, negotiable U. S. Government bonds, or a satisfactory bid bond executed by the bidder and acceptable sureties in an amount equal to five per cent of the bid shall be submitted with each bid. The successful bidder will be required to furnish and pay for satisfactory performance and payment bond or bonds. Attention is called to the fact that contractors bidding on this project must be licensed under the Arkansas Licensing Act for General Contractors and that the number of said license shall appear on outside of each bid. Attention is called to the fact that not less than the minimum salaries and wages as set forth in the Specifications must be paid on this Project. The Housing Authority of the City of Blytheviile, Arkansas, reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive any informalities in bidding. No bid shall be withdrawn for a Parolee Seeks Safety of Pen Huntsville, Dixon, who Tex. (/Pj—DenniK M entered Texas State Penitentiary in 1929 on two charges of murder and four of burglary an \vas paroled In 1944, Is back again— at his own request. He asked that his parole be revoked because "I thought I'd better get back in before I got into some serious trouble." He said h had been unemployed for II months, his wife had divorced Slim and he much. had been drinking too Nehru Sheds 2nd Office NEW DELHI W>— Prime Minlste: Nehru shed another of his man} offices yesterday, turning over hi: post as India's defense ministe: to Kailas Nath Katju. Nehru already had resigned as president of India's governing Confess party. period of (60) days subse quent to the opening of bids with out the consent of the Housing Au thority of the City of Blytheville Arkansas. HOUSING AUTHORITY OF THE CITY OF BLYTHEVILLE. ARKANSAS * By J. MELL BROOKS Secretary-Treasurer. Date January 8, 1955. 1/11-1 The 13 were convicted Jan. 21, 53, under the Smith Act /on targes of conspiracy to teach *nd NEW YORK UB—Warrants are >ut for the arrest of 13 second- trlng Communist leaders who have been ordered to st«rt servloar irlson terms for conspiracy. The warrants were issued by Federal Judge Irving R. Kaufman as he revoked the ball of the 13, who were free in $25,000 each. Kaufman acted shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court refused yes- erday to review the case. Til .953, :hai _ advocate overthrow of the U.S. jovernment by force and violence. They were sentenced to terms ranging from one to three years and also drew fines ranging from 52,000 to $6,000 each. The 13 are: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, 63, a member of the Communist party's National Commit- ee; Pettis Perry, 56, national secretary of the party's Negro Commission; Alexander Bittelamn, 63, a member of the party's National Education Commission; Alexander Trachtenberg, 67, a member of the National Education Comission; Victor J. Jerome, 56, chairman of :he party's Cultural Comission; Louis Weinstock, 49, a member of he party's National Review Commission. Also, Arnold S. Johnson, 48, chairman of the party's National Groups Commission; Albert Lannon, 45, the party's national maritime coordinator; Betty Gannett, 46', the party's national education FALSE TEETH That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Many wearers of lalse taeth have sullercd real embarrassment because their plate dropped, slipped or wobbled nt Just Die wrong time. Do not live In fcnr of this hfinprnlnR to you. Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH. the alkaline (non-acid) powder, on your plates. Hold (Rise teeth more firmly, co they f<^l more comfortable. Doei not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at anj nter. JUST AS HOT AS YOU WANT IT To folve your household problem of plenty of hot water, whenever you need It, Install a HEATMASTER automatic water heater. Generously thick Insulation and the most advanced principles of heat transfer assure you the maximum hot water with the minimum fuel cost. And your HEATMASTER automatic wa(*r heater Is adjustable for exactly the temperature you prefer. Buy From Your Plumber or Plumbing & Heating Dealer MIDSOUTH PLUMBING SUPPLY COMPANY (Wholesale Distributors) Rear 213-215 W. Walnut BLYTHEVILLE Ph.3-8353 388 E. Johnson JONESBORO Ph.2-3562 WATCH THE BIRDIE—Peggy Dolan illustrates the enormous Bize of one of t)ie world's largest cameras, as she sits outside the 135-inch bellows. It is 25 feet long, nine feet high, and eight feet, wide. The 42-inch lens is used to expose a picture four feet by four feet. Built in Chicago, 111, it will be used to photograph all types of original copy, art work, photographs, and type-set matter to make printing plates. director; Jacob Mindel, 71, a | Politician's Nemesis member of the National Educa-' tion Commission; William W. Weinstone. 55, a member of the National Education Commission; George Blake Chairney, 47, the party's trade union director; and DENVER Lfl — Ernest Marranzino, newly announced candidate for mayor, was suffering today from just about the worst thins that can happen to a political cam- Claudia Jones, 37, secretary of the j paigner. He was bedfast with lar- parly's Women's Commission.. ' yngitis. Couldn't talk. Stock Market Near Recovery After Last Week's Sharp Fall NEW YORK W—The stnnk ninr- ict was well on its way to recovery : yesterday from the severe full it suffered last week. Prices went up sharply, on top of a brisk rise on Friday. By now, as measured by the Associated Press verage of 60 stocks, the market has made up nearly three fourths of the ground it lost during the slump of last Wednesday and Thursday. Yesterday's opening surprised even some of the most optimistic brokers. Pivotal issues such as U.S. Steel, Bethlehem Steel and New York Central opened on big blocks up S2 or more. Buying was so urgent that for more than an hour the ticker tape ran behind in reporting dealings. By the end of the day, however, profit-taking had cut most of the big gains.'Yet Coca-Cola, Douglas Aircraft, Amerada Petroleum, Climax Molybdenum, Boeing, Caterpillar and others were ahead $3 to So a share. New York — Harlem railroad, which doesn't trade often, soared S30 to $500. Most market analysts called last week'.", break merely a longneeded correction after, the market's amazing Investors obviously agreed, and so did the bulk of the investment advisory services, which frequently exert a substantial influence on the prices of .shares they recommend. j Mason Arrests Mason BRADFORD, Ont W) — Allan. |M»son arrested Allen Mason last I im.;ht on a drunk driving charge ! after fin automobile chase. Con- ! :;ra!)]fc Mason said Allen Mason hit I him ovt-r the head with a board [and also bruised his ribs, but he i finally subdued him with the help 'of another patrol car crew. The two Masons are not related. I The naked eye sees seven start I in tht Pleiades group, but a tele- '.scope reveals about 165. Get for DO AS MILLIONS DO...DEMAND 100 TABLET BOTTLE 49* MERCURY EXCLUS! FINER V-8 PERFORM DUAL EXHAUST makes more of Mercury's power available to you for everyday driving. You have two separate exhaust systems for lower engine temperatures—resulting in greater efficiency and economy. Only Mercury Monterey and Montdair in their price class offer dual exhaust as standard equipment at no extra cost. 4-BARREL CARBURETOR gives you two-barrel economy for normal driving. But when an extra spurt of spt- j ed or hill-climbing power is needed, the extra 2 barrels cut in instantly, vacuuin- atically. Only Mercury in its field offers standard equipment on every model. 4-barrel carburetor as HIGH-COMPRESSION SPARK PLUGS-revolutionary new antifouling spark plugs designed for super high-compression engines- give peak performance at all speeds. No other spark plugs available as standard equipment can match this performance, and no other car in Mercury's field has them. LONGER EXPERIENCE. Only Mercury among nil cars ha? an exclusively V-8 history. New 188- and 198-hp JITEK-TOKOI.-E V-8 engines are ihe latest and greatest Mercury developments. And Mercury has put over 2.000,000 proven V-8 engines on the road- more V-8's than any other car in its price class. NEW 1955 MERCI/RfS offer high horsepower (188 and 198)-new surEB-ronQUE V-8 design—for super-pickup in every speed range. fllERQM IT PAYS TO OWN A • • • li • • fc W • • • FOR FUTURE STYLING, SUPER POWER .Don't mis* the Mr television hit, Ed Sullivan's "TOAST OF THE TOWN". Sunday evcnlnR, T:0fl to 8:00. Station H'HBQ, Channel IX STILL MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at First Street

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