The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1952 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 16, 1952
Page 3
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PACK BIATHEVILLE (ARK.) COUBIER NCTTS VONEAY, TONS la, THE BLYTHEVI1XE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HATNES, Publisher BAHRV A. HAINKS, Assistant Publisher A. A. FREDRICKSON. Fdilor PAUL D. HUMAN. AdverlMns Manas" Sole National Advertising Represenlstkef: Wallace witmer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Memphis. Entered as second class matter *t the post- office at Biytheville. .Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Member of The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: B.v carrier in Ihe city of Blylhevilte or any suburban town where carrier service Is maintained, 25c per week. By mail, within a radius of SO miles. 15.0(1 per .vrar. $2.50 for fix months. 81,2ft for three months: by mail outsirte SO mile zone, $12.50 per year payable in advance. Meditations Sffli the l.nrd and his sfrctirlh, wek Ms Ja*« continually, Remember his marvellous work thnt hi halh done, his wonders, and the Jurtrmtnls at his mouth.—1 Chronicles 1S.-1J, 1Z. » * • Acquaint thyself with God. if thou aould'st taste His works. Admitted otice. U) his embrace, Thou shall perceive that thou wast blind before : Thine eye shall lie Instructed; and thinp lieart Made pure shall relish with divine delight Till then unfelt, what hands divine have wrought. —Cowper Barbs Ignorance of some parents is what makes some Questions youngsters ask silly. * • • Kverr time a circus reaches Washington It adds to the number of clowns in oar nation's capital. * * * A doctor says that fl'omen are outliving men. Perhaps because the attention of women is not distracted by men's hat». * + 4 A doctor MVS the Idea of work nUHIet ehTI- dren. Anrl scares the £@*! out <rf some Field fires are raging again— because of that burning desire folks have to clear garden plots of last year's weeds. Rep. Gathings Has Right Idea on Public Housing Northeast Avkansna C<>n£t'R.ssmnn E. C. (Took) Galhiiifjfit said last week that he plans to fiprhl. * Senate-approved proposal which would permit up to 45,000 public housing units to he started In the fiscal year beginning July 1. We go aloiip with his plans, anrl hoiw he carries them nut successfully. He gives t\vo good reasons for his stand on this public, housing proposal, ' one based on principle and one based on practicality. "First," he said, "This la wrong in principle in that it is a socialistic approach. "Second, the cosl is loo great — it. would run around SOO million dollars and we can't afford it." No, we can't. II. doesn't sewn to follow any sort of logic for 1h« government to be expanding into the real estate and construction anri mass home financing bus!nesses when it ran'l even keep pace with Ihe military productive capacity of a slave stale like Russia. The government's experts have with regularity denied that private enterprise is capable of producing anything except a highly-stratified society of rich and poor. Hence, Iliey reason—with no more premise than this—private builders cannot or will not provide housing for the low-income brackets. Then, to make certain private enterprise is hobbled, confiscatory laxes are levied to make expansion and investment necessary business risks as unappetizing as possible. We certainly agree thai adequate housing is necessary, and if I'topia was s practical dream we would favor "mansions for all." But the problem isn't thai easy, and a restricted free enterprise system will never find a solution. American enterprise never has operated at its best when shackled. It has to be turned loose on its competitive own before its potential ran be realized. And until we return !.r> the. philosophy of a minimum <-,f government at a minimum cost to the people, the advocates of palernalis rmvill have a foundation for taxpayer-financed castles in the air Seizure Power Appeal Congress' Hottest Potato In appearing personally before Con- press to a=k power i.o seize the steel industry, President Truman attempted to employ all the prestige of his office to tompel action by the lawmakers. Since the Supreme, Court denied him the power of seizure, he dutifully bowed to that authority and left the matter where the court said it belonged—on Capitol Hill. But he was not content. In let it rest (here quietly. His dramatic appeal unquestionably put the heat on Congress to make up its mind whether seizure powers should be granted now. The question is I horny. Though negotiations between companies and union have broken down, an arrangement was made for resumption of steel production fl/lfljfwll.v sufficient to meet defense needs. Mr. Truman KM id the allotment is not enough and defense plans are imperiled by continuance of the pres- enl strike. He also asked Congress to leave the government free, in any soiy.ure, to raise workers' wages and otherwise modify working conditions — pcrhnps with the union -shop—during the period of possible government operation. There could hardly be a tougher issue for Congress, since seizure might then seem automatically attractive to labor and a premium placed on stalling normal bargaining with management. Most considered opinion to this point is that seizure ought to be made as unpalatable as possible to encourage bargaining. Congress must further decide whether the President fairly ignored the Taft- Harlley law on the ground that the sleelworkers already had agreed lo longer |x>slponemenl of the strike lh:in that law could hav« enforced. And the President left to the lawmakers the added headache of whether some, form of federal injunction ought to he. im|x>sed to force a quick end to the walkout- It is clear enough there is no potato shortage in Congress, And they are all hot ones. Views of Others Mesta Won't Miss The career Fords N Service people can plcK up »ome diplomat ic pointer* from Mndam Pearl Mesla. Envoy Fvtrnordinnry nnd Minister Plenl- Vwilfmtiary from Ihe United States to the Grnnd Duchy of IjUxenibourg. Madam Prarl, who parlayc-ri B Mflir for gra- Rloux entortainlnp and acquaintance with th« riphl Democrats into s rtlplomntlc assignment, recently «xtolled General Kisenhowpr's worte In Europe to U. S. Audiences. Some Democrat* didn't like the way «he WHS building up a? strong Republican candidalp. - "'~ . . So she tnlkod thf sitnalion over with the Prps- Idenl. He thotiRht- it over for a moment, then said Pearl, you go right on making those -s(>rechrs. So sh« did. tellinB B Ruropnan audience la.'it wrek Jhftt General Eisenhower was a great man. Then she thought H over for n moment anri added Uiat Pre.sldent 'lYutnan wns a great nifui Too. Come RepublicaiiR or IJemoci'Rl^;. boom or bxist, we'll het Madam MesU will May In there, dishing out the butter. Thr technique Is old, but H us- unity works. She might even get that ambassadorship she's bucking for. —Charlotte )N.C.» News Taxes, Taxes Everywhere Now that Incnmp tax time Is oehind us It j*pm? e3M? lo forget about laxps for a while. But w« shnuldu'i As bip P5 it is, income t«x is Just on?, tax. There ore many and many and many others. The Chamber of Commerce of the United Slntes .says, for in.stancp, thnt there are some 150 tnxes of all kinds hidden In a loaE of bread. A riiiRle E;allon of cnpoline conlnins 201 taxe.*. And thr plow, thai- humble Irnriemark ot thp former, \K (nxed 142 tlmpp from (hr moment H is started until it winds tip on thf farm, — Rock Hill IS.C.' Herald SO THEY SAY To the Reds It Looks Like Nothing bu* a Chalteng* Ersfcine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD Peter fdson's Washington Column — Ike Can Sound Off in Colorado; Truman Turned Down Chance HOLLYWOOD ~ <NEA) — Exclusively Yours: Turn on the air conditioning in the theaters, boys— S'.mU Gamal, the Egyptian dancer with the educated, undulating tummy. IB saying she's close to sipning for her first Hollywood slurring movie. "Ee* • part like Maria Monf-ez ano Yvonne de Carlo play," she said at Giro's, where she's giving movie queens an idea of what can be done with midriff muscles. Could Samia think of any Hotly- wood glamor dells who should be belly-dancing right now lor moviegoers? "RIU Ha.rwrtrth," said Samla., 'She (treat fan nl mine, RiU. She ipectal **k me tn dance al b*ef I party rtn Cairo. For Rita, I don't m«vr "M*. Just hips. RHa, she appreciate ihees very mooth," Lex Barker Is now saying: that the reconciliation depends upon Arlene Dfthl He doesn't want a divorce . . . Warner's, MGM and RKO all have come up at the same time with »he sainei dea—put Alan Ladd 1n a comedy. He's never done a latigh- gfffer . . . Cora Sue Collins, the former child star, Is expecting pab- lum-puzzler No. 3 in December. She s married to Reno gambling kin? Jim McKay. • • « If Joan Crawford, GloriB Gra- hamp and Jack Palance do personal appearanres to drum Up Interest in '•Sudden Fear," it won't be as a trio. Nol unless the United Nations steps in and makes peace between them. * • • The Brit is); censors read the screenplay of "The Hard Pillow" pnri turned a.* white as the cliffs rf Dov-er. So Cesar Romero won't he, starring in the picture for the Nns- j "The Story of Wilf _,^_ „..„ „ sour brothers in London unless the] postman with Bob Mi t chum and WASHINGTON President Tnima n — When turned down Colorado's Invltntlon to pUend the. golden Jubilee celebration of 50 years' work under the ReclamftMon Act. the Colora'dans turned n round nnd invited Gen- orfti Kfsenhower. Dflnioc r a t 1 c headquarters in Washington blew up at- this on the grounds that ft, would turn the biL' .June n cele- hrntinn in the Kelson Greely, Col., area into a political rally for thn Republicans. Of rnurse. if President Truman hud attended there wouldn't C>(w. Earl Warren's advicp to pay • more attention lo Iha water JNSIIP. Toddy, the principal opposition to Governor Warren H* R presidential candidate in r,he donthwcKf, and mountain region comes from water uspfK 1 in those areas whr> fenr thnt he would show n preference for California water rights over Lho*e of neighboring states. SEN. RSTKS Kefanver of Tennessee hrus played the water issue smartly nil through thp west by recognizing every state's special interests. He was uhle lo capture California. iven ihoimh he bad .supported the Arizona project birj for a Inrcrr share of Colorado river water. Arizona, Utah and Wyoming have been any political implications j are sending uninstructed delega- al all. Oh, no! tions to the Democratic convention. Secretary of inlrrior Osrar Ghap-[ But Kefauver captured 12 delegates man. who hari intended all al/inc ] in Washington and 12 in Oregon, to at tend the Grnoley relebrntlnn. I Kf?fauver has likewise made F was nt. fir-si advised not to co to ' appeal lo loral inierosts nn the tide- Colorado if Gcneml Ei&pnhownr was i lands oil issue. While supporting invited. Hut now he's fjoinc. willy- j Fi-psident Truman's v**to of the bill n illy. He's an nx-Coloradan him- j iv*-:^ hv Consvrs^. the Tennessee snU. as well as heinp n principal senator h?.$ recocnizcd that Texas Democrat strnlepist. so he lias a: nnd California in particular have II can also be told ttial TITOH Lei?h, loathe to I«av« her a* L»ur- encr Olivier, Agreed to play H*eh«l if Fox would produce the plctuw in London. This th« studio r«fu«e4 t« do. Jan* Russell asked for • afcronf, meaty drama and go* * "Y«i" »n- swei She'll be th* femSnln* itar of RKO's "Split Second," i ahocker about two criminals who bury their lorn, serve » prison esnUnee, then disc-over that the ground In which their fortune Is hidden la occupied by an atomic bomb project. » • • The s(«rr Nne nf thr Tab* Wayne-Namtjr Olson en-starrer, "Rig .11m MeE.aiH,' currently fee- \nf filmed In Honolulu with Bob Fellowx »« producer, hu t* 4« with rnmmunistle activities In th« Hawaiian Islands, Very Remember the Mauch Twin* who hit child stardom in the "Penroci" films back in 1D3T? They're now apprentice film nutters »t Warners, the studio where they once wore the royal star robes. rt's top secret, but- both Beatrice Lillie and Josephine Baker hav* beer approached by Fox to play themselves in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes-" The two stars were relgn- inp Paris favorites In the '20's when I Anita Loos' high-powered blonde heroine crossed the hi? pond. Dick and Mary Sale have written Jo« and Bea Into the script for big specialty numbers. • * • Pinky Tomlin, who made "The Object of My Affections" famous, 1 is ditching his singing career for movie chnrncter roles. He plays a barber in rinublp retisoh for claim tn some rights in the General Eisenhower is : chip In ' t disposition of lidelands oil royal- Denver about June 16. after visiting New York anrt Detroit. So he'll he handy for the Greelev water festival if he rvccepUs. It would pivo him nn oxrellent chance to sound off his views on irrigation, public power. flood control and water policy in in eeneral. which are the only real Issues in the weM. And 'he west wnnte. to know how he stands cm these things. ties One reason Kefauver did so well In fioui.h Dakota was that he was the " first Democratic presidential candidate to visit the state since William Jennings Bryan. « * * NRWKST piwidcnMal hnomlRi to come out of the ve^t, is a "Friends of Ofiwar Ewine" movement, orpa- nired In California. now l Security, Administrator, was ONK RKASON Governor Dewey sent to Cnlirornia in May to try to failed to carry the west In 1!MR wasj save the state for the regular Jim- Ihnl ho dirt nol heed California 1 mv Ronsevclt-Kd Paiiley machines. He failed to do that, but in this process he managed ro stimulate n few Calofornians to propose that he himself become. A candidate. He j apparently didn't discourage it. for' campaign literature in his behalf Is now in the mail?;. Kwing is Indiana born, but practiced law in N*tw York in Charles Evans Hughes' firm before he came to Washington. He's also an ex- Democratic National Committee official. INTERESTING sidelight on Sen. Robert A. Taft'K strong stand for building up IT. S. airpower i* that Bud Uttin. Taft's campalRn publicity manager In Washington, is a former employe of Hill A: Knowlton, bi? New York and Cleveland public relations firm, which also handles publicity for Aircraft Industries Association of America. Littin took leave of absence from handling the Aircraft Industries account to run publicity for Taft's i 1950 rampaign for the Senate. After the election, Lit tin went bark to Hill & Knowlton. then returned to work for Tafi (his year. Senator Taft. though supporting foreign aid cuts and favoring reduction in government budgets in general, has voted consistently in support of bigger air' power. In denying Pennsylvania Rep. Hugh Scott's statement that- Senator Taft had voted ngairwt the 70- gronp Air Force plan. Taft'a head- quart ers put out s, statement that ihe "rule or ruin Eisenhower backers . . . have; adopted comma for comma the CIO-PAC 'big lie' technique of twisting Senator Taft's voting record." That's the kind of mudslinglng campaiEn this 1952 brawl IB rapidly becoming. script is laundered. * * * Pate Evans spotted H nn a brok- ! (•n-rinwn jalopy in Hollywood: A biff slen on thp windshield reading: "Ik* Ukes Me." « « * Authoress Daphen Dn Manner is involved in the scuffle which touched off Director George Cukor's withdrawal from Fox's upcoming "My Cousin Rachel." The famous British novelist met with Cukor ;n London, fold him that she disap- piovcd of liberties taken in Nunnally Job nson 's sc re en play ve rslo n of PFT book, and asked him to convey her wishes for revisions lo the .studio. the Doctor Says— r ETMVIN P. .TO FID AN. M. Writlpn (or \EA Service The es^onrp nf marriaee. it scenes In nir. Is to learn to give and t?Ae.—Actress Elizabeth Taylor. » • * We all know Mini Imlo-Chiha L<= ^ honirneck Mid thai if it cave y HV, mmiy Kind,- woi;lcl be Hooded by Communism. — Gen. D^ight pjir-en- hower. « * • The hojw ot faith is 3 lighl for ?be pn(h In'o tomorrow, nnd thp flsstiraiirf of fai^h is the riy- namic of thp .toul tor the tasks of today. — Srn. Richard RUKcIl iD. Oa.t. » * * Tlif> Anirriran people hold In thenu-ches a vasi, resprvoir of faiT.h. It Is lh*> most vahir^blf ajset « possess.—OklatinniA Gov. Robert Krrr. Actors we si ways d!?coverlng new 1 lungs about life and thlp kpfp.? them from petting dull. — Actress Elsa L-anrhP.sJ^r. * * » I thinV they (p^Ulirnl anncslTpi ^f T\-ot?;r 'ban Communist, and i think thry are p;»r>.n?r5 s*i(h Ihcnt.—President Harry S- Tniman. * • * All a woman nrrd^ around )irr? <Hn)!yvnyvti \f, i b!E chfiBl mpasuremenir—anrt they rail h.e» % HIO\-H »tar.—ficulptor Yucca BaUmunich. A. H. .f, says. "Wo hnar prnplo ts UMtally fnrrv^od fn Infections ,y Mils hlnod count is low.' but wVist ] utio \i\ some nthrr conditions, it ihat is low? Is 11 Ihr rrri ror-' Tho number of whitp cell=: pros- • i,«rlr5? \Vhal, is thr normal blond en*, fnr exnmplr. is helpftil in | - s mnktnc «'si.': of acute up- j upnriiri!is. Thp whifp rrll? are in- | L rirnsrd nnrl nrr abnormal in other' ; '.V.TVF; in Irukrmia ( i ' Thrrr arc mnny which thr btonci cnn amlnnlimi alum?;' sUvnys inrlndrp trip r^innval of a small nrnnnni of , blood, nurf the irs<mc of thi^ '>«" >d in various ways for thp thrrr mo*'. common kind* nf blr»ori exnrnma- lion, narnrly. ronalinc the rrri nnd whifr rrlls. ai^d mrasunnc fhr rolorlne mnttrr. or hfmocl^biii j Only a small n mount of b'oM t= , nfrnF,snrV"-upually A rtmp from 'hrj rat or fincer if nli Ihat. i,=; nrrri-^d. i F'^r oOirr IPSI.^. larttrr nnioiini> of I course may br nrrdrd. j Mr, .1- Is undoubtedly rorr^rt wlvn ) hp suFprrt* that, snvinp th? bl-^orl i rnunt i* low proKihlv reffr" In the | nnmbrr rvf rod hlonrt rnrp'i-rlr-?. f There are nnrmt five million rrri '11* (n a nipasuvcfl smnH n mount : o[ lilnnri callrd a cubic miHiinrlrr, : are shout 700(1 while mils j in thr samr Atiinunl of blnod. Hoth ' kinric nf crUs arr coun(rri iitirirr n ! mirvo'rnpA. If thr rrd rrlls Ivln^- nnrnial. nnr'nila Is vim Til' 1 kind i>f nnrnila ntid riPf^r- minfi f ir>u of jts seventy n\$n rr- quiiTp rx am inn linn of thf rnlrninc mati^r of hrrnoelobin. Pv pnM ine thf iv suits nf i hf* pvamiuatioti n( fh<* rfd rpjl.^ ,ind of the hemoglobin locoHi(*r and by s'ainitie tliin films of blnod on n cln=.= slide and kvrvkine at it uitrlT whal [onus of ati^niia riic pi^sruV Thf> whitr rr-lls nve nUn nntv.r- t^nt rntth Uirir numbers nnd o'hi'r rharan^ri*iir.«. Thrrr inav bf <no Trtv ^-hiif r-^ll^ snd :hi* i* imt ^ cood sisn i.[ Infcrtinu lh^r thing,* ?liou- about. thr roriflUirn of in** body. Wilho-n ihrm manv diseases would TP- in^in wifliaKJin^ri or improperly • JACOBY ON BRIDGE Rv OSWALD .IACOBT Written for N'EA Service Luck Hot involved In This Bridge Bid "Please clear up a bidding question for us." requests 3 Birmingham correspondent. "Should North raise to (wo no-trump on such a miserable hand? "When North raised to two no- trump. I bid three no-trump with (he Souf-h, hand. I pot n favorable nothing is wrong, was the hand Just The bidding was absolutely perfect by nil expert standards. North hsw a vpry .sound raise lo two no- tramp and .Smith was right to of with one nn-trump and also to go on to game at three no-trump. Sometimes a hand is unlucky, and fhe contract Js defeated even though it should be bid. This is not such A hand. Tt was correct to bid the parne, and the contract should have been made. After winninsr the first trick with the queen of spades. South should not, take the diamond The correct play in to knock out fhr BCC of hear Us at once. If Wwt refuses the first heart trick, South must lead a second heart. Assuming: vVesl- takes fche first or second heart. South must, then hold tip his ace of spades until the third round of that .suit. Only after these plays have been made is it safe for South to t*ke the diamond finesse. Note that when East finally does win • trick with hi.s king of diamond."; he has. no spades and his partner's ace of hearts has already been knocked out. He. rannot net to the West hand, and the contract is therefore easily fulfilled. The principle Involved is that you nist knock out the sure entry of he dangerous opponent before you tlay R suit in U'hfch the opponent i as no nnlry. In this case the sure intry WR* the ace of hearts. Simmons Dangerous." in "Beautiful but Judy Canova . W*K having her hair done when » women In tils adjacent booth (old her h»lr- dress*r thai her husband had Just had an appendectomy. "Rut ritdn't he have his appendix removed two years . ago?" asked the hairdresser. "I never heard nf two annendixes." "Well." rame. the woman's reply, "T hope yon h»ve heard of two husbands:" • • * Producer Sammy Fuller will star' Grne Evans in "Verbolen" — to he fihned in the American zone of Germany late this year. Story has a "Mar, Without a Country" twist. « • • Judy Canova and TallHlah ftankhead co-starring in a Broadway play? It'it an eye-brow lifter, hut they've been h«dri]injf on the lrie«. A farce-comedy along: the lines nf "My Friend Irma." • • * Alan Young's description of his role in "Androcles and the Lion": "While I'm chewing the scanery, the lion is chewing me.** Years Ago In 6/ythevi/Je [ Annr-mirF-mml was ma dp todiv of -a dunce in management o( . X:;hrr5 «nd Xibrrs Grocery when i thr- intcrr^t nf .lodie Xahftrg was ; bouehi by C. L, Naoers. j Mrs. ,1. n .Smith. Mrs.- A- V. ! .srmth and Mrs. Gordon Evrnrd j I wci r iustnllrd as prrsirient, vice i | ^-roMnenl and MvroUry re.<:pecUv«lv i : nf ihc Women's Ouncil nf Ihf Fir.ii j Chrljrtinn Churrh. J Hrr n. I.PW ha? rrr^tvrd hi? dp- ^aire from 'hp University O f Illinois. MOVIE ACTRFSS KJtT^beth Taylor has wrlttrn article unn>r thi film e title, "I Am the NORTH t« » A Q 85 WEST 4 K 1086 2 ¥ AS* EAST Sontll 1N.T. .1 N.T. • K14) 4101 SOUTH (D) Pas? Pass I 10 4 -MO 9 A AK ?T Neither ild* virt, WM* North Pas • 2N.T. Pas? Pas* Opening leacj— A t We were having > di««u««»oo at th* rtor« !att night about some of th« problem! f«cini delegate* to th* national eon-1 vent ion» In July. With **levi-| ston cameras going all the ton*, some delegates won't dire »o to sleep during th* ionj-winded nominating and lecondint speeches for fear of getting a telegram from hom* »«H)nr them to w»Ve up. A MA Picnic Lunch Answer to Previous Puzil* HORIZONTAL 1 Lemon 4-—slaw 8 Hot 12 No (slang) 13 Hebrew measure 14 Bewildered 15 Golf mound 16 Crippling 2 Food regime 3 Setting-up 4 Put into cipher 5 Leave out 6 Inferior 7 Age 8 Valley» 9 Medical suffix 10 Man (slang) 18 Thoroughfares'' Droops 10 Reposes , 17 Harness part 19 One who comforls 23 Highways 24 Footless 21 Scoundrel 22 Goddess rl discord 24 Sacred bull 2« Stepped 25 Melon-like *7 At this lime 28 District 29 Impudent 31 Tenser 33 Dipper 38 Realm 40 Extra 41 Pressed 27 Pop bottle top fruit 30 Spanish coin 26 Picnic lunches 42 English opening lead, siving me two ap tricks, but I still could not make Maryinc Kind " Having been mar- [ my ^oiilracl. I took thf diamond fined l sure lic-fcrc she was 2n. Miss i "*•*«'. bllt il 'OB'- to 'he kin? und proven h?r '. s s P»de ramp, buck at me. West Taylor frrms to point. - Clreein iltr ' P C ttif bod}-. Thi number oj wbita c«lLs [ ioneja IGi.) nh'.nx nws ramp, buck at me. evenuially RO|. In irith the »ce of hearts to wl me with the rest of the sjwdeii. . "H it l« correct fur Norlh to raise Dan.- j 'o Uvn no-trump. If »herf. anything »ronj vith th« South bidding? U paars. I 32 Entice 34 Musical dramas 35 More beloved 36 Two (Sp.) 77 Shoshonean Indians S9 Exclamation 40 Stalk 41 Diminutive suffix 42 Run away to wed 45 Children and enjoy picnic* together 49 Leaving 51 A/ticlt 52 Always 53Se> eagle 54 Meadow 55 Number 56 Require 57 Slill VERTICAL I Uninvited picnic • good statesman 43 Son of Jacob (Bib.) 44 A picnic luncti I." eaten in tltt air 46 English queen 47 Biblical pronouft 48 Chair SO Flv* *n<5 8v«

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