The Manhattan Mercury from Manhattan, Kansas on November 25, 1976 · 7
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The Manhattan Mercury from Manhattan, Kansas · 7

Manhattan, Kansas
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Thursday, November 25, 1976
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No challenges Thursday, November 25, 1976 The Manhattan Mercury A7 ' ' mm: ir ' 1 iJ , LEANING SLOWER, BUT STILL LEANING A vertical column with a vase contrasts with the Leaning Tower of Pisa in this recent photograph. Experts in Italy say the famous tower's rate of leaning , was slower for the third consecutive year, just over nine-hundredths of an inch or about half its traditional tip per year in recent decades . , ' V ; . - ' . (APWirephoto) lenders approve plan ..j.-yV-. - j .. . . for split-equity ; By JOHN CUNNIFF MP Business Analyst :4 NEW YORK (AP)-A mortgage j .contract under which elderly k homeowners can live off the value of fvjtheir homes while retaining the right j. "Of lifetime-occupancy is being backed ; by the nation's major home-lending '. group. ' The innovation' conceivably could " -provide tremendous social and" financial benefits, because 70 per cent of households heads Over age 65 are homeowners, with a total equity of . more than $80 billion. ' , At the same time, it is estimated that nearly two-thirds of elderly married couples who own their homes have less than desired incomes, and could benefit from obtaining annuities based on their home equity. The total equity of such elderly homeowners is. sufficient to provide annual annuities in .excess of $5 billion.; : Under the '.'split equity" plan, the homeowner is assured a home for life, but in the meantime obtains regular , cash payments from the buyer. The latter is assured possession when the seller dies. The concept, long utilized ' in France, was popularized earlier this year by Prof. Jack M. Guttentag of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, but had attracted little official endorsement-. : However, the new president of the . U.S. League of Savings Association, mm 1 MB xw X'-it-. '4 ) said at the group's annual convention here last week that "We're . not promoting it, but we're receptive to the chance to experiment." , "It isn't our main thrust but I like it," said John Hardin, who this year-heads the league, which this year will make about 80 percent of all loans on single-family houses. "We need to work out something to help older people in our society whose only alternative is to sell' said Hardin, president of the First Federal Savings and Laon Association of Rock Hill, S.C. .,. The new league president indicated, however, that the present regulatory climate would tend to inhibit development of the idea. He said the associations want flexibility to design mortgages to better fit the needs of borrowers but that the, mood of Congress, which oversees the work of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, limits them to fixed-term mortgages. , .. The associations also seek to experiment' with variable rate mortgages, with government-insured mortgages in "ring" neighborhoods on the edge of slums, and with mor-tages designed specifically for young home-buyers. Variable-rate mortgages are now offered by some state-chartered associations, in California especially, but not by federally chartered institutions. Rates under such plans rise and fall with money-market prices. CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING Aggie Hardware & Electric Co. 1205 Mora 6397761 l, I: ll r w. i -i,.J,,,. "'' Qf ficial results of November election TOPEKA (AP)-President Ford and Sen. Bob Dole defeated Democrats Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale by 72,331 votes in Kansas, official returns showed today.' Independent Eugene McCarthy and four other minor party candidates claimed only 2.6 per cent of the total state vote. Ford and Dole piled up 502,752 votes to Carter and Mondale's 430,421 in Kansas, based on official returns certified by the , State Canvassing Board. McCarthy led the remaining five presidential candidates on the Kansas ballot, with 13,185 votes. The board, with no challenges to consider, met for barely five minutes in Secretary of State Elwill Shanahan's office, to put its official certification stamp on the Nov. 2 general election results. The vote was unanimous among Mrs. Shanahan, Gov. Robert F. Bennett and Atty. Gen. Curt Schneider. In the closest Congressional races, U.S. ' Rep. Martha Keys won reelection to a a second term by an official margin of 5,699 votes over Republican Ross Freeman in the 2nd District, while young Democratic challenger Dan Glickman defeated veteran incumbent Rep. Garner Shriver in the 4th District by 3,235 votes. State Treasurer Joan Finney, a Democrat, won by 147,532 votes over Republican challenger Damon Weber in official returns. In the three closest legislative races: Republican newspaper publisher John Chandler of Holton defeated Democratic, Sen. Dan Bromley of Marriage knot difficult to untangle (c) 1976 Chicago Daily News CHICAGO-James Wolfe said that is he must, he will make a career out of ending his unhappy marriage. "I'll not stop until I win or I die, whichever comes first," he said " bitterly. After his 64th court appearance, Wolfe found himself still legally married to the woman he has accused of cheating him into wedlock. Wolfe, 46, a- real estate broker, charged that his wife, Judith, had ' produced a phony death certificate for her first husband in order to marry him (Wolfe). , The first husband, Thomas Haf fner, of Denver, is not only, living but testified against her during a jury trial last March. The jury found her guilty of fraud and recommended the marriage .be annulled. Wolfe sought the an-. nullment because as a Roman Catholic he does not believe in divorce. However, Circuit Court Associate Judge Bernard Wolfe (no-relation) later -reversed the jury's" recommendation, saying fraud is not sufficient grounds for divorce. The judge now has 'reaffirmed his decision. - "I'm back wher I was," plaintiff Wolfe said, adding that he would appeal. , Meanwhile, Wolfe said the 3-year-long case has ruined him financially and he does not know how much he owes in attorney's fees. - "How can I make a living when I am practicing law here nine days a week?" he said outside the courtroom. His only consolation is that his wife, , who now lives in Fremont, Mich., agreed to let their 10-year-old son spend the Thanksgiving holidays with him. i, SPOT ADS Are Well Read- You Are Doing So NOW...They Cost Very Little. Call 776-8805 6371129 I AUDIO cum til NIC 1828 TutthcrMk Btvd Moa-Sat 1(7 Atchison by 37 votes, 11,200 to 11,163. Democratic pharmacist Larry Rogers of Wamego defeated Republican Sen. Leslie Droge of Seneca by 9l' votes, 12,423 to 12,332. Rep. John Hayes, R-Hutchinson, House majority leader, defeated Democrat Marie Greenhalg of Hutchinson by 23 votes, 4,041 to 4,018. The constitutional amendment to permit a different method of assessing agricultural land for property tax purposes carried by 90,088 votes, 433,347 to 343,259. Ford and Dole won 81 of the state's 105 counties, including Johnson County by 75,798 to 35,605, Sedgwick by 69,828 to 63,989 and Shawnee by 37,101 to 28,578. Carter won 24 counties, including Wyandotte by 37,478 to 23,141, Reno by 14,620 to 11,212, Butler by 8,540 to 8,390, Ellis by 6,280 to 4,719, Crawford by 9,021 to 7,225, and Labette by 5,294 to 4,640. Carter also won in Anderson, Cherokee, Cloud, Edwards, Finney, Ford, Gray, Hamilton, Hodgeman, Kingman, Miami, Ness, Pawnee, m V p; THE REGULATOR p- (j CLOCK SHOP I : Sabs end Guerenteed Service I y Nfwmtf AntiqutCtadB I Mon.-Sat yf 104 P.M. Old Town MH Television log THURSDAY I WDAF I KCMO I KMBC I KAKE I KTWU I KTVH I WIBW I KTSB I KBMA I LAr CH. 4 CH. 5 CH. 9 CH. 10 CH. 11 CH. 12 CH. 13 CH. 27 CH. 41 L VI Kansas City Kansas City Kansas City Wichita Topeka Wichita Topeka Topeka Kansas City 600 Crosiwits Nsws . News To Tell The Sesame Street News News News Emergency Truth I Cont'd " One 30 Hollywood $25,000 Bowling For The Singing South By - Looking In Truth Or Hogan's Heroes I Squares Pyramid Dollars Quakers Northwest " Consequences 700 Van Dyke and Waltons Winnie the Winnie the Masterpiece Waltons Waltons Van Dyke and Pipi in the Company " Pooh & tiger Pooh & Tiger Theatre: How " " Company South Seas.. 30 " " Movie: The NCAA " Green Was " I Magnificent Football: My Valley . - ' - . -j ' 800 Best Sellers: " Seven' Texas A&M Visions " " Best Sellers: Captains and " vs. . Captains and 30 the Kings . . " " Texas " the Kings 900 " Sills and -' " ' " Sills and Sills and " All Things . Burnett at " " " Burnett at Burnett at " ' Bright and 30 , the Met " " Jeanne Wolf the Met the Met - . , Beautiful . - - With-. ' " " m t 00 News News News - " Woman News News News Doctor In III - " - i .... - " : " - The House I II 30 Tonight Show Mod Squad Mary Hartman, News ... Earthkeeping Movie: Movie: Tonight Show Movie: w ' " - Mary Hartman ' (Captioned) 'Plymouth ''Plymouth ' 'Good Sam' nO0 , " " Odd Couple Streets of Sign Off Adventure' Adventure' - - San - " - " 30 " . The Fugitive Honeymooners Francisco " Movie: 'See Movie: 'See " " ,, I " " " the Man Run' the Man Run' - - m 00 Tomorrow " Ironside " i, " " " Tomorrow - II . " I-' .. .. m m - I 30 . " Movie: 'Nine " ' . " . , . News '" Movie j Hours To j " News . - ' " ' " I FRIDAY ZZ I WDAF I KCMO I KMBC I KAKE I KTWU I- KTVH I WIBW I KTSB I KBMA I LXr CH. 4 CH. 5 CH. 9 CH. 10 CH. 11 CH. 12- CH. 13 CH. 27 CH. 41 -L lY'l Kansas City KansasCity KansasvCity Wichita Topeka Wichita Topeka Topeka Kansas City 600 Crosswits . News News. To Tell The Villa Aiegre News News News . Emergency - " Truth, - v- ... One 30 Name That Tun Andy Bowling Fer--'- Pilgrim Melody A'nay ', Truth Or Hogan's Heroes " ' I ". . ' Williams ' Dollars Journey - Williams Consequences " ' " ' ' ' ' 7' OOSenford ...... Charlotte's Alt-Star All-Star Wash. Week In Charlotte's Charlotte's Safiford Your Show Of And Son " Web -Parti Tribute to Tribute to Review Web Part I Web Part I And Son Shows 30Chicond " John Wayne John Wayne Wall Street - " ' Chlcoand I the Man - ' Week Vi the Man 800 Rock ford Movie: French NCAA ,NCAA You Should Movie: Movie: Rockford Lohman ft Files Connection II Football: ' Football: See What 'French 'French . Files Berkley 30 " - Pittsburgh Pittsburgh You're Connec- ' Connec- " " , vs. vs. Missing tjon II" Don II' " fr '' " , . 900 Dean Martin " Penn State Ponn State Agronsky- " " " " Dean Martin Steve Allen's Celebrity " ': """ Urge " Celebrity Laughback 30 Roast - - TBA " - - Roast W M M ' ' f , ' m A 00 News - - ... - El Pasadia " " News III " ' ' Nw " - News News I II 30 Tonight Show ". ' '" " Captioned " Tonight Show Movie: v Movie: " ABC News Movie: Movie 'Cold Sweaf U' 00 - Tribute To A News News Sign Off 'Cold Sweaf 'CoW Sweaf " - Bad Man' ., . . . . - ' 30 " Mary Hartman. Movie:The . - " ". " " , - " Mary Hartman Thing' -- ; - " m f 00 Midnight " Odd Couple " " " " Midnight . I "1 Special " " " " . " Movie: 'Our " Special If 30 Movie: Honeymooners , " Manln " " Bowery Boys " 'Orecule Vt " . " 1 Havana' Ironside " NBA Basketball. The Washington Bullets vs. the Fhoenix Suns, from the Veterans Memorial Coliseum In Phoenix, Arizona. 12:00 CBS Channels 5, .12, 13. Van Dykt and Company. Freddie Prinze and boxer George Foreman head Dick's holiday guest list. Freddie dances a bit" with his host, plows through a slapstick sketch on cowboys with Dick, and pretends to challenge former heavyweight champ Foreman. Freddie is In better form here than he Is 'on his Friday night show ,. because he gets a chance to sing and dance. 7.00 PM NBC Channels 4, 27. Special "Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Tee." (Repeat). Here's ' another Disney animated cartoon on A.A. Milne's characters in the hundred-acre-wood. Cartoon number three oh Winnie the Pooh and friends seems equal to its predecessors, as the animals attempt to lose bothersome Tigger In the forest, only' to become lost themselves. Usually too . cute and saccharine for many grownups, this effort works because of the stronger storyline and lesser emphasis on coyness. Sterling Hollo way. narrator Sebastian Cabot, and Paul Winched lead the vocal cast. 7:00 PM ABC Channels 9, TO. NCAA Football. ABC will be covering , the game between Texas and Texas A&M Rice, Rush, Stafford, Sumner and Wichita Counties. McCarthy made his best showing in Johnson County, with 1,740 votes, and also picked up 1,616 in Sedgwick and 1,358 in Douglas. A total of 957,845 persons voted for president in Kansas, while 48,554 fewer, or 909,291, voted in the five congressional races. Ironically, the two most hotly contested congressional races, in the 2nd 'and 4th Districts, did not attract the highest voter, turnout. The most people voted in the 1st District, 194,772, with the 5th District ranking second at 180,625. Then came the 3rd District with 179,865, the 4th District with 179,168 and last the 2nd District with 174,861. The official congressional results showed: 1st District: Republican incumbent Keith Sebelius, 142,311; Democrat Randy Yowell, 52,459. 2nd District: Democratic Rep. Martha Keys, 88,645; Republican Ross Freeman, 82,946; American Party candidate Charles Ijams, 1,933; Tonight's Top Shows from Austin, Texas. 7:30 PM ABC Channel 10. , . Best Seller, "Captains and the Kings." The concluding chapter In the saga of Irish Immigrant Joseph Armagh and his determined drive for wealth and power is shown here tonight In a vital two-hour' program. For the first hour, outside of Rory's despair over losing Marjorie, the most Interesting character to emerge Is Joseph's youngest son Brian (Cliff De Young), a younger, energetic, able model of his father, full of confidence and drive, eager to take on the ob of handling his brother Rory's campaign for the Presidency, so urgently desired by Joseph. The second hour continues to focus on Brian's strength and intelligence, but also permits us to glimpse the real Rory and the end result of Joseph's driving ambition. 8:00 PM NBC Channels 4, 27. Special "Sills and Burnett at the Met." To top off the holiday treats, CBS Is serving up a delightful hour with two very charming and talented ladies the magnificent opera star Beverly Sills, and the inimitable comedienne Carol Burhett-at the Metropolitan Opera House In New York City's Lincoln Center. After a marvelous opening In which Miss Sills, affectionately known as "Bubbles," and Prohibition Party candidate David Scoggin, 1,337. 3rd District: Republican Rep. Larry Winn Jr., 123,578; Democrat Philip Rhoads, 52,110; American Party candidate William Hyatt, 4,162. 4th District: Democrat Dan Glickman, 90,067; Republican Rep. Garner Shriver, 86,832; American Party' candidate Robert Cowdrey 2,269. ' 5th District: Republican Rep. Joe Skubitz, 109,573; Democrat Virgil Leon Olson, 65,340; American Party candidate Glen Rutherford 5,712. The official count in the state treasurer's race gave Mrs. Finney 487,755 votes to Weber's 340,223. American Party candidate Mary A. Hyatt drew 27,568 and Prohibition Party candidate Howard Hadin got 15,450. Incumbent Republican Insurance Commissioner Fletcher Bell received 648,145 votes to 83,400 for American Party candidate Peggy Douglas and 51 ,523 for Prohibition Party candidate Glen Shields. Bell had no Democratic opposition. OLD TOWN MARKET Convenience Grocery OPEN 24 HOURS Old Town Mall 523 S. 17th Carol musically explore the fact that their voices are "Only an Octave Apart," the duo earns laughs In a sketch borrowed from the audition theme in "A Chorus Line," which finds a woebegone Miss Sills vying with Carol's gum-chewing hooker for the lead in an opera you'll be surprised at Beverly's comedic style In this piece. The decided highlight of an almost perfect hour is a long musical duet in which the two elegantly owned Jadies run through the gamut of . song styles from blues, ballads, show tunes and even a touch of opera and execute some tap steps with a male dance chorus in the finale. 9:00 PM CBS Channels 5, . 12, 13. Tomorrow. David Niven discusses his life and career as Tom SnyoV's only guest. 12:00 NBC Channels 4. 27. Local cable channel 4 programming tonight includes "Marvels of the Zoo" at 4:30; "This is the Life" at 5:00; "Marvin's Gardens" at 5:30; "Christian Perspective" at 4:00; "Do You Know? at 4:30; and "Help Wanted" at 7:00. , Da v time Proorammlna The Friday 4:00 movie on channel 5 will be "The Miracle" starring Lassie and Michael James Wixted. For other routine daytime programming, consult your Sunday Mercury.

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