Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 26, 1958 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 26, 1958
Page 19
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SUNDAY, JANUARY 26, 1958. THE PHAKOS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE NINETEEN Air Of Crisis As Baghdad Conference Date Nears Turkish Premier Summoned To Iraq ANKARA, Turkey Wt— Premier Adnan Menderes hastened home Saturday from a -sudden and secret mission to Iraq. His trip thickened an air of crisis surrounding the opening Monday of an important Baghdad Pact conference here. The five pact nations and the United States will discuss the defense of the Middle East against pact had revealed some withdrew the advance text Dulles' opening statement to the conference. It had been submitted to be held for release Monday. The inference seemed " to be that the secretary may change his approach. '• But even before the Menderes trip, preliminary exchanges the economic committee threats and thrusts of Soviet communism. The strains and stresses of the Middle ' East political maze ' formed the background both to Menderes' unexplained mission and lo the conference of the Baghdad alliance which U.S. Secretary of State John Foster Dulles is attending as an observer. There is every indication that in the meetings inside the flag- bedecked, closely guarded Turkish Grand National Assembly Building here. Dulles will have to play the delicate key role of keeping Moslem states firmly allied to the West. Called Suddenly Menderes flew to Baghdad Friday for a hurried conference, reportedly at the urgent request of Iraq, the only Arab country within the anti-Communist alliance of nations along Russia's southern borders. Other members are Britain and the Moslem states of Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. Speculation among diplomats and military men assembled here ranged from the possibility that Iraw may be quitting the alliance for the sake of Arab unity to the suggestion that Iraq plans to demand British - American support for a tough new policy toward Is- differences between Moslem members and the United States and Britain. These centered mainly around demands tor -economic and military aid *.by needy Moslem countries, notably by Iran, according to pact officials. keHazardsTo Recur In State By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. More rain and snow and more nighttime freezeups threaten to keep ice hazards recurring on Indiana highways and streets Sunday and Monday. Freezing drizzle Salurday added driving hazards lo traffic, already dogged by spots of ice left from snowstorms. Thawing temperatures were forecast for both Sunday and Monday, but widespread freezing can be expected at night, indicating slippery driving conditions in early morning hours. Snow and rain were forecast for both Sunday and Monday on top of the three-inch cover left at South Bend, Goshen and Columbus, two inches at Fort Wayne and one inch at Indianapolis. Hoosier Physician Dies At Age 86 Years KEWANEE, 111. W)-Dr. Gideon H; Hoffman, 06, physician and surgeon'here for 54 years, died Saturday. A native of Allen County, Ind., Hoffman was educated at Westerns Reserve University in Cleveland. He set up practice here in 1904 because he liked people he met during a short visit to a medical school classmate. He had served as chief of staff at St. Francis Hospital and later at Kewanee Public Hospital. Survjvors are the widow and a brother, John, a Fort Wayne lawyer. "Old Yeller" Walt Disney's action-packed slory of a rough -range dog who protects a frontier family.co-stars Dorothy McGuire and Fess Parker as is playing at tlie Stale thru Wednesday. rael. A variety of other sugges-l The ™n° ff of midweek rains lions was also advanced, but none j stl11 ke P' *« west fork of the found any official backing, either i whl 'e River out of its banks at from the Turkish government or Edwardsport.^ but_ most Driver the Iraqi delegation headed by ex-Premier Nuri Said. Worries West One thing was sure: the surprise development worried American, British and other pro-West 1 ern officials. One member of the Baghdad Pact secretariat reported the U. S. delegation, on hearing the news of Menderes' trip, slates were falling Saturday. CAR SIDESWIPED Mrs. Beatrix Rieheson, 1826 High, is the latest victim of a hit and run driver. Her car, parked during the night at her home, apparently was hit and the 'left side damaged. The other driver made no report. Various Viands ACROSS 1 roast of beef 4 Lamb — I 8 ColD |12 Brown Octobar —— 13 Military assistant 14 Window part 15 Moral wrong 16 Spaces between sidewalk and street 18 Hot drinks ' 20 Property item 21 Sea eagle 56 Beginners 57 Pecan, for instance DOWN 1 Ago 2 Medley 3 Soltest 4 Shiny fabric 5 Weary 6 Ancient Urfa 7 Tiny 8 Muscular contraction fl Rules 10 Girl's name irection Answer -to Previous Puzzle ~ ~~ 24 Molten rock 25 Baking . chamber 26 Of the cheek 27 Place 28 Soon 29 Apple center 31 Holding 33 Irritates 3B Cylindrical 40 Nut 41 De lots grat preparations 42 Roasting rod 43 Century pl»nt 44 Destiny 46 Atop ' 47 Unbleached 48 Food regimen 50 Males JJ6 Female servant 27 Pouch SO Farsee sscrefl writings 32 Sheep 34 Food container 35 Newspaper 'executive 36 Insect 37 Burmese demons DC Crescent- shaped figure 40 Unsullied 41 Split ; soup 42 More secure 45 Cooked 49 Location Bl Here (Fr.) 62 Jot 153 Diminutive suffix 84 Mineral rock 85 Year between ' 12 and 20 Ike Hails Progress In Atoms WASHINGTON WMBrilish- American progress toward harnessing the H-bomb for peaceful uses was hailed by President Eisenhower Saturday as opening up "unbelievable vistas lor the JEu-j ture." I "This is only a first step," Ei-j senhower said, "but it does bring j within the realm of possibility a 1 limitless supply of atomic power and energy for all the world for many thousands of years to come." i The President issued a state-1 ment congratulating American and British scientists "for the contribution they are making to-: ward peaceful uses of the atom,"' as disclosed in laboratory experiments announced Friday. "AH Americans sincerely 'hope hat other scientists in other coun- ries will be 'encouraged by their governments to do similar research," Eisenhower said, addng: Benefit Mankind "As these and olher scientific experiments continue, the adop- ion of a worldwide' atoms for >eace program becomes more in- svitable to permit all scientists lo devote their skills and energies to .he benefit of mankind—(not to its destruction." The White House had no immediate explanation of what Eisen- lower meant by the "adoption" of a worldwide atoms for peace program, since there already is an agency for that purpose. This is he 60-nation international atomic energy agency organized in Vienna last October after four years of planning. It: aim is to develop he peaceful uses of atomic energy for the benefit of all mankind. The British and American atom- c energy agencies Friday reported experiments indicating some progress had been achieved toward controlled fusion of hydrogen atoms to produce electric power. taw material for this power abounds in ocean water, but prac- :ical application of the process is still considered years away. NOTICE.... Pharos-Tribune & Press DISPLAY ADVERTISING DEADLINES: HALF-PAGE ADS OR LARGER-NOON TWO DAYS BEPOftE PURLtQATION All Other Ads-36 Hours Before Publication. SUNDAY DEADLINE: Quarter-page ads or larger- Noon Friday; all other ads—5 p.m. Friday. COLOR: 4 Days In Advance Your cooperation and assistance in adhering io these deadlines will help us give YOUR ad the expert workmanship it deserves. Proposes Museum Of The Civil War At State Monument INDIANAPOLIS H')—A plan to convert rooms in the Soldiers and Sailors Monument into a museum of Civil War relics was proposed Saturday by Brig. Gen. John W. McConnell, state adjutant general. Civil War battle flags of Indiana military units have already been moved to the monument. Uniforms, guns and sabers from the Civil and Spanish-American wars also could be moved from the Stalehouse basement, McConnell suggested. Eugene Meloy. building superintendent, estimated thi. needed remodeling at the monument would cost only $3,000. ' Mementoes of the world wars and the Korean War couid be moved to the ground floor of the World War Memorial under the proposal. Both proposals would be subject to approval of Gov. Handley and tlie War Memorials Commission. Name Speakers At Water Convention INDIANAPOLIS Iff) — Dr. Leroy E, Burncy, U.S. surgeon general, and Fred Merryfield, Portland, Ore., American Water Works Assn., will be main speakers at the AWWA's Indiana convention here Feb. 5-7. Waterworks problems in areas annexed to cities will be one of the panel discussions Thursday, when both Merryfield and Burney also will speak. fects of intense noise on hearing. The project, aimed at effects of jet aircraft noise on workers, is being carried on in the hearing and communications laboratory of the psychology department. The laboratory has an anechoic, a chamber without echo, and a reverberation chamber, which -n- tensifies noise. Plan Spring Drive Jo Sell US Bonds WASHING-TON M—One Hoosier is among 32 businessmen named Saturday by Secretary of the Treasury Anderson to serve as voluntary chairman of a spring campaign in 32 cities to enroll workers in the U.S. savings bond payroll savings plan. A, I. Cochranc, assistant to the vice president of the Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co., was named to head the campaign in Gary and Hammond, Ind. Grant For Research In Airplane Noises BLOOMINGTON, Ind. Wi._ Indiana University said Salurday it has a new Air Force grant of $22,976 to continue research on the ef- Harter, Scott At Phoenix Open On Winter Golf Tour PHOENIX un—A. couple of pro golfers representing the entire state of Indiana are sharpening their same on local courses in preparation for the Phoenix Open, next Thursday through Sunday. Charlie Harter of Pleasant Run course, Indianapolis, and Jimmy Scott of the Ulen course at Lebanon, are being financed through at least three tourneys of the Arizona-Texas winter scries by Indiana golfers. The Hoosier pros won an "On- the-Tour" tourney, staged in Indianapolis last September by the Indiana PGA to send two members on the tour. The pair's expenses will be paid here, at the Tucson Open Feb. 6-9, and the Texas Open at San Antonio, Feb. 13-lfl. They also plan to play in the Houston Invitational, Fob. 20-23, on their own. If they've had any luck, they'll also play in the Baton Rouge Invitational Feb. 27-March 2. Harler is the current Indiana PGA champion. Scott is a former •Indiana Amateur and Open champion. labor Bargaining Jopk Of Discussion SOUTH BEND, Ind. W)—Current problems in collective bargaining will be discussed at a sixth annual union-management conference al the University of Notre Dame Feb. 28. Discussion leaders will be Ronald W. Haugtiton, director of the Instilute of Industrial Relations, Wayne University, Detroit, and W. Willard Wirtz of the Northwestern Ulniversity law school, Chicago. NOW THRU WED. Kiddies 35c Added Fun Wed. Night DH1MRE and FESS POT PLUTO CARTOON aigraogtmBMHIMMMHi THURSDAY ALL FUN SHOW! My Man Godfrey" & Bowery Boys Butler Teams One And Two In Debate •MU'NOIE, Ind. Wl — Butler University won the Ball State Gavel Debate tournament here Saturday. Butler's second team took second place and Michigan State was third. John Stark of Butler was the lop superior rating debating the subject: "Resolved that membership in a labor organization as a condition o-£ Employment should be illegal." Other individuals in the order they finished were Pat N-ash, Michigan -State; John Amstutz, Goshen College, and Bill Tillotson, j Michigan State, . Winners of excellent ratings •were Dick Camp. Goshen College; Dick Carter, Butler and Sally M;c- Kinney, Ball State. Eight colleges and. universities participated. ROX Y t \. L i 4 N C F T TODAY & MOM. 2 FBATUR6S-3 CARTOONS 6...6ROWING...!roAa*HT...TOA MONSTER...!] WHEN To Caress Her It To Attempt Death"CAT GIRL" with Barbara Shelley Fannie May Chocolates Valentine Day FEB. 14 Don't forget the Men in Service A heart shaped box of candy We will wrap it as a gift and for mailing FREE. TIMBIRLAKE'S Box Office Opens 5:30 p. m. Matinees $at. ( Sun. and Holidays. Starts Today for Week's Engagement HI THERE! M-G-M JOYFULLY PRESENTS THE HILARIOUS BOOK! DON'T GO NEAR THE WATER in CinemaScope and METROCOLOR GLENN FORD • GIA SCALA • EARL HOLLIMAN • ANNE FRANCIS KEENAN WYNN • FRED CLARK; EVA G ABOR • JEFF RICHARDS • DOROTHY KINGSUY"- GEORGE WELIS • SSifi wSJo . iw-ti MARIES WAITERS. h*»» hUWREKE WEpAKTEl COMING S00N-"PEYTON PLACE" BARGAINS IN LIKE NEW TRADE-IN APPLIANCES B. F. GOODRICH TAG NUMBER DESCRIPTION WAS NOW 69 6' KELVINATOR REFRIGERATOR .. $ 59.95 $ 39.95 81 & UNIVERSAL REFRIGERATOR .... 59.95 39.95 84 9' COLDSPOT REFRIGERATOR .... 6995 86 7' GENERAL ELECTRIC 89.95 14 NORGE GAS RANGE 59.95 15 HOT POINT ELECTRIC RANGE .. 59.95 74 KELVINATOR AUTOMATIC WASHER 99.95 75 WRINGER WASHER (as is) ...... 39.95 83 WRINGER WASHER 39.95 84 BENDIX AUTOMATIC WASHER .... 69.95 88 MAYTAG WRINGER WASHER (as is) 29.95 89 THOR WRINGER WASHER (as is) .... 39.95 90 WRINGER WASHER (as is) 39.95 92 THOR AUTOMATIC WASHER .... 199.95 95 THOR AUTOMATIC WASHER .... 99.95 96 G E. 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