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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 12
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 12

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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r-1 One of the oldest sayings concern the coaches who claim they first try to build When they miss they consols themselves with the task of i Says the doctor: "A man' needs muscle enough to shake hands, a head hard enough to take a martini with a business lunch He'll get a pretty fair argument on that from Montreal Aloueties owner Ted Workmen whose main complsint seems to be that some of hit boys didn't even bother with the lunch. Ice Arenas Open Tonight The two civic let arenas will officially open tha 1963-04 set-son tonight Elmgrove Arena will commence their sesson with a costume carnival for children under 18 years of aga who are residents of Westboro. Admission to this carnival is by invitation only and tha program ttarta'at MO p.m. Walkley Road Arena will also open with public skating ttsrting tt 7.30 p.m. Both, rinks wilt be open for A hockey on Saturday if the aether permits.

Because of The unusually warm weather, the making of ice has been delayed. The warm exterior causes a mist 'or haze over the ice surface which makes the playing of hockey dangerous. Public skating schedule: 1 Elmgfova Arena: Saturday, 2 to p.m 7 to 10 p.m.; Sun day, i.ju io 3 p.m. Walkley Arena: i Saturday. 4 to 6 p.m., 7.4,5 to 10 p.m.; Sun day, 1.30 to 5 p.m.

PARKWAY PLYMOUTH 5, woaswera sT 1 shaky. workout Frank Clair changed hia m-nd and said that OBillovich will ba dressed on If ha can't, make It Rick Black will fill in. but O'Billovich wUl ba dreaaed aad he'U get as much work aa he can stand, or, as little as ha can manage, -i. NICHOLS OUT Jack Nichols definitely cannot play. His knee ligamnt dsmage is slow coming around, and ha might not ba ready again this seeson.

So big John Kenerson will stay on at defensive end with Bin Quinler on the corner. There 1ad been sn Uea to dress Don Estes at a spare man but with tha return of Stewart there will ba net room for Estes. The Riders ess dress only 30 plsyers, so they'll go with, 12 Imports and 18 "The way talent Is day for the other half of the total points set, and they win. it'll be oa to Vancouver to meet the survivors of the Vancouver Saakatch a a sense ia the Grey Cup game. CONFIDENT IN HAMILTON HAMILTON Cft Two rival coaches don't think much of his chances, but Hamilton Tiger-Cat coach Ralph Suio doesn't seem to be worrying toe much about Saturday's playoff opener egainst Ottawa Rough Riders, Sazio's club finished in first place ia the Eaatera Football Conference and had a bye last weekend while Ottawa beat Montreal Alouettea ia Ottawa to enter tha twe-game, total-point final.

Despite this, both Nobby Wirkowskf of Toronto Argonauts and Jim Trimble of the Alouettea pick Ottawa to to Vancouver Nov. 30 for tha Grey Cup game against tha Westenf Football Conference champion. -r Trimble's word carry a lot of weight He was Sazio's fcoas during hit years as coach of the ThCatt 'until he moved to the Montreal Job last year. But then Trimble's Alouettea stumbled in third In the Eastern standings, while Sazio, his former assistant, boasted a 10-4 first-place season. And Wlrkowski'a Toronto Argonauts were a consistent last -place team.

Sazio's only reply to tha However, after last night's predictions about tha Ottawa gsma was quiet; "It's their opinion just say we'll be "there." Sazio It still keeping plant for bit ttarting lineup to him-'self except for two details: HENLEY TO START AU-sUrGamey Henley will definitely start as a defensive halfback, although ha may sea action on offence as well if the Tiger -Cats have trouble getting started. Newcomer Art Baker will start offensively at. fullback, allowing Bobby Kuntg to switch to a lineoacklng rote on i i Henley will ba playing with a special protective harness designed by trainer iJerry Simpson. A thick layer of sponge rubber and a hip pad will protect the rib and kidney injured against Toronto Argonauts earlier in the season. r- Henley's return should ease divided upTthaTt TJit way iggest-problaoM.

have to do it." Clair said, "to give us Insurance ia all tha y- The Riders haven't lost' game at home In the 1M3 schedule or playoffs ao far. This will be their last game at Lansdowne Park, win or lose. From here they go on to Hamilton a week from Sun covering the deep pass, one of Ottawa a favorite weapons when Ruts Jackson ia directing the atUClt vi But Stzio will slso have to tnaka sura he "can stop Ottawa's running' game, a big chore with players tike Ron 1 Stewart and Dave Thelen carrying the ball. Names and Numbers For WFC' Finals (CPV Sweater number! for th 5 first irimi of the Western Football Conference best-of-: three final serie at Reglna Saturday: sVs'J, British: Columbia Satkatchewany 11 Ohler 15 Flemlne -weav i lRMnrria 1 Ptacek 14 20 Muiwey liJ 21 Homer Wlaaluk-i-18 21 Kapp" Gray 19 2r Shafer Campbell 21 27 Beaumont Lancaster 23 .50 Kempf -V: Tripucka 24 34 Lassetet Buchanan 25 I' 35 Beamer Dumelies 28 38 Vlclc r5v.i...-v Cope land 30 38 Bailey i.i'- Purdln 31 41 Myers 33 44 BUIckl Reed 34 50 Cameron 37 54 HInton Atchison 41 68 Cotter Urness 43 61 Dennis Habig 44 64 Martin Shaw 50 68 Barnes Brooks 62 67-Cacic Walsh 53 -68 rrank Burrell 58 69 Brown Clarke 60 70 Foutg i Whltehbuse 62 71 Seale 75-FieidgaU ,78 Burton 77 James 78- tClartdge Mumlf 65 Beneclck 66 Lewis Legault 68 Cohee 71 Ootttv 74 Ikstran 75 Meadmore 78 rabl 79 r-r- 1 WESTWICK The Ottawa Jo TODAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1963 Sazio Refuses Make Unanimous Jf RA1PH SAZK) would only relent and )oui Um group, there would be unanimous opinio among th Big Four coaches that Ottawa mill beat HuniUoa (or Cuuni foot hall honor. "This to th seasoa of polls.

ell star and anoet valuable this-and that, aU of it by lha way. a littl premature and orua anisleeding for thie fnt ho holds to aa old fashioned opinion that the real "all -atari wind op at a team with tha Grey. Cup. In any raw tha Ar'gos Nobby Wirkowski and Jua Tremble, tha Alouettet, hava "checked us with thr opiniona that Rider should win. So that give thre out ef (our coaching vote lor -Ottawa, a you concede Frank Out hasn't chanrd" hie mind.

It would all ba very raauurini (or Ottawa players except (or two (airly important points: 1, A group of. other so-called experlt at tha beginning of the season called Ottawa to finish last; 2. Coaches, like anybody etse who are still human, caa only base a prediction on what has transpired before now. The plain facts suggest that what want on before doesn't mean everything Obviously it's what happens tomorrow and tha following week, that will count and count ao much that by then a lot of people won't be able to tell you tha score of the Rider-Alouette sem-f inal' playoff except the pool Now jut what was the windup of that one? NO DAY FOR FREEDOM This loms as quite a bead-oe clash of powerful clubs, far more Intriguing than tha- semi-final in which Alouettea were lacking in a balanced there is a of balance in tha lineups of Ottawa and Hamilton. It haan been apparent so far.

And when this balance is accepted and mutually respected, the main possibility of the scales being tipped either wsy is bound to depend on line performance. Both backfields are liberally sprinkled with the specialists. Including two outstanding quarterbacks. Both Fjslonejr and Jackson are capable of committing football mayhem during an afternoon Just so long aa they have tha freedom. Both can caff on ground and str power, are artful dodgers on their own.

Both clubs enjoy excellent coaching leadership from men who will be stressing tonight and before game-time tomorrow the old lesson so often a new season at handand a mighty short one for the boys who forget it for even a moment or two. A rough day ahead but the gutii here is It will be aa undefeated home record for Riders this weekend. WHO CLAIMED THIS? Sport probably has no more or leas of than other spheres of life, but it sure can claim Its share of those who can mention what they claim are certain beliefs and set about the task of knocking them down. 1 Now wa have prominent Boston physician making the headlines with tha assertion that any claim about high school, and college football producing better men "is a lot of poppy-cock." Dr. Frank P.

Foster Is the man who presumed to take a controversial stsnd with this remark. But you'd wonder that at such a medical meeting a listener mightn't politely demand to know since when any such belief was widely accepted In the first place. iThis tilting at windmills is a rather popular practice In. sports, but the doctor sounds a tittle ridiculous. For one thing we've never heard, and we seriously doubt, the good that football produced a better type of man than any other sport" The comparison, by the way, is this doctor's own Idea when he mentions that an.

adult would ba better trained to think" under' pressure "IT be were taught fishing, golf and bowling. TED WONT AGREtf It's curious to discover where these claims ware aver 'made, about football producing batter men. In some years around the gridiron game the main clamor has been fair football to produce' better football teams and gtmesr Nobody ask Clair Finishes 'Final Sorting' Tucker at Work. Henley to Start Rough Rider Coach Frank Clair has sorted aad Juggled and studied hit personnel, taking into account jjj the wounds snd the various skills. And this, he says now.

is the way he'll go oa Saturday at Lansdowne Park when the Rough Riders lake the held against Hamilton in the tret game of the Big Four trials. On offence, Ron Stewart will be back on the half line after missing one game with a knee hurt. Stewart has been running exceptionally well In drills, and he'a ready for the test. Joe Williams will run from the other half spot, and Ernie White will not ba dressed. Whit Tucker has been sick with the flu -this week' but he returned to work last Bight, still a little shaky but -on the mend.

Both offensive tackles, Roger Kramer and Moa Racine, have knee iruteries, but they'll be wrapped and doctored and they'll be reedy. In the defensive" lineup, there are more injuries. Tackle Bill Siekierski has a large end colorful knee but he'll have to play. Larry DeGraw is on a -bad. ankle, but it's the sort of Injury.

they so ha too. will have to play on it. Bob O'Billovica came some giant strides last nijht but bis knee is still tor "and OFF SICK LIST WHIT TUCKER Defensive In Opener of REGINA CP) Now that British Columbia Lions and Saskatchewan Roughrldars have baffled football fans by reaching tha Western Football Conference finals, no on really knows what will happen when tha two clubs clash in the open ing gam of tha best-of -three aeries y. Llona hava never reached the finals while Saskatchewan has been oo the outside for eight years. It's bound to be a new experience for both.

Just three month ago ao one would hava given a plugged nickel for the chances of a LI ons-Rou grinders final. Lions were the first to gain a berth when they- finished' on top of tha regular season for the first time in their 10-year history. Riders moved In sgainst them on tha strength of spine-tingling upset of Calgary. Stampeders in the SELLOUT CROWD The teams will kick off at 2.30 p.m., CST (3.30 p.m., EST). The scene will shift to Van couver for the remainder of the series.

A sellout eyowd of more than 15,000 was expected, despite -s forecast of deer, cold The first game will be tele-vised on tri CBC aationai network and subsequent game or games on both CBC and CTV The winner will represent the West In the Grey Cup final in Vancouver Nov. 30. DespiU strong defensive showings by Lions and Riders they finished one-two in this respect during the regular sea son low -scoring, defensive battle, ia not foreseen. Saskatchewan has com up With iU best offensive displays st home. A loss Saturday would nut them in th position of having to beat Lions twtct in Empire.

Sudium, and Lions are undefeated at bom uiu year. How Ron riders will crsck the BC defences and thwart Lions' strong running and pass ing gsma is tha big problem for coach Bob Shaw of Rider. He admiU Lions sr bigger, mora talented and more reeled thsa Rider. WILL SCRAMBLE THROUGH VW won't be able to pats st effectively against them arid wa might hava to concentraW on our running attack more. But we'll muddle better make that tcrtmbl through somehow.

a i from reportt I hear 1 gueat we led th leegu In highly-organized confusion thit year. The "confusion attack'' that helped Saskatchewan come from behind 2 point deficit tdVni Calgary 4-47 In 'the two-gam, total-point semi final was actually a deliberate plan designed for use' against Calgtry. Coach Shaw sid it's rilled a scramble play, which involv --J i a i i i I 1 i i GARNEY HENLEY a Ba tile Foreseen ed quarterback Ron La neuter dropping back and surting a roll-out; one way. Then he shifted, shifting the opposition defence that-way. Then be dropped back further and re- yy- Ti H' ty Western Final Versed 'th roll-out, while hit receivers "scrsmtted" all over the vv-.

Lancaster completed a record 26 passes for 492 yards Monday night against Calgary. WMmmm VI t'jl) ('III Shaw isnt concerned abotst the possibility of com vr. "But I hope BC is worried about th cold. If they are 1 hope It goes down to 20 b4 low" 'ym sJ5ijf rgt rr it -V- ii i.

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