Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 26, 1958 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 26, 1958
Page 15
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SUNDAY, JANUARY 26, 1958 THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGAN'SPORT PRESS, LOGANSPORT. INDIANA PAGE FIFTEEN Janet Kay Heiden Of Twelve Mile Will Become The Bride Of Donald McCarty SOCIAL HIGHLIGHTS (Staff Photo-Engraving.) Mr. and Mrs. John Heiden, R.R. 5, announce the engagement of their daughter, Janet Kay, to Donald McCarty, son of Mr. and Mrs.. Alva McCarty, R.R. 1, Twelve Mile. Miss Heiden. a graduate of Twelve Mile high school and [nternaiional Cul'lege. Fort Wayne, is employed by the Ohio Oil Company of Findlay, Ohio. Her fiance, a graduate of Twelve Mile high school, is serving with the United States Air Force at Salina, Kansas. No date has been set for the wedding. Mother/ Four-Year-Old Daughter in Competition Dear Ann: Our four-year old daughter is causing trouble in our family if you can imagine such a thing. The child has fallen into the habit of calling for her daddy ir. the middle of the night. She says she has "bad dreams" and joys being "in the middle" in more ways than one. You ought to talk with the doctor, too, and learn how to reduce the competition between the females in your can't go back to sleep unless we family, take her in bed with us. •This has been going on every night for three weeks. I'm exhausted from lack of sleep. I can't rest when she is in the middle. My husband says -in time she'll "get over it". Meanwhile she knows I am'opposed to the whole idea and enjoys her "victory" immensely. What should be done? —DEFEATED and your 4-year-old • Bernhardt is playing it to the hilt. She en- Trace Sad Hairdo To Wrong 'Care If your last permanent was disappointing to you, there's probably a very good reason why. Maybe more than one reason: Most women conrolain of frizz. Frizz can be caused by an inexpert operator but it can also' be caused by wearing a hat im-j inediatelv upon leaving the beauty! shon or bv running a damn comb through the hair. And there IS something you can do about it. The first time you shampoo vour hair, add a cream rinse to Ihr- sernnd or third rinse water. This will work wond<"- s in reinov- 1 in" frizz. A good stiff brush will | he'n, too. If your problem was a weak, limn permanent, it mav be that vnn brushed vour hair wh'le it «'as still damn nft»r a shampoo. This K treat for removing the curl. Wait, "until your ha'r is thoroughly drv befnre you brush it. And be sure that your har is properly cut and shaoed before vou have your next permanent. Every trace of the old wave should be banished. * * * Someone once said that it would be a f!reat boon to huTianilv if Ihp flinuuht process could be switched off at ni»ht. jv.st like an electric' light. This is onlv too true since, our thoughts, chieflv in the fonnj of worrv. are usually what keepi us awa'<e at night. But since we can't s\vitch them off. we must learn to do the next best thing if we're to got a full nioht's sleep with health and good looks as the result. And the next best thing is absoluteV rpfusins lo turn over in vour mind the prob- ! lem (hat's bothering vou. This doesn't sound easy and it isn't', hut oractice does heln. Tell yourself that there's nothing you can do about it at the moment and that vou'll tackle if again ir, the morning when you're frosh. Vou'd be surprised how that helns. When you get this Irick nearly nerfecled. you won't be troubled Joyce Lee Baber To Wed YWCA Calendar Miss Ebey Is Bride-elect Mrs. R. Meinzer, executive secretary of the YWCA.has announced the following schedule of events. Monday, January 27—Riley 7th Y-Teens, annex, 4:00 p. m.; Psi- lota-Xi sorority, parlor, dinin room, kitchen, 7:30 p. m.; Men's Duplicate Bridge, annex, 7:30 p. m Tuesday, January 28—Ladies Day Out, 9:30 a. m. - H:00 a. m.; slimnatiscs, annex, 9:30 a. m.: beginners bridge, front club room, 9:30 a. m.; bridge supervised play, 2nd club room, 9:30 a. m.; sewing 'class, dining room, 9:30 a. m.; ceramics and painting, basement, 9:30 -a. m.; speech class, front club room, 7:30 p. m.; ballroom dancing, annex, 9:00 p. m. Delta Chi Sigma Sorority, parlor, dining room, kitchen, 7:30 p. m. Riley 8th Y-Teens, annex, 4:00 p. m. . Wednesday, January 29—Third Mother's Study club, annex, 7:30 p. m.; advanced bridge, club room, 7:30 p. m.; book review and travelogue, parlor, 7:30. p. m. Thursday, January 30—YWCA membership breakfast, parlor, dining room, kitchen, 9:30 a. m.; Logan Elevator, annex, 1:00 !4:00 p. m. Saturday, February 1—WWMB Lodge, parlors, 7:30 p. m.; Junior High Canteen, annex, 7:00 9:00 p. m.; Young Adult Canteen, annex, 9:00 - 11:30 p. 'm. (Harrington Photo) Mr. and Mrs. Forest C. Baber, Walton, R. R. 1, announce the engagement of their daughter, Joyce Lee, to Calvin Lee Myers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Myers, Galveston, R. JR.. 2. .TIPS Keeping an ice cream container closed or wrapped prevents loss of moisture and keeps ice cream longer. Pass this tip on to hungry youngsters who raid the refrigerator for cones and sundaes. * * * The nightgown cut like a chemise is probably the most likely version of the chemise to come to light so far. Comes in typical (Rabess-Burgman Studio-Staff Engraving.) Mr. and Mrs. George H. Ebey, 1727 George street, announce the engagement of their daughter, Patricia Louise, to. Eldon Byers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Byers, R.R. 6, Rochester. Miss Ebey is a senior in the Logansport high school and is emloyed 'as a" nurse's aid at St. Joseph hospital. Her fiance is a graduate of the local high scshool and is employed as a teletype jperator for the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad. An August wedding has been planned. Miss Baber is a graduate of Galve.si.on high school and is em- j straight design with pleat or Dear Ann: Good for you. This praise comes from an eighth grade teacher who intends to mount your column on the bulletin board so all the students can see it as a constant reminder Your answer to the repentent teenager was superb. But I think yon could have gone one step further. When the boy broke off with the girl he ruined because he Don't look now, but the femaleIwanted a "pure" one to marry competition in your family is ter- why didn't you point out to him -------- that he no longer deserved a "pure" girl since he was no longer pure himself. Too many young men have the idea that being a member of the male sex grants them an automatic license to do <-s they please. rifle. The child should be kept out oE your bed and your husband ought to be put wise to the racket. Consult a doctor who specializes in behavior problems of children. This is a triple-edged sword by insomnia. # # * Care of hands and face is no sometime thing. It requires constant attention. How. then, can a busy mother find time" to "kenn afler" hpr cmrrolexion and «skin care while chasing a casscl of youngsters and nets in addition to her homo-making duties? The secret: establish a beauty care center in the kitchen and laundry. All you need in each place is a shelf out of reach of small fry and these basic ingredients: a good soap, lotion and hand cream. Their .use will heln you keep your beauty routine from getting out of hand. . ployed at the Kokomo Gas and Fuel company. Her fiance, also a graduate of Galveston high school, is engaged Jin farming. ! A late summer wedding is planned. flounce at the knee. In nylon, of Outlook More Important Than Chronological Age PLAN NOW TO SEE THE A FIRST CLASS TOUR Your Motor Club Travel Bureau will again operate its special, ' oil-expense, personally escorted rail tour to the Mardi Gras in colorful New Orleans next Spring. You leave Chicago on Saturday, Feb. 15, 1958, returning Saturday, Feb. 22, visiting old New Orleans during its mosr glamorous season ... see the Mardi Gras parade from reserved seats ... cruise on SS President in New Orleans Harbor.. . visit the lovely Gulf'Coast, including Bellingrath Gardens. Rates from Chicago $263.00, plus tax. Start planning NOW to attend this exciting trip. Send for free, illustrated folders, and make your reservations early. Space is limited. Logansport Branch CHICAGO MOTOR CLUB 126 South Third Street Phone 5108 "t»f fh» CJu'cago Motor Club b* your Ifov Get Maximum HEAT from Your FUEL OIL...by using WOLFS PREMIUM FUEL OIL! FREE COMBINATION RAIN GAUGE -THERMOMETER WITH THE PURCHASE OF 100 GALLONS OR MORE OF OUR FUEL OK. RED STAMPS FREE ON CASH DELIVERIES course. The cotton knit chemise in a textured weave is a good midwinter buy at budget prices. Can be worn with or without belt but most women will prefer it belted. * # * Wee hamburgers on a big bun as they could be? For hand wash-! look clean, it is safer lo wash it ing the container should be large I thoroughly with hot suds after enough to let the suds dp an efficient job. It is best to divide the laundry rather than to stuff it all into one container. * * * Often the secret of a neat house is not how hard you scrub one day but what happens in between cleanings. For example, mopping^ _ ___ ^ up spills and splashes from thej one . Treat yourself" to pin or ear- each use. Meat particles embedded in the wood are a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria that can contaminate other meats as you prepare them. # # * The combination of rhinestones and fresh water pearls is a pretty kitchen floor and counters prevents a splattered, messy look in this busy room. * * * Any job around the house can These same young men are the nes who scream loudest about 'purity". I believe this point is vorth making in print. Thank you or an excellent column.—MRS. . L. H. . Deal Mrs. T. L. H.: And thank ^ou for your kind words. You bet -the point is worth mak- r ,g_ an d I'm happy to print your alter. The -'double-standard" boys should not get away with condeming girls who haven't be- avee! 100% when they themselves lave fallen short of the mark. Dear Ann: My cousin and his larents are having an argument about a motor scooter. He is 15 ears old and has a "paper route. Every week he saves $10. Tils boy wants a motor scooter ind is able to buy one and keep t up himseif. His parents read once where a boy was killed on a motor scooter and they are afraid to let him have one. They nsist that he save his money for college. What do you -think about .his situation?—A. G. A motor scotter, like any other nanimate object is not in itself dangerous. It depends on how ,he individual handles it. Since I don't know the financial status of the family, it's difficull say whether or not the boy should be deprived of something le wants badly and is willing to lay for in order to save for col- ege. It -his father cannot send him, thfin by all means he should forget about the molor scooter and-save "or 'his future education. If he continues to save $10 a week, he'll have $1,560 by the time he's ready for college, and let me tell you, this will just about cover the first year—maybe. 3 4 5 6 Z 9 10 Jl 12 13 M 18 19 20 21 a -* There is nothing which ages one more rapidly than the fear of birthdays. We must either go forward or backward. There is no standing still, no resting on our laurels, if we are to prolong the youthful portion of life or live it with zest, Youth is keenly aware of today and has its eye much more on the future than on the past. The key to the future is the chance to mold it as we will. At least we can try. The questing spirit that never ages is one of the haunting, indefinable qualities of personality— like the tantalizing flavor of a are annoying. To avoid this, put be lightened with proper cquip- chopped meat between two pieces merit. Having the right size and of waxed paper about 15x12 inches, shape of mops. brushes and Roll with rolling pin. When waxed sponges means a lot. ^ Look for paper is removed from top, cut '----"-- ' u meat in squares or desired shape. * * * If your handbag has a winter- weary look, try pepping' it up with a pastel wallet and matching ey ring. Add spec case and compact if you need them. * * * Modern synthetics often call for cold water washing. With cold water it is necessary not to wear the garments too long between laundermgs. Cold water does its job in preventing wrinkles from setting in the man-made fibers. But, it does not efficiently remove deep-set soil. A room that doesn't appear as bright as it should may have soiled walls holding back its true brightness. Some light, instead of being reflected, may be absorbed and" the grimier the walls the more light absorbed. rings or both. concerning the impact on health of such a dreary .outlook, it seems sheer madness to harbor such an approach to living. Physicians say about half of our physical ills come from emotional disturbances and frustrations and worries and unhappiness. Exciting Possibilities The future is fraught with exciting possibilities toward which we strive, Fortunately we cannot be sure what it holds. If we could CONFIDENTIALLY: CANTGETABREAK: Kwitcherbelly- akin and get the knd of help you need. A. A. welcomes everybody. You sign nothing, pay nothing and promise nothing. Good luck. (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care ol this newspaper and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope.) Copyright 1958, Field Enterprises, Inc. sauce which gives a dish its ap- see down the years to our own peal. So long as there are things! epitaph, life would be intolerably we want to accomplish, new ex-Id 11 "- periences we want to know, so long I Today also is full of potentiali- as we look into the future expect-, ties and uncertainties. We do not ant and eager, for just so long we: even know the present very well, i will be young. Rapid Ager There . is nothing which ages more rapidly than the fear of birthdays or a preoccupation with age. From there it is only a step to the rocking chair and the mind which is closed, sealed by inertia and prejudice. As my readers know, I have, for years, been waging a war against age consciousness because I observe its damaging effects every single day. People are bored, and they become exhausted, because of age consciousness. T-hey| fail to do things they would enjoy, to take up new activities, even to think as they normally would because of this blight. In light of modern knowledge THE CARRIAGE BARN 217-11th St. Phone 4681 Hours 9 to 5 daily, except Sat., 9 to 12 WALLPAPER LAMPS GIFTS CARPETS Forrest J. Reed, Interiors , DRAPERY UPHOLSTERY ACCESSORIES We know so little really about our best friends and even less about ourselves, especially about that subconscious self which lies beneath the conscious mind. Why do some women fence in and pin down the excitement • of living by concentraling on 'the number of years they have been on earth? And how can they find life adventurous so long as they think in this way? Tomorrow: "Her Friends|. % Have Changed Since Making Resolutions." (Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1958) • VALENTINFS by HALLMARK "When yo ( u care enough to send the Very Best." Thousands to Choose From TIMBERLAKE'S OPENING Tuesday, January 28 Glendas Beauty Shop handles long enough for you to work in a relaxed position. will be less tired when a task is Phone 2271 528 10th St. Glenda Turnpaugh Davis It is tempting merely to brush Sometimes a bathroom looks like a Chinese laundry with hand • washables strung about. But are these garments as spanking clean A Minute of Inspiration "You will like it, too" Phone 3800 GET KITCHEN FRESH Fannie May Chocolates As Seen in Vogue Mood for spring/-!!! town or ehroute , . , bolero costume of sheer crepe with blending silk print, softly bowed ... , typically I. Doctor in line and fine hand detail. 3Savy/red, Black/aqua. McTaggart Home Furnishing C 326 East Broadway LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRAE

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