The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada on June 5, 1963 · Page 13
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada · Page 13

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1963
Page 13
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v .'. c ...:.; - i3- X- WEDNESDAY; JUNE 5, 1863 LTHE OTTAWA JOURNAL S td ke Races' To n i g h t At Rideau Carleton Pennsylvania Opens First Race Track - Three divisions of No. 2, Denneny, iormef National' ' t, PHILADELPHIA' (tTIV' " Stake event wilLLvighlight toj-iJIockey league great and a ' The horse player of Penn-'Jiight'f harnesa racing proftram member of Canada" Hockey j s y I V a a I a, shurrounded by nan or rime win oe on nana. slain Willi lrfaliil bolting. to preenr-" trophy to-Jlij- cam do it at home with the iuii Dicuing oi uej taw uo-. at the Rideau CarJoton. Race- -vnr. s In ill there will be tdtaJ of 28 paten entered in the three rjeals with a purse of $730 up for graha in each. The atake events will include! IL Lincscorcs ginning thia Friday. Liberty . Br II ' Part, the commonwealth's tint licens- ;ri. nwywiiininnii ,j . ' eo narncaa racing iracn wiin ine lounn, sixin ana egTrrrr-v"" - " are ooo ooi-,4 T pari-miituel Exiling, wnies race, on the card. - -". - -J ggj; Keystbn. Stale history wher. The ; feature event of thetwp r smith. ' u jone. ha It opens 50-day meeting. evening s tiatea, ai tne mntij -. rand the bettors can hardly race with, tptal of eight horse, f,,,,. 1 iTJoEoSoilS ft set i to go i including jypsy w. Smith. Duetel ito, and s.iin-Rarnn Friarri Im J c,;.1" aWhaifernoth. Hawkm.--10i. oaron, rnsco ee J., ban ,,, ,d Ch, WPW . Song, josedale On Top,- Hel-i smith LP Hawkina hr tkott. ferkey, Adios Ysles, Bar Gold Km neater., ernoftonooi a l i and Scoti Exnre' l Atlanta oooaiiorooo 3 lr i """KTO express. t Nmlumi jurrette (lOi. DaUtowakl The ninth,' al0. a pace,ill and Punetanfl: Braiu-h. Brir carries a pur ofV$500nd ; 'V-. some oi me top anver win nei hr valentine In action including Alan Ceisel. Rose Curran.,We Coke to name a few. In all there will be 10 races with the first scheduled to get under-way at 8.13 p.m. Or Thursday evening the feature event will be called the "Cy Denneny Pace." j BulTa eioooee l s l Columbua 000 001 11 S 0 Dillon, caeale i7 and Cannlraaro: Una and PUakXl. U Caaala. HH Buffalo ononis km I u t Columbua '. 130 11 U 1 IT 0 Xaaintian. Cwk Schmidt fly, Oavuuit (Si and-atton: Butters, r. Green r3i. 'Blackburn Si and Ruetilni WP r. Grwt. LP Addlngton. HRa (Si, Burda i3i,- Harree, Ruahlns. wait J Adfually, they've been waUahj- for something like ISO years for Just such an occasion, the result of a U5i largesse by the state legislature, when the lawmakers finally spread the mantle of approval on pacers and. trotters. However, flat racing is locked in the stable. . Have Inn in the sun this Sum mer. Your Red Cross reminds you to learn and practise water safely before holiday time rolls around. This week is National Water Safety Week in Canada. V CONTRACTOR'S SPECIAL l WOC K WELL0; Model 115 7" S7 SAW Regri29.5fJ 94.87 Model 146B 6" SAW Regular 115.00 79-87 Modefr-168 8r""7SAW Reg. L59.50 10987 Lightweight, well-balanced saws particularly suited for overhang cutting, framing ' and similar construction Job. Quality extras include famous Kickproof clutch, "no-drag" telescopic guvd, precision ball bearings, accurate depth and bevel adjustments, rugged helical gear drive and more, s : f' m II in 9 "asaatJaaiJjall 1 1 1.111 sal 1.1 si iils mm 5ED 410 DAIIK ST. W. A. RANKIN LIMITED v . snop monaay to rnaay, an ta SHaS n m - Saturday Until 1 p.m. ' 236-4571 Rideau Carleton Entries R.oeau (-,ritrm faavttj pro. tram tof Tnukday. Juna S rirat Mil. Trot, -Cji(id. Purar (JOO I Spat-a Pick O Knifht I Ctuunlo U.ll K Muuoa S-Datcrmina C C'tk , I Mupri Hanover. M Brtron 'S -Sunny Xmuflt. R Rwtwrlaun. S Sciun K. C Mivil 7 Surra PMrl. P Rnn S Quaania MacOuft. t. Murphy liaaend Mil.' Pace, . Claaailnrd. Punw Ma 1. llnl. Car Hal. L Wainar. 3' Doctor tan. J RoWmiti 3 lrn MacOull. R Bote - 4 Hal Bart' D. Camarnn ' . A t'Mat Abba, R Chamberland " Bounv Girl. 1 Murphy. 7 H.rv.y Hal. K Kerr . 5 Succaaa &am. C. Mivllla. Tliird Mila. Trot, Claiai3. Purae SWO1 J L. Whila Princaaa. M Hrbart 1 ftoia Gallon. A. McDonald. 3 IAo: K Karr . 4 tlarK Potomac. P Caldwall. 5 Cindy Riddall. B Slliphant. . Nrvilla vamia. A Fykt T Jran S Bingrn. K Prltcruwd S. Janata Victory, 3. Moor . Pourth Mlla, Pat. Claiaifiad. PuVaa SJOO: I 1. Johnny Johniton P UQV. I Ben Mayaily. A. Pyka 3. Ml Angus, K. Mormon. ' 4. Spica Kins, D. Coa. S. Todd Bvrd. J. Mijrphr '' S. Mary Volo 8. A. Waddall.. 7. HI Jo. J. Bouvrt-tle , S Sind Coma, J. Baakln. Alio ahfihla: i' x Roberta Taaa, C. Cokt ruth Mila. Pace, Claaaificd. Pura t30n-. s 1. Andy Mac. T. Baltllch. I 3. Roaamary Ban. 1. rarr. ; . -:-X a. Caah. C. Mlvttle. 4. Iva B. Roae. A St. Amours 5. Jay WalU, R Sauva S. Nor Sh wood jjAlio. R. Curran. t Rroadcaatar. i 'Almnrt t Uuacl Mint C Hie ' ' AJart eliaiij. Irifn (,rma Sia'tn M.. Trot, Claaallird. Pura S4) ' 1. Pirkville. 1 Bouvr1ta - j 1 Riaoail Cokt ' B SiUprutnt 1. Mri a Lat B P taidtf!lr-4 Toinkl Carnal. L Wnil)! - Kanland Lady . C Boyc S Mr. Uay Key M Haoert" 7 Hr.riiiM Kilt P l,rt t ClarVohian. K PrIIHiard Svntft Mila. Pare, Claaailrad Pua MU ' 1. G lend la Jane. R Curran ! 3 Sleeplaaa Knill. M Hebert . 3 Dr Top Miller J Bouerella. . Neoga Jotr. f Dillon ' S. Superior Laa J Atbiore S Ldy Violet Direct C HirUard 7 Guina'. f Beltllrh -a SKenny Counaal. W. Coke "afvtii P"- CUiliad Pura S400. I Willmington Bella. R Curran 3 Brady Scott. W Coka , 3. -New Key. A St Amour 4 Jean CUpp H . t -Brochu J. Lucky Majorrtte. t Bouvralt .1 Jnrinatown Chief. R Hanna. ' 7 Billy By O. J Atmore. . S Rob Ric. K. Karr Ninth Mile, Pace, Claaallird Pura S4S0: I. Modal Mac, R Gemmill. 3. Rapid Fir. C Baker. 3. Brook Honor. O. Cos. 4. Copperarnith. D . Pilioa. 5. Bay Townahlp. P. Caldwell. S. Cracker Jack. C Mivllla T Mc a rirat. R Curran Tenth Mila. Paa. Claaailtad Pura S30O: ' I. Stuart Maleaty. A Pka 3. Thunder dale C, W Thompaon 3. Dr. Baker Jr . A. McDonald. 4 Jnan'a Boy. W. Demera. 9. Prince Brook. A St Amour. S. Vic Da Sou. C. Hilliard. 1. Cherry Cake. W. Demera. S. tddla Mlta. T Brochu. SNEAD'S GOLF SCHOOL Cure for 'Pulling' In Weight Shift By SAM SNEAD When ball is pulled to the left, it means that the clubhead has moved into the ball front-outside the intended line of flight The same thing often happens in the slice, tut in the pull, the clubface . is closed (facing left) and does not drag across from right to left . To cure this outside-in pattern, one cure Is to be sure you shift weight to the inside . of your right foot on the back-swing. Some pullers leave weight to the left then shift it , to the right falling back on the downswing. This almost always moves the clubhead from the outside at impact Ml Jll o rvsmr fOOTAHD LB& AT BACIC-START v i : t r : - : ::! J r a a a r- -a MS ft t 1 I i r .If - i -r- I-1 nn-iiH.(v I ir".. , Ir.. , r ' eJ laa a. a a. 4 aaa-.i a. -i us. lizu U G O L S T R I P E Evert malting Ice eubw can't Oilute) the true) f toste of Adm Oold Strip. It wrUl korp ite ' ! t riavour to tne very Dottom cr tne g!.ii t n m.rk of a grent wbisjky. So next time) vou buy, 'V'T - , ' try mellow utom-blrn,'. i Cold Ftripei.. . i-L i r iVdams ! you'll njny it looting favour. . i ! . i ! ! f I .' I -' rasr' 4. a, -aaaaal . CANADIAN r.V." Wi :iG!tY- THOMAS AO.VS r'T'Llit I "'TID, TC"i3fTO. CtT. Austin, Brower Win Wrestling Features Killer Buddy Austin made his first defence of the Cana dian, heavyweight wrestling title . successful one last night at the Coliseum. In fact the blond villain made short work of Larry Ho- quirt. . ' Moquin gave the fens something to cheer .bout whea he took the opening 'fall at 9.4S but they had little to be happy about from there on. Austin worked over Moquin with great enthusiasm end fin' ally forced his opponent to submit' Once .gain using the Indian death lock. So the match was even after four minutes of the second fall Moquin had little time to recov. er and found .himself on the losing end after only 17 sec ond, had gone by in the third and deciding fall Austin took full advantage of hi weakened opponent and again applied the deatn lock to win the snatch. In a second best-of-three falls feature,- Dick: -Bulldog" B rower disposed of popular Cowboy Ron Reed In straight falls. The first came at 13.07 and the second with only 37 seconds gone. " Chet WaUeck and Bob Boyer put on the longest bout and that -was a third best-of-three fall affair. Walleck won the opening fall and Boyer evened the match at 10.20. Walleck finally wore down his opponent and eventually finished him off with a pile driver at 10J5. WARREN K. COOK CLOTHES No. 44) ELGIN ST. PHONE CU-44J7 i LUMBER YARDS TO SERVE YOU - BYTOYN LIOER GATmu lu:::er PAPmUYILLE uf:.::ER In the other two bouts on the, program, Eddie Auger defeated Gene Kelly at 17.11 and Tony Napolitan .won over Ovila Asselin, at 15.47. Today's Pitchers By United Press International . (Won-lost records in parentheses). .. AMERICAN LEAGUE Minnesota at Kansas Chy (night) Stigman (4-5) vs. Pen. (5-S). Detroit at Cleveland (night) Bunning (3-5) vs. Grant (3-5). . Boston at Washington (night) Conley (2-3) vs.- Sterthouse (2-6). New York at Baltimore (night) Ford (6-3) vs. Pappas (4-1). Chicago at Los Angeles (2, two-night Buzhardt (5-2) and Herbert (5-2) vs. McBride (4-6) and Nelson (2-2). NATI9NALLEAGUE Milwaukee at New York Spahn (7-3) vs. Jackson (4-5). St. Louis at Philadelphia (night) Simmons (6-1)- vs. Culp (8-3). Los Angeles at Houston (night) Koufax (7-3) vs. Johnson (3-7). . ' , i -San Francisco at Chicago C7UAhia ri.. and rilawnrth 0-3) -vs. Sanford (7-3) and Fiaher (3-6). Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (2, twl-night) Nuxhall (4-3) and Purkey (1-2) vs. Friend (6-4) end Cardwell (2-6). Little League roiic.tsT Tieera ; ; fw an t a -aH . mase s t f Chrta Currr aeai Don Onemlae: LMrva avtswaooK m.TT dt e e vera . OU oca 13 tl I R mefvar. an. D Oarlaibala: Terry SdrDonaiai 4 av4 McDonald Kit A. Rtrhard, Morneur. S-A-L-E 500 BICYCLES (New and SeconC Hand) F.ST niczs IS TOWN ntADC IN OLD BIXt DYLES & Co. M9-N7 Bank St CE-MU aelaaa Saaaiiaal aft. Harlrea Street 24 IIOLIl SERVICE RED UKE TAXIS 5 fleet St. CE3.5C11 Mea's Waafcahle COTTON JEANS ---- - - sas HOW in srtrt t, -S3.3D Tip Top faitoa. Set Sanaa au aat Waeteat sapte Crarre MEANS A GREAT " DEAL" : OVER 100 USED CARS PRICED TO SELL MYERS MOTORS ENTRANCES f' - vrtn vii; i wntr K. vi a.kvii- . -a-- -J- NfiTl i -. 5-- 1959 CLDSM031LE 83 4 door, sedan, heater, auto, transmission 11444 $144 Dwa $57.67 Mwiltilf - J 18S2 CHEVROLET 7 2-door, heater,-green with matching Interior $2222 5222 Dew. 574--20 Honlhlr ' 1S57 FORD Deluxe : 4-door sedan, heater, 2-tone paint. . $991 -"$99 Dow - $48.42 Monthly 1959 CADILLAC 62 Series 4-door hardtop, heatair. auto. irnMnlMron. radio, power ttecrinf. power brtiku, pt'W?T j windowi, A-way power axraL, blue with mitch- in lntcrror , $257 Dow. - $102.91- Monthly , - -a. ' y at j j r- i . V r .r f t at ' - - - i n - I X - a .. t .---a. ' - . JV'-a-a-ia;.- t V TT - of . ami 1558 CHEVROLET SEDAN DELIVERY, heater and defroster . M75 $87 Down - $42.57 Monthly 1257 CHEVROLET Deluxe 4-door etatton aafon, heater and datraater. uto. tranamlatlon. radio. 3-tona ..... S12SS $129 Dowi $61 J1 Monthly 1853 CHEVROLET l-door aedari, heater and del.. 3-tona S121I $127 Down $60i6 Monthly 1955 PONTIAC Deluxe, 4-door aedan, heater and def ' t-tone . $49 Down - $32.50 Monthly 1958 METEOR 4-door aedan, heater and def , radio .. lltl $119 Don - $71.67 Monthly1 - 1859 PONTIAC Pearlatnn. aiftoor itdin, httr, auto, tram mlMion. radio, pow4W brskea, a-ton. $1191 " $189 Dow -75.75 Monthly 1957 PLYMOUTH 4- door aedan. hotater. auto, traiumiasion, radio.-1-ton . (4 $66 Down - $42 JO Monthly 1559 CHEVROLET Dclux 4-door ataUen wagon, hoaatrr and df auto. UanamiMion. radio. Z-Umm.. IllSft $189 Dm - $89.98 Monthly 1 SSI FIAT - isne Serlaa, -door aedan. heater and ' del. sim $137 flown - $53.72 Monthly - 1S31 AKGLIA C 5-door, heater and dX., radio ..... (IIS , $97 Dow - $45.42 Monthly 1C23F0RD 4-door sedan, heater and def. . SUM $159 Down - $75.75 Monthly 1557 VOLKSWAGEN '1-door. heater and aM J7j $100 Dowi $38.42 Monthly 1831 ZEPHYR 4-door aedan. heeter and def. S11SS - $119 Dowi - $46.70 Monthly - 1954 CHEVROLET Chaaali end tab. heater and def.. reedr ta to to arark for you .. . . SISS - . $100 Down - $28.27 MonlhFy . 1961 AUSTIN A40 2-door, heater and defroster ..... $777 . $77 Down' $37.43 Monthly 1961 MERCURY - " IcoDoJina pickup . . SUM $300 Down - $48.35 Monthly 1961 CORVAIR Deluxe 7O0 aWi-iea, 4-door aedan, beater -and 61., auto. trantWilMioiTu 2-ton 91171 . $187 Down - $73.26 Monthly . 19S0 CADILLAC Fleetwood 4WtK)r hard top. hntar. aiilo. 1rana-mtMion. radio, power atMrinc. power brake, power windowa, 6-way power aeat . f 3ttS $399 Down- 165J4 Monthly 1963 CONSUL CAPRI t-door. heater artanreT.-". StSSI $199 Down - $73.55 1981 CHEVROLET 4-door aedan, fee tar and def, auto, trana-nuaalon ... SISS $189 Down $74.05 Monthly - 1958 GLDSMOBILE , SClper SS. 4-door aedan, beater and def , auto, tranamiaclon. radio, power ateerlnr. - power brake ....... '. SHlf $137 Down - $65.30 Monthly 1959 CADILLAC 3 aSeriea. a-door hardtop, beater automatic tranmasuon. radio, pawn itctrlnf, power brakea :. 2M $289 Down - $115.72 Monthly- 1982 AUSTIN Camhiidre, 4-door statist! waroa heater and del., radio -. . SISSS $189 town - $63J0 Monthly , 1GS5 CHEVROLET Dalux 4-door aodan. haatwr antf daf., auto, tranamlsaion. radio T1f $77 Down-f $38.40 Monthly. 1859 OLDS'.CSILE Plea4. 4-door station waaon. heater and daf, uto. tranamiaaton. radio, power Hairlraa. powar brakes, power -arindowa, s-way power aaat UH - $239 Down - $95.74 Monthly 1957 CADILLAC" S3 Serieav -door hardtop, heater, amta. trana-mlaiion, radio, power steerlae. power; brake ' SISSS . $169 Down $80.49 Monthly 1S5S PONTIAC ' - 4-door aedan. heater and def. 3-tone . I1IIS $129 Down - $61i0 Monthly SALES TAX AND TRADE-IN MAY VARY PAYMENTS SLIGHTLY ?mmm.msf f- your present - UFE INSURANCE I CAR WILL PR03AELY disabiutyIexefits I C0Y "Ji"0"1' . ""TIL ; MODELS UT I I m J siniLAn sauii;gs4 rami MOTORS CO. LTD Authorized CtievroUt. Chevy II, Corvair, ' , Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Envoy Dealer- 478 ELGIN ST. at Calhsrise CE3-CC53 - CE3-411 a ' l ' I e'ryra'rye'r-arrt'a'a'ireeyira'i

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