Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 19, 1958 · Page 15
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 15

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 19, 1958
Page 15
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SUNDAY, JANUARY 19. 1958. THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPORT PRESS. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA PAGE FIFTEEN Claudia Hoover Is Engaged. (Harrington Photo) Mr. and Mrs. Jess Hoover. Logansport, have announced the engagement of their daughter, Claudia June, to Charles R. Shaffer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allbaugh, route two Walton. The couple plan an April wedding. Miss Hoover is a graduate of the local high school and is employed by Baker Specialty and Supply Company. . Mr. Shaffer is a graduate of Young America high school and is employed by Logansport Machine Company. SOCIAL HIGHLIGHTS Announcements Carole Jane Jacot And Kieth Hinkle Married MONDAY The Florence Nightingale Study club will meet at St. Joseph hospital at 7:30 p.m. Monday. * M tit The Women's Progressive Club will meet at 2:00 p.m. .Monday at the home of Mrs. Blanche Huffman, 1901 North street. * # * The VFW Junior Girls Unit will meet Monday at 7:00 p.m. in the Post Home. * * » The Home and Hobby Home Demonstration Club will meet Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Robert Wolf, 301 Grove street, * * • The Past Chief's Club will meet at 7:30 p.m. Monday at the home of Mrs. Charles Tichenor, 934 W. Wabash avenue. * # * TUESDAY Eel No. 2 Home Demonstration club meeting will be held in the club rooms of the YWCA Tuesday afternoon at 2 p. m. New Year books will be distributed. * * * The P. T. A. council meeting will be held Tuesday at 1:30 p. m. in the administration building. Dr. Mary Enders, head of the Department of Elementary Education, Purdue, will speak on "Parent Education". All PTA members are invited to attend. Needlecraft 783 IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE KNACK- HIRE PROFESSIONAL DECORATOR) WASHINGTON — (NBA — If the problem of how to brighten up your old home or the best way to furnish a new one has got you stumped, don't think you're a failure as a housewife. Instead, admit your ignorance and hire an interior decorator. That's the advice of Gladys Miller, outstanding New York designer and consultant to the National Housing Center. "Interior designing is an art, a science and a business," she explains. "If a woman has no knack or understanding for it, she's go- "They provide background music, and each item must play a solo part. There is pattern or dramatic color or unusual form in every item." Although you don't have to become an expert, Miss Miller strongly recommends you study decorating every chance you get. She says this knowledge not only will improve your appreciation of correct furnishings but also will enable you to explain to a professional decorator exactly what you want, done. Many times a client either jjuci dicuiuiiin *>-"• Jt > £»<"- •» fe" - it i i_ L i_ i. i,, B to save herself considerable doesn t know what she wan s or agony and her family a lot of s unable to describe it. It's in money by going to a good professional." Miss Miller, who helped renovate the famous President's Guest House in Washington, explains that interior decorating is made up of many intricate details. In order to do a good job, a housewife must have a special flair for years, she studied the subject for years, she maintains. MISS MILLER REVEALS a peek at these complexities when she compares a well-decorated room to an orchestra. "Some of the details are relatively unnoticed," she explains. BARGAINS IN COLD WAVES LOGANSPORT BEAUTY SHOP M D«y WMhi«ri«r OVDIlAltlY? situations like these that an inter- or decorator's job becomes similar to a psychiatrist's, Miss Miller :ays. "UNLESS, YOU ARE articulate and frank, the decorator must learn .to read between the lines when you talk," she explains. "He watches your reactions when you look at a piece of furniture to see whether you like it or whether you don't." Psychology also comes in handy when each member of a family has different tastes. On these oc< casions, the decorator must come up with designs that will make everybody happy. Miss Miller believes an understanding of psychology is especially important when decorating homes where there are children. Allowing a child or teen-ager to participate in the plans gives him a sense of belonging, she explains. Also she thirrks he will be less likely to get into trouble il he has a home which he is prouc to bring his friends. In addition to her work on the President's Guest House, Miss Miller was in charge of renovating Washington's Navy League Club and -Men Officers' Club. Dur. ing World War II, she chose ^he furnishings for 22,500 rooms in government residence halls. Miss Miller writes for leadinj fashion and home magazines and is the author of four, books home decorating. During a double ring ceremony Friday evening at 6 p. m., Miss Carole Jane Jacot exchanged wedding vows with Keith R. Hinkle. Carol Jane Jacot (Rabess-Burgman studio) with the main table being centered with a three tiered pink cake decorated with white and pink roses and topped with a miniature brida' Parents of the couple are Mr. couple beneath an arch. The cake and Mrs. Glenn E. Jacot, 217 was encircled with pink flowers. Twentieth street, and Mr. and! Hostesses were Mrs. Charles Mrs. 'Otto Hir.kle of Twelve Mile. Hiatt, Miss Linda Hulls, Mrs. Car The service was read by bhe Mr. And Mrs. F. J. Eiber Make The Most Of Child's Looks BEAUTY might be only skin deep, but it's a mightyy importan commodity fo ra girl. And it's up to Mom to help her achieve it. If your litlle girl has prolruding ears, take the trouble to dress her l:air in such a way thai they wil >e hidden. You'll save her the humiliation of being teased by her friends and, at the same time each her one step toward making .he most ot her looks. II your child's teeth prolrude she should be given proper denta care. Buck teeth are ugly, and a child who senses she is unat .raclive will develop a lack of con Iklcnce that will cause her much unliappiness. . • So watch your child. Study her 'igure and features as she grows, •lelp her lo be atlraclive. For beauty, as wel las a good mind and weii-adjusled emotions, is a very important objective. IF you plan to color your hair, remember thai the majority of successful hair timings don't vary lhan three shades from Ihe natural color. And if you don't change the shade of your hair too drastically, you'll be able to go a ;ot longer between louch-ups. It's wise, if you've changed the color of your hair, to wear a hair style that avoids a clear part or a lightly drawn-back hairline. This ivill make less obvious the different -colored roots of the newly growing hair. A permanent will change Hie color of tinted hair to some dc- gvee. So get your wave first, and allow at least a day or two before you use any hair coloring. ' Hair tinting'is a simple project these days, but it's wise to remember that it requires more thought and attention than natural coloring. Don't do it unless you plan to make the necessary effort to keep it looking lovely. * * * TEEN-AGERS who arrive in class on a rainy day with their Kitchen Dress-Up Meet our enchanting French poodle wno adds charm and gaiety to towels, cloths, curtains. Easy running-stitcJi on the dog gives applique effect. A child can embroider this. Pattern 785: transfer — 6 motifs 3V4 x HVfe inches; color suggestions. Send Thirty-five Cents (coins) for this pattern — add 5 cents for each pattern for Ist-class mailing. Send to Logansport Press, 333 Needlecraft Dept., P.O. Box 169, Old Chelsea Station, New York 11, N Y. Print plainly PATTERN NUMBER, NAME, ADDRESS and ZONE. As a bonus, TWO complete patterns are printed right in our LAURA WHEELER Needlecraft; Book. Dozens of other designs you'll want to order—easy fascinating handwoork for yourself, your home, gifts, bazaar items. Send 25 cents for your copy of this book tcday! . Rev. Fr. James Goodrum in St. Joseph's Parsonage, Kokomo. Miss Belly Van Boven, 217 Twen- lielh slreel was maid of honor and Frank Schlick, roule four Logansport, best man, For her wedding the bride chose a white Chantilly lace gown which fell to waltz length. The fitted bodice was designed with a scoop neckline and three quarter length sleeves which tapered to points over her hands. The skirt was full and was accented with a large white satin bow with streamers at the hipline. Her veil of imported illusion was secured to a bandeau of rosepoint lace sprinkled with sequins and pearls. She carried white rosebuds centered with a white orchid wilh white salin streamers. The maid of honor attended in a ballerina length gown of skyway blue lace over blue taffeta. The full skirt featured a taffeta inset in. back topped with a large bow at the waistline. The bodice was topped with a brief lace jacket. She carried pink roses wilh pink streamers. The bride's mother wore a mink brown sheath dress of scalloped, tiered Chantilly lace with pink accessories while She groom's mother chose a royal blue silk gown trimmed with rose silk accented with rhinestones and black accessories. A reception was held for 150 guests in Ben Hair .dining room Miss Jayne Garrard. oldest clothes certainly can't feel For traveling the bride wore a| poised and attractive, three paece biege suit wilh_mouton| since everyone knows ; t ' s going trim. She wore the orchid from lto rain sooner cr i a t er> W hy not her bridal bouquet. They will reside at 11 East Ottawa. The bride, who attended Logansport high school, is employed at the RBM. Her husband, a graduate of Metea high school, served with the army and is em'.poyed by the RBM as a working foreman. plan your rainy day wardrobe on a clear day? An attractive raincoat, a gay umbrella and pretty plastic boots will protect any clothing you choose to wear beneath them. If you have the kind of hair tfisl wilts at the first raindrop, plan a rainy-day hairdo. You (Rabcss-Burgman Photo) Mr. and Mrs. Forrest J. Eiber have established residence at 1226% Spear street, following their marriage December 21st in the Wheatland Avenue Methodist church with Rev. Tom Weigand officiating. The double ring service was read at 7 p. m. The bride, the former Wilma Farris, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James E. Farris of route two, Logansport and her husband is the son of J. Quinler Eiler of Argos, Indiana. Mrs. Lorraine Hatfield of Effingliam, Illinois, and Carl Eiler of Argos attended the couple. The bride, a graduate of Delphi High school, is employed at Baker's Restaurant. Her husband, who attended school in Argos is employed by the Pennsylvania Railroad. might try wearing it straight back, disregarding waves, and holding it in place with a wire oand ot ribbon. Or you could arrange it in an upswept fashion, held together at the lop with a little ornament or bow. It will be pretty, and you'll avoid the use of pin curls or curlers in public. Spirits are low enough on a crtary, damp day. No need to make yourself feel any lower by knowledge that you look awful. For oven browned potatoes to serve with a roast, parboil potatoes and add to roasting meat in oven the last half hour of cooking time, turning lo brown evenly. Use the liquid from deveined canned shrimp in preparing your shrimp dish—it is nutritious and flavorful. * * * Kitchen tongs are handy tools lo use for turning broiled steaks nd chops to prevent escape of meat juices. * * * Keep bacon slices from tearing by .separating them with a rubber spatula. * * • For safety End fluffiness, stuff- ings for poultry or meat should be mixed just before roasting time. DID YOU EVER SAY I WISH I COULD PLAY AN ORGAN? -NOW ON OUR TRIAL PLAN YOU CAN PLAY WE WILL INSTALL A LOWREY ELECTRONIC ORGAN IN YOUR HOME, FURNISH LESSON MATERIALS, A PRIVATE TEACHER AND FIVE LESSONS, EITHER IN YOUR HOME OR AT OUR STUDIO. ALL FOR $25 a Month for 3 Months AFTER THIS TRIAL PERIOD YOU MAY APPLY THE $75 TOWARD THE PURCHASE PRICE OF HE LOWREY HOLIDAY ORGAN, $995, OR WE WILL PICK UP THE ORGAN WITHOUT FURTHER OBLIGATION OR EXPENSE TO YOU. ABSOLUTELY NO EXTRA CHARGE! STRANGE MUSIC HOUSE At Morocco Music Mart, 521 E. Broadway WEDNESDAY The Home Demonstration club Eel No. 1 will meet Wednesday at 2 p.m. at the home of Mrs. Alta Hy- rnan, 431 Burlington, with Mrs. Maude Dietrich as co-hostess. "Devotions will be given by Jessie Pat' tengale, and a lesson on-Citiienship by Jennie Strantz. * * » • • THURSDAY Washington township Home Demonstration club will meet al 1:30 p.m. Thursday with Mrs. Paul Spitznogle, route 2. TIPS Pancakes can be kept'hot in a v/arm oven by stacking them alter nately'between layers of paper toweling. * * » To prepare stuffed pork chops, have chops cut double thick with a pocket on the bone side; put well- seasoned bread stuffing in pocket and braise slowly ir. heavy skillet on both sides; add small amount of water, cover tightly, and cook on top of stove or in oven until tender. * * * Make hash with leftover meat by adding chopped cooked potato [(twice the amount of choppec meat), chopped onion, salt and oepper. * * * The' aluminum coffee maker which "look;" clean after standing on the'shelf for several week: must be lightly scoured with a steel wool pad and washe< thoroughly to remove oxidation products that produce a bad taste in the coffee. * * * When baking a roast or a dessert baTie your frozen vegetable at the same time. Place vegetable; butter or margarine-and salt in a coveret greased cassercle; allow 45 to 6( minutes baking .time in a slow to ^moderate oven. North-South knits from the pages of A handsome poir of tnifs in a rwbby- surfaced blend of cotton and rayon... Cat in this season's easy-mannered silhouettes. Spectator cootdrtu, above, with tailored buttons. Beige, blue, pink. 10 to 20 and custom sizes (or the shorter figure, MX! to 20C 25.00 Overblows* cottum*. left, the lightly-Cited lop rising above a slender skirt. Detachable dickey. fe*ae, Uue, pmk, 8 to »8. 25.00 326 fast Broadway * LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY,

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