Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 15, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1896
Page 6
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THE FIRST ; STEP. Many of the disorders peculiar " to women are caused by. diseased conditions ' of the Liver, Kidneys and Bowels. Restore these organs to a healthy state by using Dr. J. H. McLean's Liver/Kidney Balm, —* And the female organs will perform ™&Z^?£S£Z®& —- Illinois Gold Democrats Demand a Sound Money Ticket, Smoking Tobacco Issue an Address to- Democrats of Other States—Disaffection in • New Jersey. Chicago, July 14.—The honest money democracy of Illinois, through its executive committee, issued an address Monday night to the democrats of other, states, calling upon them to nomraat? Dnother national ticket and adopt a .platform of "sound money" principles upon which the nominees can appeal to the people of that opinion. This address wa ; s^ authorized at a meeting ot the executive committee Saturday night nn d a committee of three was appointed to write and issue it. This committe? jnet Monday in the law office of Henry p bobbins, president of the Illmo-.s Democratic Sound Money league, and agreed upon the address, which is as follows: mott, of-his''own st'ate,,who was a member of the committee on resolutions at the Chicago convention,-and who said on his return .in.answer to a question ns to where he had been: ."I have not been to a democratic convention; I have been in a blamed mob.'.' There were hundreds of democrats in New Jersey, said Mr. Hobart, who symapthized with Mr. McDermott.and il the election were to be held to-day, the republicans would carry the state by an overwhelming majority. Mr. Hobart said he had also received assurance o. 'support of the republican ticket from many democrats in New York. He had no hard words for democratic friends he said, and he was plainly anxious at least for the maintenance of tue national credit and financial soundness, as well as for the welfare of American industries and the promotion of prosperity. _ WHKKK HABRITY STANDS,. » D..n,ocr»t and a Sound Money W»n »t the SBHJO Time. Philadelphia, July l4.-When seen at his office Tuesday morning Mr. W. F. Harrity was indisposed to discuss the political'situation, and declined to ex- L ,- ,.,,I,F rtu t-rt nln1,ff>rm OF CUDC11- fitntes: A nnnonai ^«"* - -••' ^~ 9 „..-. ™» •"• ~Sit".-~»»"» V)1 . < :riM l ?¥ Ul io U 'iTi < iilcu 'it still plainer that, professions, a democrat. > •V frlslH ut llanil. .. T -,ls <m« made such a crisis, both for Oie 'himself as to platform or , Mr. I-Iarrity, however, die the "following statement: "Since my return to Philadelphia my attention ha-s been called to a report sent out from Chicago during.the convent™ wee to the" effect that I had declared that I am a .democrat, and after that T am.a souu-d money man.' . . "There is no'foundation whatever for such a statement. It'is a pure invention! and the-editorials based upon it, which appeaml in .some of the.Phila- delphia, Boston and Xev, York newspapers arc both unjust and unwarranted. '"I am a democrat nhd a sound money nan too." continued. Mr. Harrity, 'not afterwards, bin. afthc same time. And "DIRT DEFIES THE KING." THEN IS GREATER THAN ROYALTY ITSELF espos . nvc draped with silk, the finest, light- A Buaon of Simplicity and Wglit to the Decorations for this summer will be even more simple than b<;fore. Gilding and multiplication of ornaments have Driven place to cooler effects. .Friezes. Iringes «nd other trimmings, .being voted Heavy, have gone out of fashion, lEven moldingsarc left plain and as near- '!ly like the rest of the .woodwork as possible. Good harmony in color is obtained at anv cost. French and English wall papers.are new in most general use. They come without friezes. This.detracts somewhat from the apparent breadth of a room, but is a distinct gain in tbe mat. ter of brightness. Sprawling patterns characterize the newest papers for halls cod bedrooms. Yellow is a favorite cclor. It appears in roses, with huge, 'straggling leaves. Giant cactus- blossoms, poppies and hibiscus are all shown. For drawing-rooms the effect is exactly reversed. The,, papering and ap- •pointments are of the most dainty description. A beautiful wall is of a green so delicate that it suggests the first upshooting grass of spring, or a mat of natural moss about a fountain. Other designs show just a hint of rose color, a wavy liffbt of blue or the faint- ONE-MALI' SIZE Of BO* POZZONFS COMPLEXION POWDER ,c«ily. .booltu er. , invlalble prot«cUf. D to th BOX b «i»en Irec ol AT DHUGOiSTS *ND. FANCY STORE8 FRENCH REMEDY. i§ti>»T llini.iv JOthBW- — mtgm*T- wiSf«^^L, — nvc ur«p*-w ^twii ^"'»t »•— — i • cst, most shimmering .qualities being used. Canvas tapestry, which closely .resembles coffee-sacking in mesh and color, gives an admirable tone to. the coltag" library. .This tapestry comes in oriental colors and flower designs, some conventional and some like tbe palui leaves, showing considerable artistic touch. -The patterns arc large. A wall paper has recently been brought out which exactly imitates old Dutch tiling'in design and nppeaiance. Nothing more appropriate, for a .dm- irg-room could be invented. Portieres and curtains should be made of blue denim. The blue ; harmonizes exactly with the delft tiles and plaques. Shields oi white boltiug doth may be ap- uliqued on the denim a.nd embroidered urnl -outlined ill blue notion, The chairs, divans and "ensli-ons should be covered plainly with the deJiim, bound at the edges with blue ami wh'ite.gimp. 1 A mantelpiece in while, with'a'goodly expanse 'of mirrcr. is most effective. Odd-shaped jars otbluc and white may oi-iia.ment the shelve/a. This combination is -singularly, too,. • ' Chamois clotlis, which are wade of •the. weight and substance of a 'skrn, make pleasing draperies for summer homes furnished in French style. They arc ('-ostly, however. For simple, coun-. try rooms chintz is quite OS e-ftectjve. The designs ans novel o.nd • beo-utitul,. offering ample'•variety for selection. Outdoor'hangings-for yachts or piax- M.S n.re i;iade of CnirQ lattice nets. These are woven with an open mesh, which permits! the oir.to circulate free- h' while excluding 1 , the light. Tho' piox/.a decoration and .furnishing should bo .as carefully- considered as those of parlor or bedroom. 'A piazza without a 'hammock would be incomplete. If room' permits two, or even tin-PL'.'of tho laxy nets'may be provided. Ai: attempt has.been made in the lost fen- years to improve on the hammock by introducing tbe Indian swing. This hangs from metal -chains and has a sofa- like scat. It is not ns comfortable, as ;hc.]innimocl<, but is more manageable. Awnings 'arc almost-a fad-among summer- cottagers. The most popular nre those ,gayest -in design. The-liid- foiisness o.f the combme'd colors, seem to matter little. .Tlie awniijg beneath U -women appear.; to best: advan- K«TU is marked with alternate strips of ••c'il and. white. This, canvas does not c as soft a light, however, as one. !;Ine und white or green-and white. 0-e o£ -Hie most.startling /awnings vliown ut, N\irraganset last year,was a vellow. red and grecn.affair. Unde-nts 'trying shada the .most.beautifulwom- a:i looked hideous.—>'.Y. Herald. The last three names on tbe hotel register read:; 1 '• • . '. ' "p I. Potmore, M; D.' '-•'•' • • , > "Hiram All, U. 8. Ni' 1 '•'.:-.'.•.;„ "Reginald de Coureey Styles, M. A, ; . The'man with the untutored whiskers nn'd-th'o chronic sun grins pondered a, ruonvent and,wrote:••'- •'•'••• "Eeuben Dates, P.'C:" , ; -^ the 'P. C.' for, old'.mon.? ^SlSStlis; people. to_meicl> 3 ^ue» Q ^ Novembcr , and lOBfcaT «o«»^ jlthoutMt. and w a h ~.™ nfti'rwartl.s. ouv. ai, inv: i»"—- . -----. 1 shall do nothing whatever d-imnpr the comin"- campaign that can properly be rl .o-.,rdi?d as a surrender of my convict-tons upon the currency question or any' other vil-a1_qut-st'.nn." • MadTidV'.'fii'ly*1 L—Senor Sagasta, lof- nor' prime •niinisiei' of Spain, in an interview (in tin' subject of suggested, nlliaiicus. ik-L'hiivd Hint Europe's en- cn'-k'.s nmst be t-xi'rtiid to maintain its po'liey iiffainst I he policy recently developed in AiniM'ica. Rof.ill jBivclers' AKSOchition. Atlantic City, N. J.. July 14.—Tin- fourth ii.nni.iiil convention of the Aa- tional Je^vulcrs' assoj.-iatiBii began here Tuesday and will continue for three d'ivs The convention was opened with :in uddros's by the president, Herino-n Maneli, of St^Louis. . Cftllod to Btect AuRUnt 26, Minneapolis, Minn., July 14-—«Fb.e DODUlist state convention has been c-alled to meet on August 86. The place •is not yet f.xvd. The .Music Teachers' National assocu-.- uon in session at Denver elected as prudent 11. W.G«cne, of New York. THE MARKETS. "CARE OF 'MATTRESSES.. How to Wash Blanket* Befora Fntclcc Them Ajray. The feather bed is, of course, a tiling of the past. Itisprobably notlamentcd in many quarters, ab it is certainly,un- henltUul,.difficult to care for, and not pleasant to- sleep on. -Mattresses, blankets, pillows, and other articles of bedding, however, require much oare, to be kept odorless and clean. The main enemies to mattresses are- dust, damp and moth, and frequent brushing must be given them, for in an incredibly short time they will harbor dust all along the edges and where the button ia fixed. A loose cotton cover over the mattress, made to button neat- Iv at one end, also goes a long way toward keeping it clean. This can be washed and changed as, often as'need be without much trouble orexpense. It is very important to air all the bedding thoroughly. Every article should be daily taken off and laid separately,over a chair -and a strong current of air should be allowed to circulate through the room before the clothes -are replaced. The mattress should be turned daily and from end to end, as this insures it being worn more evenly, and not sinking in the middle. Blankets are a difficulty to many people, mostly because they 'cannot make up their minds as to how often they should be washed, nor how they should be treated. ID miany houses t-ncy are . washed only once a year; 'but somEow that does seem, rather too rare' a proceeding. On the other hand, it is really not necessary to have them washed more than twice a, year; but they must luave proper oare in the interval in the shape of airing, shaking, etc. A washing machine is very good for the purpose, especially as they should never be rubbed by the hand. The water should be only lukewarm, and a little soap well _ WHY? "ijlJESTIOIfS WOMEKv Hen Answered~wlth Good Soand Benson. tBI-IClil, TO OUB LiDV mE»OT»».J _ Why do people say that Lydia E. Prokliam's treatment, especially .her Vegetable Compound, effects cures beyond the physician's skill ? !'•• ti- Because of tbe ., 'fact thafVwoi-K; man best under- OS stands a wo- [.£ man'sills. What ij| man ever sui- ft, fared a single.-fg ' pang like unto i .; woman ? Man works from theory only.. ^ Why do tens of thousands of women j* write to Mrs. Pinkham at Lynn, Mass., k| telling their most secret thoughts ? h» Bemuse they know that their letters k co straight to the hands of a woman, are g opened, rend, and answered by a. woman,, fe who as a woman has made woman s ills a life study, mid because she never fails them, and cures cases which the doctor , who asks that the following The most ei- »^^^rt^^r 1 ' [or they are profoundly In car- Son anfl appeal wouW all be lost. - -Ifecosimry lor-Future Prc»orv»tloo.ai ••3 A new convention would also preserve forthe future the opportunities ot the dem- n?. imrtv Unless a clear comparison f» made bet y woen the genuine democrats and tho democrats who are drifting Into ^£-^ T &3S&'£ •^rkissrs's.^K'S'W ^^S^^s^s^^^ lor3 • - . states Grnln, FI-OUK-Q-ilet ond,! " JLM02.CO rovl«i<>n». Ktc, Chicafjo, July 14. nd unchanged •„ P r '"» — patents, S3.-10iw3.00. clear.. 5 low ^ Its, $3.3d&i3.7J: "*l'.75@2.00. S WHEAT-Slow and unsettled. July, Wt B'D-l'SxC- September, Dolt-@iJli¥;C. rrtRN-HlKher 'No. 2, 20«ffl27«c: No. 2 Tel?o»? S W- September, 27Mf28c; May, : NO. RYE^-Market 2 White, easy. New rye Is- com- }C*£LtlO** &nQ • f3in.i*iib* 01 * lt '** , Btate'oreanlzatlons'wlll.in-the nubile mind be for it that do not make it absolutely clear that they are against it. 1 Democrats wh o believe. In democratic MM must have a party. They will a party sooner or .later. The-sower (VT<i hotter They now have the opportunity to reorganize and keep tho democratic party? and tho interests of the. nation im- oerat vely demand thai the great demo- cmtlc party shall be rescued out of popu- Usm ana-kept on Its historic loundatlon. Authors of the Manifesto. The addi-CBs bears (he tiignatures ot the following well-known democrats: J^SS-'H ' ^"' £ankUn Mac^; jamc.3 n. ^"-•x 1 ,',_ -nrniinm S. Forman, "'V™* ^OR?i-fraarnB"modeVate;' and ary - • ry - _ pouLTRy — Only moderate de- »nl ?u^eya 7@9o; Chickens. 8@Wc: Spring Ducks, S®0c per pound; Geese, per dozen,' J3.00®4.00. New York, July 14. 2 ' WHEAT-No. 2 Red, )1rm, rnoaerately active July/ C0-;t@61c: September,- 61%® « iTlSo- December, 63%@'J3 16-ICc. CORK-NO 2 dull, 'firmer. No. 2 32%® K^^BcpMmtar. 33%c; October 3*34^ OATS-No. 2 quiet, firmer. State, Ml 25Vic: Western, fcOM-^^G'^c. • . EGGS—Firm. '^Western, lHS'13c. Live Stock. . ••-.•• ClilcaRO. July 34. itca-Jy. Fair to best l)G Qliiy 1 U KU w <.i.i a* t * iJJ1 -* ••*•"*"••*- •-••-•--_]- Jatliered in the water .is all that will bu required. Wring the blankets very drv through a wringer, shu-ke them out and wash again in the same, way, wringing- each time, until they are quite clran. Do notrinse tbom.butpull them into shape and'hang them out in the sun, which is a great help to preserving n, n-ood color.—Boston, Globe. :THE CAST DAY. Christ!,.,, Endeavors Brio* Xnclr Convention to a Clone. Washington, July 14. — Tuesday * plans for theentertainmentof the army of Christian Endcavorers .consisted o SUwlons-from the city to pomts o< interest ifi all directions. Large crov .& took the early morning trams to Mount Vernon, where public exercises were held at four o'clock to commemorate the canary of Washington's f arewel address. These exercises are under the auspices of the Christian Endeavor convention committee, aided by President Clark" Secretary Baer and the trustees. The programme includes the planting of the Christian Endeavor oak, singing by the chorus, speaking and the reading of Washing-ton's farewell address. At'night the lantern bicycie parade occurred. It is estimated that 3.000 bicycles were in line. INDORSE BRYAN. Non-Virtual Bimetallic State Convention Meets In Iowa. DeSMoines. la., July H.-Two hundred delegate w-.re present at llynn . hall Tuesday moroing when Provisional Chairman Amos Steckel called the nonpartisan .bimetallic state convention to order and introduced S. H. Bashor, of Waterloo, ns temporary chairman. ^solution* reported by the commit- 'tee declare for coinage at the ratio ot sixteen to onei indorse Bryan and Sew- nl'l and instinct delegates to support them at.-St. Louis. Delaware Republican Convention. Dover, Del., July H—Tbe republican convention called by the Addicks committee met here Tuesday, and the courtroom where the convention was heId was crowded/Walter H. Hayes, of Wilmington, was tiae temporary chairman, and made a telling speech in whicl.he pleaded for harmony between the two factious, and called -a.ttent.on*to the plight of the democratic party on the Pilfer question. He said that the democratic party had raised a pole and upon H placed the red flag of anarchy. John H Hoffecker, of Smyrna, Kent county, was nominated for governor ^ • The lauv WHO asms m-m •.">. •«••—-o ^ letter'bo published, gives concisely the* uniform expression of gratitude con- ^ taincd ia thousands of other letters in. Mrs Pinkhatn's possession. "For eight vears I suffered Tv.th neu- ralsia of the'womb, backache, severaj^; pains all through jnyboJy, and kidney trouble. Xone of the doctors did me any good. I took twelve bottles of- your Vegetable Compound, and cannot thank, you.enough for the relief I found. "I .am now well cured of all those pains. I should advise every woraa E. Pmkham's Vegetable has any female trouble. - - ,,j. who wa- to go under an operation. -M^ 8131 Park St., Tiog»,P». •'•*•* S. P. KI.OTZ. PASTOR .C. CHURCH. / H .Williamson, Lynden Evans, and R. E. Bpangler; executive •committee of the honest money democracy of Illinois. Their Kipect.itloiif. • This pronunciamwito of the gold democratic party of. Illinois sets the pace for the east, but in ttte. minds of the leaders there is not an abundance, of faith that, the party organizations which sent gold, del e'gntionrto the. Chicago convention will declare for an.-, other convention.- The most that Illinois expects is that enough gold democrats outside the.regular.organization will send delegations to the new convention proposed as to. make it successful and the middle and southern Bta'tes ivre relied on to give the new movement much support. Itasmtnost!.. Btates that the gold ynen-expect'tQ win, ~ - -«r •»"«I*OT'-"J1!1HBEY»,' 1 ' T tSJ*2S «= M.B" <-»'.»-» BhlpplnK, $3.1C@3.3..: Pig«.-»- Hon. Gorret K Hob,«t^1»cii«.e»' dho Slt : ••*.' nation In Hl« Own-State. , --Burlington, Vt... July-I4.-A partyiof geiitlemeri; visited .Hotel ;Champlnm, N- Y- Monday evering:and tendered to Kon.'Garret X, Hobart an:inyitation'to :visit:iiurlin'gton'and:attend;ar^»"*!'- IPoBltively cured by these ,-•-'-. iLittlePlUs. "'• They also relieve Distress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too-HcaytyiEating.: A pcr- ' fcct remedy for. Dizzijiesa, Nausea, Drowsi- nesii-Bid.Taslcin.thc Mouth, Coated Tongue. ••...•-..• v.., _ ^/-v-oiDT-n-' T iww ' : - Thev ,,,u »i«t weir onngnter. St. Louis, July l-i.-Vice President Adlai F;.' Stevenson passed through here'Tuesday morning. He came from his home in Bloomington., 111., accompanied by Mrs. Stevenson, on the way to Bowling Green, Kyi, where they will visit their daughter and son-in-law, Eev.-and Mrs. P. Wat Hardin.. Mr. Stevenson declined to be interviewed by newspapermen. ,"•.' Record of » Century Broken. Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; July 14—For ihe.nrst time in nearly.100 years th,j names of the democratic nominees for president and vice president do not ap-. pear at the head of the columns o£ the News-Press. The paper is one of the oldest in the state and has always been democratic. The editor, and owner of the paper is James W.Hinckley, chairman of the democratic state commu- tce. _ ; _..'. ± Rubber S»u». ' A proposition is at present in the wind to" mafee the sails of ships of rubber , instead of canvas. It is supposed. that if roped strongly along foot, lull and leach, the result will be superior to the canvas sails; Surely, however, a sudden increase of wind.power would expand tbe sail, too-much and cause some difficulty in governing thecourse of the boat. Paper pul-p is again suggested as..bei3g an adequate substitute : for.-canvas. When pressed into shecte and stitched together it v-ould, make » light a)id effective sail. ./ .-,.-: '—The first coined currency made in .this country was man.uf B ctured_in;16o.. The machinery,was sent from ^ngland, ,. '..v.j:: ^..efUtc .-IITII] niecea.'Ot. .too ' and »>aterioo, ma:, Sept. 8,18» Pepsin Syrup Co.: :Dear Sir:-T have been afflicted,« twenty years with dyspepsia or .- rtomaou. I have tried different li| dies without"muc\benefit Final bought a 10-cent bottle; of Syrii sin and found that It benefttted am convinced that it will do wk Is recommended when taken accow to directions. I have taken nearly bottle and feel Hie a different por • ^1 ^ : T"^*" *^ B- !•• J For sale "by B. F. Keesllns. MACKINAW DETROIT; " PET08KE1 CHICAOO 2 New Steel Pass _.........'.' Thcflr..^! P"fcctloji yet-ttthwa & Coa«trurtloB^LjK»rt«"J | ||' . rou* T«.P« «"'WIK Bcrw££»' ^ ToledojDetroit^Macki » liwto) Trtpl Inn*.**!!; «i|i«l*B*:* •• 1 !' *

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