Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 19, 1958 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 19, 1958
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR THE PHAROS-TRIBUNE and LOGANSPOKF PRESS, LOGANSPORT, INDIANA SUNDAY. JANUARY 19, Editorials... ; "WE DON'T HAVE ; THE MONEY" .The decision of city officials to abandon widening of Market Street "because of the prohibitive cost of such a project" is not the type of decision which • reflects the progress and development and forward;" thinking Logansport must have. Too many vital projects in Logansport today are not being considered because of the "prohibitive cost" or because "we don't have the money". We do not think that reason is a valid excuse. • We all know that the cost of government has gone i up. We know- that the cost of materials has also gone ; up. Yet at the same time, the city's revenue has also•• gone up markedly. The civil city tax has been increased substantially and the City of Logansport is now taking in a lot more money. In 1957, civil city tax revenues were $200,000 higher than in 1956. Revenue from parking meters increased. The state gas tax distribution to Logansport increased $14,500 in 1957 over 1956. This increase was effective for only the last six months of 1957, so in 1958, the state gas tax increase to the city will be even greater. Elimination of the downtown trash collection resulted in another substantial savings to the city. With all this increase in revenue, and no new . services being provided, we still have no money to buy parking lots, and no money to widen Market Street-for three blocks. If the cost of re-arranging some coal chutes is too high, we are sure that many of the property owners concerned would cooperate. Since the city plans to install new sidewalks on Market Street this year, that is the time to widen the street the additional six feet that was originally contemplated at the lower cost. With some Market Street merchants now putting in new store fronts, and others likely to. follow, the widening of the street will give a tremendous boost ; not only to the traffic but to the general appearance. Such a program could well trigger off the entire rehabilitation of Market Street, with tremendous benefits to the whole city. Other cities have long-ago learned that as the downtown area goes, so goes the entire city. : MARCH OF DIMES Don't forget the crippled! • ; With that as a guide the 1958 March of Dimes campaign has started in Cass County. Too often we forget crippling pains suffered day after day by victims of polio. Funds are still needed, this year and next, to assist many of our fellow-human beings who have been struck with this horrible disease. True, the Dr. -Salk vaccine has performed a tremendous service of prevention. But what about • those afflicted before this serum became available? Some are "still hospitalized, others hobbling along under stress and strain. They need our help. George E. SOKOLSKY These Days NEW JERSEY POLITICS The state of New Jersey is different from any ' other state in that a part of its population works in New York, another part in Philadelphia. Its industrial cities such as Newark, Passaic, Pater_ son, and there are many more, are constantly growing and its -bedroom towns to which New Yorkers move, are increasing in number and population. Politically, the state used to be Republican but in recent years, it has become Democratic. In fact, the most powerful so-called big oily boss developed anywhere in this country, Frank Hague, was a Jersey Democratic satrap. It is •a state witli large populations of Poles, Hungarians,, white Russians •and other former Europeans. LIKE THE Republican party in New York state, the Republicans in Now- Jersey h-ave become torn by internecine strife between moderns, as represented by Sena-tor Clifford Case, and the pre-1952 • Republicans who have been voting Democratic locally, thus helping Governor Meynor in the last election to en-joy a run-away victory. The pre-1952 Republicans, in New Jersey believe, as their counterparts in New York believe, that if they have to vote a radical, they would prefer him to ha in the Democratic party. New Jersey's senior U. S. Senator H. Alexander Smith's term is up and he has wanted to be reelected. Although he is 77 years old, by no stretch of !*he imagination can he be regarded as aged, since Senator' Green of Rhode Island is 90 and can Cha-Cha for long and arduous hours. Maybe, Green possesses such gifts because he is a bachelor. At any • rate, Smith, who has regularly served the Eisenhower administration' faithfully, was declared to -be too aged in favor of Bernard . Shanley who was the President's secretary and resigned that position to run for Smith's. SHANLEY EITHER miscalculated his strength or the value of the President's name, but his as not built the m-o- t had been expected. Furthermore, the Republican leadership of the state had anti The Doorway's Big Enough—If You Leave That Stuff Outside" Angela PATRI Child Needs Calm Routine Through Day Nobody disputes WALTER WINCHELL On Broadway TUn n. nnr 1u/nu Ronrtrf " AU at Sea " he P^ys 7 roles< The Broadway Keport Somc years ago in .. KLnd Hcarts Brigitte Bardot is as tantrumen- a]]d coronet^- he portrayed 8 tal as Maria Callas. Her tcllow ro]cs _ Apparently, music does players are Miss Bardot's worst no( . ke< jp Leonard Bernstein busy critics ... The war is over, folks. enoug h. He is writing a book ... "The Enemy. Below" tlicker de- Most en j oya ble feature of tv West- picts a Gcrman HK8K^H| erns (for me) is the right purty U-boat crew as ^BBB».— • prairie flower in tight breeches. courageous, hon '|HHPB 1 M Yippee! . . . Sexiest part of "The or.ible and pa(ri-Hpj£^M|Bj^B Adulteress" flicker is the title . . •. otic. Ach! . . -Bl&lanlnl GLa Scala, the dollalujah in "Don't Eddie Hodges, Uc HIljDB^P9 Go jf ear th e Water," is a brainy 11-year-old c ? 1Tot 'B||||i|P«(fl| beaut. When she was an unknown, top in "The • Mu 'Hfi|f|ljI/^k yi^ s Seala was a winner of nu- sic Mansalion," is^KvMIRU^I merous tv quiz shows ... "A hus- a happy ndvcrt |M A^HV band I can always get." announc- for Kids, Inc. ., •'^ftml^fKm ed Bollywood's Joan Collins —be- Thc Music Hall |@^^HHi cause she looks like Joan Collins.. attracts about 7HM^HHwl jj. Brando gels publicity by toll- million patrons annually . . . Six ; n g interviewers he desires priva- years of toil went into James C y\ Jones' new novel', "Somc Came Running" < . . Frightening slatis- Robert Preston lias been n pcr- tic; Forty million Americans read former for 20 years. "The Music movie mags . . . Albert E. Sind- Man" is his first big starccss . . . linger, chief .of a top research Harper's mag analyzes Mr. Prcs- company, pointed out: "Mass tv ] cy: "Elvis moves as if the spirit ratings arc unimportant. It is more m0 ves him; it all comes'naturally. Important to reach the particular Hormones flow in him as serenely market that will buy the spon- as the Mississippi past Memphis, sor's product" . . . Bad ad for an( j (.he offense lies in the eye of Britain Dept: Sarah Churchill ap- tj, e beholder, not in Elvis' intcn- pearcd on Matinee Theatre follow- ii on s" . . . How critical can critics Ing her blotto bit .and her ingrate Ke t7 one book reviewer squawked comments on England's best that a ,, ew novel weighs too much! friends, the Americans . . . Sarah, _ _ y u i Brynncr is another clgar- the Not So Divine One, gave a Iover . Has over 100 boxes . . . How more convincing performance at can you become an actor? Richard the Police Station. Widmark launched his career as an accountant . . . Two years ago, Ernie Kovacs and Edie Adams, Tony Perkins was an unknown liv- who are mister-and-missus, praise j ng j n a sso-a-month apartment. each other in interviews. (Troo- Hc s ( iu dwc j) s j u tn c same apart- luv> . . . "Tarnished Angels" is mcn t, another of those films that lias the ' go - get - em reporter bawling out Nata ij e wood was earning $1000- the editor. Ha! ... Good to see a . week ; n Movieville when she was Harpo Marx on teevee, as agile as 6 -vears-voung The United ever. Bouncing around, standing staieg'has invaded Russia! Rockn- ihe had observed no mining in 13 <™ his head, etc. He s 64 ... How roil p i atters arc becoming popular years he had served in the Rogue many Peeping Toms and Tomboys in the ^^ Union _ _ _ gaily Ann Kiver National Forest. This writer Bre there in the country? Well, H OWC _, w j, 0 w jn replace Julie An- .also exhibited pictures of the Al "Peyton Place" has peddled al- (jrews 'in "My Fair Lady," is one Sarena mining shacks showing most 4 million copies . . . Julie ot Br [t a j n ' s top musical stars . . . that they were falling apart and Andrews' 'The Lass With the Deli- Have a revo i u tj 0 nary note: Actress that no human hand had disturbed cate Air album is worth a whirl. Je;m Seberg says n] - ce things a- their cobwebs or rusty hinges for She puts the honey in English folk tout movie crilics wl]0 nave been Drew'Pearson Says: Al Sarena years. . • son S 5 • • • Tnc older glama-guys . Jnk j n< j to ] ler . . when friends Mining Company gets 3 million Nevertheless, Secretary McKay are doin S tetter than alright. Mike ^ Anna Ma gnani, she invari- board feet from Oregon area It handed over this rich domain to S ot Liz . Rcx won K ay and Bing aW r<?torls . » stop trying to make was supposed to mine; Would mis- a private company after his sub- conquered Kathy . . . Don't invit* a monurn€n t O f me!" . . . Wally siles be used against Little Rock?; ordinates 'had ruled against him, J<J " Chandler and Kim Novak to Vernon (long-time star) survived the fact that Sen. McCIcllan has special police also after his Cabinet colleague the same poddy. He tells reporters „:„,,, i, nn ^., 4 to/.ir« in ninn mnnlhs. DISARMAMENT] Drew PEARSON Washington Merry-Go-Round ; ht in nine months. (at that -irtwu u*vs«u. *nu -VHV»«WI> — --.—-,(-,„„ - - ( . - UJKllL Jlcial t-Ufci/GViva "' i«t'v .*»«•• —™. young guard. Secretary of Agriculture Benson that he didr. t enjoy his love R d ,. h , d the Joe Fl . isco JIas . . day by WASHINGTON. — It has now had recommended against him, scenes with Kim Novak." Silleh ^ ^ tes timonial event with '.', a i ld thatjncludes an been four years ago this month but after his Republican friend Boyyy! his [as( . rou ^; neS| including a cartwheel in his soft-shoe specialty. an- , of the habitual attitud ? ° E kindly, streng- that. "Generous Doug" McKay from Oregon, Congressman Ells- or cne ,,,„„. ..... t _,._ „„ „,„ 01 ^ „, ,.._.,., _ ------- itodtor smith two United States Senators, toith theni *g Potion on the' side of handed 400 acres care t a ker, be he a parent or O f the Rogue Riv- 1 Sev a ™ rs * or a »Her. Nobody- dls- er National Forell would P utes that ' but how often every - over to the Al Sa- wlien " is incon - QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS Q—Does the hippopotamus actually sweat blood? ' A—No. But its skir, 1 contains a red, oily substance called "blood sweat" and under excitement this flows out and covers its skin. * * * -'-.'Q—How many cylinders does ;J-a Diesel engine of a Diesel-elec- - trie locomotive unit have? ; A—From 6 to 16, depending up••' on the size, and power of the enr t gine. • - - LITTL.E L.IZ candidates and instead nominate ' the child whose parents are hesT of his who fa* a'n ^ nfc *« ° ut ^e the hom e all day GO P who is an Eisenhower d t he chud { a m NL Jersey P erson who takes char ^ o! him New -Jersey they Mme home &i n . ght> jr sen, Jr., and family. Doug , s , . i - . tedl ^ badg€red .Mr. Presley's "Don't" disc 15 a w , , , t h t , , _ Pa . ' <Iand y Tllin g s tllat worth, him. As of today, here are the pay- ..^ Jjm Q£ ^ ^^ , .', - _ was changed to "The Inn of the Pay-off No. 1—The Al Sarena Co. has now logged commercially 2,961,000 board' feet of valuable fir piece abo . jt playwrigMs . . . TvTO and pine. It received this timber geant's tip: ."Save your money. Someday it may become valuable again." When movie stars wed, a press until they come home , His day guardian has one attitude for letting 400 a- Such a move, however, is not toward him, one theory and prac- cres of this virgin likely to succeed as there _ is such tice of wnat is good for Wm . his Doug]as Fir , strong grass-roots opposition to parents naturally, have another, out of the taxpay- 1 the Republican leadership in New may b e two other attitudes to- e-s' hands was an old mining law ™> rt h, has now been rewarded by doubling as her public relations Jersey, that several unexpected ward his rear j n g. T h en what? and the excuse that the Al Sarena Eisenhower. Ellsworth was de- counsellor. (End-of titter) . . . , „.„„.[„ ,.„ • , - „ persons are presenting themselves h h . g fe ated for Congress because Ore- Joel McCrea's a smartic. Invest- aHiu-drTsliff involvin « s<!ver ' ,. r. 5 .. ' a "_y ua „__ .,„!-„„ rovr.iiprl a?n nsh tlie «j 1.1. _.„,,!_ „„;., :„ „ ,.A..«i, „„„,... ai iiunareo sun The Vir, ,. tmtrii uiwiu &IU13 wcu, a yiws> . . E , -jSA™ = rjRS ttJS tor nothing, though it belonged to % ^^ unreeled 5 "Pal™f critic tllan critics ' Thre€ dramas all the people of the United States. Glory> , and "Bridge". 'Pay-off No. 2 —The man who persuaded generous Doug to grant Kim Hamilton's entertainment is . . ...... . „. _. this timber bonanza -to his Al just that at Johnny Wa , sh?s p( , pu . en <kr is sli 11 big box-office. This Sarena friends, Congressman Ells- . lar spot , n H 'wood. Scott Brady is ^"J^'Kt cm ap^i on r quiz he must pass a that attracted a majority of raves this season will wind up as flopa- loozas . . . Marilyn Monroe's cal- trovel, it won't be long before ev- aryone can take on otit-of-this- world vacation. »NEA» as candidate for the nomination m=e ^e^^tHn- ^ffiwi^^™ ^voters revolted against the C dlis mo,* com branch years "^ham' £?£ fal ' sc £* o£ United States Senator in • , , . ,, " . Tll . ? . ressmian ch-arlei Porter of f>rp- giveaway, and subsequently made ago . He was recently offered a er f ec ,,.„ ' . J? .., Smith's place. Among the most ter the house in the evening..The | r ™^ £™d Sen Dick Neu- Chairman of the Civil Service Com- million $ for it ...-•'Peggy Sue" ft? 'My great ambition," he con- With the advent of spoce Active of these is Robert Morris, child is likely to resent one side Son, uemocra and ben. tncJc:Neu ^ . whose job it is to . ^ rhythms fes5ed ' ls to b ?. r f a ^ b £ as manv who is resigning his position as or the other and to act according. £*f* ™ Sv and That no ore mote clean government. Despite its competitors, Mar- P™ *! poss.ble' Too many counsel for the Senate Internal Se- ly, Nothing could be worse for his wo?ld efer b^m-i^ed ^ ar « et: tU " e Rock <"» ni 's ^dget 'continues;. thriving. wnte . r . s wnte_for intellecluals-not curity Subcommittee. Morris has general welfare, than this differ- w uiu ^ u ®' m "!. ea -., ' The House Armed Services Com- Over 15 million radio sets 'were f,?. 0 ?' 3 • • • f; *• Werner s tome, held judicial office in New York ence between his parents'attitudes T.iepUier day Senator Neuber- mit t4 i, as ^ver been under sold last year . . . Ten-year-old "It Happened in New York," helps . . - . .. state, but pomes of a New Jer- and those of his-day guardian. That | er received an interesting Better tighte j. secrecy 1 'wraps as it con- Charles Saari, who is so delight- .,- . , Q—Is the -root of the wild.car- .present custom of reckoning time se fami]y wilh deep roots m -that is obvious. " °™ l "? V*- »; *? r . est ^y 1 . 06 -.« s id €r s our critical race with • ful in "The Dark at the Top of Ma S lc ot edible? ^u 0 "?'™ f y e , ars . £r . om l ? e state. He is actively campaigning It is not easy to find.the right f^JZ h^T'^ed on the Bussia - ' " ' the Stairs," is a theatre vet. Be- A—No. i 11 j. t l wnicn ne mis- fls a conserv;ative Republican w th sort of person .to take over the M ejj m , \,. r ~ a - ,{ n ™ 10^ Far Behind closcd:doors recently -the gan emoting 7 years ago *** ?v?it *? 6 yeal ' S at l a long history of anti-communist rearing of a child. Even when this AI barala acreaEe swce la5i) - Jiar - •._..„.... Q—Where is the memorial the actual, date. e - The Shrine of the Sun"? A—In Colorado. It is a me- activity as counsel for Congressional Committees. Morris is at Senate hearings a Forest committee was discussing the' de- Roberta Sherwood is playing her is done by a relative such as a -0^,,^ i f Mt\i^ nrdpr' nath that f<2ns e potentials of a ballistic mis-. 4th or 5th return dale at the Mi......_. .. grandmother or aunt, there are KMgCT 6S leA " d site waTa range of 1,250 miles. " 'ami Beach Edon Roc at (.all wascs. Q—Is the governor of Puerto ing an energe tic fight for the nom- differences of opinion, of'under- must be talked over and ways to "About how far is that?" some- She played U last month: (alzrai. explain w-hy the Big Town is a Powell explained why lv a year. fairly short girl!) about as far as from, here to Omaha, Ne- _.. ir .. _ iiuitu _ u _ „. ,.,,0 - •• -- —- -- — Alec Guinncss is a crowd. In :- Q—Which presiderf^ signed the nor nas 't, een elected by the peo- at-ons. ° * with the child who is in the middle, sides! •j congressional resolution deciar- p j e { or a 4- ye ar term. THIS CONTEST is interesting be- j n sucn ' a situation there should parents, having delegated their braska," . suggested Rep. George search, Col. Harry Shoup of -ing the first war with Germany * * * cause it 5s developing into a clear- be as clear an understanding as responsibilities -must first choose Miller.of California. Colorado Springs and two fellow . officially ended?__ _ __ _- o _ Are there anv navigable cut fight between the modern He- cogsible of what is to be done about t.h P rieM delpmtp. then trust -her "Yes, but the missile won't be, colonels flew a DC-3 to Hastings, ..A-President Warren G. Hard• 'ing signed the peace treaty with /Germany, Austria, and Hungary -.'in 1921. A-T-he Bermudas * , ; Q-mo « considered ae'Jath- ; «rn of modem piano playing ? ; A-Muzio dementi. Italian ,. pianist and composer His collec- • tion of 100 studies is still Used all Mexico.;" in developing piano technique. A-The Virgin of Guadalupe. ' Q—-Are there any rivers in Wyoming? _ ....,- . . . = - - ..— . .. A _ No publicans on a basis of principle - j m p 0r tant matters come first: out this trust and authority the sit- ed an°™=r .colleague drily. end-hunting with a former Air * * * and' strategy. Perhaps the great- Health, which includes cleanliness,, uation is loaded with potential trou- " No '" drawled. Segregationist Force buddy, Charles W. Young- ^ ^. Q-What islands lie opposite the est strategic weakness of the Re- food> rest and exercise. Next, men- ble for the child and all concerned- R .??- M«ndel Rivers of South Car- son _.. . Herbert Hill, Labor .Spokes- f ' ^a,,:,.^ *t iiiiwi. itjiuuua xic w^iwjit& m^ ^^i^^y, ^ a ^H/ KrtfVi in NPW VnrV i_i i 1^1. ...i.: m u :„„!,.,i_^ n._ -4. .,-,",.- • onnn ."ThpvVR nrnhflhlv savins v«nn f/\^ tli^ Madnnnl Accnpiatinn _ _ .. coast? , . , . . .. publican party both in New York tal health which includes the at- witn him «" na . ' T ^ ^ U1pn * ab y = a , vmg ma " for Hl a National Association d N?w Jersey is that ^ the ac- utude of the mother substitute to- And room must be allowed for thls ,," n « fer ^^ Ro *. Arka °-. for the advancement of colored knowleaged leaders have lost con- ward the child , s difficulties- pa- t h e parent-substitute to be herself. !f s ' , _,' . ... ' peope, has complained to Vice . . c tact wift ap - P art y s supporters tience Wndl y understanding of his she cannot be anybody else She Opposed To Education President Nixon that Defense In- Q-Who is the patron saint of w ho have in a large measure he i p i e ssnes5 at times; cheerfulness No * ^ CS - ™ chtalk dairies are discriminating against ' I could done 39 tv pictures in that time and owned a real asset" . . . Susan Sirasbcrg and Richard Burton in "Time Remembered" look like young lovers should look . . . It never fails: About a dozen producers rejected "West Side Story," before the hit was finally produced ... Noel Coward is candid. -. ,, 4. .1, , IT " T ' lc nicest thing in the world," he where- they spent the week , <u Debpraiscd . u , unfinw MHi.V, a fnrmftr Air ' * and it" . . . Suzy Parker's modeling Stanley h u acCBratel «, numbcrs ^ , u t £ t - „ » y be chosen carefully on a ,. o J . - , been drifting away 'during the past , dealine vith tnenl . and faith in of cMwratinr, and trust about the A™ 16 ™ 311 Ia e ln educa - Negroes in the north as well as cooperation and trust. tion, it might be;a good idea for in the south Hill cited Chicago as five years. the child's goodness and desire to £ "** ... ,., „ * * * . . D««ng the Roosevelt and Tru- do . rlght These are ^ingg that ', Q—Who started counting time Q—How many minutes are man administrations, these Repub- 1 "'fcorn the birth of Christ? there in a 1 degree of longitude? ii cans had targets which' they Case was such _ ._. *;,„„•,, *,,„ A-In the A.D. SOO's the monk A-Sixty. • • could fight and against • which *ey bad no organized means to must ^c taught tiic CARNIVAL is f by Dr.>atri in leaffct P-27, they held local lines. Since ELsen- defeat him. Since his election, ihower became President, their Senator Clifford Case has had "1111,1 targets have been removed and practically_ no influence^ in New all they can " " T "' u '" Many stay away many vote for local THIS ANALYSIS represents Re- -— -- - —- — -— ._ . , ^ _. _ „ _ ,. publicans who want nothing -for certain that any Republican can (Released by The Bell -Syndi-' themselves. They ask of ' their be elected. wte, Inc.) party a candidate for whom they A JUDICIAL STUDENT MOSCOW, Idaho — Lamont tt -t -a the voters to know; just .which of the worst example. He charged Jones' of Malad, University of .1. ""7 i"™ their Congressmen voted against that 98 per cent of the-firms plac- Idaho senior law student,. works ••"•••—• ^ order with em pioyment 20 liours a week as a city police ™ ln ^'°' umn will, therefore, undertake to agencies specify they don't want tour! judge and as a justice of the i i. •«^I P 1 *!' 5 ! 1 their' names, state-by- Negroes . . . Eisenhower's eco-• peace. In police court, he handles' "~ state on the installment plan. ' nomic advisers have warned that minor criminal and 'traffic cases, Here are the Congressmen front unemployment will hit the 4,000,- .punishable- ;by. fines up to $100, can mete out jail terms up to can conscientiously vote. They did not feel that Senator 'Clifford THE SUNDAY PHAROS - TRIBUNE - and LOGANSPORT PRESS Published -oach Sunday . by the Pharos-Tribune and Press,' 517 E. Broadway, Logansport, Indiana. Bntered as eocond class mail-at the Bostoffloo at Liogansport, Indiana, under the act o£ March 8, 1879. The Pharos-Trlbune-est. 1814 ' The Press-est. 1921 The Sunday Pharos-Trioune and liogansport Press, lOo uer copy. Tho Pharos-Tribune, evening's and Sunday. 35c oor week bv carrier. The Losansport Press, mornings and Sunday, 35o per week by carrier. The Pharos-Tribune, tlie Lo- Kiuisport Press, and the Sunday Pharos-Tribune and Losansport Press. Sac per week by carrier. By mail on rural routes in Cass, Carroll. Pulton, Pulaski, Miami and White counties, each paper $10.00 Outside trading area LAFF-A-DAY per year, and within Indiana, $11.00 per flS.OO per you getting old and crochety? When they were in school you tovwl to MWMT Hwir aue*iian»r* year; butslde Indiana, f ^u. V u «%-* year. All mall subscriptions payable in advance. No' mail s subscriptions sold where carrier servr ice Is 114 100 National Advertising Representatives: Inland Newspaper Kepresentitivwi i-is © IMt, KING FEATURES SYNDICATE. IM, WORLD RIGHTS IttEERVED, u l owe It all to Elsa, my wife and sparring partB@r}" against aid to all the ;children 'Of the nation. • : ' • Bruce Alger, the Lone Republi-' can from Texas; Jack Brooks, Omar Burleson, Martin Dies, John Dowdy, 0. C. Fisher, Frank Ikard, Paul Kilday, Joe Kilgore, George Mahon, , Wright Patman, W. R. Poague, Walter Rogers, J. T. Rutherford, Albert Thomas, Olin Teague, Clark Thompson, Homer " Thornberry, Lindley Beckworth, all Democrats. Senator McClellan of Arkansas had a special guard outside his office during part of his Teamster ..probe. He also q-uit -driving his car. The .police feared a bomb . might be placed underneath . . , When beautiful 'Baroness -Silver- cruys, wife of the Belgian Ambassador, asked Margaret Truman Daniel for pictures of her inew baby, Margaret replied: "I don't carry pictures of the baby." Later, however, she produced several . . . Marlon. Brando affects a thick southern accent in his new picture "Sayonara." It's a .'.Japanese love affair with some Little Rock overtones and some 'terrific acting. .-, .while the Air Force is so hard up for cash it's , almost had' to curtail planes for the weather bureau'* Hurhcan Re- HUBERT "I'm not taking any chances, Son-in-law, until you eet your auto horn fix«di" *

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