The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 16, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 16, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR K/ranrm,LE .) COOTIE* MONDAY, TURK 1«, t»M Pat Phon» 4461 MARRIED — Miss Jacqueline Silvcrfielrt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Sih'crfield of Oscrola became the bride of William Bernatsky, sou of Mr. and Mrs. JI. Bernatsky of Memphis in n ceremony performed at the Continental Ballroom of Ho(«l Peahody in Memphis ; f.'- f Yesterday. '' ; -" : Jacqueline Silver field Marries William Bernatsky in Memphis (urn! n J)orh-ai[. neckline- anf! rap sleeves. The t\vo [Tinthpr.s wore orchids nt their shoulders. Robert Bernatsky, twin brother or I IIP crooni acted a.s best man. Groomsmen were* Marvin ncrnat- sky, anotlipr brother. Linne! Sllver- field, brother ot Ihp hi-iclp. .lark anri Alnn Bisno, cousins of the brfn>, nnrf Shef) nrlz. Osceola— Miss Jacqueline Silver-I the Sirica were clijslers of oianze Dlnnrr-Oanrr. FiiPnw^ (Vmn'my field, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Mor-| blossoms. Her shower bnuquet wast Following the wedding ceremony. ris Silverfield became the bride ol j of white orchids Interspersed with; a seated (tinner for unn guests was William Bcrnat-sk.v, son of Mr. nnd orantre bJo.-smn.s. lillr-.i of the fnllcy { held In the b-ill room. Trie bride's and fleurs d'armour. | Table overlaid In starched .silk nylon Mrs. Ocorce lirown o( Memplils, i W!U1 ™'ieht at. the rorners with I ho Ini-mtT Miss Ruth Bi.sno at- I cluslr-rs nf oranee blossoms and ttert tender! her niere- ,is matron of hrm- lv ' ln traditional "'hllis salin bows. Tim lleretl wcddine Poke was Marriage L i censes The following cnupl<\s Salurria.\ obtainpri marrlnyp lirensf 1 , 1 - al th' office of thp Cnnnty Court Ckrk Mrs. Elizjitwfh niythf Pnrker: Pnrvtn Mrlynn Grahmn, Step]*Mo., ami Mis* Mary Kathlenp Branch, Cooirr, Mo, W. fj. Tuning anri Dorolh.) Sahmms, rx>lh of ntythpvillr, Robert u iin.skIn.« nnd Mis* Mar- jorfp. jean Alexander, both of 1 nlythrvillp. Willinin Flrou/M P^nnrnTrr nnri Miss Mary Frnnrr.s Cnrnon, bo'h of Bits of News !/ //^ Hospitals Mf"=. M^rlp GtiiTi.son. City. Mrs. Viola HichanJson, City. Mrs. Hrmicr p.ittci.son. Lnxora. Mis. Mary ,/ane Nichols, Steple. Mrs. IJ?P .Jrtr, Ooofrr. Mis. Arln Clifton, City. Mi'.s. Jnrn<\s Cnthry, City. Miss Rrtty Prince, St«rJc. Mrs. ScLvia Sharp, Tomato, Mrs. H. Bernatsiiy of Memphis, in a wedding ceremony Sumlny oven- Ing in the Contlnenfnl Hall Room nf the Penboriy HoU>l, with Knbhi Isn- dore Goodman, a^istptl by Rnbl)i| ori Bii rtoMiiniris were \Ji,=s Irrnn Mortimore BfUim, nffirirxtinp. j Sur , Knhn of Hnyli. Mo,; MKs Mrrvl dccorntod y-jth Mignrrd wpddir, !*••» „,..;.., ., ,.= n|lrt Ml; . i hr|ls Gardenias, \vpre rnrirctrci Cit.y. arnumt the 1 cuke nnd nt ciUior onri The nuptial pxr-hnncc look ph'cr shninbrrp of Memphis beneath n canopy covfirrri In white j R ar h^rn Wilriuirk of K< blossoms and Southern smil-ix. Tho • Improvised nltar hpld twclvn cnndr- labra holding spvon lappi's r^ch. Forming'thp. background wrrn wlilin baskeUs holding white filadlnli and . white stock. The aisle I (o the altar was mnrkcd witii cnthrdrnl tapers tied, with white *nd »'hite sntin bo\vs and were entwined In smtlnx. Music \vas presented by Mrs. Nathan Sudanis al the piano and Nathan Evans, viol!n 1st. Ed Bcusfinn sang the fnnininc nttrnrtnn'^ wcin* 'of thp tnhlr \vrrn sin-ill aardonia- irirntfcnl frocks of nrqna nylon net \ like (TPP.S. Rranchrrt silver cnndn- in ballerina Irnplb. Thp Ahirrrrl | lfl>irn holriing burning Inpcrs cnsi strnplwn bodirr? fpnturpd full ca- n Fof( - ? lnw ovfjr the wpddln? SCOUR l.heted pkirts pnisrd over starrhrd pntHcoatr,. Mntrliinp stolf 1 . 1 : n-(5s- ' rrnssrd in Ihp front, civine Hip of- frr( of n ^liort jack pi. Tliry \\-nrfi blush brov veils ttt'd ivi'-h nqwa vp|- vct ribbons. Their hoiiqtrrU \VPFP of pink bridesmaid ropp$ by puffs of pink were va, o. , "Thtnes Alone' 1 by Herbert, and tied with pink salin sfreome/s, "Because" by D'Hardelot, "5erp-| Mrs. Silvertleld. mother of the nade" by ToselH and "Meditation" brtrie worfi an nricfnal mndrl by by Massenet. Glnn Jnnn In ro?p" inanvc rhlffnn! w'e' •'Bride \\txn ClumUlly I.flcn nvcr a mafrhlni; Inffpta prtHront.' Given In mirrliigr t)y >ier father, j TV"* bndirr was of chnutlllv Inrr* nnd the bride wore an Imported Chan- tllly lace gown designed esped.illy for her by Elizabeth Soscet. Tlic full "1th rhlneMono.s. The fitted skirt gathered Ekirt was fashioned with was of patio length, The groom'5 mother al. the table. The Individual t-ables where the guests were seated held hurricnne lamps filled with wedding flowers. Following dinner, a dance ivas given wllh music by Johnny Umg. For her wedding trip to New Or- lefins and Biloxl, the brirle wore an imported Irish linen suit In navy blue. Her small white hat with of tiny white (lowers find white gloves completed her enscin- GueMs Included Harold Btano ieaturrd a deep cowl neckline tilled I an , d Mr , s : Sam W «o»sky. Los An- with mliUatnre lace flowera studded I scl 5 s \. Mr ' anrt ™\*' L *>U!B Hci^e u-lth rhlneMonc*. The fitted skirt ?{ ld " frs - J c j e "^man. Chica-a was of patio Icn-th Mr *- Wax P^«'nJ. St. Paul. Minn. „, , " ,; , Mrs. Irving Hlrfihffeld. Jollct; 111. The groom., mother was ettired Mr . a ild J? SSS. J. Katz. Brooklyn neckline to the wai.tlfne adored ^ T ^U S^t"-^n LV ^ '^T and°"?!« Kill ^^rsr'^rz -——^-k^pfe. z;,^ d ^r^ s cS a pointed torso bodice. Tiny self covered buttons and loops from the edged with seq points over the hands. Thp full . skirt, with exaggerated bus tic effect, Evunc Into a cntnedral trnin. The sweethetirl. neckline wns nul- linecl in sequins. Hrr double fingertip veil of French misty illusion cascaded from a bonnet deslcm'd of illusion and sprinkled with sequins and seed pearls. Caught at Color Makes the Trim Mrs. Owen Taylor nnrt pon. Ch«rlpj( ( of BclJvillf;. ill., arr> spend- !nj? weeks wllh Mr. ami Mrs. Ber! Ell I*. They will be joined by Mr. Taylor laf^r. who is now serving two "A'prkfi with the armed forcps a', f'anip Aderbiiry. Jnd. I Mr. and Mrs. nilk Knrner of Dell i annouiup [)if birlh of a dauchier | on june 12 at Walls Hospital. She! lias bpcfi narijcri 1 Cntolj'n PYnnces. i Mr. and Mrs. Rill FdmJfil^n of -lonpriboro sponi the week end herr , with Mr. and Mrs. Bill StnvnIL ; Miss ROSP Mnrin RobrrL'son of LJ1 - : MP Rock ifi visit ins? her fiister f MIS, O. L Krlly. | Mr. anri Mrp, Billy Jon Gean arc and Mrs. Berland Hampton of Mc- Allislon, OkSn. Mr and Mif=. Dick J. Whllf* an- nonntr the birlh "f a dangbter sun- dny al Walls Hospital. She is their srrniif] child and has been n a turd p;ilen Lorkwnod. Their son's name is MlFfi Nancy Damon h^s returned from a week iii Capft Girardeau where slie vi.sited frlrnds aiid at- tendcti nn nr( workshop flt the rol- Ir^P there. She went, to St. Louis (n xrr "Showboat.' and stopped in Chaffee where she -Aas the ziicst of Mr. and Mis. Arlhur Heeh. Rons of Mr, and Mrs. Kendall. Berry. Alan nnd .Jnrry Berry, who ate student5 at Uni'.'or.-ity of Mississippi for the summer .se.s-sion, were at home this- wpek end. Mr. anri Mrs. S, M. SrvndorR and children of Ai'dmnn. Okla., are the guest,*; of her slslevp. Mw, W. E. WallRCfi and Mrs. .'ini Ross and her brother. Alien Hard In and families. Mrs. Sanders is I he former Miss Corinne Hnrdin. Miss Lucy B. Monte rif Mrmphis nnd MIPS Patty Sue Smith of Al- LUG. Okla.. are vititinc their aun(-s. Mrs. W. E. Wallace and Mrs. Jim Ros? and families. Mrs. Chnrlpy Cain and Mrs. Ira Bohatminjz have returned from a 10-day vacation In lakeland. Flii., where they vtallod their son. Wilson Bnhannlnp nnri family. His son. Larry Bohnnninc. u'hn was .severely burned, is now improving. M i FS Mn ry Dow ri y is h oni e f I'nnt IMP Baptist Hospital In Memphis whore she underwent surgery. Mr. mid Mrs. Donald C. Ramsey announce the birth of a. son yesterday nt- \V*\lfi Hospital, He is their first child and has been named Dar viri Julian. Mr, and Mrs. Louis Chi'mon of C^hinago, III. visited his brother, Pat Chll-mon and Mrs. Chitmon and their mother, Mrs. Annie Chitmon, who is visitine her from Huron, Calif, " * Mrs. Russell Gainea anci daughter, Mies Mona Joy, and ti'eces, . Bertha Ann and Genn, anr Miss j Fmma Blanrhard returned yester- i day from Young Karris Colleee a( [ Ymme Hnrrts, Ga.. where they n(- j tended graduation exercises and a j banquet at. which it was announced thai MIRS Mona Gaines ^-il) serve next year as president of Susan B. Harris Society. On their -vay bark, they visited Malcolm Dosr^ and [timlly in Rome, Ga,, and Wayne UP. Dhylock and his parents at :n. They were acrnmpp\- Coming Evertts Woman's Auxiliary of St. Stephen'* Episcopal Church meet* with Mrs. Jv. I. Thompson, 316 Pecan, at 8 p.m. Al! circles of the Presbyterian Women of First Presbyterian Church meet together at, 2:30 p.m. for a meet In?. Executive board i rift (A at 2 p.m., and a general meeting wi| bft held at 3 p.m. Circle of WSCS of First Method- Church meet in homes of mem- Vers BA follows: Circle One with Mrs, Rilny Jones, Highway 61 north, al 3 p.m.; Circle Two with Mrs. A. E. Miller, 1405 W. Main at 2:30 p.m.; Circle Three with Mrs. P. E. Scott at 705 Harrfin at 2:30 pnv; Circle Pour with Mrs. Charles AJford at 100 E. Ash, with Mrs. Mcll Hrorks co-hoMew. at 3 p.m.; Circle Five with Mrs. W. R. Campbell, 1122 W. Main, 3 p.m.; and Circle Six with Mrs. W. A. HoJlinpsyorih Rfio W. Walnut, •s'ith Mrs. W. A Piirkmon as co-hostess, at 3 p.m. Circles One and Two of WMU of Trinity Baptist, Church meof for p.rr business session awnd Royal Seivlce program. BWC nicely \vith ' Wrr. W. W. Lowe nt 1:30. Chapter "D" of PEO ha.= picnic for Their huRbands al the home of MI-F. E. B. Gee. Fpsilon Siqma Alpha has meeting will) Mrs. K.-Uherinp Swiney. Promise Land WSCS ha.i 7:30 p m. ] meeting wn-h Mrs. Tho ma? Mnore. Mrs. Harold Nmm entertains CIB C'ub. Country Club Duplicate Bridge prariuate o! Yourie Harris and i ' caRlIP P la >' E **eekly bridge games Roy Bfl.vnard. a sl-udcnt of Georgia; ' n ° l Tuesday as usual). Tech. who nre en route to OJclaho-| Mr ' v H * rman Turner entertains Mn. .Mark Skeltnn Pat McGregor Is Recent Bride of Max Ray Skelton In a sinslp rins cpremnny performed in Oreola. on -June 10. Mis* P.itricta JiiriP McGregor, oauch^or o[ Ml. and Mrs. Spfck NTrGiccor or Blyllieviile was married to Mnx Rnv Skolton. son nf Mr. anti Mrs. M.irk SkeKon nl BIyihevillc. The hridp wore for hfr nurriaze, a u-hitc organriy cirp,^ o\'p.r rrinolinp, whirh fejihired n t-urkpd hodicp u-iih a lare in.^J at th" a-alsl. Thf fkin nieri to Blyihevllle by John Haynie. mn. At n falher's day reunion held fur! J. D. Atkins at 1517 W. Ash yesler- ' day. out of town rr-lalives included Mrs. EUnise Harris of Buthc-rloiri ' Mr and Mrs. Elorrl. Olinlcr of 1 Memphis. Mr and Mrs. Mike Bom- balniski of Dexter. Mo.. Mr. and Mrs. •In" Atkins and son of Blyihevillf and Albert Earl Dozifr i-hn is in the Air Force and stationed in Oenrgia. Jimmy Hall left yesterday by plane fnr Mpniphu (or Aucjiisln, Ga,. whcrp he will spend a month with his father. R. L. Hall. He was mo'orer! to Memphis by his. mother. Mis. Josephine. Hall, Mr. nnd Mrs. Ernes! Roe had a.s I heir guests yesterday, her son. Kpnupi.h Taylor. Mrs. Tayior and son. Parker, all of Memphis. Eight Mrs. T. O. Hney is hostess to '.MISS OPCEOI.A"��Miss Sally Travis was .selected to vie with other beatuies from Arkansas in the 12lh annual "Miss Arkansas" contest to be helri in Newport June 25 and 26 Miss Travis began her schedu!« Monday mornins in training for the event. Mhs Margaret Moffett will coach he; in tap dancing.' The Osceola Chamber of Commerce Is spcm- soring Miss Travis, the daughter of Dayid Travis and the late Mrj. Travis, Born in Osceola. she attended Osceola schools and upon her erariuation attended College. » nf rs - • loh "-™" In the length. full gathered, and Lcaaue plays. La Nueve meets with Mrs. Ben. Mrs: Otto Scrape entertains ,ir White. ; Brin'?<- Club. Blvtheville Dupllcat- Bridge' S»lnnliij-, I Cotillion Club meets at Hotel at OMAHA. Neb. UPI — "tJse your ~ j ? p.m. Hosts and hostesses are Mrs. j whole body, not Just the -wrists!" street I Ben Harpole. Mr.''and Mrs. John "Stiffen that elbow." j Caudill. Mr, and Mrs. Elbert Huff- Mrs. Stelton is a graduate, of Blv- ! man - Mf- ann ' Mrs. Riley B. Jones theville High School where she war- Mr- an( t Mrs. Mason Day. Jr. a member of the, FHA and partici-i pateri in the senior plays. She is j ~ now employed by Fitzpatrick's Jew- Ynunsest of Youngest Benjamin . Franklin was the younHest, of n children born to Jn- elry. Mr Skelton attended Blyiheville /( Tokes Know-How For Good Corseting "Give it all you've got." The above are not instructions (or playing eblf but for getting into a corset. The advire comes from experts—a school for corsetieres which mc(. here recently. The experts, headed by Miss Betty Vincent, edu; High School he played foot-lsiah Franklin. Curiously, his direct! cational rlirecior for a foundat-iori- ball anri w'as a member of the PHA, ancestors for five generations had! * vear concern, stressed a controlled HP is employed at. the City Ice 1 been the youngest s"ons of vounsest elbow In the battle of the bulge. Plant here where the couple is now sons Franklin was born on Jan. 11. at home al IfiOl Scyranlore. Pead Courier Ne.\v.? Classified Ads Box Office Opens 7:00 Show Starts 7:15 p.m. Admissimi ,1r S- ,'!()c Al All Thm-s LAST TI.MKS r HO*1IE> H AIR CONDITIONED BY REFRIGERATION LAST TIMES TONITE —1'1,1'S— 'FOLLOW THE BOYS" All Slav Cast 1'lns Mo(ro NIMVS JAMES MASON • DANIELLE DARRIEUX • MICHAEL P»t"inintiii! News, Cnrlnun X- Novelty Reel RITZ GUESTS JI)-. R .Mrs. \\. E. ColcMim Jlr. & .Mrs. Kddie Cure Spectacular Savings Are Yours In The New York Store's .TIC REDUCTIONS ON LEF' By Sue Bui licit Pretty loo's-ali'sf drr:.',^:, nil on E6w-simple princt55 line*. Collar i and skirt ed;p. sr? m mio-fiil con- | f^j trail, or trim ui!h rrisp rntflma. Pattern \'n. ^^4 i^ a se<.v-rite pcr- fora'ed paitern in sr?rs 11. l?. n, IV. 16. 18. 20. Size 12. 3'; yards of 39-: inch: 1'» ynrrls Irinv I Pattern Xo, ^J4r; is a srw-rite perforated p^frrn in r-irrs ^, ^, 5. 6, 7, R yean. P;»e i, r, yards ol 39-inrh; ** yard 'rim. Two separate patterns. Fnr thes*. [??tt^rri=. senri .TOc lor EACH, in COINS, j-nur name, nd- riress. fi~e.'i ^lp:iTrrl, and thp FAT- TERN NUMBKR to Pne Burnett. Courier News. 37; 9;iuif.v St.. Chicago. Til B*?lc FASHION tor 'S2 is filled xvith ideas fo imke yo i ir clo'.lie^ budget go further timc-savini and economical deslini thai are easv l/> ftw. Gilt pattern pnnled intsldp". 25 cents. , ]>mil>le I-'pnltire I'.M. MTIOS '1 For Tticc nf 1 RACK NO, 1 Children's Drosses - - - Ladies Skirts, Jumpers & Dresses VALUES TO $14.95! 98 RACK NO. 2 Women's Summer Dreases - - Plaj-suiU - and VALUES 'TO 519.95 1 It -3 M«I SCHli • CHJJIlfS tllH It-.-.' •-,-.-<,,: [-,,.;, —I'l.fS— BADLANDS OF DAKOTA" llobcvt Slack Ann Unllicrfoiti Also ("ai loon TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY SUIT CLOSEOUT 21 Al! 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