Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 24, 1891 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1891
Page 8
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f < You Can Buy a Warranted Fast Black Umbrella, Silver Handle, for 75c, Worth $1.25, AT THE GOLDEN RULE 8$. a? Sj?, PANTS, PANTS. Pantaloonings I have secured 30 styles of Worsted which sold heretofore and are sold' everywhere for $10, but which I seU now for the low price of BIGHT DOLLARS! The bi_ secure choice, bargain I ever had. Call early and JAKE HERZ. Daily Journal TUESDAY MORNING, MARCH. 24. Go to Headquarters For Your Spring Suit. Harry G. Tucker, THE PEARL ST. TAILOR. find all"the Latest Novelties Yours Truly ; in Spring TUCK.' FACIAL BLEMISHES. 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E.<dQ!:this to make room for the finest line of Spring Goods ever brought to this city P. J. HOOLEY, The Pearl Street. Try J. B. L. Catarrh Cure. eod&w Sateens at Moore's, 3 2} cents. Tacks, one cent a box at Foley's. Get your carpets at the Trade Palace. Make your ice contracts with John Baker. mch24dtf Read our umbrella advertisement.™ Golden Rule. Circuit court, adjourned yesterday until Thursday. Special trades this week in tea* and coffees, at Foley's. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Graves spent Sunday in Terre Haute. Foster lacing kid gloves reduced to 49 cents.—Golden Rule. - = .Victor L. Rickets, of the Delphi Journal, was in the city yesterday. Miss Alta Young has returned from a four weeks visit with relatives in Chicago. Lafayette Journal: Mr. and Mrs. D. P. Baldwin, of Logansport, were at the Lahr yesterday. Upon the urgent request of many ladies, we shall continue our sateen sale to-day.—Bee Hive. This afternoon from-6:30 to 4:30, we will give all school children a fancy slate pencil free, at Foley's. Don't wait till Wednesday for sa- teens, but come to Moore's at once and get new sateens at 12 J cents. There is fun ahead, a great sale of fire goods will be next order. Day and date hereafter.—Bee Hive. I will open a fine line of glorias today, all new shades. Come early and get a good selection. —P. W. Moore. Mr. Ed Reyerson after a sojourn of a week with his parents at Princeton,is again on duty at Long-well's printery. ••Who said Hood's Sarsaparilla?" Thousands of people, who know it to be the best blood purifier arid tonic medicine: ~ Mrs. Bostick, sister of Mr. V. C. Hannawalt, and Miss Jennie Hall of Monticello, were in the city yesterday en route to Detroit. The Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers are making arrangements for a May Day dance that will eclipse any of their former efforts in this line. There will he . services in the English Lutheran church to-night at 7:30 and every night this week. A cordial invitation is extended to all to attend. A telegram received yesterday announced a purchase of twenty-five cases of the H. B. Claflin fire stack. Mr. Wise was on hand bright and arly.—Bee Hive. Miss Kate Purdy, of Terre Haute, principal of one of the public schools, ined in a lower court for unduly whipping an unruly pupil, appealed to the Circuit Court and was triumphantly acquitted. We are the only house that dare quote prices. You may say, why? because w.e are the only house that juys in original packages for cash; the only house thats ells as many goods as •e do;the moBt-economically conducted and the only one price house.—Trade Palace. Rev. W. H. H. Marsh, of this city, oeing called away for Sunday the 29th, ,o preach .the dedicatory sermon of a new church, desires us to say that he vill be unable to give his talk on •Africa" at the Metea Baptist Church >n Saturday evening, _the 28th. At ,n early date' he will fulfill the engagement. J. B. Stanley and Jay Powell came home Saturday for a, few days rest before "enewing their crusade against intemperance -On Sunday • afternoon Mr. Stanley addressed the meeting of the Good Templars. They have* just returned from Valparaiso where 1,250 people signed the pledge. Dropped From tl»c Cloud*. On Sunday morning about two o'clock some one left an infant about three months of age on the doorstep at the residence ol Mr. C. W. Van Meter, the Journal pressman, on Second street. Mrs. Van Meter, who was alone in the house at the time was aroused by some one shaking the front door. On opening the door to investigate the cause of the undue noise she was surprised to find the infant lying, enveloped in a warm shawl on the door itep. She took the little stranger in and'- made it both comfortable and welcome and on Mr. VanMeters returned from work in tne morning it was decided that until a claim was mado on the babe they would keep it and rear it. The little stranger is a lusty, healthy boy baby, was warmly, though not richly clau, and bears all the marks of having been well treated daring its brief -sojourn here below. There was absolutely nothing about the baby or the clothes whiih could serve as a clue to the - identity of the parties who thus abandoned it and the affair is full of mystery. Happily the little one has fallen into good hands and will be well cared for. Another Great Pants DownSale! Of 500 Pairs at Harry Franks A Congress of .Republic". Dr. John Clark Ridpa.th, of Greencastle, has submitted a report which has been approved by a committee looking to a World's Fair congress of Republics; the conference to be held during the Columbian Exposition, but not in, connection therewith. In general outline, the plan calls for two sets of delegates, one to be composed of appointees by executives of republics of the world on a basis of one delegate to every five million population; while the other will consist of delegates from commercial, educational or industrial organizations that express in their fundamental law a devotion to the principles of the American Declaration of Independence, together with invited delegates from nations not republics: the first-mentioned body to constitute •the Senate and the other the House of Congress. The general scope of the proposed conference will be the consideration of the interests of free institutions and the best means of promoting the same. The Creamery Company. The meeting of the stockholders of the Logansport Creamery Company held at the court house on Saturday resulted in ths election of the following board of directors: B. F. Campbell, Abraham Shideler, Orlando Powell, John Palmer, Henry Warrick, R. M. Carney and Peter Etnire. The board will meet to-day and select officers and make further arrangements for the establishment of the creamery, such as the selection of the site for the plant, etc. The company is made up of careful, prudent men; who have thoroughly investigated the matter and know what they are doing. The sharp tones of a police whistle blowed at the corner of Fourlli and Broadway last night at 11 o'clock brought out the all night crowd in force to learn the cause thereof. Four policemen also appeared mysteriously on the scene and a general descent was made on a smallish like man who was being held on the corner by the Pan Handle yard watchman, whom,'it appears had escorted a vagrant, caught loiterin g in the yards, that far when the vag rebelled and refused to go any farther toward the jail. With the assistance of the police the watchman got his man safely landed behind the bars. Xne Writing Telegraph Successful. Indianapolis News: A recent test of the writing telegraph machine was made at the Postal office yesterday. A large number of electricians and others interested in the machine were present in the company's office in this city while messages were exchanged with Crawfordsville, where Mr. Etheredge,, an electrican of the company, was stationed. The success of the test gives assurance that a company will be organized in Indiana to control and operate the writing telegraph. They .Expressed Tlicir Disapproval. On Sunday night a number of North. Siders stormed the house of Mrs. Lou Powell situated on that side of the river and bombarded the domi cile with stones, deceased eggs, clubs, etc. The reputation-of. the place is said to be such as to be a stench in the nostrils of the people over on that quiet side and they took the above very questionable method ;of showing their disapproval of the same. You don't need a Jimmy nor dark lantern to understand the value. We have inaugurated this sale for pay day only. 100 Pair Black Worsted Pants, worth $5, this week at $3 50 100 Pair Black Corkscrew Pants, worth $4, this week at 2 59 100 Pair All-Wool Cassimere $5 Pants, Neat Patterns, this week at 3 50 100 Pair Cassimere Pants, a mild stripe this week at .1 0* 100 Pair Jeans Pants this week at 50 Visit our Bargain Table and you will be delighted. •-.,;>, HARRY FRANK, "TO BE SURE." P. S. Mr. Frank is now in New York City buying for his 2 stores. ;: ,; W ANTED, A Wide-awake, Energetic Boy, to Feed Press. Apply to ; WILSON, HUMPHREYS &ICO. A Resolution. Resolved, That Cicott Lodge F. M. B. A. No- 5252 favor the present lew- appraisement of real and personal property for taxation throughout Cass county. C. W. NEWMAN, Sec. La gripp, or something strangely akin to that peculiar malady, numbers its victims by the score in Logansport. Other localities over the country seem to be suffering like wise. Competition As We Have Found It. We've found many kinds of competition in our 29 year's experience, and we've learned to like it—most of it. Advertising Competion. There's the competitor who has advertised us widely. He .has enthusiastically claimed that his prices beat.McCaffrey's, while knowning bettev. McCaffrey was his target, and people learned that we were the thorn in his flesh because he could not sell at what we could. Deceiving Competition. Some have put their prices on one thing for a day or two..at dessVthan manufactures could made it for, then said "compare with McCaffrey^;]-published prices." People soon found out that that was the only, price they; ':had within reason. " ,'.. . '.' ]."".-.',"'. "*- '" Fearful Competition. : : •"."•" Some have boasted of the lowest prices without naming one of them. They were afraid of something4-and that something was the prices, that they claimed to undersell. •'; t; Petty Competition. -. The majority have never tried to meet us, but have said what they could at their prices. Wide- awake people left them alone. What it Has Done For IBs. • , This competition has built our business. It was only by having lower prices, better qualities and a wider assortment than others: that we drew our trade'. And that is what is increasing;it.. ,, , . , M. McCaffery & Go.

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