The Manhattan Mercury from Manhattan, Kansas on August 24, 1958 · 8
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The Manhattan Mercury from Manhattan, Kansas · 8

Manhattan, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 24, 1958
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EfieuEW toio & TU Log jVil August 24 Through August 3d. Manhattan, Kansas Radio Station KMAN 1350 KC MANHATTAN On TV Series WDAF-T.V. CHANNEL 4 KANSAS CITY KCMO-T.V. CHANNEL. 5 KANSAS CITY KMBC-T.V. CHANNEL KANSAS CITY WLBW-T.V. CHANNEL 11 TOPEKA v JUL 3ATAlj Chuck To Turn 'Good Guy' Ex-ballplayer Chuck Connors is about to be an ex-TV villain when he gets on his horse, Ra zor, and becomes a good guy Sep September 30, on ABC's new western, "Rifleman." The good guys get the dough in Hollywood and Connors is going to grab himself a lot of green and a lot of security if "Rifleman' becomes a winner. . "I'm back to playing myself," said Connors. Looking at his ,6' 5W frame,- I wasn't about to disagree with him, but he was a pretty good villain while be last ed. Connors gave Marshall Dillon1 a brutal fight in a "Gunsmoke epic, and be was quite a success as a heavy in a "Wells Fargo" story. "I liked that one," raid Connors with relish. "I didn't drink, smoke or go but with women. I just committed murder." In William Wyler fine movie, The Big Country," to be released a week or so before "Rifel-man" debuts, Connors is a grand, rowdy villain, pulling an embar- rassingy rope trick on Gregory Peck, the dude, and roughing up Jean Simmons in a sexy bedroom piece of business. On Location for "Big Country," Connors asked for a stunt man on a tough roping and riding sequence. ... Director Wyler . looked way up at him in surprise. -" . "You kidding! Who am I going to get that looks like you?" Connors can look mean and ornery, but in "Rifleman" be played an understanding father to his 10-year-old son, as the two try and KMBCKansas 10:00 Sunday Serenade 10:30 Let's Go See France 12:00 Lariat Playhouse ' . 1:00 By-Llne 1:30 Sherlock Holmes ' 2:00 The Lone Wolf - 2:30 City Detective 3:00 The Hunter 3:30 Dateline Europe 4:00 American Legend 4:30 College News Conference 6:00 Baseball Corner ' 8:30 The Lone Ranger 8:00 You Asked tor It S:30 Maverick . V:30 Anybody Can Play 8:00 Traffic Court 8:30- Masterpiece Movie 10:00 Encore Theatre 11:30 Sign Off Monday, Aacast 25, 19SI 8:30 Bom per Room 8:30 Jackpot Movie 10:53 The Dally Word 11:00 Whlzso'a Wonderland 13:00 Sagebrush Theatre 1:00 Happy Home Theatre 8:30 Trouble With rather - 8:00 American Bandstand 8:30 Who Do You Trust 4:00 American Bandstand - 8:00 Superman 8:30 Mickey Mouse Club 8:00 Whizzo's Cartoon Parade 7:00 Adventures of Jim Bowl 7:30 Bold Journey 8:00 Stars of Jazz 8:30 Polka-Go-Round 8:30 The Honeymooners 10:00 The Ten O'clock News 10:10 Sports, Sam Motes 10:30 Weather Girl 10:30 Murder Till Midnight 11:00 The Daily Word 13:03 Sign Off Tuesday, Aogast 2C, 1358 8:30 Romper Room 8:30 Jackpot Movie 10:M The Dally Word 11:00 Whlrxo's Wonderland 13:00 Sagebrush Theatre . 1:00 Happy Home Theatre - 8:30 Trouble With Father 8:00 American Bandstand , , :30 Who Do You Trust? 4:00 American Bandstand 8:00 Sir Lancelot 8:30 Mickey Mouse Club 8:00 Cisco Kid i 8:30 Sugsrfoot 7:30 Wyatt Earp ' 8:00 Broken Arrow 8:30 Saa Francisco Beat 8:00 Harness Racing 8:30 Johnny It Jenny Miller Show 10:00- The Ten O'clock Nairn 10:10 Sports, Sam Moleo J 0:10 Weather Girl . 0:30 Racket Squad 11:00 Man Behind the Bade 11:30 Scarlet Pimpernel 12:00 The Daily Word . 13:03 Sign Off .Wednesday, August 27, 1958 8:30 Romper Room 0:30 Jackpot Movie 10 :SS The Dally Word 11 :00 . Whizzo's Wonderland 1:00 "Here's How" 1:00 Happy Home JTheatr J:30 Trouble With rather 2:00 American Bandstand 3:30 Whe Do You Trust " 4-00 American1 PamlatarMt i 3 rw Wild njll Hlrknk 8:30 Mickey Mouse Out) get- a ranch going in the south west. There will be parent and child problems and adventures of the wilderness-type stories. The pilot appeared on Zane Grey last spring with Sidney Blackmer in the cast. and word-of-mouth comment around Hollywood is that "Rifleman" should be a bit. How ever, word- of. mouth comment around Hollywood is that every western should be a h. "My producers are making me feel it's an important show." said Connors with a big grin. "J'd say they're doing it big league- The big league guslness isn't all talk to Connors, who hopes Jo stay up longer In the TV ratings than he did playing first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers. . "I was playing behind Gil Hod ges - in a thirty-five-man squad that was about to be cut to twenty-five back in the spring of 1949 " said Chuck. "I bad . no chance of taking Hodges' job away, but 1 used to say this at banquets: 'My biggest throll os being a Dodger. There are only thirty-five, and I'm one of 'em." Connors was Dora in Brooklyn. so joining the Dodgers was like being President. His most embarrassing moment occurred shortly after the speech, when Chuck pinch hit into a dou ble play at Eboets Field. The next day he was in a Montreal uniform batting clean up. "Funny thing." said Connors. "I tried like the devil to get a write-up in The Sporting News,' but I went ought for four too many times.; Now that I'm m TV, City - Channel 9 0:00 "Three Musketeers1 8:30 Disneyland 7:30 Highway Patrol. O S A, 8:00 Wednesday Nite Fights 8:45 Public Inquiry 9:00 Tombstone Territory 8:30 Baseball Corner 10:00 The Ten O'Clock News 10:10 Snorts. Sam Molen 10:20 Weather Girt 10:30 Show-Me Wrestling 11:30 Ellery Queen 12:00 The Daily Word . 13:05 Sign Off Thursday, Augast 23, 1358 :au Horn per noon 8:30 JacKDOt Movie 10:35 The Daily Word 11:00 Whizzo's Wonderland 12:00 Sagebrush Theatre l :uo nappy noma xneaire. 2:30 Trouble With rather 3:00 American Bandstand 3:30 Who Do You Trust 4:00 American Bandstand 5:00 Woody Woodpecker 8:30 Mickey Mouse Club 6:00 Rocky Jones Space P. anger 0:30 Circus Boy 7:00 Zorro ' - 7:30 20 Men " 8:00 Andy Williams 8:30 Navy Log 9:00 "Ozzle Harriet 9:30 The Real McCoys 10:00 The Ten O'clock News 10:10 Sports, Sam Molen 10:30 Weather Girl 10:30 Passport to Danfe - 11:00 1 Spy - 11:30 Federal Man 12:00 - The Daily Word 12:05 Sign Off Friday, August 29. 1958 - a:w sujmper nosia 8:30 Jackpot Movie 10:30 The Daily Word 11:00 Whizzo's Wonderland 13:00 Sagebrush Theatre 1:00 Happy Home Theatr 3:30 Trouble With Father 3:00 American Bandstand 3 .30 Who Do You Trust 4: DO American Bandstand 8:00 The Buccaneer 8:30 Mickey Mouse Club 8:00 Annie Oakley 8:30 Rin Tin Tin 7:00 Willy 7:30 This Is Music 8:00 T.B.A. 8:30 Buick Action Theatre 9:00 Pantomime Quiz 9:30 Death Valley Days 10:08 The Ten O'Clock News 10:10 Sports, Sam Holes 10 JO Weather Girl la SO Premiere Playhouse 12:00 Star and the Story 12:30 Sign Off .- . - Saturday, August 30, 1938 10:00 Little itascaia 11:00 Comlclub 11:30 Children's Theatre 1:00 Sis Oun Playhouse - 3:00 Texas Rasslin' 3:00 Circle 9 Movie Time 3:00 Bowlln' With Molen 0:00 My Hero 0:30 The Dick Clark Show ... 7:00 Country Muslo Jubilee 8:00 Lawrence- Weik Enow 9:00 Midwestern Hayride. 10:00 Saturday Movie- ; . U:30 Sign 01 they w ant an interview." Conners' batting average wasnt as bad as he makes it sound. He hit .372 for Los Angeles, 308 at Montreal, and bis lifetime average is between .290 and 300. Playing first base for Los Angeles, Connors was happy to lucky and a joker, a nd he became sort1 of a celebrity. . Hollywood movie people hung around the big guy, and one day he was offered a part in MGM's "Fat and Mike." "I never thought about Holly wood and acting," says Connors, certainly not while he had the long glove out at first base. "Hollywood was an illusion until I was sitting out on .a set with my feet up and I saw Spencer Tracy walk on. Then I wondered what I was doing bthere." . The pay check got him thinking '500 a day.- "That was two weeks pay with the Dodgers," said Connors. "This looked like the place for me." He caught on, learned' to ride, grew sideburns and became a sought' after heavy. If "Rifleman" catches on, Connors may reap around $150,000 this year, a far cry from the 26,500 be earned playing for the Los Angeles Angels in 1952. I TV Key Mailbag (Of the thousands of questions received each week, the TV KEY staff selects the most interesting and representative to be answered in this daily column.) Question: A. few weeks ago on "Name That Tune," they had two contestants I could swear bad already won the jackpot. What was the matter? Mrs. M. B. B.,- Memphis Tenn. Answer: Nothing is the matter. "Name That Tune" gave its staff a few weeks rest, and showed re peats, thus carrying TVs repeat epidemic to its most ridiculous extreme. Question: How tall is. Peter Lawford? R. I., Tulsa, Okla. Answer: Exactly 6 feet talL Question: What was the name of the movie, recently shown on TV," in which Joseph Cotten was a painter and Jennifer Jones was a girl who aged many years m a few days. E. v., Staten island, N. Y. Answer: It was called "Portrait of Jennie," Question: How old is Ed Sullivan? J. M.f Saint Augustine, Fla. Answer: Ed celebrates bis 54th birthday in September. OOuestiom Who are Clint Walker and James Arness married to? G. H., MorriKan, Idas. Answer: Clint's wife is the for-ver Vera Lacile Gerber. Arness is married to actress Virginia Chapman. Question: When an actor on television is stabbed, how is toe blood simulated? J. L. M., Jeanette, Pa. Answer: The actor is smeared with grease paint or, in a pinch catchup. . . Question: Why was "Playhouse 90" changed on Thursday,. August 13? They were originally going to show a play called "No Time At All." Instead, they bad a western, "Natchez." G. F., Pittsburgh, Pa. Answer: "No Time , At AH" concerned an airplane crack-up. CBS decided that it would be in bad taste to offer the production so soon after the tragic mid-Atlantic ; crash which took pearly ('10O 1AVCV. 4 " x W i , i. . s . , . ; f n j i N Jt.y-i ' r - "wsa.: ' ' ,S ' -' " CHUCK CONNORS, complete with rifle and son (Johnny Crawford), as they will appear in the new ABC series "The Rifleman." Italian Singing Sensation Finds Pot Of Gold In Sky WASHINGTON (AP) Domenico Moducno, the singing sensation from Italy, : has found a pot of American gold in the blue sky he sings about in his smash record "Nel Blu, Dipinto di Blu." The mustachioed, guitar thump ing singer was unknown to American listeners. five weeks ago. Now, although he didn't make his American, debut until this week, he has become a .coast-to- coast sensation. His swift fame may catapult mm into the millionaire bracket if his record sales, now hearing Question: Did Phyllis Avery ever appear in a TV series called "Mr. McNulty," or something like that? If now, has she ever played a running part in a TV show? M. M., Charlotte, N. C. Answer: Phyllis Avery co-starred as Ray Milland's wife in the series, "Meet Mr. McNuky."" Question: Please tell me where I can get to see Silver, the Lone Ranger's horse. We plan a trip to California soon. We owned Sil- v r at -one time. His father, Man of Gold, was a champion staMton wlucn we also owned. I. F. B. Tulsa, Okla. Answer: Contact the Public Re lations Department of Warner Brothers Studios in Burba nk, OaH fornia. They will be able to tell you where Silver is stabled. Question: How old is Sherry Jackson of the Danny Thomas show? K. W., Des Moines, la. 'Answer: Sherry is 17. Question: Why did "Shirley Temple's Storybook" switch from live drama to film? C. L., Baltimore, Md. . Answer: For the same reasons so many TV shows are on dm. Although it lessens spontaniety, film gives the producer a chance to edit and change his show once it is completed. It also provides an ODDortunRv to reneat the oro- gram over and over again re sulting in greater profits. the two million mark, and his future night club bookings continue to soar. The 28-year-old Modugno, somewhat dazed at his overnight success, has been flooded with offers ranging up to $lt,000 a week for future personal appearances. He has accepted dates to appear in New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Toronto, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Included is a four-week date at Las Vegas' Desert Inn at $10,000 weekly many, many times what he earned during his best week in Italy. Modugno has even been booked to appear in New York's Carnegie Hall, the home of symphonic concerts, Sept. 17 to sing his Italian love songs. Shaking bis bead unbelievingly, Modugno said bis American reception exceeded his wildest dreams. He said: . "It is more than fantastic because I sing in ItaUan and most of them cannot understand. Perhaps it shows that words mean very little in life when yon have musie, the universal language." Question: Please tell me if Tommy Rettig will play in any more television shows S. J. C, Sunflower, Miss. Answer: Tommy will appear in a number of TV dramas next season, and may even turn up in a few episodes of "Rin Tin Tin." Question: Will the movie, "The Bells of St. Mary," be on TV again? L. S., Hartford, Conn. Answer: Many viewers who miss their favorite films on TV, are puzzled as to whether they will appear again. In almost every case, the answer-is yes. A TV station usually rents a movie for., more than one showing. Therefore, they have to repeat it perhaps. in a different time slot i to make a orafit on K film.' ' ' !

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