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The Manhattan Mercury from Manhattan, Kansas • Page 3

The Manhattan Mercury from Manhattan, Kansas • Page 3

Manhattan, Kansas
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Thnraday, Jane 12, Ms The Manhattan Mercury 3 PillToLetSunbathers rJ. Get Tan Without Burning Supports Trade -etc- -rr44 0 I A'-zt' 1 persons, even those with a fair complexion, to withstand burning, said Dr. Arthur C. Curtis, dermatologist at the University of Michigan Medical School. The pill apparently works by strengthening the outer layer of skin and creates an internal filter which screens out burn-producing rays of the sun, reported Dr. Samuel Becke Jr. of the University of Illinois. A pill-protected tan may in a Pro gram WASHINGTON (AP) Sen Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex) gave "whole hearted aupport" today to President Eisenhower's House-passed reciprocal trade menu program. The Democratic majority lead er told the Senate he hoped it will 1 pass "this very important" meas ure "without crippling amend- rvrr-. ments" at the earliest possible time consistent with adequate bearings. He spoke as the administration backed bill hit a Republican lead ership snag. In the face of a lop-sided 317-98 House vote Wednesday to continue presidential control over tariffs for five years. Sen. William fw i A mw if, if, Knowland (R-Calif) announced he will back a move to reduce the i i i. NEW YORK (AP)-A pill designed to help people sunt an without burning will be available by prescription only. Clinhal reports of the newly developed tablet were discussed Wednesday at a prepa conference held by the Upjohn Kalamazoo, pharmaceutical man ufacturer. The pill apparently helps most Red Czech Guards May Have Nabbed Missing U. S. GI VIENNA, Austria (AP)-A U.S. Army sergeant who vanished mysteriously Tuesday presumably was seized by Communist Czechoslo-vp' a's border said today. t. James Cole. 34, Connells-ville, went fishing on the Thaya River north of here with his Austrian brother-in-law. The stream forms the border with Czechoslovakia. "He was fishing not tar from me. Then I kept my eyes briefly on my own fishing rod but when I looked up again, he was gone," the brother-in-law said. "An accident is virtually impossible," a police official said. Police said their theory is that the sergeant waded through the shallow water to a small island in the middle of the river. There, Czech Communist sentries might have seized him: The island belongs to Czechoslovakia. "This is not the first time such things have occurred on that frontier," the police official said. Police said the sergeant's wife, an Austrian girl from Stokerau near Vienna, told them Cole was stationed in Munich, West Germany, and was a veteran of the Korean War. The wars of the extension to three years. ALMOST LIKE JACK-STRAWS a friend, Mrs. Nadine Cowell, left, helping, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Ragain, right, try to find their possessions in the wreckage that remained after a tornado whipped through El Dorado, killing 13 persons and injuring more than 50. At least 150 houses were destroyed or damaged. (AP Wirephoto) MASTER IS DEAD Rescue workers feed a bedraggled Collie which survived a tornado at El Dorado, although its master, 14-year-old John Phillips, was killed. Feeding the dog is George Pelma, a Wichita Civil Air Patrol member. At left is Dale Perkins of the Newton, fire department. (AP Wirephoto) Start Music Classes few days exposure equal a whole summer's exnosure to suntaning Dr. Curtis said. The sunburn inhibiting factor is an extract of a plant that grows along the Nile Delta and has been used by Egyptians and Arabians con! -ies as a drug, the company said. The Upjohn product, called Meloxine, may in a few-cases relieve stomach distress or mild nervousness, the company added LrAD'F IS RTLECTED HONG KONG (AP) Communist political leaders are being turned into professors as Red China further steps up political indoctrination in its "universities and colleges. Peiping radio today said large nuii.bers of "leading members of the Central Committee and secretaries of provincial and municipal committees of the Chinese Communist party have accepted professorships." It was the first report of high political leaders themselves taking teaching jobs. FAM ED TO FIT.E COLBY, Kas. (AP)-The Democratic party in Kansas was taken to task last night by its state chairman; Frank Theis, for what he Kvxt'l default." He told a political rally here the Democratic party has been guilty of failing to file candidates for all state offices. -y si via Johnson said he will ask the Finance Committee to start hearings on the earliest possible day and meet morning and afternoon to expedite action. He added that he would recommend that the trade bill be given "fthe very highest priority." House Expects To Act Fast To Give 4 Aid To Railroads WASHINGTON (AP) Quick House action is expected on legislation to authorize 700 million dollars in government-guaranteed loans and other help for the ailing railroads. The Senate oassed the bill by CALLING ALL KIDDIES! Students who will be in the fifth grade or above this fall may enroll at the junior high school Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon or from 1:30 p.m. to 3 for classes in instrumental music. Lawrence W. Norvell will direct the summer instrumental program and will be assisted by Mrs. Helen Wunderlich, Uel Burden, Clyde Jussilla, Warren Walker and Dale Norris. Classes will be in sesson in June and July. Additional instrumental instruction will be a combined string orchestra, a combined 4 ranch kings Solon Invites Anyone To Tell Of Improper Pressure who built an empire Vi nn vt 1 miles beyond A VI thtalawl I the law! www CHAPPELUS MILK Annual FREE SUMMER VACATION MOVIES Starting Saturday June 14th, 9:15 P.M. 1 CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS OF AGE FREE BY PRESENTING 1 CHAPPELLS ICE CREAM CARTON -OR 4 CHAPPELL'S MILK CARTON TOPS 1 itUUU ill I ALWAYS COLOR CARTOON SAMUEL FULLER f. 71 kmi June 16 Uel Burden: Baritone, trombone, bass horn, trumpet, grade band, seventh grade band and others by appointment. Dale Norris: Flute, clarinet, saxophone, flute and others by appointment. Warren Walker: Cello-bass and grade and junior high cello. Clyde Jussilla: Classes in Oboe and bassoon by appointment. Most instruments will have sections in beginners, intermediate and advanced. All classes will be held in the mornings, Monday through Friday and will meet in the junior high school. Details will be available when students enroll Saturday. am WALT DISIXEY5 EXTRA ADDEP Walt Disnev's 'BLUE MEN OF MORROCO' Color Cartoon "GOOD SCOUTS" NOW ENDS WW" SATURDAY Open 1:30 65c 'Til 6 ENDS TONITE! "THE LONELY MAN" "THE MOUNTAIN" Friday-Saturday MWV1J.JUIIHW PLUS JOEL McCREA BARBARA STANWYCK I Trooper Hook" Always A Cartoon FREE PLAYGROUND MODERN SNACK BAR lltflKfl 1 ILw. Mirrmg JOEL MCCREA CO-trnn( nmiB grade school band and a seventh grade band. Norvell stressed that all classes are free. String students will enroll in room 9 of the junior high and all others in 7. Schedules of the instructors are: Lawrence Norvell: French horn, clarinet, cornet and trumpet, alto horn, trombone, saxophone, a high school twirling class and others by appointment. Mrs. Wunderlich: Grade and junior high viola, grade and junior high violin and the all-city string orchestra. was back from a New Hamp shire fishing trip. So far the subcommittee record has WI11H0H nnlv fraPmpnlarv hearsay allegations reported by staff investigators to the effect that Goldfine got favored treatment through his friendship with Adams. Named Best Dressed Movie Stars LOS ANGELES (AP) After more than four years of litigation, actress Veda Ann Russell and Dean Martin are the t-dressed woman and man stars of the entertainment world. So said the California fashion creators Wednesday night at a banquet climaxing a four-day fall showing. Miss Russell wore an Orry-Kelly gown of pale apricot. Martin wore a cocktail suit of mohair with lapels of satin piping, Tried a Want-Ad Lately? Th 84 ShH-8hit Hour Of "Outpost Charti" A Handful Ol Haroaa vioppaa wi wmaraa mrmy wnn Tnair piaan, Thalrfury And Thata- Plashing cold Staal COMPANION HIT KILLtk PISTOL.Iirri ni INTO OUTLAW FOR THf HOTTEST RFVIN6I A MAN VM TOOK! WITH) MTISTJ TALBOTT -HAGfiERTY GOATES voir vote vesterdav and the House Commerce Committee was calld into closed door session to tackle the measure today, As passed by the Senate, the bill also would permit the railroads to discontinue unprofitable interstate trains unless the Interstate Commerce Commission de- termines the carriers. are not suffering net loses and overrules them. The Senate cut out a provision that would havenermitted rail, air, barge and truck carriers to set up reserve funds that would be free of income taxes for five years if the funds were invested In naur enninmpnt. On motion of Sen. Richard B. Jtussell (D-Ga), the Senate inated authority for the ICC to permit discontinuance of trains operating wholly within a single state. In the amended form, tne hill would cive the ICC author ity to permit discontinuance of any train that crosses from one itatp into another. Under the bill, the ICC would authorize government guaranteed loans to the railroads for acquisition or construction of new equipment. DEFEATED BY OWN VOTE CREWE, Pa. Dix on missed election Tuesday to Town Council by one vote his own. He voted for the candidate who beat him. Tried a Want-Ad Lately? Harold McCubbin Wins Scholarship For Male.Crads At Norton II. S. Harold Thomas McCubbin, a 1958 graduate of Norton community high school, has been announced as winner of a $100 Calvin Grove scholarship at Kan- aas- State College, for the 1958- 1959 school year. According to Max W. Milbourn, chairman of K-State's general scholarship committee, the Grove scholarship is awarded annually to a male graduate of a Norton country high schoool and goes to a student showing high scholarship standards. McCubbin lettered in scholarship at Norton high and in 1957 was second in the state scholarship tests in solid geometry and WASHINGTON (AP)-Rep. Or-j den Harris (D-Ark) offered a sianuing jiivnauua iuuij 1UI I fori Sherman Adams or anyone else to tell Harris' House subcommittee about any improper influence on federal regulatory agencies. Harris did not specifically name Adams, President Eisenhower's chief assistant, but he said the invitation includes officials of the executive branch. Harris announced also that "we're going to start building the case" next Monday in an inquiry which so far has featured disputed allegations that Adamspulled strings to help an old friend, Boston industrialist Bernard Gold-fine. In an interview, the Arkansas Democrat said he would call in Federal Trade Commission and Securities and Exchange Commission officials. Goldfine firms have been in trouble with both agencies. Also under subpoena is a Goldfine bookkeeper who so far has balked at turning over all records Harris wants. Adams was reported ready to deny that he swung favored FTC and SEC treatment for Goldfine. The White House said Adams NOW ENDS I1W SATURDAY Doors Open 6:45 75c 25c f', a -id- ii X-TRA ADDLO: ChRTOoN NOVELTY NEWS Now Showing Doors Open 1:30 65c ounn TONITE! SATURDAY Open 1:45 Show at Dusk M-Q-M BLASTS THE SCREEN BBroawnttnt z- of I I waits I I I fear and fury and a girl who for a lover or vL-Sii-o GENN I Mchael TODD'S COLON by OE LUXC OnkiviaScOPE now low 01 utni" "SSU" iu rant it am OMUII JOC I. BROWN kURTINC CUOL JOHN CUIUINf CHiMltS CORtlRN NOIU10 COL MIR MELVIUf COOf II NOU COWttD flNlTCUIIti eowio cam ANOV OEVINt nuifw ciniiCN IUIS OOMIWUW it lERHtPtDtl waiTfi nmtmt SIR Km CIELCUO NEIMI0NE timiXt KKt UECO SICEWICHMDWICIIC A TREVM HOWAU 0.mIKWM MOII A EVELYN KITES IUI nun imre EMWJW umt ctx. riHikcor VICTM MtUCLEI E. WI1HEWS Mmt wnmi KM HIUI ROBERT MMIEV MAN MOWBRAY EB UURROW MCKOAKIC mg urr OttBERT WMINB) CfSR BOMf RO ERIMX SIN1TR4 1t REB SKEITOR RONALD UXirtl BASH. STOREY BLCHtto WRTTIB NAKOURT WIlllAABI tlmmt 1 TI1L.F Mi' 1 Chicago, ios angeles, 10ND0N, TOKYO AN0 ALL OVER THE WORLD. STEWART nRHOHDS. UBm-jfiBiiKa nm tyii cuninju 10BI1TIIIT0I SH11LCT MmIHW- 52 BEST PICTURE AWARDS in rum CmtwtAScen and METROCOLOR (MtABBIRB Chill Wills-Steve rowuno COMPANION HIT I ft IMfMUMaJll I fmihtCkmcirnnffni 'V THf DAY A COLD-tYlD WHIU rUYINC AT ADVANCED K0AD SHOW PRICES TO RECORD SREAKIN6 AUDIENCES IN NEW HIS WAY mm i 1 1 Modern Snack Bar No need to Dress 1 I II, I -I ONB(BJAStSB3fi -L MtMt IBMBMBI BBATKHBO. imttzt York, STARTS WEDNESDAY JUNE 18TH PARIS. CAPITALS BARRY DICKINSON COLE "I jCw flMSMil-JL ell economics. He was a class officer his sophomore year and participated in basketball, wrestling, Ui-Y, dramatics, and Future Farmers of America. A The Scholarship was establish1 through a bequest by Kittie I 3rove, lifetime resident of Neon county. Modern Rest Rooms Up Come As You Are

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