The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1931
Page 5
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TUESDAY, MAY 12, 1931 I IToopcston Finds Good Government Is Cheap m,YTllKVlU.K, (ARK.)_rnilimOU NF.WS OMOD 1 n«ujufl!nLmiu: fii| .^j .^k| —r^,- ! v^^i, "'??:^'":^ T'I-.- ,, ,., -,,,,,,-iv A".:I-:.V.U. &\5fc ^«K-^^>:?^<'.^r^ £,,,:. .-,„ r .,,, y K::!ri , *m Mvt., K^:fiSft^ip|^v VJl "n: ':,•- ';;,:;;:..",' '";;r ";4i .^--m^A^^msmt f::":'£;fn 'A. '^4/oi Cl£!- |te0%llW % «%^^Pi ..-:- ,,-,..,,• rvr.v . ' tf,»<>.toX tfes ''i&.^K'AjM PACK TIIUEL "-- liiiicliooii mriius. Ciilui-li's—>l j ulll suggest other combinations. . H-.rJH>cs ami celery c-.m be .served SISTER MARY'S wr I-TV^T wr-\"» _.<'-'loiT r.Minl. '['his Includes in llii' IM r-ilory count rather cxtrav; 1 .li 9 I I I—I IA \\ t; '" ci Us; !1 " bviMrt-sliill.s--i)ivtlrii. smilly, cone ollvir nilillivj ten to J\ 3 i \ I I I '\ 1: "' 5 ' ''•"' >"'U«o;l rolls v.) i-oinihir nrit ™ calurlfs. i±*.ASl *-. .. ij -^ J* ..n 11;.. limi-hoon menu-i'-cUm : * ' * In Hie iilaro. t.ike stock of i * vlll > tlu> bouillon, fur nnlfss __ Hie iMtoi-los. It's the tuts, sui-e!i. I",' 111 " 1 '" l |ir P amounts their cal- i i's niul biiRais dial ih:. ul >' '"-intent I? nil. Ollvos Increase •t-.iluiy r.Minl. '1'hls Includes in llu- llie c.Uory count rather cxtrav; 1 .- .sai r-t-s, liY Sl'iJ'Iilt MAKV ami very > M:\ Sn-.l,;. WrCr yulks ui o JB s anil cake mlMuiv.! ::M-. (:•(• v,-o:inn \ih-j Is tiy- Aniji'l (nwl cak.- Is iw: (II'JTO Mnco , :"l'i.-- h: i u-.'Ulil by ;ll.'t- ''''* nui.lo moi'.ly of ci:.; whiles.!o!i5 \vii!i v,hU'i .ire rxti/>in?)y lov: In tut. Ta.isii'd trackers can ofun (ako' c.f ill-rail. A sodn cuck- i •I H:« I'.P: !a li-i!;:-.; i.l c]i.---ilJsi;u'tioii niul lies- : lii.iii!:.-. sir i-i-ai-.yM that she may lioiilllGn Jelled Veal I,:«f H:i-.lif!lC3 SaUln^s £•':•.•. -nrr f.-.n liiimo'f . I'vi '.-.- ii'l-l tVt i.'l :;!:!)'ll "(I ! !•!':! ;>;"">'!;• his o'.v!'. niiS: !>>vl i!vi!-y riodMts. his i.v.n t rt'y.i ;..:•; e-vii pouliiy. rruse ':-,.-:! ?iv'.'-ji l:jf}; and .-an ;ho ir.d v?:v'.ab:e( he n-iinres for •- ini Y '.: "\ "Until he ^'-^aiMS fi -oni h:<= farm ^ve: y ivm frr per.s-jiiil consnmii- tion which is humanely possible for him lo pro-i'ice he ins not •ff^ C-fV !! / v M-V^ i' -K; : p-y^T '^ti QV, 1 :^ ^ w~ IcITin! !..•:• liuvii.;.s !l she fails tn '"' ^ >'i1d to Imvi- nljjiit n:r:-['nir;h » f -.].i::v .; [mil si the sum* l llri 'e "f l)ira:l of l!i;'sumc si:; in tliri'. 1 •:.;• iL!i.r.v« that if she decs ' Hi'.' I'laokn-. jsh-.- >:: ',:•. lu-r can-fully iji:.i:-c!t;l I'Vin; corlitalh uin5\ve.r.vni.'r|i. diet mill inulcvs tl'.c \vfik i;l w:uks Jcllii'd nuvi's broiled ni-its or of lish, n :l i. hut s'.i.x-nl'.'nl vcji".i:.t)l-- T!;r. tho xvi'-e hcsicss of t3:!ay •'•'"iiily iln-isjil \\lth ii-ili jin:l ])?jj- ])!:n- I:.T iiuniis with tier rc.luc'.ni I 1 "' '""I a lllilr bnlirr a plain l;t- l:i mind. nlso iiniL-r- >"fi' "•' I'li.lh-.: or frnil silnd v.Uh sluiuls Unit every R.icsl will b; Fi't'nch dns^ln;!, ii'rJ If ilpvcrl nnicli :u:ir.! t^iiifo: table duriir; a:i " u! - sl l>f ^civi'il, n fruit wliip cr in- Idii- .iik-rnotn If she lius not hi- — J 'l t!ios.' nre desirr.blr. ll"LiHl-:n d,uU:'.-i! in too rich food for Inn-. 1 :;- ft!ui coiisLinine cither hot or J:l- o'jn. ill- iicl> or s'.vret nft^riiojn "'''I an 1 lew In oalorlei mid make lisa :|>:iU the n|)i>etHe at <l!nii:-r "" f-xcc'iioiit first onn;!. tor n in- I ;:• '.voryune. liinc!ir-o!i If Inill is winitej [y: i'ii"ri' ,i:x- a few p:neral siiije:- 'Jc^J-rl. UN ;|:P liu-le^s would da well l> Tho lolliwiiii; liiuclipon nK'Si'.i n::iil:.'r wl'c'.i |)lannlii!< li:r averages about til!) cal^rjcs iv.ii . I-Vcnch Endive w;th French Dressing rineap;j!e anJ Orciije Ic2 !l!iu-k Cclf.'e 'rniiini row's -Menu BIJKAKI'ASr - Kt,-".v«! llnibllb i!c::e 'iih job proye.'ly' Pics and '' l! :u ' **- '^-l'-^t:;i:'.^ r.-r.yo. ar.J alitmne::: Cha.l's E. Jr-..s5c;i. f;,j;.-ry f;rc::ian; frank J. Gardnor. lo !h- indlvi.l'ial fnrrtKr than ail ."ujc'.l C. Hwrs. i)oU!i"..; ccnspinv head; M:U-;n C. ll-'iil.'conipit:!> jin-.iclrnf Wil'i-m McF-rreii' !ha\ ^Kv r '™^'.- l b' iC d--i"ed ""^ ' : " 1:k lirtit:clU: l ' nK ' s J- ^'-^». factory S ui:eiintbn1.nt; l-'roJ Parks, undent of an ice and" cou! ."• '-•---' •- ' - • cciu-'any. -. that way po?<i!i)Iy be devised." M-'XT: rurrpf niif) the tal?s: l>i-ii- tfl.ilive pii5'li Ihf. liepri^ iion. C-iaryc Prcpbvleripn miiiK'.c-rs a:v anxious lo fh-.i:v;i tile"..- prslcr.ites aecord- in~ Ic. :> i-c-nr;:t prepared by the Cc.rniiiU*-.? on Vac'^i-.i 1 .-,- iind E-.ipplv fsr to "~i'* General /V:-c-n:l)!y i;i Pittr.bin-gh on Mav 28. The comr.-.ittec learned that there v.-ere niar.y niiijirti-i-s \vho weie dis- cr.nt:ntt:d and unhappy in t! v.crk. Lit'.le rf the dissatisfaction is I'.ue to tho rcant Piinr.rial re- inrr.s of tbi 1 ministry, at-corduie; to tile committee but remits train Sor.-.o ef the canws an: listed as: |^ .T. r cub?e i'.bci:t building pro'•- (:.:i::^.: fiefh'ii"; blfinicd on the I r.r'or: ' l"id fimncin! ine'.h.ods; r.:i'.a-c:^.--.:o Prongs ^vithin the i:rii-----3'.:on: :ii::2tins fa:r.ily:anct member a trouble maker. 50c-Muyor and Two Bit C M t) Til' • m l'°" s "ml voted It <l,-j«n. o nn c E 1 ] \ n n Illinois I o w n ^^ , hs ma , now mil carry 0:1 as di Uentl Cour'ier Nc'.vs v.-r.;it nci.s. (fr<irt Ij r.iis-> the jj.iy of (lie of fi.::;ib. Ccmirl'iiien did projiose in lncr,-as» but citizens llockrd to th Iiolls ami vcled It ti,-j«n. clct-tc -.--, - did lliei ,. vt ., c . — . fcr: fathers whon Hooyeston \vn t!> NF-.A Km ice -It prcv?s you can cffio i,, 5 i n H U ;- luii'd'u of slinc!-; o HOOPESTOM. III.—in th!? enter- ' out men fer iiiinorianl offitcs with- '[he prairie." ' prising; li'.rie ci-:y of CO.""). j;r,t fj: mil the lur? of ?. l-;t of inoiry," | ' U enough'.ate from Chica^T so . they sn v . it car-'l licnr the mneliii:<> rr T ,, cro is nol onc olll , (andlnE u .. u , ••ansdon. tliore aren't any rrjs- rr brn -j fr , cinK thi , mavo . .„„, ], js •e:ns of omcnl < ornipt:o:i, crime t . OU ii:M. Innoacl there is .?1000T -nl i:ie:rici:ncy—and grail siovcrn- j :1 n n trpiuury a'ltl an n'itlilioinl incut, cost; onlv SI.oO a yc.-ir! S25.CCO h-.o hren !o^:irrt to citiz-n.-. , Bi-in 1 / mayor cr a'deriran \--. con- Hcon«srcn is solvent—with nicney ; .'Here:! a civic duty. Mii:ij<-i"R' in (he bank ?n:c?rs hike pride in rivim; as gnctl j ; ),„ nl i| Ci 0 . pavement, owns i ai!iniii!s!i-£!!ons ^.' r.assible. lii:v it s OVi .,, un t t , r 1V11 ^- S a ,, ( | i lns jjg . ; *or.: h-jr-,1 aril oflc-.i for loin l-oiivs mil v.-orth "ef new fire cquipmc-it •• in trrsiil-te their tasks mid sa'i>- ii m , nre two fillc par , :s „ zoo | fy th? peaple who elected them a municipal auditorium, swlsnininc hf.t they are ruling ivirely and well. . p0 cl. a city library a-Kl a rjarb-x-c Slid h-rc-'s what toy are paid: ; sy;trin-ai:d they're all paid for." i.::;:..r r.m ry K. Rirlu-rrfk. a ih° dczr:> fine churches hnve it CHtC.'iC.O. (UP)—A mlllinn dol- Itirr, worth nf old newspapers is export".-]- fron'i tin- United States fi-.inuflily for nr,? nicely as \vrap- Y.'UY/, papor i:i the ba/.iars of Far Easlei: 1 .' cities and v.-all paper in Cliina. ?.ccordhi3 to a rep-jit of the national industrial conference board en foroi^n trarle statisticj;. KAl'i TO TKACil IliiAIiTV CHICAGO. (UP)—/.Uliir.i'sh the 1033 World's Fair exhibits will sha-.v the prepress in the i:irt«3trial -.vorlc: one of O'e purp"?es of t"e sxpDsi- ate brauty, according ID Dr. Allrn D. Ai'ocrt. Rrsbtint to the president cr t!-.c Century of I'rojrsss Exposition.; rcn! ^esiair^ rigir.t by o;eup-fon. wiiUeii in tl-?ir constitutions That 1 r.O cen'n a yc-nr. h?ll net be ai:ov. d in • Th? ei»ht a'dermen. who so ably ihp i?i'y. And there -s : n: "i:L-zo:ii.-r." receive 25 cents : citizcris claim. , ?.:im;ally. . • | nialii no\v the crunci! Is snrtig j '-.-'-*• .-:••' * ' * .the city ftmch lo build n n»v,- citvf Ko:i-; cycr rnmnhln: that he isn't trl' so :-ep:ace th" o!d one cKstroy- ' -n--] cnoneh. In fact (he mayor ed by tiro seven! years a?o Bui .'S ro rmi-l ci Iv.s record h; isn't ti, e:c wcn't he n bDiid issue. The =ven rroim to c:- = -i li:s pa-/ cheeks, mcnrv n:;r,t be- on, han.1 b-fc-» the K:- ?avs he will liav.- the first or.c ttiildin; is started. Thev op-rate framed and probably he'll do the uii a cnsh basis iicre in lioo-csto-. same with th? recond onc, which he ... rc-cr-ivc-3 M the end of his twc- brolled bacon; fried cornnm! iniis'.i, . innjile syrup, bran mtiinns, milk, • • coffee. ' LUNCHEON— Tomato choa-dar. crcutons, cottage chfj.".; solid, rys breaj, swe;l potato glngjr brsad" milk, lea. IHNNER-Vcal and vcistabb st5w, frcsli asparagus salad, caramel custard, crisp coskfcs, mll- coflce. CQSTIVENESS In.loor work—\ »l work with tho linmls that JOK not Inehido Plenty of nliyslcal oxerelao for in,, i.o.iy, ofk , a re3u]t3 " llls '"'1 'wlliiK ,,„,! u,,- l'*-aEiniiali;:isor raully lKnr r | L l"l7" L ^'' ^' ' ( ' onnnl i taujicr aim liniucs., nuikor llvli,,. | n Somcrect, Kjv, K.j-a- "I ],n,i 10 Inko fOnwiLIni; for cos- . iiU'iii'sn, ns I would juut K it WJ llreii, or huvo i\ <1.-|] fec-1- ll'S. AfUT I )H..IT,I of Blr.cii- Lmuelit niul U-fan n.lti:i« II, 1 r.volJc.l ihla trouMc. I !0 II In siimll do.-ita nn4 1^ BLACK- T ! intr Thc oduced when tin tcwrj was ! introduced when tin towrj wa5 i:i- i C tiz=n^ of «ooc«slon point with ' ccrpjr.ital in !372. Tho tint niaycr '. satisfaction to their mnyor and nl- j and his council wantrd to work lov i aerman. note that gosd government ' noth!n». but found they had to i has actually b:en realized and con- '. have a'salary to make Eervhv their : "iiid; by sayint thsy - are s'tti"; . constituents legal. SO they made 1 to t?r gcvrnmont than mo--l p'ac:s | the rr.isries as small as posnb'c. l '.'.'t:i ir.^h-salaric.1 ofricir-is. ! O ;ilv ones Ims there been :;nv TarK-jnii AlpiiKjr.s tn IMcet BANF?. Al'cei-ta. (UP) — Tr. the T(.:-:i!i!:m Crcfk diilrlr';. sn::ir tlire'. 1 miles frcm tho lur.d of Prcspeclcr's Vallpy, O.GOO tcct abov; ^-a-lcvel in the Koo'.cnay Park section of i'le Canadian RockitE.. liio Alpini- Club 'if Cnn- ad^ v.iT.'hc!rl its 2Cth annii?.! camp frcn- Jnl;' M to AI:J. 3, 1031. OHSSSSSSSTS 233SS 23,000 Horses in PHILADELPHIA. Q'l^kfr Ci'.v h^.i v.: . J/ bf[ 13 rc".rr.';<i::it Hie r.nnv ,: icur iootct] ;ir.;rr..i!s svlr.rh r-n-- V'.o'.-:c;eJ the sole cf trn.r.s- IJonaticn in Pc:i:i's "grecne tric to-.vtie." ilrlvp Savc:l Bny , Wi~. ilip)--V/!ie:i lis- ter Smith crows in anrt pcrin:); turns gnlfpr, hp will still rovwci tli; flice.1 drive. L;-s:er r.°ccnl!y v;n; | blown ci;: into Like V.'linicbi n o" frail 'rr.fl. }i' K c; .-os W nr.- no' hoard ur.iil n 3 ,-.Her flier:! !-;s b.ill lo tho ta:.p shore an:: ;;:^rcl L :s Irr's e.i'is. IN RED BALL BAG/ J. G. Owen I);m Duncan Gen. Mgr. MRV. Imj). Dcpt. & Warehouse Always Ufiii&ma Throat irritants "Reach for a LUCKY instead 11 Now! Please!-Actually put your finger on your Adam's Apple. To uch it — your Adam's Apple—Do you know you are actually touching your larynx?-This is your voice box —it contains your vocal chprds. When ypu consider your Adam's Apple, you are considering your throat —your vocal chords. Don't rasp your throat with harsh irritants — Reach for a LUCKY instead — Remember, iUCKY STRIKE is the only cigarette in America that through its exclusive "TOASTING" process expels certain harsh irritants present in all row tobaccos. These expelled irritants are sold to manufacturers of chemical compounds. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE, and so we say "Consider your Adam's Apple." V/c are II;ipp>- to nmiouncc to the gond folks of Kly- ihcviilo ;ii!<l ti:« pun'onn'linjr tvuilo U'lTitory, that we ;iro l:ov<- cxr/hi-ivo distrilnitoi's for Happy FeL'ils in lied B;ill I?;I;K ]'(>:• 'I ci-sr.--, muk's, cows, poultry ami liop=. We also handle the oomplelo lir.e of "JOIIK DF-:F,KK 1MPLE- MB.VI'S." MO\'TK\ r ALI.n and other grades of coal. Our oi-jraiiixatloi] is no\v prepare;! to serve yon at alt times promptly in a Happy-Way. Before Kniiiir into the feed littsiness wo made n thorough invr.stij;aliiin w niai!uf;;ctured feed ; OM the market. A s;:cdal trip to .Memphis lo inspect Happy Feed ".Mills, see how Happy Ke"ds are made and what yoes intn them. After tl;is direful inve.iligalinn we are c-tinvinecd thai we n<>w o^'or you the best possible feed value.-: for efficient and economical result- 1 . Happy Feeds are nol, new untested feeds. Int:i every Red Hall 1>:\;: (roes t'ie integrity, expcrienco an.! ivpulM- lion (if Happy Fowl MiMs, Inc., Memphis, Tennessee. This r.rm has been making feeds in the Soutii to lit Southern fcetiini; conditions for over twenty-three years. Happy Feeds make i, r op.l in tho feed lot. They will mako good for yon. Blytheville Phone 76 Arkansas At Browne ant! Billings Old Place Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows-Heat Purifies four Throat Protection-against irriration-against cough Dance Orchcj- Crn, every Tue*- c?ay, Thursdaj and Saturday euening ot-ef N. B. C. net.

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