The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa,  on March 16, 1960 · Page 32
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, · Page 32

Ottawa, Canada
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 16, 1960
Page 32
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what surrounds the earth, expect- ln tht reply to bt "atmosphere.' Instead, the was surprised vhen the pupils begin Hiking bout the troposphere, ionosphere nd stratosphere. In another Vancouver classroom teacher asked why days - are longer in summer than in winter. She pot this response from a 1 1-year-old boy: "In the winter solstice we are tilted away from the sun. Then after we pass the summir equinox when day and aight are equal ia length, the earth is lilted so that th sua is aiming at our hall ( Earlched Course. The students are participants In special enriched program established by the Vancouver school board two year ago to meet the Meeds of bright youngsters. Evidence to date indicates they are lapping up the extra work. Not only are they -brtrttigent but they art generally , leaders in school activities, superior athletes and even bigger and better looking than the average. The 11-year-old lad who knew Why days are longer In summer had been master of ceremonies at a student show a few days earlier.-M waa-alse- busy with aeveral1 sports, school dubs and Observance of St. Patrick's Day was a leading purpose of the first of many Irish historical societies In Canada the group founded la Halifax about 17M. Smaller gatherings had marked tht day long before that. The sprig of shamrock and the' green tit will be worn by many who themselves are not descended from tht sons' of Erin, or who did not actually emigrate from the uld sod. There Wert 1. 09.000 people of Irish) origin In Canada at tht last census in 1951, and there Is ateady flow of immigrants from both the Irish Republic and North- cm Irelsnd. Irish immigrant! to talled I.39S ia mi. compared with Only 1,261 In 1955. ....... Last Fierce. Church services' are a prom I stent part of the feast day but the ancient anignnlms between lr-1 Ish of opposing faiths havt soft , ened In recent years. The celebrations in the old days In Ireland saw many a head broken with a shillelagh as Roman Ca tholics and Protestants collided. , -Tht life of the great missionary Who became Ireland's patron taint still affords material for hiatoriral raaaarrh In an atlemnt to reconcile various con trad ic : WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16. 1960. THE OTTAWA JOURNAL S3 BC Gives Break To Bright Students VANCOUVER (CP) A student the student, aewspaper. teacher asked a Grid V elm Mora than S.000 eight per cent of Vancouver students are embraced by the program of accel-eratioa or enrichment in elemen tary and secondary schools. All cover the regular course in more detail than ordinary pupils and also take work outside the regular curriculum. Some who are more mature and stable art permitted to complete (our years work in three. Study Relationships. An enriched Grade VI social studies class, for example, will take not only the historical background of Europe, Asia and Africa, but will, study audi underlying patterns as nationalism and examine current events la relation to tht historical background. Soma such classes organize their own model United Nations Aasemhlv. with each student nre- . srf senting a particular country t point ot view, . A third-grade class staged a de bate on whelheratudents aaoald wear school uniforms and did its own research. The teacher just sat back and watched as one girl acted at chairman and fivt other students were Judges. All live of the first-string boys basketball team and-four members of tht girls' team In one school art In tht accelerated classes. IT'S A GREAT DAY Fewer Heads Broken As Old Hates Fade tr TM Caaafu hM ' Tt't the great day for tht Irish, 11 ever tht world, oa March 17. Tht feast day of St. Patrick has been celebrated for two centuries now on this side of the ocean, Hons. Even his nationality has never beea confirmed beyond argument he has been -called a native of England, of Ireland, of Wale. Scotland or France. Generally, the accounts of his life suggest St. Patrick was born in England about J9AD and was kidnapped from his father a farm as a youtn oy pirates wno eoia him to a chieftain la County Antrim as a slave. This version holds that St. Patrick escapedaxo France, where he ' became a monk, and then went to Rome in 431. From Rome he was sent to preach In Ireland. For the subsequent period there are solid evi dences of his work. He founded increase of 92,018 bottles over XS churches and personally bap- the previous year. The blood sued about 12.000 person. The, provided free transfusions of church and monastery he estab-1 whole blood and blood fractions llshed in County Armagh In 444 for I9"t,53n patients, an in-became tht ecclesiastical capital j crease of 23 fill patients over oi ireiana, attracting scnoiars, 195a. from far and wide before It ceased to exist about the 12th century. WILL PROBATED. ' -TORONTO, March- !. Former lacrosse arid hockey player Eustis (Eddie) Fremont Longfellow's - $454,414 estate will go to his widow and daughter, according to his will probated Tuesday. Mr. Longfellow, president of Canada Elec tric Company Limited, played on the world champion Tc-onto lacrosa team of 1912. He died last. October at 70. AM 1 ml r . Dafour Travel IS Mala. Hun ' PR7-43ttt -Antkoritrd Trmvtl Afntr Voyages Cuerlin Trarcl - RECD )49 Main Street, Hull FR7-3MS PR1-43SI ' 111 Joha Street. Are prior none U BROTHER JUNIPER. "Watch out lor Best Hut on the next Up around!" Bruce Blazes Trail - : For Touring Actors WINNIPEG - (CP) - Bruce Swerdfager ia breaking trait for what he hopes will be a steady procession of touring theatre groups across Canada. Mr. Swerdfager, company man ager for the Stratford Shakespearean Festival Foundation of Canada, ia collectinglnformatlon about theatre facilities s crocs the country. The survey, sponsored by the Canada Council, is being made for tht Canadian Theatre Centre, "When this la finished, w will havt complete details oa theatres and auditoriums all across Canada." ht said during a visit here. Then if a foreign touring 555,518 Bottles Of Blood Donated in '59 Canadians voluntarily donat ed 555.518 bottles of blood to the Canadian Red Cross blood transfusion service in 1959. The figure la an all-time high for blood donations since the service Was inaugurated In 1947 and 1 the aggregate of collec tiona in every province. It It an The first census of French Canada In 1667 listed 20 shoemakers among the population of 3.21S. Bream, "thiy Won't Ut yon wtar it unltn it fili- Tha Dominion aaak at, at Oln'iiUi group wants to visit Canada, or Canadian groups plan to travel. we will be In a position, to rec ommend places. - Mr. 5werdfeger,. himself an actor, la to visit alt Canadian centres with a population of 5,000 or more. He will survey theatres, concert halls and auditoriums, listing such facilities as seating capacity, lighting, curtains, stage sizes and even the condition of stage floors. He forecasts that .the survey will result in aa upswing In drama in Canada. He said he had been disap pointed with one ' aopeet -of the survey the fact that moat Cana dian halls art a combination of gymnasium and. auditorium, "With only a little more expense, the architects could have pro vided proper stages, he said. I $50 to $5000 1 30 RIDEAU ST. Phone CEM4SI Offlr.i Diraaraaat Onurte Fly Canadian Pacific THE ONLY ALL-CANADIAN SERVICE TO ROME HO CHAHSE OF PLANE Direct, fait, via the sonny southern route. . Famous Jet-prop Britannias all the way. J . . Only )S.tO down (Economy), from Montreal; . VV AIRLINES CEntral 2-1511 Air cargo carried oh all flights Morrison . iEMd-sUd. itutnorire-d Agtntt lor aB. rran-ylanfte S S. Unit tU Ebrla St CE2-NU Tnyel Cenln Aftntt lor Sttamthlpi, Air , and But ttnn, KoUtreyt, Toars and HottU 13 Slater St, (at Bank) CEJ-M77 7 -r was a m, ejify.' "rorxsLDUP atrrva-ryooe btuoeht THiaMtBAU, KTHNOHCIl TfAMNEEOA J HOW ABOUT rvouciTT jr prroaNCi TUHT r an jr - V. game TOTAt saaen Of aiangj TnMOCP on ic stoat S.OSQOTJ. r-7c lur him ctrreur wmu.uar Mcrs avucM A TMoast en 7WmPMMU4 sue. sat. m 1 aUK SAT. DSAxt' I TV I AT-fW rl I J OF HtMtr i ABOUT d hw S TWSJOWlf 'CUT THE FKSTCMU? oy eirveo a wwwen M t aatSMMKLAMOM If tfH-r.". 7 iwuta wn T ru. put vou V4 T KUHAParnru M X at I CaWlLL4 I 4-1 I - . tW 1 OUT Or TUl CM, ANOfU UNTIL THS UCUTiNANT ONASCK 70 SHOW Mi LraaU 5?J M jLtr r iy l. - .Jakawaa CCM1IM...IT IVIU. Nt vi m cai A nnnt...jri wfvD rvmi A 23 n m f tVE SEEW M0l CHEClJuirN S-CASINITI ON WWO SETS, BUT J . V This 15 MO TiMt TO KNOCK A Jl J6SHIT0MM etL , HC0rBu:NEW A ArnAaWOIOtM0 OUT(Wt.TUOat . J11 I J LaSafStaaaai a ia- '--"A iA .7.v ir . mrr kmnZJ . T J KH - I mm a IVaV . .maaWf SI llal KM skircia TtuiVVn ano on aop wmicm ia tns CCW.9 M IKtO IH . ANO MM MAV 1 r- ths cu's... I eveota fecM a 4 't v "i r,1 treat 1"; iiiviV 4 XJM T tv M fOTAAM ( WW NOTf qamoi I cummui a, ft) AiYt euA cv" M Mtwxnf v ou. onrmui rut aortkw wvt rnttm.' . fi . 4 i Aid, m ftxtners MajrfwMT. ( loat.eOMtcrt'.t OfHKm6 fat Koo!j K MVWkS 9U IO MIAMI V 'I 1 yexfa mt rmtm w I X . . Cj r CAM PtXt K V-J 1 - , j ISTS SEf WOW-KEN A IONS NOTCOOOOAAAK. AKANATWY. TM AFRAJPHES NOT . SUfTEt) FCTHrS I TYPE Or' vpax . rstmj 1 vi nv Tmrri -. THAT J-ASO ON THS WAV 66T, ' YOU tllf NT vciicavzi COlCNEi. AAV iST NAMS... . CAWICN A. rrs IAyA-l.-l-C-t.' TlMi SINCE I FOfXEO ABOUND WTTM SHOtTF-WAVl- BUT THIS MUST K Dl IMS TKANMT SWHCM . r1 ; 1 -V : I I vl ;ih" I HE NASA - Yt-tAVl MB, BAU WTTH) - V1WTOI frl J TEMUKEi 'FEAR OF laWlAMJTCt y that's stica we "ost vmen x ( isitm i V-vTN. 3'aJ0inin' 0NSfa I NAVY I ACO, I Avii Wf'P StanOv iL0Y-' , COWBOY I WHCRf X lrmONNA Z A cuANet THtrO 1 iiy r oonma Yi ioiican- 1 1 amp shoot can sink V Aatsr I just ut u aosrAAtM 1 M V "TJLOTSA RUSTU.A Nfy 7fVMYOaWV V CAV J : ( vie )m. r.-.viWA vyy op - . Y-,- TJ ... . ' 1 1 1 y 1 - j P' 1?); "TSA&XHOoimToitu. Tl jJ'rtf"-f Z' mayiwwataios f I , ' ' S; ij ,wf WWjAMA f Fa to tn ctvs cu t lib 7 I J0T tsiW AW CON eAC tetLuMo c-es I I WOULD COWS IN HAMPV J t COT TO MAKS CONTACT WITH A 'HAM' kTH? STATES AND HAM HIM N0TV CSNTgAl INTfLl.lNCI-THINI I REMiMKR STDOPfRS KAS(, IKCOWU VAK&YfAt US.. r MflTAifV V vsrAiiAjws l i BI8 l ... r'- ' .-' ij I H4af WMACttg) 7, Ho

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