The Neodesha Daily Sun from Neodesha, Kansas on September 15, 1910 · 3
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The Neodesha Daily Sun from Neodesha, Kansas · 3

Neodesha, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1910
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THE NEODESHA DAILY SL"N. THCBSDAV, SEPTEMBER 15, 1910. PAGE THREE ' IKE JONES GETS OFF EASY WANTED ! Few Good Brick Yard- LK SALE Saturday and Monday-September 17th and 19 th. If you've been reading the fashion books, it will be nothing new to you whea we state tha'4 Silks are to be "IT" the coming season. The dry gocds trade journals, from which live merchants get their information as to "what's what,' also predict an unpre-cfderitcu use of silks for dresses. It will therefore be good news to you to learu of the silk sale we have arranged for the above dates. This will give our customers from the country a chance to get in on the first day of the sale. Following we quote prices on them: 51.00 and $1.25 Dress Silks ... 75c ?1.00 plain colored Taffeta .... 70c ?5c Kiniona Silks, yard wide . . 60c T 75c fancy Dress Silks 50e ' ' 50c 'and COc fancy Silks 40c 40c Plaid Silk . . . . . 30c Hoc fancy and plain Silks .... 20c We also have quite a bunch of Silk Remnants, many of them being suitable for children's dresses, others contain just enough fcor a pretty waht. Of sume there is only about enough for a child's gimp to wear with a woolen dress. This is a chance to provide yourself and your daughters with pretty dresses, at very small cost. Remember It is only for two days. Winter Mercantile Co. I J. F. Blake of Independence was a business- visitor in this eity yesterday. f Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Linville went to Bartlesville yesterday to visit relatives. Robert Loofbourrow went to Fredo-nia todaay on business. Mrs. Claud Duncan returned to her home in Coffeyville yesterday evening after visiting her sister, Mrs. Frank Wilson. G. E. Littery returned yesterday from a visit with his parentts in Coffeyville. Born, Monday, September 12, 1910, to Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Bryson, east of town, a son. Miss Nell Dora Burnison of Guilford -came yesterday evening to visit her :Sister, Mrs. D. Longwill. Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Gray returned borne from Altoona yesterday, where they had been visiting friends. JVlrs. C. H. Goodnight went to Bartlesville yesterday evening to vis it her daughter, Mrs. Kitty. Lloyd. Mrs. F. L. Jones came from Burlington, Kansas, yesterday evening to visit tier husband, who is employed at the refinery here. Ike Jones, the colored hotel porter who shot Albert Reed, another colored hotel porter in Neodesha a few months ago, and who jumped his bond and later came back and has been in jail several weeks, was allowed to plead guilty in district court at Fredonia yesterday to the charge of assault. He was sentenced to serve 60 days in jail. .- Jones was originally charged with assault with intent to kill. ers and Common Laborers. Wages from 1.80 to $5.00 per day. UFFflliO BRICK COMPANY, Buffalo, Kansas. H. G. White went to Fredonia today on business. J. J. Carroll went to Fredonia today on business. Mr. and Mrs. N. C. Ketring went io Joplin yesterday evening to visit friends and attend the Ringling Bros. Circus, there tomorrow. Piano Tuning. Leave orders with Prof. Kaschner for Piano Tuning and Repairing. 17 years actory and ware room Ex perience. All work warranted First Class or no charge F.E. BRANDEBURG. T. B. Newland returned to Wichita today after being here on business. Miss Kathrine Cottongim came from Mound Valley today to visit friends. What a Great Man Said to he Great American People. W. H. Hill, Mont Holley and Mr. Franklin went to Fredonia today on business. Mrs. Dick Jones went to Carthage, Mo., this morning to visit her son, Walter Moulton, who is very ill. - Mrs. K. C. Baker came today from Columbus, Kansas, to visit her sister, Mrs. M. E. Goodpasture. J.-W. James returned to his home near Wichita today after visiting W. H. Bulman and family. Mrs. W. E. Johnson and Mrs. L. M. Dean are visiting the family of L. Yunker east of town today. Parisian Sage is a discovery of a celebrated scientist, who spent the best years of his life perfecting this great hair tonic. In giving his recipe to the Ameri can people he said: "Parisian Sage the most delightful hair dressing in the-world. It cures dandruff by killing the germs; that infest the roots of the hair; it gives vigor and strength to the hair roots. J. R. Eson sells Parisian Sage at 50 cents large bottle and guarantees it to do all that is claimed for it, or your money" is refunded. It stops falliDg hair, dandruff and Itching scalp in two weeks. Mrs. W. C. Wolfe of Arkansas City, Kansas, left last night for Topeka, after a visit here with her son, L. E. Jewett, and wife. Mrs. S. A. Songer and granddaugh ter, Miss Edith Songer, returned home today from St. Paul, Kansas, where I they have been, visiting relatives. Allen Long returned to his work in Wichita; today after a visit here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Long. Wilson County Sunday School Convention, Fredonia, September 28-29, 1910. 248-26t The case of the state vs. Charles Cole, charged with stealing a coat from Curt Martin, which was to have L. S. Major went to Pittsburg to- ben tried in Justice Haile-S court yes- day to visit his parents, ana irom terday was coatinued until September there will go to San Antonno, rexas, 24U before returning to Neodesha. The case of the slate vs. Curt Mar Miss Josie Park came from Fredo- tin, charged with selling liquor, which nia yesterday evening to' visit her was to have had a preliminary trial sister, Miss Rose Park, and to at- in Justice Hale's court today, was tend to some school work here. dismissed in justice court and a new action commenced in district, court. Elder J. M. Taylor, who has been Marian gave Dona. pastor of tne urinsuian cnurcn aeie R A Bell went to Fredonia today for the past year, left this morning on busineess, for Sheridan Lake, Colorado, to reside Mrs. Nannie Palmer of Osawatomie came yesterday to visit Mrs. Charles Bowen and brother, J. E. SUtt, and family. " W. W. Dowling returned here today Mass Nellie Maroney and: Miss Nora after visiting his wife and children Maroney of Chicago were the guests this week of their brother, J. D. Ma roney, who is employed by the Pra irie Oil & Gas Co. in Sulphur Springs, Arkansas. A. C. Force of Howard, Kansas, is in Neodesha visiting the family of C E. Williams and other friends. George Scudder and Frank Murrell went to Joplin yesterday evening to attend the Ringling Bros: Circus there today. George W. Amphlett, who lives west of town returned home from Atchison yesterday, where he has been on business. Neodesha Daily Sun only 10 cents per week. maxYVt-u v,.i uu vi.,, . - S,ft was o.a.1,1. nas oeen empiuu m (J to sterli KansaS( today on ac. weni to ane, Kansas yee UUQt cf the illness of M will be employed in a bake shop there. is wife,, who- is visiting there. Fredonia Herald: Hook Loether, Mrs. W. R. Bulman, who has been one cf Fredcmia's farmers, sold Ms in Joplin for some time being treated cattle; today to a Mr. Miller of Yates by a specialist, has returned to her Center. They average 1197, almost home in this city, 1200 oounds a niece. ' The 100 head brought the modest little sum of six thousand six hundred dollars. Now Mrs. August Bauman returned home today from Independence accompanied Hook is a bachelor and can't even by her daughter, Mrs. Fritz Wilhelm get his wife a new" silk. whom she has been visitiDg there. Lest You Forget We will remind you that we carry a frill line of this famous brand in Men's, Women's and I Children's. This make of hose will outwear anything on the market at the price. 10c, 121c, 15c, 25c, and 35c. Independence Tribune: Two o'Jie; old West Cherry pioneers are dead, at the home near Neodesta. Mrs. Sarah Duggan, aged 70 years and the othe HORSE THIEF BROKE JAIL AT ERIE Silk Petticoats Special. An exceptional offering in all Silk Petticoats. Very good all silk taffeta in colors and black, worth $4.50 for $3.48 Heavy all silk taffeta in colors and black, $5.00 value for ' $3.98 Extra heavy fancy silk, Persian patterns, $6.00 value for $5.00 We were able to secure only a limited quantity of these garments and the stock won't last long at these prices. Make your selections early. THE ADAMSON MERCANTILE CO. J her son, Thomas, aged about 38 years Mrs. Duggan was a sister of Mrs. M F. Cassidy of North Ninth street, and of Mrs. John Cavanaugh now of Cali fornia. Mr. Cassidy and two daughters went up on the midnight train and were driven out to the Duggan home. On arriving the daughters went right into the house and rs Mr. Cassidy got to the houee one of the sons, Thomas, stepped out weeping bitterly, and he stopped to console him, but it did no good and he cried and sobbed as if his heart would break. Cassidy stepped in and went to the room and while kneeling be side the corpse, hid daughter came ai;d told his "Thomas is dying," ar-d c-n going to another room he rouiici me young man suffering from a severe hemorrhage and they laid him on a bed and before a physician could be called and reach him, he had passed away, dying from grief wKhin, a few hours of his mother. The funeral was held Monday from the Cai.hol'c church in Neodesha, in charge of Father Dominic, and mother and son were entered side by side in the . same grave. Tne tusoanci, raincit vugs'i, now 80 years of age, came to this country in 18G9, with Major, .Grant and Captain Flagler from Fort Scott and took a claim on Choteau creek which he later soldto Joseph LaDuke in the Cyler district, and then moved to his present home in Wilson county. Chanute Tribune: Charles B. Rob erts, the man who drove away with a livery rig belonging to Allison & Balch of this city, and forgot to bring it back, did not stay long in the county jail, where he was placed to await trial at the October term of Disrtict court. He escaped yesterday morning and a message from Sheriff Reynolds at 3 o'clock this afternoon alatedi thiit he had not been recaptured. Roberts had been in the county Jail less than a day. He got the rig Wed nesday evening of last week, saying that he was a lineman for the Miss ouri & Kansas Telephone Company and wanted to drive two miles south cf the city to straighten out a tangle in the wites. , He didn't come back and nothing was heard of the rig until Friday, when Sheriff Reynolds . ascertained that it had been sold to a man near Morehead for $25. John Allison of the livery firm valued it in the complaint against Roberts at $215. Roberts wa3 caught in Cherryvale, where he was seen loitering about th Frisco railroad denot. He was brought to Chanute Monday after noon by Sheriff Reynolds and taken before Justice of the Peace F. M. Groome for preliminary hearing. Roberts waived examination in the justice court. He was held for trial in district court, his bail being fixed at $1,500. He was unable to give bend and was taken to the couulty seat by Sheriff Reynolds that after noon. - The sheriff returned to Chanute in the evening to serve summons upon the jurors drawn for the coining term of court. Roberts broke jail at 11:00 cViofk vpsterdav morning, while the sheriff was sUll in Chanute. There were nine prisoners in the lockup. They were enjoying them selves in the corridor ad while they were thus engaged Roberts and one of the three negroes under arrest for robbing a store in Brie dug a hole through the brick wall, jm;t ea.t of a window, crawled through and took to the tall timber. Undersheriff B. H. Carwile had been, uptown and was just returning from his trip. He was within, about a block of the jail when the wa'.l leaked. The officer heist ened to the building to prevent any of the, others from coming out, and then took the trail of the fugitives. The seven who remained in jail salt by and watched Roberts and the negro ... i in . make the breiich in the wan wiuu.. raising any outcry until after the pair was gone. They my the pair .hreatened to kill them if they inter fered in any way. Sheriff Reynolds has offered a reward of ?25 for the capture of the men and has sent cards bearing their description to all points in Southeastern Kansas. He has no clue of their whereabouts, but hopes to lay them by the heels. 'Phones: Dry goods 44. Grocery 19 Pill lliMijjijg) ! I (Mil II: ALCOHOL 3 PER CENtI 'i ffijf I' AVcgetaWePrcparattonrorAs-1 $& ral i similaling iheFoodaiuIRegula-tiufj Uie Stomachs andBawels of III I WM it: mm Hi For Infants and Children. The Kind You Have Always Bought Bears mm mm mitt. iij355?r Promotes Digestioikeri ness and Rest.Contalns rtciiticr Opium.Morph.iae nor Mineral. Not Narcotic. Pluajiin Seed' JhtSmna JhcbtHeSalts- jiniseSecd HbrmSeed-ClmiMSuimr-Huilrntai llimr. A norfprf Remedv for Consftoa- Hon , Sour StoiuacIi.Diarrhocai Worms ,CoiTVUlsious.reverisn ness and Loss OF Sleek Facsimile Signature of NEW YORK Signature i w V 1 In Use For Over Thirty Years I UCT I TTT-Y I ir ,f t Jl II H II VI Si FJ J Pi ifl Exact Copy of Wrapper. THI CINTAUH OIMNr, HM YO OITV. Subscribe For The Sun SHIPLEY'S BOOK & JEWELRY STORE. I School Books, Pencils, Tablets, Pens, Ink, Rulers, f Erasers, Composition and Note Books, Drawing and Painting Pads, EVERYTHING for school use. We deliver the GOODS WORTH the MONEY.... f You will find our store full of just what you need, and the, best friend the school child ever knew. ;SHIPLE'YS A. L. Harmon went to Fredonia to day, on business. .Telephone 17.

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