Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 31, 1957 · Page 12
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 12

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 31, 1957
Page 12
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Twelve Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Don't Blame Army for Making Bums of "Nice, Quiet Boys Dear Ann: Your ignorance is showing. The answer you gave "Worried Parents" was the worst I've seen yet. The folks who wrote complained because their son was a perfect gentleman when he went into the Army, and he came out a bum. You gave them no sympathy. In fact, you gave the Army a nice plug. Since when does enforced slavery have a desirable effect on o free people? The Army, Mrs. Landers, is nothing but a giant, prison camp. Any psychiatrist will! tell you that no good can come from forcing a person to associate with inferior individuals who are beneath his level. Should you or anyone else wish to reply to the assertion that the Army is a corrupting influence and a monstrous evil, I shall be very happy to prove you wrong on every count.—B.H. Since you feel the Army is a; "monstrous evil and a corrupting influence" I must assume you think this country would be better! oft with no defenses. \ Your reference to a "free peo-' pie" is interesting. Just how longi do you think we'd remain a free; people if we had no Army? It would be wonderful if there were no armies anywhere, no weapons of destruction ... if all men could live side by side as brothers. But, unfortunately, there's a struggle going on between the free world and the Soviet forces, and we'd jo'.Iy well better not be caught with our plans down. The Army can't be blamed for "making bums out of nice, quiet boys." The military service can work only with the material it receives. The character of a person begins in the cradle and not in the barracks. I£ a boy came home a "bum" the odds are good that he had a good bit of bum in him before he ever saw an M-l. * * # Dear Ann: Please DON'T .print my letter in the paper like I asked. I've changed my mind about the whole thing. I'm in enough trouble now and don't want any more at this time. Thank you very much.—FREDDY Dear Freddy: Don't worry. I wouldn't dream of printing your letter. I'm not looking for any trouble either. Do you think for one minute that I could possibly get a story like yours into the newspaper? Calm yourself, Boy, * * * Dear Ann: Would you please lend Cobbler Cuties 8158 4-10 yn. WITH THf NEW PATT-0-RAMA Exciting cobbler aprons or pinafores, in the popular mother-daughter fashion. No. 8157 with PATT-0-RAMA is In sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 14, 34 bust, cobbler, 1% yards of 35- inch; 1 yard contrast. No. 8158 with PATT-0-RAMA is !n sizes 4, 6, 8, 10 years. Size 6, cobbler, I'/i yards of 35-inch; 7a yard contrast. Two patterns. For this pattern send 35c in COINS, your name, address size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, 111. ; The Fall & Winter '57 edition of, 1 our pattern book Basic FASHION \ is filled with smart, new styles for! all sizes; special features. It's col-' orful, stimulating and so useful. 25 cents. a hand to the hairdressers of America? We need someone to speak for us in bold type. Do you think it's fair for friends, relatives and neighbors to impose on us to fix their hair after hours, when we put in a full day at this work? I wonder if the women who clean, wash and iron all day would like It if they were asked to do the came thing in the home of a friend "as. a favor", several evenings a week. I'm afraid to accept dinner invitations because the last three turned out to be requests for free shampoos, hair cutting and bleach jobs. My neighbor dropped in tonight just as I settled comfortably in the chair to read the paper. It was the first time I'd been off my feet since 8:00 a.m. She brought her wave-set and hair clips. Right now I'm so exhausted I don't even want to shampoo my own hair and it needs it badly. Please print this letter as a public service for the most abused group in the country. —PLAIN MAD Dear Abused Group: I can speak for you, but in the final showdown you will have to speak for yourselves. Of course it's an imposition to expect you to spend your free time twisting curls and cutting hair after you've put in a full day at the shop. But unless you speak up in clear, pear-shaped tones, people will continue to take your time, your energy and your talent. Put that tired and swollen foot down, once and for all. Make it understood that your after-hour services are not available—period. * * * CONFIDENTIALLY: ROCKABILLY RUTH: Fourteen year-olds should not be going steady ... except to school, to the liprary, to church etc Certainly not with each other. What for? (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper and enclose a stamped self- addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. RAIL FARES RISE WASHINGTON (UP) — Eleven eastern railroads will increase passenger fares 5 per cent beginning Tuesday but commuters rates will not be affected by the raise. The Interstate Commerce Commission granted faro increases to the following companies in the eastern railroad territory: Central of New Jersey; Chicago South Shore and South Bend; Lehigh Valley; Monon; New Jersey and New York; New York Central; Pennsylvania; Pittsburgh and Lake Erie; Pennsylvania; Reading-Seashore; The Reading; and Wabash. COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. {Uip)_ Eleven-year-old Donald Kruger played soldier with a live hand grenade Monday. I: blew off his hands and killed him. . Donald's mother said he found it in their closet, apparently left by one of the soldiers from Fort Carson, Cob., \vho had previously lived in the house. "I hope that soldier has this on his conscience as long as he lives," she said. "I knov. I will." The three other boys in the family, who watched Donald pull the pin on the grenade, backed off in fear and escaped serious injuries. It exploded close to his chest, blew off his hands and drove metal fragments into his chest and stomach. Donald tottered into the house screaming: "Mommy, I'm dead! I'm dead!" The boy collapsed, and he died 45 minutes later under surgery. The previous night, the boys showed the grenade to Victor Jcch, Donald's stepfather, who said he didn't know what it was. Police said Jech, a window cleaner, threw the grenade under a bed, not thinking it was dangerous. Rites at Delphi Friday For Donald G. Milroy DELPHI — Rites will be held at the Eikenberry Fur.eral Home at 1 p.m. Friday for Donald G. Milroy, a ono-time resident of Delphi who died Dee. 26 at a Vet's Hospital in Downey, 111. He was 65. Rev. James Rankin will officiate Hand Grenade Jose P hine Lowman Explodes— Boy Killed New Year Rings Out Tears, Rings In Laughter, Hope Tonight we think of those we love, those who are with us and those who arc far away. By JOSEPHINE LOWMAN Here wo are again! New Year's Eve! There are two evenings during each year which have their own special quality; Christmas at the services. Burial will be iiv Eve and New year's Eve. Morning Heights cemetery. There' are no immediate survivors. The deceased man was born and Tonight is a blending of many emotions. We think of those we spent most of his life in Chicago. He was graduated from Northwestern University. Free Gilbert Moon For Naval Service Gilbert Moon, 18, of Kokomo, who was arrested for the attempted burglary of the James service station on state road 25, was released from the Cass county jail Monday by order of Judge Clifford 0. Wild so he could report back to the navy, from which he is AWOL. If he is not accepted by the navy he must return here to stand trial on a malicious trespass charge filed against him in circuit court, Judge Wild stated. Read the Classified Ads love, those who are with us and those who' are far from us, and of those we have loved and lost. Tonight is a combination of regret and hope, of the awareness of lost opportunity and future chance, of fun and nostalgia. It is a great tide of emotion which brings to life, with its laughter and tears, •most of our human experience. Render Service Such nights as this render us a service. They jog us out of our ruts and out of our daily narrow viewpoint. They act as a purge for humdrum and negative living. Actually, it is a good thing that a night like this comes only once a year because of the intensity ofj the emotions we experience. I sincerely hope that 1958 will be the best year ever for all of you! I hope that the New Year will ring in laughter, ring out despair and ring in hope, rin_g out pessimism and ring in optimism, ring oui poor health and ring in gooc •health. I hope all of you have a wonder, ful 1958 * * * Tomorrow: "Ah, Love! Here's Some of What's Been Said About t." ('Released by The Register and Tribune Syndicate, 1957) CHARMING ENOUGH PORTLAND, Me. — A weekly charm class for high school freshmen and sophomore girls sponsored by the city was There were no takers. cencelled. Tuesday Evening, December M, I9JT. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Admitted: Master James Tyler, Camden; Mrs. Lula Quinn, Camden; Miss Betty DePoy, Star City; Miss Laura Deman, route 5. Dismissed: Mrs. Joseph Adamowicz and son, 1028 Erie avenue; Edward Conn, 718 Eighteenth slreet; Miss Tena Dempsey, Twelve Mile; Mrs. Phylis Dillon, 403 Culbertson slreet; Mrs. Hugh Skinner and son, route 5; Mrs. Maude Umbarger, 1400 East Market slreet. ST. JOSEPH'S Admitted: Master Richard Don- Burneltsville; Mrs. William avenue; Scott was graduated from Gal- vctton High School in 1957 and was a farmer in civilian life. Youth, 16, Held in Morgantown Shooting MAUTINSVILLE (UP)—Homer L.ee Martin, 16, Morgantown, was leld in Morgan County Jail here today on an assault with a deadly weapon charge in connection with :he shooting of Sherman Lee DeBoard, IS, Morgantown, late Monday. .3K1SWRK i?S!=i£^ ^^.iStS-JSVS ,S™ i Miss Nita Vitello 826 Garfield ave- Walton Soldier at Fort Bliss, Texas FORT BLISS, Tex. (AKTNC) - Fvt. Larry J. Scott, 19, son of Mr. ar.o Mrs. Odra Scott, Rout-j 1, Walton, Ind., recently completed the final phase of six months active military training under the Reserve Forces Act program at Fcrt Bliss, Tex. GREMLIN IN MAIL ALVASTON', England (L'P) — Residents of Alvaston La:ic found ville with shotgun pellets in his arm and body. State police said DeBoard and two companions were parked in front of Martin's hsme when he apparently fired a .16 gauge shotgun at the car from the window of his house only 40 yards away. They said an investigation will continue to determine the cause of the shooting. All of the youths gave conflicting statements, they said. U10 Spear street; Lester Large, icil changed al! the slreet numbers Kewanna; Mrs. Larry Mason and Ion the lane while nobody was look- daughter, Walton. ! :ng. Nab Children Marking City Building Walls Ten children were caught marking on the walls of a rest room in the basement of the city building Monday by Mrs. John Hurlburt, who assists her husband as custodian. Their names were reported to police. The children, which included nine girls and a boy, were released with a warning against repeating the offense. Now—2 Features 35c'Ti!6 OPEN 1 P.M. — FUN AT NIGHT H'APPY NEW YEAR! — BUHT — — KIRK — GUNFIGHTim O.K.CORRAL HIATTS Next To Logan Theatre EYEGLASS • hearing aids Ve have Batteries and Cords •or most hearing aids. FERNBAUGH'S JEWELRY STORE 416 E. Broadway 1$ ive eowtd pa&ttt the future far yon, owr f*te»ds tutd •we'd paint it rosy! We*d giv* it * good background of happiness, a splash of good Inck, .bright spots of joy, and a finishing touch of prosper&yi HAPPY NEW YEAR, ALU 412 E. MARKET ST. 412 E. MARKET For Holiday Entertaining Get delicious AT YOUR FAVORITE FOOD STORE Just a light-h«*rted greeting to thank our Jricnds and patrons for their many part favor* and to with one and ail a New Year filled •with much happin«s»! Ends Tonight: "tes Girls" with Gene Kelly STARTING WEDNESDAY-Matinee Daily A FOUR DAY LEAVE... 1 ^ 11 ^^^-WITH FOUR MONTHS' PAY... ~=t* with two of the most beautiful women In the world! FDR ME" ClNKMAScoPE: COLOR by DE LUXE In lh« *ontf», ol STCKEOPHONIC 30U1* LEIFERICKSON ftMxt«»,JERRY WALD o-«w"STANLEY DONEN &•-*•»«JULIUS EPSTEIN STARTS TONIGHT AT 6 P.M AT OUR GALA NEW YEAR'S EVE SHOW AND PLAYS THRU SATURDAY 01333 and EMPLOYEES Come Any i im« Tonight from 6 to 12:30 a.m. and see a Complete Feature imci I pic MANlELL'EVANS T °" isht °" ly Adu ** Kiddie* soc

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