Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on March 10, 1895 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 10, 1895
Page 2
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Dr. PIERCE'S PLEASANT •• PELLETS SICK HEADACHE, BILIOUSNESS, CONSTIPATION, INDiGESTION, DYSPEPSIA, POOR APPETITE, and all derangements of the Stomach, Liver and Bowels. Of a/1 druggists. ONCB USED —*». ALWAYS IN FAVOR. YOUNG SPIRITS, a vigorous hnrly rind robust htrctiKlii follow Kf>o<l health. Jiut all f;iil \vIiL-n the vit;il powers arc weakfnt'd. Nervous debility and loss of m.'inlv power result from had habits,contracted by tbfyotinp tliroiiirli " ignorance of their niiiiou.'scon- s (_• t| u c 11 c c s. I,nw spirits, mclancliolia, impaired memory, morose or irritable temper, fear of impending calamity and a thousand and one derarifrcments of body and mind, result from such pernicious practices. All these are permanently cured by improved mcthodsof treatment without tlie patient Icnviiifr home. A medical treatise written in plain but chaste !ani;iiat r e, treatim; of the nature, symptoms and curability oT.such diseases, sent securely sealed it] a plain envelope, on receipt of this notice, with loceutsiti stamps, for postage. Address, Wour.n's DISPEN- SAKV MliOICAI. ASSOCIATION, Buffalo. X. V. A ROYAL CENTBE SENSATION. ItfelnoD Holekar* In Jail for Alleged D Thre»«» Agalnat tho Life of HI • Father. Nelson Reickard of Soyal Centre, ft young man of twenty, was yesterday brought to the city by Marshal Conn, and placed in jail, be being unable to furnish iJlOO bond to keep ihe peace. Tbe complaining witness against the young man was his father, Henry Reickard, who ewore in 'Squire M. W. Kistler'H court that the boy bad repeatedly threatened to kill him and burn the house. Nelson Reiakard. the -youth, j s an operator, and is eaid to bo unusually bright. HU alleged unnatural actions toward his parent are hard to understand. It )H SHid that when father and son were brought face to face in the court rocm, the son made an el- fort to attack the old gentleman, but was prevented by an officer from reaohlr-fr him. Young Reickard was handcuffed preparatory to the trip to the city, and he caused quite a dramatic scene by extending: hie shackled huods toward hie weeping father and exclaiming. "You have done this. Nice things, are they not, for a father to place upon his son?" A Chance to Make Money. IssoLmportantthrit you should be sure to get THE BEST." Hood'w Sarsaparilla has proven its unequalled merit by its thousands of remarkable cures, and tbe fact that it has a larger sale tlwn any other sarsaparilla or blood purifier shows the great confidnnoe people have in it- In f.-.'i. it is Spring- Medicine. It crv. - ali blood diseases, builds up the ;. rv«s S-'.M giv(!S 8m;h strength to the v... >'e .••y--:e;ii that, as cnie lady puts it,' ; IL- sou^-cJ to make me anew." If you decide to take Hood's Snrsa- partiln for your Spring- Medicine do not buy any substitute. Be sure to get " I was all broken down in health, so weak and nervous I was hardly able to be up. I had severe pains in my side, and headache. 1 would oftea have to stop when going up-stairs on account of palpitation of the heart. I had BO appetite aud a distressed feeling in my stomach. I resolved to try Hood's Sarsaparilla. I took two bottles and have not had a spell of. sick headache for four months, feel well, work all day and cat heartily. My friends remark how well I am looking. I think nil nervous, run-down people ought to take it, especially nursing mothers.'' S. ASUWORTH, Eaton. Ohio. I am delighted with my success sell- Ing- Dish War-hers; In the last eix I made $534, and waa sick part SHOWED FIGHT. Piui Hunille conductor Monroe Dlxon I* ^ulYrtring with an attack of rheum*' Ism. J'irry Ci«>»t;ll IH again at work ID the Injoo'-rir room at tbe Pan Handle round hi.pu>-y after a ten days 1 siege of the grip. A soc'u.1 for railroad folks will be given >n me railroad Y M. C. A. roomd noxt Tuesday night by the woman 1 * auxiliary. Thla 18 not to be a Doooey making event. C. F. A Happ, Pan Handle machinist nis returned from Torre Haute whe'-e ha ha4 taken' a course of baths lor rheimiailsm. He has been greatly beoddted and expects to goto work tomorrow Freight traffic on the Fan Handle has neen decreasing In the week or two and in the past few daye has been very unsatisfactory. At least two- thirds of the freight received by the Pennsylvania at Chicago goes over the Fort Wayne road. Tne freight rate war between Chicago oastbounfl lines is ended, accord- Ing to telegraphic advloo. All roads have signed an sgreement to maintain rates, as have also the lines out of St. Louis 'Rid Indianapolis. It remains to be seen how long they will abide by the agreement. Jnhn Truman, the veteran Pap Handle engineer has received pre mluma for saving coal every month but one since that feature was introduced on the Chicago division. E»en during Janiwry when nearly everybody "went In the hole" he managed to keep blnnelf clear and earn a small premium Pat King who used to run a passenger engine on the Wabaeh between Chicago «nd Detroit writes to friends In ihlgolty that hie wife tiled several days a?o In Los Angeles, Gal., where he DOW resides. He Is at present run. nlnir an fnglne on the Southern California under K H. Wade who atone time held an official position on the Wahnsb. Ticket scalpers are by nature of tbeir calling shrewd Individuals but tho [ndlanapolls Journal gives an account of ho* one of them was fllrcmed by H traveling man recently. It saye: A local ticket scalper Is 011 -124 miles of a Bi(? ^our mileage book. Tba traveler purchasing tbe mileage said he wUhed logo to Shelbyville, which wou'd use forty-si-t miles of tho book Instead he tore off forty six miles, then went hack In the hook three bun. dred miles, detaching it from tbe cover very ingenloiirly, and used the ticket left in the book to Peori.a and return. 424 miles. He thon pasted in the portion of tbe mileage from 46 to 3-16 to tbe remaining 5SO mlles.and returned It to tbe HCnlpor, who opened it, and said; "Ymi used, I eee, forty-six miles; all right." The book was laid to one side for ibe next customer, and a day or two jtfter tbe trick the stranger had plavod on the scalper, by which he rode from Indianapolis to Peoria and return for nothing, was discovered. The road was not o»t unytblng, but tbe fcalper was sut |8 48, not Includ ing His commission on th» ticket. N OT WHAT WE SAY, but what Hoods Sarsaparilla Does, that L^llthe story of its merit and success Remember HOOD'S CURES. of the time. J think this is pretty good for un Inexperienced lady. I am surprised there has never bsen a pood Dish Washer put on tho market before, as every one seems so anxious for ono. It certainly la a popular demand that U unsuppliod, aod that means big money lor tho a^eata that supply tbe demand. I believe any woman or man can make from $5 to $12 a day anywhere In this business, and by addressing- the Iron City Dish Waaher Co., E. E. PiUsburg, Pa., you can get full particulars. It simply requires ft little push. You can't expect to make money unless you try. I would like to have the experience of others of your readers In this business. M. FRANCIS. On tbe Hick I>l8t. Mr. Harry Snyder la reported very elok whh lagrlppe. Mrs. John Keller Is kept indoors by an unusually severe case of lagrlppe. Mlaa Frances Green of Georgetown, Is reported to be lying at death's door, There is no change In the condition of the young son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Grlner, Gus Lux, who recently wont to Royal Center to tako charge of a grocery, Is reported in bad health. He ha8 been taking treatment at the Delphi baths. Ilifthnp Elect White'* Consecration. A majority of standing committees have been heard from giving unanimous consent to the consecration ol tho Rev. J. Hazen White, bishop elect of the diocese of Indiana. Mr. Hunter, president of the standing committee of Indiana, has sent the reports of consent to the presiding bishop, the Rt. Rev John Williams, S. T. D., of Cincinnati, that he may ask consent of the bishops and take action In preparation for the consecration. The committee hopes that the consecration ceremonies may take place April 25. Home-NecK«r*' Excursions Month and S.,urhe»m vU PenDfiylY»«l» tin ». Special low rate excursion tickets with twenty day limit will be cold March 5th, April 2d and 30th, from ticket stations on the Pennsylvania Lines to joints In Alabamla, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia. For details, apply to nearest Pennsylvania Line Ticket Agent, or address F. Van Dusen, Chief Assistant General Pat sen. Agent, Pltubusg, J?a. Lively Battle with Fifteen Tramps Near Boone, la, Plucky Minnesota Woman Overhears and Frustrates the Diabolical Plan of Train Robbers. WENTER FOR MAYOX. in by the Dcino- The Death of Harrlflon Ferrell. The death of Harrison Ferrell, aged 75 year", occurred at Wbeaifield, Ind., yesterday. Tbe remains will be brought to thlB city for burial, arriving at 12:SO p. m, Tbe deceased was, up to about one year ego, ft resident of Logansport Jioo.VK, la-., Jlarch 9.—Fifteen tramps took possession of a rail mill near hero, ;i.ud in the attempt to dispossess them the police killed one, fatally shot a second, maimed u. third, and arrested the remaining twelve. -Killed nnU Woundnd. The killed is: James •Freema.n, alias Riley. The injured are: Tim Lannian, shot iu the breast; will die; unknown tramp, shot through the right urm. Trauipo Slioxvcfi FlK'it. ,1ust before daybreak SaturdEiy morning tlie police were informed that a party of tramps had taken possession of a rail mill and were raising a disturbance. They went to the scene and were resisted by the tramps, at which they opened iire with their revolvers, Trumps Cause Trouble In Delaware. WILMINGTON, Del., March 9.- -A gang of fifty armed tramps boarded a freight train on the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore railroad, bound from Baltimore for Philadelphia, and drove all the trainmen from the tops of the ears. After they had secured possession of the train a quarrel arose among them,and one of thiiir number \v;is thrown oil, and it is supposed fatally injured, if not killed. When the train reached Wilmington fifty policemen were in waiting, and after a running fight, in which many shots were fired, tlie officers succeeded in capturing eleven of the gang. ' Eight of the prisoners were fined Saturday morning and sent to jail for thirty davs. The other three were discharged. ?i T <niiinau'<l I'.v ArrhiiiiiiEio CTIltS <lf C'llIl-lCO. CHICAGO, March 0.—Frank \Ventcr, president of the drainagu board, was iiumimittjd for ma.yor by acclamation Salurdiiv ivf turnout! by Uiv dii-.Tiocru.tii; city convention. The remainder of the ticket nominated is as follows: For city treasurer, John S. Cooke; for city clerk, William Mangier; for city attor- m>v. Oiuiro'e A. Trude. \VICJIITA. Kan., March !).—JJurt ana Willie Culeraau. aged respectively ~2 and 10. were killed 0 iuilc:s east of Kewkirk, 0. T., by Cryus Cowan. The trouble which led to the double killing arose over a contest for a claim. Cowan, gave himself up to the authorities at Newkirk. THE MAKKETS. Released. Harry Johnson, who was held at the request of the Pan Handle people for an alleged assault on a patsenger br*keman at Bunker Hill, wag released yesterday morning by the mayor, there having been DO affidavit filed against him. TmxUlU Line £xrnr*IOn>, On FeDruary 12. March 5, April 2 and SO, 1895, home seekers excursion tickets will be on' eale at very cheap rates to various points in the South and Southwest. For rates, limit stopover privllges. etc . apply U> J. C. EDGEWORTH. Agt.. Logansport, led. PLANNED TO «'KJJ|UK- A TRAIN. 1'lucky Woman In Ml mien oca PnU a Couple of D*nper»doen to Flight. DuiArm, Minn., March 0.—Shortly before midnight Mrs. Richards, the Northern Pacific agent at Kiinberly, a small station near lirainerd, overheard two men outside her window planning to rob the east-bound express. One of them wanted to throw. tieei on the track but other was of the opinion that the best plan would be to wreck the train at the east end of the bridge. It could be done in such a way that the express car would not fall into the river. Fired Through the boor. Just as they had settled on this plan the woman got out of her bed to give the alarm. Before she touched the key one of the robbers proposed to go inside the station and await the train, which was not due for several hours, at the same time trying to smash the door in. Instantly the woman grabbed her revolver and put several bullets through the door, causing the surprised desperadoes to flee. Word was telegraphed along the line, but no trace of the men was found. Uloctrlclao Go Back. !S T E-W TOKK, March 9.—The electrical workers Saturday made an agreement with Judge Dugro, proprietor of the Savoy hotel, whereby nearly 400 men will return to work immediately. By the terms of the settlement, Judge Dugor guarantees that all the men employed, including electrical workers, snail be union men, and work only 'rovlBloim, £tc. CHICAGO, March 9. FLOUii-Quiot and steady. Quotablo: \Vin- ter—Pu.t,ouw, $i5Q&2,C5: straights. $2.3o(gi.50-, clears, S-2.!Oii30; seconds. 31.90®:;. 00; low Crudes, .$1.00 11.83. Spring—Patents, $3.003 3.50; .straights. N,10@1'.V5; bakers', J 1.85.^25; low snides, Jl.To^l.BO; Ked Dog, $1.05.(jH.i5; Rye. $2 ytX^. 50. WBKAT—Mrrnor, with fair trading. No. 2 cash, 5;i>i©53;4c; May, 54H@M?4c; July, 55M'i> CORN—Fairly active and higher. No. 3 and No. ^ Yellow, 4S5«S)-W3ic. No. 3, 41 5ic, and No. 8 Yellow, 4JXC; May .WH@ti}i°; July, 45fiH5Mc; September, 45Ji^i>?ic. OATS—Fair trading and Urmer. Cash No. 2, SSiic; May, :3,V}29Jie; July, K'!4'S-'Xc. Samples steaily; supply moderate; demand good.' No. 3, S8K©30c; No. 3 White. 3l£<2»32c; No. 2, No. - White. 3a2i3-!Xo. ; Cash rye steady and scarce. No. 2 la store, 51'Ac; sample lots, 534s53o outside choice; No. 3, about a8a)-»c; May delivery, 52!4 @53o. BAKLHV—Scarce and firm. No. 4. 50@51c; No. 3, 51©63o for fair to choice, and No. 2, 53O 610. MESS POKK — Trading was coroparatlvely active. Price higher. Quotations ranged at $10.83M>11.00 for cash regular; $10.70^110.75 for March, and J10.K."/4SH).05 for May. LAUD—Active and blither. Quotations ranKOd at fttMiftSiW for cash: $0,4r/,aO 50 for March, and *O.GOi(,iJ.O,';.a 2or May. I/IVE Poutinr—Per pound: Turkeys, &&9o; Chickens, S^itDc; Ducks. 9®llc; Geese, pe» dozen, J3.005iC.00. BUTTKK—Creamory, lO.^JlOc; dairy, 7®lGo; Packing Stoclc, CitVc. Lrgcons—Whisky quoted steady at Sl.iS per gallon for hlghwines. NEW YOIIK, March B, FLOCB— State and western quiet, stuady. WHKAI—No - red moderately active and flrm at Wo advance; May, 6i>>4(a59JiC; July, 6S»5f @59Jic; December. Si'J^&Kic. ColtN—No. :! quiet, stronger. May. 4915-103 ®50o; July, 49Jint49 13-IOc; No. 2, MSMc. OATS—No, i dull, firm.' May,- 33?<c, State, 37 O41c; western, 34®41c, BBBJf — Quiet. Extra mess, S7.50a8.55; family, )9.7SQliOO. POBK—Quiet, steady. Moss, J11.25S12.00. LABD—Quiet, firm. Steam-rendered, f&gitf. BUTTER—Light -demand; easy: Western dairy. 8®l3o; do. creamery. new, 13$aOc; do. old. 9'j,15a; do factory, Tttlic; :iilgin.s, 19H©^Oc; Imitation creamery. 9@Hc: rolls, 7Q13o. CHKESI—Fancy full cream firm: fair demand. State larjre, 9311Ko: do. fancy colored, 11 Kc; do. white, lie; do. small, 9tf312c; pan full do., 13&£&c. EGGS—Liberal receipts; lower. -Western, SHORT SPECIALS. "flotliers'.*. 1^« • J»* MAKES Friend" COLVTX, LA., Dec. 2,1886.—My" -wife used "MOTHERS 1 FRIEND" before her third confinement, and says; she I would not be -without' it for hundreds of dollars.—DOCK. MILLI. 1 Skititbyeipresi.orjnnll.on receipt of price. :fl per bottle. Boot "TO MOTHEB5" , mulled free. Sold by all Druggists, REC.tctTon Co, AUintii, Ga. Live Stock. CiiiCACO, March 9. HOC8— Market active. FeelijiK tlrm and prices 5c higher. Sales ranged at S3. 1034.15 for Pigs: HOOQ4.30 for light: $4.05^4.20 for rough packing; £4.05(94. 40 for mixed, and 34.25 .Q4.BO Tor heavy packing and shipping lots. CATTLE— Market rather active, and the feel- Ing was steady, with prlcus unchanged Quotation ranged at $> 30 ,5.85 for choice to extra- shipping steers; S-l.OOS5.25 for good to choice 3a ; J4.30iiS.00 for fair to good: S3.63 (.4.40 for common to medium do,: SJ 50:fr4 05 for Butchers' Steers; fcLGSaaSO for Stockers: t3. 40^4.25 tor Feeders; 11.40 i,3.35f or Cows; 1 8ao»2i4.25 for Heifers; $2,00,<ili75 for Bulls: S3.00jj,4.73 !or Texas Steers, and SISOijS.iO for Veal "aWes. SPECULATORS, INVESTORS READ! Writ* «» and r* turn mall Will Bring You Free a Pamphlet Containing Full Imformation as to how to Operate Successfully in Wall Street, Thousands who nave acted uptn Its suggestions have m'ndi Splendid Gains From 3Iodest, Investments! Stocks, Bonds. Grain, Provl-Ions ni<d Cotton bouiiht and soiu for cash • r OD a maotln ot 3 to o per cent COMMIFS , OM ,. 16 r ER CE ST Oar d»tU Ma Uft T .etier contains full report*. Corre- pond with us. HlKli>->t rffer«-nces fEstubilsiied ISSs'.) (Inrorpurated ,892.) Consolidaiedstock andPrtxluce Company, I ' 50 Kew, 52 Broad St. NIW TOHt Three carloads of nepro for Liberia have arrived in Savannah. An epidemic of something- like smallpox is rafrinR- in Mud Creek, in Floyd county, Ky. The National Sculpture society will open its second annual exhibition at Ise\v York on May 7. France, Russia. Japan and Hawaii may join with the United Statos in laj-ing 1 a Pacific cable. Compulsory vaccination is being- enforced ai Hot i-prinffs. Ark., to prevent the spivad. of smallpox. It is said that the independent snjfnr refineries have combined with tho Sugar trust_to maintain prices. Dank clearings of the country last u-eek were G.;? per cent, hi.rp.-r than tlio corresponding week last year. Acuordin.!;- to the Mareh report of tlio secretary of suite the Michigan wheat crop for IS;'I js alroa<iy exha-iisteil. Assistant Secretary Curtis denies tbere h:i> been ;i failure in the yo'nl do 'liveries under the recent bo:ul eon- tract. liotli liouses of the Nebraska lo^is hitnre adopteil a resolir.Um to invesli g-alc oharyes of cruelty at tlio penitentiary. llev. Elijah Teller, of J \V. \"a.. went for a walk, and his body WHS fnund torn to pieces, it is thought by hojjs. The president of t!ie Clnciuiiati z> logical gardens has sent a bnil'alo bull and cow to Prince .Bismarck as a birth day {,'ifi. The wholesale rrrocery firmof Arand, Sulienrineyer A Hulker. at Cincinnati, assigned. Assets and liabilities each over $30.000. Services memorial of Frederick Douglass were held by colored people Friday ni^ht at Kansas City. Mo., and Jackson, Miss. State Auditor Dunn has discovered that iOO.OOu.OOO feet of Minnesota pino has been sold without warrant for a merely nominal price. Secretary Gresham, who is confined to his rooms in 'Washington with an a.t- jk of neuralgia of the stomach, is reported to be much better. DANA GIVES HIMSELF UP. Now York Kdltor Kclr.|ixi;<l on IIIK Own HecoKiiizuncc—Trial IMarcli 10. SEW YOKK, March 0.—United States District Attorney MacFarlane, with certified copies of the indictments ig-ainst Charles A. Dana and William M. Laffen'and the bench, warrant ssued by Judge Cole, of Washing-ton, for the arrest of tlie two men on tlio ndictrnent for libeling Frank 33. Koycs, of the Washington Star, appeared before Commissioner Shields Triday afternoon and made oath ;hat according to his belief the persons named in the indictments were both iltv of criminal libel. Commissioner Shields immediately issued the necessary warrants and they were placed in ;he hands of United States Marshal McCarty for execution. Charles A. Jana : appeared before Commissioner shields at 4 p. m. On request of Tranklin Bartlett, his counsel, he was released on his own recognizance and he hearing set down for Saturday, March 16, at 11 u. in. Detroit's H'K Fire. DETKOIT, Mich.. March 9.—The aggregate losses by Friday night's fire In Champlain street will not exceed ^100,000, with about 870,000 insurance. The principal losers are: The Decker Cash .Register Machine company, J. N. Smith Plating company, Detroit Stamping company, Detroit Corkscrew company, Eastwick &-Co., electrical appliances, and E. A. Brush, owner of the building. Two hundred men are thrown out of employment. Kaid on Couuterfaltorft. ST. JOSEPH, Mo., March 9.—United States Marshal Smith and deputies made a raid on the house of Joseph Tribble, near Forbes, 18 miles north of this city, and captured Joseph Tribble, Edward Frieburg 1 and John Reinhart, all well-known and prominent residents of Forbes, whom they locked up. They also captured a lull set of counterfeiter's tools and nearly half a pock of spurious silver dollars. UCEl •tf^DOU. WASIITXGTOS, March 6.—The treasury department has settled the account of Mr. Eeinhart, the chief expert, of the Lockery commission, by giving him a check for 59,500. Deadlock Still Hold.. DOVER, Del-, March. 9.—The sixty- eighth ballot for United States senator was taken by the legislature Saturday without result. An Kae«-r vnd * Xlpplng IViud, A coEtlnuom down pour ol rain, inclement weatfier. gemrailr In wintor and spring, are un- lavorabl* to «l) classes ot invalid*. Bmwiirmta and activity Infused into tbe ctreulatloa «ounter ac'S tbP»« Inline- ces and interpose a defense against them. Bostetter's St> mac i Bitters, irost thorough a d effective of stomachics and tonics, not only tnrichea tbe Wo-jfl, but acce erates its circulation, t-or a i-h.ll, or pre oniuiry sjmp. tomuof rbenmailsm and kidney complaint, psr- tlcularly prevalent at these seasoas, it Li ihe best po§slble remedy. It Is »lso infaloasle for djsp»ula, liver complaint constipation and DOTvousnesi. Neverfetout on awli.tt-roraprlng jr-arney withoat 1C. Eldwiy persons ^ind tbe dell- cau and convalesomt are grratiy aided by It. For Orer FHlr I«n Mrs. Wlnalow'a Sootbinfe Syrup has been used for over fifty jear» by mu- llons of tnoihers for tbeir childreo while teething, w i«h perfect cuccets. It BOOthts ihe child, softens the gutne, allays all pain, cures wild colic, and U the best remedy for diarrboei. It wi-1 relieve tbe poor little eufforer 1m mediately- Sold bydruefriat* ID even- part of the world. 'Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be sure and ask for -Mrs. Window's Soothing Svrup," and take no other kind. KNOWLEDGE c^ comfort and Improvement and ..-.ids "to personal enjoyment \vheu '^ijiitly useJ. The many/wno live bet- >.r than others and enjoy life more-, with v.<:r expenditure, 1)7 wore promptly .ilApvins; Uie world's best products to •.it* nee<^> of physical being, will attest • u-value '.-.i lu-:'iUh of tlie"pure liquid •native priaciple-s einbiaeed in. tho •.- ;::ody, Syru;) ol Figs. Its excelleneo is due to its presenting -• the flint raos.t, nccepti'ole and plens- ,i.-t to the fcwte, the refrer-bingand truly /t-neScial pnipcni'js of si perfect lax- itive; ciUvt-tially cleansing the system,, impelling culii.s iiead.-iolies ami feve .IK! permanently curing constipatio, t has p;ivcn s:itisf:iCi-ion to millions and j •dot with -the approval of '-be medical | profession, becnuse it acus on the Kid- ':rrs, Liver and Bowls wi'-hout we.ik- •• inner them And it- is perfectly free from • M>.-V objectionable substance. svrup'of .Fiss is for sale by a.!i drug.- ,xt!s in ?0c :n.<i $1 bottle*, but- it i* n:avi- -.tiK-tured by t,h« Caiifornisi Fig Syrup '.,. viiiy, vvliiisi.- name' is priiin>il on every ..:n--l::v;K ;\ls,-> the :i:ii:i"-, Syvup of Figs. [ •.nt: being «•;[! informed, von. will n :. VKPi RIIY -tlflitiW.J' if Otll*^ IIIIIIIIIMMilllttl PAP CALENDAR For * * * 1895 A Desk Calendar is a necessity — most convenient kind of storehouse for memoranda. The Columbia Desk Calendar is brightest and handsomest of all—full of dainty silhouettes and pen sketches and entertaining- thoughts on outdoor exercise and sport. Occasionally reminds you of the superb quality of Columbia Bicycles and of your need of one. You won't object to that, of course. The Calendar will be mailed for five 2-ccnt stamps. Address Culendar Department, POPE MFC. CO., Mention ttii piper. Hertford, Conn. ] CtuHC iinl Cure of nc Heudhcbe is generally caated by ' ;wo main organs, ine liver and k neve not performing theli- sever uttCB, and thereby impairing dlge .ion and impnrtiilg' to the blood it Duritlos that In turn inflame tbe eystel and produce fevers and beadaotj The remedy to prevent and cure the troubles U Rinebarl's Pills, Sold by] . Ksesllng and Keyaione drug Children Cry ft *»ltcher'» Wben you feel bad with headache take Rlnaharl's Pill*. One a «toi« Sold by B. F. Keeeliog and Kcyrtoi drug store. Children Cryfo^ Pitcher's Castorla. •Wlua Baby WM ilcfc »•«•»• iMr Ou«8»l«. Wbm «B» •»« » Child, she crier) for Qmortak Wbeo me Docame Mln. Mw clung to Castoffc Wben toe &*a CnuarBn, me i»»e to em UMMf(k>| Worms and Worm T(n\». Worms are generally troublesome ' young child-life, and are often tl cause of pile, emaciated and lifele condition of children.. Tbe best fen edy to dlepel all kinds of worms RJnehart's Worm lx>zeneeF. It the only remedy that destroys worm nest, which, if not retnoTed soon breeds more of the pesis Sol by B. F. Keeping and Keystone drui store. Children Cryfoj Pitcher's Ca*toria. Einehart's Worm Lozenpes are best beeaut-e they remove the nests. Sold bj B. F. Keeling Keyetone drug store. _ :„-..—'. ,-.V--- . *-

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