Tombstone Weekly Epitaph from Tombstone, Arizona on November 18, 1906 · Page 1
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Tombstone Weekly Epitaph from Tombstone, Arizona · Page 1

Tombstone, Arizona
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 18, 1906
Page 1
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5 i THE EPITAPH V The WthKLY Tombtove Epitaph published even,- Sunday, will gie all the news and will be sent to any address fur Four Months For $1 yf & THE EPITAPH .lM $3 PER YEAU Is published every Sunday, and contains all tho news of the rveek as it appear in The Daily Prospector. f Five Cents & Copy hotoitr pitapi) m S3XJPfJTAY EDITION 11 VOLL'MEIXXV TOMBSTONE, COCHISE COUNTY, ARIZONA-SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 18, 1906 f.O 34 Sam 7 S Lf HEADACHE fu!?ii???'A ? ' from stefc hfaJstl,. 2!!; -trwy..r. .ml h.,,, round ur r.'f lll b. km UUbc your CurutL. MnJ ht by bj0 uklBC c,r.t. h L. nr "IS LTT d" "h" " """"nia'n"! Hi.m to do. I lll U. yoo. tb. ITttllcr. of silnr hi. . I "-U'wn.HfRMlo.rau.W.lDlii4poU1J4, BesT For Tk. a. i- CANDY CATHARTIC ?!?l rwS,M. Pottit. Tut. Oood. DoOoed. Ugaiu4 to can or rour nrau; tick. " Sterlini Remedy Co., Chicago or N.Y. sol NNUilLSE.TEK MILLION MXES The Cure For Scrofula was once suposej to b the touch ot royalty. To-J), manjr crateful people know that the "sovereljn remedj" Is .Ayer's SAraparilla. This punerfid alteva-tUe extirpates -'Hie cU- hy tlnruughly rllinlastiSs all tho strumous poison In m tho Muod. Co-.m!ptlon. raUrrh. and various other pl.jsicM as ell as niintal .oilailltj. Lave !. urfjin la SOROFULA "n ver!ltary. tins disease min.tots it self la childhood l glandular SHcllJir. running sore-, swollen joiuu. and general f sehleness ot body. A smliiUter A j er s Sarsa-icirilla on aipcinne ! the first nyniiitutns. " M little plrl ti as troubled w Ith a painful scrofulous spelling under ons of her arms. The phjsiclau belne; unable to effect a cure, i gave Lirouc bottle of Ayer's fi-irsvp'ri:ia..f!d tl. svelllnsdlsappei.. W.l'Iitu d.,,,JI, F.irland-s,Va. -I wis cured of rruf j'tbj the me of Xj'i Sarsap .nlla." J. c. Wrj , Deerfield, JIo. ' I vis trou' lei Mr'iii a sere hand for otm two yeirs. fc j;. rssured the case was sc-olui7 Itock six bottles of.)r's Sarsaparilla udwa cured.--H. l!iikInsa2Uertoii,KcUi PHETAttSn BT Ur. J. C. AYER & CO., LsbU, Has, Deadly Serpent Bites are as common in India as are stomach and liver disorders n ith us. For the latter however there is a sule Kemedv, Electric Bitters; the great restorative medicine, of which S. A. Brown, of Bennettsville, S.C., sas: "They restored my nife t perfect health, after years of suffering with dyspepsia and a chronically torpid liter." Electric Bitters cure ch 1 land feter, malaria: biliousness, lame back, kidney troubles and bladder disorders Sold on guar-by al Idruggiste. Pr ce 50e. For Sale Barrow residence, on Fourth Street. Terms reasonable. For information apply at the residence, nl3 tf - PUBLIC IS AKODSED. The public is aroused to a knowledge olthe curative merits of timtgreatmed-cinal tonic. Electric Bitters, for sick stomach, liver and kidneys. Mary H. Walters of 546 St. Clair Ave.CoIum-La, O., writes "For several months, 1 was given up to die. I bai fever and ague, my nerves were wrecked; I .could not sleep, ana mj stomacu was so wean fromuselM','"tr8 drugs, that I could uot eat. Soon after Spinning to takf-Electric Bitters, I obtained ixMci, and in a (liort time I was entirely cared uaranteed at a'l Pruggists; price 60c (The highest honor) Awarded to , Flavoring Extracts At the ST. LOUIS EXPOSITION. For sal l7 all representative groer Chamberlain's Cough Remedy Cores Colds, Croup awl Whocjim Coua. j.. .&.. .!--! -9V Pfmw -" 1 i ar. r , -OH kr -. r rtWbt mpw jjELEKJUS RAILROAD WAR IN ARIZONA The Santa Fe and Southern Pacific in A Quiet Jangle To Obstruct Right of Way Privileges FIGHTING GROUND AT PHOENIX The Phoenix Enterprise eajs thatfeotttt rhoenix road the right to ex iPn irarfara f-rtati- iVillrum- lutfn Ann tlm ' nn.l -..-. I. ; i; t .i.. . open warfare .may follow between the Santa Fe and the Southern Tacific for supremacy in Phoenix as the result of the Santa Fe's action in build ing a spur in the southwestern part of the city under cover of darkress 02 Wedneeday night, lliough Santa Fe otficUls deny that they are swayed by any such purpose, people believe that their construction ot the spur in the night time has been for the purpote of blocking the ea-trance of the Southern Pacific to this city with its main line. Recently the city council rescinded an ordinance passed in December, 1904, which gave the Santa Fe, Pres- Export Duty on Mexican Coin A City of Mexico dispatch says: Secretary of finance, Jose Limantour, has submitted to congress the draft of a proposed law which, if it becomes effective, will establish an export duty, of 10 per cent on silver coin. It is believed it will be acted, on favorably by ongress. It is claimed that the law is designed to keep dollars of the old coinage at home, while at the same time, granting the merchant the profit he would earn by exportation at the present price of silver by handing over the dollars of the old coinage to the exchange and currency commission and receiving gold. For some time considerable apprehension has teen felt in government and financial circles because of the outflow of silver from this country. Tombstone Houses of Worship St. Paul's Church (Episcopal) Services on Sunday, November 18. Holy Communion and Sermon II a m. Evening prayer and sermon 7:30 p. m. Sunday School at 10 a. m. A cordial inviuciou :: extended to all. At the Methodist Episcopal Church Preaching tomorrow at 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Epworth League meets at 7:15 p m. Prayer meeting Wednet- day at 8 p. m. All arc invited to attend. Services as usual at the Congrega tional church. Morning at 11, Sermon. Sunday School at 1! o'clock, Evening at 7:30. Young People at 7. A cordial invitation to all these services is extended to all. Regular Christian Science services are beld in building opposite Schief-felin Hall, between 4th ant1 th Sts. on Fremont St., af 11 a. m Sunday school at 10 a. m. Wednesday evening cervices at 8 at same place. All are cordially invited to attend. A Guaranteed Cure For Piles Itching, Blind, Bleeding. Protmding Piles. Druggists are autho-ized to re-fuud money if PAZO OINTMENT tails to cure in 6 to 14 daj s. 50 cents tend a spur from their line in the wes tern part of the city. Representatives of the Southern Pacific apled the council to take this action, claiming that the building of the spur by the Santa Fe would greatly interfere with their entranco to Phoenix. Beiore the rescinding ruer could go into effect the Santa Fet has built the spur, and it now stands as .1 barrier to the Southern Pacific. Editor Semple And Uncle Samuel D. W. Semple, who is charged with violating the United States laws in transmitting through the mails copies of the Bisbee Miner, of which he was editor and publisher, containing a verbatim account of a sensational case in the justice court at Bisbee, arrived in Tombstone last evening and is in custody of the authorities pending bis trial next month. Mr. Semple was seen by a Prospector reporter today. The doughty editor was tn the best of spirit and the charge against him weighs lightly upon his shoulders and appears to give him but little concern. He did not desire to make a statement for publication, stating that there would be plenty of surprises latei on and did not care to divulge any of bis plans at this time Mr.JSemple does not complain of Uncle Sam as a host, and has the lrgheu commendations for the U. S. officials who have taken him In charge. A suggested opportunity by a visitor to secure releise through habeas corpus because of a faulty commitment met with no encouragement from Mr. Semple, Jwho appeared content and not desirous of taking advantage of an alleged tech nicality. Neither has he made an ef fort to eccu e bonds Meanwhile he is cheery as of yore and entertains thote about him with Golufield stories and mining excitements. "1 ochise county looks cood to me. and I may remain but not in iaiC" concluded Mr Semple with a merry twinkle in his eye. His case will be set on December 17. Thos Pidwell was a Tombstone visitor today from Pesrce shaking hands with his many friends. E. W. Land was a Tombstone visitor today from bis mines in the Santa Ritas. He reports the develop ment snowing most encouraging re sults. The Huachuca Water company sustained a slight less at the reservoir on the hill yesterday through firer which j ctught from sparks blown from a fur nace in use lor beating aspnaltum. Wm Holmes, president of the Leadville Mining Co at Gleeson, was a Tombstone visitor today. Mr. Holme is elated over the rich ore strike recently made at the Leadville. The developments are showing the property to be one of exceptional value and destined to be one of the big producers of the county. "Sl: The Vote on Jointure in the Two Territories The figures showing the election in Arizona and 'w Mexico may now be considered about accurate, though in Arizona the official count in the several counties had cot been made. The result is gratifying to all opponents of Joint-statehood, as the result waa a Rood sate majority against the proposition in the two territories combined. - In New Mexico the majority for Manufacture Alcohol in Arizona 1 A company has been organized in Phoenix for the purpose of manufacturing denatured alcohol. It is the intention of the company to start at once the manufacturing of denatured alcohol for commercial purposes. Denatured alcohol can bo manufac tured from cactus, barley, beets, corn, sorghum or potatoes. Denatured alcohol can be used more economically than gasoline and is much cheaper. One gallon of denatured alcohol is equal to two gallons of gasoline. It is non-explosive and can be easily extinguished. Among the returning Fair visitors noted today besides the Tombstone delegation of teachers mentioned elsewhere, were noted Col. A. L. Grow, County Recorder Frank Hare, Cashier Brandt of the First National Bank, H. E Peoples. Rev. Benedict , and Sup't. J. A. Rockfellow. A large number of Tombstone excursionists are expected home tomorrow, this being the last day of the big territorial show. The fair is praised by all who visited the capitolcity. A Mongrel Dog Saves Life of An Arizona Brakeman To a common, everyday mongrel ' a little yellow cur of the kind that the dog catcher picks up on the streets John Crowder, a Southern Pacific brakeman, probably owes his life. He is a brakeman who runs on the Lordsburg local. On his run several days ago he sustained a fall from the top of a car. He landed on bis head and shoulders and then rolled down an embankment into a small arroyo, which was dry. Dazed and but ha'f conscious, Crowder lay groaning in his intense sufferings for four hours. It was late in the afternoin when Mexican Orange Crop is Short The Mexican orange crop has either, been short , has been consumed at home or has rotted in the field owing to tbe failure of United States buyers to take it. Something has happened, for only two cars of orangej have passed through the El Paso port 4is year, and tbe Mexican orange season is bow over. As a result of the failure of this crop to be shipped through El Paso, the custom housa of that port has a deScit for October, compared with last year, of over $30,000. This shows what immense shipment have passed through there in previous years. falling off of a sufficient number of cars to make a difference of $30,-000 in duties alone. Ti asiv vHianfMijos 9ut lie, I 'AkeOascareU CudTCWhartie. iOeor&t. l C & G tall to on. drnsBla" i out kspo ,.-. a t ..: A :jjL jointure was hut little more than half the majority of Arizona against it. Following is the vote: For Joint-statehood: New Mexico 22,855; Arizona, 3,305; total in favor, 20,250. Against joint statehood: NewMex , ico, 12,390; Arizona, 23,150; total I against, 35,540. Combined majority in both territories, 8,290. Cattlemen Elect New Officers The annual convention of the Arizona Cattle Growers' association elected officers as follows: President, J. J. Riggs, Cochise; vice preside nt, D. R. Heard, Maricopa; second vice-president, E.J. Jacklin, Cochise; secretary, ilenn L. Coffee, Gila; treasurer, O. H. Christy, Maricopa, As oiling of streets is not a very expensive matter and is in vogue in all up-to date towns, it might pay our energetic council to look into the matter. Dust would be almost "done for" with the oiling of our streets, which are exceptionally adaptable for that purpose. Why net a chamber of commerce for Tombstone. Such a body is of great help to any city. Bisbee, Douglas and Benson have them, and they are doing a world of good for each place. The latest move at Schietfelin Hall is that Mr. Warkekros will soon install a hard wood iloor for dancing purposes or ekating rink. The hall will then be suitable for mask balls 1 and other large receptions he sustained the fall. He was the rear brakeman, and as the other members of the crew were on the front end of the train, he was not missed until the train reached Benson. Tbe Tucson Citizen says that it was a little jellon cur a hanger-on at the railroad camp a short dis tance away that discovered the badly injured biakeman. After darkness had set in the mongrel began to bowl mournfully and to make repeated trips between the camp and where the injured man lay. Finally several men followed the dog and found the injured man. He was brought to Tucson on a special. Maharas Minstrels Please Fair Visitors The Phoenix Republican of the 15th iust. gives Malnras Minstrels a mot c iniplimnntary notica on their perf8rmncef th 14th. This company was selected as the attraction for three nights during the fair and according to tbe Republican it was a wise selection. This company will appear at Schieffelin Hall next Friday, and seats will go on sale at Beach Sisters Monday morning at 9 o'clock. You must be there in person, as no seats will be laid aside on order until after those who are there at nine are served Prices 50 and 75 cents in tbe gallery and $1 all downstairs; every seat reserved on first floor. CJRi-t Tour TJowei. .'itt t'a.rtfte ?andr Cathartic- cure cosstlpatloa irv irzc IS" Z-G tall. druTzlstc ttXua.' 3.0 COCHISE COUNTY IN THE LEAD Territorial Teachers Institute a Grand SuccessLargest Representation Comes From Banner County CHAMPION DRILLER BREAK RECORD Cochise Takes Honors. County School Superintendent J A. Rockfellow, and the faculty of the Tombstone public schools, consisting Of Prof. H E fVrner, Miss Ondvke, Miss Williamson, Mrs. Cleverdon, Miss Axtell, Miss Mellgren, Mrs Williams and Miss Boatman, returned today from Phoenix, where they attended the Territorial Teachers' Institute and likewise the Fair. The Institute was a tranil success and was well attended. With the exception of the resident teachers of Maricopa county, Cochise had the banner representation with 81 actively engaged teachers answering the roll call. Prof. Pliil-brook of Bisbee and Prof. Berner of Tombstone delivered addresses before the Institute, doing credit to themselves and honor to the big county they represented. In the election cf officers for the ensuing term Cocbis also carried off the honors, Prof. Phil-brook of Bisbee being elected ptc.i-dent and Prof Berner of Tombstone wa made treasurer. Miss Joues of Maricopa county retary. was chosen ns sec- O Ho!b,!(rakUPnseareallttdnes 111- "ant effce. A3d.r" 'air Ke-i-dt Co-t-icaoJrf V Thanksgiving Proclamation I'KOCLAMATIOJf THAXKSGIVI.VO. BT THE GOVERNOR OF ARIZOVA. To the People of Arizona: j Thanksgiving Day has become so ' much and so peculiarly an Americin ! institution that we look forward to its near approach with feelings of grateful pleasure. It had its origin with the sturdy pioneers of a new continent. It is hallowed by the customs of our people for nearly three centuries. It is recognized by churches of every creed, and has been embodied in our laws as the great annual American family festival ol Thanksgiving for the mercies, prosperity and happiness of the closing year. The memories of the 5 years gone by of happy family gather- ings li:ive especially endeared the day j to us all, having to those, ot whom j there are so many ot us, who have migrated from the scenes of their earlier years, a peculiar significance of the day. The president of the United States has by his proclamation designated Thursday, the twenty-ninth day of November, for its observance. By the law of tbe nttion, and by the law of Arizona, it is made a legal holiday of the people of this prospr-ous community, to enable-them fittingly and fully to observe and enjoy the ceremonies, all in their own man ner of Thanksgiving Day. Now, therefore I, Joseph H. Kibbey governor of Arizona, do hereby desig- 1 nate and appoint Thursday, November twenty-ninth, 1906, Thanksgiving Day, and recommend its observance and celebration as such. In witness whereof I nave hereunto ..-J X ' i..: Champion Drillers From Cochise. The result of the drilling contfsts at the Territorial Fair this week was as follows- Double-hard drill, fifteen minute?, Page Brothers of Bisbee 42 I 8 inches, breakinc the territorial record of 10 7 8 by Ross ?nd Mclvor The defeated team was Mclvor and Pickens of Globe, who drilled 40 1-8 inches. In the singles Fred Yockey of Bisbee made 22 3-8, breaking the territorial record made by himself lat year, of 21,27,20-32. Louis Page of" Bisbee was second, drilling 20 21-32. L.W. Ligon drilled 20 19-32 and Mosej Grasseti of Globe drilled 17 1 4 inche. Frank O'Connell of Tombstone drilled nine minutes and retired Ther- were two youthful teams who drilled ten minutes each, both from Bisbee. feummerlleld & Lemin 15 inches, and Madican and Reilly 13 3-4 inches. The prizes were jG50 for the double and f3o for the single contests, and a loving cup cfiered by the Fair for each single and double. Yockey now has two credits for the single, this year and last, and must win again to claim it. For the other, no team has more than one credit. set my hand and caustd the great seal of the territory to be alExed. Dono at Phoenix, tho capital, this first day of November, 1900. Iseal JOSEPH H. KIBBEY. By the Governor. W. F. NICHOLS, Sec. of the Territory of Arizona. To Give Attention to Arizona Interests Senator William A. .Clark, of Jerome, Ariz , and Montana, owner of the United Verde mines at Jerome, president ol the Salt Lake railroad multi-millionaire mine owner of the Southwest and president and director of numerous other concerns, has tired of politics, or at least has po announced, and will retire to lead the simple life. "My announcement," said the Senator, who was at Jerome looking over his United Verde properties, "that I intend to retire from active politics is final. I am tired of politics and prefer to take only a quiet part henceforth." KEEP YOUR HEAD UNCOVERED. ' The Con.tnnt AVrarlnir ot If at Propo- Sialea Dandruff Germi. There are many men who wear their hats practically all the time, when awake. and' are blessed with a heavy chock ot hi'r; yet If the scalps of these same men became Infested with dandruff serins, the parasites would multiply all the quicker for lack ot a!r. Baldness r-onld ensue as the final result. ICew-bro'a Ilcrplclds kills these Ecms and stimulates unhealthy hair to abundant growth. Xlerplclde Is a pleasant hair dressing as well as a dandruff cure and contains not an atom ot Injurious substance. Sold by leading drvgirlsts. Send 10c In stamps for sample to The Barpt-dde Co.. Detroit, Alich. Tombstone Drug Company, Fifth street, special agent', " I ST,- j I i '1 - - 4-5&fc -

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