Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 30, 1957 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, December 30, 1957
Page 8
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gight Logansport. Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Ann Landers Boys^Such Good Husbands, They've Forgotten Mother Dear Ann: Your column honoring the mother-in-law was very "ice. I couldn't help but notice most of the letters came from MEN. The thing that puzzles me is this: Do these men who are so nutty over their mother-in-laws know they have a mother? Nowadays Mother is the forgotten woman . . .especially where «er sons are concerned. My own sons went over to their wives families when they married and my sister's boys did the same thing. This seems to be the style. I sometimes wonder why the husband doesn't take his wife's rame instead of changing her name to his. Tiiey might as well, since they become a part of the wife's family as soon as tiie knot is tied. I raised my boys to be good husbands. In fact, they are such good husbands they've forgotten that they're sons, too.—MRS. A. R. Dear Mrs. A. R.: Your letter is sad, and there is some truth in what you say. However, every family situation is different. All the same, I can't help but recall 3 little poem I heard many years ago: A son is a son Till he fakes a wife- Bui a daughter is a daughter All of her life. * * * Dear Ann: My husband is in his middle 50's. and has. decided to take up the violin for "relaxation". Well, it may relax HIM, but I'm ready to pack my bags. Every night after supper he takes out his violin and the act his age. He won't listen to me.—SUFFERIN' KATE Dear Kate: Don't complain I Re-Enlistment Plan about your husband fiddling around. At least HE has a violin : Of Tree of Peace' If you could see the mail I get • Saluted by SAC from women who have REAL pro- BUNKER HIUj AIR FORCE blems with frieir husbands you'd be thankful that yours has turned BASE, Peru, Ind., December 27, 1957—Upon conclusion of the Strato a harmless little muswal in- f k Air Command . s » Tree O f strument for "relaxation . Been ; p( . ace ,, campaign conducted {rom reading this column long. Honey? Nov ember 1 through December 20, _ . General Thomas S. Power, 'SAC Dear Ann: I hope you can make , Comman der . fi chj was present . out my writing. 1m ?M a little shaky from the flu I have a ter- We've been married less than a year. I am seven months pregnant and haven't felt good from the beginning. My mother-in-law told my husband I'm faking illness to get attention. Just because she never had a sick day with her seven', pregnancies she thinks anyone who doesn't fell well is lying. I've been in bed for two weeks. My husband moved to his mother's house as soon as I became bedridden. If my girl friend hadn't brought me medicine -and food I don't know what would have be-' come of me. My husband hasn't given me any money or even called on the phone to find out if I'm living or dead. I Jiave lost all respect for him, but I i-.eed a roof and support for my baby because I can't work. .Why is my life such a mess and what can I do about it?—B. J. You've married a mama's boy, but this is not news to you. The screeching is unbearable. He's prospect of fatherhood has fright- going at it like a 10-year-old kid, ! elled J unior so he ' s run home to practicing scales and playing ki5i-' mama - dergartan tunes Last night he; Contact Legal Aid and learn hinted that he may take lessons' what your rights are. This man from a teacher- Imusl support you and the baby. on fiddle lessons for a grown man. When I told him I thought he was j returning to his second childhood, he said it's fun and he intends to keep it up whether I like is or not. Please tell the old goat to Trim With Contrast Give him the works. * + * CONFIDENTIALLY: NEED ADVICE: It's not sensible to spend $90 for a new suit in which to bury your uncle. Particularly since Uncle was an athiest . . . 'all dressed up and no place to Send them to her in care of this; lisUn g the most a j rm en at this newspaper and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope. ;opyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. 8155 12-20 W |TH THE PATT-0-RAMA There's plenty of fashion news In this yoked frock in misses' sizes. Stand-out collar and yoke can be in bright contrast—or sew all in monotone. No. 8155 with PATT-0-RAMA is in sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20. Size 14 : 34 bust, short sleeve, 4% yards ol 35-inch; % yard contrast. For this pattern send 35c in COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, 111. The Fall & Winter '57 edition of our pattern book Basic FASHION is filled with smart, new styles for all sizes; special features. It's colorful, stimulating and so useful. 25 cents. (Ann Landers idp you with will be glad to your problems. Josephine Lowmon Your Marital Problems Are Universal, Can Be Solved ied with a symbolic check for ! million dollars in a brief ceremony [in front of SAC Headuarters, Offutt Air Force Bass, Nebraska. The sum was the estimated U. S. taxpayer dollars saved by not having to train replacements for the more than 2,500 first term airmen who decided to make a career of the Air Force during tiie campaign period. In the background during the ceremony, tte "Tree of Peace" swayed gently in the wind, another symbol of the reenlistees. Among ics branches were strung 250 light bulbs, each representing 10 first term arimen who stayed in the Air Force. Also in the background was SAC's Honor Roll, a 20 by 60 foot billboard on which was an oil painting symbolizing peace through the Air Force and'a listing of the names of the SAC Wing and Air Base Group Commanders whose organization had contributed first term reenlistments to the "Tree of Peace". Among this list appeared the name of Colonel Henry J. Chisholm, Commander of the 4041st Air Base Group. Bunker Hill Air Force Base reenlisted a total of.you some old thoughts for the new 36 first term airmen during this ' year, it seems to me that you may ' be interested in some of the filings which have been written about Women should be interested in their husbands and usually are. The most fundamental and the most natural and the greatest interest of woman, is man. Women should be most interested in their husbands, and usually are. Therefore, since I am bringing period. Through an extensive recruiting program conducted by all base personnel from Colonel Chisholm to the newest airman here, keeping in mind Colonel Chisholm's slogan "Recruiting is everybodys business." Bunker Hill exceeded their quota by 11 airmen. This accomplishment placed Bunker Hill AFB seventh in the Eighth Air Force and among the leaders in SAC. Captain James E. Riddle, Commander of the Headquarters Squadron of the 4041st Air Base Group was congratulated by Colonel Chisholm for individually reen- Hospitol Notes MEMORIAL Births: Mr. and Mrs. Howard MoManama, 423 West Melbourne avenue, girl; S-Sgt. and Mrs. Richard Ruell, route 5, Peru, boy; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Fisher, 807 South Cicott street, boy. Admissions: Mrs. Mary Webster, route 5, city; Mrs. Kathryn Butts, 108% Fourth street; Mrs. Eura Hankee, 1731 Wright street. Dismissals: Miss Jeanice Barnhouse, Winamac; Mrs. Ruth Blue. Rochester; Mrs. William Cole and son, 118 Seventh street; Mrs. "Esther Fountain and daughter, Delphi: Arthur Gullet, Stoney Pike Trailer Court; Mrs. Davis Hester and son, 1528 Woodlawn avenue; Miss Helen Sitz, 516V4 East Market street; Myron Suiter, Burnetts- vi'.le; Mrs. Blanche Warren, Flora; Mrs. Ella Little, Camden. ST. JOSEPH'S Births: Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Grantham, 1819 Grant street, boy. Admissions: Mrs. Leonard Wagner, Walton; Mrs. June Everham, 1721 Smead street; Jack Ogden, route 4. city; Charles Carpenter, 18'/2 Wheatland- avenue; Thomas Slusser, 423 High street; Mrs. Clara Leffert, route 4, city. Dismissals: Mrs. Roy Good, 305 Hammond street; Mrs. William Roland, 1818 Rogers; Everett McGee 412 West Clinton street; Mrs, Hazel Helton, 429 Howard street. GOT "MEAN BULL" HOLLYWOOD (UP) — Director Howard Koch ordered a trainer to deliver "one mean bull" fjr a scene in "born reckless." The huge Brahma bull snorted, rippec through his steel mesh fence anc pushed in the entire left side of Koch's new convertible which was parked nearby. base. Lieutenant Colonel Webster E. Raemy, Base Director of Personnel; First lieutenant David A. Taylor, Base Reenlistment Officer; and Master Sergeant Alfonso M. Marsh, Reenlistment NCOIC, were also responsible for the ex- ellent showing by. this base dur- ng this program. husbands. For instance, "All husbands are alike, but they have different faces so you can tell them apart." —Anonymous. Sir.ce men are individuals, and husbands are men, they therefore bavo varying personalities and characters but there IS a discernible pattern. It may be comforting to remember that some of the arguments and disagreements you and your husband may have are due to the fact that he is a man and you are a woman. 'Talk It Out" A recognition of this fact would oi! the wheels of many'a marriage. For years I thought that the fact Camden Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joy Mging is tihoir daughter, Janis, of Ocean Springs, Miss. Mr. and Mrs. Donald DeWitt and family had as guests Christmas Day: Mr. and Mrs. Fred DeWitt, Mr. and Mrs. Mearle DeWitt and Judy, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Rowe and Jimmie Huston, all of Lafayette. Also Dale Stark and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Simmerman and family, all of Delphi; Rev. and Mrs. Sewell Moore of New Castle, Ind; Mrs. Zora Brown and sons of Otterbein, Ind; Howard DeWitt and family of Kokomo. Rev. Joseph Moore has been dismissed from Methodist Hospital to his home but is expected to return to an Indianapolis hospita. Okr£>&ite^ True Life Adventures SQUARE MEAL- AT A ROUND TABLE OF= GIRAFFES Wll_l_ PI-ACE ITSE1_T= AN ACACJA. TREE, NIEBUM& PAINTIUV XT THE TEMPER TOF» GROWTH.THE FRAGRANT LEAVES AHE N^yf' OML-V NOURISHING ; THE"-/ IMPART A SWEET F^-EAS1N<3 AROMA TO THE GIRAFFE. 12-3O that I liked to "talk out intelligently and frankly" any differences we had, while my husband wanted to forget the whole thing, was because we are so differenl in temperament. It took me a iohg time to realize that it was just an intensified male and female situation. If you will^hink of it in this way, you will discover the same sort of humor in many of your domestic problems. I solved ttie "talking it out' irritant in this way: The day after our difference I would write a letter to my husband and I would have his promise to answer it. It's amazing how few letters I have written because I had to wait until the following day to do so! Folks are so apt to believe that their problems are unique. Most problems you have are universal. This is probably truer in marriage than in any other human relationship. So, do not take your clashes or yourself too seriously, and if you really wish to enjoy marriage, do •not expect to change your husband. Like him as he is! Speedboat Champ Dies In Big Race MIAMI BEAOH (UP) — Italian speedboat champion Ezio Selva's pre-race statement "this is my last race" became a prophecy Sunday when his sleek, high-powered hydroplane carried him to instant death in the annual Orange Bowl R e g a 11 'a's International Grand Prix. The cheers of a crowd of 20,000, including Selva's 20-year-old son, turned to horrified screams as the 56-year-old driver's 800 kilogram Moschetierre made a daring run for the lead then went into a crazy death dance on Biscayne Bay directly in front of the judges stand. Apparently a wave threw the nose of the red-hulled speedster up and it spun along on its tail at 100 miles per hour for what seemed agonizing seconds. Then il somersaulted forward, roiled onto its side and knifed bow first into the water. .Selva apparently was struck by the cowling and engine as the boat hit the water with tremendous impact. Only then was his lifeless body thrown free. A rescue boat found the body floating face down in a pool of blood about 50 feet away from the wreckage. Before the race, Selva told reporters: "I'm getting too old and I'm going to leave racing to my son, Luciano." Monday Evening, December 30, IWf. MISTER BREGER "And here, madam, is our de luxe model—for large dogs or small husbands ..." Bob Mitchum's Son to Co-Star With Father Mishawaka Boy, 15, Killed While Hunting MISHAWAKA (UP) -John McCuen, 15, Mishawaka, was killed by a gift rifle late Saturday while hunting with two companions near here. Accompanying McCuen on the fatal trip were Patrick Radanovich, 10, and Edward Hardy. 15, both of Mishawaka. All three youths were tryiig out new rifles received as 'Christmas gifts. The gun carried by Patrick discharged accidentally and the bullet struck John in the back of the head. He was killed outright. Patrick ran home and informed his parents. He was suffering from shock and could not immediately tell authorities how the acci dent happened. Arthur Murray Show Fails To Click as Video Feature tendency By WILLIAM EWALD United Press Staff Correspondent NEW YORK (UP)—"This," said Arthur Murray, a gentleman who once taught Helen O'Connell dancing in a 'hurry, "is the American way of doing the Cha-Cha — one, two, one, two, three." And true to his word, Murray proceeded to hot-Cha-Cha his way along the polished floors of NBC- TV while tons of instructors from his studios bounded with calculat- ^S! 61 ?,^.! ^ S«T5 "2" I ch^ck wM=h"he and the Baird puppets. Miss Vaughan sang and sassy sings well despite her increasing commercialize larynx. Hartman took part in a skit with Mrs. Murray that may have been the dreariest skit of the year. To prove they were there for something, the stars danced. Miss Bankhead won the contest (if that iis the word for 'this sort of organized mess) and received a ryn, a couple who seem to have invented dancing, may do well with their feet on the floor, but as far as TV goes, they're strictly foot-in-the-mouth. On Saturday, as if to demonstrate this proposition, NBC-TV preempted the Gisele Mackeraie and Polly Bergen shows and presented the Murrays with a . for another operation in the nearjj, our . j[ was an incredibly inane program, completely devoid of wit, future. Rev. and Mrs. E. E. Coleman^ of Rockfield were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rohrabaugh Jr. and daughters. A program was held Sunday evening at the Lower Deer Creek Church of the Brethren. . Shirley Oyler led devotions, sung by primary children; there was vocal solo by Joyce Clark and a medley of songs on the piano by Mary Kleckner and Almeda Brubaker. The playlet "Christmas Giving" was given by Ida Keys, Karen Maxwell, Ira Shafer, Dale Peterson .and Gerald Zook. Rev Dolar Ritchey pronounced the benediction. Mrs. Lorene M.artin will be hostess to the Dorcas Society of the Baptist church on Jan. 2. Mrs. Helen Thomas will serve as co- hostess. On Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Johnson Sr. entertained their son, Walter M. Johnson, wi f e and daughter of Lafayette, Mr. and Mrs. Edward E. Johnson Jr. and wife and Bill Johnson and family of Camden. Their son Garth and family of Valpariso were unable to attend because of illness. Members of the 0 and E class of Baptist Sunday School went to State Hospital Sunday afternoon to celebrate Christmas with ^patients there.- Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Oskins are spending the holidays with their daughter, Mrs. George Eckdahle and family, at Lake Forrest, 111. Mesdames Betty Brown, Grace Dee! and Marjorie Sklles will en- terrain the Legion Auxiliary unit No. 413 at the Legion'Hall on Jan. 6. On Christmas Day, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Gish had as guests Dr. and Mrs. Howard M. Gish, Dr. Charles W. Gish and family of Brookston, Junior Gish and family, of Rockfield; and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gardner of - Camden. The War Mothers Club will meet on Jan. 2 at the home of Mrs. Esther Hedde. On Christmas Day, Mr. and Mrs. Paul 'Oyler entertained John H. taste or inventiveness. In a way the Murray show pointed up the philosophy (I use the word loosely) that guides of so many TV offerings — forget ideas and just concentrate on stars. It is the school known as don't-just- do-something, stand-there. Parade Squad ol Stars On Saturday evening, the Murrays paraded a squad of big and not-so-big names—Tjllulah Bankhead, Walter S1 e z a k , Hedy La marr, Paul Winche-11, Molly Berg, Paul Hartman, Sarah Vaughan Oyler, his children, and their families. A card party will be held on Jan. 6 at the Deer Creek Conservation club. The public is invited. The Jackson Township Home Demonstration Club will meet lor the first time this year on Jan. 8, at the home of Mrs. Inah Caldwell. Members are to bring valentines for the Riley Hospital. Hostesses are Roxie Wag-oner, Katie Lake and Etta Jones. Mr. and Mrs. Abner Seiber and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Seiber were guests Christmas of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Seiber in Muncie. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cornelison spent the Christmas holidays in Chicago with their son John an<i family. charity. The charity may have been the only winner all evening. View Hobbled Giant Television, the child that crippled the movie industry, took a sympathetic peek at the hobbled giant Sunday on CBS-TV's "Seven Lively Arts." There were interviews with producers David Selznick, Otto Preminger, Sam Spiegel, Joe Mankiewicz and actor-producer Kirk Douglas. They talked abou'; the decline of the big studio and the ;rend toward independent produc. Jon and were pretty repititive. Sloughed off were the increasinj production of movies for teenagers, the boom in drive-ins and the new audience for art films. The most significant new aspect of the mass entertainment .business was side-stepped, too — the fact that the "B" picture slop that >ised to provide Hollywood's, bread and butter is now the staple of the TV business in the forir of quickie situation comedies, westerns and -adventure series. TV doesn't go in much for self-criti- TODAY—"Riv»r ol No Rstunt" and "Buckjkln lady" lues., Wed. and Thursday Open 1 p.m. Fun At Night ROXY BURT LANCASTER KIRK DOUGLAS in "Gunfight At OK Corral" "Conquest of Space" Red Star Reports 11-Mile-High Flight MOSCOW (UP) — The Soviet army newspaper Red Star said today a Russian pilot flew a "standard jet fighter aircraft" to an altitude of more than 19,000 meters (62,358 feet or 11.8 miles). "Immediately after taking off, ie pilot, Squadron Leader Mi- khailik, flew almost vertically to a height of 19,000 meters," it said. The newspaper said he felt his aircraft had still not reached the limit and "he went even higher." HOLLYWOOD (UP)—The country may not be ready for another Mitchum, but ready or not Bob's 16-year-old son, Jim, co-stars with in a new.movie. Slumped on a couch in his office, Bob said, "I don't intend to support Jim forever, so I put him to'work. Now he can pay his own income tax." Mitchum the elder has a quizzical, bemused approach to parenthood—a refreshing switch from the "how can I protect my boy from the limelight?"-tack employed by most stars. Because Bob was a juvenile hobo riding freight cars when he was 16, the broad-shouldered actor gets a kick from the normal trials and tribulations of his teenage sons. In addition to Jim, there is Chris, 14, and daughter Petrine, 5. Reveal Own Scars "I don't know if you could call me a strict disciplinarian," Mitchum says. "I've had no precedent because my dad died when I was only two. "There is no handbook on how movie stars should raise kids. The only thing you can do is show them your own scars and try to leach them some values. "But no 16-year-old kid has good judgment." Young Jim plays Mitchum's kid brother in "Thunder Road," a D ^LTS n JI» to take tb.|*M at 2:30 p. m Tuesday-rt «j. role I told him what the hazards I Zimmerman Brothers Funeial are in becoming an actor, and Home for Cyrus B Carlton, former - • • resident wtio died Sunday at the Odd Fellows Home in Greensburg. He was 88. Mr. Carlton was born on March Rites Wednesday for Mrs. Grace Schultz WINAMAC - Rites will be held here at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the Star City Methodist church for Mrs. Grace A. Schullz, who died Sunday at her home on route H9, after a lingering illness. She was 55. Rev. Byron Johnson will officiate at the services. Burial will be in Star City IOOF cemetery. Friends may call at the Kennedy Funeral Home here until Wednesday noon, then the body will be taken to her home and will lie in state at the church one hour before the services. Mrs. Schultz was bora in Boone county on Aug. 11, 1902. She was married to Henry C. Sclvjliz who survives, along with six children. They are: Mrs. Helen Henny, Yorkville, 111.: Mrs. Betty Bogle of Lafayette; Mrs. Aldine Compton,, Star City; Mrs. Florence Crawford. Winamac; Janice at home; and George Schultz of Star City; two sisters, Mrs. Edilh Campbell and Mrs. Ruby Linden of Columbus, Ohio; one brother, Jordan Pate of Ladoga; and 15 grandchildren. Rites at Rochester For Cyrus B. Carlton ROCHESTER — Rites will be Report Progress on Atomic Electricity LEMONT; in. (UP)— Scientists today announced a "significant" step forward in the production of electricity from nuclear fission. In the next 10 years, they said, electricity from nuclear sources may be cheap enough to compete with electric power produced by conventional plants. that he'd probably neglect his studies and other things," Bob added. Jim Above Average Mitchum's whimsy showed through when he was asked what subjects Jim majored in. "He majors in 'goofing off at University High," he grinned. A few minutes later Papa called Jim and was surprised to discover the boy is an above average math major in his senior year. "I have no objections to Jim jecoming an actor. He's had no formal training, so I raised havoc witli him on the set whenever he goofed or got self • conscious in front of the cameras. I was much rougher on him than on any actors I've ever worked with. "He was paid a minimum salary of $280 a week. I'm a producer first and a father second." MEANEST THIEF EDINBURGH, Scotland ('UP) Thomas J. Johnstone, 45, w jailed for nine months today on charges of stealing articles from his blind landlady so he could pay his rent. 26. 1869, to John and Isabelle Millinger Carton. He was married to Carrie Martin on March 26, 1889. She died in 1955. He retired in 1953 as manager of the Lucer- ene elevator. Survivors include three daughters, Mrs. Carl Keel of Detroit; Mrs. L. V. Louderback of Rochester; and Mrs. Jewell Fastoff, Long Island, N. Y., one son Francis D. Carlton of Woodstock, 111.; six grandchildren and six great grandchildren. TRICYCLE TAKEN' Mrs. George Timmons, 723 Fifteenth street, reported to city police Monday morning that a tricycle had been stolen from the front porch at her home the previous night. DRIVER FINED Martin Sherman, 20, route 2, city, was arrested east.of the city on U. S. 24 Sunday afternoon for improper passing by State Trooper Larry Wagenknecht. Sherman posted forfeit bond of $15.75 .to cover a fine of $1 and costs in city court and was released. ^ J -1 Tues. Night 1 • =• Thru Saf. GALA New Year's Eve Show 6 PM TO 12:30 AM TUESDAY NIGHT COME ON DOWN AND HAVE FUN! HE'S A SERGEANT'S DILEMMA... A CAPTAIN'S NIGHTMARE...A GENERAL RIOT! Pt Op.n 1 P.M. NOW 50c TIL * Thru Tuei. Afternoon Bowery Boy* In flumaaaa I JERRY'S I WILD I AND I WHACKY I IN 1 KHAKI I N.w Ywr'i JERRY ^SAP SACK Aduhi—We KiddlH—SOc D/fflWAYNE-iK-10RRE.MAN™& DineM by 6EOR6E HMSNMI- Sawipliy by EDMUND BElOIN ind NATE MONASTER Jfe •rnrjaar LOG A Coming Wednesday JAYNE MANSFIELD SUIY PARKER KISS 7HE/V1 FOR ME" A FOUR DAY LEAVE... A BEAUTIFUL BRUNETTE... •"I"iANATOMIC BLONDE! COLOR by DK LUMK • STMLEV DWEN •

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