Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on March 9, 1954 · Page 7
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 7

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 9, 1954
Page 7
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Milledgeville Turns Down DST For This Year MlLLfiDOEVILt-m-A motion to have Daylight saving Time for Milledgeville this summer failed to carry here at a meeting of the Com- merclal club Monday. At the monthly meeting of the Commercial Club Luke Slick was •again awarded the contract for collection of disposal of garbage in Milledgeville. The cost of vaccinating dogs in Milledgeville has been set at $3. Of this amount 75 cents will be set aside to pay for Impounding and vaccinating stray dogs which are unclaimed. Dr. D. W. Rawson, veterinarian explained the state law regarding control of rabies. Arnold Relff has petitioned the Commercial Qlub for water to property he recently purchased from Mrs. J. M. Bent. The club Will determine costs. Music Honors Milledgeville High jSchool students placed 5th in the District Speech Contest 'at East Rockford High School Saturday. Twelve schools were represented. Schools from this area were Rockford, Freeport, Mount Morris Rock Falls, Savanna^and Milledgeville. Milledgeville had five entries Linnea Nelson placed 4th in verse reading; Charles Parks, placed fourth in radio news; and Sam Gowan placed 5th in original ora tlon. Mrs. George Abplanalp of Wlnslow will give an illustrated talk on "Understanding Your European Neighbor," at the Milledgeville Woman's Club meeting at 2 p.m Wednesday. Mrs. O. J. Stover and Mrs. Fred Livengood are hostesses The Carroll County 4-0 club toured the Kable Brothers Printing Co., at Mount Morris Friday. Nex 1 month the club members will tour the Kraft Foods Plant at Milledge ville. Degree Team The degree team of the Milledgeville Grange conferred 1st and 2n< degrees Saturday at Woodlawn Orange Hall. Those making up the degree team from Milledgeville were Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Nye, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stoner, Mr. and Mrs Kdgar Shugars, Mr. and Mrs. Pau Yoeckel, Mr. and Mrs. David Wolf Mr. and Mrs. P. L. Sites, Mrs. Helen Bryson, Mrs. George Sears and Mrs William St. Clair. Mrs. Jay Buikema of Polo Was honored Saturday at the home o: Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Tarvin of Milledgeville. Mrs. Buikema resigned recently from a position with the Milledgeville Bank. Mr. and Mrs Arthur Melville were co-hosts. Mrs Buikema was presented with a gift School Activity The Milledgeville Unit Schoo; District calendar for the remainder of March was announced today as follows: March 10-12—Section basketbal' tournament. March 2O— Grade school band contest at Sterling. March 22—Schoolmasters meeting at Milledgeville at 6:30 p.m. March 26—Blackhawk Conference Music Festival. March 30—School board district meeting at Morrison. Turkey Passes Law Forbidding Newspapers To InsultCitizens' Honor ANKARA, Turkey M^-Turkey's National Assembly today approved a new press law making it a criminal offense for newspapers to "in- ault the honor" of any Turkish citizen or delve into his private life. The vote was 301-32. The law carries penalties of six months to nine years imprison' ment. The vote was on party lines with the Democrat party, which runs the government, balloting for the law. Opposition deputies voted against It. SHOCK TONY They'll see you looking much lovelier than you looked yesterday More than astonishing. It's astounding! In 20,n«cond« you appear to have suddenly grown «Q entirely new and flawless akin, tanolin Plus Liquid Maky.jJp covers the sins of your own gkln that well. And it makes you look 00 pert and vivacious because each of the five shades is a living color that looks alive. Also, JUpolia Plus Liquid Make.Up help* make your skin softer'and smoother looking. 11 plus ta*. UQUID MAKE-UP WORKMEN ARE SHOWN PUTTING the finishing touches on the bungalow entrance to the Freeport Home Show which opens Thursday at 1:30 p. m. Associated Building- Contractors of Freeport furnished the labor and materials for the entrance. Many types of home conveniences and appliances will be displayed by local merchants and companies at 45 booths during: the four-day show. Entertainers will present vaudeville acts at both afternoon and evening sessions of the show each day. Hours of the Home Show to be held in the ballroom of the Masonic Temple March 11-14 will be 1:30 to 10:30 dally.—Journal- Standard photo by Heinz Vaterlaus. Medical Quacks Are Fooling You In Atomic Age By PATTI SIMMONS WASHINGTON (NBA)—A phony gadget racket is operating in this country today, despite the vigilance of the U. S. government. Those guilty are doing more than just preying on the American pocketbook, the Food and Drug Administration points out. The danger, it charges, is that people who are really sick, say with cancer, will turn to quack medical devices rather than to doctors. By the time they realize their mistake it may be too late. True, the gadget come-on is ages- old. But the magic words of the atomic age, declares FDA, has handed modern fakers a new advantage for cashing in on the gullibility of the public. Playing With Atoms For some time the administration has been seizing devices that are claimed to give off atomic waves. One even claimed to radiate "a force unknown to science" and was said to be able to cure any disease afflicting mankind. Today, FDA estimates that Americans spend a half - billion dollars annually on food additives, "medicines" and therapeutic contrivances they don't need. FDA's last annual report, for the fiscal year 1952, declared that 25 device seizures had been made because of false and misleading claims. These ranged from "cosmic ray" lockets which sold for $250 to $750 depending on size, to complicated colonic irrigators. The $1600 colonic irrlgator was being sold to chiropractors, says FDA, with literature claiming usefulness for a number of diseases Including asthma and diabetes. Makes 'Thermal Water' Recently, the government seized something called an "Atomotrone. 1 Light is rigged up to shine through colored glass onto a jug of water. What results was called "Thermal water" and "Electric water," explains FDA. One was recommended for soft nails or even no nails. The other, the "Atomotrone" people claimed, was good for about 100 diseases and ailments, including nails again. This time, brittle ones. An administration official says that he thinks women fall oftener for phony devices aimed at slenderizing and beautifying while men are more apt to try to doctor themselves. The inventor of the Zerrett Applicator, a plastic dumbbell-like contraption, was sentenced to Jail in 1950. Z-Rays Expand Atoms To cure disease, said tne directions, a patient had only to sit, vithout crossing his knees, holding the dumbbell, one knob in each hand, tor 30 minutes at a time.,This $50 "toy" was loaded with "Zerret Water" which was said to give forth "Z-rays." The maker claimed his treatment would "expand all the atoms of one's being." Chemists testified the water had the composition of tap water. Leading atomic scientists declared the device was not radio-active and brought a Geiger counter to the court room to prove it. Another phony in FDA'S "sucker collection" looks like a flashlight with a roller on the end. With its at- tachments the Electreat was said to help heart attack, paralysis, or Just dandruff. Following government action the manufacturer was fined $1000. Promoter Has Disease. Although the promoter of the Slnuothermic Device recommended it for advanced cases of arthritis deformans, he himself was so crippled by this disease he couldn't raise his arm to take the oath when he testified In court. For this same reason he couldn't occupy the witness chair but made his statements from a wheel chair. The government finally won. Several years ago, promoters of the Vrilium Tube claimed their "Magic Spike" had radioactive powers that would cure disease when It was worn on the body. The two- Inch piece of brass tube contained less than one penny's worth of barium chloride and had no medical value. It sold for $306, sales tax included. At this trial a pathetic witness described the death of his diabetic son FINANCE Your New Car with » STATE BANK AUTO LOAN LOANS - Low Bank Rates Set the Dial and You Get CONTROLLED HEAT Every Time $24 95 Has the marvelous FRY-GUIDE and HEAT CONTROL DIAL right in the handle. MARVELOUS NEW WATER-SEALED ELEMENT. YOU CAN IMMERSE THE ENTIRE PAN IN WATER UP TO THE CONTROL KNOB FOR QUICK, EASY WASHING You simply set the dial and you get CONTROLLED HEAT for perfect cooking and frying results without guesswork or constant watching. The shortening is always at just the right temperature, resulting in less grease absorption into the foods. Chicken, pork chops, fish, hamburgers, etc., are tastier, more flavorful with their natural juices sealed in. The new square design makes it ideal for frying bacon, fgg*» pancakes, hashed brown potatoes, §tc. You can cook more in the same area than you can in a round pan. Plug into any outlet. Use any place you wish. Ha* • fl • • • - w * r bakelitt legs. Sii OUR DEMONSTRATION OF THIS NEW APPLIANCE AT THi HOMi SHOW .... our booth at the HOME SHOW No Muiic Students Take four First* At District Contest POLO-^Muslc student* 6f Pold High School won four first place ratings at the district music,contest at Dakota Saturday. Winning were: Prlscilla Esterly, soprano; Patricia Schnulle, contralto; Dorine Reid, trombone; and Phillip Blair, trumpet. Second place winners included: Barbara Wilson, soprano; Richard Poole,- medium baritone; Joyce Wales, piano; 'Sharon Hopkins, piano; the Comet Trio composed of Phillip Blair, Ray Rebuck and Har- Ian Rothermel; girls trio, Composed of Barbara Wilson, Prlscilla Esterly and Marilyn Powell; and mixed ensemble, composed of Merlene Haines, Pat O'Hare, Lila Oraehling, Patricia Schnulle, Ray Rebuck, Clark Mc- Danlel, William Hare arid Richard Meyer. Their ratings Included Marilyn Iske, soprano; Myrna Kitzmiller, soprano; and a fourth rating went to Caroline Higley with clarinet. Kensington Club The Kensington Club will meet at 2 p.m. Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Elmer Cross. Mrs. William Typer will give a book review. Refreshments will be served. Only slight damage was done Monday morning to a garage at the home of Mrs. Hiram Rucker. Firemen extinguished a blaze in the garage at 11 a.m. Hot ashes were blamed for the fire. who abandoned Insulin and pinned his faith on the "Magic Spike/' The government's hokus-pokus list also Includes a "radio-active" pillow and a "sleep recording" by a hypnotist. One explanation for all this human gullibility, FDA believes, Is that despite advances In education and medical science there are millions who are no better informed about health fundamentals than if they had lived a hundred or a thousand years ago. But it isn't true that only uneducated, backwoods people fall for gadget cures. A proof of this was FDA's action against Chiropractor Ruth B. Drown, who claimed that her machines could "tune in" the organs of the body and heal them by remote control. All she needed was a single drop of the patient's blood, or two drops If he couldn't be there in person. Among the witnesses for Dr. Drown was none other than the president of the Los Angeles City Board of Education. Los Angeles newspapers demanded her resignation, and got It. At the trial the government had a key case history. It was that of a woman treated for cancer by the Drown radio Instrument until it was too late for successful surgery. Deaths LUTHER A, LtPSEt Luther A. Lipsey, 84, a retired farmer, died Sunday at his home in Roekvllle, Ind. He had mad* his home here for three years, 1031*33, with his daughter, Mrs. Albert M. Smith, 348 W. Douglas St. i The funeral will be held Wednesday at Rockvllle. Mr, and Mrs. Smith are flying to Rockvllle Wednesday morning. Also surviving are Mr. Llpsey's two sons, Harold D. Llpsey, Portland, Ore., and Orvllle H. Llpsey, Oklahoma City, Okla. His wife died about 20 years ago. Mr. Llpsey farmed at Marshall, Ind., near Rockvllle before his retirement. MRS. EMMA GILLESPIE SAVANNA — Funeral service for Mrs. Emma Olllesple, 87, who died In a Thomson rest home Sunday, were held at 2 p.m. today In Savanna. The Rev. H. J. Rendall, Morrison, former pastor of the First Presbyterian Church here, officiated. Mrs. Olllesple was a native of Washington Township, Carroll County. Surviving are three stepsons, Howard and Edwin Olllesple, both of Savanna; and Ward Olllesple of Mount Carroll, Her husband died In 1934. FAY A. RECOY DURAND—Fay A. Recoy, 49, native of Rockton, died Friday at Hayward, Calif. Recoy was born In Rockton, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Recoy. Survivors Include his widow; a brother, Charles of Durand; and six sisters, Myrtle Recoy, Mrs. Laura Brlnker, Mrs. Ruth Harrington and Hazel Recoy all of Rockford; Mrs. Vera Schultz of Chicago Heights; FUNERAL DIRECTORY BURKE-TUBBS FUNERAL HOME 440 West Stephenion Street Phone Main 517 SCHWARZ FUNERAL SERVICE 816 South Galena Are. Phone Main 3030 WALKER MORTUARY 321 West Main Street Phone Main 815 The FREEPORT JOURNAL-STANDARD TUISBAY, WAICH 9, t«4 and Mrs. Robert Green of Peca- tonlca. Funeral service 1 will be at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Chapin Funeral Home in Durand, with the Rev. Samuel Welshaar, pastor of the Durand Methodist Church, officiating. Burial will be In the Durand Cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home. MRS. NORMA A. BRADY DURAND—Funeral service for Mrs. Norma A. Brady, 44, of Durand, who died Sunday In Swedish-American Hospital in Rockford, will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday in the FlUgerald Funeral Home in Rockford. The Rev. Gerald Robinson, associate pastor of the Court Street Methodist Church, will officiate. Burial will be In Willwood Burial Park. Mrs. Brady had lived In Rockford most of her life. She moved to Durand about six months ago. Survivors Include a son, William, and two brothers, Charles and Clifford Tracy, all of Durand. JOSEPH W. SWEENEY ROCKFORD — Joseph Walter Sweeney, 85, died at his home in Rockford Monday, A retired Rockford street department employe, he was born In Monroe Center, the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Sweeney. He had lived in Rockford for 32 years. Survivors Include his wife; four sons, Walter and Maynard, both of Rockford; Wilbur of Mount Morris and Glen of Sycamore; four daughters, Mrs. Hazel Null of Wln- nebago; Mrs. Llla Huffman and Mrs. Grace Maurer, both of Rockford; and Mrs. Bernice Westberg of Loves Park; 27 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren. Funeral service will be at 3 p.m. Wednesday in the Olson Mortuary, Rockford, The Rev. Carl J. Erickson, pastor of Bethany Methodist Church, will officiate. Burial will be In Willwood Burial Park. GRASS FIRE A grass fire in the 200 block of West Cleveland street was put out by firemen at 11 o'clock this morning. Archaeologists Find Mummies Reportedly 2,000 Years Old TAMPICO, Mexico (#-fw» C*> nadian archaeologists, Dr. And Mrs. Richard S. MacNelsh, hkv« reported finding mummies 3,000 years old and other ancient relics ranging from possibly 6,000 years ago in rugged, isolated Hell's Canyon in northeastern Mexico. The rare find was uncovered in three caves which the man-and- wife team said they believed wer* part of the ruins of an old Indian civilization. Hell's Canyon is In th« foothills of the Sierra Madre Orlentale mountain range near Ocampo, In Tamaullpas State. Firemen Make Two Runs; No Damage Reported Firemen were called to the residence of Dr. C. W. Swlngley, 20 W. Douglas St., at 8:40 Monday night to extinguish a chimney fire. Firemen also extinguished ft grass fire at 2:20 Monday afternoon in the 700 block of North Warren avenue. Services Uninterrupted Our expansion program hat been planned to at to al- low ui to conduct services without Interruption or In- terference. Schwan Funeral Service 816 South Galena Avenu* Main 3030 Dr. A. D. SCHAYE OPTOMETRIST 404 Smith Bldg. Phone State 603 Cloud W»dne«doy Afornooni FIRST WINNERS! Dodge 40th Anniversary All-America Contest 1ST DArS WINNIl Rayford C. Rankin Fort Worth, Texas Major David Parker Topeka, Kansas 1ID DAY'S WINNIl Rev.Stephen B. Dabkowski Franklin, New Jersey 4TH DATS WINNIt Mrs. Arthur Jones Richmond Heights, Missouri INTER AS OFTEN AS YOU LIKE- THERE'S STILL TIME! EMTER WIN r 2 Weeks Away with Double Pay! 4O Grand Prizes ... A Grand Prize a Day for 4O Days! Codgt layal V-l Fwr-Door Ma* What a Car! The crowning touch to any vacation —wi elegant new '54 Dodge! Wher- «ver you go in your Dodge, you go in luxury and style . , , thrill to flashing performance, enjoy gas-saving economy! Dodge set 196 official AM records , , . topped all "eights" in the Mobilgas Economy Run! PLUS all expenses for two . i i meals, transportation, hotels. PLUS *500 "fun money" (to spend or save as you please) PLUS two weeks' use of an elegant new '54 DODGE What a Vacation! What a Contest! This is your chance to vacation at the places you've always dreamed about. New York, Hollywood, Florida— anywhere in the U.S.A. Dodge pays for all meals, transportation, hotels. In addition, you get double your pay for two weeks, plus f 500 fun money ... and the use of a «ww '64 Dodge! There's a contest every day! A grand prize every day! A winner every day I The Dodge 40th Anniversary All- America Contest celebrates 40 great years of Dodge dependability; There's still time to enter! See your friendly Dodge dealer for contest rules and an official entry blank. Enter today! Plus $10,000 in Ceth Prize* . , . 25 Prixei a Day! It's Fun! It's Easy! Enter Now at Your Dodge Dealer's! Y«srrri««1,Oii«|»-ny«iwtl0.ilwBri n |iYg»-0««n|T»omwli»ltoMKwiiiF«fB«(W»."ABQ f rV . .• 4BMV , McCulloch Motor Co, 1535 South West Avenue

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