Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 15, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 15, 1896
Page 5
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Celebrated Silk, Stiff and Soft. S. Jerome Herff of Peru was liore'-yestor day. '•' • •'.•'."'' • '',-' ;: ^' '".' "•' O. P. .Wlteon of Ma'.rjou,Js ; "yWtlus the city. • ....... ,-•; .--:•• ,. • Mis. .Samuel Gralnser-' Is- visiting friend.? in Idavlllc. '' •' '---' -Spring Styles.- DEWBNTER, The Hatter and Furnisher. SHOE BARGAINS. 98 Cents Bays Men's Shoes solid leather, lace • or congress. j .. 98 Cents Buys Ladies Kid Patent Leather Tip Shoep, button or lace. 63 Cents Buys Ladies 1 Kid Oxford Ties, pat- tent leather tips, 73 Cents Buys Ladies' Low Calf Skin Shoes ; just the thing for Garden. 29 Cents Bays Ladies Serge Slippers, solid comfort. 69 Cents Boys Children's Tan Sho«B, button or lace. t 19 Cents Bnyg Baby Shoer, patent leather tip*. 50 Cents Buys Beautiful Velvet Slippers for house wear. Simon & Klinsick. 403 Broadway. NOT YET DECIDED. B. of P. W. of Indianapolis Still Hang Fire on Granting Right-of.Way. C. P. McCaffrey was 'jitjLafaye'tte yes terday on business, • • -. : ••„.,..:;., . Dr. HaJIanan Is ait Alma,Mich.,-'spending a short vacation.' 1 '.'•'-'.'.'' ;'' ' ' ' '• 0. AY. Conner of \Vaba'si), .was 1 here yesterday, oa business. ... ,..t ,-.-.• , • JM.iss Bernlce Taylor' h'aSnx'tiirned to her home at Lafayette/ 1 '>'""".•:" * : ~ '' Air. and Mrs.. Wllliam,Bo<)r.ger'spent Sunday at Dayton, Omo,,s- .-;::••:;;' ..-.: Mrs. J. D. Pngh and Mias';Maud j'ui'y are visltliig at Hunliijgton. ^' V,,^ ^J.' Hon. Charles B,.ixMJgwelljJs-- at-..-6pl- umbia City to spend two weeks. Mr. and Mrs.' Sam-'^Graham'' i "'visited at his home ait BurherfsOTlo..'.6vCT..Sun.-, SPRING OVERCOATS. Q. WILL SELL YOU A SPRING TODAY FOR THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF- IOGANSPORT. . , INDIANA. CAPITAXi 9200,OOO. A. J. Murdock, Pr«i. W. W. Ron, Caih. J. F. Brootoneytr, Asst. Call). Concerning the efforts of the projectors of the I. L. & C. railroad to get into Indianapolis, the Indianapolis News says:- "Jlembe-i's of tie Board of Public Works say flint they have not yet decided to give a right-of-way to -1lie TJiiion,statioii-to the proposed Logansport railroad. They say it Is the purpose of the board to keep railroads off the streets as much as possible. They are now considering if the board has the power to make the Big Four, Chicago dlvl&ion, leave Missouri street and come la over the Union tracks. Though it Is denied by the promoters of the naw line, it is the belief of railroad men that the Pennsylvania company la behind the enterprise. The Pennsylvania at this time brings Its trains into the city over the Lake Erie & Western tracks, for wli!cl; It pays n re-lal of $1,000 a month, and it has been anxious to have Its own line for a long time. It Is thought that if the'Indianapolis, Logansport & Chicago gets a franchise to the streets here, tiiat it will be nble to float its bonds and that the Pennsylvania will guarantee them and will have the use of Its tracks for its trains." RUSSIAN THISTLE RIVAL. DIBECTOBS: •AS. MM. w. H. Bttaghnnrt, L J. Hardoot, Dennis trhL j,W. Timfe, r. M. Harwood, .... .-i .: ,W. T. Wilson.. Banking In aU Its Departments.promptly •land carefully done. • Safety to Castomen and Stockholders •ought for. - . . - fftronx K«ierve Fund maintained. Free! Free! Free! We will Giveaway this week one hundred .Sample boxes 'of Bragg's Blood, Nerve, Liver and Kidney Capsules. Call and get -a .sample, B. F. Keesling Druggist. DAILY JOURNAL ••Tumbling Hustard" Likely Prove Troublesome. Mrs. Claud Miller.and> Miss 1 Clara Threes of Bvaosvil]e',-'aTe" vislttn.? Mrs:.' Jobn Schilling,' •'••.•'.••;<'"-'••' ... .vSj!.-.- I'' • F. B. LeFevere, of Eaton, lad., is tho.. guest of his friend, Mr, Chester ISfld- ey of this city. •• '. • •' -•••-••- •>'•'• '. -<' •'•' Mrs, Harry Lon-sweU"will •attend 1 ' the' camp meet in? fro be held nt Battle Ground next week'. ."'.-, .'_,'..;. • •• • Stewart Krelgbn-um has gone to Zanes ville, Ohio, starting on hIs 1 wheel ;for that place 'yesterday. • •:, •; '-•'-• ti':..-' >••>•• Misses Daisy Strecker''• 'and -Maude W.UIlamson.wUl onterfaln'n picnic party at Pike's Peak today. , >: .,,, ., x -•-.•• Rudolph Ross, of Monticeiio, who has been visiting l)cre about 'a -w.e ; qk,' returned home yesterday.. .'-,;;,;». ••!,. Mrs. Harry Case, is visitlng-at-Ginclu- natl. MJss Clara Taylor 1 and'- Fra'nk Root are also at that city; •'•••" -'- !: Vl " IdavHle Observer: Allen: '.Harrington an'd w.ife of Logansport cauio.d6.wn Saturday on a, tandem bicycle. ._,,-•;> j,, Judge and Mrs, D, P. BajiMvin, Miss India Randall and Mrs. H. A. .<Perc!vaI, will leave Thursday for a'vlslt'ln 'New York; ' ./'•;';'; •••'• '•'.;;'•' Mr. Little and his nejcp'jVWsg.-'A'rllne Moore, of Kokamo vlsit'ecl Jiiii.da'u'gUter Mrs. J. W. Schneider Sundnj ,a : t ; Bur- uottsvllle. . " ':• r-j:oi; JIi-s. Belle Hannum and son-of-Denver, Col.,'went to Montlcellb:yest ! erday to visit relatives after a 7lsl.t"'irt;Hh Dr. ,7. H. shuitz. • ^7^-:;-^,' . Peru Journal^ Misses ..Maryf and Nellie Wilkinson of Logansport, re-; SLESS MONEYS THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER | IN LOQANSPORT. kINE GOflPLETE. Buy ftLougley Hat and be up to Date :£ 426 Broadway. L If you want a Tailor Made;SuIt don't for- line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing .WEDNESDAY, JULY 15, 1880. John Doe's brother, Charles Doe, -was arrested.^esterday on the charge of < Intoxication 1 . He stayed the fine. ' There will be a meeting of tiic Humane Society, this \afternoon at 4:30 o'clock at the office of Geo. W. Walters, 3M].' A full attendance of the members oOhe Board Is desired. • Elite Clayton lathe* name given by a •tranger who was jailed yesterday calng. He was searched. at the jail, ccordlng to the custom, and a revolver and- a bottle of liquor "w.ere found In Ai clothes. He also had a few dollars In money. He was arraigned 'on" the Cfl"pge : 'of''carrying concealed ./weapons, "~'1 after paying/tie flne,. the authorl- tlen .quietly reg.uested.tbat he get out of Own. Ellis complied. American farmers' may be confronted with the danger of another troublesome weed somewhat similar to the noted Russian thistle in Its destructive extent unless Immediate steps are taken to check tht tumbling inustard. The tumbling mustard has become very obnoxious as a weed in the Canadian northwest provinces .during the past five yeans, aad recently has been reported from nine different localities In the United States. Its record in Canada and the rapidity with which.lt has already spread here . hae. actuated the Agricultural Department to issue a special warning for prompt action. So far the weed lias teen confined to a small area In this country. It is usually introduced in baled hay, poorly cleaned eeed, stock, cars or. 1 sweepings from grain cars. It-.is espfr dally likely to be contained In .timothy seed, a large'proportion of which is .gro.wn !n the ?:ou.wallev of h- Western, part of South"Da.kota. The weed has not yet Infested this valley, but the statement is made that If it sboiild spread In these fields for two conseca- tlve years H probably would ruin.'tlw timothy seed,Industry of the entire-section. Various methods'.-of complete eradication are urged. : •:''." turned home last night 'after visiting with relatives. ' •',:•;.«••.': ;.-'?. Mrs. E. C. MItcheir,'' r who; has been to visiting her husband of^the 'rrogr^is store, returned yesterday to-her. home (it Effingham, 111. ; ..-'. .. ; ..-•.- Miis. ,E. Sctunltt and chilldren liave been called here from PulaskI by the death of Mrs. Schmltt's brother-in-law, Mr. Valentine Munch! •' " ... H. E. McMonlgal, part .owner'". and business manager of the. Kokomo Tri: bune, was in the city yesterday, v on .his way home frbrii'Wabash. ,' Wabash Tribune: Miss Minnie -Mitten will leave for Wednesday to .spend s&v-eral" with her sister, Mrs. Chas. 1 '....__„,._,. . Miss Florence E. M.6ore, •.'tne^ln'sTy a?- saulted' last Sunday above ttfifr. Se.veja- teenrli street bridge, returnjetliioVher home last night via the.,'Pan'h'tiiM^lc,..' Monrtcello Journal: 'Goocffe'.'-DiUin^ was nt IjOgansport on b'tisiness'jtbls'. 1 'ai- ternoon... .Mrs. Charles >..H!iim«tan; !ot Logansport visited frlends^ei^.l'o'dhy,.,! Kokomo Xrliburie: GeorgenGonser' returned to Loganspprt todd^'after attending the funeral »f Ned'CoateVtMre. Gonser will remain a feAy'VTay.S^lpnger. Miss Gertie Younge.rm'aiivisisler 6 ; f Mrs. Lou Black, and Mr. Ed;l lin, returned to'Indianapolis after a visit with Mr. and Mrs.;^ _ •, Mrs.' Dr. Fields and Mrs!' ; S.^E^ .Vf-oor- man. of Sedalin, Ohio; ^re-'fliSj-'jjjlcsts of their friends,. Mrs. cV."^jS.Iiqpher,<l : aud daughter,.Miss AnnlP,"6'f. the.South- aide. .. ' -. "" "'•'•'.';' 1 '*..'•'''"'..'.''" .;'"•'' Ft. Wayne" Sentinel: MONUMENTS TO LA SALLE. Planet N««r NU«i,' ittlch., Where the El. '. plorer btopped^to Be Marked. . The- memory-"-of -the brave'and adventurous ' Chevoliwdte la Salleistobe commemorated'^y -thfe erection of .two b*ndsome v -ino-n\inife-nt8 " : in - Michigan. The .J217th 'nuniVersary' of his trip up the 'St. Joseph' river from its mouth' oc- 'euried'u'few mtinths agrdj and this event revived interest in thifgreat man. Th« persons 'who are'' to'^rect the nion'u- mehts are members of the^Northernln- v dia»ii Historical society, ••" They are now 'assisted "by 'Prof: Edward G. Mason, of iheP^hlcogo 'Historical 'society, who Is at-"pre(i*nt making trips up and down the'St. Joseph river, endeavoring; if pos" to exactly locate 'the most im- LIVED WITHOUT A BRAIN. pbrtant points 1 which' .are down in his- 'tory as :'tlie'-stopping ; places'of La Snlle ! " ' ! aihd ;, ,,SomJ' f mH^srsaiJth'6f : Niles6n the river can be' ieen : the lajst -vestiges .of , a post ^stablished by La Salle 217 years, ago. Here LB-^SilleHuiltja, trading post, .Vfhich-h"e'left ? hi v ch''afgy > 6f a>.few men, ! . and-. then ''co'iitiSned Ills' great'tnarch to . the. Gulf "• of- Mexico. ' What'be'catne of the -men who.-wew'lc'ftije'hind willnever be known; '•The 1 "p^iit was^estrpyed, ^arid,' It''is:-stfpposed, they either- wan- 'dered",away •an4.,per'ishe<a in'. the. trackless'' wilderness"or werS killed by the Indians. It'is. proposed to purchase <he sita'nnd erec^ugon itjaguitable'iinonu- meit F6ri,nearly''a ! .year Sfrj,V Mason and'his companions 'have been;'trying to Ideate the Bite of ''th'e ! fort.'Mianii, at the. mouth of the river, which'Ea Salle: andjhis men .built for •'protection, from .the 'Indians: 1 Not '"i vestige of'it remains now, ~butiwien:;the spot where it oncoi| stood is' fouiid-the second monn- jncni will be erected there. : " Gus. : Bahke, the notorious- gambler and sport of Indianapolis, "mourns the lose of about $1,300 In jewels. He v^as robbed Monday morning early by .two masked men who entered his house and forced him to deliver up his jewelry at the muzzle af a revolver. Superintend-' ent Morrissey has received notice of the robbery'and Is warned to.look out for it he 'plunder. .. ". . NOW: IT'S J .'.'BIGYGLE TEETH. Qneor Complaint Th»t Bothers Phlladel :-..' ;, . . phi'* Rldern. . -. '.-.' . Hj;may be ioineth'inip'peculJar, to; the eastern climiiteV-to^the dus ' Ham an Paradox. Who HIM Been . tery to Phj«lcl»nib A Williamsport man haa surprised the scientists by living for years without a brain, claims the Wilkesbarrc (P.) Eecord. John Ely, aged 20 years, who died recently, had suffered for n long time with a tumor, which grew Into the very base of the brain, and occasioned his death. The growth had a visible effect upon his brain, and the case became a curiosity to the medical profession. The tumor .was imbedded too deeply into the brain tissue to ad. mit of on operation. It was found that tho tumor was nearly as large as. a billiard boll. It was so located as to demoralize the nerves of the sight center, and as a consequence young Ely was blind for over three years. It was developed at the autopsy thnt the entire brain had been hollowed out by the action of the tumor. The cavity •was at least five Inches in length, and. was filled wjth pus. All that was left of the brain was a thin shell, composed • of the tougher tissues, which were less susceptible to the. process of decay. When an incision was made in the- shell the whole mass collapsed. . The circumstance which made the case almost unprecedented in tho annals of medical science was the manner In which the patient retained his rationality and faculties J?ndj:rth.e£Ji> cumstances, Hj) had the senses ol toucnV taste, . hearing and smell, had very tolerable control of his locomotor muscles, could talk, and, in fact, was comparatively discommoded in no other .way than by the loss of vision. His retention of memory was remark' nble. He was able : to memorize poems up to within two weeks of his death. I : : • in the nursery and sue nas icarnea xo Imitate baby's voice when crying with wonderful accuracy. One ofternoon recently, the baby's mother came running into the nursery because she heard tho wailing- cry, not of one, but of two babies: Baby was crying as though his heart would • break, and folly, on her perch in the cage, was sobbing a doleful accompaniment, white . nurse alternately soothed the one and- Ecolded the other. • ''It's that dratted parrot, ma'ara," she 'eaid. "She's that aggravatin'. Just because I won't give her a lump of sugar she starts crying like a child and~tha't" sets baby off, BO that the.Vj fair worrit my life out between them." "Give me the child," said the mistress,' scarce ni>le to repress a smile at nurse's distress, and as she went along the passage she heard the girl say: "Ohv you are an aggravatin' insect if there ev.er was. Give over crying, can't you?" ..\nd in reply Polly sobbed loud- . er than ever, so that the cage was «h aken with the violence of her woe.. Hlrsh luas -issued invitations IcSt.a' danc-. ing -party to be given-, at. he.r^home.ioa.^ Wednesday evening In compliment to her guest. Miss E. port, Ind. , __ __ Peru Cliroiiilcle: WlHIfli*/'Selgfrlotr- ^m'itter^vlthT*ei"teeth-~They : 5om- caine Iwime.Tbls. morniirig : troni'lJogans--| ^loin -that they .'have'more and more his daughter Carl Sailers ern roads,, or to 86me.'p"ecnliarity/'about the) edstern method '^f riding. but\the' fact.;rpmains' :that v dowri I 'Philadeljphia .yvajr.bicycle rldera-ar^' in large num- beacsuaSected • by 'what 'the den lists" call j,"recedjng : gums.-" '''The' offices of rtliie dentiste; according-to'.a Philadelpli'ijin's tale, ajre' overrun--with wheelmen'^ and ~ ^ - lA -- —.: who-wantto know what ia Loganspoctjesfer- Awarded Highest Honors—World'* Fair. •PR; it. The Ilev, S. K. Fuson, who organized the First Baptist church at Rockville, on accouat of poor health, h-as tendered his resignation to take effect in Sep- tendber. . ' ; -..-,. . ,. : : s, an;aerojiauti'made an -aseenslon at Greencastle.--.The/bal-. loon'being defective got :entangled; in. a forest .and, had tc^be rescued 'by 'farm- ere. • :' •••;:: ' -.-'.'. •'-' •..•'.;." •• ."•'. , "Col." Will Small' : wos up-f roro^offer- "' ..sonvllle -over S-UB-day.- "&?'• t-hb-' 1 s'ame" tlme "Col." .WJltPorter sonville'to : visit "Col."- .>SBI€UJ V ..PI.'. .at- least tiiat was where he" -fan g-toothedy-or. will 16se ; ih'p- daia statip-n-':: Saturday"- : -tfterno'6ii"."-t"o J .catch the train- for •' Indianap'61!'s.-' ..B'iit' MADE. |W«Grap« Cream of Tartar Powder. Frw I! /Ammonia, Alum or sny other idultorut 40 thi Standaii, Miss Maude Coltran; of Indianapolis,and Som.uel Sprlgg met.at Pendleton 'for the first time. It wa^ a' case of. inu- tiial httracMon, and wWMn a week'they were .married. .-'•,-. •..'•-.''.', .-. • :. .N. H. .Motslnger, Populiet .candidate for Congress,- whll e delivering a : speeeh • at 'Washington' Saturday.-: Anight/'.. ;.ytaa* made 1 'a.' niarlr'foV .•'antlgniited. > egK8';'.a'Dd i instead of •taking ; the. S.onJJibouridjfraiu .he, ' boarded ';the,'- train, '' before he. caine. to.sufficienHx . cbnductor"'to let ['Win ' : ing Vthe '' '-.turned 5-«stvertlay : iiiid' cltement of of . :aro requested . ; to"mfeet. ^at-: ^tlfwr* ".'Jfail'rfWs.. -[Wodn.esday;^eVen|ag/af^^ to. .inake 'Brrangementi'ibr. -t«'e'iurial'' : • A,:n.ur»e *t BroomhiH complainii that •he h»s/a/difficulty with a parrot, says 'took the; den- itlsts^a] long.-tiime -to-'flnd outHha.t the ""nplajrits'cameioiily from^riaers of .the Ofl.. They'pttt'tw^iiin'd'VB'atogether, /nnd.'Tiave putiar'.perenip^tory stop to the ofjwheeis in. the Quaki:r. city un- -ti'l tliey t^n;.'evol,ve'a»Tem'edy;for; bioycle teeth: -, 'Chicago 1 . ''' : ;»tltute'j ay. , : tha.t.'if . tfeereYai«''Buen.'tn;ings',a« ', le ; teet^ ' inj^ hJiaidetgliia: they.;cbn-;:; 'j.the;'. only fthm^'Mn ; ; wi'ich -!th»)/ fliil r»l4^1V '.' io J . 1 fi l K'oii^".''>i'f ''f^litntirff-^" t £-w\rt • BORROWED FROM BYZANTIUM. Banian Coronation Ceremoutei Cloiely Keiembln Thole of the Old Empire. Only those who have studied Byzantine history con have any idea of ,how closely the ceremonial of the Moscow coronation resembles, even In its minutest details, that which used to bo observed at the coronation of tiie Byzantine emperors, says tho London Chronicle. Although the Russian church .did not separate from that of Pome, until .the twelfth century — that Is.nearly 400 years later than the schism cf Photius, which rent the western and eastern , churches asunder — nevertiho- ICBS Jt retained Its oriental rite. In 1184. a Russian commission arrived in Byzantium to study the etiquette and ceremonial, ecclesiastical , and profane, of the .court and church 1 of • that capital: On. their return to their native 'country a great change took> place in tho national costume, architecture and ceremonial. When Moscow became the sacred^ city par excellence of the empire the kremlin was rrebuilt. on, .the same, lines as the Bl&chernae palace, on the; land.,walls ;: of Constantinople. Like 'Its. Greek model,, it consists ,of a series of halls and apartments — kioska, '' ' - WUllnf to I>'arn. Lord Chelmsford relates that a friend: of his at tho bar was once engaged in. a; nautical case in which it appeared; that a vessel hod been exposed to a very,,' severe ga»a of wind, and had been thrown upon her beams' ends.:; The barrister, ignorant, of nautic- : , al matters, asked a seaman who Vtas in the witness box how it, was they did Hot lower . the top- ; mast, upon which, the witness - said,! with a sneer: "If you knew as muen,ot the sea as I do, you would know, that.' this is not a very cosy matter." This Incident led the counsel to turn his at- ; .tentioii to the subject, and he invented- on apparatus ,for lowering topmasts, • for which he obtained, a patent and realized' thereby upward of $100,000 by hi» 'Invention. . , ' HU Brother Wai De»f. A milliomaire railway king has a brother who ia hard of hearing, while ' he himself is remarkable as having a ! very prominent nose. Once the rail- ; way king dined at a friend's house, ; when ,be sat between two ladies, who talked to him very loudly, rather to his annoyance, but' he said nothing.- Finally one of them shouted a common- ', place remark, and -then stud In an or-" dinary lone to the other: "Did you ; . ever see such a nose in your Hfe?",i "Pardon mi, ladies,** said the million- j "' " aire, it's- my brother who is the horror o-f the ladies. ':;. ther.Turk» call .' to- ^, Dy'e thinfe^that,4ed dy- JjglT-te^^ aisyjto git ilongr'wid.iVV.^r-j-iafc::;'"':''-..'':. fo-.".- ^-; ' .SeCona.Glrl—Ytt;~»li*!'sa reTiIajrfooX gethcr.- by .-gardens and,/'.Interspersed .with, score* 'of cliurcbes and/monaster-. in,' the. whole surrounded 1 ;by ;a wall', aid, ente'rediby,strongly fortlfled' gates, •aboye which, : were icon«>of the: virgin .and Balnt«.>. ; 'Bum.t down, early.in the :century,,it ha*, been 1 rebuilt In plainer architecture^ but on the »*me Byzan- VVORRIED to Cry Jntt.t'Uk*-. : NURSE. H«br . Cryit«l or C»ndled Cherrlen. , The recipe is the same as for ,r;-^.i serves, except that when the.cheiries 1 ] are taken, out the first time, the sirup is cooked until it reaches the thickness of'sugar candy. Dip'the/cherries in , letting them get thoroughly 'saturated with the thick sirup, and then dry : them. They make beautiful, decorative fruits for a luncheon served like bonbons. It is eaid that the peculiar excellence of Queen Victoria's Christina* plum puddings, which she sends to each absent member of the royal household, la the use/bfcaiidied cherries with the other' 1 rnita.-rGood .Housekeeping. ':' Heroic Woman Dftng by lache*. Outside 'the walhi ; of Jerusalem i» m leper»!,'hoapital tended by deaconeseea from the German religious houses. Year after year these heroic women, without pretentiousness, without any trumpet • Ing of their work, almost unknown to ^ tbe.-'world, have waited' upon leper*;, while themselves literally dying by| inche*. Their courage has.only come. to -light by the chance notice of travel-] en. . »

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