Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois on February 27, 1973 · Page 8
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Freeport Journal-Standard from Freeport, Illinois · Page 8

Freeport, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 27, 1973
Page 8
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Page 8 Freeport (III.) Journal-Standard, Tuesday, February 27, 1973 Market I Reverses Decline 1 NEW YORK (AP) - Stock market prices reversed a weeklong string of declines today, but analysts said the gain was a technical correction and predicted it would be temporary. The noon Dow-Jones average of 30 industrials was up 3.24 to 957.03. Advances barely nudged ahead of declines in moderate trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The broad-based NYSE index of some 1,400 common stocks was up .02 to 60.27 at noon. On the American Stock Exchange, prices were mixed in light trading, and the price-change index was up .03 to 24.88. The government announced that the composite index of leading economic indicators rose 1.2 per cent in January, high lighting current business expansion. But analysts worried the expansion might be proceeding too fast for comfort and forecast a skittish stock market until fears regarding government handling of the recovery were resolved. Gimbel Brothers, up 1% to 23%, was the most-active issue on the Big Board. American Telephone, which has unveiled proposed new rates for some interstate users, was up % to 50%. McDonald's Corp., which plummeted Monday after an unfavorable research report on the fast-food business, dropped 1% more to 65%. 11 A.M. Quotes Courtesy of Edward D. Jones & Co. 11 N. Van Buren Ave. Telephone 233-1118 t American Motors Corp 7% AT&T 50% Chrysler Corp 34% Colt Industries Inc 18% Commonwealth Edison 33% Commonwealth Edison PFD xx Crum Forster Bid 28% ' Exxon Corp 89% Ford Motor Co 66% General Electric Co 67% General Foods Corp , 27 General Motors '. 73% Goodyear 25% Gould Inc 28% Holiday Inns 31% Honeywell Inc 1071/4 Household Finance Corp 26 IBM 4293/ 8 International Harvester 34 3 M Co 82% Newell Companies Bid 18 Northwestern Steel & Wire 26% RCA 28% Sears 1111/4 Sundstrand Corp 23% Texaco Inc 383/ 8 U.S. Steel Corp 30% Westinghouse Electric Corp 37 jWoolworth 23% Produce CHICAGO (AP) - (PEN) - Eggs firm; wholesale buying prices Tuesday unchanged; large whites 48; mediums 42; standards 42; checks 28%. I CHICAGO icago (AP) - (USDA) Potatoes arrivals Tuesday 21; on track 66; total U.S. shipments incomplete; no carlot track sales reported. 1 CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) - Butter steady; wholesale selling prices Tuesday unchanged; 93 score A A 67.708; 92 A 67.708; 92 A 65.708. Eggs steady; prices paid delivered to Chicago unchanged to 2 higher; 80 per cent or better grade A whites 43-4; medium white extras 38-40; standards 37. Livestock i . JOLIET, 111. (AP) - (USDA) - Hogs 1,000; trading active, butchers steady to 50 higher; 12 210-230 Ibs 39.25-40.00; 140 head at 40.00; 1-3 215-250 Ibs 38.7539.25; 2-3 250-260 Ibs 38.25-38.75; sows steady to strong; 12 300-350 Ibs 35.5036.00; 1-3 350-550 Ibs 34.50-35.50. i Cattle 500; trading active, slaughter steers seady; heifers steady to strong; good high choice and prime 1,250 Ib slaughter steers 1,250 Ib slaughter steers yield grade 3 and 4 46.50; choice 1,000-1,250 Ibs yield grade 2 to 4 44.0046.25; mixed good and choice 900-1,200 Ibs 42.25-44.50; load high choice and prime 1,085 Ib slaughter heifers yield grade 3 and 4 45.25; choice 900-1,025 Ibs yield grade 2 to 4 43.75-44.75. Estimated for Wednesday: 706 hogs and 2,000 cattle. PEORIA, 111. (AP)- (USDA)-Hogs 4,000; butchers 25 to 50 higher; 1-2 200240 Ibs 39.50-39.75; about 100 head at 40.00; 1-3 200-260 Ibs 39.00-39.50; 2-3 250270 Ibs 38.50-39.25; 2-3 270-290 Ibs 37.5038.50; 2-3 290-315 Ibs 36.50-37.50; sows uneven, 25 to 1.00 higher, most advance -i ease industrial buildings mm HUTCHISON on weights over 350 Ibs; 1-3 300-400 Ibs 35.50-36.00; 2-3 400-600 Ibs 34.75-35.50, few 3s at 34.50. Cattle 650; slaughter steers and heifers steady; cows 50 to 1.00 higher; few bulls steady; choice 975-1,300 Ib steers yield grade 2 to 4 45.00-46.00; good 41.75-44.25; choice 825-950 Ib heifers yield grade 2 to 4 43.50-44.50; good 39.75*41,25; commercial cows 28.0032.00; utility 31.50-35.00; cutter 28.0032.00; utility and commercial bulls 33.00-38.00; few high yielding utility 39.50-40.50. Estimated for Wednesday: 4,000 hogs and 1,200 cattle. High Low Close LIVE BEEF CATTLE Apr 45.30 44.70 44.90 Jun 45.70 45.07 45.30 Aug 44.70 44.20 44.35 Oct 43.80 43.25 43.30 Dec 43.47 43.10 43.17 Feb 43.50 43.05 43.05 Apr 43.50 43.25 43.25 LIVE HOGS Apr 36.10 35.20 35.40 Jun 36.95 35.75 35.95 Jul 36.80 35.65 35.65 Aug 34.67 33.50 33.55 Oct 30.65 29.75 29.80 Dec 30.80 29.75 29.85 Feb 30.50 29.80 29.80 Apr 29.00 28.50 a28.90 FEEDER CATTLE Mar 54.65 53.75 53.75 Apr 54.15 53.45 53.45 May 53.40 53.25 53.25 Aug 52.00 a51.55 a51.55 Sep 50.75 50.75 50.75 Oct 50.75 50.20 50.20 SHELL EGGS Mar 43.00 41.75 41.90 Apr 51.60 49.30 49.30 May 49.05 47.45 47.60 Jun 51.00 49.50 49.60 Jul 52.15 49.00 b49.80 Aug 51.75 51.30 51.75 Sep . 57.00 55.50 56.35 Oct -- -- b53.50 .Nov -- -- b55.00 Dec 56.00 56.00 56.00 b-Bid; a-Asked; n-Nominal. Daily Record FROZEN Mar May Jul Aug PORK BELLIES 55.00 54.05 54.40 55.05 54.17 54.50 54.20 53.30 53.57 52.20 51.30 51.65 Grain CHICAGO (AP) - Agricultural commodity futures prices swung in an extraordinarily wide range on the Chicago Board of Trade today. The board implemented new rules this session which eliminated certain type of trades in all commodities such as time orders, market-if-touched orders and contingent orders. This, to a degree, knocked out some public participation and most dealings after the opening were by local professional speculators, especially in the soybean complex. Soybeans had a range of 16 cents and soybean meal $5 a ton. Soy oil had a range of 110 points, wheat moved in a range of 8% cents and corn 2 cents. Old crop soybeans opened some 5 cents higher and new crop were down more than 7 cents. Minutes later all options were sharply lower, then a small rally set in. Heavy selling in oil and meal produced a limit loss in distant meal options early and a drop of some 60 points in oil from which there was some recovery. Selling in wheat on the opening was a carryover from the previous session when deferreds sank the limit of some 10 cents. The selling was linked to a government decision to rid itself of government-owned. After the selling had been satisfied, a rally set in and wheat prices moved sharply higher. Corn, oats and iced broilers were under selling pressure after mixed openings but trade was rather light. High Low Close WHEAT Mar 2.43% 2.35 2.35% May 2.38% 2.30 2.32 Jul 2.25 2.18 2.20 Sep 2.22 2.15 2.17% Dec 2.22% 2.15% 2.18% CORN Mar 1.68% 1.651/4 1.65% May 1.611/4 1.58% 1.59 Jul 1.561/4 1.53% 1.54i/ 4 Sep 1.49% 1.48 1.481/4 Dec 1.42% 1.40% 1.42% Mar 1.45 1.43% 1.44% OATS Mar 94 .90'% .90% May 95%R.94 .94 Jul 92 .91% .91% SOYBEANS Mar .....6.81 6.54 6.56 May 6.35 6.15% 6.16 Jul 5.92% 5.79 5.81 Aug 5.69 5.55 5.57% Sep 4.82% 4.69% 4.70 Nov 4.15 4.03 4.05% Jan 4.12 4.01 4.02 Mar 4.10 4.01 4.01V, Flower and Vegetable Seeds • Starting Trays • Peat Pots • Potting Soil • Lights FRfFJORT, ILL ^15/583-4849 Wide Selection Of SPRING FLOWERS For Permanent Decoration! And Arrangement* LANG'S GARDEN CENTER 425 W. South St. Phone 232-9711 until proved guilty and • report that anyone Is charged wtth an offense cannot be construed as proof that he committed the of- We rely upon official public records for the Information published In this column. Vandalism James H. Fair, 70?y 2 S. Float Ave., discovered a hole in one of the windows of his car Monday morning while it was parked in front of his residence overnight. Damage was set at $25. Small Claims Felix J. Lownik, 1110 S. Park Blvd., was awarded a judgment of $113 against Harry Beal, 21 Pleasant St., and a $41.70 judgment against Henry Koser, Lanark. Ford Fuller, 1620 S. Blackhawk Ave., was awarded a judgment of $282.07 against Pamela J. Lampe, 1733 W. Revere St. Accidents The Bowl Four Seasons parking lot was the scene of an accident at about 1:30 p.m. Monday involving a car driven by Theodore K. Brei, 709 S. Miami Ave., and the car of Clifford 0. Christianson, Beloit, Wis. Circuit Court CRIMINAL CASES Ronald L. Baker, 85 W. Empire St., pleaded guilty in Circuit Court Monday to a charge of public indecency. A probation hearing and sentencing were set for April 2. David W. Preston, 451 S. Liberty Ave., was assessed fine and costs of $310 on a charge of driving while intoxicated. He pleaded guilty Monday. He was arrested Friday. Donald A. Veer, 420 W. Elk St., and Mark R. Embry, 121 N. West Ave., pleaded guilty Monday to the charges of possession of liquor as a minor. They were each assessed fine and costs of $110. Paul F. Haefner, 609 W. Pleasant St., pleaded guilty Monday to the charge of battery. He allegedly struck George K. Siegmeier in the face with his fist Feb. 15. He was assessed fine and costs of $67.40. Robert E. Coates, 633 W. Douglas St., was found not guilty of a charge of transporting liquor with a broken seal. David S. Wing, 619 W. Chestnut St., was found guilty of a charge of leaving the scene of an accident and was fined $30. He was found not guilty of a charge of not having his vehicle under control. Forfeiture of $25 bonds for having no drivers license and leaving the scene of an accident were ordered against Keith D. Bugbee, 815 W. Lincoln Blvd., who failed to appear in court. Shirley A. Thain, 307 W. Douglas St., was found guilty Monday of four traffic charges stemming from a police chase of her car Jan. 30 from Freeport's west side out U.S. 20 as far as the Club Esquire. She was fined a total of $265 on charges of fleeing to avoid arrest, failure to yield for a red light and siren and for speeding 100 miles per hour in a 65 mph speed zone and going 38 miles per hour in a 30 mph speed zone. An assault charge against Richard Taylor, 216 N. West Ave., was dismissed. Elaine H. Albert, Freeport Route 2, was found not guilty of a reckless driving charge. CIVIL SUITS Sheila I. Groves, no address available, asked that the court issue a writ of attachment for Randall W. Groves, no address available. Groves is asked to show cause why he shouldn't be held in contempt for failure to pay his 1971 real estate taxes and medical insurance premiums. Man Pleads Guilty To Battery Charge; Gets Jail, Probation Richard E. Kidd, 206 S. Galena Ave., was placed on probation Monday for two years, with the weekends during the first eight months to be spent in jail, on a burglary charge. Circuit Court Judge Wesley Eberle passed sentence after Kidd pleaded guilty to the battery charge on an information filed by the state's attorney. He had been charged with aggravated battery, accused of beating Izola McGee in her 626 N. Waddell Ave. apartment two weeks ago. Kidd was also ordered to make restitution for medical and dental expenses to Mrs. McGee, who was hospitalized from the incident. A burglary charge for his allegedly entering Mrs. McGee's partment to commit a felony was dismissed. Carl Sandburg School Play To Be Friday Carl Sandburg School students will present a public performance of "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" at 7:30 p.m. Friday in the school's cafeteria. Tickets will be available at the door. The students will present three afternoon performances for other students at the school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Most of the roles have been double cast for the four performances. Students and their roles are: Sherry Hoover, Lucy; Janet Katel and Mark Tracy, Charlie Brown; Deb Moll and Sue Dollinger, Snoopy; Paul Kimble and Dave Frej, Linus; Sven Feddersen and Lee Rundall, Schroeder; Beth Wootan and Sally Kaiser, Patti. Registration Open In HCC Classes Registration is open in four Highland Community College continuing education courses which are scheduled to begin in March. Purchasing and Preparing Cuts of Meats begins at 7 p.m. March 6 in the Cooperative Extension Office on the HCC campus. Stock Market and Seminar for Nurses Aides each begins at 7 p.m. March 7. The Stock Market class will be held in the Instructional Materials Center and the seminar will be held in the Natural Science Building. Rocks and Minerals will begin at 7. p.m. March 28 in the Natural Science Building. Registration for the classes may be made with the division. Scout News PACK 22 The Blue and Gold Banquet of Cub Scout Pack 22 will be held at the St. Thomas cafeteria Thursday at 6:30 p.m. PACK 32 Ernie Brown with his harmonicas will provide the program at the Cub Scout Pack 32 annual Blue and Gold banquet at 6 p.m. Wednesday in the Blackhawk School gymnasium. Meat, coffee and milk will be furnished. Parents are to bring their own dishes and silverware. $1,200 Fur Coat Is Recovered Monday A $1,200 fur coat reported stolen from the Bronze Steer Cocktail Lounge and Restaurant Sunday night was found on the floor there at closing time, the manager reportedly told police. Police siad the manager told them he took the coat home Sunday night and brought it back Monday. The coat belongs to a Chicago woman. Business Briefs Ohlinger Realty office has moved to a new location at 118 N. Van Buren Ave. Everette J. Donstad, manager of the Freeport Allied Radio Shack, has been appointed to the Top Sales Club by the Tandy Corp. He was named to the club for having six consecutive months of sales increases over the last fiscal year. He lives at 949 S. Adams Ave. He is the son of Mrs. Edna Donstad. Deaths And Funerals Weather NORTHWESTERN ILLINOIS Tonight mostly cloudy with lows 25 to 30. Wednesday mostly cloudy and a little warmer with highs in the upper 30s or lower 40s. Sunrise, 6:36 a.m. Sunset, 5:44 p.m. Unofficial temperature at noon, 36 degrees. Illinois Extended Outlook: Partly cloudy Thursday, chance of, rain Friday or Saturday. Warmer. Highs Thursday in the 30s north, 40s south, warming to highs in the 40s north and 50s to lower 60s south Saturday. Lows Thursday in the 20s north and 30s south, warming to lows in upper 30s or 40s Saturday. ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER Sales & Service ENGLE OFFICE MACHINES Dial 233-2013 W. OoUnq At N. Walnut Convenient Parking ... f In Our Private Parking Lot. \ V. •V V. Gene " urkt Freeport, Illinois ^ . . Burkc-Tubbs Funeral Home Orrie Tul>1> ° Phone 232-0613 Mrs. Al Moogk Mrs. Al (Martha) Moogk died this morning in Crestvlew Manor Nursing Home where she resided. She died following an extended Illness. Born March 18, 1892, in Forrcston, she was the daughter of Weert and Bertha (Mudder) Ascher. Surviving are a sister, Mrs. Tena Haijenga of Forreston; a half sister, Mrs. Henry Ter Hark, and four half brothers, Ben, Claude, Fred and Engle, all of Iowa. She was preceded in death by her husband. Graveside service will be at 11 a.m. Thursday in Oakland Cemetery. The Rev. Richard Piek, pastor of North Grove Evangelical Church, will officiate. There will be no visitation. Arrangements were completed by Walker. Mortuary. Mrs. Jakob Awender Mrs. Jakob (Eva) Awender, 1545 W. Stephenson St., who was a member of St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church, died Monday afternoon in Freeport Manor Nursing Home following an extended illness. She was born May 8, 1900, in Franz- thai,, Austria, daughter of Martin and Anna (Zoeller) Saier. On April 14,1925, she was married to Jakob Awender in Graz, Austria. Surviving are her husband; three sons, Dr. Erich Awender and Dr. Helmut Awender, both of Freeport; and Dr. Herbert M. Awender of Akron, Ohio; eight grandchildren; four sisters, Mrs. Victoria Herrmann, Mrs. Therisia Mollang and Mrs. Elizabeth Schutz, all of Austria and Mrs. Anna Weber of Yugoslavia; and a brother, Adam of Austria. Funeral service will be at 10 a.m. Wednesday in St. Thomas Church with the Rev. Michael Tierney, associate pastor, officiating. Burial will be in Oakland Cemetery. There will be no visitation. Arrangements were completed by Walker Mortuary. Mrs. Eli Winslow GRATIOT, Wis. - Mrs. Eli (Blanche V.) Winslow of Gratiot, Wis.,.died Monday night in Lafayette County Manor Nursing Home in Darlington, Wis. She had resided in Gratiot since 1908. Born Jan. 18,1882, in Superior, Neb., she was the daughter of John and lola (Chesley) Copeland. On Jan. 15, 1902, she was married to Eli Winslow/ He died Feb. 26, 1932. Surviving are four sons, Claire of Gratiot, Elmer of Freeport Norman of Scales Mound and Glenn of Darlington, Wis.; three daughters, Mrs. Zelpha Folgate of Freeport, Mrs. Clarence (Ellenor) Bahr of Scales Mound and Mrs. James (Esther) Key of Montgomery, Ala.; 19 grandchildren; 48 great- grandchildren; and nine great-great- grandchildren. Funeral service will be at 3:30 p.m. Thursday in Gratiot United Methodist Church with the Rev. Claude Bartlett, pastor, officiating. Burial will be in Elmwood Cemejery, Warren. Friends may call after 3 p.m. Wednesday and until 10 a.m. Thursday at Bartell Funeral Home, Warren, and then at the church. Richard A. Spoor OREGON - Richard A. Spoor of Dixon, who formerly resided in Oregon, died this morning in Rockford Memorial Hospital following an extended illness. He was 44. Funeral arrangements are pending at Farrell Funeral Home here. Clarence Schwemm MOUNT CARROLL - Clarence Schwemm of Mount Carroll died Monday night in Savanna City Hospital. He worked in Chicago before retiring. Born Nov. 26, 1904, in Barrington Township, he was the son of Fred and Emma (Brethmeier) Schwemm. He married Antoinette Dvorak Dec. 14, 1929, in Gary. Surviving are his widow; a son, William of Phoenix, Ariz.; and five grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his parents, a brother, two sisters and two stepbrothers. Funeral service will be at 10:30 a.m. Thursday in Frank Funeral Home, Mount Carroll. Burial will be in Oak Hill Cemetery here. There will be no evening visitation, but friends may call at the funeral home Thursday morning. Edward Plock LANARK - Edward Plock of Lanark died Monday night in Freeport Memorial Hospital. Funeral arrangements are pending at Frank Funeral Home, Lanark. Edward L. Geach WARREN - Funeral service for Edward LeRoy Geach of Warren, executive president and chairman of the board of Citizens Bank and Trust Co. here, will be held at 1:30 p.m. Thursday in Warren United Methodist Church. The Revs. James Cole, pastor, and Paul Doering of Boyceville, Wis., will officiate. Burial will be in Elmwood Cemetery. Friends may call after 7 tonight until 10 a.m. Thursday at Bartell Funeral Home, Warren, and then at the church. A Masonic service will be conducted at 8 p.m. Wednesday at the funeral home. Mr. Geach took a position with the bank in Gratiot, Wis., in 1916 where he worked until 1936 when he came to the Warren bank as cashier. He served as village clerk and treasurer here and a member of the Warren Village Board. He was also a member of Warren Masonic Lodge, Order of Eastern Star, Tebala Shrine of Rockford, Freeport Consistory, Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem, Warren Fair Board, Warren United Methodist Church, Illinois Bankers Association, from which he received his 50-year pin. He was also a former member of Gratiot School Board and an elder of the Presbyterian Church here. Mr. Geach graduated from Platteville (Wis.) Normal College and taught school in Cassville, Wis., and Gratiot. He was born June 22,1887, in Linden, Wis., son of Edward and Marilda (Rule) Geach. On June 24, 1914, he married Hazel Burmeister. FUNERAL DIRECTORY BURKE-TUBBS FUNERAL HOME Cor. N. Walnut and W. Galena Phone 232-0613 SATURDAY ROBERSQN, Lula K., (Mrs. Will); 11 a.m. at the Funeral Home. Friends may call from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Friday. SCHWARZ FUNERAL HOME 816 South Galena Avenue Phone 232-9017 G. T. Schwarz, W. R. Cramer WALKER MORTUARY 321 West Main Street Phone 232-2136 WEDNESDAY AWENDER, Eva, (Mrs. Jakob); 10 a.m. at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church. No visitation. THURSDAY MOOGK, Martha, (Mrs. Al); 11 a.m. Graveside Service at Oakland Cemetery. No visitation. FRIDAY SANDERS, Bertha N., (Mrs. Roy A.); 1:30 p.m. at First Presbyterian Church. A Service by Order of Eastern Star, Freeport Chapter 303, will be conducted at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the Mortuary. Friends may call at the Mortuary from 4 to 9 p.m. Thursday, and at the Church after 10 a.m. Friday. A memorial in her memory has been established for the First Presbyterian Church. ' ' .• WED. 'Country Playboys" THURS. - Harry Benoit On The Piano •: •:•:; NVi'M (inlniu Al Norlh NViilnnl \\c. J fc : : : : : : : : : : : : : ft%&:^^ STBI 1428 W. Galena Ave. Dial 233-4514 Or 233-4513

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