The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1931
Page 3
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TUESDAY, MAYJ2, 1931 nuvTiii?yui>^(j\nK.vcni m1 KU _NKWS_ 111 HIT BY" Ho °P cslon Fi»<is GooffGovcrnn^u Is Cheap PACE TTIUKL "'- fc.nd is i i::c!-.a:?J ar ! : "- rlr.n." Tr !-•:;•.- '-lii. "-.Y? :n- f:::x- -1 to the ro:'-::'. V.i! :'-a' ti'e firipcr, by !'ii;l '.ar;''. :• i:r.t farmiiv; a-; !:r r!n u'J. /,•; i?r as i.'j ; ^ble ever;. U'l i!-ii:v i:ni;ti;i-l:., I'.is o'.vn fio:t!iry. raise t:.irk ai:.l can 'ill? bios i:e r;-;i::rcs for spring luncheon menus. JU'ivare I «lll s'.iegcsl other coinblintlons. -- ! Ha'Jishcs ami ccleiy can be served In the llrsl place, t.ikc slock or': w "h " 1(f l:oiilllun. for unless con! l!ie calnrlcs. It's the tuts, M.ircli- s'.iiiinl hi lar^r ninouiilj their cal' "- in:l siisau that Increase 111.' <"">' raiU'nl Is nil. Olives Increase ry c.nmt. This liu-lute In the tlle ''alary cai:iu rather extrava- SISTER AlARY'S T/ fT^/^T T-»-\~^ ' cihiry iMimt. This liu'lute 111 the ">P ''alary cauu rather extra IV fl I I I—I k \\ fa - xl lis: "" bRMd-sluirs-inrllcu- Bmuly. cone oliur luldlnj isn S \ J I \ III ' \ 1: "''>' ll ' l! ''iH'-i'i'e:! lolls .so I'i.piil.u IUI "' ; > cnloiles. *..±.VAV * Il-vA ^ ,m ihe hmchcon menus- «vam ! * ' * f.iEn:'hi'on Hi)-.illlc: ; VIM I !,:Kif "Uiuil he 'r;ta:ns ^;o:n his farm ever,- i'-'ir, Ii:r or-r^ini consumption which is humanely possible for him til pwi'ice he lias ?'c,r ::c iii; ja> prope.'ly. P;GS and ehielierri ail.-l ccv.r. arc v.'O.-'.h inor? to th> ii!c!:vi.1'al fas mo: than all the isuvtTiir.vnt lallcf measures that may ua-^i'/iy be eVvised." M-'XT: r:m'cpe 3111! Ihp I'nitrtl •'tales'; I'iMr icl.ilEvc positions in i.ccs. iiiavniinalw, »hipp.'d I!V MAKV and very MIC;", desserts nude wll i j N'KV Sirvlc i' M'rl.M yolks <i[ e'i,:.s a:i<l cuke m!\tuivs.' :i,-:i <::!• woiinn whs Is liy- Aisiji'l d:.>d rake is not tub-in fliu-e '. inhii • Sin '.olJlit by dii'l- 'H's ma.1i- nuiilly of cf:; ivhlus., . 'ii'.s p.irtv bivlli'lluns with which me extremely loiv in fat. i :i, c.! (!(••-itlsi.u'll.-m niul hcs-' Tu.i.«'r,! cia.'kers often luke itniu-y Sh' rralvjs that she m:iy '•"' P':«'i- ol bread. A soda cr.ick-. jCl'ui! h,-r lui-f-s-i If she falh to f' is -^aid to have about n:ir-f )i;rth ' in:':;.ik' <:f ihe ric.i. "piiily" via:i:ls as many ai'uilfs r,.s nn untniUcre 1 • vivrl. L'liil at t'tii! M:III; I' !(T >' <>? biva:! uf the Mime si::. 1 ir, i • ksiOTs ihiit if she docs eai 1!l " ci.u'kci. ->:-. hi-r cavcli;lly i;in:c:.-d Frni'. cocktails nii-swo.-'l-.'n-.-n diet Mid undoes llu- v.-wk oS vn-'fi .ii-ll.rd m.'.us. broiled m.'.its or • °' ll: - ; <- llvh, DRI- lint succulent vojetlub!' I3u: '.he ul^e hcsless of to.!ay "Imply dressed with salt an:l \r;}-'. pi. n: lu-r 111011113 with lier ! I"' 1 ' ""il « Ulllc butter, n plain ].•>«- i frlc-!!'!N in mind. S::o nlso inul.'r- '<"''.' "'• endive or fruit silail v/llh flp-iiils H::it every gucil will I;? Frnicli (In-ssli)'.:. nnj i( d?s^,r: . ,... IMIIV ca:nfoi table ihirln 1 ; n.i m11 -"' "" fcrvwl, a fruit whlj> or Ice • ''•(<•-<• "i L::- : : v:. i-'.-i Idii- alicrno'ji! If she has not in- - ; 'l! th>s-.> are deslr.-Jilr. Bi;uill™ : T -"' ! ' J '. ''••'•• W. • :i:!,^.\l in ico rich foo:l fur lim:-:i- n " ;1 crnscnime c-llher hal or Jol- 'Iii.' rich or s'.vret tifU;riio:i» ' ; '' (l * ri " low In calories and make Itncllshes Salllnrs broiled bacon, fried carnmnl inns' i. '-. maple s>-ni|), bran mufflns. milk, - cofree. LUNCHEON— Tomato chov.'Jcr. crruton,, cottage clitess snbd, rya bread. swe;i potato glngjr hrsad", milk, tea. UlNNER-Veal and vcjetafclV stev. rrcsli -is-paragns salad, carn- mel cuslarcl, cilsp co;k!«s, mil'- colltj. Trench Emllvo w;ih Frciicli Drcssliiij l'lnc:i]ip!e and OrniiSL' Ic? Hlack Coffee Tdinmicw's .Menu DIIKAKKASr -• ftowcd iliubarb ay rlteiua An in-NATiirr.'j nf urn) i Oilc 1 :'. '. veryone. ic arc a tew funeral si:^?e-.- cus the hostess- wj.ukl dn well t.) em: :i.'i::r vvl'e.i piamiln? her '.b.-ve ::r? i-nopctjor.'s :;.:.yoi ai:d r.'riermeri: Cha.l'.s E. M::s-,c:i. fa:t ry fcu;:iia:i: n-ank J. Gardner :-e»l_cFlK!:,-:mr.n; Mayor r. n. r!:chcr:ek, real e.tale ;-a'.csm:,ii; \Vii:li-r C. i: u :u:c-s. transf.r lir.c owner; ,:u;sJl C. i;:.n-:s. bi;;;:i::j cr.mpM-.y head; Millcn U. r.'.ufl'. cl-emiearcompa:!y; Wlllbm MCF:ITC:I lit p:"tk'.eijt: J-rar.k J. K(v.-;;:r.ii. factory s'jpeiinten'l nt; Fr;J I'arks, ii-.-Miicnt of nn ice and coa PHILADELPHIA. (UP) to el:nr,'Tr Ihnir p^-lcvaies aecortl- Ip.-' in :'. veii;rt preparet! by the Cr.n-uiitlr? ti'i Vacancy Supply fo; preKeuiation lo II',? General A'iciv.ljly in Piiuii'.irgli on Mav 28. The ccim:v,;;tec Irarnccl that (here v;erf :n.iv,y n'.inirters who \verc dis- rcn!,?ntp:l ami i:iihap;>y in their SOo-Mayor and Two Bit C -1 T-) iii' • mi ' lolls an<1 v&lcj " iiswn. . oimcil linn Illinois 1 own ^"^^^y ^- «*» ^^. nm- ;.lill carry on as diU thel (!fur; tj rais? the pay of (he of f:c:al:.-. CoimcLincn did praiiu;c a Iner.-ase bin citizviss llockrd to fa polls and yoted it down. forcfa'.hrrs when Jlcopeslon \vn -f! prc.v-s you can obtain cffic:- j, ls . a liu; . Ilu . W!c of sll . u . 1 . s o HOOPESiOM. Ill—!rv thi- en'.er- ent men fcr important otliccs v.iili- the u'i-ir'c' -1r-:«_ liiiln r.i-.. r.t rr.irt i.._t I -. - j. , •. _ T. .. _ r i . _ r .. .> (Jii.n.L, "•*•- *-•' '-^^ *• w.-. JLII. -n i.i. i .i.v . - L-J JL n:t. I IL-i iUljJLIl lilllt UlLiLva V. 1111•,5-L-iinr: lit'le ci:y of CCOO. jir.t lor out the lur; of z lot of mon-y." ; c'lcuah down-statT from Ci'.icasD to they sav. ! :t cr,::'t hear Ihe machiivj pirn, rf T 'l:frs- is not one outstaiiriins dob' :;an;;dom. there areni, any ynb- (r )„-„,( i- f \ n a ( j ln mnvor and em; of ofCicin! <orrupt:on. crime coiin.-il. In<t:a;l (here is S3Q.005 -nl !i:efrici?ncy-nnd gcod i/Dvcrn- t n u- 3 trcofiiry and an a'.ldhicnal meiv, cost; onlv S'-'.aO a year! SK.OCO has been loaned to citiz'113. . Bi-in-^ iKayov cr a'dennan \-> con- . Hc'jpeston is . c olv:r.t—with mcncy ' civie duty. Mimia'T.' in ihe bank sn : ;i ;\'.-; tin- at dinner '"' (^cc'llent flisl cuurre fo; Imirhcon If (niit Is iviuilej '['lit; follouliij: luncheon menu avna'jrs ubu'.r. G7S c.ihriis an: Indoor worlc~\ work with tho lianila tt:at docs not Includo plenly of physical oxerclso. for ll,t, lM,|y, ollen rwjlla In tlw la,I fc-cliiiB „„,! un . Peasant a i sm o( fllu][ ^ j itrnihl lianiosa ranker llvl 10 inko \amM^ :!ail %£ ; IIVCTl.'JS.'I, Jia I M-oulJ J,i a [ gtt BU lli-tid, or Jiavo n iluit tw\- ria. Aflcr I Jicanl or Bhck- Draut-ht rni.l bc t Mn tM:, K J( I r.voldo<l this IrouUo I tnl<i> It In s mu ]| ,](,.„., ur |j |j. BLACK- &r 't Rasp Your Throat With Harsh Irritants Head Courier Nf.v.s \vant nds. I l,J!ii.nii'll ,1I1U L.ll.'lilp])j 111 IQLll - -^viL a ii 1:.^ LI IIHL>. .tLiKir 1";; iti ( lie i-.lllri i wcrk. Lit:!? cf Ihe dissatisfaction Tfiicrrs lake pririo In riving as goo! T; has miles of pavement, owns i? clue !o the >cant financial re- aumiir.^tritions 9. r . iicsaible. 'ih?v j) S ov:n w ^( er \ v orks and. lias 515 - I tr.nii of th'! ministry, accurclinir to the. ccr.iniittce but. rc"]!tG Irom cihcr can^e.^. Gc'r.o cf the fames arc listed as: fc • Trou': 1 ." ahcut b'.:i!(!m ; pro^p.aras: dcfid'5 Warned on tlic |r.~^'-'r: '.lad financial in'jtl'.uds; r.::'.'.i" u:'!r'.:-'j i;rf)U|:5 within the re::: r -i'.ion: ;i'I:."?.lii)T faniily:and scr:ii:n ncnihrr ?. trouble >: hor<l ard cftc:i for lorn hours : cno v.orth 'cf no-i- fir- e"iilp;nc'it • ccnislolp iheir tasks and sa'i-- There are two fine parks, a zoo 1 fy the i^ople wno elected thorn a inunicip.-,! ai:ditcrinm. sw'immins i th.-.i they are mini? wircly and well. ; 1WC 1. n city library and a earbj»e i l.'I.D Xj:\V:lPAI'EItS CHICAOO. i UP i—-A lllillinn dr-i- iru's worth ol £>!d newspapers is c::pc:ircj: frpm the United States anmia]!y for u>^ incotly as wrap- I'.in'.; pi'brr in the bazars of Far Ka^'ein; cities and wall paper ill China. r.ccordi:u to a report of the national industrial conference board en foreign lra:le statistics. F.ME TO TKAC1I I1EACTY CTHCAOO. (UP)— AUho'.rih the 1933 \Vorld's Fair exhibits will sho-.v the prepress in ihe industrial wiji-Ul one of the puiposes o[ t';e -rxpasi- V.c.:: !- t l ^> tc. T .?h visitors t."> flD;;re-:i- a:c brainy, acco-diusc to Dr. All::: D. Albert. p.?5!sir.]it to the president f i the Century of i'ro;:-e-i= E\- . Ar.d h'rc's \vhiti arc paid: . r.ynem—and tluy're all paid for." Ear:ry K. Hirticrcek. a Tn? dczf:- nne churches have it j real estate nanu by o:cjpr.:'on. wiitten in t!:?ir constitutions that ! -:ts SO cents a year. spea!-e.isie.: :!«ll nc! be al'oivd in . Tl:? rl'it-.i a'dn-urn. v:ho so ably the city. And (here aren't a::y, ' :'rs'3; "hi.-zo:ier." receive 20 cents' citizens claim. : inually. . | Hjgi;! , 10Vi . ^ le ccuncil Is saving i >'o:vj ever co;n-.:ia:iu dial he isn't h'Ol 10 replace the. old one dcstroj-- | -a:-; eirjunh. In fact the niayor C d by fire several years a^o But .'s re j-rinH of h:s rocerd he isn't ' the:e v.-cn't l:j n bond i-auo. The ivcn ro;n- to c->^i Ivs pa" checks, mcnev r.iust be or, lianrl b-fcro the I H:- fays he will liav the first oi:e baildin- is s'.arled. They cii:r.itci framed! piobab'.y hp'll rto the en a cish basis h.cre in Hooic=ton ! jsme witi) th; second one. which he • • • Ix^r'T-rm 1 ' ''^ ^'^ °' ''^ ''' VC " i Thp so nn o « cent salaries were ' X .' ' ' • n-trcdttc5d when thi tcwri i:i- I r ti^n-. of Ilocrcston pnini wMh ' ccrpDratcd in 1UT2. The first mayor . satisfaction to tl-.eir mayor and nl- ; ^.,d his council wanted to;- for! dcrmen, nets that goal gcvcrnnicnt i i-.cth:ii!!. but found they had to i has actually brcn rea!:7ed and con- ' have a salary to make serving their' ?1'J(,3 by ERym-j they - are g-ttin? j conft!;i:ents legal. So they made i fce.:r gcvmimcnt than moit p'acesi the frjsrici as small as pos'ib'c- ! -.Mih hi^h-salariel olficiuis. I only once has Ihere been :'nv ; ismf&rm tfaf BANrr 1 . ; Mjiiners to Alterta. (UP) — In . . the Tciumm Cr-:ck district, soir.r Hires miles f.-'iu the hrart of Prc;pcctc:-'s Valley. C.MO fee! nbsvj .^'a-kvel in the i\oo:enay Park fcriim of l.'ic Canauian Rockies., the Alpine Club of Canada v.i'.l' hc!d its 2<;t!i anini?.! cai::p Irci:i Jisly 20 to All;;. 3. 193!. 2.1.000 Hfirsrs in riiilailrlpliix PHILADblLPHrA. I UP) The i'nkcr Cily has juf. ab^ut "^.OID i-s l:fl l-j rc;'!H the riri:i',- f,: fa:: footed arim.ils v,l-.:eii r.-i;;- iced the so^c means cf Jrrr.iF,- | portaticn in Pe:v.i's "sreone ccoun- trie tov.'no." Sliced flrlvr Sav.';l liny NEEXAH. Wi=. (IIP)—Wlle-i L?;I ter Smith grows n;> and prrlnir. turiu coifcr. he v.-jll ?:;!! respect the | blown oii: into Like V,':::iiebi ;i o" e, fraii Irr.ft. m s cries were no' | heard nmil a K .-ifer f!:co:l Ms bal! I to the h:.c fh 0: - c nn: i ] :oar .] ^'_ (er's calis. . tV&lif&Kl&JSit AUurggagcrrMaaM^u jirumMna RE GOLP IS FA>>- & 0 .... Ii AFR'.CftN tOLF.... IN RED BALL BAGy We are Happy to aiiiioiinrc fo Die frond folks of l!Iy- llicviile r!u! tlic surroumlinjr Iradc territory, thai we arc nou- exclusive dislribtitors for llajmy Foods in I'M] Ball H:ii-s for^r.-.-, ninlos, cows, poultry and ho«,'s. \Vo also hnwllc t!;r cnniplott- lino of "JOHN DEERE IMPLEMENTS." MOXTEVALI.O ami other grades of coal. Our orpanizalinn is now iin-pareil to serve you at all tiinos ]:roinptly in a lluiipy. \Vay. Before goiiiR into (he feed luisiness we made a thorough iim-stigalinii of niarufacltirwl feed•• on the market. A sj:ccinl trip (o Memphis to in=])cct Happy Food Mills, see liow Happy I-'ceils arc inailc and what gnes intn them. After liiis careful investi)j;Uioii we are convinced thai we nn\v cifTt-r ytni ihe best possible feed values for efficient and tcoiioitik'al ivsult-'. Hai;py Feeds arc noi, new iinfosted feeds. Intn every Re<i Hall Un;r (roes thp intiM'rily, ex)iorieiiLe an.l ivpu'a- lion of liar-py Feed Mills. Inc., Memphis. Tennessee. This Urm has lieen makinjj feed.-; in the South to lit Southern feeding conditions for over twenty-three years. Happy Feeds make good in the feed lot. They will make good for yon. ,1. G. Owen Dan Duncan Gen. Mptr. M.ur. Imt). Dcpl. & Warehouse BhjtheviUe Phone 76 Arkansas At Browne and Billings Old Place "Reach for a LUCKY instead" Now! Please!-Actually put your finger on your Adam's Apple. Touch it- your Adam's Apple -Do you know you are actually touching your Iarynx?-This is your voics box-it contains your vocal chords. When you consider your Adam's Apple, you are considering your throat— your vocal chords. Don't rasp your throat with harsh irritants — Reach for a LUCKY instead — Remember, LUCKY STRIKE is the only cigarette in America that through its exclusive "TOASTING" process expels certain harsh irritants present in all raw tobaccos. These expelled irritants are sold to manufacturers of chemical compounds. They are not present in your LUCKY STRIKE, and so we say "Consider your Adam's Apple." A.T.Co., Including the use of Ultra Violet Rays Sunshine Mellows-Heat Purifies Throat Protection-against irritation-against cough TUNE IN— The Lu&y Strike Dance Orchei- trrti e\-ery Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening over N. B. C. net. uorlu.

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