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The Weekly Arizonian from Tucson, Arizona • Page 3

The Weekly Arizonian from Tucson, Arizona • Page 3

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:

HI i I3 WEEKLY MATTERS aUzonan TH Pj TUftY 4- rnnAL of Indian depredations along tho I Parties who arrived from FUrence about tho arriV' Mr Hop- uto fntnre home. KiTfin ilia Intends to ma.e- iu a day TrrTSTSSt, left hero received this JacoDB a vu. -5Srl ii assortment of new goods a 2 we San Francisco vi J.11 bUUBWUWUW 4 route, no mail from Prescott arrived use woes. Mr. Saml. Drachman arrived from Camp Grant on Monday. He Bays that the paymaster clerk narrowly escaped the consequen ces of a bullet through his head a lew oays i r.nm Mint, nnst. nrevious to nts departure uui" r- While rambling over tue mesa, auuu. tn miles from Camp Grant, in search of game, he nnnn lw an ambuseade of Indiana, WHO uicu one of the bullets paasing througn ms nai. Murders by Indians have become so common that people regard a -this character, as a pretty good joks. AaaarVR thfi fair." bit MNone out tuo uiaic av.o-. ll San Francisco via San Die told that freight is now coming "J.10UO uui he happens to be fair as well as brave; and he ingenious too; tor he can probe into the mys teries of a disorderly time-piece ana se leneauiu vJllva comparison. Oh i Ub7 a BUlUH. "ou potent agent of affection, what tM. route in 35 days, ,1 i. -T" ltoiah lUG ol lDai countenance jwefireaaisuu, uu coru uul wnerein thou beamest She couldn't; so she I I isjary- just smiled upon this noble device of the Crc which resulted in shooting and killing of a Mex ico n. Another Complimkkt A gentleman in the Post Office Department at Washington, to whom a copy of the Arizona' was sent by a friend in Tucson, writes to the latter as follows: "I had no idea that in a region so remote as Arizona, so lively able and independent a journal did exist." Persokal: The gentleman red nose. No. 10 ioots and lack eye with a patch on it who bowea toaaay in scarlet, across tne 1J plaza, ou ounuiy, nuutu uue io Decome acquainted AddreS 'S. G. $3,000.00 a year. THE STEVENS' 0USE S. ELDER UnJer mi i I ui mu urc- the supervision of deputy sheriff ator1 cra1 smile, that thou shouldst cause ine Victim nf thv nun not nn fylin the ar grauiug iuai pari uo cuoisea, up Hsin street in front of Archibald 4 Wood's against the wall, by an irate husband! lut TU. i'o fi mnohnppApA imnrnvomnn) 8uch things Will haDDen. lUSt afi lnntr nn wofnTi- Brjtt r- i i fa similar one couia ue maae in iront wcu ui msuius ana nrave I mnr. 1. 1 1 1 iM.Stavens House, Hodge's and at ttUU WUUB Bucn atiriDutea continue to I .1 nn n.IniMnol BtMnl I haV6 Attorney Ind Cou nselor-at-Law, Nirth SIde)Court-HQuse Ploza, TUCSON. l.Uv other points, our principal street would I fr new attractions to those who drive out a charm for lovely woman. i yuimei oi air. cnnes 01 una naaemeot, nnu wear a ra.ner reapeciaoie Bend Slatio haa befln toWn pawnee and tortunatelv for mself Wft nhnf ITIMi I ttVUl ffe understand that the new addition to the at. the of the attempted assasaina- tion of his nartner and LreofE N. Fish Co is to bo used exclu- tion of his partner and employees. He receiv i tekforthe sale of liquors and cigars, ed 'fer last Saturday containing further le under the of Mr. J. S. Partlcula regarding the poisoning. It Bp-. pears that the cold-blooded vill i i lug one me coaee tnr nnf I' I a OUIUU FtB, this tri-weekly mail service is a great ar- quantity of strychnia in each cup, taking care lapneci, bj au me wane, tnat ms own coffee remain nora toiaj, again, the coach arrived from Yuma, vial containing nhnin 6 uuuu luiieu fhA nnnsnlinf Tifiws. "no nnnnnnhnn ftt I nw. iUO Pr ana ounea in a sack of I Hour. It 19 fTonprallo halianarl iL i mn me uji- Li rive postmasters' and concilia' soner had one or more accomplices (Mexican) hihiapagne tho "cold shoulder!" WQ0 wer0 10 naye him in removing the property auer tne inmates ot the station should hlias baa fourteen beau of cattlo itoles I have been srotten out of thn vaav from his ranoh, a fow miles from town I i in I isek. The Indians were not pu-fued, and xa commeuung upon the policy pursued aqsently the cattlo were not recovered. toward the Apache Indians at Camp Thomas II OS. PJDUFFICY, ATTORSIT AND ICOUSHELOB-AT -LAW, Offlce in wlrner's Building TUCSON, A. T. WHO Iibl SALE LIQUOBj STORE. BY MAIN STREET, TUCSON, A. T. A FIRST-CLASS HOTEL, OFFERING J. GOLDTREE Jlain re, UC5 I) A. a few weeks since, we expressed the convic tion that they would boldly take the warpath Dealer in Wines Liquors. iKr. arrived from Sin Diorro in eom Mr. Capron, last week, informs us that nv fo-ki I wu; vw wAUb mvuiauic UUUUrbUUIly 11117(11 '2J C9VS Tirnnnna tn hia norhirft Fpam Hnn I 47 JO I it" oBer. nt new. from Camp Godwin, I I In i l-w I I I Biloti to fpeculaiors from the East. This iUUU'a uur upwuoii. an om Anaiar. just received from San Francisco a well f.r the passage, at this session op ai vaniP ooowin, last weeK, we are told, in- -uBni or wmej and Liquors con I "If 1 -1 i .1 SiO 111115 IJ1. re3. flf thn S9i-flrai ori rti irnnri Tniiormeu Hie Gommanninrr nthnnr that, ft rrmnH klitors referred to are doubtless act'ng un- conspiracy had been planned by the Indians riUlfflfltni frnm lnUtri.t. in .1 r- .1 uviu wuujiou uujjiujjwu wuu i a i wuuip iuuiuua, iu Lupturu inij next iram MSttT Well tho' CTQimil nnnn vliSM. tTimr liU. 1 i rri. I wj luat ouuum icavc lur luai post. J.n8 IrMd, therefore, did not leave Goodwin upon the Every Accommodation TO TRAVELLERS OK ANY OTHER MAN. C. D. Whisky A. A. A. O. K. B. Old Rye Bourbon Fine Hennessy Brandy French Cognao Peach Holland Old Tom gia Wines. Champagne, Claret, Port Sherry, Angelica- Ixdiak Ravages: Saturday's mail appointed day; nor will it leave until an escort -Northern Arizona brought an account of of sufficient strength to ensure its safety, can a depredations by Indians in the neigh- spared. -3 of Salt river. About the middle of Viar. -fort Sherry, Angelica- Pkthe trainof Mr. Hellin of Phoanix T-TI TT caraana tne best brands of cigars i luases Busiauieu inroucn inaian aeDreaationa. arjy a band of Ind ans ambushed by Jj frt i tnw.i r. "-jand to collect facts explanatory of the true IBWde. One Of the tpamstprn. a man I -r im. iconamon ot maian atlairs Anzona, hare l-W MDe. was Wilier? of tKo fl ikJ. i Mn been at work during the week. The develop-aeicapej. The entire train was cap- Una It? Mnlorl. Li I fa sUi: T7 uuj-. ht and are still bringing, to light, are "Ml into the hands of the Apaches. Lr 01 thl nnfronQ rrn nknnl UolTI ten 7s" on file are some the purport of which rsen Sacaton and Phoenix. t. t9c n. uuouiu, mm prooaoiy win, onng many promts afterwards the ma bugay from "uBaJ minent individuals tn a slnoh awnnntiilii ilu I I was attacuea near tne l.h Nndfirn "-the people, or imbued with a cold, cruel dis- I the drivpr. hutfnrtnnalP- GWWnnmV. nrH' wwr iuu speed and so escanflri I508' lis h. taen 13 diftcalt to decide as to the natum Tho building is tho same heretofore knvi it "THE HODGES and recently adrertisod as LE YIN'S HOTEL. INDEPENDENT BUTCHER SHOP. BEDROOMS of every size from tho dimensions ofaiordiniry CHICKEN-COOP to those ef CORRAL I nQa t. ti. as 10 tne natur mai1 coacn on ot the hallucination hr wl, ha lift Maatlln vr wuoacaseu. at the IV Xet' 6Ven thia infam0U8 act haa been ThelnArb a e3 "de'ed' executed; and the affi- kUi uepreaation flav of mnva. ot, oaant of tno 0 uuc oe Drought 5 oar lilhl forlh ia Proof of same. Already within a ofmov WUBlttl re single week, a sufficient number of the most lft, beinJthr.niDg fact8( (perhapg everpiaced --t I on this continent! Km COHM Plsoner a whole prP9r a lume. I. 'UUaRpnJ That thn nonnla nf A-T, F5 nis canmred Jast Rat- mo oojecia in IfPwtTof men who went in pur- 086 harrowin details, should still be found 'WfiT Place3' He was makinr "tick to their or pursue, etorSonnrn ni their varoius indnatries woii ftiton i. 1 u'wug ttilu on IOOt, -r 'U UO l5i brobaJ hustled into conptry and the people. kUk reiT. j. i nitrnt o-iuk ins fhnrca a Zeea nested and wJ: a y0UnS named Sweeny received 0relk Jutice. 0Qnd by falling from the roof -uj( morn ot Mr. Fish's store, and oath bC Hodge's Saloon. lh Head-Cheese and Saussago al. wa uauu i n. HENRY GLASSMAN. S' Free I Freee Tho bast institution ever opened to thopublio in Arizona is tno STEVENS HOUSE Lunches FREE AT THB BAR. Neatly furnished, warmed and restilated 'al- ways ready to receive customers. Baths Fnrnished without extra charge tho partTl wishing this peculiar accommodation havin' unrestricted nermission stream of water which couraei througk tk TABLE Will bo furnished with antMhmA' all esculent birds and hmmtm forest and flood in Arizona- frogs excepted. t3 some 18 feet below -No kttUr lay cat tkh fc-i I

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