Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 27, 1957 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, December 27, 1957
Page 8
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E 'g ht Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune' Ann Landers Shy Guy Hates Thought of a Bachelor Forever Dear Ann: I need a bit of shak-jevil mind. Her parents sided with Z up and maybe you're the one' who pan do it. Mother is 78 'but she's still wield- her and showed me the door. Now my husband is mad at me and says I should have stayed at the whip in our family. My! home and kept my big mouth shut. T sister married (unsuccess- Was I wrong to try to protect my family?—MRS. V. This is no way to "protect your family". If you were unhappy about the pretty passenger, why didn't you take it up with your husband? After all, it's HIS car and if he hadn't made her feel welcome, she wouldn't be riding with him daily. Chalk one up for your needle- nosed neighbor who successfully goaded you into making a fool of yourself. In my opinion you owe both the girl and your husband an apology. » « * Dear Ann: I would like the advice of an outsider. My husband is in good health and will be retiring in a few months. He says he's worked lonf enoueh and now it's my turn to work for a change. I asked him if he didn't think it was work to raise six children. He said I never brought home a dollar in all the years we've been married and to him this is the measure of work. I've looked forward to the time .of life when the children would bo grown so I could take it easier. The social security will be barely enough to get along on but we could manage. Do you think I fully) to get out of the house and was cut off financially. My brother is <!2 and unmarried. He copsiders himself "unwell", carries pills in his nocket and is hanging around to inherit the bulk of the family My problem is this: I'm 34 and not aggressive where women are concerned. I've been warned since boyhood to be careful of girls because they are all after money. At present I know two women who are attractive, intelligent and available. Word has reached them that my' mother is suspicious of their motives and they resent it. They are fine girls, and not gold- diggers. I'm shy by nature but I want female companionship. I hate the thought of being a bachelor forever. Any advice?—NO POET Loosen your money belt, pull up your socks and get going. A shy guy with a mother who snipes from the sidelines has a double handicap. (P. S. If you'd narrow your choice down to one, your chances for positive action would be doubled.) * * * Dear Ann: I'm the mother of four teenagers and I want you to tell me if I did the right thing. My husband is 40. He's been giv. ing an 18-year-old girl a ride to the office every morning for the past five months. She lives a block from us and works for the same company. One of my neighbors passed the remark that my husband's steady passenger was "very pretty". This burned me up because I'm not a hard-shelled person who can laugh everything off. I went to the girl's house, and in the presence of her parents I told her to find another way to get to work. She called me a vicious trouble-maker and said I had an Wonderfully Versatile 8132 12V4-26'/j WITH THE NEW PATT-0-RAMA You'll find several ways to vary this smart classic in pattern 8132. A special in half sizes, the shorter woman will wear it everywhere with confidence. No. 8132 with PATT-ORAMA is In sizes 12%, 14%, 16V4, 18V4, 20%, 221,:., 24%, 26%. Size 14%, 35 bust, cap sleeve and collar, 4 5 /a yards of 35-inch. For this pattern send 35c in Claim Soil Bank Saved U.S.S1 Billion WASHINGTON (UP) — Agriculture Department officials calculate operations of the soil bank program saved the federal government about one billion dollars in farm price support payments in 1957. They emphasized, however, that the government obligated itself to pay farmers who participated in the program about 614 million dollars as a premium fo» taking part •of their land out of production. Under the soil bank program, a 'farmer is paid a subsidy toset •aside part of his land for conservation purposes, raUier than for raising crops. The plan was designed to cut down on this country's multi-billion-dollar crop surpluses. The program this year involved only the five basic crop:, of wheat, •corn, cotton, tobacco and rice. Department officials emphasized that the government's outlay of cash under the support program does not constitute a complete loss. They pointed out that surplus should go out and get a job? My;" 0 ? 5 ar e sold for cash, used in common sense says to stay home,; th , e disposal of U.S. foodstuffs but I want to be fair.-MRS. A. B. f bro . ad ' and donated to the school A woman who has raised six '"I 1 * Program, children needn't apologize for noti bringing home a paycheck. Chanc-! es are you've worked harder than your husband all these years. You have earned the right to take it easy now if you want to. Stay home and enjoy that part of life for which the first was made. # * * CONFIDENTIALLY: B A BS : There's nothing "insulting" about _ a dry party. Just give them food'lege today had .a stern warning and conversation and make no| they may have been exposed to a apologies. People who can't get; rabid dog kept against regulations through an evening without boozei in the Alpha Omicron Pi house, should go straight to a saloon and' College authorities said two of not accept invitations to the homes! the giris were knowr to have been of friends. | bitten by the mongrel which lived • » * , in the house for some two months. ALL ALONE: Your husband did jit also bit two other persons be- not want the divorce, YOU did. fore, it died early this week. Remember? Don't try to put rouge! The Stale Health Department Warn Sorority Girls About Rabid Dog LAKELAND, Fla. (UP)—Sorority sisters at Florida Southern Col- on the corpse by insisting that he take you to family affairs NOW. When the life has gone out of a thing it should be buried. (Ann Landers will be glad to laboratory at Jacksonville has confirmed that the dog was rabid. It died Monday or Tuesday at Frostproof, where it was taken by one of the sorority sisters, Barbara Hopson, to spend the Christmas help you with your problems. Send ho.idays. them to her in care of this news-i Hattie Eicholtz, dean of women, paper and enclose a stamped self- said Thursday all 35 members of - - - • • the sorority had been advised to addressed envelope.) Copyright 1957, Field Enterprises, Inc. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Born: To Mr. and Mrs. David Hester, 1628 Woodlawn avenue, a son: Mr. and Mrs. Forrest DeHaven, 901 West Melbourne, a son. Admitted: Miss Helen Sitz, 516% East Market street; Master Thomas Maughmer, 1608 Clifton avenue; Harry Stewart, route 3; Miss Barbara Johnson, route 1; John Propst, 887 Garfield avenue; Mrs. Ruth Cabiness, route 4; Mrs. Phyliss Dillon 1 , 403 Culbertson street. Dismissed: Chester Brovont, Camden; Walter Farrer, 714 Biddle street; Arlo Rhoades, 901 State street. ST. JOSEPH'S seek medical treatment if they were exposed to the ar.imal between DC. 8 and DC. 20, when they left for the holidays. She said she was trying to warn some Josephine Lowmon Try Lemon Juice Bleach If Your Elbows Are Dark You will find that lemon juice is a mild bleach. Q. "Please tell me how to bleach my elbows. They are very dark." A. The darkness probably is due partly to rough skin. Scrub your elbows with a rough, soapy cloth when taking your daily bath. After drying, massage them with cream. You also will find that lemon juice is a mild bleach and you can use this twice a week for a while. You should massage the elbows with cream after using the juice since the latter is drying. Q. "I am 14 years old and want to know if there is any way to get rid of dark circles under my eyes. I have had them for a long time. I get at least eight hours sleep a Plan Honorable Records for 220 Ousted From Army WASHINGTON (UP) — Army officials estimated today that about 220 of 726 former officers and enlisted men discharged as security risks between 1948 and 1955 may soon be granted fully honorable military records. This means that about 30 per cent of all former Army officers and enlisted men separated for security reasons since the .government's loyalty program began Harry Canfield Retires From Phone Company Harry Canfield, construction supervisor of the General Telephone Company of Indiana, recently re- | tired after completing 38 years of continuous service with the com- 'pany. This veteran employe began his telephone career in 1919 as a lineman in the LaPorte exchange. Before moving to Logansport in 1950, he served as an installer and construction foreman in LaPorte. The Canfield family is a telephone family since in addition to Harry, three other members of the family are employes of the company. His brother, Leon, is installation and maintenance foreman in LaPorte; his son, Jim, is district commercial manager of the Pendleton district, and Jim's wife, formerly employed by the company in Elkhart, is a commercial clerk in the Cicero office. A member of the American Legion and the 'Elks Club, Harry resides at 115 18th St., Logansport. Exquisite Lace! night and eat a well-balanced diet.": may receive honorable discharge A. Become interested in some unt!er a special Army review pro- sport so that you will get a lot of outdoor exercise. This may help and anyway it will be good for you. There is a product which will cover gram. The Navy and Air Force have regular discharge review programs, but no special security re- these circles. If you would like to. view program on discharges simi- have its name, send a stamped, I lar to the Army's, self-addressed envelope with your The Army disclosed Thursday it request for it to Josephine Low-, had completed reconsideration of man in care of this newspaper. Can Wear Shorts 050 security cases since the pn> gram began in March, 1956, and Q. "I am 13% years old. I weigh i 76 more remain to be decided. 105 pounds and am 5 feet 5% inch-) Armjr personne i officials empha- es tall. I do not feel right when isized t f, at wl]Ue the chan ges were wearing shorts because I think my| designed to correct any unrair or legs are too skinny. Here are some, harsh discharges, they did not of my measurements: Thigh 20.%, signify a let-up in Army loyalty calf 13 inches. Are my legs too security, standards in the years since the end of congressional in- thin to wear shorts?" A. You are a lot underweight and should gain for the sake of 15 members of the Beta Omicron , heal ; h - H <™' e yf. your leg measure- sorarity, where the dog spent the m . e 3re y - g ° ' night of Dec. 18. Toys Stolen; Parents Shop Christmas Eve EVANSVILLE (UP) - Lights burned in Howell's Variety Store at 2 a.m. Christmas Day while Mr. and Mrs. Julius Bauer did some toy shopping. The Bauers lost $40 worth of toys when a thief broke into their parked car on Christmas Eve. Faced with the prospect of a giftless Christmas morning for their four children, the Bauers T. JOSEPHS ; caKed a policeman. He, in turn, Born: To Mr. and Mrs Charles j ca ,, ed chesler Eva operator 0 Brugh, 1712 George street, a son j the £tore Eyans unlocked his sh Admitted: Samuel Ferris, 403 1-3, d nermiltet] th _ RBI ..-- ,. „:„{! and permitted the Bauers to pick East Market street; J. Thompson, j out subst;tute to 906 East Broadway; Master Timothy McLochlin, 823 Twentieth street; Master Dennis Artrip, 219 Court street; Newton Smith, Star City; Mrs. Russell Kingery, 221 COINS, your name, address, size desired, and the PATTERN NUMBER to Sue Burnett, Pharos-Tribune, 372 W. Quincy Street, Chicago 6, 111. The Fall & Winter '57 edition of our pattern book Basic FASHION is filled with smart, new styles for all sizes; special features. It's colorful, stimulating and so useful. 25 cents. CROSSWORD ACROSS IS— 1— Mix !1_ 6 — Dirt es 34 — 12 U n is 13 20 21 2: 21 27 IS ( c ^\ ontemptibl* a • ans) 3 tcl-yellow 3 3 or 3 'eapono 3 5— 0— R — 9— Hanawalt, Idaville; Mrs. Margaret Passerini, 1305 Spear street; Bert Wean, route 3. Dismissed: Mrs. Harry Rafferty, 22V2 East Broadway; Mrs. William Bohm and son, route 6; Mrs. Earl E. Murray and son, route 6. Fruit handling and fishing are ;he major industries of Port Clin:on, Ohio. PUZZLE Drunken carousal Disco lira?* Dock 3 em weight Greeting 3o mistaken Restricted Ship channel Answer to Ye -R <IA y T j [5 0 OH A Q I S L P — Motai 40— Symbol for |S|DB —A — S — L — O C ~-T -C —A — I— S tc — T " '" It U stato (ahbr.) 4 hort stroke 4 tcrt^vlnes H kely 4 d Testament < illbr.) 4 Ules ompetcnt tar screen asto loemaker'* ol (pi.) ransacilon ' VI 3V f> * ** y> 11 * Y/( •a V) % •" * Y/ t 12 % ft •i Y/ 1(1 Y/f * 5 15 w< ** 1 2— 7 — 8- 1— 2— 3— Ib Y/ i: n Shelter Arrived fValUed boldly Elves Ardent Mitigated DOWN Chastise 5Toung shoep Worm 6 I'i y// { 20 "•* W ' '//, 1* % tv y % a, Y/ •a 4 % 20 % M IO 17 T 1 [E = 1 T O 3 •3 1 M 1 U o 1 N Q 3 S U r T B R I !l M 4 W|T|| HtJ Nil > R A *EME|A|L R|E|A|.M|S 4— < - S-: i i 6—] 7—1 3 Kt It, "*"• ""•"" l1 "' "•*—"•*• n 8—] 9-? 10—; is—; 19—1 20—1 22— n 23— ' ar.- 2028- 2930- 3132- 3538- 3941- 4244- 46- -f -I -C -7 -I -1 ( -I -I -] -C -I -r -s -A st A 5 = 1 El | ertfay'i Puzz • B M 1 T T E N P T el S|T| P A L 1 S sj o 3 l S 1 A S 5 E I *> T 3 R I C 1 T 1 A A 1 3 / N E T T L E 3F N I ME 1 wlA RiElO 1 3n 'a £ 31< ire na !1[ = 0 , rc : P \r "•a III > I VI Ir Ic 'a ia in Yr III jO Jd jOl or lg ta ur ab J : 5 r . f Si J H 3 ? ;| 3] 5 \ > seball unfzatlon jbr.) ctriclty- duclng chines pens >rlcatcs 3SCSS V» noun neso mile aclmen my officer mod ?h card* per Ho poplar ro roccnt am to re ununual *t of flower ifUHO runudo* , iranccr ii i-wator Tllllfltftd a Uon» id teat o of lettuc^ god continent br.) Macy A surprise birthday party was held recently for Mrs. Edna Pratt. Those present were her husband, Harvey. Mrs. Cora Heckathorn, Goldie Baber, Mr. and 'Mrs. Kirch Heckathorn and Bobby, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Heckathorn, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Eytcheson, Mr. and Mrs. Dewayne Benedict and Mason, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wilson and whenever you wish. Q. "I am 14 years old and think I am a little overweight. I weigh 120 pounds and am 5 feet 3% inch-- es tall. Please tell me how much overweight I am and how to lose a few pounds." A. You are a very little overweight. I .would not lose more than five pounds. You can do this easily by leaving off in between meal snacks and also second helpings. 10 Pounds Over Q. "I was 15 years old December first. I am large boned, 5 feet tall and weigh 125 pounds. My measurements are bust 36, waist 27 and hips 37 inches. Please tell me how much overweight I am." A. Even with a large frame you probably are about 10 pounds overweight. Your measurements are in proportion. Q. "I have some scars on my face and want them removed. A friend of mine says that she has read somewhere that they can be removed with a new method. Where can I find out about this?" A. Talk with a plastic surgeon. If you would like to have the name o! one who is qualified, send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your request. Address Jose. phine Lowman in .care of this news- vestigations of military security policies. They pointed out that the program was being administered under regulations issued by Army Secretary Wilber M. Brucker in 1955. These required "common sense" judgments on the significance of previous subversive ties and consideration of the soldier's overall military record when discharged. The 726 discharges did not concern security violations while in the Army. Most of the cases involved personal association with Communist or other subversive organizations before Army induction. Many falsified their Army records to cover up such ties. FATHER FATALLY HURT SEYMOUR(UP) — Joseph C. Scott, 46, Greenwood, was killed and his wife and son were injured Thursday in a truck, station wagon and automobile collision o;. U. S. 31 north of here. Friday Evening, December 27, I95T. MISTER BREGCR "He wants to know if he can leave early today — says he's fed up with the work and people here. *." Sewage Purification Progress on Ohio River • The beauty of ferns and thistles have been captured in this lovely design. You'll enjoy crocheting this fifteen-inch beauty, and win many compliments when family CINCINNATI (UP) — Most of the people living along (lie 943- milc course of the Oiiio River soon will have a purer stream flowing by their doors. That was the prediction in a report submitted today to the governors of the eight states in the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission. The report said that about three fourths of the 10 million urban population of the Ohio Valley are being benefitlcd by sewage purification facilities already installed or soon to be completed. Another million are to be served by treatment facilities in the final planning stage. B.A. Poole of Indianapolis, chairman of the commission, pointed out that only one of every 1,000 persons had the benefit of such- facilities when the commission began its work in 1948. The report showed 23 municipalities along the Ohio and its tributaries, including 13 in Ohio, had placed new treatment plants in operation this year and that 23 others added to their facilities. Another :>5 towr.s began work on new plants or on expansions. The commission reported that a total of 1,431 industrial plants dis- srams bu ha 717 of hm have taken adequate measures to prevent pollution. Four years ago 323 plants were cooperating with the program. Edward J. Cleary, executive director and chief engineer, said the record was good but "we have a long way to go in elimination of taste-producing and harness-contributing compounds, the reduction of mine-acid drainage and in curbing carelessness in handling oil." Americans Smoke More Cigarettes, U. S. Survey Shows WASHINGTON (UP)—Government figures showed today Americans puffed on the average about 100 more cigarettes this year than in 1956—despite lung cancer warnings. But because of filter tips they actually smoked less cigarette tobacco, the Agriculturt Department said. Total consumption for the year was put at 441 billion cigarettes. This averages out to 3,933 cigarettes smoked by every one of (he 112 million Americans 18 years old or older. Americans of smoking age consumed an average of about 3.83S :igareltes last year. and friends see it on your favor ite table. DIES OF INJURIES INDIANAPOLIS (UP) — John Pattern No. 5713 contains cro- William Carli, 17, died Wednesday diet directions; material require-'of injuries sustained Monday when I an automobile in which he was ' riding hit a tree near Boggstown address and the PATTERN NUM-1 toJSielbyJjpunty. BER to ANNE CABOT, Pharos- ments; stitch illustrations. Send 25c in COINS, your name, i Funeral Saturday For Peru Resident PERU - Rites will bo held at ':he Eikcnberry Funeral Home h.ere at 3:15 p.m. Saturday for Robert Homer Hulce who died at his home on West Riverside Drive Thursday. He was 85. Rev. Avery W. Mile will officiate. Burial will be in Mount Hope cemetery. Friends may call at the funeral home after 7 p.m. Friday. Mr. Htilce was born on Feb. 1, 1872, to Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hulce. He. was married on Dec. 6, 1897, to Lucretia Martin, who died in 1952. Survivors include a son, P. M. Hulce, Peru; two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren; a son Harold and two sislers are dead. Read the Classified Ads Tribune, 372 W. Qincy Street, Chicago 6, Illinois. Have you a copy of our 1957 Needlework ALBUM? It contains fifty-six colorful pages showing many pretty designs: plus directions for making 3 crochet items and a quilt. Only 25c a copyl NOW thru SAT. OPEN DAILY 1 P. M.-50< 7H. 6-KIDD1ES 25c "GET MORE OUT OF LfFE, GO TO A MOVIE" BOY WOUNDED HUNTING HUNT1NGBURG (UP)—Charles Denning, 15, St. Meinrad, was listed in good condition after a hunting accident Tuesday. Denning i was hit in the stomach when a • shotgun held by Robert Wedemer, 15, discharged while the boys hunted rabbits. I THOUGHT daughters. Afternoon callers were! morrow: "A Positive Health Mrs. Leon Dolby and Lmd and Results From Regular E xercise.' ! Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Baber and family. Mrs. Othal Owens and guests, Mr. and Mrs. James Griner, were recent guests of Bertha demons at Fulton. Mr. and Mrs. Alvah McCarter and Mrs. Betty Van Dalsen spent Monday in Peru. Mrs. Mary Ellis is spending the holidays in South Bend with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Ellis and family. Mrs. Edna Bash, Dick Bash and Mrs. Harry Owens spent Monday afternoon at Rochester. Larry Collins of Bunker Hill, is spending the holidays at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Collins. David and Betty Kara are spending the holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Karn. Mrs. Delia Van Dalsen and Mrs. Joe Van Dalsen and family spent Saturday in Logansport. I WAS LOST.~ UNTIL THEY FOUND ME THROUGH A CLASSIFIED AD Dial 4141 ROX Y Ar ALLIANCE T ti e a • ". TODAY & SAT. 2 Features Comedy Open 1 p. m.—35c 'til 6 GEORGE^ with Dan O'Herlihy NOW SHOWING MATINEE DAILY Join and see a world of entertainment! A tour of amour with three "live-it-up" show girls who kiss and tell and tell! Song's, Dances, Gaiety, Delight! M-G-M pmtnU A SOL C.9IGEL PRODUCTION it COLE PORTER'S •Urritil GENE KELLY-MITZI GAYNOR KAY KENDALL-TAINA ELG enU/Tint JACQUES BERGERAC -fcnmPUr by JOHN PATRICK Her? b/ Vn CHFH? • MUK >nd Lyria ky COLE PORTER III CiiKna&opi uid METROCOIOR ductr SAUL CHAPLIN • Dincud b> GEORGE CUKOR TECHNICOLOR ACTION! ADVENTURE HIT! John Wayne SOPHIA LOREN in Legend of the Lost" Plus Rudolph The Red Noted Reindeer Cartoon. SUN.,'The Tall Stranger* and Bowery Boys NEW YEARS EVE 6 P. M. JERRY IEWIS in "SAD SACK" SATURDAY MIDNIGHT SUN.-MON.-TUES. 2-FEATURES-2 JOEL McCREA VIRGINIA MAYO sour owns Plus Woody Woodpecker NEW YEARS r—C EVE j 6TO 12:30p.m. \ lEWl$ RING OUT THE OLD RING IN THE NEW!

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