The Arizona Sentinel from Yuma, Arizona on June 4, 1902 · Page 2
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The Arizona Sentinel from Yuma, Arizona · Page 2

Yuma, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 4, 1902
Page 2
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Arizona Sentinel. J. W, D0RRING70N, Proprietor. TOMA, - - - ARIZONA WEDNESDAY, JUKE 4, 1902. KEEP YOUR EYE ON YUMA. It is not absolutely necessary for newspaper men to be liars, but they generally are. The offices of county recorder and sheriff are the plums that will be fought for this fall. There are lots of kids running loose around this town that are like some men's promissory notes. They need settling. Co-owners in a mining claim have ISO days from the datepf the first publication of their delinquency in which to pay up. A minei 's inch of water in a reservoir is 2.1G0 cubic feet. A reservoir to store ol),000 inches of water would be of 108,000,000 cubic feet capacity. Democratic condidates for the offices of recorder and sheriff are dooming up as thick as mosquitoes in Yuma valley. These two positions are each estimated to be worth from three to four hundred dollars per month, and they will not go begging. A good illustration of the increasing prosperity of Arizona is shown in the advances of postmasters' salaries, in the readjustment of them for the present year. In no less than eleven cities have salaries of postmasters been increased. Mining Review. The Democrats hoped to present a solid front of opposition to the Republicans in Congress, and thus strengthen their cause with the country: but the habits of eight years of continual strife could not be shaken off, and their different "isms"' have provoked schisms that point toward Republican success. The heirs of the late Senator James G. Fair have settled with Mrs. Nettie Craven by paying her o0,000, she withdrawing-her various law suits and relinquishing all claims against the estate. Mrs. Craven claimed to be the contract wife of the dead millionaire. The Pair estate is today valued at -20,000,000, and will be divided among the three Fair children and their lawyers. The omnibus public building bill has passed both houses and been signed by the president. The bill carries appropriations aggregating 17,000,000, of which New Mexico .gets 10,000 for a public building at Albuquerque; Guthrie and Oklahoma City, O. T., each 30,000; Arizona,, six big ciphers. Where, Oh, where was Marcus Aurelius Smith .with his twelve years' experience in congress? Gold frequently occurs impregnated in volcanic rocks and occasionally in sedimentary rock. Rhyolite is,perhaps,the common-es'Jb species of volcanic rock carrying gold. This is the characteristic gold-bearing rock at Thunder mountain, Idaho. There it Is soft and without distinct frys'tallization. Elsewhere gold lias been, found hurhyol ite spe-t-.ies of hardr compact crystilline structure. Diorite is another eruptive that is- gold-bearing. M. & S. Press. A river bed alongside of a bar rich in. placer gold is not likely to be equally productive.- The bar was the situs of the original ohannel o the stream through a- many-times longer period than the existing channel represents. The latter, relatively,, rep resents only a temporary diversion from the old channel situs.. Conversely, the existing bed of a stream, if rich in gold, is evidence that the bars lying closeliy alongside are comparatively or even absolutely barren. High bars may be equally as rich as the present stream channel undes such- conditions. These- statements are broad generalizations, but observation will confirm, them, and they are safe to use in estimating the commerchil value of untried placer ground alongside of sich worked ground. M. & S. Press. SrJj"rib' for the Sentinel. DEMOCRATIC STATESMANSHIP Under the present law no person is compelled to pay a poll tax except his name be on the property tax roll. Under the old law any company or corporation having in their employ any person liable to pay a poll tax, and who had not paid the same, "shall, on demand of the poll tax collector, furnish him an accurate and full list of the names of such persons, and shall thereupon pay the same, taking separate receipts therefor; which receipts shall constitute and become a legal tender claim which may exist and be owing the company or corporation at that time. Any company or corporation which shall refuse to comply, on demand being made to furnish such list of names as required, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and liable to pay a tine." This law became very obnoxious to the railroad and mining companies, and to relieve their troubles on this score the late democratic legislature eliminated the "obnoxious" law from the statutes. The burden now rests entirely upon the property holders; the general school fund is consequently smaller by several thousand dollars, and the corporation cholas and Chinamen go scot free. EARTHQUAKES Since the year 1800 there have been 24 disastrous earthquakes, in which 272,3o0 lives. Were lost. Only one of these occurred in the United States at Charleston, S. a, August 31, 1880, where 57 were killed and fifty million dollars' worth of property was destroyed. v Senator Lodge made a good point when, he asked the opposition Senators under their scheme to turn over the Philippines to the socalled Filipinos, what they proposed to do with those natives of the islands who have all along been with the Americans, loyal to the United States and supporting our arms and Gov ernment steadily. These per sons have rights to be consider ed. They form an important el ement in the native population. If the United States withdrew, they would be murdered or per secuted unto death as certainly as the day dawns and the night comes on apace. The Chloride Arrow moved out of town Monday bound for Chloride. Quite a number of sorrowing friends, including Judge Smith, followed the remains to the depot. In the last carriage rode the bellows and the shooting stick with the hell-bpx and a new mugaphone. The bellows had marked on the south half of section 1, "handle with care, explosive;" The bellows is the most important tool in the print shop, as with it the air cure is administered to delinquent subscribers and renegade politicians. Lew will probably try it on the Chloride push to blow them into line. Kingman Mineral "Wealth. Why can't we come over to your house and play any more? Because papa gets so mad when we make a little b;t of noise. What makes him that wav ? Mamma says it's dys- pep: psia makes him act so crazy. That's about the -way it strikes the small boy. The dyspeptic has no idea of his own unreasonableness or harshness. Little things are magnified and seem to justify hiti quick auger. There's health for the dyspeptic and happiness for tlie family by the use of Doctor Pierce's Golden Medical Discov ery. It cures diseases of the stomach and other organs of digestion and nutrition, and restores perfect health and strength, by enabling the. perfect digestion and assimilation of food. ''I have taken one bottie of Dr. Pierce's Coldcn Medical Discovery for indigestion and liver comolaint," writes Mr. C. M. I Wilson, of V.-vl'cin Col'e"T. Davidson Co.. N. C. " Have ha'l no Dad spells since I 5 commenced taking your medicine :n fuct, have not felt hke"tlie same Before I took the ' Golden Medical Discov ery ' I couU not eat anything without awful distress, hut now I can eat anything I wish without having unpleasant feelings." Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets cleanse and regulate the bowels. A vast system of tunnels is to be" constructed under the North and East livers and across Manhattan Island, New York, to be used by the Pennsylvania Railroad. The company is to pay the city fif ty cents annually for every lineal foot of track for the first ten of the twenty-live year franchise, and for the remaining fifteen years one dollar a track foot. On this basis it is estimated that the city will receive each year nearly 500,000 for the streets "alone, A peculiar freak whirlwind m Phoenix last Thursday unroofed a barn, throwing the corrugated iron and rafters over on to the Lemon hotel, adjoining, and carrying some of the sheets of iron a block away. The north wall fell outward. Tlie wind spent its entire force on the barn and nothing else was disturbed: The sun was shining brightly at the time and tlie day was unusually calm. Only those who happened to be. looking in that direction had any knowledge of the whirlwind. ' " Mining is no longer a poor man's business. It requires for its fullest development sums of money beyond the reach of the ordinary prospector. That mining pays has been demonstrated again and again. It would be profitable, therefore, for some great organization of capital employing first - class, practical miners as experts, to buy undeveloped claims on the contingent plan, and work them. We are well aware that this is by no means an original idea that it has been attempted before; but either capital was too cautious or the promoters of the companies were too selfish; and, while several of such organizations are still in existence, their field of usefulness has been limited. What is needed is a great combination of syndicates not a union of widely divergent interests, but an amalgamation of promoters, all of whom would have the rjurpose of the advancement of our mining industries. Boston Mining bureau. After three weeks of debate the Philippine bill passed the senate yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock by a vote of 48 to 30, a number of republicans voting against lire measure. The bill Xrovides for a form of civil government for the natives. Southern Pacific Co.-?Pacific System Seaside Excursions Three Times a Week. Yuma, Arizona. May 1. V.)02. During the season, May 1st to October 1st, Seaside Excursion ticke's will be sold to Southern California rescrts Santa Monica, Long Beaeh, San Pedro, Newport Beach, Santa Barbara and San Buenaventura, for the trains leaving Yuma at 2:30 a. m. each Wednes-cay, Friday and Sunday. Rates ($1.3.40) and conditions as to use of tickets are the same'as in effect in former seasons. Every one should go and keep cool. YT. H. Dresseu, Agent. Notice for Publication Homestead Entry No. 2474. Department of the Interior. Land ofllceat Tucson. Arizona. June A. IP02. Notice is hereby piven Unit, the followin;-narnctl settler lias filed notice cf his intention to make final proof in support of his claim and that .said proof will be made before the Cleric of the District Court at Yuma, Arizona, on Saturday, July 12. 1902, viz: William T. Marable, brother and heir of Hunter D. Marable, late of Yuma. Arizona, for the N. W.' See. 12, T. 10. S. R. 2f W., G. and S. R- B. and M. He names the followinpr witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of ssid land, viz: Cyrus P. Holt. Duncan L. DeVane. Edward L. Crane and George W. Crane, nil of Yuma, Arizona. MILTOX R. MOORE, Register. First publication June 4, 1502. Notice for Publication. Homestead Entry No. 2423. Dkpautjiext ok the Interior, i Lund Office at Tucson. Arizona. May. 14, 1502. f Notire is hereby piven that the followiup-namcd settler has tiled notice of his infntion to make final proof in support of his claim, and that said proof will be made before the Clerk of the District. Cours at Yuma, Arizona, on Saturday, June 28, 1P02. vt2: John I. Toler, of Yuma. Arizona, for the N-13. H Sec. 10, T. 10. S. R. 24 W., G. and S. R. B. and M. He names the following witnesses to prove his continuous residence upon and cultivation of said land, viz: William E. Marvin. Duncan L. Devane. Thomas B. Bell and John V. Tapgart, all of Yuma, Arizona. MILTON R. MOORE, Repister. First publication May 11, U'02. Sick Headache ? Food doesn't digest, well? Appetite poor? Bowels constipated? Tongue-coated? It's your liver ! Ayer's Pills are liver pills; they cure dyspepsia, biliousness. 25c. AI! drajrzists. fuTl Want your moustache or beard a beautiful b: e brown or rich black? Tliou use BUCKINGHAM'S DYEJftffiS, rn R P. I-All .1 C. . N YUflA, OSO Capital Stock, LEVI SPARR, President C A. PATTERSON, V.-Fresideat R. S. PATTERSON, Cashier This Bank does a General Banking eoooeeeeoeeeeococoso$oG Ordinance No. 7. Granting to the Mexican-Colorado Navigation Company the Right to Construct and Maintain a Wharf and Landing for Boats at the Foot of Main Street. Be It Ordained by the Common Council of the Town of Yuma: Section!. The Mexican-Colorado Navigation Company, a corporation organized and ex isting under and by virtue of the laws of the Territory of Arizona, is hereby granted the right to construct, erect and maintain bulkheads, wharves and other appliances and conveniences for the landing and safe anchorage, and for the loading and unloading of boats, at and across and alon the entire river front, at the north end of Main street, in the Town of Yuma: also, to erect and maintain a warehouse for the storage of freight on said Main street, at or near the river bank, said warehouse not to occupy more than thirty-six feet of ground space: also, to erect and maintain, at or near said warehouse, an oil-tank for the storags of petroleum for the use of said company's boats running on the river; said tank shall not exceed in capacity three hundred barrela. Sec. 2. The rights granted in section 1 of this ordinance shall not operate or be construed as an exclusive right to the said company to use the said river front as a place for landing and anchoring boats, and loading and unloading the same; but any person, running any boat or barge on the river, shall have the right to land, tie to or anchor at, and to load and unload at .said river front, and at the wharves that may be placed there under the provisions of this ordinance; subject, however, to such reasonable regulations and wharfage charges and tolls as may be imposed from time to time for the proper repair, improvement and maintenance and management of said structures. Sec. 3. All .structures and improvement-placed on said river front, and on said Main street, under the privileges herein granted shall not be removed therefrom by the said company, or any other company or person; but the same shall become part and parcel of said river front, and, at the expiration of fifteen years from the date ot the passage of this ordinance, or upon the surrender or forfeiture of the rights and privileges herein granted, shall pass to and become the property nf the Town of Yuma. Sec. 4. The Common Council reserves the right to fix the wharfage tolls and charges that may be charged to boats- landing or anchoring. -or loading or unloading at said river front and at said wharves; and the said Mexican-Colorado i Navigation Company is herebyauthorized and empowered to receive and collect said tolls and wharfage charges, and pay the same to the Town Treasurer; and such moneys shall be used for the repairing, improving and maintaining cf said structures. The said company is also hereby authorized, subject to the approval of the Common Council, to make such regula- cnt for the proper control and management of said wharves and structures, and for the proper regulation of the landing, anchorage,, loading and unloading of boats at said river front. Sec. 5. The said Mexican-Colorado "Navigation Company shall pay to the Town of Yuma the sum of fifty dollars annunlly for the rights and privileges herein granted, and. for the use of said structures, for the period of fifteen years. Said payment shall be made as follows: The first shall be made" immediately upon the passage of this ordinance, and each subsequent payment of fifty dollars shall be made on the first day of June in each. year. Sec. c'. During the time the said company shall exercise the rights and privileges Herein granted, it- shall not be required to pay any other town tax. toll or charge on said structures, or on account of landing, anchoring, loading or unloading any of its boats at said river front, than the annual sum cf fifty dollars hereinbefore provided to be paid. Sec. 7. This ordinance shall take effect upon its passage, and shall be in rorce for a period of fifteen years thereafter; but the same may be terminated at any time by the said Mexican-Colorado Navigation Company; and a failure on the part of said company to exercise the rights and privileges herein granted, or to make any payment herein provided to be made, or to comply with any duty herein imposed upon it for a period of six consecutive months at any one time, shall operate as a surrender and termination of the rights and privileges herein granted, and all such rights and privileges shall thereupon immediately revert to the town. Snc. 8. The Common Council reserves the right, and it shall bj permitted, to purchase the warehouse which maybe built by the said Mexican-Colorado Navigation Company, at any lime after one year from the date of the pass age of this ordinance, paying therefor the actual I cost of construction; and when the Council shall exercise this right, and shall purchase said warehouse, all rights herein granted to said company, so far as they relate to the construction and maintenance of warehouses, shal be terminated without any further act on the part of the Council or said company. Sec, 9. All structures erected by tire saJd Mexican-Colorado Navigation Company under this ordinance, shall be constructed and erected according to plans .submittal to and approved by the Common Council; and all bills for labor and material used in constructing" the warehouse, or duplicates thereof . shall be filed with and approved by the Common Couricil as soon as said warehouse shall have been completed, so that the same may be had to determine the amount to be paid by the town when the Council shall elect to purchase said' warehouse, as provided in section 8. Passed May 21st. lf-02. I J. S. I'attsiiso:, Mayor. Attest: (St-il.) J. L. Kedondo. Town Clerk. 1st pub. June 1, K02 (:it.) Ordinance No. 6 Relating to the storage of Gun Powder, Gun-cotton, Nitroglycerine, Tar, Pilch. Resin auu other combustible and inllaaamablc materials. ' Bo It Ordained by the Co:non Council of the town of Yuma: Section 1. From and after the passage and publication of this Ordinance it shall be unlawful forany person-, firm or corporation to have in possession o? keep in storage within the limits of the town of Yuma any blasting-powder, gun-cotton; nitroglycerine,- dynamite, giant-powder, or any other like explosive. Section 2. It shall also be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation, within that portion of the town.of- Yuma bounded on the north by a line parallel to and south of the Colorado river and one hundred feet from low water i mark, and on the" south by Third street, and on the east by Gila street, "and on' the west by Madison avenue, to open, keep or maintain any lumber-yard, wood'yard, coal-yard, or hay-yard, or market or place where any lumber, wood, coal. h;iy. tar, pitch, resin, or crude petroleum V.-nt !" . . '. fJi I ARIZONA. Paid Up, $10,000 Business. Patronage Solicited! Section .1. The provisions of section I ot this Ordinance shall not extend to persons having in possession small quantities ot the articles mentioned in said section 1 for their Own lawful and immediate personal and individual use. But such persons having such small quantities of said articles in possession shall speedily and without delay use the same and during the time they Khali have such articles in possession they shall carefully protect and handle the same so that no damage to the person or property cf others result therefrom, and immediately upon the completion of the use of such articles the residue thereof shall be transported beyond the limits of the town. Section 4. The provisions of section -2 of this ordinance shall not extend to persons, lirms or corporations having in possession suh quantities of the articles mentioned in said section as they may need for their immediate personal private and individual use. nor to keepers of livery or sale stables or feed stables, yards or" corrals having or keeping in their places of business nnd for use therein not more than fifteen tons of hay at any one time. Sections. It shall also be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to have in possession or keep in storage within the limits of the town of Yuma more than twenty-five pounds of gun-powder at any one time. Section 0. Every person, firm or corporation who shall violate any of the provisions of this ordinance or do any of tho things herein declared to be unlawful shall on conviction thereof be lined the sum of twenty-five dollars and costs of suit. And if after such conviction such person, firm cr corporation shall continue to violate the provisions of this ordinance or shall continue to do tho thing of which he shall have been conv.'c'ed for a period of twenty-four hours then such person, firm or corporation shall on conviction thereof be lined in the sum of twenty-live dollars and costs of suit. And a like fine and costs may be imposed upon conviction of such violation or continuation of such offense for every twenty-four hours thereafter that such person, firm or corporation shall continue to do the thing of which he shall have been convicted. Section 7. All fines which may accrue under this ordinance shall be recovered by action of debt as prescribed in Section 1 of Article VIII of Chapter 9 of Title 11 of the Revised Statutes of Arizona. The first process in all such actions shall be a summons which shall be issued and served as in ordinary civil actions in the Territory of Arizona. Such summons may be served by the" town marshal or any sheriff or constable within th; territory of Arizona. Section 8. All j idgments rendered and fines imposed under the provisions cf this ordinance may be enforced by execution as in ordinary civil actions in the territory of Arizona. Section 9. This ordinance . shall bo in force from and after its passage and its publication in three consecutive issues ot the Arizona Sentinel, a weekly newspaper published in the town of Yuma. Such publication may be proven by the certificate of the town clerk or the ex-parlc affidavit of the editor of said newspaper. Passed May 20th. 1902. K. S. Patterson, Mayor. Attest: (Seal.) J. L. Redon-do, Town Clerk, First publication May 28, 1902. (3t.) Ordinance. .No.' 4. Relating to the Construction-of Chimneys: Be It Ordained by the Common .Council of the Town of Yuma: Section 1. From and after the passage of this ordinance it shall be the duty of every person who owns or erects any structure or building in which lire if or may be used for any purpose within the limits of the town of Yuma, in which the flues thereof arc not constructed of stone, brick, adobe or other fireproof material, to provide said structure or building with mc-talic or fireproof flues, so constructed or ventilated as to prevent the ignition ot any material adjacent to said flue, and in all cases in which the person who owns or erects such building within the town of Yuma fails cr neglects to provide such flues, he shall be deemed guilty of a violation of this ordinance, and, on conviction thereof, shall bi fined in the sum of ten dollars, besides the costs of the suit in which-such fine shall be assessed. If within twenty-four hours after conviction of any person of a violation of this ordinance, as herein provided, such person shall fail, neglect orretuse to provide such flues in the building owned by him, as by this title required, such person shall be guilty of a further violation of this ordinance, upon conviction of which he shall be fined the sum of ten dollars and costs of suit, and a like fine and costs may be imposed upon conviction of such violation of this ordinance for every twenty-fo urhours thereafter that such person shall fail, neglect or refuse to comply with the provisions of this ordinance. Sec. 2. All fines which may accrue under this ordinance shall be recovered by action of debt as prescribed in Section 1 of Article VIII of Chapter 9 of Title 1 1 ot the Revised Statutes of Arizona. The first process in all such actions shall be a summons which shall be issued and-served as in ordinary civil actions in the Territory of Arizona. Such summons may beserved-by the Town Marshal or any sheriff or constablc-within the Territory ofiArizona. Sec. 3. All judgments rendered and fines im posed under the provisions of this ordinance may be enforced by execution as are the judgments in civil actions in the Territory of Arizona. Sec. 1. It shall be the duty of the Town Marshal to inspect all building's and structures in which lire is or may be used within the limits of the Town of Yuma, and in every case of a violation of the provisions of this ordinance he shall immediately report in writisg such violation to the Town Attorney, and. such attorney shall immediately commence action against the party complained of to collect the fines accruing to the town because of such violation of this ordinance. Sec. 3. This ordinance shall be in force from and nfter Its passage by the Common Council and its publication in three consecutive issues of the Arizona Sentinel, a weekly newspaper published in the 'P'jwn of Yuma. Such publication may be proven by the certificate of the Town Clerk or the ex parte affidavit of the editor of said new.pttper; Passed' May 20th, 19021 R. S. Patterson, Attest: J'. L. Redoxdo, Mayor. seal. Town Clerk.- 1st pub. May 21, 1902- 2t - VVE WILL SEND THE VALUE OF One" Dollar and 'i'en Coats (?t.l0) in booklets by mail for ten cents, (cash or stamps), containing twenty-seven pen and ink photo-reduced sketches of Washington life. Queen Victoria knighted Sir John Tennicl for similar artistic work in London. The Sentinel has a sample of this work. NUTSHELL PUB-LT SI TING COMPANY, 1055 Third V-enu' 2V- Uci'a. I Just "1 One ' " Minute. That is just tlie length of time that it takes to convince a customer that my line of samples for suits made to order is away ahead of anything shown in Yuma. The suits that are made in this department are made by REAL TAILORS, and not by girls and apprentices like most of the so-called "made-to-order" sifits are. ftiv suits mid mm shape Call aiid see the beautiful line of those nobby Tropical Flannel Coats and Pants that is . now being shown in the Clothing department. ft j 1' Flannels ! : Wool" Crash-- 8 B3flfiMM 1 V? wvzs jwtv5 vgyvv; w?3 wsir ryvzs aw? uvvw wwb arvr:? Tire Lou S I i i I Coming tbis wayl JLhen ou are interested in knowing bow to reacb" m Vew River Country Take the S. P. train 4 to Flowing Wells.... At this point you get first class accommodations at the McCAULLEY HOUSE. G. W. McCaulley, the proprietor, runs a regular stage line from that place to Tmperial,leaving Flowing Wells at 7:;J0 a.ra.orr Monday, Wednesday and Friday, returning the following days. Special teams and rigs are also kept in readiness for any other -day, and will take you to any part of the country. The only direct route to the Carriso Creek oil fields west of Flowing Wells. This stage line is equipped with rigs and teams that are unexcelled. NOTICE. In the Probate Court of the County of.Yutna, Territory of Arizona. In the matter of the Estate 1 and Guardianship of Mark Johnson,, a Minoiv ) Notice is hereby given that John Gandolfo, the guardian of the person and estate or Mane thes. s e. u s-.c. 30, t.-s s., k. 23 w.. Johnson, minor, having filed in '& s.k.b-&m.- this court a petition for an order .He namos the fHrinfr witnesses to prove 4-n..,;.T Ins continuous resideneC ujton and cultivation? of sale of the following 1 ?ai es- of 6id lcna. vi5s;: fcate, to-wit: Lots one and-tw'oi Efotvc. -Wright, K.-trr? it. Dank-erer. wn-- 1 and 2, Seven aiKl eight f and 81. block three 31, Neahr's addi- ii.. t-i tion 10 cue ctiy 01 jruoenKtr! county of Maricopa, Territory; of Arizona, the Uearms of which ' has been lixed by this said court ior oauiraay, ine iztrr clay or: July, 15)02, at 10 o'clock a, m.- of; said day, at the court room of said court, in the town and! county of Yuma-, Territory of-' Arizona;- aild all persons inter- CSted m Said estate and guard- kinsh-ip of said minor ae hereby .. J, n , J notmed then and there to appear and show cause, if any there be, why the said petition should not be granted. Dated Yuma, " A. T., April' 30, 1902. A. Frank, Clerk of Probate Court. First published June 4, 1902. the perfect Summer garments. In beauty,, of workmanship and exclusivcners of style tney cannot be classed with other makes. Ideal vear FOR BUSINESS OR OUTlNG they are essential to ycur wardrobe for the sultry months. Permit us to submit to your judgment our complete assortment; we cannot fail to meet your requirements. Notice for Publication Homestead Entry No. 8758. Department of the Interior, L3iid: Ofllcd at: Tucson, Arizona, Mfiy 20. 1002. Notice is hereby iven that the following aamed settler has filed notice of his intention to make com:nitation final proof in sup-" port of his cluim. and that said proof will be mad-J before Jhe Cleric of tho District Court nt Yuma. -Srisona, on Saturduy, June23. 13(r2. viz: James M.- Th'ackcr, of Yuma: Arizona, fnr "UiamfE. Lynch inid Charles E. Denmark, all of j Yuma- Ar&uasi MltTON K. 1rI001tE.-Kcrri.stnr Milton K. rrIooitE,-Kciristcr" First publication May 21,-11)02.- ! Notice-for. Publication Homestead Entry No: 3705. Department of the Interior. rnd OHicf X Tucson. Arizona, June 4, 1 002.-Kotice i;; hereby given that iWJ followinpr- named settler has filed notice of her intention' j so make commutation final proof in support of? hcr claim, and that said proof will be made bc-- i fore thb cictic of the Bisect court at Yuma. ! Arizona, on Saturday. July 19. 1902. viz: ; Jeanettf. Joaes. of YnmB. Arizona, for the s t w.x sec: so.- t. 8, s. r. 24 w., c. and' s. k. b and m. She names-the following ritnes3cs to prove- her continuous residence upon and cultivation? of said land, viz: SamucrKudQiph, James H. Meado-res, Charles E. Lewis and Eiram B. Parks, ail or Ynsia. I Arizona. ITIZiTON S. MOOSS, Register.

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