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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 44
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The Ottawa Journal from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada • Page 44

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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down. Walls Rlssa. Tl RMhaioad luea. Trade your lata model car for cheaper car and caah. Top raid.

Archie McDonald, ato aurler venue CES-1BTI. HIGHEST prtree, triad eaed ran trucna; eara eoia oo eoruuanm.nt Keith Aula Seles Ud. CES-0111 LATE aaodet aara wanted. We will traae up ar down. Century mow, ear uiaaetona at Kent CES-4144 PAT Jnneo Auto, eella yeuT ear for you.

rfti-ww 103 TRUCO 4 miim Ford dum T-1on. (md vm-dttkm. Appl afttjar 4J Lam smu. Marrurr SHl-oail ttpnettettld Track 7.V -t AC TOX OTTAWA JOURNAE -THUESDAYKOVl -a Used Cars 101 AUlOSfCtUll Kant, trees ftiiiim Cetunoi) 1987 Meteor, ED and while, perfect threufh' fully equipped, one owner. LU)nd Love Motors.

gtudebaker Dealer, Authorial Sales and aernre UU Ricnmoed Read $35 DOWN $895 1954 CHEVROLET DELUXE 4 DOOR ACheetar. iIik Hemele. radio, snow tireeg rleea rer. JOHN MORRIS 864 KENT CE5 2000 ARCHIE Mcdonald 20 LAUR1ER AVE. W.

CE2-9220 CE2-1937 OFFERS rn CARS TO 60 CHOOSE FROM TODAY'S SPECIALS! I KM PLYMOUTH sedan, auto- ZZJ" $1095 ISA4. NASH 4-door l'lni 5595 $445 ISM AUVTtN A40 edan ISSI mJOEBAKEE President Mm. V. $595 ISSI STUDERAKER cylinder $295 -ttH PLYMOUTH tUtWm wag $595 NO REASONABLE OFFER REFUSED FOR GENUINE CHRYSLER PARTS Call CAPITAL DODGE DeSOTO LIMITED 13S4 Carling Ave. PA9 JU1 REPOSSESSIONS To- be old for Balsno) Owifig Nn' ftntharanm celnara Nn ciartal martfaca as aifn.

An nlutaty no clmmlrka. On the apot Snanrlng. Walk In, algn. drive out, 10 nlnataa oallvary. Pavmanla tM rarllllaa 4-4 aor hardvny lot.

rnwraVrt Rat A-ir tit Wn eaa munlian fli Ma lW Melanr aadan tM ISM Standard elation. wmgrm 4I tM rhv aadan tit tat IM Mama Minor UO tl Plymouth eta wen. tl -ton Dodee eta. vren. IM- tM IHti ChevmUH tu St Othera to Chome Pmnji DALHOUSIE MOTOR SALES LTD.

148 OALHOUSIE CE2-3663 Arante for Are RalllfT gervlra Ree SEE CAMPBELL'S -TODAY for OutMonding Valuet In tltcd Ctrt, Prices Never Better, inn the Beat and Quality NEVER Stinted. list PORtl Cuatnm too M.n. daiuio tnVerkor. cualom radin. haetar, airtomanr tranamlaaicm.

0 cylinder $2445 Only roiin Clofn MO coarh. rrltn1wT imrtnr, hvtmr nd autrnnatle $1895 Si9T CrIKVROLCT BH Atr vnarh. VR, aattv ma wr trarwamuuMm, h-at-' and Ilk $1745, Only ItwT nLmMniin.E i-dwr Hardtop, autnmaiir trana-miMirn, radta. tt 1 "7QC trVnly 9 I 7J ItST PONTIAC Path findrr marh. ha1r and ttfria- w-r only $1495 MtTmatl rartln.

On It tranmtMtdrn. $1295 lSS ronr r.lrlan mmrh, hHitaf a 44Wrnatr, $1245 I0M Pl.VMOtrTH Delnee ee-dan. heeler trQC and derma rec JT'J CAMPBELL'S Vmrf Ford tde4 Monarch TValer for 39 Years 65 Lourier W. am CE2M47: ICon tu ued ea Najtt cuumal Used Cars 101 -JUtOSfOIUU VOLKSWAGENS- and BRITISH CARS Prom IIIMto' loot 10 DOWH long, Eaey Tim. tim WalUfuj.

Come In end Drive OtM Morton Motors VOLKSWAGEN OMrrRIRtrTOR 740 BANK CE3M73 VAUXHALL us. super victor sedan MM miles $1895 'Where Our Customers Rend Their Frlende MacKENZIE MOTOR SALES LTD. 560 Rideau St. CE8 3243 1955 HILLMAN MINX SEDAN 1 owner car In lovely mod ion. TOP VALUE POR QUICk? SA1.C.

ELGI MOTORS anttywurt aTsiosrtro DKW DUtrlbulor 298 Richmond Road Telephone A3 -340 -QUALTTY CARS at BARGAIN PRICES SEE THESE AND SAVE Ittt OODOE Regent eedan. 1- tnne. radio. autrjrnobile condition $2)95 ltM CHIVROIJT Kel Air aa- $1065 ltSI CHEVROLET aeden Real $565 ItSJ PLYMOUTH aadan. auto-malic.

Bnwer 1 I alcertnl. radie lJ 1133 Al'gTIN ae4M. aennami- rel Irene JC porUtUm J-)J PAUL CARDINAL LIMITED Fichnlvo Auttin Dlttnbutnr for Ottawa, Hull and District 1259 WELLINGTON ST. INVENTORY CLEARANCE SALE 1KM DODGE Subnrnen. I own- ZiJTUy $1395 ISM METEOR Niatara aadan.

air rnndttlnn- )QC ln. tone 4.7J Jt MONARCH enten. -tnKr. a I rmtdltmiinf and ra-llo. Very clean $1150 lll PORD J-donr, S-lnne end air font IMS PLYMOUTH cotvdtttncitng 4Mn.

air $395 1M3 CHrTVWOlarT llua w. air irv11. CO trfrntnc rati to $3tD TKIOOK atxtan. tad in rlan. atr $100 19(9 AirRTTN AT wl.n mtttttmtnt.

"BUY ilQW, PAY LATER" $50- DOWN will handle Cliff Jackson 1270 BANK (at Riverdale) CE3-4435 CE46166 Open till 10 p.m. 402 AUTOS ABOVE vera re Oievmlet, fart rah Rt 1 Automobiles 1147 weiunsio. PAt-wslo ALL eaah I mlnutea for Snrl- claaa automonllaa Rrannea Broa. HIS WelUanea. ALL eaaa.

na ami tins. lop oar. only Sana Merrla. UU' 10 jn JM Kent. CES-tooe.

fCUAN awteiaalillaa. Ctab, rord rnno. van body. Irsnliuir" at tiw cneiaea raw 11th day i(Ma all a. Hundred and Pirtv-Nina condiTmm tarar dnwtt ps merit.

I very aeay tenrat. CU-SMl. I J. Ai aaaVaVjLaaa j4.4g.aMil Used Cars 104 611161 GARAGE wsnled. vicinity Bel- rnonl and Hank.

Week-end tU4W; week ra. CM-1 Ml PARKING paoa. Gllmour and nay. ixBinn. CEl-tMt WANTED foremall car" t'.

1 a S. vw-inity ktrlrajte. Sontereet, MrLafvi or Cllmour CE-UM. IM to WINTER storaa.eare, nsaothlr' CEA-Iiol MS MOIOKTCIB CNOLtSH Mowrarrlao. Heard.

Triumph dealer. Ie laileraaaa. (aaaiview, inilJJ BARLEY Devtdaoa. tlA and lau eeira ana wm By lee. ae anal eur nans.

cfce-ooii. MOTOR makaa, overhauls, storage, ail Crawford a. 107 fj (colt, PAI-M00 Miscellaneous 903 UGAl DEFENCE CONSTRl CTION (I1) UMiTED NOTICE TO TENDERERS PROJRrT: 'inBUllatteB T-ratJiic ml titmmw I Elttfral fr Hlfk ftjMVfl Win. Tunnol at NaMoul ArUHUraJ RiUkltah-mmt, lUni, o-tMtim. riU 112-1-41 Tn Tandrf rlnatng dat lor tha ahnv mentioned prn4rt ttaa ben tairn Standard Tima.

Tuewla. Novmbrr IT, lMt ii On om. Eaattmi Standard Tuna. tTAmy. p.

JRNN1SON. Vrriry. K. 4 TtTfrery Butldttig. Lyon gtraav, Otuwa.

Ontario' NOTICE TO CREDITORS la the Katate ml' Arteri Aalana Klvlua, ilarcaaad. Ail penonj harms Halma aialnat We Eatala at Arture Antona Klvitla, late of the City of Ottawa, who died- InleeJeto, an nr about March St, lst. are hereby notifWd to eend particulars iZ Nbcc" lr.ft!P. S- It fateful dt arlMcn date the Catate will be dulributed. wilh resard only tn the claim, of whlcej the.

under- eisned eheil have hntlce. and the undecatened WIL not be liable to any perana of whnaa claim they ahaU hot thea have notice. DATED at Ottawa. Ihl 14 th day of OrtobcT. ISM.

AURELE CHARTRANO. QC. Rtdeeu street. OtUwe. Onurio.

Solicitor for theAdmlnietretrl nf the Eatate. Matilda Krlslme Kivltli. CITY A A Dept of Planning ami Works! BUILDINGS FOR DEMOLITION OR REMOVAL SEALED TENDERS, eddreeaed tn the Chairman and Members nf the Board of control, will be received bv Ita Secretary. City Hall. Siiaeex Drive.

Ottawa. Ontario, up to ISO m. Standard Time. Tuae- November S4. loot for the Demolition or Reraoval Rutld- known eiy the followtna Municipal Numbers: SMto Hinton' avenue 10 Perkdakt avenue: S04-ono Parkdale avenue; S4 1-141 Holland avenue.

A aeperele tender will be re-Oulred for enefe bulldlna. A certified cheque mode parable re the City Treeaurer or caah In the amount of One Hundred Dollars 'tlOOl aiuat accompaas each taodeff aa a guarantee of performance alao' a certified cheque, caah or bid bond which muat not be leas than ten II0 percent of the toUl of the tender. Tender forma may be obtained from the office 1 nf the Buildina my Halt, limn Drive, i Ottawa, Ontario. The Cnraoaatlon dora "nof bind llaelf Is accept the kiaheat or anv fender, and, in particular. If only one tender la received, the City reeervea the risht to reject It 'A.

T. HASTEY. City Clerk. Ottawa. November 10, last.

ITY OF OTTAWA' SALE OF CIVIC PROPERTY SEALED OrPERg. to purchase, add reined tn the Chairman and Members nf the Board of Control. 1 1 1 ausar. orm. Ottawa.

Ontario and marked "Oft era tn Purchaae of Cltyowned rcJfrty will be received by its fterretrry up to o'clock p.m., November 14. IV Each offer la purchaae Is tn be accompanied by a certified deposit cheque for 10 of the amount of the bid and the balance or the purcnaae price la tn he paid within tha-tv (oi day a of acceptance of the offer. The Corporation reservea the rtfM ta reject any bid and to accept the rsrllesl hid received where offers are foe similar amount for the 'property. Bale of this property la eubtert to a reaerve bid and no offer for eaa I than thai amount will be ronaid-1 ered. forms may he secured In the Board of Control on ire City Hall.

Patrmont avenue. Eaet, Old No 1 police Station. Weal lT Lot No a IM'. North of No. 11.

Patrmont avenue. A T. HASTEY, City Ctcrk. Hull Driver Fined $100 Maurice Schryer, 119 Lois street Hull, in Hull court Wednesdsy was fined $100 and costs by Judge Avils jbeltfTtnt uTrcT-to-jf a charge of driving while im-'paired. His driver's permit; wss also for three monms.

PROVINCE OF QUEBEC Municipality of Wrt Hull To the Ratepayers of the afterward Munk-ipalltjr: PUBLIC NOTICE IR HPRP.RT orvP.Jt br 'he onderrlmed, Reeretary.Ti eaaui or af the alnraaald Mumetpailry. (POLICE-ANn FIRE A nollratlone are mtrlled for tha pnelHon of PnNce end Plre Chrof lh munrcipanrv. mrmruai neceaslrr. Airtornordle 0 neeaaettv Armllcsnons ahmikl rearh the. Recrelary-Treeauree not talae than December let marked Tender Pnet "AMLS 0 sUl nf L- DR.

GEORGE DR. GEORGE WHERRETT Shaped Ry JACK REST, Tke Caaadlma. Preea. When George J. Whefrett wsi" hnal-year medical Mudent at the University of Mamtnrtn4vontlnn.

wilt he, held in Tor-I decided to spend part of hii Chrittmss vscstion at the tuher- culniis sanatorium st Fort Qu'Ap- c'" Today the veteran executive secretary of the Canadian Turw culotis Assncistion. newly-elected presidmt of the International Union Against Tuberculosis, vividly recalls the move which shaped Each student had to put in helper at a sanatorium," the 63- year-old doctor explained in an interview in his office in down-i town Ottawa. "The Christms, latlkfay, pre-( sentca a eoirjen oooortunrrv, sn' inuy; a I most of mine at Fort Qu'Apprlle. The work appealed to me from the outset." 'Lifetime Career. when the two weeks were nesrly up." Dr.

Wherrett con tinued; "the surjerintendent Dr R. G. Ferguson, now retired in Regina suggested I return to the sanatorium nrium after 1.. hip. I did so.

and hav. brWl lernahin. 1 dwf an. anil have heerf ia the TB field practically eveTf. since;" Dr.

Wherrett. who was born is Shoal tka, hat hern executive secretary of the Canadian Tuberculosis Association for 2C years. He took the job after two separate st la Is at the Fort Ou'Appetle Mnitnrrtrm. during the second of which re was as sistant superintendent la. between, his internship and hu nstioaal appointment alto; were an engagement with the New Brunswick health depart ment he organized the prov ince's TB clinics and two years fl.l A turfv in Internal Jticll On the executive committee of the international body since 1S47.

"CIM PfetKlent or the IMPORTANT ESTATE AUCTION I2S BANK STREET (Strand Hall) at Riverdale Monday, November It Starting at p.m. Tuesday, N'ovemher 17 at 19 a.m. to Noon Tuesday, November 17 at 2 jun. until finish I have keen lastrertrd to aril ky aeetiee the fellewlnt arUrles kelearlac ta tke eatate ef the hie Certrade Permit Ihrratea Sldekaard. Prenrk Buhl Csklacta.

Preach Prevta-rlal Chairs, Ceertiaa and Ate. tartaa lilaiar Chairs, Kmstre Sefas. Aauqae Easy. Chain, Reeewaad Splaet Desk. Ceaa asedra, China Cahtaeis.

CkesU ef nrewert, Aatlqae Ocraalnaal hairs. Maslc Caaureurva, Sofa Tables, Ottoasaas, Inlaid C.snts Takle, some excellent t.lTrat Rnaai Taklet, Cases Takles, Raaatlfal Out Brass and Broarea, Plreplara Keel eat ear. Clocks, cut Mirrors. Pine Old rains. Pair Dresden Branch Candelabra: a larae asaartBaeat ef Tat Crystal ta vases, peraa- ers.

masses, Bedreaat Saltea, Pslnunts. etc. This let asaet ha area ta be a ef rec ia tee. sat ta without deakl ana af the meet- tatrrest. Ins aad butataadlas Mates Jhh-a I kare.rrer errrr: ante, v.

Doors Open for Inspection at 9 a.m. More, Nov. I CFJ-OOM w. S. WALKER Auctioneer CHIEF WANTED Of tea, Cnelaae, Q.

Nnwawihaf. On. Tootles nd. I i RCIlXT. lecreUry-Tres surer.

-AAaa 1 be the is 000 WHERRETT. His Life ss-Mtioa oreanizatJoa at its getvl era conventioa Istanbul Jatl September, succeeding a Turkish doctor. The next International onto in September, 1961 World Operation. The international union docs the Kama wmrlr om nn i-lwn. tional level ss the Canadian as- lmximlkM docs on the nstkwal rollcctin.

and chliahi-. information, co ordinattng the work of its Individual chapters, educating the public assisting in rehsbiliution of patients. wough a levy on member coun- rj: which has a seven-member head is aupported V1Z Z. Pwr- emm, r- seals worth 3.500,000. Control of tuberculosis in Can ada has greatly advanced atnee the days when Dr.

Wherrett be- Igsn devoting his life to the ef fort. "In those days.1 he says, "it wss a real problem. There was a nave ta Whe" the TB association Was founded ia 190) the death rate waa reckoned at 200 per cent per 100.000 of the parjuUtion. Last year was six per 1M.000. Caeca Still Frttyuuit "Perhaps thai la not aa ccar- ate indicatioa of the amount of TB in Canada, though.

Thanlu msinly to antibiotic drugs and improved disgnoaia lacilitlea. necnle mati i the rliaeau ike. i tl. number of cases has not fallen off nearly as fast as the death rate. "Latt year there were more 7 wHI over half the 11,000 to 12,000 recorded annually when TB was at its peak.

We are afriid the ides will getarnand that TB hjttbayrtl certainly that is not the case. The World Health Organiiatina which the international TB union works closely has said the disesse will be considered under control when fewer than one, pert cent of children aged 14 give a) positive test. I Even in Csnada, which hat the fifth-lowcit rate in the world, that objective Is fsr from being real-tied. In a recent survey lh On tario, for instance, 4.4 per cent ot.cniMren aged 10 to 14 reacted positively. The percentsge would greater st 'the higher sge.

Internationally, tuberculosis li still a major and often deadly menace. Dr. Wherrett says, even-though the rate appears to be dnvonine On the haiis nf raln.l.tiona oJ WorldJHeslth brgsnixstion rtith Stoney Reserve at Morley. estimated to ISOMl.l'"1-. aaw nil iirst Kemem- people in the world suffer! from TB.

"The probleffl now." ssvs this leader in a world stniRgle. "tt to spply the latest methods of ditg- nosis and treatment in the under- develraped Journal Want AdS bring quick results. To Hold Panel On Literature And Freedom Tht Hopkins Club of Ottawa ta sponsoring panel discussion on the topic "Literature and On the panel will be Dr. D. 1.

McCuinty, Prof. K. Russell. Prof. C.

Vugak. S. Petraroja and Dr. P. Marcottt.

The discussion will take plsce tomorrow night at 8 30 m. at the Academic Hall, Ottawa University. Three Hurt When Car Rams Truck Three persons were injured. none seriously, in a collision involving three vehicles on Highway 17, one mile east of the city limits, Wednesday at 7.40 p.m. Admitted to St Louis fe Montfort Hospital were Joseph Larocque, 45, 14 Nelson street, who suffered cuts and bruises to his left ankle; his wife.

Marie Blanche Larocque, 44, who sustained lacerations to her face and a fractured left ankle, and Jean Paul Laberge, 40, 272 St. Andrew street, who received neck All three were in car. driven, by Mr. Labergo, that rammed- into the rear of truck that had stopped on the highway to make a left turn into a service station. Driver of the truck wag Gerard Biron of Gatineau Point Following the crash a boat trailer being towed behind the Laberge car was struck in the rear by a third vehicle driven bv Patrick Joseph Lafortune, 309 St.

Patrick street Total damage was estimated at $1,700. OPP Cpi. Gordon Jack Investigated. Carillon Recital This Evening Robert Donnell, Dominion Carillonneur, will present Che following program on the Peace Tower Carillon this evening from 8 to 9 o'clock. Prelude and aolfeffielta- for carUlon la a Monaalery Price Garden A.

Ketalhey electtona Ceuperta Cedltenne. And arte. ta Bourbon mae. Gtstie Melody O. C.

Dawes Rondo tor Carillon A. H. Wasenaaf rota Metodlea: tal When Thou art Nick lb) Bal rhei keule Serenade W. Carmlchael Sonata la Pilule R. tlarcello Watts I A Put Brahma Canada aad God Sare loa 4)uee.

a. a o. y- i THIEF VALKTNG BUFFALO REMEMBERED, T60, Chief Wslking Buffalo, right," 88-year-old former chieftain of the Stoney Indian Reserve at Morley, looks up to Parliament Hill from the Cenotaph where he qh. erved Remembrance Day yesterday. With 88-Year-Old Warrior Finds Ottawa Changed Chief Walking Buffalo of 1 brsnce Dsy ceremony on Wed- inesdsy.

A arsnd old warrior nf Oft but definitely msn of peace 1 with maroon ribbon, chief Wslking Buffalo is enlp1 ut 'rom under his route to a month-long European tour. There he will travel on behalf of the Moral Rearmament Movement SALES REPRESENTATIVES wanted for Ottawa. Han and Montreal dfttrirtr by large andr growing national rmcern In the food induttfy. Mutt, be fluently bilfnguat and have rrwn car. Some trrtertc in dealing with food outlets desirable.

Excellent salary arrerigfjhieTfte. foil company benefits. Applf in tfinliJtne Bos E-57S, Of Uwa Journal 4044411 tUallUlUglli 11 1 1 MR. "AND MRS. Golden Lake Couple Mark 50th Anniversary Mr.

and Mrs. Fred Liebecki Mr. and Mrs. Llebeck have of Golden Uke celebrated their yn i(elon(t tttidHtlt of Gol. Mr" home to friends and relstives.

WM by the Canadian Rev. W. F. Krotz gave a ihort National Railways until his re-address and extended congratu- tirement eight years ago. unions to the couple on behalf They have one daughter.

Mrs. ortrrose present Edward Peters of Ottawa, Mrs. tiebeck, who was bom (Beryl), and two grandchildren, in Killaloe in W93, ia the former The couple received many Augusta. Kranz, daughter of. the gifts and messages of congrafjje lute Mr.

and Mrs. George Kranrj lotions including messages from of Golden Lake. Mr. Llebeck. Premier Frost, and Mr.

James who was botn In Wilberforcel Baikin, Conservative MP for Township in 1887, la son of the late Mr, and Mrs. Otto Burkwakt of JUUiyOjtfl They were married In the Evangelical United Brethern Church. Golden Lake, on November 24. 1909 by the late Key. T.

B. Meyer. i Artist Raymond Picard Captures Outdoor Mood A small group of oil paintings from the brushes Montreal artist Raymond Picard are being shown in the foyer of the Little Theatre this week. The arlut paints with con- siderable- -assurance and om- Hl pec'lty it land scapes out ne aiso is anie to produce on canvas the superb figure of what could very well be a water nymph seated on driftwood. Mr.

Picard an obvious lover of the outdoors captures the mood of the changing seasons. Open water It shown at Spring break-up and Autumn with its.ctified. kaleidoscopic colors. Wearing great black over coat the Chief the ranks of thousands who bowed their heads and prayed at the Cenotaph during the two min utes' silence. Two grey braids, spanking new fawn Stetson.

He wss flanked by his 20-yrsr-old nephew, Jimmy Ka- quitz, and his adopted white son, White Buffalo. In citified life. White' Buffalo Is Miles: Phillirnore, of Mackinac Michigan, i-- i Tow--marTyyeara. mtrr4 from active tribal affairs, thit was the Chiefs first visit, td Ottawa since he came here In 1914 to consult with the government in an official capacity. "It's changed an awful he said looking down Elgin street and then up to the Parliament Buildings.

He had only fine comment on the. action of the Indian band The Pas, which yesteVday refused Id accept $2,000 offer from the CNR for bark rental on the land vajrtf by the railway Since 1914. "They'll hold out for morel money ne saia. And of the Remembrance Day tWrromiesE Tm happy we managed to pass through Ottawa tt tht right tuM." him are his left, and his Buffalo, centre. on behalf FRED LIEBECK.

1 Phoa, by Lewaa iaidW4 South Renfrew, Among those present for the celebration were Mr. Maurice Hamilton. Conservative MP tnf North Renfrew, Mr. and Mrs. Venal Scheels and family nf Arnnrior and Mr.

and Mrs. Frt. 'ward Peters of Oshawa. While every eye forms Its own beauty we were attracted by the high quality of these paintings, the artist's obvious command of his media, hit color sense and handling of' light and shadow. He derives his inspiration from such well-known place as Mont TremblinL Lac Desert Como.

The lighting In the foyer failed to bring out the full beauty of all the paintings. They are certain to arouse ad miration and the Inadequate lighting could per ha pa be re- W. Q. K. lftAg4LSVaVgAA.aVataat.gAataVaVaA nephew, Jimmy Kaqults.

20, adopted white son," White The three left today or -Europe of the Moral Re-Armament (Journal Photo by Domfnlea Wide.) Grants Help Pay Gatineau Road Costs The Gatineau South Winter Roads Association recently completed plans for the main-tens nee of lower Gatineau roads and elected Its executive for the coming year. The Provincial Roads 1 De. jiartment will maintain Highways 8 and 11 in the area and the subsidy for plowing, sand, ing and salting of other roads hat been increased from 1100 to 8175, the association an-. nourtced. nrff rxrrn-.

five are: J. F. Kealey, president; Gerald McMillan, vire-oresi- dnt on Basil J. McGoey, secretary-treasurer. Jack McGarry, Allen Joseph Neshitt Clifford Bradley, Gabriel Maloney, E.

MurUgh, T. G. Mayburry. A. Legro and Fred Orange were elected to the board of MORE STUDENTS.

Eatt German institutions of higher learning in 1958 had more students than In the whole nf Germany 20 years ago, said the East German news ADM. It said there were mora than 84,000 students at universities and colleges, and a fur, ther 19.000 taking correioon- jdence courses. AV AVataL AAa.1.

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