The Daily News-Journal from Murfreesboro, Tennessee on September 26, 1993 · 67
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The Daily News-Journal from Murfreesboro, Tennessee · 67

Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 26, 1993
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8 Daily TV Journal, Sunday, Sept. 26, 1993 Nick engineers success in its 'Roundhouse' Tuesday Prime time 6:00 6:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 n Jry News 645 Entertain. Full H'se. Phenom Ro- Coach (S) NYPD Blue ''4B or News Cosbv: M'A'SH Nightline " 225 6916 (S)q409 seanne q 4799 Not 4B ' q 3157 12732 21480 q 7480 q56577 ri rr News 111 News 393 Saved by Getting Larroquet Second Dateline (S) g 8225 News Tonight Show (S) g Late Bell 4312 By q 577 6472 Half 9867 i 7254428 9278119 Night O" rr News News Rescue 911 (S) g MOVIE: Precious Victims (1993. Drama) News - C. Affair iLate Show (Sg 3799 7751 42409 Park Overall. Premiere. (S)g 22645 8408409 6479954 8283770 n MacNeilLehrer Word On We Work Secret of Life (S) g 48683 , i Business (Off Air) tJ Newshour q 79634 6312 6645 ' ' 89428 I O Married ICheers g Roc IS) g Bakersfld America's Most r IStar Trek: The Next Chevy Chase (S) g Cheers g Arsenio . 58003 72683 22190 78867 Wanted (S) g 51751 Generation q 71515 41374 32138 H. 702935 en rr Cntry Mtrmania Dragnet For MOVIE: V? The Big Trees (1952, USWA Wrestling North For m Club 41751 31886 baddy Adventure) Kirk Douqras, Eve Miller. 55515 34022 110954 Daddy ' 3H71P57lr0) 2F84F0e9Ud r?'!9 St 10428 Eg.-- Mjj!M?i'?Nt,r' .- -T-., . ' ' . r; -,,' .:,:;:; rr MOVIE: Ladyhawke MOVIE: Vj Innocent Blood (1992, - Satan Possess MOVIE: V2 The Super (1991 Show- (S)g Cont d 107747 Horror) Anne Parillaud (S) R' g 416(225 884079 Comedy) Joe Peso. R 855190 down E-a rw MOVIE: '2 ffolkes (1980, Adventure) IMOVIE: Fail-Safe (1964, Suspense) MOVIE: The Outsiders Short - Roger Moore, Anthony Perkins. 9953867 Henry Fonda, Walter Matthau. 9958312 (1 983) Matt Dillon. 9483867 Sub. crari re MOVIE: The Light in'MOVIE: Diggstown (1992)Fallen Angels (S) g IMOVIE: Vi Street Crimes . - . MOVIE: Lady the Jungle 606480 James Woods. PTg 2149664 131496664 (1992) Dennis Farina. 8138312 Beware 56368157 O r- Herbie IZorro Walt Disney iLady Liberty: Salute I Fleetwood Mac: Going Home g IMOVIE: His Girl Friday La 416393 492393 Presents 7687935 379003 658022 i , (1940) Cary Grant. 3079596 rm go- Any Which Way You MOVIE: '2 The Swordsman 11992. MOVIE: Illusions Ct 991) MOVIE: '2 Protect: ' ... ""J Can Cont d 893225 Fantasy) Lorenzo Lamas. (S) 'R q 236041 Heather Locklear. R 2566041 Shadowchaser (1992) 5409461 CE3 MOVIE: V4 Phone Call From a Stranger I MOVIE: Vi The Little Foxes (1941, IMOVIE: '2 Death on the Nile (1978, -J-g' (1952. Drama) Gary Merrill. 206062 Drama) Bette Davis. 751157 Mystery) Peter Ustinov. PG 781770 -.-:!l,.Tj!f.TTT-TT! 02 Design. W. Jerter IMOVIE: sons Adventure) Roy fra Griffith Major League Baseball: Atlanta-Fulton County uj Animals ... It w Pet Con. Terra X 909190 277003 905374 rtsctr. Maior Leaaue Baseball: 1 " 383138 Dad 825799 Winas (SI Murder. She g 809751 2il Bugs Bunny's All Stars 107848 MOVIE: Western) William Holden. 2013175 23 Dance 850393 Ctry News American Music Shop (S) 236799 In Search Of.. Biography "J. 333393 noover o 614645 Looney IBullwin- Partridae Get 916480 kle 27564? Smart 2?i Unsolved Mysteries 528409 L.A. Law "Helter Shelter'' 161138 311 Waltons "The Roots'' 515935 Young Riders "Initiation'' 158664 G3 Sanford 514193 HarjDenin ICom 8195; 391190 Tony Danza. (R) (In Stereo) (1:00) 379003 trrm Nashville Now Scheduled: Charlie Rich, Fifth Dimension, Con Hunley. (R) (In Stereo) (1:30) 257577 i l-'l'jj'l Invention Leonardo da Vinci's role as a scientist and inventor. (1:00) 638225 8:30 PM - ' O Coach Hayden's overactive ego has him convinced that Christine's success is not her own doing. (In Stereo) g 4799 j O Second Half John meets an attractive art gallary owner who tries to turn him into a vegetarian. (In Stereo) g 9867 i 8:40 PM i . t.-'iy.'.'l Fallen Angels Two men hire the same trouble shooter to find a beautiful blonde from Wisconsin. (R) (In Stereo) g . 31496664 , '' 9 PM Q NYPD Blue Detective Sipowicz awakens from his coma with memory loss; Angelo Marino recruits Janice for sinister doings; Josh Goldstein is attacked by a mugger. (In Stereo) (Parental Discretion) g (1:00) 3157 O Dateline'Scheduled: two Air Force captains who are accused of sodomy. (In Stereo) g (1:00) 8225 l!':M By Satan Possessed: The Search for the Devil The phenomenon of Satanic worship, from the perspective of people who practice it, those who want to stamp it out, and those who are victimized by it. (R) (In Stereo) g (1:00) 884079 C3 Fleetwood Mac: Going Home A retrospective of the prolific rock group's 25-year career, featuring archival performance and studio footage including their "Rumours" tour, rehearsals of hit songs and interviews with band members. (R) g . (1:30) 658022 a-zm warn on tne wna siae how animais use waste products as both protection and weapons. (1:00) 618461 ' 10 PM " O Chevy Chase Scheduled: actor-comic George Wallace, stockbroker-mentalist Mark Stone. (In Stereo) g (1:00) 41374 :--: Terra X Huge floods may have News g e A r AC' Scheider. 632119 Houston Astros at Atlanta Braves. From MOVIE: Stadium. (Live) OUJUDOJ ramasy; The Seven-Ups (1974, Maaical ll :. COQOOC ! llUnltr .. H,a UJiM Invention 638225 Walk on the Wild Side 618461 Teams to Be Announced. (Live) 708732 Major : : (Live) Wrote Boxing: Larry Holmes vs. Jose Ribalta. (Live) 261577 I Alvarez Kellv (1966. MOVIE: The Burt Lancaster, Nashville Now (S) 257577 Club Dance IS) 636454 Edgar Miss Marpie "Nemesis" 634409 Draanet Newhart M. Moore M. Moore 203428 916515 ! 341312 284393 MOVIE: Small Sacrifices (1989, urama) i-arran i-awcen. ihj Father Dowling Mysteries g 167312 700 Club 154848 - Video Soul 939409 submerged some of Thailand's regions thousands of years ago. (R) 600577 j m Evening at the Improv Host: Mariette Hartley. Comics: Jack Mayberry; Jeff Garlin; Rick Overtone. (R) (1:00) 613916 j 10:30 PM I gm Country News Scheduled: Kenny Rogers. (R) (In Stereo) 465374 i l!i-Jti Magical Worlds The believers in Chinese Buddhism practice fascinating and . sometimes shocking customs. (R) 619225 10:35 PM ' O Tonight Show Scheduled: actor Paul Reiser, singer Mark Collie. (In Stereo) g (1:00)9278119 ' j 11 PM i Invention Leonardo da Vinci's role as a scientist and inventor. (R) (1:00) ran Bordertown The Foley brothers show up in town to rob the bank. (R) (In Stereo) g 426577 TT1 Biography The personal and professional battles of the 48-year director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover (R) (1:00) 353139 . j ' : 11:05 PM J Q Late Show Scheduled: actress-comic Brett Butler. (In Stereo) g (1 :00) 8283770 11:30 PM I -' - O Arsenio Hall Scheduled: fitness expert Richard Simmons, singer John Mellencamp. (In Stereo) g (1:00) 702935 i . 11:35 PM ' O Late Night Scheduled: author David Halberstam. (In Stereo) (1:00) 2281480 Midnight 1 tm Nashville Now Scheduled: Charlie Rich, Fifth Dimension, Con Hunley. (R) (In Stereo) (1.30) 842271 "-?- Walk on the Wild Side How animals use waste products as both protection and weapons. (R) (1:00) 135726 j - 12:30 AM . 1 iffiCl Counterstrike The team is sent to Major League Baseball: Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodgers. From Dodger Stadium. 65756119 Mysterious Island (1961, Swiss Fam iviiunaei wain, jaoatni ITarra 1 Terra X 600577 ' Maaical Invention 153111 619225 League Baseball: Teams to Be Announced 449577 , Dad 266157 Wings (SJ Odd g 22577 Cple. Quantum 278515 Professionals (1966, Adventure) Cole- Lee Marvin. 1003645 Gun. Ctry News American Music Shop (S) 411567 Evening. at the lmprovfrt3916 Biography Hoover" 3! J. Edaar 53139 Van Dyke Lucy 608119 Show Hitchcock 988732 Superman Unsolved Mysteries 160409 Mysteries 422751 30 s'thingl Bonanza: The Lost Episodes 157935 Bordertn. 426577 Rifleman 594577 Tonyl Toni! Tonel Concert 918916 Midnight Love 276577 rescue migrant workers who are being used as guinea pigs for a new chemical weapon. (R) (1:00) 449707 1 AM , O Vickil Scheduled: a ''Jeffersons" reunion with Sherman Hemsley, Isabel Sanford, Maria Gibbs, Roxie Roker, Franklin Cover and Ned Wertimer. (1 :00) . 61504 ' Wings The F-6F, used in World War II as a formidable weapon against the Japanese. (R) (1:00) 896691 1:05 AM O Jerry Springer Scheduled: A man in prison for murder claims he was framed by his ex-wife and is innocent. (1:00) 4745146 caa Rick Reynolds: Only the Truth Is Funny Using his own past as an example, comic Rick Reynolds discovers that while the truth hurts, it is almost always funny. (R) (In Stereo) (1:30) 1901097 2 AM O Nighttalk Scheduled: recent celebrity . scandals, with gossip columnists Flo Anthony, Sue Cameron; Janet Charlton, Mitchell Fink, Richard Johnson and Jeannie Williams. (1:00) 247349 . 1331 Evening at the Improv Host: Mariette Hartley. Comics: Jack Mayberry; Jeff Garlin; Rick Overtone. (R) (1:00) 847165 3 AM ' G33 Larry Sanders Hank prepares to open his restaurant; Burt Reynolds is the show's guest host (R) (In Stereo) g 371707 3:30 AM CHJ Attempted Murder. Confrontation A filmed encounter between the victim of an attempted murder and his would-be killer. (R) g 999252 3:45 AM G3 Lady Liberty: A Musical Salute to America and Freedom Hal Linden hosts a compilation of music videos celebrating freedom. Guests include Martin Sheen and Tony Danza. (R) (In Stereo) 48966504 BY JOHN CROOK It's d balmy M..rner niijht :it CHS Studio Center: and the cast o( "Roundhouse" has ust performed full lilt lor an enthusiastic studio audience. This is only the tnsl of two shows they will do tonight. As ihey do every week, these nuilntalented. multicultural singer-dancer-aclors do a lull-blown final dress rehearsal, followed by the actual taping ol the show. Jusl beginning its second season. "Roundhouse" makes up one quarter of Nickelodeon's Saturday night lineup, dubbed "Snick." According to producer Buddy Shcf-fieTd, the showi pp-sents Earth as a "big, romc! "ouse' for its inhabitants. . For the r ost part,.. what "Roundhouse" TV lowers sec is whal ihey get. T he show is taped in real time, which means that each fast-paced episode gets its lemru) from the performers themselves. Any hesitation means a complete halt in the taping. In other words, u "Roundhouse" episode is a train wreck waiting to happen. : Tonight, the Nick publicity mill has upped the ante: The second show will be performed before a large contingent of TV critics from around the country. It's stress aplenty for 10 performers ranging in age from 1 8 to 30. As the audience fills the three bleacher sections reserved for them, a blonde comic starts her. warrii-up, some snappy but definitely Clean patter in deference to the many children in attendance! She; pays her respects to any "Roundhouse" groupies she recognizes, including a rowdy bunch that calls itself "The People." Then she brings out popular dance artists Alfred Carr Jr. arid Seymour Willis Green, who loosen up the audience even more .by trying to teach a good-natured but unhip California parent how to do some of their sharp break dancing. The man agrees to keep his day job. .. For all its flash and sass, each episode of "Roundhouse" includes a message, for young viewers, from being the new kid in school to worrying too much about popularity. To reaffirm its own diversity, the roles of the brother and sister in each episode are rotated among the cast each week, Test your Boomer kid-show. IQ BY STEVEN ALAN MCGAW Questions: 1. Identify the actor who provided the voice of Tennessee Tuxedo. 2. Where was George Jetson employed? 3. Why was Captain Kangaroo so named? 4. The actor who starred as "Circus Boy" went on to very different fame as a young adult. Name the performer and his later career. 5. What was the name of Howdy-Doody's twin brother? 6. What was the setting of "Tennessee Tuxedo and Hi Talcs"? 7. Name the two actresses who COVER STORY Shawn Daywalt ' and the character names change as well. Only two characters are consistently performed by the same actors: Mom and Dad, played -by Shawn Daywalt and John Crane. This night's episode focuses on a teen-ager named Joey (cast member Ivan Dudynsky), who braves rain, dark '. of night and rabid dachshunds on his paper route to earn money for a bicycle. In short order, Tie learns a hard lesson in responsibility, j ; ' The train doesn't wreck during tonight's. taping, but it jumps the track a few times. Lines are muffed. A brilliantly executed dance is aborted when one of the three dancers misses the very last jump. "It's been a long day," says Daywalt as she greets reporters with a wear-y smile backstage. The 30-year-old from Laguna Beach, Calif., has an extensive background iii legitimate theater, which prepared her for the rigors of performing before an audience. "This was just an incredible opportunity that combined theater and comedy," she says, explaining how she came to the show. "Parts of it, I knew exactly what I was doing, because we perform livp. I was intimidated originally by the cameras, but now we have 23 episodes completed, and I've totally gotten the hang of it." i played Lois Lane to George Reeves' . "Superman." 8. Who teamed ;with Secret Squirrel in his spy missions? 9. Identify Woody Woodpecker's nephew and niece. 10. Name Sky King's plane. ' pjiqSuos 31U 01 i XnAii.i,idsoj 'pt!3u,iou puB J3iuids Xoqx "6 3Ol OOOOJOJ ll!3N 3II30N PUB sajnoo stuXqd 7. 002 siodo33i aqj -g ;Xpooa 3qnoQ S 'S33UOJ 3UJ,,, Uj ZU3OQ SB JBJS Ol UO JU3M 5(30ppBJa (3)p!l ' J0(3Bf siq UO sj3)3od snouuouD aqi jo asnttoog -S)3.TOjdS XDDBd "I siunpy hog " j :sj9MSuy

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