Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 24, 1957 · Page 14
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 14

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1957
Page 14
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A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE THE LOGANSPORT PHAROS-TRIBUNE A MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE Don't Break Your New Years Resolutions By VIVIAN BROWN Troy some indistructible glue to get your New Year's resolutions permanently stuck in your noggin' this year, (You can try, can't you.) No matter what you resolve — take the positive approach. Don't be a doub'le negative, like one girl •who resolved "to lend nothing to nobody" in 1938. It seems her borrowed things were never returned. Here's a sample lot for soul searching. After all, the idea of the resolutions is to improve you, not the other fellow ... 1. How are you with small folk In your home? Are you impatient with the little fry or do you try to get along with them for the sake of keeping peace with the family? 2. Are you short-tempered with ma, pa, and grandparents when they made suggestions you consider fuddy-duddy? Or do you thank them, anyway, even though you don't go along with the ideas? 3. Do you go out of your way to ridicule people who are in authority, just because you resent it? The pattern usually runs to teachers, bosses, parents. 4. Are you the complaining type who never gets things the way she wants them. This goes for anything from well-done beef to a dress that mother makes? 5. What's wrong witli your date appeal? Are you thp bossy type who always wants things your own way? A boy who is paying the freight may like to make a decision once in a while. 6. Do you ever think of others or do you concentrate all your thoughts on yourself? Do you give your old cloths to less fortunate people? Do you help out sick friends or those who are broke, if you can afford it? 7. Are you friendly to animals or do you consider them a waste of time? 8. Are you a story carrier, without knowing whether the gossip it true? And even if it -is true, do you consider the damage done by idle gossip you peddle? 9. Do you ever do a kindness anonymously or do. you demand lots of gratitude for your little • favors? 10. Are you the introspective type who sits and nibbles at ice box goodies, candies and cookies for want of a hobby or other interest, and gains pound after pound, day after day? 11. Do you talk about going on a diet, and bore your friends constantly with your chatter on the subject, and then never do anything about it? 12. Is your voice a whining, complaining one, that always sounds like a tin horn, irritating all within range of it? St. Joseph Lights Up the World at Christmas Time ST. JOSEPH, Mo—(UP)—The whole world could be encircled twice with two strands of Christ- |mas lights by using the products of four St. Joseph companies. St. Joseph, which calls itself the "Christmas light center of v the world," turns out more than half of. the world's holiday lights and other decorations. • Four corporations—Glolite, Ami- cal, Royalties and Noma Lites— annually use enough electric cord to encircle the world, more than twice with 18,000,000 string light sets. And each day, the companies use 1,000,000 feet or 189 miles of cord and more than. 500,000 bulbs. Albert V. Sadacca, executive director of Glolite, said the busiest part of the year is around the middle of November when shipments are sent to all parts of the.world. •The decorative-lighting business also is style conscious. The firms produce some .250 different types of string lights and several hundred models of specialty decorations. As electrical manufacturers made technical progress in lighl- ing, the hazardous use of candles gradually disappeared. By 1907, series-burning lights with carbon filaments were in use. Nine years later they were succeeded by globular-shaped tungsten filament bulbs. The familiar pear or flame-shaped bulbs largely had supplanted the round bulbs by 1930. The evolution of Christmas tree lights reached its peak in 1934 with the advent of the "multiple-burning" sets which continued burning even though one bulb burned out. Wisconsin's public hunting and fishing grounds cover 69,315 acres. SILVER FOX ALEXANDRIA BAY, N. Y. — A veteran fox hunter bagged his first silver fox recently. Joseph Gladd said he probably had accounted Protect Self Against Accidents in Shower CHICAGO — Your shower may become a" source <of death, or. severe injury unless you have some control over the flow of water. A regulator firm reported recently that scalding water that could not be shut off caused injuries, some of them fatal, to at least 41,000 Americans wittiin a year. The firm recommended the installation of thermostatic water controls for showers and tubs. Also recommended were the 'installation of a grab bar on the 'shower or tub floor, and the removal of hooks and towel bars and recessing in the wall of the soap dish. • . GENTLY DOES IT IN USE OF ANTISEPTIC BUFFALO, N. Y.— (OT>) —The unkindest out of all to a child may he the antiseptic applied directly to a minor wound. Actually, if the wound has been properly cleansed, it is only necessary to paint, around it, say researchers of the Arner Co., pharmaceutical manufacturer. This prevents bacteria from entering the.break in the skin. Tincture of green soap should be used for cleansing before the antiseptic is applied. Brush away from the wound or cut, again to prevent entry of bacteria. FROM VENEZUELA — Equestrian ztatuo of Simon Bolivar is hoisted into place near the Interior department building in \Vashington. It is a grift from Venezuela and is the work ol Felix de Weldon, American •culptoc. (International) for 500 foxes during his hunting career, but all of the red variety. More than 100 chemicals produced in Michigan. Mount Vernon, George Washing- tore's 500-acre estate on the Potomac River in Virginia, is saluted by each United States Navy vessel that passes. e join With Santa in wishing you a joyous Yuletide season and the very bast of everything! Gourmet Cafeteria £20 E. Broadway To all our friends we extend {,,.. our very best wishes for a happy •Holiday. Sycamore Drive-In DICK CASSIDY S16 Twentieth Street . . . For unto you is born this day in the city a Saviour, which is Christ, the Lord." The rush dnd turmoil are gone at last. The market place is deserted. AH the fanfare of the last weeks has departed. Now, in innumerable homes where the tree lights twinkle and the sweet music of church bells echoes faintly, the real Spirit of Christmas comes into its own.. For the happy gift giving, we know, is but a symbol. Last night a magic Star shone in the East; today the Babe lies in His Manger; love abounds in every heart and the whole world is born anew. i • May it be a wonderful Christmas for you! DAVID'S and All Employees

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