Daily News from New York, New York on November 15, 1938 · 547
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Daily News from New York, New York · 547

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1938
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27 XAI UTJR N EWS Trademark Registered U. S. Patent Office Entered as Sd class matter Nov. 21. 1319. at the Post Office, New York. N. v., under the act of March 3. 1879. . Telephone MUrray Hill 2-1234 The Inquiring Fotograpber . By JIMMY JEMAIL The News wilt pay $5 for every timely, interesting question submitted and used in this column. Today's auard noes to Jack F eeney, Parkvieur Hotel, W. 56th St. Fublittod daily tirept Sundaj bj Nwt Sjitdlein Ca. Ine . ?0 E. d St.. Boroueb f Manhattan. Nr lark. N T Otilj ojall mbicriDtkm ntn U.S.. MM. Canada, f li.oe year. Far the Dill; tnd Sandaj Nnri V. 8.. S10.5O Dr w: Canada SI6.II0. President. J. M. Patlersna: treasurer. B. B. WrOlrmlrk; aflrond Tire prealdenl and funeral manager, fcuj C ticilliaa ; aecretar. a, ai. runa.au or C 4 2d St.. New York.N. X. MfcMKtU OF INK ASK4HIATKU fKKSS The Associated Press is eicfusiTeJ entitle! to the use fur re pubfi ration of all new dispatches credited to it or Dot otherwise credited in tin paper and also the local new oubiiBiwNi herein Ail riffhtsof republication of peetat dispatcher herein alo are reserved DAILY NEWS, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 1938 M ',-2p fSV Michael. Cardinal Ton Fauihaber. Archbishop of Munich IS HITLER LOSING HIS GRIP? Suppose a strong anti-Semitic movement should build up in this country; and that suddenly mobs should form in our principal cities and loot Jewish-owned stores of all kinds; and that our police should stand idly by. We would call it anarchy. It ii-ftnM moon thot roonAnei'Ma rrrnorn DUU1U illWUll IWUk X bDVlJiJlUK. I V1U ment had abdicated, or been forced to abdicate, to the born-thief element which always cuts loose as soon as it feels authority relaxing. We've had and halted such things in this country looters shot in Rhode Island after the recent New England hurricane, looters bumped off by soldiers enforcing martial law in San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake. Hitler's police have not shot or shot at or otherwise interfered with the looters of the German Jewish properties. And witnesses report that these mobs have been made up largely of hungry people, who ate the stolen food. The logical thing to expect next, when a lot of German stomachs again begin to gnaw past endurance, is for German mobs to loot Gentile stores. Indeed, this has already been foreshadowed, by the recent mob attacks on the palaces of Cardinal von Faulhaber of Munich and Cardinal Innitzer of Vienna. We think all this indicates that Hitler can no longer control his people; that he is losing his grip to the born-thief element in once super-orderly and super-policed Germany. This explosion of hungry mobs, plus the Hitler i Government's levy of a billion-mark fine" on German. Jews, indicates to us that Hitler has turned so much German wealth into armaments that he can no'longer provide for the rockbottom necessities of all his people. What can Americans do? Let's get a few facts straight. For one, Hitler's persecutions of the Jews up to now have been mild, as compared with German Terror; what the Russian Bolshevik Gov- Russian Terror ernment 1133 done to various minority groups in Russia, The Reds began by killing off an estimated 1,000,000 "aristocrats, business men, professors, doctors, lawyers and scientists. In 1931-32 they starved between 3,000,000 and 4,000,000 Ukrainian farmers to death by confiscating all their crops, including seed. We did not protest. It has been stated by persons who should know that Stalin has killed more Jews in the last two years than Hitler has in five. For another thing, we could not stop these, persecutions by taking official action against Hitler.. We did take official action against Bolshevist Russia, but it did no ood to the victims or ourselves. Our war histories skim over the fact, but it is a fact that the American-British-French-Japanese war on Russia in Siberia and elsewhere to stop the Russian revolution only intensified the Bolsheviks' savageries against the Russian aristocrats and professional people. For another, Hitler's seizures of Jewish property, though barbarous, are nothing new. Mexico is stealing American property. Colonial Americans confiscated Tory property. Henry VIII confiscated the property of the Catholic Church. Our Civil War wiped out Southern property in slaves. We paid nothing for brewers' and distillers' property ruined by prohibition. Soviet Russia confiscated everybody's property. Unless the United States is prepared to go into another war against Germany, we do not think we should take any official action against that country. Unofficially, of course, we can contribute to relief funds Let Hitler for German Jews, and we might loosen Hang Himself UP our, immigration quotas as regards them. And we should all resolve anew to tolerate no European hatreds here hatred for any racial, religious or economic group. , , - . But let's not fly off the handle. It seems inevitable that Hitler will reach a point where he will have, to start a war to keep hi3 hungry and frantic country from blowing up under him and his National Socialist Party. We do not see how Hitler could carry on such a war for long. Hitler appears to be doomed by hi3 own acts, whatever he does. The wise thing for the democracies, we believe, is to let Hitler start the fight; not to attack him. The Kaiser started the fight in 1914 and the moral force of world abhorrence was as large as any other single factor in hi3 eventual defeat, overthrow and exile, THE QUESTION: What do you expect your job in the ensemble to get you, and have you ever done anything; besides show work? THE PLACE: Winter Garden. THE ANSWERS: Lee Stephenson: "I hope it will get me some thing entirely apart from the kj5 .-j-imuJ snow Dusmess, r-H Sl even though - A' Z 1 I'm very fond I. J f work in the ft. f -u f: tiicatic. x nab, it gives me necessary expenses for a livelihood and my studies, and it lsn helps to develop poise necessary for a stage career. I've been a photographic and designer's model." ' Like all girls Ailene Stone: who hopefully turn to the theatre for an interesting life and career, 1 expect and hope that my present job will lead to other things, and more specifically, I hope it leads to a dramatic part, but I won't be too disappointed if it leads to a happy marriage. I've modeled and have been a hat check girl." ' Virginia Daly: - v. . . e j A. .:- ft" . J 'I've never done anything but show work. I drifted into it right from college and merely by accident. I'm hoping that everything I do in the theatre, from my present job on, will lead to more se rious, dramatic parts. To this end, I'm studying under a competent instructor." Helene Hudson: "My ambition the dramatic stage. 1 have 3- ueen studying and prep aring myself in other ways for some time. Chorus work, strange to say, helps a lot. The various mannerisms introduced 'into the dances give unginauy, i named to be a nurse and later took up photography." Helene Ecklund: "A fine husband and a h an n v home. And why not? In the show business, you meet a lot of lovely people. The glamour of the show business and its many interesting angles will hold the interest of anv eirl fortunate enough to be accepted, but it can't continue forever. Eventually, I want to leave it and marry." - - . Grace Gillern one confidence. J present job will get me a place in some dramatic stock company. That, too. will be just another s t e p -ping stone, ! because 1 hope some day to go to California, into the movies, and when I do. I want to have "First I hope my Owner- V ) : - . w iii .... i i . I jTkorv ua a little aM who Wa litt( Curl i 1 .i.. .. viii. .L... f J If V n ' t?-. ohf-owH ihe middle of hvr -fore hea4. nd uVien She wQ5oo4.sKeiaaswery.vTyo04 3utujViet Vie was kad.she 'was hor-rt4 "jjMrJ 1-- i VOICE OF THE PEOPLE Please give name mmd mdirett with your Utter. We will withhold both on request. necessary for 'success." the experience FACTORIES MOVING SOUTH Brooklyn: My boss has just told as hosiery workers that we will take our second 15 wage cut of this year and like it, or he will open a hosiery mill down South, where he can get cheaper labor. That would mean about 3,000 of us tossed onto relief. There's- a lot of talk about such outrageous threats and actual removals, bat nobody seems to do anything about them. HOSIERY WORKER, - SWING AS A MENACE Brooklyn: Something' should be done bv the authorities to protect the health .and youth of our generation, by curbing the fanatics gripped by the mania of this jitter-bnsr tvpe of swing dancing. Re member the dropped stomachs and shattered ankles caused by the Charleston a few years ago! M. G. VIOLA. ADMITS HE'S EFFICIENT Brooklyn i Here's my answer to Dissatisfied's letter urging purging of the WPA right out of the Brook lyn Navy Yard. They need us W PA workers in the Yard. Practically every job started by the regular maintenance crew, such as paint ing, pavuig, etc., has had to be stopped, done over and properly completed by WPA laborers. WPA PAINTER. OPERATORS' AGONIES Bronx: You tenants who live in apartment houses with elevators, please have a little consideration for us elevator operators, by ringing the bell just once, instead of slugging it five or six times. And to those tightwads, cheapskates and chiselers who go around like millionaires if they would only come across with a tip now and then, instead of letting the money burn a hole through their pockets! Anyway, please don't forget us on Christmas. ELEVATOR OPERATOR. KINDLY PirE DOWN Brooklyn: Say, you Communists who hold night meetings outside my house, don't you realize that there is work to be done next day? Or don't you people know what the word "work' means ? I'm not against Communism, but quiet, pul-leeze! . ' WAKEFUL. V D. S. C. VESPERS Erooklyn: Dear Mayor LaGuardia you have, been a very good Mayor; in fact, the best Mayor New York has had in my lifetime. You have shown the people that you have a good heart-'and an honest soul. Please, then, Mr. Mayor, stop your D. S. . C. from, collecting garbage and whatnot in the evenings. My baby retices at 7 P. M- and this is the signal for all your D. S. C. trucks in Brooklyn to start work, and did "you ever hear them, Mr. Mayor 1 ; Of all the noises in the world, I don't think anything compares with the shrieking of your D. S. Cs brakes, the clashing of cans and pails, the yelling- of the workmen,- the roar of the concrete-mixer motors your D. S. C. trucks carry, and the. thousands of other noises they make. Sly hair is going, my face is becoming lined, my baby can't sleep, my wife and I can't rest, nobody can rest and please, Mayor LaGuardia, if you want to gain the full support- and confidence of Brooklyn citizens, PLEASE . stop this nerve-racking uproar. Isn't it possible to do this work in the day time instead of m the evening? TORTURED TAXPAYER. GIRL GRABBED Brooklyn: New York's Finest, hah ? Baloney. One of them gave a 16-year-old schoolgirl a - summons, without warning, for not having a muzle on her little harmless poodle and then, to top it all, she had to do one day in jail because she didn't have a dollar to pay the fine. Crime marches onl A. J. BEG PARDON The News of Nov. 6, in a story on the sinking of the Vestris, said that Fred Hanson,' who made a re markable series of pictures of the disaster (subsequently published in The News), was employed as a ship's cook on the Pacific. Hanson, who resides at 365 Dean St., Brooklyn, is not a ship's cook ; but a structural steel worker. He is now engaged on' the building of a bridge on Northern Boulevard near the World's Fair 'grounds, f'iv , .

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