Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on December 24, 1957 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 24, 1957
Page 2
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Two Logansport. Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Nina Foch Always Seeks Hard, Challenging Roles NEW YORK (UP)—There are TV actors who seemingly live by a code that goes something like this: "Play it safe, be comfortable and above all, live it up." But unfortunately, not all sub• scribe to it. There are many TV performers who keep studying and looking for hard, challenging roles to play. Nina Foch; a cool - looking blonde with a warm voice and style, is in that last group. And since she's a 10-year veteran of TV dramatic shows, apparently her serious approach toward her work has done her no harm. Miss Foch has played parts with no sex appeal, parts with lots of S. A,, wealthy society girls, husband - killers, drunken dames. She has lost the guy. She has won the guy. No matter how big the part, if Nina Foch is handling it, you can put it down that it's going to be a'juicy performance. In speaking of her work, Miss Foch first made herself comfortable in her modern, no-woodwork New York apartment by brewing some tea, kicking off her shoes and relaxing into a couch. Who Put the Glue in the Mum? "Remember, when you go on stage, or before the camera, you're naked," she said. "You must clothe yourself in technique. The more you know about people, their lives, their habits, the less embarrassment you suffer, Many actors," Miss .Foch continued, "have what I call "who-put-the glue-in-the-mum trouble.' They just can't move their arms right because they 'haven't studied people enough. If I ever feel naked on stage, I know I didn't do enough homework and I better study up." The easy-does-it performers, she added, are those who insist upon changing lines in a play. "They say, I'll feel more comfortable if I paraphrase.' Well, I say if you're ever comfortable on stage, you're dead. If you want to be comfortable, stay in bed." A third phase in this shallow approach to acting, said Miss Foch, is the "live it up" class. She tags the members as slobs— in dress, manners and morals. "Going on stage," she said, "is like going to a party. I always take a bath before I go on. I put cologne all over myself. I smell good. Otherwise, if it wasn't an occasion, it wouldn't be fun. Forced to Remain Glamorous "I don't think it's fair for people to turn and look at me on the ' street when I look awful. They should see someone attractive, fresh. Actors are, in public, the whipped cream on the cake, something special. My respect for the public forces me to remain glamorous." -. Miss Foch equates glamor with civilized behavior. "I was taught in school to be curious and to stay curious. Curious" people are usually glamorous people. Unless you have perpetual curiosity, you don't learn enough about people to play them properly," she said. Glamor, Miss Foch, added, also means taking good care of yourself. "An actor's body is h'is instrument. Too often, we see actors who impede themselves by not taking care of themselves. Their tools — diction, voice, taste—are Dot ready." Above all, she said, they are immature because they are afraid to fail. "My psychiatrist says maturity is the ability to be unafraid of failure. You do live after you fail. I dare to ta^e a chance, to play difficult parts. If it doesn't come off, I don't die. I learn from it. That's what makes it so exciting," said Miss Foch. Letters to Santa Dear Santa, We have a new baby boy at our house. He is one year old. His name is Timmy. He wants a stuffed brown bear, some rubber bowling pins and a ball, a little car that you wind up to make it go, surprises and'that's all. My name is Kathleen. I am nine years old. Am I old enough for a microscope set? If so, may I have one? I want a double, docker doll bed, a clock radio and a record' player and of course surprises. Tom is next. He is five years old. He wants a low-powered telescope, a baterie run steam shovel, a road graider, a desk, a biceicle and surprises. Now comes John, who is 6. He wants: army equitment, punching bag, steam shovel that uses bateries, a toy jet that makes sparks, and surprises. We have a dog and a bird. The bird wants three boxes of bird seed and a little mirrow. The dog wants a bowl that has her ;iame (her name is Candy) with a bone in it. Mom wants a pic- sure albom and Dad wants a chain saw. You will find millt and cookies for you. From the Whole Kniesly Family Seek Higher State Rates On Insurance INDIANAPOLIS (UP) - Insurance officials have asked for higher premium rates on auto coverage in Indiana, it was learned loday. Two of the nation's leading auto insurance groups, the National Bureau -of Casualty Underwriters and the National Automobile Underwriters Association, filed for the increases with the State Insurance Department. The department said it is forbidden by Jaw from revealing the size of the increases until they are approved in February. Department officials pointed out payments for losses have increased, despite State Police figures showing a small decrease in the number of accidents in the first nine months of 1957. Auto parts are more expensive, and court awards in accident suits have risen, department officials said. ttkf £>&NEJ* True Life Adventures CANINE FELINE Now Scientists Begin To Investigate Sleep! ' IN SOME RESPECTS, THE CHEETAH is MUdH LIKE A, POO. CLAWS ARE NOT COMPLETELY RETRACTABLE LIKE A CAT'S, ITS L&&S ARE LONOEK THAN ANV CAT'S, ITS HEAP IS SMALL, IT COES NOT LIKE TO CLIMB TREES,.NOK P<DES IT HUNT BV STALKING ANP UEAPINS FROM AMBUSH: IT IS FASTER THAN A (SREVHOUNP AK1P RUNS POWN ITS PREV LIKE A PO<5. AFTEK <siV)N<3 ITS FLEET QUARKS A SPDKTINS LEAP, rr CONCLUPES THE CHASE WITH •>• A PISFLAV OF BLAZINS SFSEP. Dear Santa, I hope you will come to see me this Christmas, I have tried to be very good. I would like to have a cowboy outfit. I will have some milk for you and some apples for the reindeer, and if Ru- doiph comes, I will have a carrot for him. Bring two electric trains for my two brothers and bring my two sisters something too. David Welters "Skull Sessions" Urged for Employees CHICAGO — (UP) — A management expert says supervisors must take a leaf from the notebook of the football coach and hole "skull sessions" with their em- ployes. Max H. Forster of the International Minerals and Chemical Corp. said such sessions should give em- ployes a knowledge of their work and what is expected of them. . Once the employes understand what they are to do, Forster said, they must be given "guided practice" on the job. Like an athletic coach, a supervisor can point out mistakes as they are made, Fprster told a conference on supervision sponsored by the American Management Association. Forster said the skull session should be a shaping of information between supervisor and em- ployes. Then he said, it is up to the supervisor to see to it that the | employes get specific practice in areas of weakness. THE CHEETAH HAS ONE TRUE FELINE CHARACTERISTIC-WHEN PLEASEP, IT PURRS. Diuiibultd t7 King Ft»lum Sjndfwtt. legislation proposed also will in- ftunce forthcoming federal laws on boating. Grandmother Gets Probation in Arizona PHOENIX, Ariz. C&P)—An Indiana grandmother convicted of shooting her ex-common-lSw husband and his wife received a suspended 10-year sentence today and was put on probation. Superior Court Judge Alex B. Baker passed the sentence on Mrs. Harriet Hurley, 65, Anderson, Ind., then suspended it and placed her on probation. Mrs. Hurley was convicted Dec. 16 on two counts of assault with a deadly weapon in the shooting of Jacob Metzing, 69, and his wife of a year, Noma, 58, at their home here March SI, Mrs. Hurley was charged with planning to kill the couple with revenge as her motive. However, she testified she went "blank" at the time of the shooting and she had no intention of hurting either Metzing or his wife. Read the Classified Ads Improved Boating laws Are Sought CHICAGO — (UP) —A nationa group of boating enthusiasts anc firms has proposed a formula to guide state legislators considering regulation of water sports. The Outboard Boating Club of America said the formula was a step forward from a recommended uniform boat regulation act set up some time ago and used by more than 24. states to establish similar laws. OB'C executive director Guy W. Hughes said initial reaction to the new formula has been "very promising and that legislators eyeing boating problems in California, Michigan, Tennessee and Connecticut have indicated deep interest in it.' The new proposed bill has sections lacking in the earlier one to cover water skiing, careless operation, overloading, overpowering and operation in restricted areas. It also bans regulation of boating by local communities and is based on the OBC contention that regu lation is a matter for the states. However, the OBC said, the state laws should be uniform across the country to prevent conflict and confusion. It hopes that the new Smoky Bear Praised For Fire Prevention WASHINGTON —CUP) — Undersecretary of Agriculture True D. Morse recently paid high tribute to Smokey Bear, the star performer in a federal-state forest fire prevention program.., "With his ranger's hat and shovel and dungarees," Morse said, "Smokey has become the nation's most effective fire prevention symbol." School children from Maine to California, he said, have come to be Smokey's staunchest advocates. The real Smokey Bear has been living in the National Zoological Park here for the last seven years. He arrived from New Mexico Tuesday Evening, December 24, I9ST. NEW YORK (UP)—When ready :or bed, tape a microswjtch to /our Ralm and pull an aviator's lelmet over your head. Then slide in .between the sheets and turn off the light. You're in the right place and (properly equipped to help • science understand the ins and outs of sleep, a subject about which science is lamentably poorly in- 'ormed due to the lack of ways of studying it. A seemingly workable way has jeen, found by Dr. Ogden R. ,indsley of Harvard University's Dehavior research laboratory. The helmet and the microswitch are parts of that way. The other parts are a device to cause the man to want to turn it off and keep it off. Two male volunteers have been teste so far, and the results were remarkably similar. After the normal day and evening of wakefulness (15 hours) they went to bed to sleep. For 24 minutes, the recording devices showed, they kept the tone shut off by ' manipulating the switch. Then, slowly, their manipulating fingers slowed—and the tone was coining on intermittently. This lasted 16 minutes, >and then the tone came on full and stayed on for two hours. The men were fast asleep. Thereafter through the rest of the night, they dimin- corded bursts of microswitch manipulations some of which evidently occurred during light sleep —but sleep. Lindsley found that he could double the initial period of deep sleep (when the tone was sounding continuously) cither by giving his two subjects a potent dose of a sleeping drug before retiring or depriving them of sleep for 38 hours. Under either of these conditions, the subjects took much less time in falling asleep. J.1I1; uuuca yaiwj «i>- c: u^vi(-\. . , . „„ inside the helmet which delivers: ! slied lllc lonc or shut ]t off dur ' a continuous tone, into your ear, i n « on ^ <5 ulte bric£ and ra 8Sed where a game warden found him as a cub clinging with.burned paws to a charred tree. Morse said Smokey since has be come an international symbol of forest fire prevention. Canada and Mexico use Smokey in their campaigns against fires and his story has been translated ihto several European languages. and assorted devices in the next room which record what you do about that tone. Can- Reduce Tone If you press the microswitch once you reduce the tone's intensity. But if you don't press it again right away, the original intensity returns. If you keep snapping the switch, the tone is reduced to nothing. As Lindlsey remarked in reporting this new science tool to the American Assn. for the Advance- High School Group Seeks Football Safety CHICAGO — The National Federation of State High School Athletic Associations reports it is going all out to make football as safe as possible. An outstanding example has- been the federation's part in encouraging the use of face prolec- ( tors by Ihe boys playing football Upon awakening in the morn- j for llic some 22,000 high schools ing, each reported himself re-' affiliated with the organization. intervals. Awake Refreshed freshed. Both remembered having been awake at avrious times during the night, but these memories could not be matched with re- Face and dental injuries in high school football have dropped from 53.9 per cent to 22 per cent in a few years. For Holiday Entertaining Get REPORTS THEFT Frank t/awlor, 5M Market street, Monday reported to police that someone walked into his. apartment and took S150 worth of valuables from a small table beside his bed while he was in the bathroom. He listed the missing articles as an Elks diamond ring valued at $100; a wrist watch valued ab $40; and a travel clock valued at $10. ment of Science, "most animals (which includes man, of course) spend approximately 30 per cent of their lives • asleep, yet remarkably few experimental investigations of sleep have been conducted." This, he said, was due to the difficulty of measuring sleep. He set out to measure it indirectly, by devising some activity with which sleep would interfere—an activity which would be measurable. Tone In Helmet So he hit upon the continuous tone delivered from inside a helmet worn by a man sleeping— or trying to. He selected a tone moderately pitched and of moderate loudness, a tone he considered merely "aversive" enough YOUR FAVORITE FOOD STORE SEE The Press & Pharos-Tribune Thursday, Dec. 26th « for GIGANTIC CLEARANCE of READY-TO-WEAR! Christmas ta an Tso am customers, who by their loyalty and confidence in tbe past year trave become oar faerak Seats, Roebuck and Co. and their employes, wfeo see die largest owners of Sears basiness, extend fbeir wannest widbes to you aod jpoor family for a Metry Christmas. And we sincerely hope y*mc New "fear wiH be fiBed with happiness! "We pledge to continue serving you and for &e betterment of ai in 19584 CO.

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