The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 14, 1952 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 14, 1952
Page 2
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PAGE FOUR BLYTHEV7LLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. H. W. HAINES, Publisher HARRY A. HAINBS, Assistant Publisher A. A. FREnRICKSON, Editor PAUL D. HUMAN, Advertising Manager Sola National Advertising Representatives: Wallace Witmer Co., New York, Chicago, Detroit,, Atlanta, Memphis. Entered as second class matter it the post- office at Blythcvllle, .Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 9, 1917. Member of The Associated Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier in the city of BlylhevHle or any suburban town where carrier service is maintained, 25c per week. By mail, within a radius ol 50 milts, 15.00 per year, $2.50 for six months, $1.25 for three months; by mall outside 50 mile zone, $12.50 per year payable in advance. Meditations For every nne lhai doelh evil hateth the lluhl, neither cometh to the llfht, lest his deeds should be reproved. But lie Ihat doeth truth romelh to the light, that his deeds may be made manliest, that they are wrought In God,—John 3:20, 21. • • • He that has light within his own clear breast May sit I' th' center and enjoy bright day; But he that hides a dark soul and foul thoughts Benighted walks under the mid-day sun. —Milton. Barbs A Maryland man, after delivering mall for 41 years, has turned in hLs bag. Now what will he General lightening slops chatter In Iht reur of your car. or leave the llltlt kids home. # • » Eighty per cent of lornadoes occur between noon »nd 6 p m. And thai will be changed when campaign speeches start. * * • Some lifeguards In Florida,, weir trunks thai llow and are visible for two milet. Imagine a r»l running thjit far. • + • When something goes wrong at the office & married man always has a home to go to for hi« raring. Councilmen Due Credit For Work on Sewer Issue In the confusion and divergence of opinion over the water company purchase proposal, R matter of credit where credit is due is likely to be overlooked. Regardless of personal opinions on the issue itself, Btytheville citizens owe .Mayor Blodgett, the City Council and its Finance Committee thanks for the work they did on getting info shape H plan for us to vote on. The difficulty many seem to have had in understanding the proposed attests to its difficult nature. Buyittfr property is never a lightly disposed-of act. Buying- such things as utilities is even more involved. And when a city tackles the pnrchnse of a utility, (he nature of the transaction and the necessary safeguards called for make the matter infinitely more difficult. Much extra time was devoted to this proposal by the busy businessmen on the Council. That it was rejected hy a minority of the qualified electors in Blytheville is no reflection on the work they did. They deserve credit for formulating a proposed solution to the sewer problem. They at least jrave tis something concrete to consider and act ii(ion. And their work is not finished. Whatever the proposals submitted and whatever your opinion of them, don't lose sipht of the fact Hint they all add up to a lot of work for these city official?, Koje POW's Made Violence Essential The Hani cor? of Rpr] prisnnpr i'os.i?t- ance on Koje Island having linen smashed hy force. th<= only way it conW he. we must now fc .p (hat Ihp romrmim?t propagandists wlin mark thi? as evidence nf "inhumane treatment" do not p> unanswered. The basic f ;1 c|. o f coiirpr. i.c l| 1;l ( prisoiipr? have not ht?r.|i hehavint! like raptive?. 'Diey have hecii arTing likp battlefield soldiers. And they Uierefore left commaiificrs no recourse but to comiiat thprn as The Reds had dnyr trendies across Compotind 76, They were armed with home-made sjiears, knives and blurifr- eon?. They resisted removal from the compound as if they were troops of Hie l:nc. So the violence used is on their heads, not ours. They not only invited retaliation by force. They made it essential. General Boalner ia taking the mily Miuible action h« could to meet persistent Red rebellions on Koje. He is break- In? up (he rebels into smaller, more manageable units. The performance of Communist prisoners is wholly typical of Red behavior and ought not to have occasioned surprise. We should have learned that whether the rules are. of war or of peace, they mean nothing to the Communists. The Communists have made & creed of breaking the rules. They have elevated riot and rebellion to a way of life. They have sought to give fanaticism the dignity of a faith. In truth their only STOK! is power. They have demonstrated wherever they gain the ascendancy thai their concern is for the instruments of power. Their professed devotion to I he needs of humanity is a come-on, a jerry-built front masking their crude purpose. The free world ought to be pretty sick by now of listening to Communists exalt these crudities as the rising voice of a trampled mankind. What nre we afraid of, what kind of faith is ours if we cannot quickly expose this bestiality for what it. is? The Red response to every situation is violence, falsehood, the stirring of fear. H cannot compete for long with free men's faith steadily extolled and wisely erecuted. The Hard Way What they won't do for a yen in Japan these days. The latest moneymaking dodge reported from Tokvo is this: A fellow takes a 1000-yen bill, cut3 it into 15 pieces, and then reassembles It, minus one piece. With such extra pieces he makes a new hill. The Bank of Japan is legally obligated to pay in full for any damaged hill if at least two thirds of it is held hy the person presenting it. There must be a less tedious way of making money. Do you suppose the people out there haven't heard about surplus property deals, or Internal Revenue Bureau Views of Others Money, Many Years Of It The United States Chamber of Commerce has gone to bat to help states prove that they are doing « good Joh of administering the Unemployment Compensation System. And the Chamber ti turning out to be a tough batter for those who are trying to pitch the unemployment insurance program into the Federal larder. Figures produced by the U.S.C.C. not only prove the case for the states, they show that something ought to he done to lower the unemployment taxes. Without collecting another nicknl, the average state has enough unemployment limds to pay claims at their present rate for nine years! South Carolina is right on the average—nine years. Six sltltr-5 iColorario. Iowa, Nebraska. Ntfw Mexico, Texas, Wisconsin! and the District of Columbia could continue their payments for more than s quarter of a century without taking In any more money. It seems to us the states are doing a pretty goad job. In fact, mayhe too good. The Unemployment tax rates should be dropped. —Rock Kill (S.C.i Herald Refreshing Change With all the purple prose that the presidential hopefuls are thrnwins around thefp days, a bit of light burner surh as was offerer! by two of them when they met in Florida Is refreshing. The candidates. Sen. Russell nnrt Sen. Retainer—both rtunipins for the Democratic no m . inatlon— crossed paths In Jacksonville. Aflcr a cordial e\(haricf of plca.-anlries, Kofiuwei a.>kert: "Which side of the street are you workiu:;, Dick?" "I'm working both siric-s. EMi»s," Russell replied. Whereupon Kr-fauvor crinner! and cnmmeii'rd to those around him. "nick is all right, we'll be friends when it's nil nvpr." Cnmpnipnrrs ouqht to remember that truf sort of comic, rr-lirf is needed to keep thr listeners from grownic jacicrt over a fare ol too much heavy stuff. —New Orleans States SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 1981 SO THEY SAY I lhii!k thr thing k that we arc rtcht and they ;ire wrone In the eyes of God.—Korean fighter pilot Maj. William H. Wescolt. * « * 1 am rirbeh'eri lo .serve with him , General Ridewayi. There will OP no slraiii on the relationship at all.—NATO Chief of Stalf Gen. Albert Grufnlher. * • • I'm tired and need a retl. Washington I? no health resort thc:e days.—WSB Chairman Nathan P. Feinsmser. * • • The peoples nf Hie Iron Curtain countries are stronger than thF West only in their unity tt'e must Imd thai unity.—CXo, D»l«hl Elsenhower. Pefcr frfson'j Washington Column — Pick-Sloan Project Unfolds Its Immensity on Missouri Valley Erskine Johnson IN HOLLYWOOD HOLLYWOOD — <NEA1—Exclu- sively Yours: Lucille Ball Is Miss Wide Eyes over her new title at Queen of Television—"I Love Lucy" Is the nation's top-rated show- but she's not leaping back Into any old big-screen movie just because she's been offered $200.000. "The movie has to be right for me." she said. "I almost signed with Warners for a Technicolor musical but- the deal didn't work out. Right now there's a picture being discussed at UT." A repeat ol her TV character opposite hubby Desi Arnaz for her return to the screen: "Not necessarily, but we'd like to do a movie together," After a Hawaiian vacation, Lucy and Desi make a personal appearance in Minneapolis July 1 and then eo to New York for 10 days. Vivian Vance, who plays 8111 Frawley's <vife on the Lucy show will vacation at her Cubero, N. M.. ranch Says she: "I bought the place to escape atomic bombs. Now there's a rocket testing station and a uranium mine nearby. I'm probably in the No. 1 target area of the U.S." Reh*«r»ln t «*•,<* ™, luw . ,», "The Farmer Taku i Wi/t," Betty GraWe M) • howl when Jatk e.l« placed two chain en the itare aM said Ihej- repmented two that Till be used !• the M when actual ihmtlnr; »taH*. Raw-hor*«-ralnded B«4% to her dressing room, («4 tw bills oul af her punse, jn.t M each chair and announced: "\ow they're honee." Ruth Roman's doctors have grrea her the happy tidings that ih«'« past the danger 'stage to the stork derby and can venture out of her home once In a while. . . Evalyne Aster, the pretty daughter of Vivian Duncan and Nils Aster, has been j secretly married to an Armr en. i listed man since Christmas. . .' con] fusing note: Director Stanley Donen. who once loved Liz Taylor married Marion Marshall at the home of Jules Goldstone, who's Lip.'s agent as well as Marion's. Pauletle Goddard's beaming. Erich ; Maria Remarque is back in thi u ] S. with an unfinished novel under I his arm and a marrying look in his eyes. Rosemary Clyoner is yelling "ridiculous" about reports that she's i humming'"Come On 'a My House" i to Jose Ferrer. Shr told me: "We! were never more than just frlpnrts i unit never »il| be more. There has never been lalli about marriage," "The Mai? Harem," a pirate caie being tailored for Mae West's '• comeback film, has been ret tiled "Treasure Chest." That's one How- i ard Hughes overlooked for Jan" i Russell. Hollywood wolf to Harry dm- rln?: "What with Inflallon IheM days, blondes In Hollywood are a diamond a do*en." * • * When the Palace resumes the two-a-day again. Donald O'Connor may take, over wh=re Bptt.v win*-, left, off. ... The Sportman's Lod* is serving Johnnie Riy coc':'- °— two drinks and you get' hysterical. nn. one-sixth o area of the United States Gives a better imace. Few people outside of tho^e who live in the i ,„ n, *'"i j ' lrvjcontro1 n ° ods ' Build a chan-j Kerry was one of the oldest power means little. Tn nc! and speed the water on | w nay (Jams in the U.S. ,>, ' / :. t - ln|1 "a Bui when the levees and Bui it was too small in relation to the i discs break, there are floods any-i the power that could be developed '"t this site. So it was acquired oy A HUNDRED miles or so farther the government and will soon be bmed under the waters of tile new . the Army has just broken I li>-e-by-2.5-mlle lake to iei mpound- ?r.«md at Gavin's Point, S. D.. for a j ed by Bureau of Reclamation's new biz. new Earth-fill dam to hold flood! Canyon Ferrv Dam area realiw that. vvatm In a huge reservoir. In the Thi.v is how reclamation work ha = Now that »!1 the collesiate panty- snatching is over-. Alan Wilton thinks that a college should be renamed: "William Took Mary's." ' Ed Wynn'f zippy wordage in rejecting movie offers for his life story: • Biographies don't necessarily make good movies. Getling clearances from important, people associated in a performer's career is nnt, easy—and the white-wash often comes out hos-\vash when translated to the screen." Angela Lansbury is shelving the heavy dramatics and making a bid for a sone-and-dance change r,f pace. Remember her one bie chance at warbline when she sang "Goodby. Little Yellow Bird" in "The Picture of Dorian Grey"? It was one of the few times MOM let her out. of the pantry and her Cockney maid roles. John Derek an* his Pattl are beaming over the jump In the health yraph of their two-year-old son. who's mending after serious , throat surgery. . . . Walter Lant',' ne.vt Woody Woodpecker cartoon will be "The Greatest Schmo on Earth. • • . Movie Producer Robert L. Welch's explanation of his manj TV appearances: "I'm tryinr to scare people back Into theater*." . . Rand Brooks' direction of "Chicken Every Sunday" for s local little theater 5 roup was la the Iriple-A league. rear the southeast corner, where j loi several years, of course. But far- power and water from the new the Missouri flows into the Missis- ther upstream, within the next two! and everybody is left more or te«s vcars. the Corps of Engineers will 'happy, though Montana Power i= ------ '"" """' "-- J -" ---• - • ' •-•• sippl. Is BOO miles. The main branch of Ihe Missouri Ri\er itself is some 2.10(1 miles form the Missouri. • • ? THIS IS THE farthest upstream complete Fort Randall indall and Garri-j still opposine further expansion of Dl >ms. An still further up- the eoverrment's program. ••tresm to Canyon Ferry rtamsilc. i stream, in Montana near the Cana- • • • riwr Helena, Mont. Fifty milrs far- ' dis " border, there Is Fort Peck THE NEW Canyon Ferry Dam to (her upstream, the Gntlatin. Marti- | Dam - ™mplelert in the ISWO's as a | be closed this year, will be 112 feet son and Jefferson Rivers unite to rWA project. j hi<rh anri IflGO feel across the top ft Fort Peck Is now producing 8S.OOO is a relatively small dam. as dams r:ilr,watt s nf hydro-electric power,! co. hut. it. presented some louzh which is belnz marketed by Depart- ; construction problems. It could have mr. n t of Interior. This power out-i beer made twici 75 Years Ago In Blytheville , Crittenden County has been'se. | leciec! by the u. S. Public .Health j Service for a pelesra survey. ^ South ruffed a?ain. | CCC camps at Hayti, New Mad* "Declarer led the ten of diamonds : rk: 5ntt Delta will be retained hy to dummy's jack, after which there . tf ''' Civilian Conservation Corps. was only one trump left In the' Bill >' Sio' all has cone to Eudon, North hand, E<>st hand, and South 1 Art • '° spend a month with his hand. Declarer now led dummVs uncle remaining' heart, and East zleetuily pounced upon Ihis trick with nis last trump. East then led a third spade with an air of conscious virtue. • I "Declarer had no further trouble • with his contract. He ruffed the spade with his last trump, ruffed a low heart with dummy's last, trump. and returned to his hand with the kinc of clubs. All of his hearts were now eood. and South rolled the contract home. 'Can you make a few blisterinc remarks about East and his play? r ' I am afraid that 1 am not- very good at Mistering remarks. But I can say that. East's ruff of the low heart was the kind of play that gives palookas a bad name. Thr work thai is bring done in tip Missouri basin now trp! hut also power and irrigation. tt.cily A missing link In the For! Peck- the Doctor Says — ' EDWIN p .ir.KDAS' M D. Written for SEA Service Some p?nple. like the writer of todnv's Tlrst letter, ran certainly act them -elves into a fine mesv Q--My rlnolnr is tvCAhnK me for an ailment an,-1 allows me one tab- lei nf phcnnbavbital per day. I have -ICCC.'.N to 5(1 or 100 crains a day. v, hirh he knows, nothinc about, and I have been taking .• II kcep^ me aslerp all ciflv. t\nd my husband is brcmnlnc lo susprrt •-nmrlhinG wrniK. What should I do? Rr.irlrr. A — VMII should slop Inkiiisi phcti- cibarbil.Tl at nnrr and trll vmir ilcir- Inr atinul il. Snmrbrvriv ha* no business trttinz yon havr arcrss to Ihls additional quantity of druc. Q — 1 am W years nld. but was ,ip- rra'rd on fhrre years aep tor pros- tatr trouble. 1 should like in know if it is all richt to eat a do-rn rssrs a ivrck. I h.lve often hc.ird that too manv rscs are bad for the heart and ktdnrys, H. 1, .*— It srcms tlnlfkrlr that the rets wouM he nf any harm mrrcl.r hrraiKp ynn hud a prostate nprrn- tinn «f.\fr,il VMrs .icn. Prrhip*. bn\vc\rr. as nunv as i dorrn rcgs a week Is .1 liult hifh. | Q— I have been s'ifferinz from a i condition known ,11 porphyria. Is [ there a cure or any kind of trr-at- \ ment for it? j. H. j A—frills Is a rather rare rrmrtl- ] tlt>n nliirh is hrlltvcri to hr a ccin- sllhilinnal or Inborn fault. It Is often assncl^lcri with srnsilivily lo ; liclit and a pcrsnn who Is sn sensitive should be prnlpclrrt from too nrirht licfit. Removal of the splfpn U sometimes nf valup. A mimhrr nf troat\>irnt* have lirrn Iricrl. but a f complete rnre is rather unlikely. Q- Vim cut's an- whe e.T 'A sho'.i A- rli.'h uao. -Mv son had a yhvsical *xnm- ion soinp tinip ago nnrl the ri< v r- Munrl stiear in his urine, hnt n hp thinks a Int nf water and mostlv ipiriab!i>.«. IliU rtor-sivt up, no von think h<- has rttn- ? Mrs. E D, F, Quite likrly hr has a mild tr.v hill hl« Wfiml tllni.M he rl !or su^i! aj <• ell as hit ur- sina. and what can be done for it? Mrs H H A—This l.< an Infccllnii" and cnn- tacinus disease, snmrllmcs known ; AS trench mouth, anri Is helirvrrt lo j he caused hy Inn kinds nf terms. II was fnrmrrly dllficull to Ircal. hlil no>v hy Ihp combination nf root! iDca^nrr* of hrcirne for the mouth and penicillin. Hie cnnrtillon ; ran ti:.iisl!> ^^^ rurcd successfully. j rapidly and rnmplrlclv. j Q -My sir-tc-r h.v something cal 1 ! ed eleplianti.ists Her feet certainly do lno!< like riephant'.- feet. It there a cure [or this? Mrs. F. S. i A—there are several Unrls nf i rlcphinti.isis. or lymphpilema. Re, carrilrs*: nf the varlely. conrl care Is j Impnrt^nt to prevent permanent cnlarsrmrnl. Tn (fncral. trfalmenl [ Is aimed at prevrnlinc the nccum- ui.itInn of fluid In tli» Irrl. and , svoirlince nt Infection. Otcajlonill;, I an operation la Indloted, •JACOBY ON BRIDGE Br' OSWALD .IACOBY Wrillcn for XEA Service This Play Couserf Red-Hot Rhubarb "Maybe you can find a name for j the East player in today'.s hanri."i wrilf-s a San Francisco correspond-' cm. "The South player was Larceny Lou or Generous George—we are not sure which. We haven't found a name for East, although . If East simply discards instead of ruffing with his last trump, South cannot make his contract. South can take the king of hearts and ruff one heart in dummy, but his -suit is still not established. South will wind up making nine tricks instead of eleven. © NEA Those Korean truce negotiations remind Joe Parks of the old-fashioned Quaker meeting! he had to altend as a boy. Ev, erybody just .sat silent tor hours, waiting for the Spirit to move them. You were In good company, though, which is more than the United Nations people enjoy with the Chinamen and Koreans, who wait for th« propaganda spirit to move them. Connecticut Tour Answer to Previous Punls HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Connecticut Is 1 Short sleeps called the 2 Russian river " Stale" 3 Head Ifr.) 7 The mountain is the state flower of Connecticut 13 Small space 14 Entice 15 World War II general 5 Ran away to marry 6 General (ab.) 7 Loads 8 Straightens 3 Rubber tree 10 Grooves et E o « ^ 1 H N l_ O A S f* A P* f* C5 ^ R C U M 3 Q C9 E rj T i 5 T rz y E U 1 s E S T E « -'• e. A. T Z> B u A. IM % O tp t M r i ± T E 5 T R 1 T & U M y. = i A U 1 If LJ 1 T • _ (' A C. T O R A M N A, 1 T M e. s \ a E ^ » O CH h ^J 1 T M O N T O CJ A K 1 n B E A M A R C E E P S fc A L, C £ t & O E O 'ft « E U E E P WEST NORTH 4,875* + QJ4 * A96J EAST 14 4KQJ1093 * A82 ¥Q.19 » AS Sonth I V ^ « Pass Pass 4 ff *S7S SOtTTK (I>) A N'one * AK 10SS 3 «K 10982 East-West vnl. Wes* North 2 * Pass » 4^ 54 Double Pass S 4 2 EaJl 3 * Pass Pass Opening lead—* K 16 Pertaining to u froquoian hav? h?cn sueeestfd. j "West opened trip Xine of spades I , and South ruffpd. Declarer cashed I 'he ac-> of heart* arid led a lo* tiump Inwards Ihf dummy. West j horwd up vlth the act 'of dia-' mondj to kid inoiinr ipidt, tnd diet 17 Slumber 18 Fowl 19 Harden 20 Expunge 22 Affirmative reply 2.T Drone bee 2fi Bargain events 31 Grandparental 33 Streets (ab.) .7.5 Apple center .16 Italian coin 37 Newt 38 Journey 39 Nullify 41 Boat paddle 43 Dine 44 Connecticut is not a state 46 Here (Fr.) 48 Augment 50 Connecticut was one of the components of the 13 colonies S5 Fruit 57.Bristly 5» F.luUer 59 Mountain crest! 60 Made over 61 SjiJtjuiew Indian 12 Lecture (ab.) 18Capital of Connecticut 21 Flower 22 University is in Connecticut 23 Wicked 24 Hindu Garment 27 Deed 28 Learning 29 Assam silkworm 30 Social group 32 Youth 31 Male deer 40 Puffed up 42 Venerate 45 Idolize 46 Passage in the brain 47 Sheltered inlet 4S Mohammedan ' priesl 51 Followers 52 Carry (col!.) 53 Bewildered 54 For fear that 56 Girl's nam« 57 Sardinia (ab.) 1 13 IS \1 !i K It i9 K Si » W 2 il in 3 14 '8 1 32 W it> !£ '''• W f* '.-: i\ iJ 11 1i te «i 1 b SI 57 i? >l e ib '',.:' 'it K> 7 5 3» 51 10 11 K ts 5! k !9 » 1 JO m «H

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