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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona • Page 3

Arizona Republici
Phoenix, Arizona
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THE ARIZONA REPUBLICAN, WEDNESDAY MORNING, MAY 31, 1905. THE ODORIFEROUS BUG II Is Also Obnoxtou, Pestiferous and Multifarious. "This stink buc question has come to be a matter or general public Importance." said the sidewalk philosopher last night as he leaned against the mahogany. When the stink bug was given a short snappy roast by The Republican about a week ago it was supposed that by this time he would have passed. But like almost every other Arizona institution, the stink bug Is a constant If not a glad surprise.

There are pessimists In the community wno believe that Arizona was originally peopled by refugees who fled from Egypt during the days of the plague and that the bugs as one feature of the persecutions have just located their old time enemies. Any how they are hern vhere they were never seen Detore in great numbers and it begins to look like they were going to stay. Though they seem to be getting beautifully less day by day, they are becoming: unbeautlful-ly more and more night by night. When the crushing of them on the street car rails so greased the track that the cars were held up in the center of town tho other night, it seemed as though something ought to be done about it, even if it's nothing more than to talk. Some people suggest killing them but that's the trouble, they have so much grease In them that they are a bigger nuisance dead than alive.

Wherever there Is an electric light the sidewalk Is one great black grease- spot and some portions of the streets are black with the dead bugs that have been swept away by the hired man. Furthermore one couldn't help killing them even if there were a law against it. They have less sense than any other living thing, except some men, and fly under one's feet in the most provoking manner, so that the evening promenade Is a continuous pop, pop. pop, of exploding bugs that reminds one of a perpetual conflict between the Japanese navy and what's left of the Russians. Paradoxical as It may seem the live bugs are a bigger nuisance also, than the dead ones.

Their pungent and nauseating odor seems more all pervading before death than after as any doubter can demonstrate by brushing one off his coat with his hand and Immediately after, trying to circulate in good society. Few affronts are ottered for most people get a whiff of themselves at once and make a break lor the nearest bath room. Monday night the noisome exhalation that was doing duty as atmosphere in the vicinity of every street light, was so Intense that every passer by could almost feel it and lots of people stood on tne corners trying 10 Berate me odor off themselves with sticks. the stink bus: siays here tnucn longer A crusade will have to be inaugurated against him. And it must be nothing short of prohibition, not only of distribution but of manufacture.

The only place to stop the stink bug evil is at the fountain head. The trouble is that nobody has yet found out where the insects come from, or if they have, they tre keeping the matter a svi-ret. It any goad to knov -er-haps, or make the rose smell any sweeter, but it would partially satisfy curiosity. The evils of the stink bug are manifold. Beside Interfering with business they exert a powerful influence on social conditions.

Men were always prone to love darkness rather than light but now they are seeking darkness altogether for its the only place where they have an even chance with the bugs. Toung couples who go out for evening strolls are driven from the public promenades and in self defense seek the deepest shadows. This is extremely dangerous for the young men. Many a youth has thus been enticed Into matrimony. It may be expected that hereafter Cupid's place on the valentines will be filled by a stink bug.

The stink bugs must be the product of Arizona soil and climate, and If that be true to what an ignoble purpose la all this raw material being applied? It must be the work of some evil spirit for It was never known before and is not a natural product. If all the chemical constituents of the stink bug could be turned Into alfalfa or sugar beets what a crop there would be: also what kind of sugar would they make? If the stink bugs would remain pei-manehtly they might be utilized, as ov. i vihliu- can be when one krv.v how. For Instance soap factories mifht be started on every vacant lot and kept running by the product of buj? grease. Perhaps the soap springs the northern part of the county are the result of the deposit formed by some former generations of stink bugs.

About 4 o'clock yesterday morning grasshoppers began to be noted In company with the stink bugs and last night the grass hoppers came in force. There were twice as many Insects as the night before and they were about half ni'd half. The resvlt of this t- i liar whatever respect the public held for the is gone now. It is not only jue the irriiation of his own presence biHhe disreputable company he The was asked for some vital statistics He replied that he estimated that ttiee are at least 5,000 people out every evening and that step on and kill- 200 bugs each. Thai makes a million ana" another million commit suicide every day making a total death loss of 2.000,-000.

As he was not specific as to the territory embraced further questioning led to the statement that most of them were killed trying to get up his trou-ser's lee. The philosopher was also asked to suggest a remedy. He replied that the only remedy he knew was to accept conditions rather than theories and try to improve them. He suggested that IX science would take hold of the matter tlie bug could be improved by cultivation until he became a beautiful butterfly. Then he suggested to the man behind the mahogany that he always liked a little sugar In "his'n," and to make the dose liberal for bug juice is chear.

ARIZONA CAMELS They Will Figure in the Celebration of the Fourth at Prescott. For a dozen years one of the questions before the people of the territory has been: Are there or are there not carnel in Arizona. Xow and then a prospector has reported that he saw camels In the llarqua Halas or the desert beyond. He was Invariably vailed a liar, though a great many people believe that the camels still exist. The last one though known by a large number of people to have been in existence was one that .1.

A. Porterie had here about fifteen years ago and which he was forced by an indignant populace to turn back on the desert. The following from the Prescott Herald revives the camel controversy: "If Captain Joseph Anglada of Martinez is a truthful man, and no evidence to the contrary, -has been introduced, he has captured five wild camels which he will send to Prescott to be exhibited at the Fourth of July celebration here. "Anglada claims to have accepted a commission to capture six of the camels for the local Fourth of July committee, and not for Joe Dillon, Johnny Robinson. Under Sheriff Neagle and their wild west show, as they have been telling around town.

"The Martinez camel hunter states that he agreed to capture six of the camels, for which -he was to receive $150 each. In addition to this he made a side bet of $50 on each camel. His total winnings up to date, should be $1000. "The captain says that he has five of the camels already, and that he has a mosquito net trap set to catch the other one. Camels are very peculiar animals.

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Louis. U. S. A. epurated Gotton Felt MATTRESS.

ES anything which has a red color and the captain, being a wise camel hun ter, has taken advantage of this, and stretched long strips of red mosquito netting. "Anglada says that he is to have the camels back, and will dispose of all but cr.t of them to New York Crie of them has a pure white coat, which he expects to sell to a circus for a large figure. Another one will b-i used to carry mail the desert. "When camels were first imported to Arizona their hoofs were too soft for the rockv trails. Years oi the desert has hardened thfv can now stand the running on then! until ork.

"The captain has agreed to catch another came' or two for Martinez and Congress for their Fourth of July if they conclude to have one. His long experience on the Sahara desert has made it easy for hiii 'to eath camels, especially in a coun try where they Pave never been made wilt', by any one trying to catch them." Actions speak louder than words except where the parlor elocutionist is concerned. Philadelphia Record. TALK with TODD HE'LL LET THE PEOPLE KNOW "WHERE YOU ARE AT." Republican office. 10 to 12 a.

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