Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona on June 5, 1906 · Page 6
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Arizona Republic from Phoenix, Arizona · Page 6

Phoenix, Arizona
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 5, 1906
Page 6
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THE.. ATJIZONA IUEPUBIjTCAX TUESDAY MOKNING, JILNE 1 900 MAS Fruit Jars PER DOZEN Pints . . . . . . $1.00 Quarts. .... . .1.25 Half Gallons ... 1.50 Jar Rubbers . . 5c and 10c Jar Tops 40c Fruit Jar Fillers ioc Fruit Jar Fillers patent 40c The best halfpint Jelly glass es 60c a dozen. Nice Big Palm Leaf Fan Free at DAVIDSON'S CASH STORE. Hammocks from $1.00 to $9.00 Insurance Gasoline Stoves, absolutely safe, from $7.50 to $28.50 Other gasoline stoves cheaper Wonder Freezers Ice savers, quick freezers from $2.00 to $9.50 DAVIDSON'S CASH STORE For China, Crockery, Moore's Steel' Ranges, Hardware, Cots, Tents, Stationery, Cutlery, Guns and thousands of useful articles at bargain prices. Phoenix, A. T. PHONE RED 363. 7Z? Oh! say can yen 6F.E, Your Name Among These? (Watch for Changes). So me people we have fitted: Mrs. J. W. S'arkard Mr. N. Portr H. Reed Mrs. Martin J. C. Dinsmore Mrs. W. H. Allison W. M, Drum . Miss Dora Burger A. D. Higgins Miss Gertrude Pritchard G. W. Elv W. J. Fuller F. P. Brewer Mrs. J. !. Bindel Mrs. M. T. Smith D M. Lemon Mrs. M. E. Booth E. P. Moore We Can Fit vou too. .WASHGrSTi ( Lf.AD!NO h nuniTMiv SODA WATER TRIFLES The excellence of our soda Is due to little features and expenditures, trifling, taken separately, but not trifling in the aggregate. A little extra cost for selected fountain supplies. A little more expense for the extra ice used so freely. The liberal manner in which -we use syrup and ice cream. The time given every day to keeping the fountain and accessories scrupulously clean. GOODMAN'S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY, N. W. Cor. Wash. & Center Sts, Phoenix, Ariz. first Class TRUNK go to PHCENIX TRUNK FACTORY Red 394 433 W. Wash On White Dresses our work is neifect. Anv ladv N 'who has tried our work will tell you so. Arizona Laundry White Wagons. Interest. I THE WEATHER. Local Dally Weather Report for The Arizona Republican. Forecast for today Fair. S:St S:30 t. m. 2'.). 73 03 ::n 11 a. m R G3 . 3S 40 K 4 00 riarometor, inc hes '. . Temperature, degrees Dow point, decrees .., Humidity, per cent ... Wind direction Wind vtlocity. miles Rainfall, inches W s 00 Weather ' Clear Clear Mean daily humidity"-... Mean daily temperature Highest temperature ... Lowest temperature Total daily rainfall .26 .78 .Oti .61 .00 Accumulated excess in temperature since January 1, 43 degrees. Accumulated deficiency in rainfall since January 1, 0.02 inch. L. N. JESUNOFSKY, Section iDrector. SANTA FE TIME TABLE. CITY TIME Departure Arrival "The Diamond Jo," for Wickenburg. Congress Junction, Presc ott, Jerome Junction, Ash Fork 12:10 am 2:40 am "The Daylight Express" lor wictcenourg, congress Junction, Pres-cott, Jerome Junction, Ash Fork 7:45 am 4:20 cm For Wenden, Salome... 7:45 am 2:40 am, For Tempe. Mesa. Flor ence, Kelvin, Winkle-man 11:31 am 12:20 pm HOUSE PARTY. The Kings Daughters will give a lawn party at the home of Mrs. Tiurtis. corner of 2nd and Polk streets, Tuesday, June uth. beginning at 6 p. m. The public is cordially invited. THE LA TOURRETTE INQUEST The coroner's jury investigating thj probable cause of the death of James La Tourrette yesterday morning found that organic heart trouble caaused death. Dr. Connor had on several occasions been consulted by the deceased and he had found his heart to be af fected and had warned him against) violent work, such as much horstback riding. U. S. A. REPRESENTATION AT THE FAIR. A movement is on foot if possible to secure the consent of the secretary of war to have the troops at Fort Whipple visit Phoenix during the meeting of the territorial fair this coming winter. It is understood the matter has been taken up by correspondence with Mark Smith, Arizona's delegate to congress. The federal troops located near Albuquerque have been visitors at the New Mexicon fair for several seasons past. A WELLS-FARGO BUILDING. Plans have been forwarded by the local superintendent of the Wells-Fargo company here to San Francisco officials for a depot station of the company which is to be built near the Maricopa and Phoenix passenger depot. There are still a number of details to be settled but it is thought that definite plans will be made during the next ten days. The building of the new station for the company will not do away with the up-town office. A PILFERER'S TRIAL. Jose Flores was yesterday arraigned before Justice Johnstone and his hearing set for five o'clock this afternoon. He will be remembered as the man who was arrested for stealing several articles from a buggy tied at the court house hitching rack Sunday night. The complaint was yesterday signed by Emma Hopen of Tempe, the owner of the articles which had been misappropriated. Eesides issuing the warrant for Flores, Justice Johnstone sent Soto Reyes, Laberta Ybarra, Juan Acosta and R. Martinez to jail for seven days each, and find Andrew Welch $7, which was paid. A PETITION FOR MORE MUSIC- Among the business which cam.? before the board of supervisors yesterday at its regular meeting was a petition for permission to hold Saturday night band concerts on the court house plaza. The' petition was signet) by most of the business men located in that part of town. The board is not disposed to act favorably on the petition on the ground that there is no place there for the erection of a band stand; on the further ground that there i.s a band stand on the city hall plaza, where the music would sound as sweet as at any other point in town. The supervisors believe also that if large crowds were invited to the plaza it would be the death of the grass plots there and that the frail fences about the ilower garden, one of the beauty spots of the town, would not be sufli-cient to keep the crowd olt it. No action has, however, been taken. Members of the board yesterday interviewed several of the signers of the petition to inquire if in their opinion they believed that the holding of the concerts there was necessary. Several of the signers said that they had given Do You Need a Bookcase? If so, Investigate the Globe Wernicke "Elastic" Bookcases H. H. McNEIL GO. Sole agents for Arizona. 126 and 128 West Washington St., PHOENIX. HO HARD TIMES WITH US We are 'selling more" KODAKS than ever. You miss it if you don't buy one now. Wo give special attention to develop ing and printing your films. The Berryhill Co. Where they have the big Twentieth Century Soda Fountain, and serve up those dolieiously cool drinks. Cor. Washington and First Streets the matter no thought; that the petition had been presented to them and j that they signed it in order that they j might proceed to the next order of! business. The rest of the 'day's ses- j sion was taken up in the auditing of! accounts. BOARD OF EQUALIZATION. Th -1 torritnriu I 1 1 r 'i r t n f on 11 ra 1 f ! nn voa. ! terday began its June meeting for the consideration of railroad valuations. The members devoted the day to a con sideration of figures and data placed before them by the territorial auditor but It may be a day or two more bo-fore anything definite in the way of results will be accomplished. Notifi cation was sent to some interested per sons who bad made complaints that the board would be pleased to hav them call and state their cases. All members of the board are present aft follows: Auditor J. H. Page, member at large; T. F. Wilson of Tucson, member from the first district; Charles F. Solomon of Solomon ville, member from tlie second district; F. If. Parker of Phoi-nix. member from the third district; T. J. Coulter of Flagstaff, member from the fourth district; Charles liowman of Tombstone, member fro;:; the fifth district. o NEW AMET PROCESS FOR MAKING GAS Other Notable Inventions Due to the Same Kan's Genius. E. H. Amet. a well known inventor, has been experimenting more or less for the last four years and for the last two years constantly on the lerfect ion of a new process for making gas. Knowing there was plenty of cheap crude oil for fuel, but that coal and wood were high in Los Angeles, a year ago last January h went to that city to try and adapt his generator lo stoves and ranges so that every householder might, by using cheap oil. have a constant supply of good, clean gas for domestic purposes, both light and fuel, and at a minimum of expense. He succeeded most satisfactorily in his experiments, but 'discovered that the amount of gas secured from a given amount of oil yvas greatly in excess of the amount produced by any othei process from the same amount of oil. Installing an experimental plant, he found by actual tests that from two and a half gallons of low-grade oil he could obtain 1.000 feet of good fuel gas. which could be used for light, heat and power. Realizing the great demand for cheap fuel, Mr. Amet applied the principle to a generator which would turn a stream of crude oil Into a fixed gas at the rate of 1,000 cubic feel of ,'as for each two and a half gallons of oil consumed. This gas, used In a gas engine, lowered the cost of operating an engine of a given horsepower lrom 200 per cent to S00 pel cent. It is possible by this process, says Mr. Amet, to use cheap crude oil. costing three or four cents a gallon, a against distillates or gasoline at from NONE FIT LIKE OURS. mmm Perfection in hand-tailoring ultra-fashionable garments shown in the new long cut, 3-button sack, with side or center vents; broad, gracefully sloping shoulders, fitting snugly to the figure, slightly flaring at the hips. $12.50 to S30.G0 Beginning June 8th, we will close at 12 o'clock on Fridays. The McDougall & Cassou Company. 3Q-32 W. Washington ?i ma m Iff Undoubtedly you need something in Straw Hats Cool Underwear Hosiery OR Clothing Both vogue and price will be absolutely correct at We Make All Kinds of iarness and addles and have a large stock on hand. Give us a call before buyinff. Our prices are right. We employ only expert mechanics. N. Porter SADDLE AND HARNESS CO. SPURS AND BITS. 40 W. Wac&tatfua Streat Tel Red 1225. seventeen to thirty cents a gallon. And these, he says, are the quotations, of prices for those commodities in the hill country, that is. the mining districts and places off lhe railroad. Mr. Amet came here piort six months ao and has conducted his later experiments during that time in this city. He say 3 he Is now prepared to announce that his process is a complete success. The Western Amet Gas company. Incorporated under the laws of California, has been organized for the exclusive control of this process for all the territory west of the Mississippi. Mr. Amet is not only an Inventor, but is a mechanical and electrical en gineer. Some of his many inventions have become notable throughout the country and are in constant use by thousands both for business and pleasure, lie is responsible for some of the improvements to talking machines and phonographs that are now utilized by all manufacturers of these machines. He also perfected the moving picture machine and is the inventor of many ainerent Kinds or slot machines. The most expensive and best one lie made a me macnine mat, when the coin is dropped in the slot, tells the weight of the man on the platform, also the fortune, and at the same time plays a piece of music. Most of the other slot machines he has perfected have been of a cheaper sort, somewhat in imita tion of this large machine. Perhaps his best known invention among men of large business affairs is that of a railroad scale, whereby it Is possible to weigh a train of cars traveling at the rate of six miles an hour, more accurately than the same cars could be weighed by an old-fashioned and much slower device. In a test of this scale before the officials of a large railroad in the Dominion of Canada his machine did not vary nine pounds to the car from the weight returned by a flat balancing of each car separately, detached from the train. The railroad Immediately adopted the scale and the Dominion government shortly made it one of the standard weighing devices of the country. Mr. Amet also made the only moving pictures that were ever shown of the destruction of Cervera's fleet ir Santiago bay, using in this over 30,000 feet of negative film. How he got the picture is another story. The complete sets of these pictures were sent to Sladrid to be used, it was claimed. In the courtmartial of ("ervcra. All he fife raSHef TP "5 I ' . ' AND . v " " - 'Nov for th'e New Shoes for Spring. Shipments Coming In Every Day. Study our styles and prices and see how we try to please you. it Will Pay YOU. H. A. TOASTED CORN FLAKES The most delightful and crispost flakes to j eat with cream. Sample package free. Special health foods.; arrive fresh every week. Price list free. Pure-Food Depot. 21 S. 1st avenue, east of court house. We Always Have a Com-pleta Line of STATIONERY BLANK BOOKS Typewriter's Supplies at GRAIN'S Stationary & News Store 11 N. Center St. Phone Black 1381. . knows is that they were bought and paid for and that "ervera got out or his trouble with little difficulty. Mr. Amet's latest invention is that of a musical instrument known as tho "Ethelo." though he does not pretend to be a musician himself. He has. merely applied his other knowledge to the production of swt; t sound mechanically. The ethelo is a stringed Instrument, played exactly as a violin is played, and any violin player can play on ethelo at sight. Rut the ethelo must be learned the same as the violin. The difference in the appearance of the instruments is in the shape and construction of lhe etheio. It does not look like a violin save that it has tht-strings and is played with a bow. Uut the real difference in the instruments is in the transmission of the tones of the stiings, those in the ethelo beiii,-fuller ami sweeter, a better vibration. There can be no freaks in the manufacture of the etheio. Rvcry instrument built true to measure and of similar material is bound to give the same result, while in the violin two instruments may look exactly alike, but there i.s a difference in the vibrations of the tones, due either to some slight difference in the construction, or material. or some other technical thing which sometimes cannot be accounted for at all. A summer term on the piano in all branches, will be conducted at The Arizona School of Music bv Prof. Elmer A. Todd. INCREASED P. O. SALARIES. Washington. June 4.-fSnpi'i.q:)-Th j following changes of salaries of presidential postmasters was announced: jMorenei $1600 to $1700; Safford $10C0 to rjoo; Tempe $1400 to $1500: Williams !$1"00 to $ltiOO; Winslow $1500 to $1000. o DEATH OF JOHN C. NEVA Indianapolis, June 4. John C. New. i for many years proprietor of the In dianapolis Journal, died of dropsy at his home late this afternoon. Mr. New had been sick for about a vear. He was a lifelong friend of Benjamin liar- I r'son and was consul general to Lor.- I don under the Harrison c-dministratio:. ' o UNIONIZING MEXICO. I Denver, June 4. According to Acting Secretary James Kirwan of the Western Federation of Miners an effort will be made to organize the native miners of Mexico into unions, branches of the federation, as a result of the strike at Cananea. Under the laws of Mexico no labor unions are ollowed. This law will be evaded, however, by organizin;,-Mcxican unions in Arizona and New Mexico and taking in Mexican miners throughout Mexico. I. ( -i ss Now for a drink nf M..l.t4.' D a I - ange Willie. My, but it's delicious; only 5c a o'ass. "Just like eatinq a juicy oranne." We sell it by case, two dozen bot-ties, $1.00, delivered in city. . More mail orders all the time. ELVEY & HULETT The Live Druggists. 5 and 7 East Washington Street. Phone Main 1. Mail orders promptly attended to. n JT" - '-1 DIEHI SHOE iilKh le H a ll OuicR Me Gasoiine Eang'e It has proved it is THE SUPERIOR of any range on the market and we will be pleased to refer you to those who use them. They are SAFE, CLEAN and ECONOMICAL i I TALBOT ti i :-H-W"i"l ! V M l- . .V. I I! B risley Drug Company, IN HOTEL ADAMS z X. z z For Bath, Buggy or Furniture. We carry a big line of these at the right price. 7 eT At a Sacrifice A neat five-room cottage on North ca-- line. Owner leaving city. SEE i. a. mm The National AT PHCENIX. Capital, 1 00,000.00 Surplus, $60,000.00 Deposits, 600,000.00 We respectfully solicit jour banking business. S. OBERFELDER, J. J. SWEENEY, Assistant Cashier. filRPPTnoc. Emu Can. Sol Lewis, Edw. Eisele, Chas. Goldman. Joseph Thai- ' 0 ""' 1 . "ti'-uu -H- I I ,, ...... . THE VALLEY BANkII Of PHOENIX Capital, Si00,000. Wvfei"piS5SBS!:T- ' Lvg-BTVSRv.'CE-pR",DEHT- DIRECTORS 1. n...i j . ... W. Thayer, John Vx UNION BANK AND TRUST CO. PH0EN.X.AW,, 7tSSrWCW0B"i M CENTER 8T Officers and directors: W. F. Nichols president- rr ? vt R 8T president; Geo. H. N. Luhra, treasurer? D Nichollon lWt Vlca secretary; A. J. Edwards, attorney; L J mce I Tm U Blumer We conduct a general banklne h tl. , f ' manager department posits. Safety depfslt wj ntereSt ' mo sue? to LoAstr Any amount on diamonds, watches. Jewelry .te" r(. mall loans. 4 per cenL Jeweiry. etc Rate of Interest oa Pnoenix Loan Offirp TRACTION ENGINE O R Kunz Bros. MACHINE Phone R- d 823 GO. scorei decided success in our & HUBBARD THE n Ninth avenue; elegant shade; near M ME TODAY, Walker Bank of Arizona -nuer, . uoerielder. ... ., . JJ Surpius, S25.000. tJc - - - rvpi w IV A I 1 28 EAST ws" INGTON STREET. S A lU E & Messinger WORKS. Corner Second and Adams St PHOENIX, ARIZ. eve J n 5 5 4

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