The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 12, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1931
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVnXE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER. OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOMEHpON Jtf'.v " VOL. XXVIII—NO. -17 BJythevllle Courier, Herald. Bijthcvllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley Leader. HI,YTl[KVIU,K, AUKAXSAS. TUIOSDAY, MAY \'i. 10:11 Ikauty, 1931 Style, Means Poise and Refinement, Not just Fare and Legs SINGLE COPI 0/ark Resorts Make Plans for Divorce Trade Must Cut Crons to Fit Newls and Adopt 'Live at Home" Program. . Iliiril i:f a whirls sll'( MM'K: Tnls series of ilvi> Is the slorlrs and 'summarize Hie t!iuurh( of world business loaders and fails about llie depression as l.ron"M out at the recent International ,l3iamt>rr or Commerce merlin; at Washingtnn. UENTONVILLE. Ark., May 1'2< (UP)—Retort owners in this M>I>-| tlon of Arkansas arc making (•!-, •.ikoralc plans for development cf "divorce colonies," r.nd expect to rival the attractions of Hot I Springs, the stale's best known ro-| sort town, which appears most] promJwnlly mentioned when con-i sldcralton is given UK- new 00-day, divorce law. j The law becomes cffecttvo June 12 providing i«lltions for Us post- II SETS Woi'thitioton tins Besi Scholastic Record; 2 Tie (or Second Place. Miss Thelma Worlhliv-lon, wll'i ICC iiiiiillty iwint-s, li vi!«l!clurl:in uf t'ne senior high school llils year. ponemcnt arc 110,1 filed wilh thrj MI« S Maurlne liranion ami Mis-, serrclnry of state before that date.. Katharvno Uinton lied for second Officials of the Home Protective^ honors." fa there will be t-.vo salu- Assoclr.lten of Arkansas with head-: ( a |oiiaiis. nuarlevs in Little Rock say tlvy 1 will have Ihe needed signaturi* before thai dale and will demand Ihe bill be submillod to ll'e voters next fall. nenlonvillc is in the Ovaik , inoiinlain district, one of the Kress that the caplains of the i rl ^ f - s most scenic sections, and is world's industry and finance are put one of the communities In this I part of tlv> state preparing for the I divorce colony trade. UV KODXKY XEA Service Writer WAEHIM C/ T O N. — Amevlcan fr.rmcrs learned from the International Chamber of Commerce con» I'iss and clilckrns and cows arc worth more to lite individual farmer llian all the povrmmcnt relief measures tliat mny possibly he devised. —Melvin A. Traylor, Chicago banker. HOLLYWOOD. —Shapely ing legs and pretty faces haven't a chance against refinement, and sincerity when it conies o se lecting the typical 1931 beauty. Girls, lake this tip from Pure Weslmore. president of (h? Motion Picture Makcun Artists' A°siciation. members ct which make over pretty actresses to suit o!ctiire ne3ds and. Incidentally, satisfy the public taste for beauty. Two young women named by West more as tv:>ifvinj beauty this year are June Collyer and Dorothv Christy, film stars. Miss Christy is a blond and nelt. "The way these girls wear their hair and clothes avid tho manner in which (hey carry themselves on the screen will be accepted and copied by women of the nation as tbe 1931 standard of beauty," de- clir^i Wcstmore. who scoffs at Flo really interested In their plight and (hat the slate of American agriculture is closely naralleled by that of ameullure abroad. Agriculture went on the program for the first time. Everyone' agreed ' that agriculture and otr-fcr raw mnlerta! producers shared with industry the credit for brtnsine about the pr,?nt dr-nres-sion and that In both cases Ihe trouble overcapacity anrt overproduction. Aside from this recognition our farmers, told what was hannoning tn {iiAin and their foreign brethren, received no particular encouragement. American fanners esnccinl- Iv. seem lo be at bit wilti strikes Billed n^ainst them, ('omnclilion Increases I Wilh nil of l>s three holies', pupils In scholaishlp Imlug e\'cel- Int ratings. Miss WorthiiiKlon's record shows more auaitty p:>iuts ' lliau any graduite of llin sclunl i slncL 1 ibis system of grading was begun. Her average ralim Is that I o[ "A" or "!)5." 'll'o two other lion' or stuuVnts rated close .seconds. 'i'l'lici? grades Ineludc llielr lour year courses. I Oilier honors will be announced ! later for senior nwardv The ccnlor class, wilh 07 members, follows: Alberla Elliott. Joe Tiyrn Evans. i Woodrow Fisher. Nilra Ocudrcn, Ct'.arles Gor<lon. Beverly Gmvette. Helen Grimes. Ben Hall, Carolyn Hall. Ernest Haynes. Ethel llcarn. l/m Ella Ilearn. cllffle Heath. Min- [uie Howard. Orine Hutcbins. Addle j Johnson. Mildred Judd. Alma Knit*. Sunshine Adams. Helen names, Marian Burns, Maurlne Branson. Virginia Bourland. Eula llLshoii. Lillian Brlscoe. Bob Burns. Ruth Club Holds Annual Election of Officers at Weekly Luncheon Meeting Today Max B. Rcid."^n7or the founders I" 11 "- Evelyn niythe Eunice Broj- of the Blylhcvilte Lions club, was elected president of the orcanl?a- tion for the club v«ar 1931-3! to- dnv. He will be i"s'°il!rvl no>:t Tucs- dai-. surcee-Hn"? Hrnvford Greene. Mr. Reid nrevlnuslv served the I ch»h as r>r? c id Q 'it for Dart of a year. I don, Paul Burks. John Rurnelte. W. C. Colston. Marion Coolcv, Mary Curninln?s, Edna Pearl Chapman. Evelyn Davis. Elwood Decn. James Dawning, Kalharynr Dcntou, Henry Davis, • Irene K'oehler. Waller Eaton, Mildred Logan, Frank having li»eu •IT fill the un- twol pvnlml t! " m ° r llle fmi President. | \vhrv resigned. Other officers chosen nt. RORRFRt! Accent Taxes Unt'i'l' ' June 8 Collector Says Tr'O of Panrlifs Nqhri''^ nn J."ot Sfolpn fmrn HtT-l villc Bank Recovered. . Ark. Mav 12 (T1P1 • -A Irio r-f h'nnk rcibVy-s who h«'d nr> the Valley bink hi^n shortlv hnfore nnon ffvl'iv n 11 '! r^cnnfd v/iCi annvrvximntelv ?il n^o wre cantur^d tv;n hours after the ho!dun and al' the mnnev rccovcrnrl. Rheriif Dallon Dolson of Mnrtl- Kon cnimtv and n nnss^ gnvn chaso mii-klv after th«v loff. the bank nnrt (-^iniiircri the irv>n fo'lnwini' a pun baUle- nenr Huntsville. ten state and ccuntv taxes may be uaid until JUJIP 8th with onlv ad- ••"•rti'ln? cos'.s attached. Sheriff W. W .Shaver staled ioiav follo-vhist fhe. issuau-e of a irocianiaMnn bv i Governor Parnell oxlenriint* the n->- riod for mvm?nt. if taxes wilh n r -naltv uiifil June Rth. T'"e IK' of delhinuent rvrmcrtv •.rill be ormar'"! for nnblication hv tv<p s hn r jn;'<; nffi"e hoeinnino ab^ut MTV 2'frd 'in ordw ti nuhlish the salo rn June ?:-h as rcouii-iH hv b^-. Tfn-.rf.ver the f>uk- rncts |n- <-lveri after Miv Wrri nnl'l June Sth will be advertising costs. Sch" "I Jat Know Their Geometrv TT'f* relative iminrHnce of food ^brinks ns civilisation becomes nr.rp rnmn'p\ and livinp standards n-opn<:'tinns made hv farmer Dean j H T.. P"5SCt] nf the TTnlverdlv of :v(*-rrr,pM.*,; rolVn" of agriculture. ^nnl 0 still nnf onlv three meals, a. *i" \fpinwhiip.'as birth i7ite.<f\ri •ro-i", aericulluri? constantly ex-1 in •>•!-. ' Tiwl sunnlic.s nil over the world ^i-ine products from afnr off into] 'rnwn sunnlirs of consuming areas. '•Tl'-c riiff^r^nr^ in economic lev- pi nf nro^luottm*. di'" In cost of l^'id la'vir find tlin l.''<n. nlare Arn- pric" at a d^^iHed dE^ndvnntaee !n mfetini; world competition," he ex- NPW Ze^lflnd fanners. T?i'.rs°ll ! w>ni on. lintl c'nss Innds available ! tbr vnar around anH nhnast nn ^vrfisc for riain" housing nnd siv>»cr which in northern United Slates imrnses a ran'tal invost- ™rnt of ^^00 to S.1C10 nor animal. With milkinff n»achinps a New 7r,.itoiid fnrnie r and his bov can handle f-0 or 7S cows. And there's terrible sock at our foreign mar- e c-nfon. flnt n-*'"-. Ar|^i=n'i Pr-tt f- P. B. .1^\ W->-«n and e-i'l^ve r.nin'1 ^ tqi| twister, Fred Suicidcs When Husband Complains of Cooking HOLLYWOOD, Oil.. Muy 12 iUl'1—Mrs. Kleanor Hshov. 27. former New York dancer, burned Ihe peas and scorched Iho sleak nujlil "You'll ruin my slomaeh with llils bum cnoklut!." JeMln^ly said luT husbatul, Jjinies 11. M. 1'Lsh- IT, motion ptctnrc cxeciillvi 1 . "If yon don't lake that back," said Mrs. Fisher, "I'll kill myself." . Fisher thought she VTOK not in curnest and .sulit, "Oo ahead." flushing to her bcdrcom Mr3 I-'islu'r obtained a gun and shot liencK lliioil^li thR head. She was dead before her husbaml could rush her to a hospital. ] lasn'l Changed His Attire Yet Resohitioii Asking in Setting Up Election Machinery. rrcachers of Mississippi county churches will be allowed to appoint one ol the judptes for each votlm Sunday In the baseball next If election on resolution. Condon Is sllll siireiilatlni; on how Maliatma Gandhi will be dressod vhen he comes to attend the India lound Table Conference and bo received by King George nl Buck- Inghnin Palace. Meanwhile, Ihe llnilnnttvc Indian leader, seen her? n Ihe newest photo of him to read his country, enjoys I lie scanty native garb which lie may or may not exchange for coal, waistcoat and trousers on his visit to the BrltU! capital. Itle" members. Iri. TVTr. Craflon nnH irt ro^vent'^n. to h^ . Prvi- w«''npsday cf re-t'v.-er't. Mamie Manors, Marjorie \fartln. George Matthews. Curtis McCnrty, Peg«y ^fcKcel. Marie McLeod, Mar;'_* garct Mllner. !?. A. Nelson Jr.. Har- 'old NURn, Naoma Rhodes. Charllne Robinson. Martha Robinson, Harmon Robinson. J. W. Raydcr, Iclc Sbcnnrd.' Mary Ellen Stevens, Don Smith. Lena Sltlwell, Virginia Ter- rv. Rulh Eleanor Tucker. Everard Welslmrd. 1. O. Wcslbronk. Tlielmn | Worlhinglcn and F.lmyra Coldwell. On,i nf th" bnndits rere'ved a plight wound in the arm and tlv* oilers n-mc unhurt. Names of onlv on* 1 bandit was lenmrd. He u-as tnjrt in V; Floyd Siesemore of Drake's Creek. Tlv bandit; entered Ihe bank, forced fhe rashifr. his nisistant anrl thr^e r'i c !omers tn lip on the floor while they scor>pcd un all the cajh in sisht. Sink officers fired , u]Kl several shots at the flying trio but I whos" O.. none took effect. "•'re nf ivnnrtrv. hislorj' Enslish I»"rnture. scienre and n lancua<!c will ce necessarv for any one ao- n'vinc for a n^sition a sclmol janitor henceforth. The stii'ulntions came nnc'er a -pcenl. ruHn" bv the Cincinnati Poarrt of Education that all those nsnirin? tn be hirii school janitors! must be liiTh sct-.col graduates. Under the new ruling men only credentials were that h | gh moils'rxp I rouutric.s Bank Robbers tllev COT]]cl slvom noors clcan win . flows and fire boilers would be re- lccted - Captaredjn Oklahoma^ Mammy Preferred Biblical f'orf ,0" Too Much Wheat Tlie wheat situation, accordine to Russell, is nrimarilv due to enor- mous'expansion of acreage in all where cheap land could be brnnsht into use durine ti'o war. Huye expansions were made in Australia. Argentine. Canada and the United States. Farmers ; acted like manufacturers who doubled nr trebled (heir plants for rush business: they mcchani/od the prain industry, too, further addine to surnlus. To save paying out gold, European nations, espcciallv in post-war Present f Propjam ^ram of the erarii'fttini? class of 'he senior Men school there will h« n rn<iio broadcast over station KLCN Wednesday, beginning ,at ll--"» n. m. These niimlvr.'; will Iw heard: Th^^e sonq. talk. Bob Burns, resident of the cla^s: violin solo. wrodrow Fliher: volco selection. M^s Lillian Briscoc: resutnc of rpnior nctu-itEes: voice solo. Miss Marv Stevens: niano number. Virginia Terry. RALTSAW. Okla.. May 12. (UP! —Artaims officers were to return Clavi^n Triopev, .To? Taylor and Sila 1 ! Fc.miiiin lo Irfflir. Ar!:.. tociav where t!:ey wit! face bank robbery chorees. Tlie Ihrce m:n were cantnred In the. n^lr'on i>il!s near Iwre bv a sheriffs j«^e last wo"k. Tnvlor and Trio'iev i>re c.scnned Oklahnmi Names for Ebony Twins ive been making every ef- Incrrase their own food supplies and buy less from America and other exporters. Now Russia comes alonz with limitless pos- THOMASVILLE. Ga., (UP) — sibilldes for wheat expansion and "What names are you thinking of (plenty of Indication that she will giving them?" a lady asked the | lake advantage of them. Already negro mother of Iwo-day-old! Russia !ns undersold American twins. "Done already named 'em." came Ihe reply. fins! Day W Filing Income Returns LITTLE ROCK. May 12. (UP) — Onlv thr^e davs remain for filing 'M". Irram" lax returns and hnn- drfis ff Arkar.snns are exnectPd ti it tb 11 stite revenu* d ( "rirt T ii n nt rK-fore Fridn^ to avoid the dclin- Pavments nf Rt IPIS! hnl( the tax d>jfi must be mad'- 1 bv Fridav and the remainder bv Nnvfrnb-T IS according to Commissioner David A. Gates. Pintle norsons receiving adopted by the Mlnlstcrr, Alliance of niylhcvllle. obtains lavonble consideration by the election commission. The resolution was adon'.ed In n meeting yesterday following a discussion of the recent election uhich ninny believe In Invalid, The action was taken, according lo the Rev. P. O. Rorle, pastor of Ihe Firsl Methodist church, in nn ntlemnl to make the election let-M by having all voters nimllfled electors. He continued hli explanation bv staling that the alliance wants the sentiment of the county regarding the Sabbath sport and [hat llv organisation wants the matter set- lied according (o law. It was also voted lo have a Dallv Vacation Bible school' if the con- arcgatlon desires It. Tills plan wit be nerfected at si mcetlns evening at tr.e First M church. Plans were also mnd°. for unlnn church services on FniyHv hln«-. during July and Au^'alnrie a similar r>lan used hsL suninicr. Alrendv the Firs'. Presbvtnrlqn. F''r*i. Christian. Take fitrect Me!h- ndist and First Methodist, churches have agreed lo cooperate in the services. Priests anc! Monk?, Flee as Attacks Upon Churches and Convents Continue. MALAGA. Spain. May 12. CUP) — The gravity of Ihe rioting here ' ncrcased lo .such an 'extent Into'; .63 AV tliat the aulhorl'.lcs aroealcd o ^lenoral Miguel Cabanzelos .for ••n>-c troops fi'om Seville. MADRID. May 12 (UP) —Mobs- fired by nnti-nibuarclilal and nnll- rellalous enthusiasm continued to attack and set fire lo churches,. convents and other Ca'.hollc Institutions In Spain today. Priests, monks and nuns evacii- ird their residences in several cities. Martini law was In force in ' Madrid, Seville Cadiz, and Alicante. Disorders also occurred In .Mai-. a^a and Gulllena, where serious trouble V.IT reported. T):c covem-. mcnt hurried troops to Guillena. • Hum Sac«U Articles The arch-bishop of S;ville ordered all monastcr'^s and convents • evacuated nftcr the mobs had. burned the Jesuit convent, the Car'iicilllc church, and tlv> church n[ ni:en Snccso. Priceless art objects, vestments, and .sicred art!-, clcs were burned In the public; square. Tlie Seville mob twice, at-; tcmpte<l lo ret fire to the fcstilt. monastery, but troops repulsed them. - - ' In Grnnadn all monks and nuns were evannted and placed in prl- - vatfi rcs!d'_Micc for safety. Earl let" : In the day n moli attcmnted to set.: <\'ft to the newspapers Gazetta del Rol and Noticla Oranalihb.- but firemen e^tlntinlshcd' the • flames.^ An unsucrrroliil attempt ''also martc to fire the Carmelite. • con- V WASHINGTON. May 12 (OP)— vent. Tho .attacks were riotr-re- The Kovcrnmcnt has completed lts| 5 |rlfted l.i Jesuits -hilt were made droulh relW loan work with the c aralnst fsrmollte. Marist, domini- usc of S17.CM.OOO of the total o< j r-in' ar.u utrier orders. ' {67,(I(M1,ODO provided by congress.! A number idt boys-^alked In tr>o>. : Prtstdent Hoover announced todav. , »'vjets of.-- Alicante, Valencia;. Leans have been made (o 381.0W -"ear'sur monks, clothing removed rereons. he. said. Of th" Sm.OiKi.-. UMDI 1*10^ burning convents... -.'.-'_' ' 000 allotted to (wrlm'tuml credit! , iu'v'louV'. bullrings. . burned -.In-.:. rornornt'ons Mr. Hnnv"- sil;l S41T.-I qliided . ei?ht, In '-MP.Jrld. three In" pen hn^ hnen sliscrlh'y!. /of Ibn' Mala"a. r4e;in Allijrnlc and three Prnpvam Ended With $20,000'.000-of Federal Appropriation Unused. American Ace Cuts Hour .Off Flying Time Between European Capitals BERLIN. Mav 12 (UP)—Capiain Fran!; M. Hawkfs. American speed pilot, broke the London to Berlin flvln? record by more than an hour when he arrived at the Tempelhof airdrome nfter a two hour and 65 Rerl Cross Representative Takes Charge of Office Mrs. Helen Josenh, field rcore- senlaflve of (he nallonnl American F»d Crow, wilh headquarters In St. Louis, has arrived h"r«? to assume t"mDOrarv chavce of Hie local office in dirertln" the follow-up work Since Wll«on. the death executive of Mrs. Ef'el serrelarv. two i mnnths aao. Henrv Humnhreys has Stack. Capiain llatvkcs said he encount- Tcd foq over the English nhannel. ittend a Swedish aeronautical meet. Capiain Havckcs recently estab- ished r."iv tccords between London i and Paris and Rome. In of S1.50H and heads of famlli"s receiving S250D or more a year arc icquired to file returns. Carolina Storekeeper Found Burned to Death ELT7,\BETH CITY, N. C, Mav 12 (TIP) — James Simpron. 56, cotton in the Manchester market: storc kecocr ' wfls . b "mcd to death she expects to lead the world mar- I ln hls slorp 1n "« Hall Creek .see- kel as a buyer next year. Pre-war convicts. Governor W. H. Murrav ) the other is Epistle Peter." his granted extradition nipers for (heir removal to Arkansas. "One's named Aposth Paul, and' Russia imported between 800,000 tion ef Pasfjuotank today. county early Railroad Employe Gets $10 Fine for Larceny Will Jackson, nesro railroad em- ntoye. was fined $10 by Judee W. D. Gravctte in police -court this incrnlnt an a charge of netlt lir- c?ny. Jackson was convicted of civ- Inc coil, th» property of Ihe railroad, to another negro. Osceola Fillinp; Station Changes OSCKOLA. Ark.. May 12.— En- per.c Pinllh Is operating the South Pierce Infant Dies Funeral services were hclct this afternoon for two-months-old and Mrs. J. V. LaVcrnc Pierce. daughter of Mr. Pierce, who suc- In their cellar workshop. The Elde Filling Station on Highway; largest stands six feet high. An- Gl. The .station was formerly op-1 other tells Ihe story of their Bay crated by Justice Edrington, who!Scout troop, with animals as sytn- ls now in charpc of ti'O New Good Ms. The poles are used as 'asa Gulf Station, also located on High- Iray standards, hat lre;s, lamps way 01. and vases. to 900.000 bales of cotton a of which we supplied more half. Now she has increased her own cotton production from 41.000 bales ffi 1921 to an estimated 3,500,000 bales in 1931. Consumption Drops Then there is the factor of reduced consumption, especially of cereals, in Europe as well as Am- ctlca, Calorics in ' pre-war diets were much more numerous. Among countries using tariffs in the effort to grow their own food Germany has a duty of $1.62 a bushel—more than twice the world market SCOUTS CAHVE TOTKM POLKS raised SUPERIOR, Wis. (UP)-During in four years. the past two years. Wlllard Mar-1 Russell'says world agriculture's obvious problem is to reduce production to existing need but lhat competing countries'" will not re- strlrt acreage un'.^ss under an effective International agreement. At the recent confercce ir year. [ Authorities believed Simpson had than ' txm knocked unconscious and Clear Lake community yesterday afternoon. Services were held at Maple Grove cemetery. Funeral plant- were in charge of the Cobb Undertaking company. price and France has wheat duty 40 per cent tinson and Patrick McKnite, bov scouts, have carved 15 totem poles robbed and his storc ret fire by an unknown assailant. Draw Jury for Trial. of Virgil Kirkland VALPARAISO. Ind., May 12 (UP) —A jury of 12 men, eight of them fathers, was obtained today anj sworn lo try Virgil Kirkland, 20 Gary football player, for his life on first degree murder charges growing out of the death of his sweetheart. Marlenc Draves, 18 high school girl, during a wild gin party last November. He proceed to Stockholm to monlhs. Claim Arkansas Will Suffer from New Rates LITTLE POCK. May 12 (0P>— rvmtendin" that a proposed revision of rates for Arkansas cotton shlDped to relnls east, of the Mississippi river would be discrimina- lorv agalnM cntton farmers and dealers of lh!s stale, a formal protest has been filed with the Interstate commerce commission by the Arkansas Cotlon Trade nssoclation. W. S Turner, secretary, announced today. Although the revised rate schedule provides for a sli?h' decrease below existing rates it was pointed out that under thr new schedule Memohis will receive a much greater reduction to eastern points than Arkansis shlpnin" terminals, placing Arkansas farmers and shippers at a disadvantage. Cotmtv Residents Win Honors at University PAYT7ITEV1LIE. Ark. — Two Misslsstaii cnuntv residents, members of the freshman class at the Univcrsitv of Arkansas. among tiioso who were recognition for their scholastic achievements lociav nt Uie annual Honors Day convocation at which John P. Woods, Fort Smith attorney, delivered the address. They were Marv E. Rhodes. Wil- Ibn' Mala"a. r4pe;in Allijrnlc and t ^dj^.^Se^vil^^olsl^ >, n<: <-o fur Doaides^ niinrerous?tTDT h'«n innnH. Of Hi" sTn.nna.tnn which worn attacked,or set, afire f,ir :«>rlc> r»hnhin»«i|i>n ?^ - but only damaged. ... "'•• HOWM has he'll loaned. Of the^ . —.--. . .' - ":'- = S'.noo.OWl provided for E""d pur-' Will Sue Alfonso •';. chases In southeastern states Sl.-j 'MADRID, May 12. (UP)— The.- Mfionn has been disbursed. 'prosecutor genoi.ii of the republl-V: "This ronsiimmntes Ih" infcnli can government announced to<lav .'- ™0"r^>m of Ihe nnvemin«nf. in th"'he plans to sue King .Alfonso XIII, .- drouth relief work." Mr. Hoover-on the Rrounds lie collaborated in. 5ald. • iironiotiiig recent 'disturbances in- Arkansas received twice os much! s P aln lo overthrow or discredit &c as anv other state. 50,173,761 being i ro : ) " w ' c Inan«d to 76.PS1 persons. Missis-! sinal was recot'.d with S4.4.S3.33B: n • r? "IJ J D J' b'lns d'sinh-ilpd nmo.i<? 31,204 ner-1 DHng UHtCrcn S DOOieS sons. States which received mere i- •!>„,.> Rpqjrlp Fairior then .•wroo.nnn Inclnd'-rl: Imiisiinn. l ° " LSl Desme ra'ner *3.Ifl3,lli*r TPxns. S3.014.113: A'a- bama. s?.592.023; Tennpscoe. $•).331.1 H: Missouri, S2.225.934- others rrrclving 'loans were Kmtur-'y ] '" <l rested for many years, the. Monlona. North Carolina, and Vir- l]0dlcs 0[ L"' 3 Alice nnd H° r c nc 2 (jlnia. Edna Bascom were buried beside their father in. the family burial ground at F.lniwood cemetery this afternoon. The bodies were removed from the Illinois cemetery and biiried here at the rertnost of Mrs. B. S. Bascom, mother and widow, who lives here. Brief services were conducted at the cemetery with the Rev. E. K. , Ln'imer, pastor of the First- Chris~ " " T',:e Cobb was In Removed from o small graveyard at Cavc-in-Rocks, 111., where they company Business Slated For City Council Tonight The city council will hold Us regular monlhlv mcelln? at the Cllv Hall (onisiht. Mayor Neill Reed raid lodav that so far as . , , known onlv routine business would I "" r cllurch be conducted at Ihe session tonight | "'-'••rliMng The mayor declined to commit c '' arRC ot arrangements. on the nossthlllty of action at the session in reference lo the. personnel of the city ensineering department. The departmental head and his -assistants dcrln 1 ' the fir.=t two years of (lie present administration are still on duty but were not reappolntcd at the April council srsston as were heads and em- ployes of other departments. It son, nnd Alfred F. Williams, Drlv-1 was announced at the time lhat er. who won places among the the matter would be definitely dis- highest ten per cent of the class. Famed Violinist Dies BRUSSELLS, Belgium. May 12 (UP)—Eugene Ysaye. re- Ten More Little Rock Policemen Discharged LITTLE ROCK. May 12 (UP) — Mayor Horace Knowlton continued Hoover Plans to Abandon Over Twenty Army Posts WASHINGTON, May 12. (UP)— Twenty or thirty army posts will be abandoned to a:ci President Hso- ver's economy program, it wa c announced today at the White House. Mr. Hoover said he had aopoint- ed a committee representing the army, justice and aarlcuHure department.'; nnd the veteran's bureau to ascertain which of these sites can be used by government departments. posed of tn the near future. Mr5 ' BaE «™. "• of B. S.'. Bascam, Iccal grocer, who died In 1929, expressed the desire some time ago to have the bodies of the two children removed from Illinois and placed In the burial ground litre. The bodies of Loll Alice, thres years old. who succumbed in 1902, and Florence Edna,.seven-years old, who died in 1893, were dis-Interred and brought here. Mrs. Bascom has a daughter, who lives in P.irngoutd. Former Boy Prodigy Is Victim of Gang Guns his shnkeun of the Little Rock] NEW YORK. May 12 (UP)—Roy Pronose Program for Conserving Natural Gas Five Divorce Actions Fihrl in Circuit Court MEMPHIS. May 12 (UP) - AI Five divorce actions have been natural pas conservation program flled m tnc office of BiUv G alnc?, that will embrace the whole of North America has been launched clerk ct the chancery court, in the past few days. Three husbands and bv de!e7Htes attending the Ameri-| Uvo wlves arc'petitioning the court can Gas association meeting here.: and a resolution has been adopted that will bring tn Canadian gas fields. The plan under consideration calls for economic distribution of the cas resources of the two North American countries for the purpose of perpetual supply and profitable production. 1 Sues Stockholders of Bentonville State Bank for divorces. The actions are as follows: Annie Maxwell vs. Raymond Maxwell, Roosevelt Hannctt vs. Gladys Hannett. Victory Ingram vs. Stanley Ingram,- Gilbert Lott vs. Ros'.c Lott, nnd Har\;y Speakes vs. Ethel Speftkes. WEATHER AP.FCAXSA3— Fair tonight; resday . : > anJ warmer. . Wcd- Rallv refused international grain j knovncd violinist aiid former con-! Rce a nion'lh aeo to 18. live of them : death Roive Soviet. Russia I ductor ----- • Police department today with the|sicane. 26, boy prodlt^- and form- announcement thsr ten adltional j er Columbia university student who rmtrolmen hart been discharged, attracted nation wide attention LITTLE ROCK. May 12 (UP)—! Acco; .. to the rfflclal weather and their sucrrsrors | when he won his freedom from State Bank Commissioner Walter: observer, Charles Phillips jr.. the The dismissals today brought tossing Sing prison through use of i E. Taylor tcday announced suit for i m'v.imum temperature hero ywt«r- " total the number dt«charf«i by i his knowkxlire cf the law gained $9,200 lias been filed In Benton'diy was 50 degrees and the nuxl- j the new mayor since he took of-1 while behind l!ie bars, was shot to , a " y (Continued on Page. Three) of 72, county circuit court on stock, ns-'m'vn. 75 degrees. cJ.iixly wif.i ., _. . ,. ,..„..,>.,„,„!,. ; ••-•' ' ~ '" " Kal( ' r frfmt rAfo ' H!s! w-ssrncnts of stockholders of tho ir/.'. cf rain. Today a year ago the d^cd tc^av at tTie agei^ve^ Iicutcn;> " : :\, N !°, ™.*, s °", Til? ^. wns " <Id ,' c !) w ll'i slugs Jrom; msolvent Benlonville State Bank, minimum tempcratur? was 59 de- action. executive, tor his shotguns opcralcd, police said, by t The Institution was capitalized for greos and the maximum 87 degrees [fourmpn. |$lO,noO. IrlcKr.

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