Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 13, 1959 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 13, 1959
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Warm HOME TOWN NKWSPAPER "1 NOW IN OUR J16th YEAR HOME EDITION Founded 1844- For All Department* LOGANSPORT, INDIAN A, THURSDAY EVENING, AUGUST 13, 1959 NUTS. Pioto WI«» Price Per Copy, Ten Cents SURVEY OF PROBE EDITOR'S NOTE: A leading labor official gives his view of (he Senate Rackets Committee's work in the following dispatch. The author, Al Hayes, is president of the International Assn. of Machinists, vice-president of the AFL-CIO, and chairman of the AFL-CIO Committee on Ethical Practices. closures by a congressional committee can be distorted out of all County Adopts Auto By AL HAYES Written for UPI WASHINGTON (UPI) - Organized labor has learned a great and deal from the McClellan commit- ^ c a hysterfa for tee - , . , ., , , _f and punitive legislation. We have learned he cxtent of P ^ ^ wrongdoing in a lew labor organ- ic ^ ress . ona] ^^^ CQm . Wetave learned how the dis- mittees should properly develop . information necessary- to the legislative process. However, we do not believe they should be used to foster more and more government control over the free institutions of our society. Unfair Controls Possible To the extent that the McClel- A resolution pointing at those |]an investigation results in unfair, students planning to drive carsj uri just and unnecessary govern- to county schools this fall wasjj^enti interference in the affairs adopted by the County Board of O f labor, subsequent investiga- Education at its regular monthly j tj ons v, v other congressional corn- meeting Wednesday night. i m ittees in years in come may The fourteen township trustees | bring similar controls to other in- met in the courthouse office of stitutions. County School Superintendent The McC j e j ]an committee has Chalmer Condon. Condon presided disc!osed some corrup tjon and :mover the meeting and read the er practice _ s in the j a b or following resolution, applying t°j movement m&Vs more , as a re .| schools outside of Logansport: | actjon (aken by ^ AFL _ "Pupils dnymg to school mwt: in ^ havg befin havea driver spemrt prescribed | <• • doi ^ the by the school principal and sgned P S by the parent, stating that tha| J:te ,... u driver has a valid license; Group Acts On Boost Hope to Ease Highway Crisis WASHINGTON (UPI) - The The law provides" that only [House Ways and Means Commit- Old Age Tax Exemptions Up $57,880 Exemptions from real estate taxes for persons over 65 years of age in Cass county soared to $654,725 this year, an increase of $57,880 over last year's total of $596,845, according to County Auditor Raymond Beckley. those Indiana residents over 65 years of age whose income is less than 82,250 are eligible for tee approved today a temporary penny-a-gallon increase in gasoline taxes to help ease the super own. MORE THAN two-thirds of *v,st tnai the car will be left at school until the school dav is over unless the more difficult, The McClellan committee also uncovered a good deal of wrong- WATER FORMATION—Members of the water ballet team practice their routine for the free water show to be held at 7:30 tonight at the Municipal pool. Team members above are: Nancy Kitchell, John Parker, Sue Huff, Mike McLochlin, Karen Langworthy, Bob Cast, Nancy Talmadge, Mike Allbright, Carolyn Massey, Mike Werick, Beftsy Bailey, Ron Schwering, Jayne Mehaffie, Don Schmidt, Cathy Huff and Don Panton. (Staff Photo.) property tax exemptions up to | highway financing crisis. §1,000 on real estate which they) The committee tax writers meeting behind closed door, were reported to have voted 16-9 in favor of the boost. The action is subject to a formal roll call vote later. The financing plan, sponsored by Rep. John W. Byrnes (R-Wis.), would provide for boosting the federal gasoline levy from 3 to 4 cents a gallon for 22 months, beginning Sept. 1. After the increase expired, some excise taxes on new automobiles and trucks which now go into the these exemptions applied for this year were in the city of Logansport, with a total of $477,510. This was an increase of more than $36,000 over last year's total of $441,265 in the city, accounting for the majority of the increase for the county as a whole. These old age exemptions in the incorporated towns went up from 560,180 last year to $73,480 this year, while in the townships the exemptions increased from $95,400 to $103,735. BEGIN CLASSES pupil has a release from the prin- j doing by management, by law- cipal to use the car during theiyers and by labor relations con- day. 1 sultants. However, the reporting '"'AND THAT HE will leave the O f this phase of the committee's school grounds in the evening onlv after the school buses have hearings has been more restrained and the indignation of ,the editorial writers, columnists This resolution does not apply| an( j commentators more cautious to the newly formed school, Superintendent said today, though the Caston ] anc ] conservative. Condon, He stated that al- trustees from both Adams and Bethlehem townships I know of nothing that has been done by management or by the lawyers to correct the abuses un- Little Rock Calm On 2nd School Caston school is under its own, independent control. THE TRUSTEES, in making plans for the fall term, also discussed regular and substitute teachers. Teachers desiring to do substi- of action, there is no outcry for legislation to reform management. Alerted Rank and File LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (UPD- Three Negro girls returned to Hall High School today for their second day of integrated classes, almost ignored by 700 white students. There were no surface indications of new violence today at Central High School, where firemen and police broke up an unruly crowd Wednesday with high- One of the good results of the! pressure fire hoses and night- McClellan committee has been i sticks. Police arrested 24 per- the alerting of rank and file un- j sons. They later were released on tute work should contact Super-| JQn mem b er s to their responsibil-1 bond. intendent Condon at the court- (ffies to keep (heir union dean and | Qng Ne(jr(j ^ schedule(J to at . house. Substitute pay will range jto remove those who are more = . { ^ Public Swim Meet to Be Held Tonight Boys and girls between eight and 15 years of age, will partici- The three Negroes—Effie Jones, j pate in the swimming races at Elsie Robinson and Estella j the municipal pool water show, Thompson—got out of an automo- beginning at 7:30 o'clock tonight. bile at Hall four minutes before school opened at 10:30 a.m. c.d.t. Thev walked slowly up the drive-j taxing units, the exemptions dropped in Adams, "Bethlehem, Boone, Deer Creek and Tipton townships. OLD AGE exemptions from property taxes granted this year are as follows, with last year's exemptions also listed rjr purposes of comparison: 1958 1959 -|Tax Unit Exemptions Exemptions treasury's general revenue fund Although they increased in most would te diverted to the highway | Adams twp. $ 14,230 Bethlehem .. 8,000 Boone 5,500 Gas Tank Car Threat To Town Begin Delicate Removal Operation FRIESLAND, Wis. (UPI) - t railroad wrecker crew today be- > Noble gan an agonizing inch-by-inch re- Tipton operation of an overturned, Washington Clay Clinton '(Deer Creek Eel Harrison ... Jackson — Jefferson .. Miami Trophies and ribbons will be:j eakingi prop ane gas tank car j Galveston . presented to the winners by the j that threatened this community of j Onward „„ /to the entrance. A white girl i sponsoring city summer recrea- and white boy walked behind! tion.department and pool manage- them but paid no attention tojment. Comedy diving, a water ballet Nancy Kitchell and presented by Swisher, Terry 400 persons. A spokesman for the Chicago & j Walton | Royal Cente 17,015- Four white boys were sitting i the steps of the entrance. As girls approached, two of the jumped down and walked off. The | other two remained and watched as the girls walked in. There were these other develop- from S15 to $18 a day depending j devo(ed to nal than upon whether or not the teacher j thev are to &e cause of trade has a college degree. Condon add-l^^^ ed. 2 p.m. c.d.t. —The Little Rock Committee for The principals and coaches will have a joint meeting at 12:30 p.m., August 25, in the north courtroom of the courthouse. The Weather Forecast United Press International INDIANA: Mostly fair and con- Mrs. L.C. Bates, president of i Peaceful Operation of Free Pub- : the Arkansas chapter of the Na-|lic Schools charged that many of The committee's work, I hope, n om \ Association for the Ad-j the demonstrators who clashed has also alerted law enforcement yancement of Colored People,[with police Wednesday "were not agencies to the need for greater sa jj t na t if the integration at-! citizens of this school district." ji-i: • . f _ • i _ _i I . .. . ,-, . .1 , t-> j"k^. diligence in enforcing laws al-j ready on the statute books. tempt can get through today, "we've got it licked." Summing up the effects of the| There was no trouble Wednes- committee's investigation, any objective Tierson must concede that the McClellan committee—and the Douglas and Ives committees that day at Hall, although a heavy- police guard was prepared for it. Police still guarded a four-block perimeter about Hall today, but ~~ uut ,.u., «., u *.,. —. „«*.......,*,—. perimeter cHjuut nan iuuay, UUL preceded it - have accomplished there was a noticeable air of re- 11,1^.1. m uauj «,,«.. , d d d bad tmued warm tnrough Fnday ex- ^ wt. rmm nf cept chance of scattered thundershowers northwest portions late Friday afternoon or evening. Low tonight 65 to 70. High Friday 38 to 94. Sunset today 7:44 a.m. Sunrise Friday 5:56 a.m. Outlook for Saturday: Partly cloudy with showers and thundershowers and German Vessel, turning cooler. Lows 60 to 65 {Qr g di{ference laxation. outweighs the bad. From labor's viewpoint, every indication is that the bad effects will outweigh the good. north, 65 to 70 south. Highs to 85 north, 85 to 95 south. SO Russ Ship Collide AARHUS, Denmark (UPI)- A German coastal vessel collided ,,.,,„,, , , . ,„ todav with a Soviet destroyer H,ghs Wednesday, lows last 12 which apparent , y was shadowin g hours, precipitation for 24 hours | ending at 7, a.m. today: Chicago j 93-73, Cincinnati 92-62. Denver 8358 .02, Evansville 88-65, Indianap- a large-scale NATO navy maneuver. Allied naval sources said. The collision in dense fog off olis 87-63, Louisville 96-65, Miami! he West G ™ P ort of Kiel was 88-78.12, New York 85 (rest Miss-! flrst re P orted m atl enigmatic ing). San Francisco 84-58, Wash-j 50 ^ from tl* 2o9-ton ^ German ington 89-72. "'" ' Temperatures WEDNESDAY 11 a.M 82 Noon 86 1 p.m. 2 p.m. 3 p.m. 4 p.m. 5 p.m. $ p.m. 7 p.m. 8 p.m. 9 p.m. 10 p.m. 11 p.m. THURSDAY motor vessel Christel which said it had hit "a Soviet warship" 30 miles east of Kiel. .89 .39 .90 .92 .89 .87 1 a.m. 2 a.m. 3 a.m. 4 a.m. 5 a.m. 6 a.m. 7 a.m. 8 a.m. 9 a.m. .82 10 a.m. .80 11 a.m. .79 Noon . .76 1 p.m. .. .89 JMid 75 2 p.m. .. .91 High One Year Ago Today-87 Low One Year Ago Today—68 Barometer , 29.25, falling, at 2 p.m. 1 The Christel was holed but did 'lj:not sink. The Russian destroyer ' 70 was seen heading north with two -B g. other warships, apparently un- .69-damaged. It made no effort to aid .68 the Christel but two German tugs .GS'nuickly reached the stricken ves- .70 el. .76 .80 .82 .86 Cooler Saturday? United Press International Sweltering weather blanketed Indiana today and threatened to send the mercury soaring into the 90s for three days in a row until a cooler trend develops late Saturday. Hints: 'Available for GOP Veep Nod' INDL4.NAPOLIS (UPI)— Governor Handley hinted today that he was available as a Republican vice presidential candidate in I960 but said he has no intention of advancing his chances by running as a "favorite son" candidate in the Indiana presidential prefer - ence primary. Handley, sun-tanned and jovial after two weeks at the Governors' Conference in Puerto Rico, told a news conference that Vice President Richard M. Nixon is the only man in either political party with enough "trair.ir.g" to take over the presidency. Handley, who was one of three governors coming out in full support of Nixon at the conference, said he would not actively seek the second spot on the GOP national ticket. But he did not rule out the possibility that he would accept the nomination if it were offered. -J3AO§ 9UJ '^Ujrj 3UIES 3l[) JV nor named House Minority leader Charles A. Halleck (R-Ind.), an old political foe, as a strong possibility for the vice presidential nomination. "If Nixon or anyone else wants Halleck, that's okay by me," he | said. —A source close to Gov. Orval E. Faubus said he still could close the schools, as he did in 1958 to preserve segregation, through use of his executive powers since the school board is no longer using a federal court-approved integration plan. —Segregationist leaders, who said they were furious about use of police billies and fire hoses Wednesday to break up a protest demonstration, met secretly Wednesday night, perhaps to decide on their moves today. Firemen turned high pressure hoses on demonstrators at Central High Wednesday, Police whacked three men with their le program. The public is invited to attend | without admission charge. All competitors are asked to report to the pool by 7 o'clock. Welsh to Speak At Demo Picnic State Sen. Matthew Welsh, of Vincennes, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for governor, will be the principal speaker at the annual Cass county Democratic picnic to be held at 6:30 p.m. today at Fairview park. The food is being provided by the Democratic central committee, but those attending are asked to bring their own table serv- Railway here said the .decision to move the 1C.OOO gallon car out of the danger zone rather than deliberately explode it was based on favorable gusts of wind up to 15 m.p.h. "It'll take a while," he said. "This stuff's like dynamite." Evacuation of families from 18 homes in the vicinity began Wednesday night after the tank car derailed, overturned and sprang a leak. Five fire companies from neighboring communities stood by, virtually helpless, as possibility of explosion or fire threatened the town. Friesland. a town of 400, is about 65 miles northwest of Milwaukee. A workman said the treacher- Logansport 4,425 4,805 17.570 2,615 2,570 9.000 4,000 3.555 4.205 3,000 11,925 17.735 1,000 24,430 441,265 9,000 4,000 3.275 8,425 8,430 16,530 6,295 4.570 10.000 4.975 5,960 6,750 1,000 14,525 23,475 1,000 20,335 28,670 477,510 Pope John Grants Dispensation to Eat Meat Friday Pope John XXEI has granted a dispensation for all members of the Roman Catholic .church to eat meat on Friday, August 14, it was learned here today. Friday is the vigil before the Feast of the Assumption. The Assumption is celebrated on August 15 each year. When a Feast falls so close to a Friday the Pope, if he so desires, can exempt Catholics from their regular weekly abstinence. Father Frances J, Meehan, pastor at St. Bridget's, in making the announcement today, said that the ous gas could be "fogged off" if Pope's message had not been read the car were moved out of the Jin the churches last Sunday. He town area. I added that Bishop John J. Car- Authorities earlier considered j berry, of the Lafayette diocese, the possibility of exploding the | did not learn of the message un- car at the derailment point. i til last Monday. trust fund. The money to be diverted would include half of the receipts from the 10 per cent excise tax on automobiles, and 62'A per cent of the take from the 8 per cent levy or. parts and accessories. President Eisenhower repeated, ly has asked Congress to increase the gasoline tax V/ 2 cents a gallon, for five years, to provide the money needed for building the interstate highway system. He has opposed any plan to tap general revenues to.beef up the highway fund. Treasury Secretary Robert B. Anderson indicated to the committee Wednesday, however, that the administration was ready to talk about a compromise. The plan approved by the committee today would' permit the government to make Sl,800,000,000 in apportionments to the states for the year starting next July 1. The apportionments would be $2,000,000,000 and $2,200,000,000, respectively, in the following two years. Under present law, the apportionments would be $2,200,000,000 for each year. Near Showdown On Labor Bill WASHINGTON (UPI)-Key Republicans said today they may try to water down tile tougher of the two House labor reform bills in an llth hour attempt to pick up votes of wavering GOP members. This strategy was being considered as the House nsared a showdown between the conservative- backed bill, endorsed by President Eisenhower, and a milder measure backed by the Democratic leadership. Although spokesmen for each camp cautiously predicted victory for their measure, they conceded that the race was so close it could be decided by a margin of five votes or less. DAIRY JUDGING TODAY Name More Winners At Fulton Fair Friday At Fair 9:00 a.m.—Adult Barrow Show 10:00 a.m.—Adult Dairy Show clubs and arrested a total of 24-j u ; oo a ; m ._p ure bred S'wine Judg' 1:00 p.m.—Dairy Judging contin- including four women and girl and put them in jail. All 24 got out on bond of $15.50 each and were ordered toj 5.30 p , m —j-H Livestock sale appear Aug. 19 for trial onj g : 30 p . m .-4-H Style Show charges ranging from assaulting) 3:30 p.m.—Adult Barrow sale an officer to loitering. In 5 Minutes I Had 3 Calls—Sold "My daughter had outgrown her youth bed. We decided to sell. I had no idea we would sell it so fast. I wish I had two more." YOUTH bed, good springs and mattress, reasonable. Phone xxxxx. You can sell your don't use or need items in your home and cash in on their value. Just i- <W n Wanl Ad girl will assist you and the message will be placed before 80,000 readers. ROCHESTER-Topping the program tonight at the annual Fulton county 4-H Fair will be selecting the Queen of the Fair with 13 contestants. The winner will reign as Miss Fulton county Fair and will represent the county in the Miss In- Deardorf, Henry township, Lind-isell Parker, of sey Ewen, Reiter, Richard Earp, Union township, Johnny Herd, of Wayne township, Bally Lamb, Union, Pamela Jordan, Henry, Sue Least, Wayne township, Marlene Peterson, of Richland township, C. Holstein Junior Heifer — Purebred - Ershel Carlile, of New Castle, James Ewen, Reiter, Fred Plantz, of Union township, A; Gary Feltis, Aubbeenaubbee township' John Fields, of Wayns, Kay Miksell, of New Castle township, B; Jerry Carlson, Reiter township, Donna Earp, Union township, C. diana State Fair contest in Sep-1 Ayrshire — Junior Heifer — Purebred — Larry Murphitt, Bur- tember. Junior Calves ton club, A. Holstein heifer-"James Mathi-1 Guernsey - Junior Heifer as Burton club and Carol Rife,! Purebred - Shirley Brown and Wayne township, A; Michael | Sharon Brown, both of Aubbee- Deardorf, Henry township, Gary | naubbee township, A; Nancy Van Wentzel, Aubbeenaubbee township, Wayne Ford, Wayne township, Roger Hill, Wayne township, Larry Schwandt, of Reiter, Presten Ewen, of Reiter, David Latimer, Burton and Mickey Mclntyre, B; James Burk, Liberty township, Mike Boldry, and Phil Boldry, both of Liberty township, Michael Lue, of Henry, Sharon and Steven Brown, both of Aubbeenaubbee township, B. Guernsey — Junior Heifer — Grade stock — Billy Meriey, Henry township, A. Brown Swiss — Junior Haifer— Purebred — Melvin Shaffer, Aub- beenaubbee township, A, and Rus- township, B. Brown Swiss • Aubbeenaubbee chael Corbett accompanied by Nancy Walters. • Junior Heifer— Also on the program was the Grade stock — Melvin Shaffer j Town and Country Clubs entry, and Phyllis Shaffer, both of Aub-i a 'tap dancing act with Terry beenaubbee township, A; Dwaine j Pownall, Raye Ann Smiley and Shaffer, of Aubbeenaubbee town- Susan Hand. The same club also ship, B. | presented a tap dance number The highlight of the fair pro- which included Corinne Smiley gram for Wednesday was the Jacki Pownall, Judy Madlem and Home Talent show which was held in the Amphitheatre. The Beth Bemenderfer. The T.H.E. Club presented a program was sponsored by the! singing group composed of Janet Fulton county Home Demonstra-j Finney, Alice Stavedahl and Lin- tion Association. Ten of the 30 Home Demonstration Clubs in Fulton county sponsored the various acts on the program. The Burton Homemakers Club sponsored a square dance and a, tap dance solo by Linda Cleland; the Wayne Country Club had a solo by Lonnie ' Showley; the Homemakers Quest Club presented an accordion solo by Gen- ean Foor and the same club along with the. What-Not Club presented vocal numbers by Stephena and Mark Hartzler; the-County Line Club presented a pantomime by Clarence Cleveland and the Kewanna Homemakers Club sponsored a saxaphone solo by Sheryl Worl and a trumpet solo by Mi- da Baker; the Home Circle Club had a singing group with Mary Wagoner, Janice Green and Judy Baird and was accompanied by Linda Handcock. The program ended with an instrumental number sponsored by the 20th Century Club. They also presented a Fire Baton Twirling act by Pat McGlothlin, Susan Rauschke and Cherry Ranz. Mrs. Si Deeb was chairman of the program and she was assisted by Mrs. Boyd Henderson, Mrs. John Gaerte, Mrs. Oliver Bryant, Mrs. Bookie Cook, Mrs. Clayton Brown, Mrs. Leroy Grossman, Mrs. Emerson Enyeart, Mrs. Carl Huffman, Mrs. Everett Gregg and Mrs. Raymond Pviddle.

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